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tv   Don Lemon Tonight  CNN  May 18, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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thanks for watching. don lemon tonight starts now. >> i know you were up until 2 d2:00 a.m. watching the results with us. >> that's why i was yawning because i was wanting to be there with you. ree ride or die. >> this is crazy. this is when we say razor thin, it's not an exaggeration. >> it's probably going to have rae count either way.
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i'll stay with up you but can i watch golden girls in between? >> you can. i got to run. dana bash is here. she doesn't like to be kept waiting. >> hi, dana bash. >> this is don lemon tonight. you were looking for election drama, you have come to the right place. look at that. those are the most up to the minute results. trump endorsed tv doc oz razor thin lead over hedge fund guy david mccormick. oz 1241 votes ahead. >> when a ll the votes tallied, i'm confident we will win. >> we're going to win this campaign. we're going to win this campaign. >> the fact is this race is way
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too close to call with a .1% lead. anything less than a .5% triggers a recount in pennsylvania. the acting secretary of state telling cnn the decision on a recount could come by nec tuesday. that's not stopping the former guy from urging his candidate to just declare victory which is not how it works. that's not how it's supposed to work. that's what you do if you following the play book who say we did win this election. that was the quote while the votes are still being counted. he did not win. he's been pushing his bogus big lie of election fraud ever since. whoever finally comes out on top in this race will face a democratic candidate john fetterman in the general election. he trounsed his challengers even from his hospital bed where he's recovering from surgery to implant a defibrillator after he suffered a stroke last week. all this drama could impact who
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controls the united states senate. that's what's at stake here. we have some new developments on that racist massacre. stories of survival. i talked to the incredibly brave 8-year-old girl who was hiding with her dad separated from her mom. >> i was scared for my mom. >> she was worried about her mom in another part of the store. stories of heroes like the market worker who barricaded customers in the break room, blocking the door with table. >> i just wanted to make sure i kept the customers and my other three co-workers very safe. even if i would have died, it would have been me dying protecting them. >> you were ready the take a bullet for them? >> yes. >> i'm going to talk to the son
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of the hero security guard who lost his life trying to stop the shooter. police say there might have been more victims if not for his he reeic action. republican primary still too close to call. you're speaking with advisers from both campaigns. what are you hearing from your sources? >> don, after a day long series of counting in all 67 counties across this commonwealth, the oz and the mccormick campaign agree on one thing. they know this race is not going change dramatically. there's not going to be a sudden rush of votes from any one place. this will be a county by county, vote by vote grinds. they believe this is likely to be a race that is won or loss by hundreds of votes if that, not
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thousands. the mccormick campaign, a former hedge fund executive and army vetera n there were some 22,000 mail in votes that were miscoded. that means the outer coding could not be fed through the scanner. the votes were right inside on the ballot but they had to be opened automatically and recoded. that's virtually done. there's about 4,000 or so left. in that one county, the mccormick campaign had a net gain of 61 votes.
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mccormick got 61 net gain votes there. county by county, that is what the changes is. this will go on for the nec several days. provisional ballots where the next campaign will argue if a ballot should be counted. if you can find what the voter will do. they believe by the weekend there should be a sense in most of these counties what the actual outcome is. we're talking hundreds. we're not talking anymore than that. >> it's .5%. speaking of recounts it's an automatic inevitable at this point? clarify that. >> it seems to be and state election officials say that decision will be made on tuesday. we're talking 1.3 million votes cast. the margin could have to grow up to about more than 6,000. maybe 6500 or more votes. it does not seem that will be
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the kaes. both sides are bracing for a recount. we should clarify, a recount is an automatic sort of revising of the tabs. they just run the numbers again. they don't recount every ballot per se. the key thing is the count going into the recount. that's why the next few days are critical. the count is more important than the recount. we almost never see an outcome reversed by a recount. that's why the next hours and days are critical. that's why all the campaigns have people and eyes on all 67 counties across the common wemt h -- commonwealth here. >> my next question is quick one. which part of town are you in? do you know? >> reporter: we're between center city and old city not too far from independence hall. it's been great day here.
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always great being in philadelphia. we'll be back here a lot. this race in november will be so critical. >> yeah, that's my old hood. old city. thank you. i'll see you later. great night life there. >> this is our night life. philadelphia, great city. i miss living there. talk about this primary. it's major cliff hanger. it's human implication for who controls the senate. >> that's the key we shouldn't lose sight of. there's so many plots and subplots going on particularly as you were talking about this cliff hanger with who will be the republican nominee.
