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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  May 17, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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well, this is the biggest election night of the u.s. so far this year. these five states are holding primaries, some of which have been filled with twists and turns and the results of these elections will decide who appears on state ballots and that will determine whether democrats lose their slim majority. the lingering power of former president donald trump. the marquee race of the night, the republican senate showdown in the swing state of penn which is going down to the wire. trump's pick, mehmet oz was deemed the front runner in a three-way contest and now is neck and neck with dave
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mccormick and the race is too close to call. john fetterman will get the nomination sdiet being in the hospital. he had a stroke and underwent surgery to install a pacemaker with a defibulator but the expensive senate showdown capturing the attention in pennsylvania. take a listen. >> unfortunately we are not going to have resolution tonight but we can see the path ahead and victory ahead. it is all because of you. we are making a ferocious charge. >> cnn christian holmes picks up the story from pittsburgh. >> while the mccormick campaign
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watches that campaign between he and mehmet oz grow smaller and smaller they like the way that the map is trending and in areas they thought oz would do better, they are overperforming. an area where oz is doing well they would have anticipated given that it is trump country. they are looking at the mail-in ballots and think they are going to take the race but it is a razor thin margin and it looks like it could be anyone's game. >> now from oz campaign headquarters in newtown, ten pennsylvania. >> their mehmet oz came out and said the race would go forward. there are critical votes to it be counted.
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race too close to call and election day could be election week and the hard-fought battle between mehmet oz and chas mccormick. >> we are aren't going to have a result tonight. when all of the votes are tallied i am confident we are going to win. >> he thanked donald trump whose endorsement pulled him to the finish line if fnot over the finish line. kathy barnette no longer in the race but her support could be key in the fight against oz and mccormick. it is ending in it a vicious two-man battle. $70 million spent now that is
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headed into overtime . so, this was the big evaluate primary night so far this year and many watched for the winners and losers to watch and see who would end up on the ballot for the midterm and wanted to test donald trump's power as king maker. let's start with trump endorsing celebrity dr. ozs on who is locked in a tight race with dave mccormick. barnette played a role taking votes away from oz who she
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accused of being a liberal. >> it is important to keep in mind pennsylvania is a very purple state. donald trump lost the state in 2020. that says a lot about his sway heading into the general election. republicans need to spend more time focusing on candidates that can win in the general election opposed to trump republican candidates. that is my fear with what we are seeing with someone like oz or barnette too far to the right. how are they going to pivot and appeal to independents and undecided voters as we head into the general election.
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i don't anticipate a nom my named for several days. there should be recounts ask challenges of this. i feel as a national republican we would be in a better spot having someone more modern or republican like mccormick as opposed to oz. >> it could go either way at this point. they will go up against john fetterman who easily won his race but had a pacemaker implanted. >> i gray that the gop needs to choose a candidate that was more centrist but they dodged a
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bullet with kathy barnette. i think in the general election who knows how the health issue will play out. john fetterman is a popular candidate. he somehow managed to maintain authenticity and run as an outsider. somebody that supports background checks and legalizing marijuana. he has got a really interesting approach. it it will be a really tight race. >> all right. we have got a lot to cover. i want my panel to stand by and we will come back to you in a
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tick. the trump-backed nominee will be doug mastriano. the state champion is a champion of the big lie that the 2020 presidential election was rigged and if mastriano becomes governor he will have control over the state's electors. his democrator opponent called him a dangerous extremist. >> they like to call people that stand on the constitution far right and extreme. i repudiate that. that is crap. that is absolutely not true. their party which the media stands and advocatings for are extreme. day one, any mandates are gone. any jab for a job requirements are gone. day one, crt is over. >> crt stands for critical race
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theory. let's go back to the panel on this. this was a big win for donald trump with his pick, doug mastriano coming out on top. could mastriano end up being more of a liability for republicans in the end with his support of trump's big election lie and all of it is other extreme right views going up against josh shapiro? >> i think he will be a liability. he is too extreme. he is too far to the right. people in pennsylvania, and most people in the country do not like when people are running for office saying that the election process is not valid and there are rigged elections. people don't like that. this is a corner stone of his
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campaign. he is running against josh shapiro who is well liked this is going to be a very interesting race to watch. mastriano was the worst near as the winner and he is going to have a difficult if not an impossible time sbiching i ing switching to a broader electorate. >> if mastriano wins and becomes the governor. pennsylvania he would have control over the state's
