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tv   CNN Newsroom With Alisyn Camerota and Victor Blackwell  CNN  May 17, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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six month time when some of them should be boosted: let's take a look at what's involved here. it is that lower dose, and it's five months plus, after the second shot. what we saw with adults or anyone over age 12, that the risk of death went down 20 times with a booster. that's according to a cnn analysis. that's a huge dircfference. if your child is at the five months plus place, get the booster. >> i feel like we have said that a few times. elizabeth, thank you. >> i think so, thanks. top of the hour here on cnn newsroom. i'm erica hill in today for alisyn camerota. >> i'm victor blackwell, in buffalo, new york. poison, that's how president biden is labeling white supremacy in america. his condemnation came after he visits the site of the latest racist rampage, the deadliest this year that left ten black
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americans dead. >> this morning, the president and first lady laid flowers at the tops market where, as you can see here, a make shift memorial has been growing. during his remarks, biden blasted the surge in white supremacy, and it motivated him to run for office three years ago. police say it's that surge that helped to radicalize a white teenager to commit this mass murder in buffalo. >> white supremacy is a poison. it's a poison. it really is. running through our body politic. it's been allowed to fester and grow right in front of our eyes. no more, i mean, no more. we need to say as clearly and forcefully as we can that the ideology of white supremacy has no place in america. >> moments ago, the mayor of
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buffalo spoke to reporters. he said that the president and the first lady met with the families individually, and the mayor condemned the hate that investigators say was behind the killings. >> the level of hatred in the heart and head of this individual is stunning. it's staggering to know that that kind of hate, that kind of evil, that kind of premeditated evil exists in our nation, exists in the state of new york. i think much more has to be done about social media and hate speech on social media, hate speech that comes out over our air waves. >> let me turn you to cnn's shimon prokupecz is here in buffalo. >> in terms of the visit with the president they talked about
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gun control. they talked about how they could bring change to some of the laws and as it relates to people suffering from mental health and having access to the weapons. that's some of the political stuff. more importantly for the community is opening the supermarket. we have been talking to people here who say this is essentially a food desert. so he's hoping he can get that reopened soon. they're still processing the crime scene here. just think about it. we're several days into this and how extensive and big this crime scene is that the fbi has been here for several days, still processing that crime scene. he also talked about funerals, saying one of the first funerals he expects to take place here on saturday, tomorrow they expect to start releasing the bodies to these families so they can start officially making plans for those funerals and then he talked about the police officers, the continued -- we keep hearing this from the police commissioner and other officials, the heroic work by these police officers and of course that retired police officer, the security guard who
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exchanged gunfire with the alleged shooter and prevented things from being far worse. >> yeah, what more have you learned about the investigation here, specifically what the suspected gunman had on him? >> so there was body armour, of course as we know, and the helmet. it's also the weapons. he had a total of three weapons on him. those weapons were purchased legally, according to police here. there was nothing to stop him from having access to those weapons. one of the gun store owners where he purchased one of these weapons, it's a story in pennsylvania. the owner there spoke to cnn and said there was nothing to prevent him from buying this weapon, this was in december of 2021. now, keep in mind, victor, this is months after we got word of this mental health evaluation. even that, there was no real legal basis, according to the police commissioner here, even with the mental health
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evaluation, to prevent the shooter from buying that weapon. >> all right. shimon prokupecz with the latest on the reporting. thank you very much. let's go now to cnn's joe johns. joe in buffalo today, president biden said that silence on white supremacy is complicit. >> right. and it was very important because the administration was hearing more and more and not just from journalists that they needed to actually go out and call out some of these purveyors of hate. for example, on the internet. and by name because other politicians had been doing it as well. nonetheless, important to say the first part of the president's speech is really sort of an elegy to the victims and survivors of this horrific event in buffalo, and then he turned to these other issues, talking about both domestic terrorism, he called this crime,
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as well as the dissemination of hate. listen. >> in america, evil will not win, i promise you. hate will not prevail. and white supremacy will not have the last word. what happened here is simple and straightforward terrorism. terrorism. domestic terrorism. >> so for all of those people who may wonder why the president has not called out people by name who are purveyors of hate as we say, and the white house had already sent out the word that there are a couple of reasons. the first reason was that this, they said, was a day to console the city of buffalo and the other more practical reason, they simply said they don't want to give the people who are putting this kind of information out there any more of a platform than they already have. victor, back to you. >> joe johns for us.
