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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  May 18, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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indeed. we'll stay in close touch with you, ryan. thank you very much. and to our you viewers, thank you very much for watching. i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room." erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. "outfront" next, breaking news. the dow plunging today. target and walmart ceos saying they're getting crushed by prices. and the pennsylvania senate race that is still too close to call at this hour. john king is at the magic wall, as these latest final numbers come in. and a nato official says the war has shifted significantly in favor of ukraine. is that why more russians are speaking out against putin? plus, a chinese eastern airlines jet. remember the one with 132 people that nosedived straight down from 29,000 feet? u.s. officials reportedly say that boeing crash was
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intentional. let's go "outfront." good evening. i'm erin burnett. "outfront" tonight, the break news. stocks plunge. the dow closing down more than 1100 points today. that is the biggest loss since 2020, at the height of coronavirus, when there was so much uncertainty, no vaccine. the numbers were surging of the dead. this is the biggest drop since then. sit because the nation, one of the biggest retailers in the country, target, said it is getting crushed by inflation, which is hurting the entire country. the ceo saying costs have been rising much faster than retail prices. it was just yesterday that walmart stocks suffered its worst day since 1987. same reason, surging costs. the ceo telling investors, bottom line results were unexpected and reflect ton usual environment. u.s. inflation levels,
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particularly in food and fuel created more pressure. that pressure is hurting americans. it is outpacing any wage increases, and it is doing so everywhere. and the economy is the number one issue for voters. we are seeing it at the polls. including in pennsylvania, where the biggest raise, the one that could determine which party controls the senate, is still too close to call this hour. right now, there are only 1200 votes that separate the republicans, tv dr. mehmet oz, and david mccormick. one backed by trump, another traditional republican. and it's too close to call. former president trump, urging his candidate, mehmet oz, to declare victory. a move straight from trump's 2020 playbook. trump also suggesting something nefarious may be underway in pennsylvania. again, claims of voter fraud. today, on his own social media site, trump writing, here we go again. in pennsylvania, they're unable to count the mail-in ballots.
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s it is a big mess. trump crying foul for the senate race, but for the race for governor, no complaints. that's because his candidate won. he has said things repeatedly like this -- >> half the nation believes this election was stolen and i agree with that. that's a fact. >> of course, it's completely wrong. athena jones is in lancaster, pennsylvania. athena, it is incredible here at this moment. mehmet oz has not declared victory when he doesn't have victory yet. if he does, we'll see. any indication we'll know who won the senate gop primary in pennsylvania? >> reporter: it could take several more days. pennsylvania's acting secretary of state said earlier today that
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by next tuesday, they'll know if the margin is small enough to trigger that automatic recount. also according to the secretary of state, only about half of pennsylvania's 67 counties were able to finish counting all of their ballots last night. that's probably having to do with mail-in ballots that by law can't be opened until 7:00 a.m. on election day. but here in lancaster, the problem was different. more than 20,000 misprinted ballots that couldn't be scanned. >> we can see the path ahead. we can see victory ahead. and it's all because of you. so thank you, pennsylvania. >> a fight to the finish the republican senate primary in pennsylvania, with thousands of votes still left to be counted. >> when it's this close, what else would you expect? everything about this campaign has been tight. >> reporter: the deadlock between david mccormick and celebrity dr. mehmet oz could trigger a recount. >> we want to make sure we have integrity and transparency.
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in order to have that, we have teams of three people each. >> reporter: ballots remain to be counted across the state. and in lancaster county, about 22,000 mail-in ballots were misprinted with a bar code, and are being remarked by hand. there would be an automatic recount if there's a margin of half a percent or less. the now two-way fight for republican nomination will see a nasty primary battle extended. but without kathy barnett. the conservative commentator, who saw a late surge in the race, but fell short in friday's results. >> i'm so grateful. so do not be discouraged, because we have a country to save. >> reporter: all three candidates align themselves with donald trump. but it was oz who scored the coveted endorsement from the former president. >> do we love president trump, pennsylvania? >> reporter: even while votes were still being counted -- >> when all the votes are tallied, i'm confident we will
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win. >> reporter: trump today encouraging oz to declare victory. >> we're going to miss pat, let's be honest. >> reporter: the winner will face john letterman, who cruised to victory after suffering a stroke last week and having aim election day. >> you may have noticed, i'm not john fetterman. the next senator of our great state. >> reporter: now, the ballot counting here in lancaster is over today and will resume tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. this the room behind me. officials say they only have 3800 ballots left to count. >> then you get a result, you see the recount. as you say, it could be quite a process. athena, thank you so much. this is obviously a crucial race. i'm going to be speaking to john fetterman's wife in just a moment about the latest on his condition coming up.
