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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  May 18, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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here in the united states and all around the world. it is wednesday, may 18th. i'm john berman. brianna is off. kaitlan collins with me for a special morning. >> something so close right now. people went to sleep last night thinking they were going to know the answers and yet here we are. >> the votes still coming in and the most closely watched senate primary of the season so far, pennsylvania, the lead was going back and forth all night, and as of this morning, there is still no clear winner, a razor thin margin separating trump-backed tv doctor mehmet oz and hedge fund ceo david mccormick. their positions, the margins have changed by the minute. thousands of votes still left to be counted. and no matter what happens over the next few minutes, this will almost definitely go to an automatic recount. in the governor's race, doug mastriano has won the republican
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nomination. he is pennsylvania's leading far right figure. he was a champion of the big lie and the efforts to overturn the 2020 election results. he will face democrat josh shapiro, the state's attorney general. shapiro is the first nonincumbent to run unopposed in a democratic gubernatorial primary since 1930. >> john fetterman easily won the democratic senate primary in pennsylvania. he might be the first person to do so from a hospital bed. he's out of surgery this morning after suffering a stroke and receiving a pacemaker hours before the polls closed yesterday. we'll talk to his wife to get an update on his condition. in north carolina, first term congressman madison cawthorn has now conceded after losing the primary to state senator chuck edwards. it is a major rebuke of someone who was once seen as a rising star in the gop, but whose political career saw scandal after scandal from embarrassing photos to those claims about ori
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orgies that put him on the outs with his own party. they chose a different path and this is what the candidate who defeated cawthorn had to say last night. >> just as i expected, he was -- he presented himself in a very classy and humble way and offered his support to our campaign in absolutely any way we could use him and i'm extremely, extremely pleased that we're able to end this contest on that note. >> all right. the marquee race of the morning that is still going on is the republican senate primary in the commonwealth of pennsylvania. joining us to talk about that, cnn's political director david chalian. i want to point out again to our viewers that the lead right now for oz, 2500 votes. 94% reporting. that seems like a lot, but potentially thousands of votes still to be counted. >> tens of thousands of votes
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potentially still to be counted. and the question that we're going to be talking about all day, john, is what do we know about the votes? how many of the outstanding votes are pre-election early vote, absentee vote, mail vote that needs to be counted versus vote that was cast on election day. the reason i say we're going to focus on that is because we saw a pattern as the votes were coming in that mccormick was doing better than oz in that mail-in vote, that early vote. that's what the mccormick campaign is banking on, that there is enough outstanding of that kind of vote to help overcome this lead, where as the oz campaign is hoping there is still enough election day vote to be counted because that's where he was running most competitively to be able to pad that lead. >> we'll note the irony of republicans who bash so much mail-in voting. at least one candidate david mccormick may be dependent on mail-in voting to close the margin. one county, lancaster county, pennsylvania, just 87% reporting, we had been told there were thousands of mail-in ballots that had to be recounted, they were holding off
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on recounting them. you can get a sense of the difference it might make there. >> but look how close it is between the candidates in this county. obviously it is a county that kathy barnette seems well ahead, but for the candidates poised to be a winner in this race, they're basically tied in lancaster. >> we'll keep this number out there so people can see lancaster county. talk to us about the barnette factor in this race. >> you know, she surged in the contention when a fox news poll came out at the end of the campaign and everyone said, this is a three-way race. what did that do? that started splitting that trump vote. she got a ton of attention, and so she probably has taken some oz votes away from him, right? and so mccormick is the beneficiary of that. we saw that, their strategy, as soon as they saw barnette was surging and everyone was, like, wait, what is this? a three-person race? the mccormicks saw a potential path that indeed the trump -- the really hard core trump vote
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would split between oz and barnette. >> it is unusual we have something quite this uncertain at this point. if we look at the area where there is still vote to be counted, this is the area that still has 10% or more. you can see how, you know, the counties are basically sflplit. they still have some favorable real estate left. >> they do. and this is why both the campaigns are so focused on what that final margin will be, even though they know that may not be the final answer. we're within overall statewide that 5% margin that triggers an automatic recount. we know in recounts, the swing of votes in recount is not dramatic. it is not extreme usually. so both candidates are still focused on what will the final margin be before that recount is issued. >> there is a huge difference between 2500 and 500, if it gets to that. let me pull out here for one second here, david. the donald trump factor, actually show you one thing that is sort of interesting here. if you look at the governor's