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joe, thank you for that. an 8-year-old girl was in the tops supermarket when the gunman started shooting. her name is london thomas. she is looking at cake mixes with her father while her mother was in a different part of the story, and listen to what she says happened next. >> he went to the back of the store where the milk is, and like we -- the door was locked, and we could not get out until like the manager opened the door. then we had to go out the back door. and then, like, the cops lead us out. i was scared for my mom. i did not know what happened to her because she was at the front and i was at the back. i didn't know where she was. i thought she was gone. >> unimaginable. 8 years old. now, she made it out safely. her family made it out, and she described the 20 minutes when she was separated, the mom says,
12:08 pm
from her daughter as the longest wait of her life. community activist dominique calhoun was on her way to the tops supermarket with her kids to get some ice cream when the shooting started. she's with me here now. thank you for spending some time with me. just tell me, you were in the parking lot when all of this started. tell me what happened. >> my two daughters and i were pulling into the tops parking lot and i smelled what i thought to be a strong scent of metal, now i know to be gun powder. we got to the parking lot, and people were running out screaming, i backed out into the family dollar parking lot across the street. i parked and then i walked over to where everyone was standing at, and there was a woman, and she was screaming at the top of her lungs that her baby was still inside. and at the time i didn't know what was going on until i got closer to the tops entrance and that's when i seen all of the bodies laying in the front of the entrance of tops.
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>> you saw the bodies in the parking lot. >> yes, and at that time, could you still hear gunshots inside? >> i was in shock, and there was so many screams of people coming out, screams of people going inside for their loved ones, people were pulling up, the officers were still coming on to the scene. but they said that he was still actively inside, and now that i've looked at the footage, yes, he was still inside. >> dominique, i'm certain you have thought about this, but one red light, one moment to rush out a little quicker and you and your girls could have been in that grocery store. >> yes, yes, i mean, my prayers go out to all of the family members that were affected by this tragedy, the survivors, our community. this is devastating. we will never be okay. we will never get over there. someone came into our community. i live right here at the corner and took ten of the people we love, elders from our community,
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mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, it's devastating. i can't begin to even imagine if it were me and my kids, and the 8-year-old girl that hid in the freezer, my child is 8. this is something this community will never forget. >> i said at the time, you're a community activist. >> yes. >> you live here in 14208. >> yes. >> and the alleged shooter targeted this, according to police, because it has a high percentage of black residents here. the president today talked about silence on white supremacy is c complicity. what did the comments mean to hear the president come here to this city to say that? >> we were targeted because we're poor black in america, and that is the reality of being black in america here. it's just, it's a horrible thing. and they keep saying that he came from the outside to buffalo, but the reality of it is the way that he thinks the ideology that he thinks a lot
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more people in western new york thinks the same. just recently lthere was a post on facebook that there were law enforcement officers laughing at this tragedy, they were making jokes online on their personal facebook pages about the shooting. so it's not an isolated thought process. it's one that we have to be very clear that it still exists when they're trying to take racism out of the history books and trying to, you know, not teach our kids that it exists, it's still very alive here in buffalo new york and western new york, and all over. >> we know there have been copy cat threats from the d.a., there were calls made to a pizzeria, referencing tops, a call to a brewery. that man has been arrested could face 7 years in prison. this grocery store is closed and will be for some time. what's that mean to this community? tops has a grocery give away and some transport, but this is not a resource for now.