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sgsz >> now to john king in front of the magic wall. john, this is unbelievable to be watching this, in a primary to have something with the stakes this high, this close, this unknown, and i should say both the candidates waiting, waiting not taking the trump bait at this point from dr. oz. so what do you see in pennsylvania right now? >> i guess we should be used to the commonwealth of pennsylvania giving us very close elections that take a few days to count. whether we're talking about presidential general elections or primaries. what we are seeing right now, this is wild. 1243 votes. dr. oz on top at the moment. dave mccormick right behind him. kathy barnett is a factor in the race but will not catch up. so let's go back in time to watch how this played out last night. early on when the first results came in, dave mccormick took a lead. he looked good throughout most of the state. at midnight, he was still
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leading. at 12:30 a.m., dr. oz passed him. the oz lead built up during the night. when you come out to where we are now, it's down to 1243 votes. athena was in lancaster county. there are votes out in several counties. there are mail-in ballots to be counted. some places they're having an issue. then you have military and provisional ballots. that could take until next tuesday. but we're watching allegheny county, bradford county, a smaller county population wise. but look at the mccormick lead. mccormick is trailing right now, but he's leetinleading in alleg county and second in lancaster county. this is why the mccormick campaign says count all the votes. there are still some counties, but we should have a much better sense tomorrow of the hmail-in ballots. and then it will depend on who
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is on top to figure out how many military and provisional ballots, how long will this take? >> you look at this and, again, to be clear trump endorsed dr. oz. what do the primaries in pennsylvania and elsewhere, other crucial states, you know, idaho, oregon, kentucky, north carolina tell you about how successful trump's endorsements have been? >> let's be clear at the outset, we're still early in this primary season. but we do have a trend so far. we'll see what happens as we move on through the primaries. but dr. oz is donald trump's candidate in the commonwealth of pennsylvania. he get s 31.2%. in ohio, j.d. vance was donald trump's candidate. 3 %. right about the same what oz got. there's some governor's races. let's look at the republican side. nebraska, we went through that primary a tuesday ago. trump's candidate was at 30%, roughly 30%. last night, out in idaho, jump
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was on the losing end, he supported the lieutenant governor. she got 32%. you notice that pattern here? it happens in house races, as well. let me give you a chance to look at it. these are some of trump's endorsements. you see a line. 30%, 32%. here in pennsylvania is an exception at 44%. even in house races, it was enough in north carolina for bo heins, 32% was enough, he won there. it was enough, 32% for j.d. vance in the ohio senate race. we will see if 31% is enough for dr. oz. but it depends on how many candidates are in the field, how strong are the other candidates? in north carolina, the incumbent madison cawthorn, he got 32% yesterday, but that was not enough. >> and people hear 30% and it may trigger in your mind, but when we talk about trump's base in polling, that's always been
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30% of the overall population. you're talking about 30% of the motivated gop primary voting population. if you're down to 30% of that, it raises the question. >> if you have a crowded field of credible candidates, credible to the republican voters in that state, 30% is a great start. the question is, is it enough? like i said, in some places, it was just enough. in madison cawthorn's district, it was not. >> john king, thank you very much. and speaking of that district, i want to go now to north carolina state senator chuck edwards. he is the one who beat madison cawthorn for their party's nomination. i appreciate your time, senator edwards. i want to start off first with what happened late last night. you got a gracious phone call, as you described it, from congressman cawthorn. he conceded the race. were you surprised that he did that, and that he conceded so readily? >> i was not surprised at all to