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race, the republican race for governor here, doug mastriano who was backed by trump, albeit very late, he won clearly, all the pink counties there arecoun. if you look in the senate race, oz who received the trump backing, he didn't win all the same counties. had a little bit of a different effect. >> i think the way this lays out geographically is one of the biggest surprises of the night. dave mccormick had as much support in that dark red rural area, central pennsylvania, western pennsylvania, trump country, when he was running against joe biden i think was one of the bigger surprises of the night. >> we won't know the whole trump factor thing until we know -- >> this will be key to understanding that. this is the big bet he placed on this marquee race. we saw obviously some trump-backed candidates that won, some that lost, whether or not mehmet oz gets across the finish line will determine trump power right now. >> great to see you. >> you too. >> joining us now to discuss is cnn senior political correspondent and anchor of "inside politics sunday" abby
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phillip and christine salters anderson. abby, we thought we would have all the answers by the time we woke up this morning and we don't in the most closely watched part of races when it comes to who is going to be the republican nominee for senate in pennsylvania. i wonder what this says to you so far as we're still trying to figure out trump's influence in this, he was very involved in this. he did a robocall for mehmet oz, he trashed david mccormick even though a lot of trump's former staffers work for mccormick right now. i wonder what your takeaways are as far as we're waiting to find out. >> i think we should be careful to not take by the fact that we don't know yet that trump is losing influence really in pennsylvania. all of these candidates, all three of them, oz, barnette, and mccormick, they bear hugged trump. all the way up until the very end. even after trump really, as you said, trashed mccormick, trashed the people who worked for him, went after him hard.
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mccormick still is characterizing himself, even last night, in terms that trump framed. so that is still true, but what is going on with trump voters is something a little bit different. they are making determinations about who really is the err to trump's political legacy. and it is split. this is something that we have seen in other races, in places like ohio as well, trump voters are splitting about what it really moeans to be in the trum mold. and that's a phenomenon we don't know how that's going to -- at the end of the day, maybe in a general election, they all come home and they all do what republicans in washington want them to do. i think there is really among the electorate a lot of thinking about what does it really mean to be trump. is it about election denial, is it about policy positions, about abortion, other things, or about something else, about personality, and the kind of trump vibe? i think those are all things that the electorate are sorting
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out. >> i did some focus groups for "the new york times" of trump voters across states like georgia, pennsylvania, ohio, places where trump is really trying to make an aggressive push in many of these primaries and what we found is that when you ask these voters, do you want candidates who will back a trump-like agenda, almost every hand goes up. and you say do you want a candidate who has trump's personality, every hand goes down. so for a lot of these republican voters, being a candidate that you interested in supporting is more about the agenda, are you focused on issues like immigration, securing the border, trade, trying to get the economy going again, that's what they're interested in, much more than someone who walks, talks and sounds like donald trump. i think to the extent we can learn any lessons from last night, this was a bit of a mixed result, trump had some successes, some losses, donald trump is not a get out of jail free card. you as a candidate have to be a somewhat good candidate. you can't just sort of dial crazy up to 11 and hope that
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trump will drag you across the finish line. but in many of these cases, if there is a competitive race and a good candidate who sort of is pushing back, you can wind up like madison cawthorn or wind up like the lieutenant governor of idaho who was trump-backed, who came to national notoriety for making a lot of noise, every time the governor would leave the state in idaho, she would repeal all of the covid mandates and things and when he came back to the state, he would put them all back in. that's the sort of thing he would think isn't that tailor made to activate the republican base? she got blown out last night. so trump is not a get out of jail free card. >> there is the case of the pennsylvania governor's republican race where you did have a candidate in mastriano who didn't even benefit from trump's endorsement until the very last second, and in so many ways he -- i was watching him last night, his mannerisms, the language that he used, he is trying to actually mold himself like trump and from the republican perspective, a lot of
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republicans, i think you would agree, believe that he is pretty far to the right on election issues, on abortion, on a lot of those issues. it is interesting to me that mastriano is a little bit of both. like, maybe he's some of the policies, but i didn't hear him talk about inflation last night. i didn't hear him talk about the economy last night. he was talking about critical race theory. some questions for me about what pennsylvania voters are doing. they're known to just make up their own mind, but i think it is a real mixed bag last night when you look at how they made some decisions. >> the governor's race is going to give the national gop more headaches at this point than the senate race seems to be. national republicans breathing a sigh of relief that kathy barnette does not seem likely. >> john fetterman, who has won the democratic nomination for senate there, and what we might be learning about what democrats want to see around the country. >> i think both parties, you're finding the primary electorates want someone who is a fighter.
