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tv   Inside Politics With John King  CNN  May 16, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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regardless of their income. vote yes, and soon we'll all see the impact of a everywhere. hello. welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king in washington. thank you for sharing your day with us. a sober day. a race massacre in buffalo. ten people killed at supermarket in a black neighborhood. what we know is chilling. the white gunman drove 20 0 miles. he picked his target and surveilled the store and authorities say he was motivated by hate. russian forces shrinking their ambitions as they struggle to check off battle field objectives. in pennsylvania a pair of
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primaries. the republican contest is a free for all between a surgeon, a tycoon, and a big lie believerer. we begin with the horror in buffalo and a law enforcement consensus it could have been worse. more could have been killed. investigators have evidence the shooter planned to continue his rampage at a nearby super store. buffalo's mayor says the shooter's motive is hauntingly clear. he, quote, came here with the expressed purpose of taking as many black lives as he could. the authorities this hour are now paging through a racist creed allegedly written by the shooter. a document filled with great replacement theory conspiracies, careful attack planning, and idol like worship of other mass shooters. ten were killed. more soon on the victims. 11 of the 13 shot were african american. in buffalo today, a mixture of brief, disbelief, and pleading
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that racism is very real and very dangerous. >> this is just clear to the rest of the country that racism, white supremacy, still exists, and is a threat to black folks in america. if you particularly are not trying to eradicate white supremacy, if you are not particularly trying to eradicate racism, then i implore you to get on board. >> let's go to buffalo and joe johns. what's the latest? >> john, right now i'm at durham memorial, ame church in buffalo, new york. this is where a news conference is going on right now with the family of a woman named ruth whitfield. she the oldest individual shot and killed in this spree on
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saturday afternoon. 86 years old. the mother of a former city official here in buffalo. ben krump talking to reporters about what he sees having been engaged by the family as next steps, and he's also got co-counsel here talking about things that need to be done including future legislation and so on. now, to talk a little bit about this suspect, as you said, he is 18 years old from a town about 200 miles away, drove three hours after casing this supermarket, and letting loose that brief spree before police arrested him just about two minutes later. we know a variety of things. we know about that 180 page creed that you mentioned that has so much information, probably the headline from today at least is that authorities say
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they believe this individual who started the shooting in the supermarket would have continued the shooting out on the street and perhaps in other buildings had he not been stopped as quickly as he was. because he related his intentions in the 100-page manifesto. of course, we also know a little bit more about the weapon that was used. this was a bush master xm 15. of course, bush master, as you know, john, has been in the news before going all the way back to the d.c. sniper cases, and newtown. so there are a lot of questions here about what could be done with legislation to change the picture with certain firearms that cause a lot of problems. john, back to you. >> jlet's get expertise from ou analyst bill mud and cynthia miller, the director of polarization and lab at american
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university and the author of "hate in the homeland; the new global far right. they have the shooter in custody. the question is building the case to bring the charges and find out, a, anyone else involved. walk us through what's happening today both in buffalo at his home 300 miles away and more. >> you have to think about imminent threat which we've resolved. in the first hours you want to ensure that there's nobody who semp thesed. for example, somebody he went to school with. but you mentioned one individual in custody. the second question as you're saying is whether anybody knew to appoint whether they might be charged. recently we had parents charged in a case where they were found culpable of -- for a charge of involuntary manslaughter. there's going to be a question as he acquired the material over months, he was brought in before as he acquired the weapon and altered the weapon, about whether somebody else knew. that's got to be a priority. >> cynthia, you've looked at
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this especially the manifesto. you call this textbook 18-year-old home a lot during this pandemic. walk through what you see here as the red flags. >> yeah. there were a lot of red flags, john. early on i think he reports himself in his online diaries and in his manifesto that he spent a lot of time bored online at the beginning of the pandemic. got in websites that promote scientific racism, propaganda, fall climbs about minorities and about historically marginized groups and immigrants. got radicalized there but showed early warning signs that could have been caught. was reported by the school for threats. had written in his online diary about animal cruelty. there were signs that there was something not right here, and that really we need better systems to catch kids like this, and adults like this before it
