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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  May 18, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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pa payments. americans should be prepared to pay even more at the gus e gas pump. it says the national average for gas prices may hit $6 a gallon before the end of summer. you can listen to our podcast where ever you get your podcast. hope to see you back here tomorrow. thanks so much for joining us. high stakes and high drama that will shape the midterm elections and the future control of congress. in the battleground state of pennsylvania, the u.s. senate race and the republican primary is still too close to control. the winner will face democrat
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john fetterman. he's the state lieutenant governor. he scast his ballot from his hospital room before under going surgery to implant a pacemaker. fetterman suffered a stroke last week. scandal plagued congress madison cawthorne suffers defeat despite a last minute lifeline from the tomformer president. >> i've got it pulled up. tchs the biggest race going into the nigh and it's the biggest race we don't have called coming out of the night. this is a .2% difference. this important thing the know with oz ahead, i always say, you'd rather ahead than behind. david mccormick has to get 2500 plus votes and oz gets zero.
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it can happen statewide. a lot of ballots still counted. you have ballots being counted when the margin is this small. they will be running against john fetterman. i'm a little surprised that this. connor lamb was a rising star. 26% running as a moderate. i think people underestimate fetterman, the lieutenant governor. i don't think they should do that. he won overwhelmingly 59% of the vote.
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>> we're also watching another race. a controversial backed and trump candidate has won. tell us about the implications of this. >> i think this is an undertold story. he's a state senator. this is someone who five years ago in the republican party, ten years ago would be considered a fringe or extremist candidate. now he's the republican nominee for governor in one of the swing e iest states. he's held hearings to investigate supposed fraud in the 2020 election in pennsylvania. this is one of the leading deniers of elections in swing states. it's how he got donald trump's attention and donald trump endorsed him last week. what does the mean when you have doug as the nominee? this is really good illustration. this is based on predicted.
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basically saying what are the chances of winning? april 18th, look at this. just because it's not going to be great year to be a democrat in pennsylvania, we think or nationally, it was a 63% chance that republicans were going to win the pennsylvania governor's race. now, 38. again, i didn't major in math pu that's 25% difference which is a really, really big deal. hugely important race. >> he's said the election was stolen. does that concern you? >> i'm aware he's said things that i would disagree with. until i actually meet the guy, get to know him a bit, i'm going to suspend judgment. >> did you support him? did you vote for him? >> i did not vote for him. >> yeah, if he had voted for him, he probably would say, a little bit more that he did. can i jump, do we have time? i want to jump to one other
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north carolina. i think this is important. donald trump endorsed madison ca cawthorne on monday. he narrowly loses. that's a win. ted bud, that's win. madison, that's a loss. it's a mixed bag. he did some good.
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>> you work that magic board like nobody else can. thank you. we'll pick up where chris left off in our conversation now with doug high. he's the former communications director at the republican national committee and tia mitchell. thank you both for joining us. we're seeing mixed results for trump endorsed candidates. what does that tell you? >> i think we over rate and over analyze what donald trump endorses. he's going to support some candidates who win, some who lose. what matters is the candidates and the campaigns that they run. madison was a terrible candidate and terrible congressman. he lost. donald trump can help people but he gets people surrounded around his base. it's why you see 32, 31% if for a madison cawthorne and with dr. oz. as well. you have to do a will the more
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and you can't depend on donald trump. what should democrats take away from fetterman's big win? >> i think democrats and even republicans will take away that a message that voters read as authentic, straight shooter really resonates. that's not anything new but that's something he used to his advantage that he came across as someone who is listening, who gets it. that's the image he shaped for himself in pennsylvania and paid off in the primary.
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>> when you look at what he's about as far as legalizing marijuana and things like that, hesitat he's pretty progressive. he doesn't shy away from that. e doesn't lean into i want to be the squad or anything like that. he focuses on this is what i believe in and this is what i'm going to say or do. he sticks out as man standing on his own and standing for principles and values without being assigned to a certain camp.