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looking for someone who says i'm moderate, i can work with the other side of the aisle, that has fallen out of fashion on both sides. fetterman is someone who is much more willing to say i'm going to be a fighter. that's what voters are looking for these days. >> fell out of fashion not that long after biden won the presidency on that. and you can argue that's a rejection more of trump who is running against him, but you are seeing this where we're talking about republicans and what the base looks like there. i have an argument that kathy barnette was making, trump didn't create the base, the base created trump. it is a very different base, but what does that mean for what it signals for democrats going forward? john fetterman was someone who -- he touted the fact he didn't have a lot of mainstream endorsements. he said that was a good thing for him, while conor lamb, who he won desicisively over, is someone who people saw as a rising star in the democratic party. >> he has the ability to talk to working class voters that sometimes very sort of far
5:13 am
progressive left will struggle to win over working class white voters who live in more vrural areas. that's where fetterman will go on the offense. the question is, does he have enough -- does he have too much baggage where republicans find him to be an easy target in the general? >> president biden talked about the working class factor in his statement last night, which was notable he even put out a statement, really getting -- really getting in there to say, fetterman is aligned with me. i think what is interesting to me, often about the democratic electorate is they tend to be pretty pragmatic in situations like this. they try -- they gravitate toward candidates that they think will have broad appeal, that they think will have appeal to working class voters, and that might be the best contrast in a -- to a republican field. so i -- i get the sense there is some of that happening with fetterman too. they think he looks like a guy that trump voters would vote for. the problem though for fetterman is he actually has to build a
5:14 am
democratic coalition, he has to actually have some appeal with black voters, in philadelphia, with women voters in the suburbs, et cetera, and can he do that is still a real question. as you mentioned, kaitlan, he has some baggage and he's going to have to work to undo some of the water that he took on in a primary, especially toward the end when some opponents were talking about that incident we are pulled a gun on a black jogger when he was mayor. >> something he says he's not going to apologize for, but sought to explain. thank you both so much for joining us to break it down as we wait to see what happens in pennsylvania on the republican side. speaking of john fetterman, who, of course, won his primary from a hospital bed after he had a pacemaker surgery, his wife is going to join us live in a few moments to tell us how he's doing. the mass shooting in buffalo, creating a food desert in the neighborhood where it happened. special report ahead.