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the reason, particularly in the republican side it is so critical is because this is an open republican seat and it's an open republican seat being left by pat toomey who for the most part was rather moderate as compared to many of his republican colleagues. most importantly when you look at the trump era, he voted for the impeachment. he voted yes for trump's impeachment after the insurrection. if you think about that in the con tex of the way that most of the republicans on all of these ballots were campaigning in this year talking about the 2020 election, what a stark difference. >> let's talk fetterman. won this primary -- found out from his hospital bed because he was getting a pacemaker put in. 6'8", tattoo guy, goatee. have you ever seen him until a
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s -- him in a suit? >> i have not. >> does he challenge the wisdom of what an electable candidate looks like? >> the fact that every part of the democratic party is trying the lay claim to fetterman right now speaks to the way that he has really shown himself as an asset in democratic politics. he's not someone who has full throated progressive positions. he comes in kind of in line with pennsylvania on issues like fraking and other things. you have someone embraced some progress ef live language on ot issues been an open lebiberal willing to deal with the questions and culture issues and take them straight on. he's said the key to his success is not in the ideological question but in going and seeing all of pennsylvania and going county by county and kind of looking trump voter directly in the eye and saying i am one of
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you. he is a progressive but trying to appeal to the rule voter. is he going to appeal to black voter? you know the his opponent in the race repeatedly pointed out what happened. he had an incident in 2013 where he left home with a shotgun to confront a black jogger who turned out to be unarmed. do you think he will lose? is that going to hurt him in the black community? >> we have seen this story pop up. we haven't seen it really resonate on the black voter level. at this point, he will be going i against a republican that will be hard pressed to make those arguments. i think if we were to see kathy barnett come out of the republican side, someone willing to use their identity in the same way but i think fetterman is probably resting easier
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knowing he can go to the voters and say look at the republicans. i have a history of working with the community outside of this incident. >> he will have that but it's hard for me to believe if not the republican candidate or the party, there will be outside groups who will try to nail him on that issue. some of the lower tier candidates did try to bring that up with him. his biggest opponent, at least at the beginning of the primary connor lamb who is -- was supposed to be the classic kind of democrat who should win in a purple state like pennsylvania, he's a moderate. he is a veteran and didn't stand a chance against someone like fetterman for all the reasons you brought up. >> i go back to what we came through with the democratic pri
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ma -- primary. i would get a sign to go to south carolina to see if the folks abandoned him because of the nec thing he did or the nec inc incident. when people feel they are voting for harm reduction or someone they understand, there's a lot of things that black voters have been used to looking past because of imperfect candidates for a long time. i'm not saying he will not have a problem with it but i think we should check some of our assumptions about where the voters are coming from because we haven't had evidence it's hurting. >> voters, used to vote in pennsylvania. i used to cover the lelections there. the lesser of two evils if you want to put it that way. it's a figure of speech. let's talk about donald trump encouraging oz to declare victory. i felt like this is 2020 all over again. he wants to cheat against fellow republicans now? >> pretty much.
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there's no other way to put it. he wants oz to win because he wants to win. he endorsed oz. he did so despite a willot of people around him, close to him and on the outer ring of his circle saying don't do that. what are you doing? don't endorse him. stay out of it. pick a different battle to fight. he decided that for lots of reasons, no t the least of which is oz is a celebrity and donald trump felt akinship to hymn. he said i'm going to support him. you have to remember in this race donald trump sees his own viability for the future through the eyes of the veebie blt of dr. oz.
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>> he's not the king but he wants to be the king maker? >> he understands that's how he's going to be judged. >> he did point out that meeting trump all of the candidates were ultra maga. >> i think it was. i think it was because trumpism is the republican party at this point. we have several candidates who are successful who were really like trump talking about that quote, unquote big lie. the lek fraud really embracing it. it's a grass roots motivatiing issue in republican primaries. it's turned from something that might be controversial. i think we have to say that's trumpism winning.
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the big swing -- the biggest figure he took a swing at is governor brian kemp. whether trumpism came out of this primary looking okay, trump himself is a mixed bag. i think that pretty much aligns to what we know his grip on the republican party is. we know he's the most important figure at this moment. the idea he has a full vice grip on the party is in question. >> listen, it was a tea party and whatever. republicans have just been getting more extreme to the right, moving further and further to the right. it is part tofof the trajectory. >> it is. he's been telling associates he is concerned the word he used but the message he is sending is he's not sure that he -- that he, donald trump, is in charge of trumpism anymore.
