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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  May 18, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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and the worst kind of record we are tracking. $6 a gallon gas is now the average in one state. and it may be soon coming to you. thank you for joining us, everyone. it's still a nail biter in pennsylvania right now. the republican senate primary there is too close to call. a razor thin margin at the moment separating dr. mehmet oz and dr. david mccormick. thousands of votes need to be counted and might force an automatic recount. in the democratic senate, it was a wild day but for a different reason. lieutenant governor john fetterman easily secured the nomination but from the hospital room. still recovering from suffering a stroke just days ago. and in the governor's race there, a controversial state senator doug mastriano, he's also a leading voice pushing trump's election lies.
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a man who attended the rally that led to the capitol insurrection and also now the man who won the republican nomination for the governor's race there. he will now face pennsylvania's attorney general josh shapiro in the general election. a lot going on in pennsylvania. so let's go there. cnn's athena jones is starting us off live in lancaster, pennsylvania, with more on this deadlocked senate race. what's the latest that you're picking up? >> reporter: you mentioned, we're talking about the two leading candidates trading the lead back and forth. in the wee hours of last night. a lot to be determined. could be very close causing a recount. there's a problem though because a lot of votes still need to come in counties across the state. this is one of those counties. lancaster county where we learned early yesterday that about 22,000 mail-in ballots were misprinted with the wrong code, so they could not be scanned by the machines. here you see a room full of county staffers, election volunteers, election officials who are remarking these ballots
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in teams of three, including observer so that they can be rescanned and counted. as of two hours ago, they had about 15,000 ballots left to go through this process. i just got an update. they've gone through 10% of that. 1500 ballots in the last couple of hours, and i should mention that there are also party observers here from each party. campaigns can have their own representatives. we've been getting constant updates as to how long they think it will take before they know the result in the county. i spoke with the head of the board of elections who said that it may not be until friday. they may be able to finish as soon as tomorrow. today, they expect to go until 6:00 or 7:00 p.m. they may stay a little later until they're very close to being finished and of course, they're scanning off in batches in these machines behind me. sean will show you the machines behind me. they scan in batches so they don't have to wait until the end of the day to scan them but three times as many people here
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in this room during this process as there were yesterday so that's why somehow we could get an answer sooner than friday. we'll be giving you updates as much as we can through the day and as for who wins this race, whether it's dr. mehmet oz or dave mccormick, they'll face lieutenant governor fetterman in this race, hospitalized for a stroke and had a pacemaker put in. we heard from his wife gisele fetterman this morning. >> i actually spoke with president biden last night, and passed the message. i told him, i'm sorry, president, but he's sleeping right now. we had a great call last night. heard from many other leaders in dc and everyone is excited to move on to washington on november. >> reporter: that is from fetterman and watching the process all day, the chair of the boards, most important things are integrity, veracity
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and transparency. that's why we're here able to observe and pretty exciting watching this happen. kate? >> you can hear how busy it is, the buzz around you, athena. great to have you there in the room. let's move now to north carolina where republican congressman madison cawthorn was defeated last night, voters denying him a second term. youngest member of congress, has his trump's backing but appears to have had just too many scandals following him to the ballot box. cnn's dianne gallagher is live in henderson, north carolina, for us this hour. di dianne? >> reporter: kate, and perhaps the biggest if you want to call it, scandal that madison cawthorn didn't make news outside of this district when redistricting maps were drawn in the state legislature. they switched things up, madison cawthorn left this district for one closer to charlotte and then when the court threw those out, he came back to the 11th. that's the moment when chuck edwards, the state senator for
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the area got into the race because it was an open seat. and after that, things just started unraveling for the freshman congressman with the scandals, the run-ins with law enforcement, the two pending misdemeanor charges and really making enemies within his own party. especially hoar in the state. the most powerful republican gathering behind chuck edwards, including u.s. senator tom tillis, a super pack connected to him with six on this race highlighting all of cawthorn's deficiencies. people in this district felt he was he was absent, chasing the limelight. last night, cawthorn did call and concede the race to chuck edwards. chuck spoke about that at his victory party. >> just as i expected, he was, presented himself in a very classy and humble way and offered his support to our campaign in absolutely any way that we could use him and i'm
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extremely, extremely pleased that we're able to end this contest on that note. >> i mean, i -- >> reporter: he didn't exactly talk about the race. trump himself. he did do a last minute get out the vote push on the social platform. other trump endorsed candidates like bo heinz in the 13th district and u.s. senate republican candidate now ted bud won the races but apparently too much for madison cawthorn to overcome here in the 11th, kate. >> thank you very much for that. joining me right now, senior political correspondent, the host of inside politics sunday, abby phillip and cnn political commentator, former congressman from pennsylvania, charlie dent. let's start in pennsylvania first. what does the statewide recount do in a place where some elected republicans push so hard for so long with election fraud
