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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  May 16, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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the planning. police say the suspect wanted his killing spree to continue at other target locations. surrender at the azotov steel plant. reauxs held off the russian military, but now that battle is all but lost. zero covid policy being felt around the world. be prepared to wait longer to pay for anything and everything made in china. >> announcer: live from cnn center, this is c"cnn newsroom" with john vause. we begin with the 18-year-old accused of a racial shooting in buffalo, new york. authorities say the gunman, who opened fire in a supermarket, killing ten people, traveled two hours to the predominantly black neighborhood two months ago, and he was there this past friday,
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authorities believe carrying out reconnaisance just one day before the massacre. the suspect taken into custody on saturday. police say he was heavily armed wearing tactical gear with a camera, livestreaming his rampage. authorities say they have uncovered efvidence that this supermarket was not his only target, and if he had not been stopped, the death toll would have been much higher. >> he got out of here to continue his rampage and continue shooting people. he had even spoken about possibly going to another store. >> the scene of this massacre has the highest black populated zip code in new york. police say he posted a manifesto online, describing himself as a white supremacist. we have omar jimenez. >> reporter: details show the suspect planned the attack months in advance. investigators say he is believed to have scoured the store in
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early march to prepare for his gunfire. >> because of the body armor he had on, he could have easily retreated back into that store where there were dozens of other customers in that store fleeing for their lives, which could have turned that into another barricade and further slaughter. >> reporter: investigators piecing together a sequence of events from what authorities say was a racially motivated attack. the suspect seemingly planned to kill more black people if he could. >> it appeared that way. we need to drill down further. >> reporter: federal investigators drilling down further, going to the home where the 18-year-old suspect lived with his parents, as well as the gun store where he purchased the bushmaster assault rifle. there is also the planning ahead of the attack, including illegally modifying his gun to carry 30 rounds of magazines. >> we are going to look into everything this young man was doing and thinking. >> reporter: including analyzing
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the alleged shooter's past when last year the shooter paid him a visit after he did a mass report on murder-suicide. and analyzing his state of mind. just before heading to the market, he is believed to have written and post ed a 180-page statement, proudly labeling himself a white supremacist and outlining the attack. the buffalo commissioner said he lo livestreamed this horrific attack that has scarred this community. those of their own gunned down within minutes. ruth whitfield was 86 years old and on her way back from visiting her husband in a nursing home to get some groceries. her son called and called. nobody ever answered. >> you look for her, you find out, you go home. what's going through your head? >> i'm angry. i'm hurt. she was a beautiful person.
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we're still in the midst of this thing. one of the things that we as a family wanted to ensure is that we call it what it is. it is white supremacy, it is hate, it is racism, it is bigotry, and we've got to call it what it is and stop beating around the bush and take it head on, because it's proliferating. it's not getting better. >> reporter: now, buffalo's police chief says this suspect basically had been doing recon in the area as early as february but as late as march. he pleaded not guilty to first degree murder, but no word yet on whether he will face any federal charges. meanwhile, president biden is expected to visit tuesday here to meet with the families of victims. omar jimenez, buffalo, new york.