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at pnc private bank, we'll help you take care of the how. so tell us - what's your why? ♪ some really grim new details are emerging this morning about the racist attack in buffalo that left ten people dead. just 30 minutes before that attack, the gunman was in an
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online chat room telling people about the horror he was about to carry out. the shooting has left a buffalo neighborhood without its main grocery store, one that had become a community necessity. cnn's omar jimenez is live in buffalo, on all the latest that we're learning not only from investigators, but how this community is still reeling, omar. >> reporter: yeah, kaitlan. this supermarket is essential in this community and a lot of people fought really hard just to get it opened in the first place. at least while the investigation into the shooting is ongoing, no one can use it. so people who would ordinarily have easy access to fresh produce don't. so for the time being, it has come down to neighbors helping neighbors to find a way forward. food drives. >> how are you doing? >> reporter: -- are now temporarily lifelines for residents in this east buffalo neighborhood after a massacre at their only area supermarket left not just pain, but a hole in the
5:20 am
heart of a community. >> i'll have to drive, like, 10 to 15 minutes away. now maybe more than that. >> reporter: there's now nowhere nearby to get fresh produce for residents. >> some broccoli, fresh broccoli. >> reporter: like lucretia barton and her 4-year-old daughter. >> i travel a lot of places. that's not even in my route to go get food. the other stores you get junk food and it is not good for you or your kids. for the families, eating junk. >> reporter: the tops supermarket opened in 2003. >> i was actually born over here. it was a big win, we felt like, for a place where you don't really get many wins. >> reporter: while tops has pledged to reopen and is providing shuttle service to another location, it is unclear when it will ever come back in this neighborhood. life without it is a new sudden reality. >> yeah, you know -- you ask
5:21 am
anybody who lives over here, like, to lose a staple in your community like that, you almost don't get over it. and to have someone come from outside and not like you for the simplest thing, the things you were born with, you can't change that. >> this community does what this community always does, shows love. this community has not failed to demonstrate that same love and that same ethic when one person hurts, we all hurt. >> reporter: paul thomas is the pastor at bethel ame church a few blocks from the supermarket. >> access to the nearest produce bearing or protein bearing market is two miles away. >> reporter: all the census tracks around this particular tops were listed by the usda in 2019 as not only largely low
5:22 am
income, but also low vehicle access. and one tract roughly 45% of households are without vehicle access and over half a mile away from a supermarket. that data is from when tops was still an option. now the nearest supermarkets are nearly two miles away. this one even further. >> any which direction you go, the grocery store is about two to three miles away. so this is just one direction we decided to go. >> reporter: there are other places to get food near the tops, but usually without the resources of fresh produce. >> you have corner stores, you have family dollars, the gaps with being able to access those resources is an issue. >> reporter: the local food drives are currently a band aid in comparison to what the grieving community needs long-term. >> i've been scared to go to the store by myself or take my daughter to the store. because i don't even know if i'll be targeted. >> reporter: so for now, barton makes do with what she can get. >> i know there are people who
5:23 am
are feeling some kind of way about the thought of having to walk back in that market. but no evil, racist, bigoted person is going to scare me out of my community. >> reporter: but for many others, it is a high bar. are you ever going to be able to walk inside that tops again? >> i think some real heavy work needs to be done to address this issue. especially in this community, for people to feel safe again. >> reporter: it was a safety that was snatched, but one at least some from the neighborhood feel won't be lost. >> i was shot right here. right in front of this house, in 2003. and it was difficult to come back to my grandmother's house. it took some time. but you get back. >> reporter: and it is going to be a long process. resilience has been on display here. but there are still funerals to
5:24 am
go, still healing to do. it has been days since the shooting at this point, but losing the supermarket is going to be felt likely in this community for much longer, along with mourning the losses of ten of their own. kaitlan? >> people say they're scared to go to the grocery store. omar, thank you. we also have a major development out of kyiv this morning, where the first russian soldier on trial for war crimes has just pleaded guilty. cnn is live at the courthouse with more. and new votes trickling in from pennsylvania and this critical senate primary. look at the margin separating the top two candidates. not much. stay with us. certified turbocharger, suspension and fuel injection. translation: certified goosebumps. certified from headlalamp to tailpipe. that's certified head turns.