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accusations in the last election? >> yeah, i mean, i think it raises the possibility that one of the candidates could decide to make an issue out of the recount. but i will say that if you listen to the two leading candidates, mccormick and oz, last night in their remarks to their supporters, both of them, dare i say, did the right thing. they said we are waiting for votes to be counted. we won't know the results tonight, and we're going to wait and see how that goes. and for the time being, i think they should be taken at their word. they both have an interest in making sure that their supporters understand that the votes that will come in need to be counted, and i think it would be a mistake to cast doubt on that at an early stage. the mccormick camp is probably more confident that the mail-in vote is going to favor him but i think both campaigns right now are not going down that road. we'll see if their supporters follow their lead. >> charlie, you know these areas
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better than anyone. it's too close to call. you say that's not a surprise. why? >> we knew this was going to be a tight race. these two guys spend the last few months just the daylights out of each other but oz's negatives were higher than mccormick. stuck more on oz than mccormick, interestingly enough but anticipated a third lane opening up. what we didn't anticipate is that kathy barnett would be the one to fill that lane. >> do you think, did it kind of narrow then in the, like, last minutes of the race? >> yes, over the last five days. i've never seen such a pummelling of the candidate as i saw kathy barnett. so camped down her late surge, a little bit. you could feel that. pennsylvania concerns were a double nightmare scenario, doug mastriano becoming the gubernatorial nominee and basically thrown away two really important races. >> let's talk about doug mastriano. he won the republican nomination
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of the governor's race. you wrote to my producer. this is the nightmare scenario. why, charlie? >> because i think there are very few republicans in pennsylvania, at least in leadership decisions who believe that mastriano could win a general election. and i don't see how it can happen. what's even more interesting too is i don't think doug mastriano could win with shapiro with the state republican caucus. he is just not that popular. very extreme. >> wait, really? >> the disdain for them is quite high among his colleagues, and the bigger problem for mastriano though is his reckless incendiary behavior, comments about the last election, being stolen and he's carried on in ways that are kind of frightening and i think with suburban voters in particular, he's going to drive away a lot of swing voting republicans and independents in the eastern part of the state especially, philadelphia counties and lehigh valley and elsewhere. so i don't know how he puts together a winning coalition. >> so interesting.
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abby, counter to maybe, possibly potentially what charlie is laying out. is mastriano really a liability? because you remember, donald trump was also seen as unelectable in many places all the way up until he was elected. i mean, democrats seem to want this match-up between mastriano and josh shapiro. could this be a case of be careful what you wish for? >> look, i think you're right on all of those fronts. look, democrats really do think this is the best-case scenario. i talk to a white house official yesterday who described mastriano as the founder of the ultra ma ga, and remember, president biden has been launching this campaign to label republicans as ultra maga because what the democrats' data is saying is that that is a negative for voters, for the gettable voters in a swing state like pennsylvania. but one thing that is potentially working in mastriano's favor is look at what happened in the republican
8:11 am
governor primary versus what happened in the republican senate primary. mastriano, actually without the help of trump, before trump even endorsed, was basically able to lock up the republican base. lock up the maga base and consolidate those voters in a way that on the senate side, you did not see oz doing. even with trump's endorsement, you did not see barnett doing. you did not see mccormick doing. and so he has a little bit of a leg up in that he already, on his own, i think sends a message to the maga wing of the republican party that i am one of you and whether that is enough to actually win a state like pennsylvania that is actually a very purple state, i think that's why democrats are confident is because pennsylvania historically has not been a deep red state, and he has to make a pivot to some extent if he's going to be competitive in a general election. >> let me ask you about north carolina, as dianne gallagher was kind of laying out what happened there with madison
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cawthorn. of all the surprising things, one might be just the fact that cawthorn actually conceded and it seemed relatively quickly. less surprising maybe that he lost but the fact that he accepted it, it is, i mean, is it too much if i say this is a statement about the viability of election fraud claims post-2020? >> well, you know, there's so much going on in that cawthorn race. a lot, it was surprising to a lot of people that he conceded as early as he did. and i don't really know that it was a determination based on whether he thought that he could make a claim that the whole thing was rigged. i mean, at the end of the day, there has to be, i mean, i think there has to be some basis to do, to make that claim. although there are plenty of these people making this up. madison cawthorn has been through the wringer, an unprecedented way by the
8:13 am
republican establishment. it was clear this thing was over. his own constituents basically said, we don't want you anymore and it's, i don't know that there were any grounds for him to cry fraud even in a scenario like that. >> right. we haven't had a political conversation with so much going on between the lines of what you're talking about in quite some time. artful as always. great to see you, abby, great to see you, charlie. much more to come. charlie, stay close. it's all about pennsylvania right now. pennsylvania secretary of state will actually be joining us live in just minutes to talk about the potential of this recounting process, where this is going from here, how quickly this will or won't wrap up. also ahead for us, the disturbing new details of what the alleged gunman did minutes before carrying out the racist attack in new york. the lieutenant governor joining us next.
