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tv   Inside Politics With John King  CNN  May 17, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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hello. welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king in washington. thank you for sharing your day with us. right now president biden is in buffalo consoling a city shaken by a racist massacre. and confronting questions of how can the country do more to stop the next white supremacist mass shooting. it's primary day in five states. the leading democrat in pennsylvania who spent the
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election night in the hospital. the depth of republican fidelity to trump's big lie. north carolina, a test of what the gop is willing to look past. a first term includes tales of drugs and or jis and an attempt to get guns on planes. trump says voters should give him a second chaps. we begin in buffalo, new york. we expect to hear from the president any moment. already this morning visiting the site of the latest american massacre. alongside the first lady he met with community members and families of those killed by a shooter. the president observed a moment of silence, he and his wife leaving a bouquet at a memorial. the president says the racist attack is a reminder in his words, the soul of the nation is still at stake. the president visit happens as authorities remain on high alert. the new concern, a possible copy
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cat attack. authorities this hour uncovering new chilling details about the gunman, how he targeted the supermarket and planned the rampage, how he wrote about it extensively on the dark quarters of internet and skirted laws on the books designed to stop violent episodes exactly like this. let's get to the scene with victor blackwell. what's the latest as buffalo waits to hear from the president? >> reporter: right now the president is with and has been for more than an hour now, with the families of the victims. first responders, local law enforcement, local leaders as well. as you mentioned, his day started placing flowers at at least one of at least four memorials around this grocery store, and then he will make remarks which we're expecting him to say that this shooting is terrorism, motivated by hateful ideology that tears at the soul of our nation. he'll ask congress to take some legislative actions to bar people with mental illness from acquiring weapons.
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but as you know, john, legislative action after a mass shooting, the list of those accomplishments, extremely short. >> victor, as we wait to hear from the president, we have horrible new details on the planning this gunman went through. walk us through what we know. >> yes. these were posted on an app named discord and reposted on this hate-filled forum fortune. actually, the attack was planned by this alleged shooter from march 15th. he backed out several times and considered attacking a church or an elementary school, but he said that that would have made him feel too bad. here's what we're learning. that he was actually here not only in buffalo, but he says inside the tops supermarket on march 8th at noon and again at 2:00 and at 4:00 p.m. this recon kind of stalking the place for his would be victims. he drew maps of the aisles, the
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pharmacy, the bakery, exits, noted the number of black and white customers and employees. he actually talked about a blacked armed security guard he said he would have to kill when he returned here. we know that shots were fired by that security guard at the alleged shooter. did not go through the body armor. the shooter shot back and killed salter. we are learning all of this. this was really extensive planning that went into the attack that happened here on saturday. >> and victor, something else we're having to process now, having seen way too many of these over the years is new york is one of 19 states with a so-called red flag law. the law simply didn't work in this case. >> yeah. and he knew that. let me read you one of the posts. this is dated january 30th, '20 22 in which he talks about that generalized threat that we've discussed during his time in high school. he wrote another bad experience was when i had to go to a
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hospital er because i said the words murder/suicide to an online paper in economics class. it goes onto say i got out of it because i stuck with the story that i was getting out of class and i just stupidly wrote that down. that is the reason i believe i'm still able to purchase guns. he says it was not a joke. i wrote that down because that's what i was planning to do. he actually claims that this mental evaluation that we've discussed that he underwent, it took 15 minutes. however, the time he waited in the er was hours. he obviously saw that as a joke. >> victor blackwell, grateful to have you on the ground. we'll take you live when we hear from the mayor. in the meantime, with me to share the insights, dana bash, mj lee, and alivea knox. i want to raise the point from victor. there are 19 states with red
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flag ideas and the idea being if somebody seeks mental help that you would have some trigger that allows law enforcement to go to the house, search for guns, take away weapons that were there. new york state is one of those. the president is going to talk about what the government can do. here 19 states tried to do something, but there are clearly loopholes in their laws. how does washington and governors and america address that? >> you know, we've seen this time and time again. not only these mass killings. racially motivated killings, but slipups and loopholes in gun laws where local officials, i think the police in this instance, just didn't follow through in making this a red flag case. so he was able to flip through. here we are today. i think you're going to hear from lawmakers in the coming hours and days about strengthening american's gun laws, expanded background checks, and i think we're going to see this again which is nothing is likely going to be
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done. there are going to be lots of thoughts and prayers and discussions and likely we'll be back here again. >> he slipped through, but he also according to his own post, gamed the prethe ended like he mean it, but he did. the fact that we know this because he posted it online is another giant hole in the system. victor talked about fortune. that's a really, really important site for white supremacists, for would be assa assassins, for would be domestic terrorists to use the term the president used and may use in a few moments. i was outside of san diego last couple weeks ago working on a story on this, and when that shooting happened, a couple years ago, that shooter used the same exact platform in order to feed his already very clear white supremacist tendencies. the big questions in addition to
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the ones you raised is what about these platforms? >> and what about -- what is missing here is a consensus from anti-gun people to the progun rights people to democrats and republicans, to have a conversation about what can we do, not violate people's rights. some people are going to say horrible things. you're allowed to do that in america. but at some point there has to be a consensus whether you live in rural america or urban america where they might not be, that we need to take this kid's guns, but nobody knows better than joe biden that we're probably not at that point. >> even going after the lowest of low hanging fruit is still going to fail at the federal level. he was central to the obama administration's effort to build the kind of consensus you're describing meeting with mental health professionals and dwun rights people. he knows better than anybody that even after something like newtown, this country has a tendency to move on and a tendency not to act at the federal level.