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5:29 am
votes ahead at this point. he was about 2700 votes ahead when we came on the air at 5:00 a.m. where are the votes still to be counted? well, we're not totally sure. it seems throughout the entire state there are a few, there might be some election day votes still to count in allegheny county, which is a county that dave mccormick did very well in. he edged out -- or is edging out mehmet oz by about 6,000 votes there. but there are also some counties where oz seems to be doing well, where there might be some votes left to be counted there, like philadelphia, where he's got a 4,000-vote edge, 93% reporting at this point. whoever does win this race will face off against democrat john fetterman, lieutenant governor of pennsylvania, you can see how well he did in this race. nearly 60% of the vote. of course, on election day itself, fetterman was in the hospital having a pacemaker put in. kaitlan? >> and, of course, those are raising big questions about what this is going to look like going forward for him, winning this
5:30 am
race in such an extraordinary way. so, of course, joining us this morning to talk about all of this is his wife, gisele fetterman, who was the one who urged him to go to the hospital in the first place. so first off this morning, i would like to ask how he's feeling. >> he's feeling great. the pacemaker surgery was extremely successful. he was on the road to a full recovery. >> and what is it like for him to win this democratic nomination from a hospital room? >> you know, it must be so bitte bittersweet. he's worked to hard for this day and he wasn't able to physically be there to celebrate, but we had a video that he did, and everyone there was celebrating with him. we felt him there in spirit. but i am sad he missed his big day. >> it is quite a moment, but, of course, the outcome is what he ultimately wanted and so i imagine he's angling to get back on the campaign trail. what have doctors told the two of you about when that can happen? >> i don't have an exact date
5:31 am
yet, but they said soon. i'm making sure right now my priority is that he's well rested. we were hoping to take a week off after tuesday to, you know, be with the family and rest a bit. his week off started a little bit earlier. but i do want to make sure he is ready to go back out there. he, of course, wants to be out there now, but i will not let him. >> i know these campaign races can be so grueling. and i wonder given last night, such a decisive victory for fetterman, has he heard from president biden yet on this? >> he did. i spoke with president biden last night. and passed the message. i told him, sorry, president, he's sleeping right now. we had a great call last night, heard from many other leaders in d.c. and everyone is excited to move on to washington -- on november. >> he was sleep when the president called. i'm sure he's not thrilled about that. what was the president's message to you? what did he want you to pass along to him?
5:32 am
>> a big congratulations and, you know, well wishes on a speedy recovery. and that he can't wait to support us to bring home that big win for the senate. >> we saw last night president biden said publicly that regardless of which republican candidate it is going to ultimately be, that your husband will run against, he says they have fought a malicious chaotic primary campaign to be the most extreme. president biden said they showed whoever it ultimately is, mccormick or oz, will be too dangerous, too craven, and too extreme to represent pennsylvania. and i wonder, is that going to be the argument that your husband is also making into november? >> i think his argument has always been about our experience, right. what he has accomplished, what he cares about, and what he views. he's never been about attacking other opponents. it is really been about his record and his vision for the state and i think that's what we'll continue to see. we believe in running kind, clean campaigns that really
5:33 am
focus on the issues and not on who our opponents are. >> it is going to be one of the most closely watched senate races in the nation come november. gisele fetterman, you had a very busy few days. thank you for joining us this morning and breaking the news to us that the president did call last night, and you had to pass the message along to your husband. >> yes, thank you so much for having me. >> that's something, right? not often the president calls ever. but then, like, no, i'm not going to wake him up, he's sleeping right now. >> i wonder what he thought of that. you got to wake me up, the president is calling to congratulate me. it is notable, because president biden put out the statement last night, the results for so many races were still coming in, but fetterman had just been called and it was notable because it seemed to set the tone for the white house, what they're going to be saying into november. >> the president hadn't endorsed in this primary. conor lamb, he campaigned for him in 2018. he said he reminded him of his son beau. he was someone that president
5:34 am
biden felt close to and was fond of, but now firmly behind john fetterman. >> you saw politicians paying very close attention, president biden is no stranger to washington politics and he made clear to put out in a statement, he believes fetterman represents working families and he put working class people at the center of his campaign. >> hugely important race for democrats if they flip this to a blue seat, might make it easier for them to hold on to the senate. >> we'll wait to see who john fetterman will be running against. we have new developments for you this morning on the nationwide shortage of baby formula. two children have been hospitalized because their parents were unable to get the very specific formula that they needed. plus, the black box data recovered from a chinese plane crash suggests someone in the cockpit intentionally downed the plane, killing all 132 people on board. we have the brand-new details ahead. panera chefs have crafted a masterpiece... succulent, seared chicken... a secret aioli... clean ingredients... in a buttery brioche roll. made fresh, to leave you...
