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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  May 19, 2022 2:59am-4:00am PDT

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and something not music to your ears, stock futures are all still down sharply. so dow down 5300 points just so far this year. just ugly. we'll talk about it. "new day" will pick that up in a few minutes. thanks for joining us. >> "new day" starts right now. good morning to viewers here in the united states and all around the world, it is thursday, may 19th, i'm john berman, brianna is off this morning. erica hill with he here. >> nice to be back with you. >> it's kind of an ugly morning around the world in economic terms, stocks tumbling, prices rising, anxiety boiling. wall street's worst days dai in
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nearly two years, the dow dropped nearly 1200 points, it came after target reported a huge 52% drop in profits for the first quarter, walmart slashed its outlooks. these stores are pocketing less money because they have to pay so much more to get product on their shelves. wal walmart's stock fell more than 11% on tuesday, the company's worst day since 1987. >> and then of course there are also gas prices to talk b now above $4 a gallon in every state in america for the first time ever. the national average this morning $4.52 a gallon and climbing and that ripple effect is now hitting markets around the globe. overnight european markets opening lower, stocks also tumbled in asia after wall street's hellish day. inflation fears now depressing investor sentiment, many ceos publicly stating their
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concerns about a possible recession, something fed chairman jerome powell is keenly aware of. >> what we need to see is inflation coming down in a clear and convincing way and we're going to keep pushing until we see that. >> joining us now to discuss business journalist mark stewart. for a lot of folks waking up this morning it feels like a lot of doom and gloom. is that really what it is? >> well, think about you and your family. if you have to make a big purchase, like a trip or buy a new car, you do so when you have some certainty in your life, that usually means a good job, some money in the bank, and an indication of where your life is taking you. right now the economy and the stock market they don't have a blueprint for the future, there is no roadmap, there is no flight plan, and that is why we are seeing these big losses. yes, perception is a big part of
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it, but also the stock market and investors want some guarantees. they want some certainty, and right now that's just not happening. >> explain to us why what happened with target was such a big flashing red light. their profits fell -- profits now, not earnings, profits fell 52%. >> so just like our families, big companies are having to deal with extra costs, as you mentioned. i was listening to target's earnings call yesterday, every three months companies basically give a report card, like our kids get at school, to find out how they are doing and what they are dealing with. in market's case one of its executives was talking about the fact that transportation costs were so high. that's in addition to paying more for products, that's in addition to dealing with these supply chain issues. that's why it's such a big deal, because if target is feeling t think about the smaller businesses that don't have the weight that a big corporation like target has. >> what i think can feel a
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little confusing, right, are all these conflicting headlines that we're constantly seeing, low unemployment numbers and then we're getting consumer spending numbers for april, i recognize that target's numbers were for the first quarter but the april numbers are still really strong for consumer spending and target says people are buying. how do people square that? is it just about the transportation costs? >> that's part of the conflict that we are in right now. despite high inflation people are still going to the stores and buying things. we still have some savings left over from the pandemic. also, i would be remiss if i don't bring up gasoline costs, really expensive. i think this morning we are seeing record highs all across the country. there are some things we cannot live without, gasoline is one of them. every day products, food, those are all products that are necessities. so we have no choice but to buy them. so for now until we see even more of a dramatic shift in the way people are spending, the consumer spending numbers were,
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in fact, high. >> but there's -- the fear is -- we talk about this uncertainty. the fear is they're high for now but you have investors saying maybe they're into the going to stay like this. when you talk about guarantees, why is there no guarantee? why is there so much uncertainty now about where things will be one, two, three, four months from now? >> look at what's happening in the world right now. we have a war in ukraine, that is obviously having a big impact on how much we pay for fuel. we have covid outbreaks, which are still an issue in asia, that is inhibiting the way goods move from point a to point b. in addition, while there is hope for the future, all the economists that i have talked to have expressed that inflation, while some months may be better than others, it's going to be part of our lives through the end of the year and well into 2023. one thing which i found stunning, i was listening to an economic forecast, the price of oil right now, about $100 a barrel, that's still high from its average of 60.