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i think part of the answer to your question, is if we're going to see meaningful steps, it has to be the governors and state legislatures? >> you hear from team biden some possible executive actions. would there be a push from the president on the background question that came up. we're in an election year. maybe that makes it hard. would there be a commitment from democrats to take a couple modest things and bring them to the floor, and they get voted down, bring them to the floor again and again. if you mean the issue -- we have the votes and the conversations and then memories fade and people try to move on. why not just do it, do it, make the point? >> you know, i think that on the legislative front, alivia is right. probably there's not other people other than joe biden who understands better just how difficult it is for somebody in his position to get something more broader and sweeping through. so yes, i think it's possible that those conversations on
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potential executive actions continue. i think in the bigger picture, though, this visit is going to be a lot more focussed on trying to console the family members, the people in the community, you know, this is a president we talk about all the time. ran on trying to restore the scowl of america. i think at this moment in time, a lot of people across the country rightfully are asking the question is there oef an soul to be restored or is this what america is like now? >> you make a key point. you hear that from the reporting of correspondents on the scene. this is supermarket in the center of a black community. it's where people gather. you spend extra times to talk to your neighbors and friends. it's supposed to be the safe, happy place in a community. instead, they're dealing with this tragedy. we're waiting to hear from the mayor of new york and the president of the united states. up next, it's primary day across america. five states holding one of the big questions, the power of trump and his big lie. the biggest races in pennsylvania. we'll test that. to their new mini-van!
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♪ no way ♪ ♪ walking on the moon ♪ today is the busiest primary part of the year. a number of races five states voting. in oregon one of the key contests, a democratic incumbent congressman running against someone who says he's two centrist. in idaho a conservative republican being challenged by one from the far right saying he's not conservative enough. one of the big focuses is on the republican senate race pennsylvania. trump endorsed oz. kathy barnette is the surprise.
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she's running now on a pro trump message even though donald trump says she would be a failed candidate. these are the candidates trying to keep this seat in republican hands. one of them will end tonight. listen to the closing message. >> as someone who went to pest point, went to combat, has created jobs in pennsylvania, i have the conservative values that allow me to show up in the senate on day one and make a difference. i want to be the loud voice in washington who can speak to our culture, our values. i am pro life and pro second amendment. >> i went and met with any and everyone who would listen to me. and i told -- i just -- i just ran a far superior campaign than my opponents. and now they're really mad. they're really mad. >> jeff zeleny is on the ground in pifhiladelphia as voters cas votes. jeff, what are you seeing? >> reporter: there is no doubt
9:17 am
that kathy barnette has been the surprise over the last week or so. the question has she peaked too early? you cannot watch really more than a few moments of television without seeing negative ads against her j asking who she is, asking about her record. those were not in existence at all throughout the course of the last several months when david mccormick and dr. oz were battling it out. more than $70 million spent on the ground here in the senate race alone. talking to voters over the last several days, one thing is clear. there are many contradictions. yes, there are people who support president trump and would vote for him again, but they won't necessarily follow his lead in this race. take a listen to this interview of a truck driver we talked to who's supporting kathy barnette, but still likes trump. >> trump is capable of making a mistake. the stuff i've seen about oz, he doesn't come across to me as a conservative. >> reporter: to steven president
9:18 am
trump's endorsement is not enough to sway you? >> it's not. and i thoroughly back donald trump. i've seen the ringer they've tried to put him through, the lies they said about him, and that makes me support him that much more. but not in this decision. he's a man. he's not god. you know? he can be flawed. >> reporter: so that trump bask baseball hat and kathy barnette shirt says it all. how many conservatives will see dr. oz as a natural conservative. as at an event that called the former president dialing in to say that oz is the most electable candidate. there is an open question who is going to win this race tonight. i would not put a dollar on any outcome. we were going to let the voters vote and decide. but john, one thing is clear. this is not about the direction of the party per se. that has been asked and answered.