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he was fully behind the effort to try to over turn the will of the voters in pennsylvania in the 2020 election and there in pennsylvania it's the governor o who appoints the secretary of state and signs off on electors. do you think he would win the general? >> i'm as usually pro-doug as any doug can be. it's troubling on the substance, on everything that you laid out. the stop the steal movement is based online and a will the of lies. he may take a governor seat off the table. they have nominated people who are unelectable. we saw it with senate races and it's cost republican seats that they could win. he got a lot of spending from democrats wo wanted him to be the nominee.
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>> let's pivot to north carolina and what the results could tell us about upcoming races. cawthorne is the incumbent. he's been the subject of swirl of controversies. he was defeated last night. trump's endorsement couldn't save him. he was heavily targeted by other republican leaders wanted him out. do you think this spells trouble for other gop extremists, someone like marjorie taylor greene in upcoming primaries? >> i don't think. i think her brand is much different than madison cawthorne. for example, it wasn't just that madison cawthorne had far right conservative values that he espouses. not just he said controversial things that made democrats mad
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which is similar to margie taylor greene but he had personal shortcomings. not telling the truth about his background. caught up in law enforcement with tickets and criminal ch charges. he got caught up with the videos and pictures that leaked that his personal life didn't align with some of the things he said politically. those are the things that marjorie taylor greene has avoided. she also remains very popular in her district. we saw in north carolina some of the voters that madison cawthorne represented had got a little bit frustrated with him. we don't see that in northwest georgia where greene's voters lie. looks like she's in a much more comfortable position and not been attacked by fellow republicans the way we saw republicans pile on against madison cawthorne. >> that is a big difference. that's the other part of it is
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they aren't attacking her fp they are seeming to support her and continue to back up. >> if i could say real quickly. there are conversations that are happening. can replicate what happened with madison cawthorne. there's an effort to unseat her. madison cawthorne's loss. she will still be tough to beat. it means the conversations are happening a lot more feverishingly today than yesterday. >> okay. to be continued. thank you doug and tia. thank you. in ukraine today, the first war crimes trial of a russian soldier ends with a guilty plea. we'll go live to kyiv. : was it an intentional nose dive? we have new flight data from this jet. what the evidence is telling investigators. five students are now suing a georgia school district for
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and kicking it up a notch with smoky- baja chipotle sauce? yep, they're constantly refreshing. y'all get our own commercial! subway keeps refreshing and- the first russian war crimes trial since putin's invasion got under way in kyiv. a 21-year-old russian soldier accused of killing an unarmed civilian pleaded guilty. melissa bell is following this for us. what can you tell us about this? >> this was fairly short first day of the trial. the courtroom was too small to
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accommodate us all. t a bigger courtroom will be found for tomorrow. on the fourth day of the war, he and his soldiers, his unit were traveling south wards in a convoy. it got attacked. he and several of his men managed to escape in a stolen car. they got to a small village where they killed an unarmed civilian who had been riding miss bicycle close to his home. the understanding is that he killed the civilian in order that the russian soldier ons the run would not be reported to ukrainian authorities. the other thing we learned is we can expect to hear from another soldier, another russian soldier traveling in the same car about what went on. this testimony that we'll have has been welcomed by the prosecution and the defense. the point is we're going to be hearing in the trial, first of its kind not just from one
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russian prisoner of war but two. >> to think this is already happening, these war crimes trials. thank you, melissa bell for that update. turning now to scathing new report from a federal government watchdog. it's calling out both the biden and trump administrations for the disasterous end to america's 20-year war in afghanistan. today a catastrophic hunter crisis is in the country. half the population is hungry. drought, the pandemic and the lack of foreign aid after the taliban took control all creating a desperate situation. barbara starr is leave at the pentagon. what does this report say? >> this internal watchdog maybe not a big surprise as the world watched last summer as afghanistan basically collapsed during this chaotic u.s. withdrawal from the country.
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the report says is this all really began with the decisions by the trump administration and the biden administration to withdraw u.s. troops, withdraw the u.s. commitment from ha afghanistan. that began to trigger the collapse. it was probably never going to work that the afghan military collapsed and the afghan president didn't understand that the end, how dependent his military forces were on the united states when contractors left aircraft that needed maintenance. that could not be done. u.s. air strike wrs were not happening. in way, it all collapsed on itself.