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some economists are looking at models where oil prices go up to $180 to $200 a barrel. yeah, it's jaw dropping. >> thanks for that. thanks for making us feel so good. >> ending on a high note. >> i'm just giving you the reality. >> just the messenger, marc. >> yes. >> marc stewart, thank you very much. in pennsylvania the margins in the high stakes senate primary keep tightening. let's take a look at the latest number. tv doctor mehmet oz's lead is that linking, he is about 1,200 votes ahead of dave mccormick. thousands of ballots still need to be counted. kristen holmes is in pittsburgh with the very latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. yeah, that margin remains razor thin. of course, the two big questions now are what is left to be counted and how exactly is that going to impact this race? so given cnn's estimate there are about 15,000 votes left to
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be counted, now, this is just a rough estimate here because not all counties actually give the exact amount of votes that need to be counted still, but of those 15,000 most of them are absentee ballots. now, this matters because what we have seen based on the trends of the votes that have been counted, absentee ballots tend to skew towards mccormick. this is something we saw yesterday. mccormick chip, chip, chipping away at that lead by oz and this is something that i have heard from the mccormick campaign now for two days, that is how they think they are going to win this election is through those absentee ballots. now, the other thing is there are still day of election ballots out there that need to be counted, they are in counties like philadelphia where we don't expect a large amount of republican votes to come in, delaware county which is a suburb of philadelphia and allegheny county which is the pittsburgh area where we are. allegheny county as we reported yesterday there were issues with memory cards there, which caused about 30 precincts to still not yet have their votes be counted.
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we are watching this incredibly closely. of those day of ballots that have been counted in allegheny county a majority have gone towards dave mccormick. it looks as though this is trending in the way of dave mccormick but this is still anyone's game and both dpans are expecting that automatic recount to be triggered which happens in the commonwealth if it is above .5%. president trump who of course has backed dr. mehmet oz has thrown his two cents in. he wrote dr. oz should declare victory, like now, before all the votes are counted. joining us now cnn political analyst and senior political correspondent for "the new york times" maggie haberman. that's something, maggie. >> it's, i think, something we've seen before, right? it's something we saw donald trump do with his own victory and he is trying to duplicate that. i don't think he would be doing that if he felt entirely confident that oz was going to win when these ballots are all counted, but what he is doing is muddying the waters and there are huger implications here
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because republicans are trying to retake the senate, it is going to be much harder if donald trump is casting doubt on dave mccormick the way he's clearly prepared to do. >> what's important, too, is the reaction that you're seeing or not seeing from mehmet oz in response to these comments and from dave mccormick. >> dave mccormick, i think, you know, has taken a lot of lumps from donald trump so i'm not really surprised that he's not saying something until he knows where this is headed. in oz's case we know that donald trump when he did a rally for him said he agrees with me about 2020, dave mccormick -- or, you know, that dave mccormick doesn't agree with me and the implication was that oz does. i'm not at all surprised to see how this is playing out. but, again, this is really dangerous what donald trump is saying and it should not be minimized. this isn't just him complaining that he lost an election, all of the things that got said after november 3rd, 2020, donald trump has to cool off, this is hard for him, et cetera, et cetera, all of the rationalizations that ended up snowballing into something more, now he's willing to say this about other people's elections and we are heading
3:09 am
down a different path. >> we should make perfectly clear every vote has the same validity here, a vote cast by mail is every bit as valid as a vote cast in-person. a vote counted today is every bit valid as a vote that was counted on tuesday. you mentioned it could hurt republicans long term. in georgia, you know, in 2020 trump was complaining about the election, republicans think that depressed the vote in the runoff here. so trump doing this could hurt whoever the nominee is long term. >> hurt whoever it is the nominee is long term, could hurt to your point in other states. we know that in 2020 both mitch mcconnell and kevin mccarthy tried talking to donald trump about stop talking about min voting, there are states like montana where we rely on this and you are causing us a problem and he doesn't care because it doesn't matter to him in the moment. >> maggie, you've got an article out also today, it's not really about trump, it's about
3:10 am
republicans and how they want to deal with him as they head into the midterm elections. what's the calibration there? >> the calibration is that donald trump has remade the party in his image. we know this. almost every single one of these primary fields is a shade of donald trump, right? it's just trump light, trump heavy, every candidate is espousing his policies for the most part, they are trying to distance themselves personally or not espousing his lies about the 2020 election, but we have seen his limits in being able to push other candidates over the top. you see that with oz certainly, you saw that last week in the nebraska governor's race, you saw that in the idaho governor's race, this week, you are likely to see it next week in the georgia governor's race. the lesson that some republicans are taking is they like donald trump personally, they don't necessarily want to take his picks. what other republicans who might run for president are looking for is this a sign that donald trump is losing altitude within the party. i think it's too soon to say.