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>> we're already living in a food desert in buffalo, new york. we have no access to healthy eating or food, really. especially right here on this place that it's occurred. this is the only grocery store here in this neighborhood, so people really will have to travel upwardly to 15 to 20 minutes to get access, and many of these people don't have transportation. many of these people are elderly. many of these people are disabled. it's a sad thing. i hope that, you know, we can come together as a community, because once the yellow tape is gone, once the media leaves, we're still going to have to pick up the pieces and try to figure out how do we help these families and this community get past this. >> dominique calhoun, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> thank you. erica, you know, this is obviously the greatest loss here is the loss of life, those ten people who were killed here. there are three who are still recovering from bullet wounds, but once the cameras pack up,
12:13 pm
the president is now gone, and the flowers at the memorials, they dry and they die. what then can this community do to come together? what will be the protection for communities like this across the country? those are the questions we have to ask next week. and next month. as we continue to see these mass shootings throughout our country. >> it's absolutely essential. as we have heard from your reporting and our teams on the ground and other residents speaking out, they have felt the need for better protection and for better resources in their community for some time. this is really exposing that to so many more and it is essential, right, that those needs are not lost when, as you point out, the cameras go away, and so we'll continue to follow it, victor, thank you. the suspected california church shooter in court today. you'll hear from survivors, just ahead, about the moment they confronted him. also ahead, it is primary day in america, voters casting
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12:19 pm
political correspondent and the host of "inside politics sunday," scott jennings is a former special assistant to george w. bush and a cnn commentator. let's start in pennsylvania with this sort of unexpected three-way trace that has thrown a lot of people for a loop in the republican senate nomination in pennsylvania. trump of course endorsed dr. oz in a close battle there with former hedgefund ceo david mccormick, and rising conservative activist, kathy barnette, how much is this race a real test for trump's hold on the party, abby. >> erica, there's a lot going on in pennsylvania, which is why tonight will be so interesting on a number of fronts, but what is happening in the republican race is fascinating. i don't think this necessarily is about trump's hold on the republican party. trump has a hold on the republican party, and you can tell because all three of the candidates that we're talking about are all people who are
12:20 pm
fighting with each other about who is really the inheritor of trump's, you know, trump's legacy. who is the heir to donald trump, and this is a question of is the republican electorate, are they moving past trump demand himself and on to candidates that are even potentially trying to out-trump trump. in this race, trump is almost playing the role of the establishment here. he's picking a candidate who seems disconnected from where the beating heart of the republican electorate is, and i think that is what is being tested tonight. is it enough to have trump next to your name, meaning trump has endorsed you or is the movement, the rank and file of the republican party, are they making the decision about who really is the trumpiest candidate in this race? >> which will be fascinating to watch as we watch those results
12:21 pm
come in. i'm curious too, scott, as abby sets that up, i spoke with former congressman charlie dent in our last hour who also pointed out just how maddening this chaotic scene is in pennsylvania and potentially how helpful that could be to democrats moving forward and moving into november. is that concerning to you? >> of course. i mean, the republican party is still haunted by the ghost of 2010 and 2012 when the party nominated bad candidates in several states and failed to pick up the united states senate even though gains were being made elsewhere. so that is definitely on the mind of party leaders in washington, d.c. i think this whole pennsylvania situation, too, is interesting in that, and i think abby hit the nail on the head. trump got behind a candidate who immediately, a lot of his people in pennsylvania second guessed his decision. and so if that person doesn't win, it will be interesting to see how he reacts to his own people there, you know, if they
12:22 pm
don't rally around dr. oz. i'm sure donald trump sees himself in dr. oz, a tv guy, not a long standing republican. kind of an apostate in several issues, and policy credentials come second. that's how he ran in 2016. it's a real interesting test of celebrity versus conservative credentials and as abby knows in a three-way race, you get two people wailing on each other, there's always room for a third person to slip up the middle. >> this is what we're seeing. and i want to pick up on one thing you noted, scott, what we're seeing in terms of who trump is endorsing, how that's going to look the morning after. what's interesting is this last minute, maybe you should give him a second chance pseudo endorsement of madison cawthorn. do you think that is something that comes from a place of, oh, hey, this guy might win. i should put my support behind him so i can check another box in the win column?
12:23 pm
>> oh, i think that above all, donald trump cares most about his one loss record, and he's endorsed in a lot of races in the country where the outcomes aren't in doubt because they like to run up the score. in pennsylvania, he got on mas tre -- mastriano for governor, he can say i won the governor's race. in the case of cawthorn, extremely damaged candidacy, aided by a fragmented field, and possibly will survive because of that, and so, you know, if donald trump is able to jump on that and take credit for it that's what's best for him. that's what he can do. it's not what's best for the republican party and i hope the constituents in cawthorn's district realize they could do a lot better than this guy. >> i want to get your take on what we're seeing here in new york state. the primaries in new york are not today. they have been shaken up a little bit. it's a major blow to democrats.