9:19 am
this is donald trump's party. the question, how trumpian they want their nominee to be. >> jeff zeleny live on the ground for us in philadelphia. yes, we'll count the votes late tonight. let's bring the conversation in the room with our reporters. to that point, jeff is right, that says it all. trump hat, kathy barnette shirt. donald trump say ware of this dynamic. he called into an oz rally to say this. >> kathy barnette, nobody knew anything about her until a few days ago literally. and she has a lot of explaining to do. i think what's going to happen is when she's vetted, it's going to be a catastrophe for the party. >> that is his view. as she is vetted, maybe there's more to come, she has said anti-muslim things and anti-immigrant things. didn't donald trump say all of those things and become president of the united states? >> and dana and i were just listening to her there, and we both said the same thing. she sounds like donald trump, and the voter there gets that, the idea that he loves donald trump. donald trump is not jesus or god. and he in some ways in choosing
9:20 am
kathy barnette is picking the trumpiest candidate in this field. dr. oz obviously has the endorsement. he's lucky to get the call in from donald trump there, but people are really feeling kathy barnette at this period, because she is modelling herself on donald trump, the person they admire most in politics. >> and what jeff zeleny said, one of the many things he said that's true in his report from pennsylvania, the question about whether or not it's donald trump's party. that has been asked and answered. we know the answer is yes. what is happening in pennsylvania is such a fascinating illustration of how scrambled the definition of that actually is. because he obviously has decided that he wants to be a king maker. he picked a candidate in each of these races, but the candidates that he -- the candidate for governor that he picked, is campaigning with kathy barnette, the one he called in to dr. oz, his rally and said don't vote
9:21 am
for her for the senate race, even though he supports at the last minute this candidate for the governor's race. the other thing that we should absolutely underscore over and over again is that to get donald trump's endorsement so far, the key is you have to be an election denier. that matters in every single state, but it really matters in a place like pennsylvania. >> i also wonder if the question now is no longer just how much does donald trump's endorsement matter, but in this race, it is has the donald trump train become sort of the run away train. right? is the donald trump sort of movement sort of moving beyond his control, given the dynamics between oz and barnette? i will also say just one dynamic i think worth watching out for for democrats, it's sort of the be careful what you wish for phenomenon. just because there are races where democrats do hope that on the other side of the aisle, the candidate they end up with is
9:22 am
the person who is the trumpiest, the person who has the most extreme views, but they also face a lot of head winds going into november. so if they do end up in a head to head in a general election with somebody like that in november, there's no guaranteeing that the democrat is going to win. >> that's a critical point. you're talking about potential members of the united states senate. if the next presidential election is contested. potential governors if the next governor's election is contested and trump says i need to find votes or something like that. the big lie is the foundation of the republican party. right? >> exactly. >> yes, it is, but we should not overlook the other drivers. inflation and things like that that will help sort of smooth over some of the rough edges on the republican side. the republicans are dead set on making this a referendum on joe biden. that includes other things other than the trump purity test. >> we'll come back to this conversation in a bit. the president of the united states speaking in buffalo, new york, walking up with the first lady. let's listen. >> before i begin, jill would like to say a few words.