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that was specifically referring to kathy barnett. >> it seems like train already had the momentum. if he wins then he be the person who appoints the people who decide the election. >> correct secretary of state. that's a frightening prospect. he was at the capitol for the stop the steal rally. a person who is an election denier will be in charge of appointing the person deciding the election in pennsylvania. >> not only at the capitol but used his position in the pennsylvania legislature to try to stop the pennsylvania votes from being certified on behalf of or in favor of joe biden because that's the way the voters wanted it to be. yes, you say if he wins, right now if you look at everything on the field it's a big if. it's not completely out of the
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question because it is a very, very tough year for democrats. sd >> we don't know. thank you. good to see both of you. >> nice to see you. >> in person. primary season is heating up and one of the hottest races to come is in georgia. that's next week. you know the state where the then president pressured the secretary of state to help him find 11,000, i just need 11,000 more votes. the state now investigating his election interference. i'll talk to the lieutenant governor who decided not to run in the face of the big lie. that's next. power e*trade giveu an award-winning mobile app with powerful, easy-to-use tools, and interactive charts to give you an edge. 24/7 support when you need it the most. plus, , zero-dollar commissions for online u.s. listed stocks. [ding] get e*trtrade from morgan stanley and start trading today. never settle with power e*trade. it has powerful, easy-to-use tools to help you find opportunities, 24/7 support when you need answers, plus some of the lowest options
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nature made. the number one pharmacist recommended vitamin and supplement brand. vote still being counted. the state was a prime target for the former president's election lies after he lost in 2020 nap w. that will be a key test to his party. thank you. appreciate you joining us. >> glad to be here. >> something in particular that i want your take on about this senate race in pennsylvania.
7:23 pm
president trump taking to social media platform and urging dr. oz to just declare victory. if republican candidates start claiming fraud even in the primaries, is that recipe for disaster, at least utter chaos. >> it's not a good step forward. follow the rules, count the vote and move on. if you won the race, you earn the title to play in the general. if you didn't, move on. we should have learned that lesson here. we lost two senate run offers in our run off period because we tried to talk about the 2020 cycle instead of talking about our records. >> you oppose the former president's election lies but in environment in the party, you're not running for re-election. do you see any sign of the dynamic in the republican party changing or is the big lie alive and well and that's just the way it is? >> it is. every metric you look at is
7:24 pm
pointing towards a deflection away from donald trump. think about the pennsylvania race yesterday. the senate race. 70% of republicans didn't vote in favor of trump's endorsement. we're going to watch this race down here in georgia. 70 plus percent of people will vote for donald trump's endorsement for governor. i think folks are waking up worried about inflangs and worried about a thousands point drop in the stock market. they are not worried about o conspiracy theory not worth its weight in salt. >> i want to talk about your state up next week. there's a new fox poll out just tonight that has governor kemp adding to his lead. 60% of republican primary voters back him. 28% back former senator david purdue. in march found that -- fox found a smaller kemp lead. is the race running away from perdue and why is that
7:25 pm
happening? >> yeah, absolutely. david purdue will get trounced on tuesday. rightfully so. bryan kemp has done a good job of leading the state through the election. he done a good job leading in the middle. he's going to continue to be our governor. david purdue ran a synthetic campaign because he believed what donald trump said. if he endorsed him, he'd win and he didn't. he didn't get money, the support and he's not going to win. >> the same poll found that 37% of georgia republican primary voters said trump's endorsement make them more supportive of more perdue almost the same as it had no effect. 24% saying it made them less supportive. is his support becoming less potent in georgia? >> absolutely.
7:26 pm
i think it's all over the country. a year ago, who would have thought that the two most poisonous endorsement would be joe biden on the democrat side and donald trump on the republican side going into these primaries and going into the generals. it's wild to think but that's really what's playing out right here. in georgia continues to be on the tip of the spear. i think the rest of the country will learn the lesson we're learning that it's about leadership, quality of the kapds a -- candidate and a vision looking forward. >> that's an astute assessment about the democrats and republicans. i never thought about that. the lieutenant governor on the senate side, trump endorsed big lie supporter hershel walker. he's expected to win the nomination. could trump's obsession with 2020 and these primaries hurt the party in the general election?