3:11 am
i think at the end of the day kellyanne conway had a point in that story which is basically there is no other heir apparent right now to trumpism and to america first to his policy slogan, until that happens i'm not sure where this goes. >> there was an interesting moment with former president george w. bush. i just want to play that. >> in contrast, russian elections are rigged, political opponents are imprisoned or otherwise eliminated from participating in the electoral process. the result is an absence of checks and balances in russia and the decision of one man to launch a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of iraq -- i mean, of ukraine. iraq -- anyway -- 75. >> maggie, you hear some
3:12 am
laughter there, he joked, oh, i'm 75. i don't know that everybody who sees that moment is going to be laughing this morning. >> no, especially when he says iraq 2 right beforehand. george w. bush obviously is very different than donald trump and he has had something of a resurgence at least in people's memories being compared to donald trump but the reality is the iraq war was costly and brutal and its existence is part of why donald trump became president and certainly the nominee of the republican party in the first place. yes, ha, ha, that was a freudian slip but that was really quite a moment. >> you could see it in his face, too. >> he knew. and he sort of acknowledges it, again, right before he says 75 he says an iraq 2. that's going to open up other questions the next time somebody interviews him. >> maggie haberman, thank you so much. president biden invoking his defense powers to tackle the ongoing baby formula shortage. plus a 911 dispatcher placed on leave for what officials are
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this morning the suspect in the buffalo supermarket massacre is due to appear in court. the 911 dispatcher has been placed on leave for what officials say was a completely inappropriate response to a whispering caller during the mass shooting that left ten people dead. this morning we're also hearing stories from survivors, including a hero who risked his life to save co-workers and customers.
3:18 am
cnn's shimon prokupecz live for us in buffalo. as more information comes out we really are learning more about these acts of heroism. >> reporter: this is a remarkable story, jerome bridges, a clerk there in the store, hears the gunshots and then immediately starts gathering his co-workers and customers in the store, thinking he's not going to survive, but all he wanted to do was to protect the people inside the store. >> he killed so many innocent people, every night i've been going in the house crying for hours. >> reporter: jerome bridges can't bring himself to take off his tops supermarket name tag. >> you still wear this. >> yes, because i'm going eventually if they do decide to open up the store i'm going back. i'm not going to let nobody scare me out of a house that, you know, tops over there is a family. those people i worked with were all family. >> you lost them.
3:19 am
>> yes. >> reporter: he was at work in aisle 14 when he heard the gunshots and ran towards the breakroom in the back of the store. >> you grabbed customers. >> i told the customers to get inside -- some customers to get inside the breakroom and get down on the floor. i had to tell them to be quiet and just lay down on the ground because he was getting closer and closer to the back, to the point where he was actually shooting at the displays that are there, like the milk display. i mean, he was really trying to hit whatever was behind that wall because he had detailed plans of where everything was at. i just wanted to make sure i kept them customers and my other three co-workers very safe, so even if i would have died it would have been, you know, me dying protecting them. >> you were ready to take a bullet for them? >> yes. yes, i was. >> reporter: tpolice say the suspect an 18-year-old self-described white supremacist killed ten people and wounded three others. according to investigators he
3:20 am
planned his attack for months, eventually posting the detailed and disturbing plans on social media, and made repeat visits to the store in march. he has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder. >> do you remember seeing him in march? >> yes. he had on them same exact clothes. i remember that. them ugly green pants and them ugly -- that ugly green fatigues. >> reporter: investigators say the suspect was doing reconnaissance and writing about activity inside the store, including how many black and white people were inside. >> i thought he was a lost shopper so i just kept it going, i didn't realize he was setting up there scoping out the store for something like this. i don't discriminate against nobody, but for him to be hateful of black people, it is what it is. >> reporter: bridges said he was too scared to ancer his phone while hiding in the breakroom for fear the gunman would hear
3:21 am
him. >> my son was just calling me on the phone. >> because he knew you were there? >> yes. and i couldn't answer the phone. he calls me every day now. >> he almost lost his father. >> reporter: as for the gunman who robbed bridges of his friends, family and livelihood. >> he could potentially face the death penalty. >> if he gets the death penalty i will clap. i will be happy. then everybody can go on about their -- go on about their lives knowing that justice was served. >> reporter: as for jerome bridges, he is in counseling every day, the store has been providing counseling for him and his co-workers, they see it as a way to get together, to talk about what's happening. as you can hear from him there, it's been an emotional, emotional time, he's been crying every night. he says he's suffering from ptsd. one thing he says is that he is so thankful that so many people have come out to support the community, have come out to support his fellow employees.