9:23 am
>> i just wanted to say thank you to the families for opening your hearts to us and for letting us be with you today. so god bless you and thank you for allowing us to be with you. >> majority leader schumer and senator jill brandt and congressman higgens, thank you for taking my call when i called. i'll never forget who she said. i said i'd like to make come up with it's okay. she said this is big scranton. come. come. thank you. thank you for your heart as well as your head. mary brown, you've been wonderful. thank you, and i know this is a lot of -- when the vice presidential or president shows
9:24 am
up, there's all kinds of paraphernalia and people. i know it's not easy. i want to thank your law enforcement officers were not just what they did in this crisis, but for accommodating us and you would elected officials and first responders and faith leaders that are here today. jill and i have come to stand with you, and to the families, we've come to grieve with you. it's not the same, but we know a little bit what it's like to lose a piece of your soul when you lose a son or daughter or husband or wife, mother or father. the feeling of having that, as i said to some of you when we talked privately, you feel like there's a black hole in your chest you're being sucked into, and you're suffocating, unable to breathe. that's what it felt like to us, and i'm sure some version of it feels like that to you. the anger, the pain, the depth of the loss that's so profound. you know, we know it's hard to
9:25 am
believe, and you're probably not going to believe it, but i can tell you now from our personal experience and many others who we've met, the day is going to come -- it will come -- when your loved one brings a smile as you remember him or her. as you remember her, it's going to bring a smile to your lip before a tear to your eye. it takes a while for that to happen. it takes a while. it might take more than a season. but our prayer for you is that that time comes sooner or later. but i promise you it will come. as a nation, i say to the families, we remember them. we've been reading about them. we visited a memorial where love is shown for them by the supermarket. a 65-year-old, brain cancer survivor, church-impoeer, bingo player, went to buy strawberries to make her favorite shortcake.
9:26 am
a loving mother and grandmother. roberta drury, 32, beloved daughter and sr. moved back home to help take care of her brother after his bone marrow transplant. she went to buy groceries for dinner. the center of attention who made everyone in the room laugh and smile when she walked in. andre mcneil, 53. worked at a restaurant. went to buy his three-year-old son a birthday cake. his son is celebrating a birthday, asking where is daddy? katherine massy, 72, a writer an advocate who dressed up in costumes at schools and cut the grass in the park and helped in local elections.
9:27 am
the glue of the family and the community. marcus morsen, 52, school bus aide. went to buy snacks for weekly movie night at the family. survived by his wife and three children and stepdaughter. the center of their world. hayward patterson, 78, father, fed the homeless at the soup kitchen. gave rides at a grocery store to neighbors who needed help. putting food in the trunk of others' when he took his final breath. aaron salter, 55, retired buffalo police officer, for three decades. three decades. loved the electric cars. gave his life to save others on a saturday afternoon, and had
9:28 am
that man not been wearing that vest that he purchased, bullet proof vest, a lot of lives would have been saved. a beloved father and husband. geraldine tally, 62. expert banker known for her warm, gentle personality. a friend to everybody. devoted mother and grandmother. ruth whitfield, 88. beloved wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother. sang in the church choir. a caretaker of her husband, bringing him clean clothes, cutting his hair, holding his hand every day she visited him in the nursing home. heart as big as her head. pearl young, grandmother, mother, missionary of god, public schoolteacher. also ran the local food panty. loved singing, dancing and her
9:29 am
family. injured sierra goodman, 20, fought in the neck but fighting through it. jennifer warrington, 50, christopher braidington, 55. both with injuries on a long road to recovery. individual lives of love, service and community that speaks to the bigger story of who we are as americans. a great nation because we're good people. jill and i bring you this message from deep in our nation's soul. in america evil will not win. i promise you. hate will not prevail, and white supremacy will not have the last word. for the evil did come to buffalo. it's come to all too many places. manifesting gunman who massacred innocent people in the name of hateful and perverse ideology,
9:30 am
rooted in fear and racism. it's taken so much. ten lives cut short in a grocery store. three other wounded by hate-filled individual who had driven 200 miles to carry out a murderous, racist rampage that he would live stream, live stream to the world. what happened here is simple and straightforward. terrorism. terrorism. domestic terrorism. violence inflicted into the service of hate and the vicious thirst for power that defines one group of people being inherently inferior to any other group. a hate that through the media and politics, the internet has radicalized angry aisle yen
9:31 am
nated lost, and isolated individuals into falsely believing that they will be replaced. that's the word. replaced by the other. by people who don't look like them. and who are, therefore, in a perverse ideology that they possess and being fed lesser beings. aenall of you reject the lie. i call on all americans to reject the lie, and i condemn those who spread the lie for power, political gain, and for profit. that's what it is. we've now seen too many times the deadly and destructive violence that ideology unleashes. we heard the chance you will not replace us in charlottesville, virginia. i wasn't going to run as the
9:32 am
senator snows again for president. when i saw those people coming out of the woods of the fields in virginia in charlottesville, carrying torches, shouting, you will not replace us, accompanied by white supremacists and carrying nazi banners, that's when i said no, no, and i honest to god, those who know me, i wasn't going to run for certain. i was going to be darned if i was going to let -- i won't get going. look, we've seen the mass shootings in charleston, south carolina, in pittsburgh. last year in atlanta. this weak in dallas, texas, and now in buffalo. in buffalo, new york. white supremacy is a poison. it's a poison. it really is.