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something the af afghans were nr going to be capable of doing. very different people, country and situation. the pentagon responding to this report doesn't really dispute it but says that up with of the big considerations was towards the end afghan forces lack the will to fight. >> all right. thank you. 132 people died when this plane plunged into the mountains in southern china. now new evidence is telling us what likely caused the nose dive. the stunning details, next.
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black box data from the china eastern flight that crashed back in march seen here in a total nose dive suggest the plane was deliberately brought down by someone inside the cockpit. this is according to the wall street journal that cite a preliminary assessment from u.s. officials investigating the crash that killed 132 people on board. i want to get straight to cnn aviation correspondent. walk us through what this data
10:27 am
sug suggests. are investigators thinking this was intentional? >> it's so interesting here is that this new reporting for the wall street essentially confirms the suspicions that aviation experts told us in the early days of this crash. it happened on march 31st. it was at 29,000 feet. the very end of its climb and leveling off to cruise altitude when the plane made near vertical dive. it went from 29,000 feet in under two minutes time. all the people on board were killed. two sources are saying this all has to do with an intentional act that maybe somebody in the cockpit did a maneuver on the flight controls themselves. not the auto pilot. that could not possibly do it. not the mcat system which is only in the 737 max. remember, this is a 737 800.
10:28 am
a popular airliner . >> this is from the flight data recorder. we know investigators have the cockpit voice recorder which might also shed light on what happened. do we know what it shows? >> the radio transmissions by the flight crew and also the transmissions pilot to pilot on the intercom. we could tell here if one pilot left to go to bathroom and locked out. if somebody stormed the cockpit. investigators can get a ton of information from the cockpit
10:29 am
voice recorder in the fact they can hear how fast the airplane was going. they can do frequency and spectrum analysis and get really granular detail. even the souchbds the door opening can provide will the of crews. we know how vicky white and ka casey white were able to book a hotel room. they paid a homeless sex offender $100 to book it for them. officials say he didn't break the law because he was unaware they were wanted. after crashing, their get away car, the vicky white was found dead. casey white was taken back to prison where he was already serving a 75-year sentence. just days after mass shooting in new york, the house is voting on a bill aimed at preventing domestic terrorism.
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a spokesman for the social media at discord which allows people to chat anonymously says the 18-year-old suspected shooter invited a small group to read his posts that he was about to carry out. ten people died and three people were wounded in this attack. in the wake of that shooting, house lawmakers, today, will vote on bill aimed at preventing domestic terrorism. cnn chief congressional correspondent is joining us now. what would this legislation do and are the votes there? >> the votes are likely there to pass this out of the house today. this has been a very difficult task for democratic leaders. they had tried to pass a similar version of this several weeks ago but faced opposition from the left flank of their cabo san lucas caucus from democratic members known as the squad. they had to yank the bill from floor consideration. they had to make changes and they believe they have the
10:36 am
democratic votes in line for this bill which create a new focus within the law enforcement agencies trying to root out domestic terrorism and the bill would authorize domestic terrorism offices in the department of homeland security. along with the department of justice. it would assess the threat posed by white supremists and neo nazis. they are urging members stto vo against a plan that will give more power and unnecessary authority. this is what steve scalise office sent out. he's the republican whip saying diverting resources that could be used to combat domestic
10:37 am
terrorism in mandating investigations into the armed services and law enforcement, this bill weaponizes the doj to target american's first amendment rights and go after those they see as political threats. it will pass the house today but its chances of passing in the senate where it would need ten republicans to over come a filibuster seem unlikely at this point. the latest warming on climate change could not be more dire. melting ice sheets pushing sea levels to new height. the the world's oceans more warmer and acidic. levels of methane at all time highs. human activities are cause
10:38 am
changes and it's happening before our eyes. take us through this report. >> it sounds like a broken record but the record is not broken. no one is listening to it. listen to this. the u.n. secretary says this invasion of ukraine should be wake up call. instead of countries trying to find more avenues for petro and gas, get to green energy level. sea level rise, high as it's ever been. every year we break a record and we broke another one. ocean heat, highest temperatures ever recorded.