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>> joey johnson is an attorney in new york. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> i want you to list en to the governor of new york state. >> i'm calling out the social media platforms where this hate can be spewed and people are learning how to create guns and violence and weapons. >> so the governor can call out social media platforms as much as she wants, but beyond naming and shaming, there doesn't seem to be much which can be done in terms of enforcement and violent and harmful content, right? >> yeah, that's absolutely right. it's a very difficult scenario. but, john, as it relates to social media, we have a first amendment right, and that first amendment right allows people to express views you and i might find offensive, we may find it reprehensible, we may be in disbelief of it, but under
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certain principles, you're allowed to espouse it. it gets even more complicated than the first amendment. why? the fact is these social media sites, they're private entities, these social media people, and as a result of that, they're not even subjected, all right, to the first amendment to begin with because of the fact that the first amendment is governmental in nature. so that gets even more complicated, and at the end of the day, the last point for this question, and that is, social sites are even protected by the government and they have immunity with respect to users who are posting content. the actual site itself is not responsible for individual users, and that gives it even greater complexity. while it may sound good, at the end of the day it's a more complicated problem than that, john. >> kathy hochul was calling for tougher gun laws and said, we also need to look at section 230
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to remove social media company immunity if they amplify radicalizing content and conspiracy theories that promote violence like we saw in buffalo. there is unregulated free speech on the internet, as one judge put it sometime. and this is essentially for social media platforms, this is a get out of jail free card. >> in some respects it is. backing up just by way of explanation, you have people who are using, right? the by-product of social media are so many people in the public square who are using social media to really provide content to, to express views on, to do various things with respect to interacting with others. and so when you look at section 230, it really says, well, if individuals are providing this
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content and it's coming from all corners of the globe, why should the individual site be accountable and really be held to the standard of adopting views simply because they're providing a mechanism, that is the form of social media, for having those views expressed there. so what section 230 did was say, we're going to immunize them. that is, to give immunity to the site provider. we're not going to blame the site provider for the individual post content there. it gets very difficult, right? >> in terms of the why, one factor seems to be the replacement theory and the number of white people in this country. this once only existed on the fringes of the internet, the crazy parts, but it's gone mainstream amid factions of the republican party. listen to this. >> we know what the democrats are up to here. they want open borders. this is exactly their strategy. they want to replace the
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american electorate. >> for many americans, what seems to be happening or what they believe now is happening, what appears to them is we're replacing national born, native born americans to politically transform the political landscape of this very nation. >> this administration wants complete, open borders and you have to ask yourself why. is it because they want to remake the demographics of america to ensure they stay in power forever? is that what's happening here? >> when it comes to the first amendment, knowing what we now know that that's a radicalization, possibly, of the shooter. how is what the republicans are saying there any different than fire in a crowded theater? >> yeah, we have to respect that we're not all going to agree. we can have principle points of disagreement and that's what the first amendment is all about.
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the first amendment has limitations. even though we can argue with each other all day and all night, john, we can disagree you can't yell "fire" in a theater. why? because it might impair someone else. you can't state something that impairs their reputation. why? because it impairs someone else. we have to think of the question in the context that we're allowing it, but by the end of the day, it's about decency and humanity. if we have that, perhaps we can avoid incidents like we had in buffalo. >> if we had that. joey, great to see you. >> thank you, john. the long standoff at the mariupol steel plant is over. the troops held off the russian military for 82 days. evacuations are underway from the steel plant. so far 260 people have been able
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to leave. but what happens next is unclear. many are wounded, being bussed through territory controlled by russia and its allies. ukraine says the red cross is involved. a prison exchange is making sure evacuees are brought home. several forces remain at the plant. i've been told it was surrounded by russian forces. under relentless attack, a deputy praise the ukranians. it brought them here at a critical time to regroup. > >>. >> translator: i want to emphasize ukranians here are alive. i think every ukranian will understand these words. the operation to rescue the people of mariupol. to bring the boys home, the work continues, and this work needs delicacy and time. >> joining us now is cnn military analyst and retired
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u.s. air force colonel cedric leighton. hello, colonel. >> hello, john. good to be with you. >> how did they hold off the russians for 82 days and how would describe what the ukrainians managed to do in military terms? >> this is interesting, because what the ukrainians ended up doing, john, was delaying a whole bunch of tactical grums, the main russian unit of force, to mariupol. they withstood a large, long, 82-day-long siege, and that very fact diverted enough troops, thousands of russian troops, from other areas, and it may have delayed the russian offensive into the donbas by a considerable amount. and it may have delayed it so long that it won't be as successful as it was originally intended to be. so from a military standpoint, this delaying tactic was something that not only bought the ukrainians time, but it also