3:22 am
as to the suspect here, he will be in court here later this morning on what we're told is a felony hearing. initially his attorneys had asked for a mental health evaluation for him, but they have since withdrawn that, so we're expected to see him here later in court, john. >> that was a tough discussion, you handled it very well. very sensitive with him. i was struck by the first thing he told you, he's still going home and crying every day. he helped so many people, i hope he does get the help that he needs now, shimon prokupecz, thank you very much. so as president biden gets ready to welcome the leaders of finland and sweden today, will turkey block their efforts to join nato? plus the white house preparing for all contingencies when the president travels to asia later today. should north korea launch a missile. should north koreaea la missile.
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president putin has managed to precipitate everything he sought to prevent. he wanted to prevent nato from getting bigger and now it actually is with finland and with sweden. he wanted to divide the west, divide the alliance, it's more united than it's ever been. everything we're seeing is putin achieving the exact opposite of what he says he wants. secretary of state antony blinken there weighing in on sweden an finland's plans to join nato. president biden is set to meet with leaders of both countries today as part of a show of support. cnn's kylie atwood joins me now. so as we look at this important meeting today, and it really is that visual and that extra support they want to convey. >> yeah, that's right. you have the biden administration, you have members of this nato defensive alliance really heralding finland and sweden for putting in their
3:28 am
formal applications to join nato. we should note that they did that because of russia's invasion of ukraine. of course, finland shares a border with russia so there are increased concerns for these countries in the region and they're saying we think we need to join nato now, but it is a bit of a more tense moment that you will hear from president biden or from european officials because of what turkey is doing here and they are the single greatest hurdle right now to finland and sweden actually joining the nato alliance because every single country of nato is going to sign off and say yes in order for this to come to fruition and right now turkey is the holdout. just so folks understand what they're saying is they believe that there are kurdish terrorist organizations that are having some activity in finland and sweden, they want those countries to go after those terrorist organizations because there are correlations between what they're doing and what the pkk in turkey is doing. that's an organization that wants an independent state in turkey, it's been in this
3:29 am
long-term battle with the turkish state. so what turkey is trying to do here is use this moment as a moment of leverage, right? i think the question is, okay, so what is turkey actually going to get? are they going to get finland and sweden to crack down on these organizations? are they also quietly potentially asking other countries to do them other favors? we don't know if that's the case, but it does beg the question. >> and it's -- you know, how much leverage does turkey actually have in that equation, too, as part of that leverage question? >> right. and they know they have the leverage because every country needs to vote yes. turkey is a significant member of nato, they have the second largest army in all of nato, they have been a member of the alliance since the early days in the 1950s. so they know that they have the upper hand here, and what you see from u.s. diplomats is very careful language. they say we're going to work with turkey, we're going to work through this process, but what does that mean at the end of the day and are there other
3:30 am
countries that are also watching turkey and saying, hey, they're using this as a moment of leverage, could we also try and get something that we want in return for voting yes for finland and sweden? it's an area to watch. the secretary of state is meeting with the turks here in new york just this week. >> kylie, appreciate t thank you. ahead, a story that's never been told, the hunt for a russian spy in the top ranks of u.s. intelligence. we will talk to bob baier about his new book next. president biden using defense powers to tackle the baby formula shortage. what that means for desperate families. and what to expect when tiger woods returns to the pga championship today and who will not be playing. more protection, more sun, more joy. neutrogena® beach defense® the suncare brand used momost by dermatologists and their families, neutrogena®