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electors. how much do you worry he would try to alter the outcome if he were to become governor? >> this is a man who was on the violent insurrection of january 6. i bet a lot of information will come out now he has advanced to the general election. i think his winning the republican primary is a gift to democrats. purple state. i think he is a political liability for the republicans in the state. pennsylvania is an important state. you can't win the electoral college without pennsylvania. if they are choosing who supports the big lie and who is
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going to protect elections they are going to vote democratic candidate. >> i will come back to my panel. madison cawthorn lost his re-election bid. the freshman lawmaker conceded the primary to state senator edwards. cawthorn repeatedly found himself mired in scandal and controversy. not great news for donald trump with his endorsed candidate conceding pretty early in the night. trump doubled down calling on
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voters in the party to give him a second chance. >> i think he had a second chance. a third chance. many. however he made the same mistakes and embarrassing statements and awful claims about his colleague on the hill they invited him to orgies and did drugs. that got him on the wrong side of his colleagues. he had colleagues in north carolina urging for him to be removed from his current seat and campaigning against him as an incumbent, a very difficult spot to be in and he had run in one district? north carolina and jumped to
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another and came back to another district. a lot of people felt he turned their backs on them. those are all factors playing into why he drnlt win. he is young. he will soon learn the error of his ways. he does need to go away and try to grow up. >> certainly learned a lot of lessons tuesday night if not before. >> trump likes to jump in on races late and encourse candidates he thinks he is going to win. but it depends on the race. madison cawthorn, this is a
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cautionary tale when you are out of step with your party in temperament and policy. a man that went to congress and disrespected elders in the party and went against the party line. mul multiple allegations of sexual violation. pulled over with a license out of date. how do we know about this? this is the republican party teaching the party a lesson about what happens when you step out of line. boy, what an ugly flame out. i have never seen anything like it. how to ruin your political career in two years.
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>> more now on the top story, the critical republican primary in pennsylvania for senate is still too close to call. trump backed celebrity doctor oz is facing off against mccormick and kathy barnette. cnn's senior data reporter with more now on why the race remains so close. >> there is a real difference we have seen with the early vote and election day vote. if there are absentee ballot, oz
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was trailing and he caught up as we went on. mccormick was doing a lot of the early vote. dave mccormick led at every point this even. it is ridiculously close. >> we will have much plmore on e primaries when i am joined by ron brownstein. >> ukraine's decision to end combat mission in mariupol.
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a patriattic hymn. here we go to the battle of life. card, durerable, unbreakable as granite. the final few ukrainian defenders left battling in a sprawling steel works. above their heads has been described as hell on earth. two and a half months ago president putin announced a special military obligation and russia loomed over mariupol since 201. cnn was in the season the day the war began.
11:24 pm
residents lined up for ohours fr carb. crude burials, satellite images showing destroyed residential aerial, ferocious aerial assault and then this. a huge bombing at a maternity unit. this image beamed around the world. mother and unborn baby that would die. president zelenskyy called it genocide. russia called it a staged provocation. this theater was was a cultural symbol serving as a safe haven
11:25 pm
for women and children trapped by the bombardment. they wrote the russian word for children on the ground but russia bombed it. ukrainian officials said at least 300 people died in the air strike. but at this steel plant where m mariupol, russian forces hounded the facility. president putin urged his defense minister to seal off the site. >> close off the industrial site
11:26 pm
so not even a fly can escape. >> these provided updates and the vow that surrender is not an option. >> we cannot grant such a big gift to the enemy. >> only around 100 civilians were able to escape. those that did found comfort in the arms of relatives. >> when there is a lot of noise, i hide myself. >> during the final days of resistance, the russian bombardment intensified.
11:27 pm
the bombing stopped. hundreds of defenders walked or were carried out to russian custody. the far of mariupol, a water shed moment and it is textbook putin and the cities he has flattened will finish to grow. >> our election night coverage resumes in a moment. we will have the latest on key races and how they might shape control of congressional. with fragrance that's always fresh, never overpowering. air wick. connect to nature. ♪ age before beauty? why not both? visibly diminish wrinkled skin
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we love you. we are going to take back this state. we are going to take back the country. when all of the votes are tallied i am confident that we will win. >> well, what is probably the tightest primary race in the u.s. right now suspect between those two menu heard from, former hedge fund executive, dave mccormick trails tv dr. oz by less than 3,000 votes in the pennsylvania republican race for u.s. senate.
11:33 pm
oz is backed by former president donald trump. whoever wins will face john fetterman, pennsylvania's lieutenant governor in november's general election. ron brownstein will join me now. the pennsylvania g.o.p. senate withes on fighting for the lead against mccormick. how do you expect it to play out? what could it mean for november? >> this is an indispensable race for infer. midterm are tough for the party and tough when the president's approval rating is depressed.
11:34 pm
that means detectives will be on the defensive. in this environment it is hard to advantage they are going to have to win all the races and if they are going to win the senate they will have to pick up pennsylvania. this is go going to be a close race. pennsylvania is a close state. either mccormick or oz it will be a close contest and most think they have a better chance of beating oz who is vulnerable on a lot of fronts. mccormick might be tougher. but fetterman is unusual, a blue color populist, big guy.