9:33 am
running through our body politic. and it's been allowed to fester and grow right in front of our eyes. no more. i mean, no more. we need to say as clearly and forcefully as we can that the ideology of white supremacy has no place in america. none. look, failure to saying that is going to be complicit. the silence is complicity. it's complicity. we cannot remain silent. our nation's strength has always come from the idea, think about it. what's the idea of our nation? that we're all children of god. all children -- life, liberty. our universal goods, dwgifts of god. we didn't get it from the
9:34 am
government. we got it because we exist. we were called upon to defend them. the venn m of the haters and their weapons of war, of violence in the words and deeds of the -- that stalk ore streets, our stores, our schools. this venom, this violence cannot be the story of our time. we cannot allow that to happen. look, i'm not naive. i know tragedy will come again. it cannot be forever overcome. it cannot be fully understood either. but there are certain things we can do. we can keep assault weapons off our streets. we've done it before. i did it when i passed the crime bill last time, and violence went down, shootings went down. we can't prevent people from being radicalized to violence, but we can address the relentless exploitation of the internet to recruit and mobilize
9:35 am
terrorism. we just need to have the courage to do that, to stand up. look, the american experiment in democracy is in a danger like it hasn't been in my lifetime. it's in danger this hour. hate and fear are being given too much oxygen by those who prevent to love america. -- pretent to love america but don't understand america. it requires caring about all people, not making distinctions. in the scripture, we're all part of the divine. love thy neighbor as yourself. that's the america i know, that jill knows. and most deserve the most -- look, we are the most multiracial, most dynamic nation in the history of the world. now is the time for the people of all races, from every background to speak up as a
9:36 am
majority in america and reject white supremacy. these actions we've seen in these hate-filled attacks represent the views of a hate-filled minority. we can't allow them to distort america. the real america. we can't allow them to destroy the soul of the nation. as president of the united states, i travel the world all the time. and other nations ask me, heads of state in other countries ask me, what's going on? what in god's name happened on january 6th th? what happened in buffalo? they'll ask. we have to refuse to live in a country where black people going about a weekly grocery shopping can be gunned down by weapons of war, deployed in a racist cause. we have to refuse to live in a country where fear and lies are
9:37 am
packaged for power and for profit. we must all enlist this great cause of america. this is work that requires all of us. presidents and politicians, commentators, citizens. none of us can stay on the s sidelines. we have to resolve that here in buffalo, that from the tragedy, this tragedy will come hope and light and life. it has to. and on our watch, the sacred cause america will never bow, never break, never bend. and the america we love, the one we love will endure. so to the families, from your pain, may he find purpose to live life worthy of the loved ones you lost. from a hymn based on the 91st psalm sung at my church, may he raise you up on eagle's wings
9:38 am
and bury you on the breath of dawn. make you to shine like the sun and hold you in the palm of his hand. that's my wish for us. we can do this if we resolve to do it. if we take on the haters. and those who don't even care, it's just about profit and politics. may the soul of the fallen rest in peace and rise in glory. and may god guide the united states of america now and always. to the families, as my grandpa used to say when i walked out of his home, he'd say joey, spread the faith, and my grandma -- he would say keep the faith, my grandma would say no, joey, spread the faith. stick together, you'll get through this, and we'll make
9:39 am
buffalo and the united states a better place to live than it is today. [ applause ] the president of the united states finishing very strong, very emotional words in buffalo, new york beginning with a tribute to each of the ten victims in the top supermarket shooting taking time to name them by name. if we could out of respect as the president showed, the victims horrific hate violence in buffalo, new york. the president starting with a message to the families saying that in this horrible moment, that he is with them, that the country is with them, and his hope from personal tragedy, the president says is that they can get through this. the president went on, strong words, condemning white supremacy. he said evil will not win. hate will not prevail. white supremacy will not have the last word. the president discussing some things the government could perhaps do but saying americans
9:40 am
across the country must stand up against what he called an ideology of hate and profit on the internet. white supremacy, the president said is a poison running through our body politic. our panel is with me. the president's first job is to try to console a community, but there was there a much more personal, visceral reaction to the president to the hate. he did not name names, but he talked about how this is -- he said it was minority. but is a powerful coursening culture in the politics. >> yeah. at the top of the show we were discussing and trying to figure out is this a speech where the president will discuss at length gun control and he only discussed it a little bit. and i think it felt entirely appropriate that the president spend most of his name and most of the speech sort of honoring the victims, really reaching out to members of the community, saying you know, jill and i, the first lady and i, really understand what it means.
