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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  May 16, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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hello and welcome to our viewers here in the united states and all around the world. i am john vause. coming up, the suspect wanted his killing spree to continue at other targets. tracking tragedy in ukraine. mcdonald's leaving russia
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and what it means for global capitalism. ♪ announcer: live from cnn center, this is cnn newsroom with john vause. >> the u.s. president will travel to buffalo, new york in the coming hours to meet with families and victims of the latest shooting, the 18-year-old accused of the attack. the gunman opened fire in a super market killing ten people, traveled 200 miles to a a black neighborhood two months ago. he was there carrying out the event. he was heavily armed and wearing tactical gear and a camera live streaming his rampage. authorities say the super market was not his only target.
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had he not been stopped, the tragedy would have been much worse. >> many more people would have been killed or eniinjured if th buffalo police did not get to scene as quickly. they were able to subdue him and take him into custody without incident and protect the surrounding neighborhood. >> the scene of the massacre has the highest population. before he set out, he posted a statement online describing himself on the rampage. >> stanley is overcome with emotions. >> we are not just hurt, we are angry and mad. this should not have happened. >> reporter: trying to process the unexplainable killing of their loved ones gunned down at
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a buffalo grocery store this weekend. >> she was 86 years old power house. >> reporter: the oldest o f the victim, the mother of the buffalo's former fire commissioner, killed shortly after visiting her husband of 68 years in a nursing home. >> part of what is gone, taken from us by hate. >> reporter: former police lieutenant, aaron salter works security at the top store, his last act exchanging gunfire with the shooter and likely saving lives. >> a community now misses hayward patterson. he was killed in the parking lot. never made it in the store. >> they can continue to survive.
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>> reporter: pearl young also is a woman of faith attended the prayer breakfast hours after the shooting. >> for 25 years, she was running a food pantry, giving and helping and faithful to her church. she was a saint. >> katherine massey was known as someone who stood up for equality. >> friends say she worked to make a difference through her actions and her words as a writer. >> she pinned a letter to the editor about gun violence just last year. andre mcneil was picking up cup cakes for mishis son's birthday. the youngest victim who died dedicated her time to help her brother fighting leukemia. >> today i got a chance to
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think. [ cries ] >> this is just devastating. all the families. >> reporter: three others are recovering from the attack. ten lives lost in just minutes by a person authorities say was fuelled by hate. >> brit brinn gingrass. >> thank you. >> all the how, and how could this happen? listen to the governor of new york. >> i am calling out and people are learning how to create guns and violence and weapons. >> so the governor called out social media platform but also naming and shaming and it does
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not seem much could be done of regulation of violence. >> that's absolutely right. >> it is a very difficult scenario, john, as it replays to social media. we have a robust first amendment right. that allows people to express views that we may find it re reprehen sif. it gets more complicated than the first amendment. these social media sites, they are private entities. as a result of that, they are not subjected to the first amendment to begin with because of the fact that the first amendment is governmental in nature and so that gets even more complicated and at the end of the day last point for this question and that is social sites are protected by the government and they have immunity with respect to users
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who are opposing content, the actual site itself is not responsible for individual users and so that givers a greater complexity. while it may sound good, at the end of the day it is a much complicated problem than that, john. >> debbie washerman-schultz calling for gun laws. the first was to encourage the unfitted and unregulated development. the others was to allow online services for police and content for providing child safety. >> this is a get out of jail free card. >> so in some respects, it is.
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backing up just by way of explanation. you had people who are using the by product of social media are so many people in the public square who used social media to provide content to and express views on and do various things with respect to interacting with others. when you look at section 230, it really says well, if individuals are providing this content and it is coming from all corners of the globe, why should the individuals site be accountable and really be held to the standard of adopting views because they are providing a mechanism that's a form of social media for having those views expressed there. >> section 230, what it does is it is going to immunize. we are not going to blame ton the site provider who posted the
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content there. >> in terms of why, the number of white people in this country, this only exists on the fringe but it is going mainstream. listen to this. >> you know wlahat the democrat are up to here. >> they want open border and replace american electric. >> for many americans, it appears to them that we are replacing national born american native american put toe transform the political landscape of this very nation. >> this administration is complete open border and you have to ask yourself why. is it because they want to make the demographics of america to ensure they stay in power. is that what's happening here?
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>> how is what the republicans being said, it is really problematic. we are in polarizing time. at the same time, we have to recognize a respect that we are not going to agree. we can have principles points of disagreements and that's what the first amendment is all about. >> one thing to talk about, we know the first amendment has limitations. we could agree and disadpgree. you can't yell fire in a theater. you can't defame someone that i am pyres their representation. >> no, why? >> at the end of the day, it is about decency and humanity. if we have that, perhaps we can prevent tragic instances like what occurs in buffalo. >> if we had that.
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joey jackson. thank you. on monday, sweden formally announced they'll join nato and finland. >> despite kremlin strikes of retaliation, the membership is the best way to ensure national security. >>. >> nadia. >> sweden will human being very ex exposed. russia has said they'll take under count pressure. the subject of this information and attempts that's scary and dividing us. sweden does not stand alone. >> joining nato could take
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months. first riequirements. and if we are closely with t the -- on monday, turkey's president doubled down on his objection and adding little could be done to overcome his objections and application. >>. >> translator: swedish and finished delegation are coming to turkey on monday. are they coming to convince us? >> excuse me, they should not tired themselves. first of all, we should not say yes to those posted. the plant azovstal is near
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an end. evacuations are underway from the steel plant. so far, more than 260 people have been able to lever. what happens next is unclear. >> many are wounded and being bus and controlled by russia and its allies. >> a prisoner exchange will evacuate brittney griner home. russia is set to take mare poll elsewhere. >> repel from kharkiv. ukrainian agents, how do it work? cnn's sam kylie has our report. >> reporter: it was hit right at
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the beginning of the wall with an airstrike. this was an immediate capacity to knock outs the capacity here in the creme crematory. >> we have been working on him for days. >> the equivalent of the fib and then some. >> we have identified a person who according to our intelligence is committing a crime, simply put, this is a person who transmits to the russians side. the russian military and information about lower locations of our community. >> the spus says the spy feeds a stream of innovation and details of targets to russia's aircraft and artillery. >> in this region, the sbu says
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it catches one or two ages run lie russia everyday. and today's suspect is being watched. he's out having a smoke. >> all units go down. >> redsiresistance. two ukrainians are asked to witness the interrogation. without our camera present, protocols are followed. >> he's told my he's arrested for high trfree son. he said he was allegedly re recruited online and gets orders and the suspect got about $10
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from his alleged spying. >> it includes the military unit in the town. according to an asedged exchange. the point-to-point was arrested. >> there is no death penalties for traitors here. as he driven through these
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gates, he could spend a life behind bars. his hometown is under constant russian bombardment. for him, this is no small victory. >> russia is hitting us with russia and missiles. people die in these attack. >> soldiers and sifrcivilians. >> the more atrocity and harder it is getting for the kremlin. >> sam kiley, cnn. they call north korea, the hermit for a reason. once we come back, there is a lot of testing so the reality of tests are murky at best. >> u.s. government easing a shortage of baby formula is not doing a whole good.
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did >> i'm obviously acutely aware that my presence at the podium represents a few firsts. i'm a black gray-- i'm a black immigrant woman, i stand on their shoulders. if it were not for generations of barrier breaking people before me, i would not be here. but, i benefit from their sacrifices and their excellence and i'm forever grateful to them. representation does matter. you hear us say this often in this administration.
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