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get that call from congressman cawthorn. he and i have always had a good, solid relationship. and we weren't that far away from the end of the election. i think there were only a handful of precincts not yet counted. and we got a lot of rural precincts here in the mountains of western north carolina. so i don't think there were that many votes left to count. >> let's talk about cawthorn in terms of how you got here. look, there's a long list of scandals facing him. some, you know, some were leaked, some how they got out there is a question. but a lot of national and state republicans chose to endorse you instead of him. you know, cawthorn accused people in washington of having orgies, doing cocaine, later admitted that he exaggerated. he got stopped at the airport for carrying a loaded gun, lewd videos on social media. senator, what do you think took this over the line for voters? >> well, i just like to remind
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you and all of your viewers out there that after serving in the north carolina senate for six years, when congressman cawthorn had announced that he was moving to an adjacent district and filed to run in that district, this seat was open. and so i filed to run at that point, recognizing that we need ed someone with some legislative experience and business background to step up and put themself forward to represent the people here in the mountains. >> former president trump backed cawthorn and he did so at the last minute, saying to give him a second chance regarding the things i just laid out. so obviously, he didn't back you. you have supported a lot of the former president's policies, though. did you want his endorsement, senator? >> well, one thing that i have heard very clearly from the people here in western north carolina, they don't like to be told who to vote for. they want to make up their own
4:14 pm
minds. and they certainly exercised that right in this race. >> so a lot of republican candidates wanted trump's endorsement. a number of his endorsed candidates won. i don't know if you heard john king going through that, the republican nominee for governor in pennsylvania, that was a very easy win for him. he publicly has supported trump's election fraud lie, something which you have not. does that concern you? are you okay with that? >> does it concern me that someone else -- i'm not sure i understand your question. >> does it concern you that you have somebody that could be picking the secretary of state in a crucial state, who would be determining elections and how they are counted, who says that the 2020 election was a fraud and a lie? >> well, i think it's time we put the 2020 election behind us. we have the 2022 election right in front of us.
4:15 pm
and we need to do everything that we can, like we have done here in north carolina, to ensure a good, clean election. in fact, president trump came to north carolina back in 2021 and praised north carolina for the good, clean election that we gave him here. >> of course he won. that's not what he says about state where is he lost. i appreciate your time, senator edwards. thank you for talking to me. >> all right. thanks for the opportunity to be here. have a good evening. next, she said she saw something wasn't right with her husband's mouth, told him he needed to go to the hospital immediately. the wife of lieutenant governor john fetterman talks about the warning signs and how her husband is doing tonight. plus, a former russian colonel changing his tune after criticizing putin's war. and now maybe going back? what's going on? this is a crucial moment that happened on russian state television. and a store supervisor that was working at the time of the
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from a stroke he suffered on friday. as voters cast their ballots yesterday, propelling him to a 32-point victory. that happened as he was undergoing surgery to implant a defibrillator. joining me now is the wife of john fetterman, who has been active on the campaign trail and during your husband's illness. i know you're in your car on the way home from being with him. how is he tonight? >> he's doing great. he feels good. he is resting. we have a few more days until we have him home. the surgery went well and he's on his way to a full recovery. >> have his doctors given you a clear time frame when he can leave the hospital and go back to work and importantly, campaigning? >> not yet, but it's looking like a couple of days. i don't want to jinx it, but i think it's three days-ish, is
4:21 pm
what i'm hoping for. >> it's got to be so hard to have the spotlight on something so deeply personal, but your husband is lieutenant governor. you both are in the midst of this campaign. so i just do want to ask you so people understand, i don't know if you saw -- and you have other things to do, but dr. jonathan reiner is a cardiologist of the former vice president dick cheney. he said having a defibrillator implanted just days after a stroke could suggest a weakened heart. have your husband's doctors said anything about that situation, and his strength right now? >> i mean, he has afib, which is something that we've been very open about. his father has it, the afib is what caused the stroke. the stroke was able to be completely reversed because we got there so quickly. we had amazing experts to treat it. and now the heart is weakened because of afib.