7:27 pm
>> yeah, every poll shows him wap out right now. i don't want to call him the winner but it looks like he's got a strong lead. if he doesn't talk about more than his endorsement by donald trump, warknock will not have to be held accountable for his record and he probably ends up winning. if walker can get serious along with other candidates around the country and dive into the issues and talk about how they will solve or work to solve inflation, crime, health care, all those big issues, i think the majority of americans care about every night. >> i want to play for the view thers call that the former president made to the georgia secretary of state trying to over turn the election. then we'll talk. >> look, all i want to do is this, i just want to find the
7:28 pm
11,780 votes, which is one more than we have because we won the state. >> it really is, i mean, it's o outrageous. every time i hear that, this is one of the most dangerous investigations facing trump. do you think he will face consequences for attempting to put his finger on the scale. >> year and a half later that phone call is hard to listen to. he held himself together and did what georgians elected him to do. we got a lot of work to do in my party to fix the rules of engagement to talk about real issues. real issues are not conspiracy theories be they are not
7:29 pm
farfetched partisan devivides. the real problems, how will they pay for groceries, afford to fill their gas. are they going to get laid off because their stock price went down 20% today. these are real issues that our next batch of leaders in this country will have more solutions for. >> before i let you go, looking back now, t been over a year, almost two years since the election. do you have any grregrets on th stance of not supporting the big lie? >> no. i'm not getting out of politics because of donald trump. >> thank you. appreciate it. the suspect in the racist mass shooting in buffalo inviting people the see his plans just 30 minutes before the
7:30 pm
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7:35 pm
self-described white supremacists. the social media platform discord reveals he invited people to see the attack 30 minutes before the shooting. the ag is investigating twitch and discord as we're learning more about the suspect inviting people to see his plans. what are they looking for? >> they are focusing on what you just mentioned. the bone chill, 30 minutes before the attack occurred. his reveal of his ae tack plans. he did this on discord in a private online chat form on that app. he invited a few select people to look at that. only a few people were able fo see those plans. this was a diary of the plans he had been make for the past six
7:36 pm
months . he planned for the attack on march 15th but he had to delay it several times. he said the fbi will have to go after the people to find out who viewed the plans to see what they knew about them. >> that and other issues we're hearing about this shooter. you're there in buffalo. is there a sense that multiple red flags were missed?
7:37 pm
>> reporter: there is. people are outraged by it. the victims relatives and people in this community. they know someone knew something at some point. a lot of that we're piecing together as far as what the parents know. here is what the people in the community know that the parents had to have known what happened. this incident in june of 2021 where he made a threat as part of an online school project. a threat to commit murder/suicide. this threat alerted teachers enough so that he called the state police to come and get him. the state police take him to a hospital. he's evaluated for a short time, released and nothing is done after that. that's what the people in this community know. it's enough to make the people very angry that signals were missed. >> thank you very much. he sacrificed his life trying to stop the massacre e
7:38 pm
exchanging gunfire with the shooter at the tops market. the police officer is being called hero. his son is here to talk about his life and bravery, that's next. cloudy glasses? when detergent alone isn't enough... ...adddd finish jet dry 3 in 1. to dry, prevent spots,s, and protect glasses against cloudiness. the dishes a aren't done without finish jet dry 3 in 1. >> tech: when you have auto glass damage, trust safelite. this dad and daughter were driving when they got a crack in their windshield. [smash] >> dad: it's okay. pull over. >> tec he wouldn't take his car just anywhere... ♪ pop rock music ♪ >> tech: h brought it to safelite. we replaced the windshield and recalibrated their car's advanced safety system, so features like automatic emergency braking will work properly. >> tech: alright, all finished. >> dad: wow, that's great. thanks. >> tech: stay safe with safelite. schedule now. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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this is a person that we have been wanting to hear from. pay attention to this next interview, please. there he is on your screen. 55 years old. he's a retired buffalo police lieutenant. died ftrying to stop the gunman. more people would have died if he had not intervened. let's talk to his son now. aaron salter iii.
7:43 pm
aaron, really appreciate you joining us. >> of course. no problem. >> how you doing? >> i'm doing okay. i'm just trying to stay strong during this time. >> your mom? >> she's doing better. with all the support that we have been getting and the help within the community, buffalo, she's been doing better. >> yeah. over the last few days understand she's been very protective of you and family members. you have not spoken out because it's tough for everybody. they were married for 33 years. she doesn't want anything to happen to any of you because this is just snaomething that i so unusual, sudden, shocking and tragic. >> yeah, oh yeah. she really care. she you wants to basic sure that we're okay but at the end of the day, i'm just trying to make sure she's okay because he was the provider for 33 years.