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bought the ukrainians sympathy from the world at large. that, i think, is one of the bug guest things. this is kind of an empiric victory for the russians. yes, they ever the territory, yes, they ever the plant, but it's a bombed-out city, and if they don't get foreign assistance, they can't fix it. >> the ukrainians are at the steel plant. they seemed determined to fight until the very end, but then came this announcement. here it is. >> translator: this plan should easily balance with the preservation of health and life in personnel. perhaps that's why war is called an art and not a science. the task here was to preserve the maximum amount of personnel. >> ukranian soldiers are being taken to russia-controlled territory or across the border
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itself. what happens next? >> that's a very good question, john. it's unclear how this is going to work, but if the past is any guide to this, it looks as if these russian efforts are going to result in a whole bunch of ukranian prisoners of war. and that's something the international community is going to have to watch very, very carefully. but i do think that the ukranian soldiers are going to become prisoners of war at this point, and that is something that, you know, the international committee of the red cross and other organizations are going to have to pay attention to. i don't see them being repatriated to ukraine, at least at this point. >> russian forces have been unable to cross the river. they're unlikely to make friends with people at the pentagon. they've reached the border, or very close to it, with russia. how does mariupol affect the rest of the battlefield? >> i think this also gives the ukrainians a way in which to rally around the flag, because this was really something that
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galvanized the entire ukranian nation, the resistance conducted at mariupol and now the effort to save the lives of the last remaining defenders is something of a rallying cry, in essence, for the ukranian nation. what this does as a morale standpoint in which the commander just said in the piece we just showed, it's very clear that what we're looking at here is an effort to really give these troops this extra piece of the intangible that they need to carry out their missions, and that mission is to defend ukranian soil as much as they possibly can. i think that will emphasis that it otherwise may not have had. >> we had a recent assessment from british military
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intelligent. 150,000 combat troops were part fortunate invasion force, so a third, around 150,000. the total number of russian ground troops is about 280,000. my math isn't very good, but it puts losses of the entire russian combat force higher than 18%. instead of asking how long can ukranians hold out, shouldn't we be asking how long the russians can keep going? >> the ukrainians have mental challenges as do the russians, but it's very clear when it comes to morale and fighting spirit, the ukrainians are definitely ahead of the russians. the ukrainians need more weapons ability, and they need to be able to fight with the tactics and techniques that the russians have developed. the russians, on the other hand, have exhibited a whole series of
9:17 pm
challenges and they had a task to complete, and so far they've failed to achieve that goal. >> thank you, colonel, we appreciate your insights. >> thank you. on monday sweden formally announced that it would join neighboring finland in seeking nato membership. it would make a major expansion of the nato alliance. those plans already hitting some roadbl roadblocks, turkey accusing them of being responsible for certain terrorist groups. they hope to get approval from all 36 states. president biden said it would not be an immediate threat, but he did warn moving weapons to his terror.
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more now on yet another mass shooting in the u.s. ten people, all of them black, shot and killed in what appears to be a racially motivated killing spree in buffalo, new york. all those victims tried to stop the killer. he was a security guard, a former cop who died a hero. and his name is aaron salter. here's cnn's jason carroll with his story. >> reporter: he died while trying to save others. that's how those who knew aaron salter say he should be remembered. >> he was a strong individual. he was a warm individual, a real caring person, cared about the community, someone who devoted a lot of his life to public
9:23 pm
safety, to keeping the community safe. >> reporter: buffalo's mayor, byron brown, knew salter for years back when salter was a buffalo police officer. >> i remember first meeting him through his parents, aaron and carol salter. very warm people. they had a business in the community. and i saw him as a loving son, always trying to take care of his parents, make sure his parents were okay. that's the kind of person that he was. he had a caring spirit and a desire to take care of other people. >> reporter: that desire helped salter rise in the ranks of the police department. he eventually became a lieutenant. his love of community and law enforcement was one of the reasons he went to work as a security guard at the tops supermarket as he retired from the force. saturday, armed only with a handgun, he engaged the shooter.
9:24 pm
>> i >> he went down fighting. he went toward the gunfire, he went toward the fight. he thofought the individual. but because of his avest, it ha no effect on him. >> reporter: he saved many lives. >> my daughter was crouched down during the entire shooting. >> aaron salter gave them time to take cover. zt >> i grabbed my daughter and kept running until i got to the back door. >> reporter: even though he retired from the force, he never stopped being a police officer. >> i think he would want to be remembered as someone who cared about his community, who cared about his family, and someone that did his job and stood up when other people were in danger trying to keep others safe.