4:22 pm
afib creates an irregular rhythm to your heart. and the pacemaker will make sure that he has the strongest heart possible. it's a standard surgery, and it's something that will extend the quality of his life for a long time. >> you mentioned when you -- how you caught this. and this is crucial. i know you were on your way to a campaign event together, and your husband hadn't been feeling very well. you saw his mouth move slightly, and something about it concerned you. what was it that made you say stop? >> so it was a movement that a mouth wouldn't naturally make. it wasn't something if i tried to make i could make. so it was involuntary. and it was a slight -- it went down for just a second. it wasn't three seconds or five seconds. it was just one second down. i immediately knew something was off. i had read, you know, about strokes and what to look for, and i don't pay a lot of
4:23 pm
attention, but in this moment i did and a gut instinct told me to get him in. >> how hard did he resist? was he saying okay, or at this point you're in the final days of the campaign. i would imagine the last thing he wanted to do was say okay, sure, let's go to the hospital. >> right. i mean, he didn't want to cancel events, of course. he never wants to let anyone down or disappoint anyone. there were a lot of cuss words coming from me as i made sure he got in and got the care he needed. >> so, you know, as part of this, it's scary to people, whether this can happen to others. and he's talked about a lot of his challenges. he weighed more than 400 pounds a few years ago, and he lost about 150 pounds. he talked a lot about that. he said he stopped eating grains and sugar and exercised more. he told the paper once, have the burger, but not with the bun and the fries. so he's talked openly about this. obviously, it can be a life-long
4:24 pm
battle and weight can play a role in these conditions. how hard of a struggle has it been for him? >> well, strokes can happen to anyone. you know, we saw haley beaver just had one at 25. >> yeah. >> every 40 seconds, someone has a stroke. so it's much more common than i think we think. i'm happy we're talking ajt it n -- about it now, because this may save other lives. but once he made the decision, whether it was he cut grains or walks more, when he makes a decision, he sticks with it. i have full confidence he'll do the same to treat now his afib and moving forward. but this is something that is very common, that we should all be aware of and be looking for symptoms and know how to respond if we do witness someone that we know or love. >> all right. thank you very much. we all appreciate your time. again, i know you're in the middle of an exhausting process here and on your way home from the hospital. so thank you.
4:25 pm
>> absolutely. have a great day. >> you, too. and next, a nato official says new intelligence shows the war is significantly turning in ukraine's favor. but what's being said on russian state television tonight is really crucial. we're going to show you. cnn speaking to a supervisor at the buffalo supermarket where ten people were murdered. he says he remembers seeing the alleged gunman back in march. >> he had on the same exact clothes. i remember that, them ugly green pants and them ugly -- that ugly green fatigues. this scarf? check out this backpack i made for marco. only pay for what you need. ♪liberty. liberty. liberty. l liberty.♪
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with no line activation fees or term contracts... saving you up to $500 a year. and it's only available to comcast business internet customers. so boost your bottom line by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities.™ tonight, dramatic new video of ukraine's national guard blowing up a bridge to stop russian forces. this as a nato military official says momentum in the war has shifted in ukraine's favor. and that some nato officials believe ukraine could retake the don mbas and crimea. that could be a crisis for putin, but that comes as more critics go public of putin in
4:30 pm
russia. >> reporter: defenders of ukraine turned prisoners of war. the latest images released by the russian military of ukrainian forces surrendering after their defiant stand. some limping with wounds or exhaustion. as one of the most grueling battles at the azovstal steel works in mariupol comes to a close. nearly a thousand ukrainians have surrendered so far, russia's defense ministry spokesman announces triumphantly. before detailing russia's latest rocket attacks in what he says are u.s. supplied weapons on the battlefield. as ever, no hint of any problems or setbacks in what russia still refuses to even call a war. shocking then, that kremlin
4:31 pm
controlled television would allow russia's special military operation to be ripped apart on air by a respected military commentator. and former russian colonel who pulls no punches. >> translator: let's not take information tranquilizers and pretend ukraine's armed forces are nearing a crisis of morale, because that's not close to reality. >> reporter: the pro-kremlin anchor pushes back, saying there have been individual cases that show otherwise. but the colonel is insistent. >> translator: with european military aid now coming into full effect, a million ukrainian soldiers could soon join the fight. while frankly the situation for russia will get worse. it is scathing. >> reporter: but he went on --
4:32 pm