12:24 pm
this proposed new version of new york's congressional map. we're talking about races that will pit incumbents against one another. democrats are worried about losing the house. how concerning is the new map? >> i think this is an area where democrats are facing a map that gives republicans some competitiveness and maybe three or so seats. when you're talking about control of the house which is probably going to, you know, it's going to fall on maybe a handful of seats, this really really matters. on top of that, as you mentioned, some of the new districts being drawn are going to pit incumbent democrats against incumbent democrats in a number of different seats. it's just, i mean, i think for the democratic party, it's probably a headache, but it's also a little bit of a problem because they're going to have some bloody primaries here in this race, and then in long island, they're going to be
12:25 pm
dealing with some seats where they're just not favored to win, and in the big picture, in a redistricting environment in which democrats thought that they did actually fairly okay given the national environment in redistricting, they thought it wasn't as bad as it could have been. in new york, it has been pretty bad, but then you also look at a state like florida. you add florida to the picture, and you're looking at enough seats in contention for republicans that control of the house is very much in play, and it's not looking very good for democrats in an already bad year. >> abby phillips, scott jennings, great to have you both here this afternoon. thank you. >> thank you. be sure to stay with cnn for election night in america. our special live coverage begins right here tonight, 7:00 p.m. eastern. as we continue to follow the development out of buffalo, this is not the only federal hate crime shooting in this country right now. there's another underway in dallas after someone shot several people in a korean owned
12:26 pm
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the suspect in a shooting at a california church meeting is expected in court sometime today. now, he allegedly started shooting this weekend at a taiwanese religious gathering in southern california. one person killed, five injured there. investigators say the suspect, who is an american citizen, was
12:31 pm
likely upset about political tensions between china and taiwan. now, one witness describes the moment that parishioners jumped into action and then detained the attacker. >> as soon as shooting start, i saw pastor tim just run up to put him down together. >> what did you use to tie him up, and how did you tie him up? >> the other member tie him with a belt. and then mrs. chen bring the cable. >> mrs. chen as in the pastor's wife? >> yes. >> cnn's stephanie elam is in santa ana, california, what more do we know about this alleged shooter? >> reporter: we've learned what charges he's going to face, victor, as the orange county district attorney todd spitzer announced what these ten charges
12:32 pm
will be, and the first one will be first-degree murder, and that will have an enhancement of lying in wait. the district attorney actually explaining that is because they've learned that they believe that the suspect was sitting there inside of this area where the luncheon was being held, telling people that he had been there before, but it's such a small congregation, they knew that wasn't true, but they welcomed him in, even though he had been there in advance. there are five counts of attempted murder with premeditation, and four counts of intent to kill or harm. remember, we know he had molotov cocktails that were around the church area. we know he had an abundance of ammunition as well. he had also super glued some of the locks trying to disable them, and chained some of the doors and hammered nails into some of the doors to stop anyone from being able to leave. investigators saying they do
12:33 pm
believe his gun jammed and that is why this wasn't a worse situation. as for motive, listen to the district attorney who was this morning on cnn's "new day" explain what they believe is the motive behind why this shooter did what they did. >> this family was from mainland china. he grew up in taiwan. there was a lot of anti-mainland china sentiment in those years when he grew up, and he was not treated well, and apparently he's carried that resentment his entire both childhood and adult life, and he took this church opportunity to come after those congregants basically to come back and say i'm going to get even with the way i was treated when i was raised in taiwan. >> reporter: when you see inside the church, we now have a couple of images that were taken when these parishioners came together, surprised by this attack, but managed to come
12:34 pm
together and subdue this shooter, it's remarkable. you can see that the pastor who the luncheon was in honor of who was returning back to this congregation which he had held for a couple of years for more than that. you can see him there on the ground, he told one of our affiliates that he used the chair to hit him because he knew someone needed to take action and bring him down and hog tied him. you can see in the picture, the people there all kneeling down on the attacker to hold him there. just thinking about the efforts that they put in as a team, and they didn't even know this was going to happen, it truly is remarkable. >> reporter: yeah, those pictures are remarkable, too. stephanie, thank you. let's go to dallas now where police say that they have made an arrest in connection with the shooting at a korean-owned hair salon last week where three people were shot. the dallas county criminal attorney said he will be prosecuting the incident as a hate crime.
12:35 pm
cnn's alexander field is following this story. what more have you learned from police there. >> reporter: well, victor, police say they have taken into custody a 36-year-old manager ri sm -- jerry smith, all in connection with a shooting at a hair salon that happened nearly a week ago. they say the suspect walked into the salon, fired 13 shots. there were 7 people inside. three people were injured, then they say he fled the salon in a red minivan. that minivan was seen in surveillance video. investigators worked through the course of the week to find that minivan that they had seen on the video. they also had the images of the suspect. they arrested the suspect. they say they executed a search warrant and recovered a handgun, a gun magazine, and ammunition. they also say that in the course of the investigation, they determined that smith had been involved two years ago in a motor vehicle accident with an asian man and that he has had panic attacks and delusions
12:36 pm
since then. dallas police not mincing words when talking about the arrest. they say this is an attack that was motivated by hate, federal authorities are now investigating this as a hate crime. local authorities are also still looking into whether there is a connection to this suspect, and two other attacks on asian run businesses that happened back in may. and also in april in the same korean enclave in dallas in both of those attacks, witnesses reported seeing a similar van to the one that appeared to have been driving. no charges yet related to those cases, though, victor. >> reporter: thank you so much. erica, back to you, you can hear the music maybe through my microphone here playing. now a fourth day, the gospel music here as there is a give away not too far away from here at tops after the president came here to try to soothe this community.