11:35 pm
>> the g.o.p. primary race offers an opportunity. we saw the former president enjoying a big win when mastriano came out on top. will his extreme right wing views help or hinder him. >> i think the issue of who trump endorsed is less revealing of where the republican party is going rather than which candidates endorse trump. mastriano won in pennsylvania.
11:36 pm
his preferred candidate did not oust the incumbent governor in idaho. even david mccormick, now in the neck and neck race with oz in pennsylvania, trump called him a liberal wall street republican and yesterday he went on breitbart praising president trump and describing himself as a warrior for the american first agenda. one impact is your question about mastriano.
11:37 pm
it is also possible people he picks will be too extreme for this climate like mastriano, election denier and someone wanting to appeal the state law and a candidate who wants to ban abortion at six weeks without exceptions for rape and incest. >> bad news for donald trump in the house primary race where he endorsed madison cawthorn and he lost to edwards. why do you think trump doubled down on cawthorn, calling for him to be given a second chance and how does it reflect back on trump? >> trump's choices are based on
11:38 pm
his sense of personal loyalty. why did he pick oz in pennsylvania. for trump, loyalty is a one-way street. candidates who he thinks are loyal to him, he is going to endorse. he is not about maximizing the party's chances in november but maximizing his personal control over the party. whatever happens to trump's personal influence, trumpism is consolidatings it advantage in the republican primary. you can see the remnants of the conservative opposition to
11:39 pm
trump. trumpism is here to stay in the republican party. it has big implications for american dmkz. >> ron brownstein, great to get your analysis. still to come, u.s. president joe biden tries to comfort those that lost loved ones in the shooting in bubuffalo.
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an emotional day in buffalo, new york where u.s. president joe biden met with grief-stricken families after ten people killed in a hate-filled shooting. mr. biden paying respects and leaving flowers. the super market targeted because it was in a predominantly black neighborhood. the president called the shooting an act of terrorism and condemned the ideology of the suspected shooter. >> jill and i bring you the message from deep in the nation's soul and in america evil will not win. i promise you. hate will not prevail. white supremacy will not have the last word. white supremacy is a poison.
11:45 pm
>> those comments coming as we learn new details about the 18-year-old shooter who legally obtained the ar-15 rifle the same weapon he boasted about online. there would be no red flags and in a statement to cnn discord said that the suspect made his online chat logs visible about 30 minutes before the shooting began. still to come imagine offering to sell your child to avoid starvation. a dire situation in afghanistan where extreme poverty and hunger threaten millions. spacemen. jojo. uncle murray's medals. 17 antique keys.
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>> welcome back everyone. it has been nine months since america a withdrawal from afghanistan. hunger and crippling poverty also threaten millions. now a report from a country reeling under economic collapse. >> hundreds of newly poor afghans wait for the monthly hand out. here the un a world food program
11:51 pm
delivers cash assistance, $43 per family. the coordinator saw the need explode and from the start the stories are dire. >> she told me that i want to give you my son. that was the worst feeling that i had in my life. >> are you serious? >> we have heard those stories. i have seen it and it hurts me a lot. >> everyone is hurting. almost half the population of afrg lives on less than one meal
11:52 pm
a day. >> how many meals a day can you eat? >> when you don't have money or a job or economic, would you be able to eat proper food when there is no work? she is a widow. they should let us work because we have to be the men of the family so that we can find bread for the children. none of my kids have shoes and with 3,000 afghanees what will i be able to do in six months time. i have to work. you do see women working and mostly with their faces uncovered. outside. claim to be of the people and
11:53 pm
for the people. while security improved, the country is facing collapse. 20% to 30% of the babies here are malnurrished and suddenly rushing to the side of one that stops breathing. for five minutes we watched him pump his heart until he comes back to life. burr for how long. even in the wound the deck is stacked against them. >> the mothers are not getting nutrition. >> it is a triple whammy. the mothers are n four --
11:54 pm
nourished. >> the taliban is struggling to pay salaries and the international committee of the red cross pays all of the doctors and nurses and all others around the country. about 10,000 workers in all. >> how much food is she able to give her child? it is the same here. severe pneumonia but she gets fed so she can breast feed her
11:55 pm
daughter. back home if we have food for lunch, we don't have any for dinner. it happens all the time. we end the day in the tiniest dwellings among the poorest of the poor. six children and while she prepares the meal of eggs, beans and flatbreads the 8 and 10-year-old ar e out scaf-- she s
11:56 pm
her kids god will be kind to us one day. >> our special election night coverarage continues after this short breaeak. you are watching cnn.
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>> hello and welcome to our viewers. you are watching election night in america. cnn's special coverage of the midterm primaries. we are closely watching the most important election night in the united states this year.


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