9:25 pm
>> reporter: salter was 55 years old, and even though he was not a police officer at the time of his death, due to his actions, there is a movement in buffalo to have a formal funeral for salter as if he was an active duty police officer killed in the line of dult. the mayor says he is behind that idea. he's simply waiting to hear from the family to do what is best. jason carroll, cnn, new york. and another shooting on sunday in southern california. a doctor who was killed is also being praised for his bravery. the gunman opened fire in a chinese church service, wounding five people. dr. don chang was shot dead. they say chang's heroic actions helped save lives. >> it is known that dr. chang charged the individual, the suspect, attempted to disarm him which allowed other parishioners to intercede, taking the suspect
9:26 pm
into custody. >> investigators have identified the shooter, 68-year-old david cho, a u.s. citizen born in china. they believe the shooting was politically motivated, that cho was upset over tensions between china and taiwan. they believe he had no connection with the church or its parishioners. just ahead here, one ukranian man's story of survival after russian soldiers tortured him and buried him alive. ♪ you inspired the lexus es to be, well...
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just a few weeks into the war in ukraine, three brothers were taken from their home by russian soldiers, interrogated, executed, buried and left for dead. but one survived. his case is one of thousands of war crimes being investigated by
9:31 pm
prosecutors. here's his story from c nn. >> reporter: this is where pachenko was buried alive. the blindfolds they were forced to wear were in the shallow grave. the bullet brushed his cheek. his brother was killed, but he managed to escape their tomb. i had to live to tell this story not to ukrainians but to the world, he says. a war crimes investigation has been opened. this is nicolas' house where he lived with his two brothers along with his schedule. on march 18, russians came into the village looking for men attacked by one of their convoys and that is where the nightmare
9:32 pm
began. three soldiers went into the house, looking for anything that might have linked the three boys to the convoy. something they did find was something that linked his grandfather: his military medal. he was preparing to go and fight. for four days their sister harena heard nothing from her brothers, until nicola came back from the dead. >> translator: i came home and there was nicola. i looked at his eyes and asked, where are the others? he said, there are no others. >> mykola says after being taken from their home, the three brothers were blindfolded and interrogated in a scellar for
9:33 pm
three days. they were beaten, and two months on, he still struggles to speak. what do i think of the russians? i hate them with all my soul. they are animals. they should burn in hell. it was only after the russian withdrawal that a month after their execution, yivkeni and his sister were given a proper b burial and the peace they were denied. loving it or leaving it? mcdonald's is leaving russia for good, with 800 restaurants there, making it the biggest store in business since russia's
9:34 pm
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at least seven palestinians have been wounded in jerusalem during classes with police. fire erupted at a funeral procession after a man died at a compound last month. forces had put up roadblocks, keeping mourners from going to the cemetary. police said hundreds of disruptors and rioters turned a funeral into a violent march.
9:39 pm
they condemned it as a heinous crime. now to a cnn exclusive. afghanistan's acting internal minister and leader of the taliban. they said he's made some of the most deadly attacks during the war. he's never talked to someone on camera until now. he is asked whether he considers america the enemy of the afghan government. >> translator: in the future, we would like to have good relations with the united states and international community. based on rules and principles that exist for the rest of the war. based on that arrangement, we have made commitment with them, and currently we do not look at them as enemies. but based on their conduct, the afghans have reservations about their intentions. from our side, the freedom of
9:40 pm
the country and struggling for the country's defense is a legitimate right. in accordance with the international rules. currently we do not look at them as enemies, and we have time and again spoken about diplomacy. we are committed to the doha agreement. like the rest of the world, we want relations with them. >> the entire interview can be found at, and for viewers of cnn international, part two of the deputy leader can be seen in london at 6:00 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. if you happen to be watching from kabul. those watching in the united states, coming up next, you soon may be paying a lot more for your favorite products. that's because china are in zero
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a new deal between formula maker abbott and the food and drug administration could help resolve the baby formula shortage in the united states. pending court approval, abbott says it could resume formula production and have products in stores in six to eight weeks. but the commissioner says the a u.s. does have enough formula, it's just not where it needs to be. >> i think there are always things we could do better. our focus right now is just on making sure we got every infant taken care of around the country, which we do have adequate supply for at this point, it's just that the supply is not necessarily in the right place.