12:37 pm
they're still trying to comfort one another. >> which is so important. victor, i appreciate it. thank you. house minority leader kevin mccarthy i is now speaking out camera for the first time e abo being subpoenaed b by the janua 6th committee, what he had to say, just ahead. man: you're a printer, you're supposed to print! woman: uuuugh! i mean is it the cartridges? man: i don't know! computer sfx: doink. man-woman:agenta! shaq: doou suffer from cartridge conniptions? shaq: be conption-free, thanks to the shaqcartridge-free epson ecotank printer. shaq: a ridiculous amount of it shaq: bottles are equal to abou. shaq: it's a perfect cure for- woman: i thought you said you bought- man: i did buy the magenta! shaq: the epson ecotank. just fill & chill. if you used shipgo this whole thing wouldn't be a thing. yeah, dad! i don't want to deal with this.
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you're a one-man stitchwork master. but your staffing plan needs to go up a size. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit house minority leader kevin mccarthy is making his first on camera comments about his subpoena from the house committee investigating the january 6th insurrection. he is one of five house republicans ordered to testify about that day and about any conversations they had with former president trump. cnn chief congressional correspondent, manu raju joining us live from capitol hill. so he spoke about it. just how much did he say, manu? >> reporter: he's not saying whether or not he will comply with the subpoena as well as
12:42 pm
those four other republicans, none of them saying whether they will in fact go forward and come before the committee, talk to them about the conversations with donald trump. mccarthy included. and also mccarthy will not discuss, or at least did not reveal much about some of the recently revealed things he was saying to republicans in the immediate days after january 6th. there was audio tape released by "the new york times" in which he said donald trump admitted to him such responsibility for january 6th. now, trump has since denied that. today when i had a chance to ask about both of those issues, he dodged them. do you plan to comply with that subpoena? and also since we saw you last, there was tape that was released that had you talking to republicans saying that trump told you he bore some responsibility for january 6th. trump has denied that. which is true? >> you know, i haven't put any real thought to the subpoena. you know as well as i do not one republican was allowed to go to this committee.
12:43 pm
you know swas well as i do this committee is only being used to go after political opponents. there's nothing you just said that i didn't say on the floor. >> reporter: he's referring to comments he made on the floor in the immediate after math of january 6th, during the impeachment debate. he opposed impeachment but at the time he said trump bore some responsibility but he never said on the house floor that trump admitted to him that he bore some responsibility for january 6th, but he was quoted in that audio that was released saying that i asked him personally today does he hold responsibility for what happened, and he told me he does have some responsibility for what happened and he needed to acknowledge that. you can see there, ask to clarify, whether or not donald trump said that to him, he did not want to ask that question. i tried to ask again, and he ignored that question. >> i have a feeling if you asked a third time you might get the same answer. thank you. for the first time in 50 years, congress is holding a public hearing on ufos, key lawmakers calling them a
12:44 pm
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i'm dan o'dowd and i approved this message. tesla's full self- driving technology. the washington post reported on "owners of teslas fighting for control..." "i'm trying..." watch this tesla "slam into a bike lane bollard..." "oh [bleeped f***]"
12:48 pm
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12:49 pm
more than 50 years, congress is holding a public hearing on a possible presence of ufos. last year, you may recall, intel officials released a report about strange flying objects seen passing through restricted military air space. kristen fisher joining us now. there were real concerns about possible threats to national security. what did we learn at these hearings today? >> well, we didn't get any of the big existential questions answered at this public hearing today. there was a closed classified hearing, maybe they got some of the answers there, but at least none of the questions answered in the public hearing. however, with that said, the deputy director of naval intelligence did confirm the authenticity of two videos that have been around on the internet for quite some time, and these are two videos taken by navy pilots. here's one of them. >> what you see here is aircraft that is operating in a u.s. navy
12:50 pm
training range that is observed spherical object. in that area, and as they fly by it, they take a video. >> is this one of the phenomena we can't explain? >> i do not have an explanation for what this specific object is. >> so that's the deputy director of naval intelligence saying he doesn't know what this object is. and you saw, erica, just how close that object flew by a navy pilot. and you may remember that report that was released last summer by the director of national intelligence. it found that there were 11 instances of military pilots having a very close encounter with a uap, or an unidentified aerial phenomenon, as the pentagon likes to call them. so there's really two things happening here. the members of congress are really trying to say that, hey, not only is this a safety concern for a lot of these pilots, but it's also
12:51 pm
potentially a national security concern. so erica, one of the big focuses of today's hearing was really just to try to destigmatize ufos and uaps and try to say that, hey, this is a legitimate topic. there are things in the air that we don't know what they are. we're not saying it's et or extraterrestrial. they're in our air space, near military bases and it's a national security imperative to try to at least figure out what they are. >> and to be able to talk about it publicly is important, as much as we can, to destigmatize them, as you point out. great to see you. thank you. >> elon musk is accusing the twitter board of being misleading. putting the brakes on that deal for now. so what does it mean? what's next? stay with us.