>> translator: we are geopolitically isolated. the whole world is against us, even if we don't want to admit it. >> reporter: telling millions of russians who get their news from this state channel what many of them, given the international sanctions on russia, must already suspect. recent days have seen the official veil of denial slip, too. like when the pro-kremlin chechen leaders, whose forces have been fighting in ukraine, tried to tell russian student what's really going on there. >> translator: we're fighting ukrainian nationalists, backed by nato and the west is arming them. that's why our country is finding it so difficult. it's a good experience. >> reporter: not the experience, though, that vladamir putin, who presided over a slightly muted
4:33 pm
victory day parade earlier this month, is likely to have expected when he sent his troops across the border. russia hasn't lost its latest war, but expectations of a quick and easy win are being rolled back. erin, tonight that same retired colonel has again appeared on russian state television. this time there's a marked difference in his tone. take a close listen. >> translator: when people talk about ukraine, acquiring the ability to counterattack, it's a big exaggeration. as concerns of the actions of our supreme command, there's every reason to believe the implementation of these plans will in the near future give ukraine an unpleasant surprise. >> reporter: there you have it. after that controversial outburst the night before on state television, the retired
4:34 pm
colonel is tonight much more supportive of the russian government and much more critical of ukraine's military performance. erin? >> matthew chance, thank you very much. i want to go now to ian bremer, the author of "power of crisis." let's talk about this, because earlier in the day, we were talking about the colonel -- it was an incredible moment. >> state media. >> state media and you have them keep pushing back, no, no, no, russia is doing great. he's like no, you have to be realistic. and now, it's as if he said the sky was blue and now it's purple again. >> i told you before he came out the second time that i thought this was enormously unusual. i was surprised he was still going to be on the air again, because in russia, you just don't come out like that. and of course, what we have just seen in the last hour is that he's a different human being.
4:35 pm
>> i mean, it is incredible to see it. what do you read into it, though, the fact that he even said that at all and then he comes back -- >> it was live. he is a respected military analyst, former colonel who had been saying before the war that it was a bad idea, and it was, again, live television. i think that just the anchor was surprised, and they weren't ready to push back. obviously, they didn't have sufficient level of media censorship to shut him down. but they got to him. and it's clear it's not acce acceptable. people have gone to jail for less in the last two months in russia. >> it's just stunning that somebody could -- that there was an avenue for that to happen at that moment. in your book, you talk about several crucial things that are shaping the world. one is russia and putin. when you see this narrative out there that nato is saying oh,
4:36 pm
gosh, ukraine is doing so well, they could take crimea. others are saying nothing of the sort is occurring. russia in fact hans ve solidifi that. how is this war right now for puten? >> it's as close to about as battery as it could go for putin. this war has been going on since february 24th. every week since then, things for putin have deteriorated. the level of military support for ukraine has increased every week from defensive to offensive weapons from more countries. the military, the intelligence support he's getting realtime on the disposition of russian forces on the ground from the u.s., the uk and others, has been increasing every single week. and the level of sanctions, the punishment that has been served against russia. the freezing of his assets, first time that's ever happened
4:37 pm
for a g20 economy. the fact that s.w.i.f.t., they're being removed from s.w.i.f.t. first it's the oligarchs, then it's banking, then coal, oil, and soon it's gas. >> is it this existential crisis that puts him in the corner of horrific things? >> i think it's quite the opposite. the interesting thing is putin didn't believe this was possible. he thought the west was in disarray, macron was going on his own way. trump said nato was obsolete. he didn't think it was possible that the west could come back from that invasion. actually what's happened is today, you know what happened, finland and sweden applied to nato. and the ukrainians are doing better. nato is stronger than it was before. even in the united states, where everyone hates each other, the one thing we agree on is that first, pelosi and then mitch
4:38 pm
mcconnell make the same trip to kyiv to show their support for ukraine. >> and you talk about three threats. one of them is the pandemic as well. i'm curious about the overload between that and russia and what we're seeing with putin. he did this, about all those things come into it. but it was also in the light of all these images we saw, that big, long table and nobody could be around him and he wouldn't talk to his advisers, and this utter isolation, which is related to the covid crisis. how much of an impact has covid had on putin? >> it's clearly unhelpful, that this is a man who has not been able to go around and talk to military troops in the field as they were training for what this invasion was going to be. look, i think there are lots of reasons why putin, no matter what covid or not, clearly would have made the decision he made to invade, because he did see winter's here, there's all of this -- and all these other things came together.