9:41 am
he said to lose a piece of your soul, that feeling of being unable to breathe, sort of that searing pain that you feel that only some people experience when they lose a loved one. that felt entirely appropriate. but i think you're right, that another major part of that speech was talking about the hate, the racism that is being spewed by people in media, he said, people in politics, and they're doing it for scynical season reasons. i was thinking back on yesterday when the white house press secretary was being asked is the president willing to name certain people who have these massive platforms and are publicly espousing these kinds of views. she said for now, he is not going to be naming names. i think that's just a space to watch, because if you're not naming names, how do you hold these people accountable? >> right. hate and fear are given too much oxygen by those who claim, claim to love america. words from the president.
9:42 am
>> yeah. white supremacy has no place in america, and this was the key which i think you're getting at, mj. failure to say that is complicity. that is so important. it is so important. it's not just the people who are openly stoking this hate. online or on tv or even in the halls of congress. but the people who don't say stop. the people who don't call it out. that is the scene. i mean, you can look at studies and conversations that people, experts, journalists have had with white supremacists. when they hear silence, that is a green light to them. the other thing i want to say is that we've all covered presidents, and you can tell when they're talking about something which they feel in their soul and they're so unfortunately in this case, fluent with, and that is for joe biden, grief, but also the fact
9:43 am
that he said he ran because of the hate he saw in charlottesville. whether it was george w. bush talking about education or name your president, talking about something that drove them to run, this was joe biden's issue. this was the issue that he wanted to express in a very visceral, very emotional, very personal way. and he did. >> the question is how do you sustain it in the sense that the president of the united states saying there's a venom of hate in our politics. it cannot be the story of our time. how do you bend the arc? >> you know, it has been the story of our time. it has been the story of america. the sort of twin cultures not only gun culture, but also white supremacist culture as well. and gun culture in some ways being used to reinforce white supremacy as we saw in this instance in buffalo. and as we've seen in other instances. el paso, in pittsburgh, in
9:44 am
charleston as well, a few years ago. you know, biden was talking about two meamericas here. he talked about the ordinary african americans, many of whom came to buffalo fleeing racial violence. you think about the ways in which the northern blacktowns came to existence, a lot of those folks were fleeing oppression in the south only to be met with oppression and racist violence in these northern cities. going about their daily lives, at a grocery store. that is one america. and the other america, the kind of racism that has coursed through the country for decades, and hasn't been denounced enough. hasn't been rooted out enough. oftentimes it is african americans who talk about racism. it is really a white cultural problem that white americans have to come to terms with. why is it that african americans and brown and black people more generally are seen as the other or demonized so easily in a lot of our politics? we talk about white supremacy, but it's also the ways in which
9:45 am
people talk about folks come kro across the border. the demonizing about those folks about they also are a threat to americans. >> there are a lot of people who say that they're not racist. they've never said a racist thing who use words that are code. you mentioned silence encourages this. so do certain words and actions. so the president asking everybody to think about what you say. we'll see if that happens. we'll be right back after a quick break. if you're a small business, there are lots of choices when it comes to your internet and technology needs. but when you choose comcast business internet, you choose the largest, fastest reliable network. you choose advanced security. and you choose fiber solutions with speeds up to 10 gigs available to more small businesses than any other provider. the choice is clear: get unbeatable business solutions from the most innovative company.