9:46 pm
>> abbott closed his michigan plant earlier this year after investigators found bacterial contam contamination. the company says no formula from the plant was distributed to consumers testing positive for bacteria. the fda says it's making it easier to import certain baby formulas to help address the nationwide shortage. this comes as avrnl americans are likely to pay over time. we need the global supply chain. this is our report covid-19 is danling ports, increasing costs for companies. . >> it's going to be a painful time that come into america from dhin. thats lot of goods.
9:47 pm
>>. they have been turned into quarantine center the. some office. the largest container port in shaj high has been running a about. about 28% of the backlog is coming from china. shipments from china to the u.s. are taking 74 days longer. >> r. the worse is going to be in 202 2022. >> is many.
9:48 pm
starbuck's, coke a deemplt a major supplier temporarily halted md pmd>> said la month fa rlt. for small we've gone over the month without making it look like nichl many i'm terrified that the black has been older.
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>> translator: with the wi jazz show workers are at, underscoring how hard it is to keep businesses open. now that might be changing. >> there will be short term and long term decoupling, things like covid that could knock you out. you have to move some production out of china. >> china leadership is doubling down on the society, as well as an impact on the country's economy. a slowdown in china will be felt around the world. se selena wang. >> senator vice is going to his
9:50 pm
drana. less than 500 site will be deploid, explained why. ourl distributely engajtd in combat al shabaab has killed more than many americans. on monday the u.s. announced a family unification program would return. it would be processed in less time. approval to travel on the island would be expanded and how much money can be sent from the u.s.
9:51 pm
to cuba could be increased. voters are about to choose a candidate for november's midterms election. swing states of pennsylvania and north korea among those holding contest. in pennsylvania, the senate race is being full of twists for republicans and democrats. cnn's jeff zeleny explains. >> reporter: a chaotic close for the pennsylvania primary. . john fetterman will spend his day in the hospital recover ing from a stroke. >> he had a little bump on the campaign trail. >> i was not feeling well.
9:52 pm
i decided i need to get checked out. >> i made you get checked out. >> reporter: far more drama and uncertainty on the republican side where it is a three-way fight to the finish. a late grass root surge kathy barnette threatening to end dr. oz. all three are trying to win over undecided voters. >> i honestly 13 months ago that if pennsylvania knew they had a better option, you would have the good sister taken. maga movement who are turning to barnette. her repeated false claim that the 2020 election was stolen. >> i don't think we have any
9:53 pm
more room pick a warm body with an r next to her name and call it a win. >> do you believe that's dangerous for the party given how important this seat is? >> the stakes are so high and we as republicans have to win this seat. i believe i am going to win this primary. if i were not going to win, i would support whoever the candidate was selected by the voters. >> reporter: republicans are not deciding whether to choose a candidate in trump's mold, that's been settle. >> the 45th president of the united states, donald trump is actually going to call in. >> he's a loyal maga person and i known him for a long time. he's be your next senator. he's going the win it all. >> oz struggles to close with conservatives. >> donald trump is capable of making mistakes.
9:54 pm
the stuff i have seen about oz, he does not come across as a conservative. >> reporter: at the final campaign rally, dr. oz is making the case one voter at a time that he's a conservative cand candidate. that's one of the hurdles he's trying to crush. this is one of the most closely watched senate races in the country. democrats police chief they could use this as a pick up opportunity to fill the seat of pat toomey. all eyes are on pennsylvania come november. jeff zelleny. the young man is sharing his story after landing a plane. >> he was on his way back on a
9:55 pm
fishing trip when the pilot told him he was not feeling well. he knew what he had to do. >> i knew if i did not react, we would die. >> i knew if i went up and yanked that the plane would stall. >> i knew they were going way too fast. when i was flying and saw the state of florida at that second, i knew i am going to go in there. i don't know what the outcome is going to be. i don't know how it is going to happen but i have to land this airplane because there is no other options. >> he did have some help with the traffic controller, who's also a flight instructor. his wife is prepg gnant on the ground waiting. i am john vause, you are
9:56 pm
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hello and welcome to our viewers here in the united states and all around the world. i am john vause. coming up, the suspect wanted his killing spree to continue at other targets. tracking tragedy in ukraine. mcdonald's leaving


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