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there are disturbing new details coming out today from the investigation into the racist mass shooting in buffalo, new york. the man suspected of shooting and killing ten people and wounding three others created an online chat room on the discord app. and then invited people to read about the attack that he planned just 30 minutes before carrying it out. cnn's omar jiminez is live in buffalo for us this hour with more. omar, can you tell us more about these new details? >> reporter: yeah, kate. we knew he was using discord as a planning diary for this attack leading up to this shooting and it showed that he had been here to the tops supermarket back on march 8th essentially doing recon but wasn't necessarily known is who was actually seeing these messages and we heard from
8:19 am
discord, or a spokesperson for discord who said it was 30 minutes before this attack began on saturday that a small group of people were not only invited but joined what was previously a private server. now, as for the messages that were posted on that server, it showed that it was back on march 8th that this shooter made that initial roughly 200 mile journey from where he lived to here in buffalo. it detailed that he went to this supermarket, not just once but three times at 12:00 p.m., 2:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m. on that particular day. making notes of what he was seeing, particularly, the amount of black people versus white people in that store. making note that he wanted to come to this particular zip code because of the higher proportion of black people here and also mapped out the grocery store down to the aisles and the exits and it also touched on what his plans were as far as timing goes. he initially wanted to do it a week later.
8:20 am
kept delaying. he's pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder but is expected to be in court tomorrow, kate? >> omar, thank you very much. so many new details coming out every day and more horrific, one after another. joining me for more, incoming lieutenant governor of new york, designate, still member of congress, antonio del gagadodel. this is the focus of the investigation, new detail that the suspect invited a group of people to join his chat to see his attack plans just about 30 minutes prior to the attack. if people had knowledge of his plan ahead of time, what do you think should happen to them? >> if people had knowledge of his plan, they should be held to account. it's an ongoing investigation that i think should be robustly looked into, no question about it. we're talking about somebody here who meticulously and cunningly with great evil and hate in their hearts decided to
8:21 am
take the lives of innocents. in a way that is beyond description. it pains the heart. i was with the president yesterday in buffalo and governor hochul with a number of elected officials and clergy as well as members of the family members who are grieving, grieving real loss. the type of loss you really can't process and yet, here we are trying our very best to do just that and it's incumbent upon us not only he's held to account but anybody who had a hand or knowledge of it in a position to do something about it. >> you mentioned you were there when the president of the families in buffalo and when he spoke afterward, it was an emotional speech when he made his public remarks. i want to play what the president had to say about white supremacists. >> we see the massacre in
8:22 am
charlottesville, el paso, dallas, texas, and now in buffalo. buffalo, new york. white supremacy is a poison. it's a poison running through, it really is. running through our body politic, and it's been allowed to fester and grow right in front of our eyes. >> very strong words from the president. this is the reason, he says, that he ran for president. but this hate still exists, these hate crimes, i mean, they're still happening. do you think the president has failed in his effort so far to take this on in seeing what happened in buffalo? >> i think what we as a country have struggled to do, as a country for a very long time, is to really confront that poison that he articulated. we have to really grapple with the fact that this poison has been with us since the country's inception.