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comes to violence. >> well, let me stick with you for a second. if we -- what is the trip wire? i don't know the right word for it. in the sense that we do have a first amendment right. you can say things. authorities can visit. at what point or what needs to be done in terms of whether it's the laws or policies at schools so that when something is looked into, you say he answered your questions, move on. >> great question. the first thing we need to do is treat this entire problem of domestic violent extremism not only as a security problem but as a society problem. that's what we're hearing from folks on the ground in buffalo and what we have heard in el paso and pittsburgh and other places where this same conspiracy has mobilized terrible violence. this isn't just a problem learning how to barricade the doors better or catching people right before they can commit violence, but we have to invest in early prevention, and understanding how to reduce the persuasiveness of propaganda of understanding how to improve digital, media literacy and also
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interrogating the issues of racism so people meet the propaganda online as they will because it circulates widely, but don't end up being persuaded by it. don't go down that rabbit hole. i think until we can see it as a society problem, the way our allies do, multiagency, department of education, health and human services, youth agencies and not just a department of homeland security for all the good they're trying to do with a prevention work, it's not enough. >> phil, we have had this conversation too many times. we go through a long list of hate inspired. we go through this too many times and have the same conversations. this shooter here, the suspect, at one point visited by the new york state police after he turned in a high school project about murder/suicide. how? how? especially we're in the united states of america. in one rural community the thoughts about guns are one versus an urban community they might be something else. how can you have a uniform system of at least just a solid
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checklist? >> i don't think you can. look, there's going to be questions about whether people in the internet business and silicon valley can take this stuff down in the age of free speech. i think that's difficult to police not only because you have to decide who is bad and violent, but also just in terms of scroll yum. i'll tell you one thing in terms of the conversation about how you operation allize reaction to this and what law enforcements do is a question of red flags and trip wires. that is the police, the cops need cover for action. they need politicians to say if you go into that house, and the -- your concern is even moderate, you can take the weapon. you don't have that right now. if you want to stop this stuff, the family might not want to do it. you might not be able to get to the internet, but you can say we're going to lower the individual at which you respond to a red flag, and they need politicians to help. >> and to the point of how this stuff -- it's not just isolated on the internet anymore. much of it is i don't want to use the word mainstream, but
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it's more spoken about publicly as if it is more acceptable. what used to be considered the fringe, this replacement theory idea, that used to be a fringe. it's not so much the fringe anymore. how do you deal with that? >> this is a huge problem, too. we should say that there's every indication including in this attacker's own report and his own words that he was radicalized in these fringe spaces online. but we are seeing the mainstreaming or legitimizing of the same kinds of claims in different versions on cable news and by politicians who claim that there is an orchestrated replacement of americans, of white americans going on in order to secure political power. and so that kind of reinforcement, i would say, even if it doesn't directly radicalize a kid like this, a team like this, it does make it harder for adults to perhaps capture and catch those early warning signs or red flags if somebody is talking about something like white genocide or mentioning a great replacement, those are signs of at least a person is being exposed to bad
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consent and propaganda online. that's an opportunity to start to reach out to organizations that specialize in this to get the therapeutic engagement and off ramping support. by the time somebody is already radic radicalized, disengagement, deradicalization, evidence on that is thin. it's hard to pull somebody back once they're a true believer. but you can prevent people from going down the rapid hole to begin with. that has to be done early. >> cynthia, phil, appreciate your thoughts. we'll stay on this story. sadly this conversation and we'll stay on it as we learn more. president biden will visit tomorrow to meet with the victim's families and a prominent house republican says the gop is part of the problem.
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tomorrow biden heads to buffalo to console families affected by the massacre. today in washington, the kovng should do something about gun violence. it's a familiar refrain. such calls follow every mass shooting and there are too many. and familiar because those demanding change in congress simply don't have the votes to pass anything significant. on sunday right here on cnn, nancy pelosi suggesting another attempt at strengthening requirements for background checks. >> it is a huge priority for us. and it has been a huge priority for joe biden. for president biden. there has to be -- there has to be, and it's overwhelmingly popular. people -- members of the nra, gun owners, hunters and all the rest, they have to have a -- they have to have the background tech -- >> with me to share the
9:17 am
reporting and insights, our panel. we were talking before we came on the air, tia, this well meaning lawmakers, people at home can debate gun control, but they say we're going to do something after one of these, and yet -- >> yeah. you know, in march of 2021 one of the first things the new congress did was pass two gun bills, one required universal background checks. the other one gave the federal government more time to complete background checks before someone could automatically go ahead and get their gun. they passed it in the house with the democratic majority and then the senate did something. the senate has the 60 vote filibuster threshold that keeps legislation from moving forward because democrats know they don't have the votes and they know republicans will use the filibuster to block action on gun bills. it's almost a nonstarter.