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back to our big primary day. donald trump versus just about everybody in the republican establishment in north carolina. congressman madison cawthorn is speaking a second term. trump says cawthorn deserves a second chance. if you don't recognize the name, maybe you remember the headlines. twice caught carrying a loaded gun in an airport. charged for driving with a rebuked license. he also has been accused by multiple women of sexual harassment which he denies. our rereporters with are us. this on truth social from the former president yesterday when madison was first elected to congress, he did a great job. recently he made some foolish mistakes i don't believe he'll make again. let's give madison a second chance. not one of the complete
9:51 am
endorsements, but trump trying to put his hand on the scale. >> that was lukewarm. i'm not sure you can call it a full endorsement. does cawthorn deserve a second chance at a fifth chance? obviously the voters of north carolina will decide that. i didn't think -- >> say that again? >> sure, does he deserve a second chance at a third chance at a fifth chance? the voters will decide. >> that was well-put. >> i think -- i didn't think it was that -- i don't think he's putting himself on the line the same way for oz. in pennsylvania where it's endorsement and robo calls in favor of the campaign. it's attacking oz's rivals. it's not -- he's not playing -- drawing from the same playing book. >> you would ask, you might ask because so many other republicans are against this. they view this kid as a cancer on the party and trouble and they don't want anymore of it. kevin mccarthy, he's lost my trust. thom tillis, first time in my
9:52 am
career i'm opposing a sitting republican. another one, an embarrassment on any day in ends in "y". this is donald trump versus everybody. >> right. that's right. and to have this kind of situation with congressman cawthorn in the kind of trouble, allegations and photos that have been surfacing, and more importantly, the kind of response that you just put up on the screen from very important republicans, he served with in congress would have been game over for him. he would have not even been -- he would have felt the pressure to not run again, or even quit. but this is the trump era on steroids. it is him saying well, wait a minute. this is not modern politics. modern politics means you stick it out own fight. that's what donald trump did and that's what i'm doing. >> why might donald trump be
9:53 am
you mentioned this in the context of pennsylvania. because of this. >> i believe that this was agitators strategically placed inside of this group. you can call them people paid by the democratic machine. >> if our election systems continue to be rigged and stolen, then it's going to lead to one place. it's bloodshed. >> zelenskyy -- remember the ukrainian government is incredibly corrupt and evil. >> for trump, that's a trifecta. january 6th was the other guys. no, it was a mob of pro-trump people. our election was stolen. zelenskyy is a thug. that's ding ding ding. >> i think that's right. he uses the kind of language that makes donald trump's heart sing. in some instances, he's using -- he's used his exact words when he said some of the videos were locker room talk or whatever which is what donald trump said himself when he came under fire. you know, it's odd that he's at the last minute endorsing him,
9:54 am
but i think to your point, he has been a true trumpist. and he understands that you can gain a lot of fundraising dollars that there is a whole other part of the republican party that's not just sitting senators, that's not just even your constituents, that's completely outside of that, and he still probably has a lot of name recognition, and the most name recognition in the seat he's running for, even though he tried to run in another seat and ran to the other one. there's all sort of hotass mess going on. >> between the two of you, i don't know how to pick on that one. >> diane gallagher spoke to voters and got a mixed reaction. >> i think he's a good kid. it's political. everybody is trying to do what they can to make themselves look good and make the opponent look bad. >> a lot is fabricated stuff. >> he's narcissistic, and i'm not into that. >> two of those volters
9:55 am
questions. it's made up. that's one challenges for us at this table and people in the business to regain the trust of people who just listen to the silo. you could look at his own words, but it's all made up. >> well, the thing that nia said about how he decided to run in a different district and came back to his own district, i mean, that might actually be the thing that strikes some voters as the most sort of politicianny thing to do. he's trying to run as the anti-establishment pro trump guy. well, that probably doesn't work in his favor. >> probably not. thank you for joining us today in "inside politics." tonight we count the vote in the 11 th district and other places. anna cabrera picks up more coverage after a quick break. ♪ my name is ami and when i financed my car with carvana they had questions about my documents. but i was at work. in a mine. so carvana worked with my shift manager to get it all worked t.
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10:00 am
to san francisco because there are no consequences. we can't wait. recall chesa boudin now. evil will not win. president biden delivering a speech to a nation shaken by another mass shooting. steps from where this horrific attack happened in buffalo, new york. >> in america, evil will not win, i promise you. hate will not prevail, and white supremacy will not have the last word. what happened here is simple and straightforward, terrorism. terrorism. domestic terrorism. >> the presidentnd


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