12:52 pm
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elon musk said his acquisition of twitter cannot move forward until he sees more information about the prevalence of spam accounts on the platform. in a tweet, important to note here, without citing a source, the billionaire claimed the company has been misleading how so many bots are part of the platform. matt egan is with me. i also feel like every day, i don't know, elon musk is throwing out things to either get in trouble with the s.e.c. to kill the deal or kill the
12:57 pm
deal on his own. there's a lot of huh. >> i have always wanted to be in the room for a mega deal as it's getting hammered out. and with elon musk, you don't even have to be in the deal because he blurts it all out on twitter. it's just pretty amazing. here's the situation with this particular back and forth here. elon musk, his beef, his stated beef at least, is that twitter is understating how many fake accounts they have. here's what he said in the tweet. my offer was based on twitter's s.e.c. filings be accurate. yesterday, the ceo publicly refused to show proof of less than 5%. the deal cannot move forward until he does. he's saying if twitter can't prove fake accounts are less than 5%, i'm out. it's important to remember this fake account issue is not new. it's not like he just woke up and realized this was a problem. so this has fueled the speculation he's either, a, trying to lower the price, or b, he's looking for a way to sort of walk away. consider that the deal was at
12:58 pm
$54.20. twitter shares trading at $38.50 right now. nowhere near that. >> big drop. >> that suggests real skepticism this deal will get done. >> as the non-business person here, put me in the skeptical category. sep separately, jpmorgan put out this forecast for gas prices by the end of the summer. it's probably a good thing we're both sitting down right now. >> it is a good thing we're sitting down. top oil strategist at jpmorgan told me there's a, quote, real risk that by the end of august, we could see the national average at $6 a gallon or more. jpmorgan is worried that low inventories are going to collide with strong demand. the national average of $4.52 a gallon, that's a record high. in california, they're at $6 a gallon nationally. i do want to stress, this is just one forecast. other analysts i'm talking to are skeptical that it could ever reach $6 a gallon. mostly because a lot of people would sort of balk at the price can decide not to drive or drive less. >> if they have the luxury not
12:59 pm
to drive. even when we say $4.52, that's not adjusted for inflation. so still, we're not at those highs, right? >> right. >> that we had seen in 2008. >> not at the inflation adjusted high, but if $6 happened, that would be. >> a real kick in the pants to around. let's end on something a little more fun. the social security administration is out with its annual list of the most popular baby names. this is important for people, who i don't know, are maybe expecting a second baby, matt. your name is not on the list for boys. liam taking the top spot there. those are a lot of good names, i have to say. >> for the boys, a lot of kind of classic names too. james, henry. >> oliver, benjamin. all classic, you're right. henry y feel like a few years ago we used to talk about the grandparent names coming back. ruby and felix. >> throwback names. >> a look at the girls, too. olivia, emma. they have been very popular for
1:00 pm
a while. neither one of us made the cut. we were saying we both like even for our kids they're not in the top ten. >> i agree with that. i can't confirm or deny whether or not any names we're looking at are on the list. my wife has sworn me to secrecy. >> i'm not going to press you because i didn't want to tell anybody before my kids were born. thanks for joining us today. "the lead" starts right now. today, president biden visiting the site of the racist massacre in buffalo, new york, as we're learning troubling new details about the alleged gunman's plot. >> plus, don't get high on your own supply of propaganda. a warning from a former senior russian officer on state tv in russia. >> and it is election night in america. voting happening right now in several key states


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