9:18 am
so i think republicans, what they rely on is kind of waiting out the outrage. you know? right now there is a lot of energy. there is a lot of discussion j but what they assume and what they know to be true is perhaps in a few days or weeks' time, most of the nation will have moved on. >> and so the president goes to buffalo tomorrow. he has taken some executive actions. he knows it's hard to get legislation through on gun stocks and the like of that. is there any reasonable expectation in a midterm election year on top of everything else of any new congressional actions or this trip largely i'm your president, i'm here to be with you at this moment? >> i think this is the funt for him to once again play consoler in chief. visit with the families who lost their loved ones as well as talking with the local officials who have been running this response. i think one thing that's been notable in the president's response to this shooting is that you haven't heard him come out and push for more gun safety reform laws. he's really been focussed in on
9:19 am
the hate-fuelled violence that perpetrated this attack. that's something that really has animated president biden, if you think back to his campaign. he said he got into it, because of those clashes in charlottesville and the way the former president has responded, and you've seen biden lean into that saying this is an example of the need to root out hate in the country. >> to points about hate and the words that encourage hate, the manifesto from this shooter includes this so-called replacement theory. the idea being that new immigrants are coming into the united states, that people who are not white are coming into the united states to replace, as some would say naturally born americans. a lot of people of color are naturally born americans, but it's a fringe idea. it makes its way into mainstream politics like this. >> what appears to them is we're replacing native born americans to permanently transform the political landscape of this very
9:20 am
nation. >> i don't know what the democrats are up to. they want open borders. this is exactly their strategy. they want to replace the american electorate. >> democratic politician who is have decided they can't win in 2022 unless they bring in new voters to replace the voters that are already here. >> this administration wants open borders. ask yourself why. is it they want to remake the demographics of america to ensure they stay in power forever? >> now, when people in our business suggest that maybe politicians should be careful with their rhetoric, because there are people out there who might not be stable or might have nasty and hateful ideas, who get encouraged by things like that, they say no. but congresswoman liz cheney saying the gop leadership has allowed anti-semitism and history has taught us what begins with words ends in far
9:21 am
worse. gop leaders must renounce and reject these views and those who hold them. she has a point. >> she absolutely has a point. and to those leaders, you know, who say i mean, yes, of course they have a right to free speech. with great power comes great responsibility. and you've seen in this particular case a direct line between this type of rhetoric, this type of thinking about a group of people to an action in the real world that caused the deaths and loss of life of real people, pillars of their communities in a way that's just absolutely devastating for everyone. so i think everyone of these members of congress has to look themselves in the mirror and say what responsibility do i bear in this? >> that's a fair, straightforward question. when when he come back, the tight knit community in buffalo, ten heart breaking stories. one of the stories, andre
9:22 am
mcneil, he stopped by the store to grab cup cakes for his three-year-old son. ruth whitfield, she was on her way home from visiting her husband in a nursing home. she stopped by the grocery store to get something to eat. the former buffalo police officer aaron salter who exchanged gunfire with the shooter. just moments ago president biden paying tribute to him sending his condolences to his family. the victim ranged in age from 32 to 86. pearl young, jo lean tally, katherine masy, mark us morrison.
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vote yes, and soon we'll all see the impact of a everywhere. the leading democratic in pennsylvania in the commonwealth senate race is off the campaign trail. john fetterman stuffered a mild stroke on friday. his campaign did not disclose that until sunday. fetterman says his doctors tell him he will be fine. it was his wife who insisted her husband visit the hospital
9:28 am
friday. >> hey, everybody. it's john and giselle. we hit a bump in the campaign trail. >> it was friday. i wasn't feeling well. i decided i needed to get checked out. >> i made you get checked out. >> yeah. >> because i was right, as always. >> we are live with more. this race, wow. >> reporter: yeah. john, fetterman says his doctors say he is recovering. he put out a statement saying their campaign isn't slowing down a bit. we learned he himself is certainly slowing down. he will not attend his own rally on election night on tuesday. it will go on, but he will remain in the hospital recovering. now, this is important to note for several reasons. one, being that he now has not been on the campaign trail since friday when he started cancelling those events. this is a really critical race. and of course, he has had a substantial lead over his opponents. that should be put out there, but again, a critical race, and
9:29 am
this has added a wild card factor, particularly when you're just days until this election. and john, cannot be underestimated here. what's at stake for both of these parties. the seat that is up for grabs that will run for in november is currently held by retired republican pat toomey. this is one of the only seats democrats believe they might be able to flip. of course all of that depends on who is candidate is. >> thank you so much for the live report. you're in a great place as we have a busy primary race. kasie hunt, you were interviewing john fetterman on thursday. this is one the democrats think they might be able to pick up. the democratic race you see the candidates, this is part of the fight within the primaries this year. fetterman a former bernie sanders guy.