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5:39 am
to call, razor thin margin separating celebrity dr. mehmet oz and dave mccormick. this will almost definitely trigger an automatic recount. the winner will face john fetterman, lieutenant governor, who captured the democratic nomination, from his hospital bed after pacemaker surgery. >> and in north carolina, no second term for embattled republican congressman madison cawthorn, who was defeated by state senator chuck edwards last night, making him a one-time congressman at this point. two children in tennessee have been hospitalized because of the formula shortage. the toddler and preschooler have intestinal conditions and the families couldn't get their hands on the specific formula they needed. a new "wall street journal" report shows black box data recovered from a china eastern crash back in march suggests that someone in the cockpit intentionally downed the plane. all 132 passengers on board were killed when the flight nosedived from 29,000 feet into the mountains. the u.s. soccer federation has agreed to a deal that
5:40 am
provides equal pay going forward for both the men's and women's national teams. the deal resolves a long-standing legal dispute between u.s. soccer and the women's national team over their bid for equal pay. so a baseball fan got extremely lucky at the astros/red sox game tuesday. can't believe i have to say this. he caught not one, but two home run balls, not just in the same game, but in the same inning. the unfortunate part about this is it was the astros who hit five home runs in one inning off of the boston red sox, which is something that should never happen. >> when i was at the as astros/nationals game, that did not happen, i did not catch anything. those are the "5 things" to know for your "new day." we have more on all of these stories all day on cnn and and don't forget to download the "5 things" podcast every morning. you can go to"5 things" and find it wherever you get your podcasts. so republican congressman adam kinzinger will join us
5:41 am
live, responding to an election denier winning the republican primary in pennsylvania. and there has been a major discovery beneath the u.s./mexico border where a massive drug tunnel that has electricity and a ventilation system has just been discovered. you know liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need? like how i customized this scarf?
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there has to be someone here making sure everything is safe. secure. consistent. so log in from here. or here. assured that someone is here ready to fix anything. anytime. anywhere. even here. that's because nobody... and i mean nobody... makes hybrid work, work better. federal agents have just made a shocking discovery, finding a sophisticated mile long tunnel underneath the u.s./mexico border, stretching from tijuana, featuring a rail track system, electricity, and reinforced walls. officials say they also seized nearly a ton of cocaine. cnn's priscilla alvarez is live in mcallen, texas, with more.
5:46 am
this is quite the discovery. >> reporter: yeah, this is remarkable. authorities found this tunnel last friday, just after midnight. and just some numbers on just how sophisticated this tunnel was, it was six football fields in length, 61 feet deep, and 4 feet in diameter. this is one of the more than dozens of sophisticated tunnels that the government has found over the years in this area of southern california. six people were arrested and charged with conspireing to distribute nearly 1800 pounds of cocaine. they also seized heroin and methamphetamine. for context here, in the southern district of california, since 1993, this according to the doj, there have been 90 subterranean passages that have been found. and kaitlan, this is really just one piece of the broader situation on the u.s./mexico border. just yesterday, homeland security secretary alejandro mayorkas was here in mcallen, texas, where he toured with
5:47 am
border officials and discussed the border flows, the border crossings here in mcallen, one of the busiest sectors in texas, and he talked about not yet seeing a significant decrease in unlawful crossings. now the administration is working with its partners to the south and particularly mexico to try to manage the flow of migrants coming to the u.s./mexico border in anticipation of a trump era pandemic restriction ending in just days, so the secretary here yesterday discussing that element of the situation, here on the border. but this discovery also remarkable over in san diego. kaitlan? >> quite a time on the border. priscilla, thank you for being there and bringing us a live report. so in one of most closely watched races, a primary night, madison cawthorn lost his bid for a second term. he, of course, has been plagued by controversy. joining us now is also a republican congressman from illinois, adam kinzinger. congressman kinzinger, thank you
5:48 am
for joining us. madison cawthorn lost, who do you feel about that? >> it is good for the country. it is good for the party. it is good for the 11th district of north carolina. i mean, you know, look, d.c. has become kind of a growing ground for people that are just more interested in fame than governing, that are more interested in becoming famous than actually doing really serious work in a time when, you know, we have a lot of challenges here at home, and a lot of challenges overseas. so it was a good thing he lost. my organization, country first, country 1, this is the key, john, people don't even vote in primaries, primaries are unfortunately, like a vast majority of members of congress are actually determined. i think we made an impact. it is good to see him lose. >> i want to ask you about pennsylvania. there is something of a different story there. doug mastriano has won the republican nomination for
5:49 am