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in 1988 a kgb officer code named max began to provide information on moles who had been planted by the kgb inside u.s. intelligence. their role was to help the kgb eliminate any soviet agents working for the united states, to create a blind spot in moscow for u.s. intelligence for years to come. well, that information actually led to the arrest of three american intelligence officers working on behalf of the russians and the fbi and the cia. there is still a lingering question, what if it wasn't just those through? what if there was another mole who was never found. joining us is bob baier cnn intelligence and security analyst, former cia operative and also author of "the fourth man the hunt for a kgb spy at the top of the cia and the rise of putin's russia." i'm totally fascinated by this book, bob, and just by that premise, right, was there another mole? the book is titled "the fourth
3:36 am
man" i'm guessing it's a yes. >> erica, yes, there was and i have spent four years on this. the fbi has been very helpful, the cia, people in the cia have told me they have no doubt there was a fourth man. he was at the top of the cia, his knowledge of counterintelligence allowed him to avoid arrest and as we speak the fbi is still assembling evidence on this guy even after 15 years. >> at what cost? what was lost or, you know, the effects of having this person in their -- >> it was devastating. it was worse than ames, hanson or howard. he gave transcripts of conversations between yeltsin and putin, i mean, i'm sorry, yeltsin and clinton and took these transcripts from the white house, very top secret, and sent them to moscow. putin used those transcripts to effectively blackmail yeltsin
3:37 am
and wedge his way into power. he gave all sorts of military secrets, counterintelligence secrets, you name it. there has never been a better placed spy than this guy. >> it's amazing, too, to think that as you just said that this investigation, right, is basically still ongoing. >> it is. as of three weeks ago the fbi was knocking on doors, making sure that they hadn't missed anything. it's at the eastern district of virginia right now, the u.s. attorney, they're still looking at it. they would love to put this guy away. but he played to win. he didn't take money, he didn't pass documents that could be traced, he didn't make any travel that he couldn't account for in the cia budget. he was good. it's tinker taylor soldier spy only this guy is undoubtedly going to get away. >> and what's the connection to putin here? this in a way was dueputin's gu
3:38 am
>> he was originally recruited by counterintelligence in 1984 to continued in the second chief directorate. that became the fsb which putin headed, and the presumption is when these transcripts between clinton and yeltsin were leaked it was putin himself who took it to yeltsin and said we know everything you're doing, beware, the kgb is everywhere and at that point, some time then he appoints putin prime minister and then he becomes president. it's a nasty game in moscow, but he had help from russians and this guy, the fourth man, also helped wreck fbi investigations because he knew so much about them, he told the russians about them, they adjusted for them and these spies like ames and hanson could continue for more years. >> it brings us to where we are
3:39 am
today. the appointment of putin led to this, you know -- not a black hole but it led to us not having this intelligence out of moscow, which can only be described as an intelligence failure you said. the fact that they didn't see the putin appointment coming, an intelligence failure on par with pearl harbor and one that is still felt today. >> it is. we didn't see putin coming because we had no agents around him, they had all been betrayed, and when he comes to power the ambassador to moscow told me, i got better intelligence from moscow taxi drivers than i did the cia. that's how devastated u.s. intelligence was. he's on the record with that. >> wow. >> i mean, it's something. listen, you want a good thrill for read, here you go "the fourth man." bob baer, always great to have you with us, appreciate it. thank you. >> thank you. a deadly accident or a case of sabotage. new details about the cause of a china eastern crash in march
3:40 am
that killed 132 people. and the cdc now monitoring several people for monkeypox as the first case is reported here in the united states, the surgeon general joins "new day" ahead. throughout history i've observed markets shaped by the intentional and unforeseseeable. for investors who can navigate this landscape, leveraging gold, a strategic and sustainable asset... the path is gilded with the potential for rich returns.