9:30 am
conor lane, more centrist. there's a big struggle for the party. >> it is. and it doesn't necessarily break down as clearly as we like to outline it this way. at one of the events last week when he was still on the campaign trail at fetterman, somebody told him he should join the squad when he's in washington. he said i'm going to be your senator, not a member of the squad. he has -- he's pulling on blue collar threads. right? democrats in pennsylvania in many says seated union voters to donald trump. he's gone in and said i want to represent you. and that comes across on the trail. now, his challenge on the flip side is that he has not necessarily mobilized african american voters, black voters in the state in the way that you usually need to if you're going to be -- if this is going to be a turnout election in a midterm like this it's going to be. he's got to get african american black voters excited about voting for him. that's the work slooel cut out
9:31 am
for him. >> conor lamb was a -- with all the talks republicans will say you're a socialist. that's what you need. that's hard to sell in a primary, it turns out. >> yeah. and that's the entire challenge that you really have seen conor lamb face heading into tomorrow's primary. i remember being there in 2018 when joe biden went to campaign for him and paid conor lamb one of the highest compliments saying he reminds him of beau. he was in the model of the moderate who can appeal to donald trump voters as conor lamb did in the 2018 election, but he has had a much more difficult time running in this primary, especially when you're feeling the pull from the left side of the party, and people wanting to see a different type of figure. it's not your traditional establishment democrat. >> i think that different type of figure thing is something to remember as we go through the primary season. you see in both parties, voters
9:32 am
are looking for something different. they're exhausted after the pandemic. there's questions about inflation. they're looking outside the box. in a month or two months, we'll have a better sense that's what we're getting. people looking outside the box. the winner of the democratic party had a huge lead before the health setback. we'll watch this play out. the winner of the democratic party duos against the candidates. oz as trump's endorsement. kathy barnette has been the surprise candidate. she's trum by in her messaging. this is her message yesterday. her speeches over the years, she says things that are anti-muslim. he was part of the barack obama birther part. here's how she explains it away. >> the overwhelming majority of the tweets that are now being presented are not even full thoughts. they're not even full sentences and yet, people take it and begin to build their own narrative around it.
9:33 am
so i can't provide a lot of context, because, again, it's almost ten years ago. that's how far they have to go back to try to find anything on me. >> um, they're not full thoughts. they're not full sentencing. then why tweet them? >> well, you know, she tweeted them for her audience at the time, and what she reminds me of, you know, i'm the georgia one. she reminds me of marjorie taylor greene. she's used the culture wars to build up a following and has parlayed that into political success. now, it remains to be seen whether she wins her primary, but if she continues to follow the audience, what i can predict is she will continue to say one thing to that far right audience when she's speaking directly to them, and she'll attempt to either explain it away or moderate it somewhat when she's speaking to a more general audience or when she's answering reporter's questions and things like that. it's very much a due alty that takes advantage of the culture
9:34 am
wars. >> a couple things. one, i think we're seeing evidence that the traditional mode of big money campaigning is not working in the environment you were just describing. because these two guys have spent a lot of money. it's let her take this opening. they're trying to use the traditional way of beating somebody like that back which is to dredge up attacks. i kind of wonder if it might not have the opposite effect. the smart sources i'm talking to are saying are you elevating this woman by attacking her? should you not be worried about your own campaign? that's one question. the other thing is we've seen a lot of instances where this actually does work in the post trump america. i'm not convinced it's going to work in pennsylvania. i mean, i grew up in the suburbs of philadelphia. pennsylvania is not some of these other states. georgia, arizona, where you might end up with a candidate like this could sneak by in a general election. i think if she gets this nomination, fetterman is going to be in a better position or lamb. >> to your point earlier about the unorthodox mood in the
9:35 am
politics, i have a family member who voted for trump the first time who said wait, annoys liberals and will disrupt washington. great. >> love it. >> sometimes that's tmotivation. this is her on breitbart. if you lose, kathy karnette, you'll support the other republicans. right? >> if you do not win tomorrow, do you intend to support the republican nominee, whoever it is? >> i have no intentions of supporting globalists. i believe we have ran out of room on this runway for this nation. i believe we have very little rope left to just roll the dice and we'll see how it works on the other end? . >> the answer is of course i'm going to win the primary, but if i don't, i'll support the party's nominee. no. >> i think she's shown she's willing to buck tradition and messaging. last week she said donald trump doesn't own maga, it belongs to
9:36 am
the people. showing anyone can co-op that brand. that's what you're seeing. >> and trump jumped on board to hedge bets against the previous endorsement of oz because she had this rise. it's interesting. >> hedging bets. shocking thing. >> it's one of five states tomorrow. it's a fascinating day tomorrow. with the primaries in five states tomorrow, which candidates will come out on top? join us. bill here. our whole team will be. we have lots of people. we'll be everywhere on this one. live coverage starting tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. eastern on cnn. ahead for us, russia's mounting battlefield losses by one intelligence estimate, get this. russia has lost a third of its combat forces in ukraine. he's feeling it. yep, them too. it's an invigorating rush... ...zapping millions of germs in seconds. for that one-of-a-kind whoa.... ...which leaves you feeling... ahhhhhhh listerine. feel the whoa!