10:39 am
it rained where it typically snows in greenland. greenland is our biggest contributor to ocean level rise with the sea ice melting. glaciers that have melted away are now considered at the point of no return. they will not come back. the sea level rise has doubled since the '90s. the governor of indonesia broke ground. they are moving their capital because they know they will under water. across the globe, death valley, highest temperature recorded for north america. two days ago in pakistan, the highest temperature ever, 124 degrees across asia. india is breaking records. last month, the flooding in south africa. that's never been seen before. they got flooding right now in
10:40 am
eastern areas of australia. the russian arm that fights the fires is on the front line. poland usually helps them out. they say forget it. you're on your own . >> you have so much tangible evidence. a group of black students were suspended after trying to protest confederate flag displays at their school. their story, ahead. was not good. i had periodontal disease, and i i just didn't feel well. but then i found clearchoicec.
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heard has described depp as a monster when under the influence of drugs and alcohol. the defense used a former friend's testimony to underscore that argument. jean, there's been so many things in this trial. what's new today? >> it's hard to keep up. very important day today. amber heard has taken the stand. her direct testimony alleged violent scenarios with johnny depp. her cross-examination pinpointed
10:46 am
very aggressive. it's important for her team to put on witness that corroborated her testimony sheand shows she telling the truth. her best friend took the stand and johnny depp owned all of the pardon me on the top level of the apartment biuilding the the lived in. she and her fiance lived in one of those. she was around amber all the time. she was around johnny depp. she testified many times she saw the penthouse in total disarray. the lamps were turned over, glass pieces were all over the bed. there was wine all over the floor. then she testified and the jury saw photos that she said she took of injuries to amber heard. bruised eye, swollen nose, a scalp that had appearance of blood on it. hair on the floor that allegedly johnny depp has pulled out from the scalp of amber.
10:47 am
a really, really horrific pictures to show what she says were the violent injuries. i want you to listen to a bit of her testimony. >> in the beginning, it was great. towards the end, when the physical abuse was more evident, i was worried. i was worried for her physical safety. i was worried when he turned he might do something that was worse than he ever intended. >> here is the significant of those photos. the very nec xt day, amber hear was on the james cordon show. her face was perfect. you didn't see anything on the video and even the still pictures. what we think that depp's team
10:48 am
will do is try the show that they manufactured some of those injuries in some form of fashion through editing of the pictures or through lighting the way empit was put and placed. they were created a record that culminated in a temporary restraining order. >> the outcome rests on what jurors believe, whether she is credible. thank you so much. disturbing new allegations of racial discrimination are part of a new lawsuit against a north georgia school district filed by a group of high school student and their mother. the federal lawsuit alleges floyd county district administrators engaged in an egregious pattern of deliberately ignoring complaints of racial intimidation and b bigotry. the lawsuit lays out an alleged reenactment of george floyd's death that took place in hallway. a student wore a confederate
10:49 am
flag belt and addressed black students as slaves and a white student told a black student, quote, we used to whip you with this while holding a whip. white students at the school openly used the n word. there's been remarks posted even by white teachers. the school board members referred cnn to their attorneys. the school superintendent did say in a statement to the local newspaper. floyd county school look forward to presenting the facts in court. joining us now is one of the mothers filing this lawsuit against the school district. also with us is a civil rights attorney. thank you for being here. can you just walk us through your family's personal
10:50 am
experience. >> our experience was deplorable. the administration acting like they didn't care. from our complaints going to the school, speak the principal and asking them to do something about it. the blatant racism that they clearly saw. some of the administrators were right in earshot of it and did nothing about it. my kids felt really, really bad, and as a mother i felt like there was nothing else i could do with the school. >> so you filed your own civil rights complaint, and i had chance to take a look at it. you lay out a lot of different specific examples. can you just share with -- i'm sure it's very difficult to talk about some of the things that were done because it's just so incredibly awful. but what did your own daughter and her friends experience? >> on the bus ramp going home, a guy holding a confederate -- wearing a confederate flag belt