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a new report suggests that a china eastern flight that crashed in march may have been intentionally crashed by someone in the cockpit. the "wall street journal" says a preliminary assessment of black box data shows that a human had to put in the directions to make the boeing 737 max take its steep dive into the ground. i want to bring in justin green, an aviation attorney and former president of the international air and transportation safety bar association, he has
3:45 am
extensive experience flying multiple planes and we should note he did represent families in a lawsuit against boeing after a 737 max crash in ethiopia in 2021. justin, great to see you here. i put this up first so people can see just how rapidly this plane descended. here is an animation. again, people can see the steep dive this took and the "wall street journal" reports includes this quote today which i think is what's raising so much alarm, the plane did what it was told to do by someone in the cockpit. how would they be able to tell that? >> well, the first thing i want to say is the investigation is still continuing, everything is still preliminary at this point, but what's kind of been released is the black box data. there's two black boxes in the airplane, the flight data recorder and that's the data that's saying the pilot is pushing forward or causing what happened. at this point we have some very important evidence, we have the radar data that you showed up before, we have video, we also have communications, but what we
3:46 am
don't have right now is a readout of cockpit voice recorder. the flight data recorder as the "wall street journal" said will show what the pilots did, the cockpit voice recorder will indicate why they did what they did. >> or what they talked about while they were doing it, right? >> and also whether someone from the cabin, from the cabin broke into the cockpit. >> so there is still that possibility, the "wall street journal" points this out, it's not impossible at this point that another person came in. that wouldn't be on the flight data recorder if there was some kind of intrusion? >> it would be picked up by the mics on the cockpit voice recorder but probably would not be indicated on any of the data. the data is showing what the controls were doing, the control inputs and the outcome of the control inputs but it won't show someone breaking in and a fight in the cockpit. >> if there is a pilot who wants to do something like this, what kind of safeguards are there in
3:47 am
place to keep someone from bringing a plane straight down? >> i men, the first thing, pilots are probably the most scrutinized group of professionals in the world, you know, they get annual screening, they get psychological screening, but also they work in very close proximity to other people every day and they're observed constantly. however, pilots are also human beings so until there's actually technology that will prevent a pilot from crashing an airplane on purpose, there is that possibility. now, after germanwings where the co-pilot had intentionally crashed the airplane and remember from that case when we got the cockpit voice recorder, you know, they showed that there was banging on the cockpit, that he was breathing all the way through, so that indicates the cockpit voice recorder, but now there's always supposed to be two pilots in the cockpit with the idea that the other pilot would prevent the pilot from crashing the airplane on purpose. >> pictures of the aftermath of germanwings, it was so hard to ro ever that plane as it crashed
3:48 am
in the mountains and these are some of the pictures there. you just talked about the co-pilot, the idea that there is someone else in there. is there some way to have one person watching the other and give that person some agency to stop it? >> that's what they're supposed to do and there was an event on a jetblue flight where one of the pilots kind of lost it and the other pilot locked him out of the cockpit and was able to safely land the airplane. so the idea that two people are in the cockpit at all times is a very important safety feature. >> as we said, there is the flight data recorder, in information from the "wall street journal" coming from that. waiting to see if we learn more from the voice recorder >> absolutely. >> thank you for being with us. u.s. marshals securing the homes of supreme court justices as homeland security warns of possible murder threats against them. president biden invoking the defense production act in response to the baby formula shortage. what that means for millions of anxious mothers. and later what amber heard's
3:49 am
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this is roundup for lawns. this stuff works. the golden state warriors dominate the dallas mavericks in game one of the nba western conference finals. andy scholes has more in the "bleacher report." >> after a two-year absence from the western conference finals steph curry and the warriors returning in style last night. game one against the mavs close in the first half but golden state opening it up in the third quarter off the doncic turnover. steph hits the step back three. moments later steph getting fancy, the over the head pass to draymond green, he will go back and get t hits another three. after that starts dancing around, you see luka doncic watching that. rough night for luka, more turnovers and field goals.
3:54 am
warriors 112-87. are 7-0 at home in the playoffs. a little over an hour away from the start of the second men's golf major of the year, the pga championship, taking place in tulsa, oklahoma. tiger woods says he's feeling stronger. >> there's going to be limitations, there is a lot of hardware in there and there's going to be limitations to what i'm going to be able to do and -- but i'm going to get -- i'm going to get stronger. i don't know how much that is or how much range of motion i will ever get back but sure as hell is a lot better than it was 12 months ago. >> this morning tiger is grouped with jordan spieth and rory mcilroy, a threesome with 22 major titles between them. they will start off the 10th tee just after 9:00 eastern. tiger made the cut at the masters a month ago, says he feels stronger. we will certainly see how he does. he won the pga championship back
3:55 am
in 2007 there in tulsa. >> andy scholes, thank you very much. joining us for now on the tiger beat, intentional reference to my favorite teen magazine golf digest staff writer dan rapoport. we watch his every move, we did even before the car accident but this adds to the drama. you've been watching him, how does he look? >> he looks a lot better than he did at the masters, in only a month he's clearly been able to ramp up his physical regimen, his training. he looks like he's less careful with where he's stepping, a little bit more confident in the strength of the leg. his swing has more speed. he just looks like he's life clear, looks like a guy who is further along in his rehabilitation than a month ago. he looked good early in the week at the masters as well, this is the key, can he sustain? can he do it for four days in a row? at the masters did it for two days and over the weekend he faded considerably, the leg wasn't able to hold up.