4:39 pm
but the one thing he had absolutely no assessment of, he didn't believe the ukrainians were going to fight. and i think if there had been better communication, we would have gotten -- remember, he only had 190,000 troops on the border. i say only, because that's fewer than the ukrainian troops in the field. no one would say you go in if you had 2-1, 3-1, but not 0.8-1. he calls it a special operation, not a war. that's propaganda. he believed it wasn't a war because he believed the ukrainians weren't going to fight. >> and he believed he was going to be welcomed. well, i hope everyone will read this, because you talk about the threats, climate change is also on the list. thank you so much. next, the suspected gunman in the deadly shooting in buffalo revealed his plot in a private chat room just 30 minutes before he opened fire. and the plane crash, the one that, you know, straight down, was apparently not an accident.
4:40 pm
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4:44 pm
tonight, a survivor of the mass shooting inside the grocery store in buffalo is speaking to cnn, recounting what it was like, barricaded inside a conference room in the back of the store with customers, as the gunman was killing and massacring. we learn new details about what the suspect was doing just minutes before the attack. >> reporter: did you think you were going to die when you were in the breakroom and you're hearing all these gunshots? >> yes, i did. >> reporter: jerome bridges, an employee at the tops market, was inside the store when the suspected gunman opened fire and ran for the breakroom. >> i thought to myself, he might combusting through the door, so there's an old table back there that i pulled up to the door with one arm and barricaded the door. >> reporter: you grabbed customers? >> i told the customers to get inside, some customers to get inside the breakroom. i had to tell them to be quiet and lay down on the ground,
4:45 pm
because he was getting closer and closer to the back, to the point where he was actually shooting at the displays. >> reporter: according to posts on social media, the 18-year-old suspected gunman publicly revealed his attack plans on the communication app discourse shortly before the shooting on saturday. in a statement to cnn, a spokesperson for discord says his online chat logs were visible to some people about 30 minutes before the shooting began, saying what we know at this time is that a private, invite only server was created by the suspect to serve as a personal diary chat log. cnn analyzed the posts shared on discord and other social media sites, revealing troubling warning signs from the alleged shooter. they show the suspect made three visits to the supermarket in buffalo in march, doing reconnaissance and writing about the activity inside the store, including how many black and white people were inside.
4:46 pm
do you remember seeing him in march? >> yes. he had on those same exact clothes. them ugly green pants and them ugly -- that ugly green fatigues. >> and no one said -- no one thought anything of it? >> no. i didn't think nothing of it. i thought he was a shopper. i didn't realize he was sitting up there scoping out the store for something like this. >> reporter: days after the massacre, jerome bridges can't bring himself to remove his name tag. the buffalo, new york supermarket just a few blocks from his home, was more than a job, he says. >> you still wear this? >> yes, because if they open up the store, i'm going back. i'm not going to let nobody scare me. we're all family. >> you lost them. >> yes. >> reporter: tonight, the new york state attorney general says he's launching an investigation into the social media companies used by the suspect to plan, promote, and stream his attack
4:47 pm
as authorities search for answers. >> he killed so many innocent people. every night i've been going in the house and crying for hours and hours and hours. >> he could face the death penalty. >> if he gets the death penalty, i would clap. i would be happy. then everybody could go on about their lives, knowing justice was served, because he wanted to be an idiot. >> reporter: and erin, i also spoke to him about his son, 15-year-old son, who was on the phone with him, trying to reach him, when he was here stuck in the back of this breakroom. he wouldn't answer the phone, he said he was too scared to answer the phone, because he was afraid the gunman would hear him on the phone, and that would allow him or make him come into the breakroom. the other thing he wanted folks to know is that how thankful he is for all of the support that
4:48 pm
this community has been receiving. >> thank you very much. and next, the china eastern crash that killed 132 people on board may not have been an accident at all. not at all. plus, president biden invoking a 1950s law, trying t ining to ra baby formula production. will it work? ♪ walking on ♪ ♪ walking on the momoon ♪ ♪ some ♪ ♪ may say ♪ ♪ i'm wishing my days away ♪ ♪ no way ♪ ♪ walking on the moon ♪ time. it's life's most precious commodity, especially when you have metastatic breast cancer. when your time is threatened, it's hard to invest in your futu. until now. kisqali is helping women live longer than ever before