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to jurassic-themed at-home activities. join over 3 million members and start enjoying rewards like these, and so much more in the xfinity app! and don't miss jurassic world:dominion in theaters june 10th. today fresh signs ukraine is making gains on the battlefield. this video take a look, shows ukrainian forces at the border. with russia. just north of kharkiv. saying mr. president, we made it. fighting continues in the eastern regions of luhansk and donetsk. drone and satellite images show the failed you might say disastrous attempts by russians to cross a key river. as many as 70 armored vehicles lost. in less than three months since invade, the uk estimate is russia may have lost one-third of the combat force in ukraine.
9:42 am
and in a blow to vladimir putin, sweden and finland set to join the nato alliance. in response, russia warns of, quote, far-reaching consequences. beth, let's start with finland and sweden joining nato. it's the opposite of what vladimir putin wanted. he thought his invasion might split nato. instead it's going to grow. what do you expect russia to do? >> not too much. basically putin can't do anything. putin came out today in a meeting with his version of nato, the csto, and what he said during that meeting was we don't really care about sweden and finland because they don't pose a threat to us. and so he said it will depend on what nato does in terms of infrastructure, how they will react. i think ultimately, we'll see a nuclear forces in the enclave between poland and lithuania. but i don't think there's much he can do. he doesn't want to make a big
9:43 am
deal of it. it will look stupid. >> on the battlefield, when you see the ukrainian troops going right to the border and raising the flag, a banner, the ukrainian flag, mr. president, we have made it. when you see the pictures of this bridge and armored vehicles the estimate is as many as 70 russian armored vehicles, this is a bad month for vladimir putin. and now internally, this is from the new york times, the war also seeing the bloggers inside, military bloggers with a large audience starting to raise questions. this one is from a new york times blogger. i understand it's impossible for there to be no problems in the war, but when the same problems go on for three months and nothing seems to be changing, then i personally, and millions start to have questions for leaders over the military operation. how significant is it that within russia where putin has a tight grip on things, you're starting to see criticism? i think we are starting to see cracks. it would be fool hearty for me to predict where this is going,
9:44 am
but i think it's clear they are struggling, number one. that people are starting to recognize they're struggling. we're getting anecdote reports about a number of forces, refusing to go and fight. the conscripts don't want to go and fight, and there's this kind of soft mobilization going on in russia where they're desperately trying to pay people a lot of money to stay in or to come back in, and it doesn't seem to be working. russia is running out of man power, and that means that putin may have to change his war aims even more narrowly. >> there's a fascinating conversation we didn't have halfway if you go back halfway to the start of the war. what if kraib wins? early on the idea was russia would seize enough territory and putin would try to negotiate if he gets to keep all or most. now there's a conversation, ukrainians say we've seen our success on the battlefield and the west sending us weapons. we're going to stay in this fight. president biden talking last week, the idea about how do you give putin a way out?