7:44 pm
it's all about her right now. >> why did you decide to speak out? >> i decided do speak out because at the end of the day, my dad was a hero. i want every one to know that he hate has no place in america, buffalo. it doesn't matter what state you live in, it has no place here. i wanted to let everybody know that he went out because he was trying to protect every one. he made tops his priority even though she was retired, he cared about tops. he cared about the people who came in there every day. he cared about employees. it was he has duty to keep every one safe. he went out doing that. >> the president, president biden talked about your father during his visit to buffalo. i want to play a bit of it and then we'll talk about it. >> okay. >> aaron salter, 55, retired buffalo police officer. three decades, three decades
7:45 pm
lo loved electric cars. gave his life to save others on a saturday amp. >> i understand your family had the chance the meet with the president. did you share anything with him about your father? >> oh, yes. he came in the room and met with us individually. he comforted everybody and told everybody that this is a terrible situation and what happened, every one is feeling it. at the end of the day, you got to stay strong and stick together and be there for each other and that's how we're going to overcome this tragedy. he just told us to just be there for each other through this time to get through it. that's what my family is all about. just hearing it from the most powerful man in the united states, it meant the world to me. >> the buffalo mayor says that
7:46 pm
if your father had not engaged gun ffire with the shooter that more people would have died. i'm sure you're not surprised by his bravery. i don't know if that -- i don't know if anything can offer you any degree of comfort now. knowing that your dad was a hero, does that help at all? >> it means the world to me because i know -- i think that is what chokes me up the most. i know that if my dad -- if my dad was evenly matched with him even though he was -- he came with all that hate, if my dad was evenly matched with him, it would have been a different outcome because my dad, you know, all he cares about is helping people. the way i see it, my dad probably heard the gunshot and knew something was going on. he just sprung into action.
7:47 pm
that's just the man that i know. he did. he didn't run away from it. he engaged them and he went out like hero. he went out trying to save someone's family member who went into the store that day to get a cake for thaer kids birthday and, you know, unfortunately, couldn't make it out but if it wasn't for him, it would have been way more than the people that succumb to the violence. i know for fact that he would really be happy that we're talking about him right now because if it wasn't for him, it skrould been a lot worse. it would have been. >> if your dad had been evenly matched, it would have been a different outcome. you also said something that i thought was just as profound. you said the hatred your dad
7:48 pm
encountered in his last moments need to be overcome by the good that your father brought to the world. tell me about that. >> people reached out to me. i've bp getting messages over the last couple of days about i have people wo went into the store as just regular customers telling me, hey, i know you don't know me but we would go into tops and your dad would say nice shoes or hey, nice jeans. he would always say nice stuff to people. i had one guy reach out and say you don't know me but i know your dad. i used go to tops all the time. he used to keep that old school that he had clean. my dad had an old school car that he retired from the police force. he bought one because he always wanted one. he always kept it clean. the fact that a customer found
7:49 pm
me out of every one on instagram and dm'ed me and told me i knew your dad. when i came in there, he always said some nice stuff to me and kept the car he had clean. that meant the northeast to me because my dad, that was the -- you'll get a nice comment from him but you're going to see he kept his car clean and that was his baby. it means a lot. when i was at my darkest time when e found out what happened, when i saw that comment, it brought me so much joy. i can be thinking about the negative and the bad and the hatred that the guy showed but when i saw that comment, i just made me feel it. i felt it. i said this is for you, dad. this is for you. >> listen, i understand. i appreciate it. i understand that you wanted to
7:50 pm
do this interview with me because i understood sudden loss with my sister. i still talk to her. i just say, i'll go and start talking to her as if she's around or whatever. do you talk to him? what would you say to him? >> i just, you know, i look at -- i just look at -- lately i just been looking at just photos. i went to my aunt's house and we go sot many photos of him. like, when people talk about him, i can just still hear him. i can hear his tone of voice, his laughter. i still got glimpses. i really had a good relationship with my dad. i talked to my dad almost every day. i would call him .
7:51 pm
i look at what he left. i look at what he did. even though he's gone i can still feel his spirit. i'm there for my mom and sister. i'm doing what i know he would want me to do. that's given me piece.
7:52 pm
>> i still have voice. i love that he liked. >> and they were old school. >> yes, the history. >> aaron, i am happy that you appeared and honored and grateful. and be well, and cherish the memories and say hello to your mom and tell her that we are all thinking about her and she is watching now, and she and her dad raise add a really good son >> thank you, i appreciate it. >> take care. >> thank you, we will be back.
7:53 pm
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tonight, old glory waving once again above the u.s. embassy in kyiv, and the american flag is waving again as the u.s. embassy reopened in kyiv. after the unprovoked invasion, it was closed. but once the invasion began, state department moved the american personnel to poland for safety and suspended all diplomatic business to poland. and today, antony blinken was there when they reopened the embassy. and what has the election season shown us so far? twists an turnand turns an incr tight races. what does it mean for november? we will tell you next.
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