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at fidelity, your dedicated advisor will help you create a comprehensive wealth plan for your full financial picture. with the right balance of risk and reward. so you can enjoy more of...this. this is the planning effect. the china eastern airlines boeing 737 jet, the one that -- it's unforgettable, that vertical nose dive from 29,000 feet was crashed intentionally, killed all 132 people on board. this is according to an explosive report in the "wall street journal." pete muntean is "outfront." >> reporter: these are the deadly final moments of china eastern flight 5735. now new details suggest this vertical dive was done on
4:53 pm
purpose. "the wall street journal" suggests inputs to the controls pushed the plane into the fatal dive. the journal cites those familiar with the american assessment of the flight's data recorder, sent by the chinese to washington for analysis. >> it's not surprising. >> reporter: former director peter galls says the new details only confirm his suspicions. initial flight tracking data showed the boeing 737-800 leveling off at 29,000 feet, then starting a dive at extreme speed. less than two minutes later, all 132 people on board were killed. >> you've really got to make it to do that. ordinarily the plane's nose wants to come up. it doesn't want to dive into the ground. and it takes a lot of energy and a lot of concentration to keep a plane in that kind of suicidal dive. >> this is what they would have heard in the cockpit. >> reporter: the boeing 737-800
4:54 pm
is replicated in maryland. markwise says it's notable that since the crash there have been no safety directives or groundings issued for boeing 737-800. >> airplanes don't fall out of the sky. i mean, winds are made to generate lift. that airplane, even if it had lost bought of its engines would have glided. it would not have come down in the trajectory that apparently it had. >> one source told "the wall street journal" the china eastern plane did what it was told to do by someone in the cockpit. the question now, whether that person was a passenger or one of the pilots. china is investigating. >> i believe this was an intentional act. >> reporter: china eastern airlines insists its pilots were in good health before the crash and that there was no family or financial drama for them at home. of course there's the international element of all of this, erin. remember the chinese are leading
4:55 pm
this investigation, and the black boxes are only a part of it. the civil aviation authority of china says its process will be rigorous and scientific, and that it's cooperating with all parties involved, including those here in the u.s. erin? >> thank you. next the white house and the house tonight scrambling to deal with the baby formula shortage and crisis, a shortage, by the way, that has been going on for three months. when you're a parent to a newborn child or a child that needs formula, are you kidding me? three months? how has it been so long? love and liberty mutual customizing your car insurancnce, so y you only pay for what you need. (emu squawks) if anyone objects to this marriage, speak now or forever hold your peace. (emu squawks) (the crowd gasps) no, kevin, no! not today. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ waxed. natural.
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i joined the district attorney's office to pursue justice for everyone. but like so many of my colleagues, i resigned in protest because chesa boudin interfered in every single case and failed to do his job. the office is absolutely
4:59 pm
in disarray right now. chesa dissolved my unit prosecuting car break-ins. now criminals flock to san francisco because there are no consequences. we can't wait. recall chesa boudin now. -- captions by vitac -- tonight, president biden announcing he will invoke the defense production act to ramp up production of baby formula, and the house is voting tonight on two bills to address the issue. let's be honest, it's unacceptable it has taken this long. the shortage in the united states is now going on three months. that is an eternity with a newborn baby. and the relief isn't even immediate. abbott says it would take a minimum of six to eight weeks after production resumes for formula to get on store shelves. the white house feels the pressure now. they've launched a new website with resources for finding
5:00 pm
formula. among the resources on the site are manufacturing hotlines for customers. do they work? our white house reporter, mj lee tested one out. she was on hold for over an hour before she got a human being. the fda is expected to testify on capitol hill tomorrow morning. thanks for joining us. "ac 360" starts now. good evening. now for the first time, election night in this country did not end on election night. we've got live reporting in just a moment on the counting of the votes in pennsylvania in the republican primary. the former president, donald trump, is not waiting for the votes to be counted. he's telling the pennsylvania senate candidate he endorsed, mehmet oz to declare victory, in his odds. he's also making baseless claims about cheating in the race. what is for the first time is a 2020 election denier, doug mastriano is now