8:23 am
what you're talking about the legitimacy rendered in the constitution, the three fifths compromise, the followed emancipation proclamation and jim crow segregation laws and the red line that occurred in 1930s to 1960s and created, in effect, the so-called ge hettos war on crime, war on drugs, mass incarceration in the '90s. this poison has been with us for a very long time across different administrations and across generations and while we have certainly done a lot of work as a country to address some of these realities, some of these challenges, we still have a lot more work to do, a lot. >> that's for sure. lieutenant governor designate, thank you for coming on. i really appreciate your time. >> thank you. coming up for us, pennsylvania's republican senate primary is still too close to call. it could be headed to a recount.
8:24 am
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the republican senate race in pennsylvania is a nail biter and likely headed to automatic recount as of this moment. a razor thin margin, you can see it right there separating tv doctor mehmet oz as well as david mccormick. cnn has learned that 22,000 mail-in ballots in lancaster county are being recounted by hand. the issue there, there was a misprint. they couldn't be properly scanned into the machines but let's get the latest from the person who knows. lee chapman, acting secretary of state for pennsylvania. secretary of state, thank you very much for being here. how many ballots at this moment are left to be counted. >> you know, there's still quite a few ballots that are left to be counted in the commonwealth of pennsylvania. we will have an official return completed in the next few days
8:30 am
and every county will be reporting their unofficial returns by next tuesday. so we will have a sense very soon as far as how many mail-in ballots are yet to be counted. >> do you have a sense of how many counties have counting left to do? >> you know, every county, you know, last night, about half of the counties in pennsylvania that had completed ballots, but many of the counties are continuing to count and they will continue to count over the next few days. >> but no firm number on how many counties are still out there and who still has the most outstanding? >> not right now. >> so i mentioned the 22,000 mail-in ballots in lancaster that need to be hand counted now or looked over once again because of a printing issue. can you talk to me about what happened in lancaster? how does this issue of misprinting still happen? >> sure. so in lancaster county, they worked with a vendor to print
8:31 am
their mail-in ballots and yesterday, when they were pre-conpr pre-canvassing opening ballots, they discovered 22,000 ballots had a misprint and out of the 22,000 ballots, you know, there's around 7,000 that are republican, around 14,000 that are democratic ballots. so they actually have to remake the ballots, transfer them by hand. so my team spoke to lancaster county earlier this morning and they have confirmed that they are going through that and expect to have that final count completed by this week. >> is this, did this, is it possible this mis-print happened in other counties or only in lancaster? >> it's only in lancaster county. you know, we've communicated with all 67 counties. everything is going smoothly in all 67 counties. it's just specific to lancaster county and the printer they used because there was an issue with the bar codes being incorrectly printed.
8:32 am
so the scanner wasn't able to scan them. >> the biggest question now as this, these will eventually get counted, but the margin is still at this moment razor thin. there are laws that could trigger an automatic recount in the commonwealth. when are you going to know if there is going to be a recount? >> sure. so as i mentioned, you know, pennsylvania, the recount laws, automatic recount, if we're in the half of 1% margin which we are currently, so as i mentioned, next tuesday, the counties will send their unofficial returns to me. at that time, i'll make a determination as to whether or not we want to move forward with the automatic recount. since the recount law has been implemented in 2004, it's been used six times. we've had three recounts and also three waivers. a candidate can waive the recount if they choose to do so. which could happen. so by next tuesday, we'll have a
8:33 am
good sense as far as whether or not there will be an automatic recount in the commonwealth of pennsylvania for the statewide race, the statewide senate race. one thing i want to note is that for the recount, counties required to count on a different type of machine or they could hand count, it just has to be different from the original type of tabulation that they're currently doing right now. >> so secretary of state, do you think, i think with state law, you have to make the call by next thursday may 26th on the actual recount. do you think it's going to be up until then or do you think you'll make the call tuesday, sooner than that next week? >> unofficial returns come to me on tuesday, then i'll have a very good sense but all the votes might not be counted by tuesday. but i think we'll have a really good sense by tuesday. i'm required by law to send out a press release 24 hours before that thursday deadline. so we'll have a good sense
8:34 am