3:56 am
it's great to see him look this good early in the week but we need to check back on saturday to see how he's feeling to know if he has a realistic chance to contend this weekend. >> he's got all this hardware in there now, you have certain limitations but the fact that you noticed, too, that he seems to be stepping with more, i'm paraphrasing me, but stepping with more confidence when he is out there. i would think that that would show tiger who has always had a tough mental game, there is a mental element to what we're seeing in that development over the past month that will be key as well. >> 100%. if there's one person who can do it mentally, who can convince himself that it doesn't hurt as bad as it does and he is not as limited it's tiger. he is a cyborg. it's fascinating that he can swing fine and it's been the case really since we saw him for the first time in december. swinging isn't the problem, he has a bunch of speed, he can hit it nicely, it's just walking, it's can he walk. this course is hilly, hence the name southern hills, but not as hilly as augusta national.
3:57 am
i think that will play into his game nicely. >> tiger woods is playing, phil mickelson the defending pga champ is not and, of course, you know, the relationship between tiger woods and phil mickelson is one of the most analyzed in any sport over the last 25 years. i want to play some sound of tiger somewhat tortured response to tiger being asked about the fact that mick i will son is not there. >> it's always disappointing when deet fending champion is not here. phil is -- has said some things that i think a lot of us who are committed to the tour and committed to the legacy of the tour have pushed back against and he's taken some personal time and we all understand that, but i think that some of his views on how the tour could be run, should be run, been a lot of disagreement there.
3:58 am
>> he also said he just hasn't talked to phil mickelson. >> these guys have never been best friends, that's been clear. they appear to have been softening toward each other over the last five or so years. they played that match against each other in las vegas in 2018. phil has very strong opinions about what he thinks the tour has done wrong and what he thinks the tour can do in the future and tiger does not agree and i think he made that extremely unmistakingly clear on tuesday. everyone is upset that phil is not here. no matter how you feel about what he said or how you feel about this saudi league that has started all this drama in our world, the fact that the defending champion one year after the crowning achievement of his entire career becoming the oldest major winner ever, winning his sixth major, the fact that he isn't here is a sad state of affairs. i think it shows you that phil is going through some stuff in his life. i don't think people wouldn't forgive him. i think if he showed up this week people would receive him --
3:59 am
maybe not tiger -- but people would receive him with open arms and be happy that he's there. the fact that he's not here i don't think it's because he's afraid of the fans, i think it's because of what going on in his personal life. >> it does seem as if something bigger is going on there. tiger woods is so diplomatic, you know, you can see him navigating his way through that answer there. that's almost as far as he will ever go criticizing someone publicly like that. dan rapaport, glad you're there. we will check back in with you over the next few days. >> sounds good. thanks, guys. "new day" continues right now. i'm john berman, with erica hill on this new day, a new move by president biden, he invokes his defense powers to battle the u.s. baby formula shortage. plus, the dow is down, gas prices are up, economic fears felt around the globe this morning. as the president begins his asia trip today, the u.s. is prepping for all scenarios if north korea fires a missile. and the deadlocked senate
4:00 am
race that could shape control of congress tightening this morning as mehmet oz's lead shrinks. ♪ welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world, it is thursday, may 19th. the white house and congress stepping up efforts this morning to address the critical shortage of baby formula. president biden invoked the defense production act, it allows the federal government to have more control over domestic production during emergencies. in this case ordering manufacturers to make key ingredients for baby formula and provide them to formula companies first. >> the white house also announcing operation fly formula, authorizing flights to import formula from abroad and house lawmakers passing a pair


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