10:51 am
asking the kids asking him about it and he calling them slaves and telling them they can go back and pick cotton. the administrators allowing other stunts to wear shirts with the confederate flag or the rebel flag on it, displaying that, and our children getting asked to take -- you know, change their clothes or take their shirts off or not wear any shirt that displays anything that had anything to do with culture and. >> and you reported some of these to the school district and the assistant principal and the principal, and you weren't satisfied clearly with their reaction. what does their reaction or lack of response tell you? >> that they don't care and they support it. they are reinforcing this negative behavior of these students. that's why the students can do it without fear of any punishment. >> shannon, what do you think is
10:52 am
going on here? >> these are some pretty shocking allegations, but i think it shows to us all that this does happen in 2022 america. this was just shocking. so not only did this school district turn its back to these students' complaints about this incredibly racist behavior by white students that received no punishment, and then a group of black students chose to protest peacefully and wear black lives matter clothing and wear george floyd's image without any language, and they were told by the school that they couldn't do that, and the black students who were organizing this protest were suspended, not any of these white students who had been wearing confederate flags, reenacting george floyd's murder, and interestingly, the white students who were joining with black students and organizing this protest were not suspended. only the black students were suspended.
10:53 am
so this is outrageous. we were proud yesterday to stand in front of the rome federal courthouse in georgia and stand with these brave students and their families and file this federal lawsuit. luckily, we have a constitution in this country and it has an equal protection clause and we have a first amendment, and we have laws against race discrimination and retaliation, and these brave students are standing up for their rights, and these laws, they don't enforce themselves. it takes brave people like this to stand up. and the relatives, we learned that one of the relatives of this family, one of the students who's a plaintiff in this case died tragically in buffalo this past weekend. >> oh, my gosh. >> these are connected. students are learning what's happening in schools. when this type of behavior is condoned, students are paying attention. kids are paying attention as to what is okay and what is not okay, and if we don't stop this
10:54 am
from happening in georgia and across the country, we're going to be seeing more incidents like what we saw in buffalo this weekend. >> and shannon, just to be clear here, it's not just that you're saying that the school is condoning this behavior, it sounds like you're alleging they're not only turning a blind eye, they are actually active participants in the racial discri discrimination, is that right? >> yes. that's right. our clients have told us that white teachers were also engaging in racist behavior, and they shut down the black students who wanted to protest and peacefully organize against this behavior. they were punished. they were suspended. that went on their records. we're seeking full expungement of these disciplinary records and justice for these students who endured what they should not have to endure now in america or ever in america. we are better than this. >> lakeisha, let me ask you, do you feel your daughter is safe at this school?
10:55 am
>> i have no other choice but to send them to that school. i do not feel that they are safe. i do fear retaliation at the school. >> lakeisha turner, i am sorry for what your family has experienced. shannon rear don, thank you for joining us. both of you, appreciate you sharing with us and we'll continue to follow this case. let's stay in touch. and that does it for us today. thank you for being with us. i'll see you back here tomorrow, same time and place. until then you can join me on twitter at ana cabrera. the news continues right after a quick break. - common percy! - yeah let's go! on a trip. book with priceline. you save more, so you can “woooo” more.e. - wooo. - wooo. wooooo!!!!!!! woohooooo!!!! w-o-o-o-o-o... yeah, feel the savings. priceline. every trip is a big deal. ubrelvy helps u fight migraine attacks. u put it all on the line.
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hi, i'm victor blackwell. welcome to "cnn newsroom." that high stakes pennsylvania primary race still too close to call. a trump-endorsed dr. mehmet oz and former hedge fund manager david mccormick, they're locked in just a few thousand votes part here. the race is well within the margins for an automatic recount. >> there's still quite a few ballots that are left to be counted in the commonwealth of pennsylvania. you know, we will have


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