tuesday and wednesday whether or not we're going to have an automatic recount in pennsylvania. >> you mentioned that a candidate with waive the recount. is there any indication from either candidate that they do not want to move forward with the recount? >> you know, we haven't received any communication from either of the candidates around that process, but i will say as i mentioned, there have been six statewide recounts since 2004, and three candidates have waived and one thing to note in the recounts, we never had a change in the outcome of the election. out of the six times, there hasn't been any change in the outcome of the election. >> so as you well know, i was on the ground when this was happening, pennsylvania was the center of many unfounded claims, voter fraud and election issues following the 2020, surrounding the 2020 election. should voters have any concern, secretary of state, of issues related with what we're seeing
8:35 am
here? >> voters should feel confident in the integrity of the elections in pennsylvania. we had a smooth primary election yesterday in pennsylvania. there were very few issues. the routine issues that we see in every single election, and the claims of any type of voter fraud have been debunked by courts. there have been over two dozen federal and state court cases around the 2020 election. no elections in pennsylvania are accurate. they're secure. and voters can feel confident that election officials that are doing their jobs currently. they're making sure that every single vote is counted, and that pennsylvania's voices can be heard at the ballot box. >> working overtime to get that right still today. secretary of state, leigh chapman, thank you very much for coming on. >> thank you. coming up for us, hundreds of ukrainian fighters that surrendered at the mariupol steel plant there are facing a
8:36 am
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8:41 am
now. following the negotiated surrender. the russian defense ministry said that nearly 1,000 ukrainian soldiers at the plant had turned themselves over. ukraine has said it wants to swap for the fighters taken to russian held territory but no signs yet of progress there. cnn's melissa bell is tracking this. she's live in kyiv with the very latest. melissa, what is the latest that you have on that? >> reporter: kate, the latest is that some of those military leaders of the azovstal steel plant may be holed up inside and refusing to surrender. what we know for the time being is that they are not amongst those evacuated so far. 1,000 evacuees that you mentioned and we note that there is still some of the military commanders inside the plant since we've been hearing from the head of the donetsk people's republic, the breakaway republic fully in russian hands saying they are not amongst the evacuees. so the question of whether that steel plant has entirely
8:42 am
surrendered or not remains unknown this hour. and evacuated from the steel works, great deal of relief from families finally hoping to get loved ones home. in fact, that looks at this stage far from clear since we understand that the negotiations continue between ukraine and russia to try and get those prisoners of war which is what they are now in the hands of russians home but that they have yet to come to a conclusion. so tense negotiations ongoing and the fate of those nearly 1,000 evacuees in the hands of russian forces, kate? >> melissa, thank you for that. joining me for more on this, cnn military analyst, retired general wesley clark, former nato supreme allied commander. on to have what melissa laid out well, a spokesperson for russia today said there should be no doubt those are the words that these ukrainian fighters will be treated in accordance with international law. i mean, do you believe that statement? what do you think is going to
8:43 am
happen to these fighters, to these now prisoners of war? >> well, we're into the realm of speculation. but the character of russia psyche, the way they treat prisoners is to take revenge. and to take pleasure in taking revenge. so i have significant doubts that without international oversight including armed oversight that these prisoners would receive geneva convention type of treatment. i think they're likely to be abused, tortured, and some used with trials of war crimes just because the west is saying that the russians have committed war crimes. the russians are going to torture these people, extract confessions, find some way to create a counterpart to the western war crimes trial as i suspect. and i think the ones who are remaining in the steel plant, i think it will continue because
8:44 am
they know what waits them if they surrender. they have no trucks, they have a lot of experience with how the russians treat people. so it's all very well, both the political and the people in the west and the humanitarian people, look for something good here. and i hope it happens. but experience without armed oversight by international forces, this is going to end up badly for a lot of people. >> and i think part of what you're just getting at and melissa was talking about is the leader of one of the russian controlled regions said that the top ukrainian commanders that they know of, they're still inside the plant. they have not surrendered. do you read into that? what could that mean? >> i think the ukrainian commanders understand what their fate would be if they couldn't surrender but also still committed to the mission. as long as they're there and fighting, it's much harder for russia to say, okay, we own this
8:45 am