governor there. mastriano to call him an election denier is an understatement. this is a guy who worked as hard as he could to overturn the will of pennsylvania voters in the 2020 election. what does it tell you he is the republican nominee for governor now? >> it tells me that if, you know, on my last kind of glad we beat madison cawthorn, if you think that means we're winning this battle for the soul of the republican party, it is not true. i think there can be moments of victory and i think this is going to be a long-term fight for the soul of the whole country. in this case, you know, look, you can look at this race, you can look at other races and say, it seems like there is almost a competition to see who can become even more crazy and somehow now that is a litmus test of who is conservative. and that's why i think it is important for conservatives, for even moderates and liberals, to take back what being a conservative really means. it doesn't mean being an election denier. it doesn't mean blowing a -- the first time you start your
5:50 am
campaign and then being pretty much there on january 6th. being a conservative, we all know what it used to mean. means you want to spend a little less money and empower people, doesn't mean you deny elections. this will be a long-term fight for the soul of this country and particularly the soul of the party. >> congressman, this is the first time we had a chance to talk to you since the massacre in buffalo there, ten people killed because they were shopping and black. and this shooter, it seems, was motivated by white replacement theory this crazy offensive notion that white people in this country are under threat from minorities of replacing them. you called on your own house leadership to say more about this. what are you asking for specifically? how responsible do you feel that some leaders are for creating sort of this environment? >> well, what i'm asking for is just to spit out the cancer. there was a day steve king used to be a member of congress from iowa, and he made some racist
5:51 am
comments and we basically kicked him off his committees. today, you know, people like marjorie taylor greene, you know, people like matt gaetz, mo brooks, the folks you think about, they are almost leading -- i would argue that they are leading the republican caucus. and so kevin mccarthy, elise stefanik, instead of leading as their title, leadership should suggest they do, they are basically tolerating this all in the name of hopefully i become speaker some day. what happens, john, is did they pull the trigger? no. did they call this guy up and tell him to do it? of course not. but when we as a party or a movement or people like frankly tucker carlson, you know, throw out these theories or just fish in the waters of white replacement theory or echo some of those kind of fear-based things, you can't be surprised when some people take that to the level of going and massacring people. you just can't. you can't fund-raise. you can't feed. you can't live on fear because
5:52 am
eventually you're going to create fearful people and fearful people can do really bad things. and i think that's what we saw in buffalo. >> liz cheney, your colleague who sits on the january 6th committee, your fellow republican, she put on a pretty strong statement condemning sort of house leadership in this. >> you know, look, what's amazing, john, she got kicked out because she wanted the truth about january 6th. she got kicked out by kevin mccarthy and replaced by elise stefanik. and, you know, elise kind of was playing with this great replacement theory in some facebook ads, i haven't heard a word from kevin about this. this is where we're at. i think, look, as a party, as a country, you got to look back and say, really, is this what we want to be? we can't talk about ronald reagan and then pedal in dark fear. we have got to lead people. we have to be light. and i'll tell you, i'm very worried about where we are, and i think as a country we have to take real inventory of our tone,
5:53 am
of our rhetoric and politics. >> let me ask you about the business of the january 6th committee, we learned that the justice department has asked your committee for transcripts of some of the interviews that you have all done. how do you feel about that, and will those be handed over? >> i think the chairman recently addressed this and i'll defer specifically to his words. they were along the lines of, look, we're not going to specifically turn it over to the department of justice. there is some issues there. but we're certainly going to find ways to make sure they know what is in the material, that they get the answers they need. i'm in line with cooperating with the doj 100%. i just, you know, i'll defer to the chairman to figure out the technicalities. i think, look, if there is criminal activity done, we don't want to get in the tail chase where we're constantly prosecuting the last administration because that's what banana republics do. i got to tell you, the last administration, it has been -- we never have seen an
5:54 am
insurrection, we have never seen somebody try to overthrow democracy. we have to have justice on that. we're going to do that on the committee. justice needs to do that on the criminal realm. >> based on what you've seen, you've seen the depositions, i haven't, do you think there are grounds for criminal charges? >> i think for certain people, you know. we'll talk more about this in general when we do our hearings. but that will be, again, a decision where we can say, look, here is the information, does that reach any kind of level of a crime for whoever? that's what doj gets to figure out. we're going to present the american people, i think, a compelling story in june. >> congressman adam kinzinger, i appreciate you joining us this morning. thank you very much. >> you bet. the first russian soldier to face trial for war crimes in ukraine pleads guilty. cnn live with reaction from the courthouse. from prom dresses to workouts and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll m miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the papt they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b..