9:45 am
>> this is becoming more and more of a dilemma. it will be a dilemma for the alliance. clearly this week president zelenskyy accused president macron of france of trying to force them to the table now by proposing a cease fire. scholz did the same thing. they're trying to push a cease fire. united states is saying however you want to define success, ukraine, you do it. i think this is going to cause a problem, and it's going to be potentially, i can understand the european viewpoint to a point. because they look back at their history, they see what happened after world war i to germany and the republic and the desperation and isolation of that country led to nazi jeremy and led to world war ii. so that's what they're saying is they want to avoid putting him in the corner and leading to a more dangerous russia. but the fact is that russia started this. and ukraine is not going to give up.
9:46 am
so this is the dilemma. i don't have an answer. >> all right. it's one of the fascinating questions as we go forward. appreciate your insights. ahead, critical new information on the nationwide baby formula shortage. motrin works fast to stop pain where it starts. like those nagging headaches. uncomfortable period pains. and disruptive muscle aches. you can count on fast, effective relief with motrin.
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9:51 am
normal in a week or two. easing the shortage with foreign imports by the end of the day today. >> we're doing everything we can 24/7 to work on this. we're working with the manufacturers to increase their production. we're working on the supply chain. we anticipate within a few weeks, we'll have things back to normal. checking with mj lee live at the white house. mj tested out resources from the biden administration's new website for parents looking for weapon. mj, what did you learn? >> you might recall that last week the white house did not seem to have very clear federal guidance on what exactly parents should do if they were unable to get their hands on baby formula, and then you'll recall on friday the white house announced a new hhs website that they said should provide some resources for parents if they're looking to buy formula. we decided to try it out. we called a number of the 1-80 0 hotline numbers.
9:52 am
tried the chat functions for a number of the major formula companies, and this is what we found. for abbott, the 1-800 number listed on the website, this is the company behind those major recalls. when we tried that number, we didn't get any answers by phone. they told us they don't answer questions by phone at this moment in time. they can, though, however, take a faxed over form from a pediatrician along with a doctor's order that is sort of this urgent formula request form. unclear how long that would take if a parent were to go that route. when we tried the 1 -80 0 number for wrreck it, behind infa mill the whole time was 7 2 minutes. when we get a representative on the phone, they told us they have nothing in stock right now. finally, we tried gerber. this is another major formula company. some of the web and chat functions we were telling the representative we're looking for a certain line of formula that is similar to similac. we were told they were also out
9:53 am
of stock. when we tried the website, we saw that some 16 of the 24 formula lines that were available seemed to be out of stock on the website. we were told by some representative words like my heart does go out to you during this trying time. now representatives all in all, told when we spoke with them were pretty apologetic. they said this is an unusual circumstance. they are clearly dealing with a lot of hole times and they know parents are having a difficult time getting their hands on formula. this is the federal guidance ruled out via hhs. i can tell you this is chargely going to be a pretty frustrating experience for a lot of parents at the moment. >> frustrating to say the at least. mj lee, appreciate the report very much. thank you. ahead for us, bezos versus biden. they square off on how to tackle inflation. 's an invigorarating rush... ...zapping millions of gegerms in seconds.
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♪ sweet emotion ♪ ♪ ♪ i pulled into town in a police car ♪ ♪ ♪your daddy said i took it just a little too far♪ now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. the white house in a twitter battle with jeff bezos over inflation. bezos criticized the president for suggesting that making corporations pay their fair share in taxes would help bring down rising inflation. bezos said democratic stimulus spending is one reason prices are rising. while the white house hit back saying it doesn't require a huge leap to figure out why bezos is opposed to raising taxes on the wealthy and suggesting he is angry because biden met with
9:59 am
amazon employees who are trying to form a union. hol allen plans to be back work in the senate later this week. jury selection beginning today for the trial of the former hillary clinton campaign lawyer. susman is accused of lying to the fbi back in 2016 when chairing information about a possible link between the trump organization and a russian bank. the trial now part of john durham's special investigation into the trump/russia probe. kamala harris in abu dhabi to lead a high profile delegation for a funeral. the vice president will meet with the uae's new leader. today history behind the podium at the white house. the first briefing as the white
10:00 am
house press secretary, the first black and openly gay woman to do so. taking over for jen saki who stepped down last week. you can also listen to the podcast. thanks for your time. erica hill picks up our coverage right now. good afternoon. i'm erica hill in new york. another violent weekend rattles the nation. today there are chilling new details in the wake of the deadliest racist massacre in recent u.s. history. here's what we know. 13 people were shot. 10 people are dead after a grocery store massacre in buffalo, new york. nearly all of the victims are black. police say an 18-year-old white male suspect is now in custody. and that that suspect wanted to kill many more


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