area. it's now part of russia. so this is about the defense of ukraine and these men are fighting for a cause. they're very determined. they paid a high price so far and i think they're going to go all the way with this. >> do you think a prisoner swap could work? do you think it could be successful? >> i think a prisoner swap could be successful, but normally in the past, what happens if you're a russian prisoner of war and you're sent back to russia is that you get partially interrogated and maybe shot on suspicion of treason or the fact you didn't do your job properly in the first place. i don't know whether the russians are looking forward to this prisoner exchange or not. it could be negotiated. it would certainly be in ukraine's advantage, but to get these people out. especially the wounded prisoners, because they're unlikely to get the kind of
8:46 am
hospitalization and treatment they need inside these donetsk and luhansk people's republics in those hospitals. the russian soldiers themselves don't have good medical care. they've been getting it from the ukrainians. so i wouldn't think that this is a bad thing for ukraine if it could be arranged, but i think russia will stall on this. more at the top level, listening to the europeans talk to putin. putin giving them a crumb or two here and there, encourage them to resist further arming ukraine and continuing to hope that somehow, he can manipulate this so at least he gets to keep the areas he's conquered. president zelenskyy said absolutely not. and so behind the scenes, there's this enormous shifting of forces and reconnaissance and probing and making pushing and
8:47 am
shoving and at the bottom of it, there are the ukrainian fighters themselves who are determined that they will not surrender their land to russia. so there's some tough days ahead. >> absolutely. general clark, it's good to have you as always. thank you. coming up for us, the white house pandemic response team. it just wrapped its first briefing in several weeks. their updates on the pandemic and what metric they say just tripled in the last month. that's ahead. ull of lemons. when you become an expedia member, you can instantly start saving on your travels. so you can go and see all those lemons, for less. obviously, we got termites. well, first thing is, you gotta know what they're bitin' on. hey! i told you to hire a pro. i did get a pro. an orkin pro! i got this. got termites? don't call any pro, call the orkin pro. orkin. the best in pests. you never know what opportunities life will send your way. but if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis or psoriatic arthritis,
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when you need help it's great to be in sync with customer service. a team of reps who can anticipate the next step genesys technology is changing the way customer service teams anticipate what customers need. because happy customers are music to our ears. genesys, we're behind every customer smile. mpblt the white house pandemic response team held its first briefing in more than six weeks
8:52 am
at yet another unkern moment in pandemic. hospitalizations are on the rise again. the cdc says covid cases have tripled in last month. elizabeth, what are they saying about this in the briefing? >> the message is number, hospitalization cases are going up. they could go up again in the fall. it's a problem because congress is not clear whether there will still be money from congress to do all the things that we know work. things like vaccinations and testing and treatments and that is a real worry. let's take a listen to the white house covid response coordinator. >> i want to make sure we have enough resources and can buy enough vaccines for every american. we do not have the resources to do that now. without additional funding from congress, we will not be able to
8:53 am
buy enough vaccines for every american who wants one bp we'll find ourselves in the fall or winter with people getting infected and no treatments available for them because we will have run out. >> another concern is americans aren't making use of the treatment and vaccines that are out there as much as they should be. let's take a look at some vaccine data that the director op the cdc talked about. she said when you look at the covid vaccine of who have it and who have not, 62% of 59 to 64 have not had it and you look at oaf 65, 57% have not had it. the concern is if you haven't had o shot in six months, your immunity could wane. urging people to get a third booster for everybody and that fourth booster if you're over 50. kate. >> good to see you. thans for the update. mpblt the wall street journal is
8:54 am
reporting that chinese plane that crashed back in march, they are reporting it was likely intentional. the boeing plane was flying in southern china when it plunged into a mountainous area. all 132 people on board were killed. someone, maybe other than pilots could have broken into the dock -- cockpit and caused the crash. an analyst says the rest of the country could be seeing eye popping prices like this before the end of the summer. aaa says that average is $4.57. it just keeps going up. mplgt mpblt nba commissioner says he's been working be the wnba to
8:55 am
secure the release of britney greiner. >> both the wnba and it's brother league, the nba, we have a huge responsible to britney. she's one of our players. we have been in touch with the white house, state department, hostage negotiators at every level of government and through the private sector as well. our number one priority is our held and safety and making sure she gets out of russia. >> u.s. officials say greiner has been wrongfully detained for nearly three months now. secretary of state says this is a top bpriority. we'll continue to follow it as well. thank you for joining us. inside politics with john king starts after this. l experience. i wanted to use our garden as a way to share food and love with my friends and family. i had this idea for this other way of life
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