5:55 am
although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination.
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after weeks of fierce resistance, russia's defense ministry says a thousand ukrainian soldiers have surrendered as the azovstal steel plant in mariupol since monday. cnn's suzanne malveaux reports from lviv. >> reporter: we have new numbers now this morning from the russian defense ministry saying a thousand ukrainian soldiers from that steel plant now in russian hands, either in a russian prison or a hospital. those are numbers that neither cnn can confirm and ukrainians have not updated, but the fate of those soldiers, of course, great concern to ukrainian families who have many questions, especially the 50 or so wounded, expected to be traded for russian prisoners of war in a negotiation that continues. the president of ukraine, zelenskyy, trying to reassure its people there is a process in place involving intelligence, as
5:58 am
well as security officials from ukraine and international mediators involved, but the fate of those 1,000 ukrainian soldiers still uncertain. suzanne malveaux, cnn, in lviv. this just in, the first russian war crimes trial since moscow's invasion of ukraine is under way in kyiv. the 21-year-old russian soldier accused of killing an unarmed civilian pleaded guilty. cnn's melissa bell live outside of the courthouse. melissa? >> reporter: well, john, we had been expecting a fairly dramatic day because we were expecting the testimony of vadim shyshimarin as you say, the first russian prisoner of war to go on trial, here in kyiv, charged with war crimes. but things have taken an even more dramatic turn than we expected since the journalists had just been moved out of the room. there were too many of us here given the huge attention that this trial is attracting. it is now postponed and will be moved to tomorrow.
5:59 am
and, again, a new element that leads us to believe this will be even more dramatic than we expected. vadim shyshimarin for the time being what we heard of his proceedings so far, not taking the opportunity to speak. however, we have learned that the prosecution is going to once this trial picks up again tomorrow present and hear from the testimony of one of the other russian soldiers who was traveling with him in that car, that day, when he shot an unarmed ukrainian civilian. so that should add extra drama to this court proceedings tomorrow, we don't know exactly the circumstances in which this prisoner of war is going to speak, whether he's going to speak in defense of vadim shyshimarin or not. but this trial extremely closely watched. i want to bring you another update, we heard there about the fate of the 1,000 fighters from azovstal who we just have been hearing from the head of the donetsk people's republic where the fighters are being held that in fact the leaders, the military leaders of the azovstal battalion are still inside the
6:00 am
plant. that is a new development that is of some significance this morning, john. >> leaders have not left the plant yet. interesting. melissa bell, thank you so much for these breaking news updates. appreciate it. a lot going on from ukraine this morning as there is a lot going on here in the united states. watching closely as pennsylvania senate results are coming in. >> still no outcome yet when it comes to who the republican is going to be running against john fetterman. >> cnn's coverage continues right now. good morning, i'm erica hill. >> i'm jim sciutto. political power put to the test in several key state primaries. and this morning the most closely watched race of the night still to close to call. pennsylvania's high stakes gop senate primary, a razor thin margin now separates the trump-banned tv doctor, mehmet oz, and former hedge fund ceo dave mccormick. as it stands, we could be headed to a


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