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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  May 19, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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million instagram followers and is using the platform with help to raise thousands for animal shelters back home. he and his honor fled for france in the early days of war. now he's won an international blogger's award. you can listen to our podcast. download it wrr you get your podcast. anna cabrera picks up our coverage right now. hello. thank you for being here. i'm anna cabrera in new york. a pivotal moment. strengthening alliances with some countries and sending a message to others. right now president biden is on his way to asia, his first trip there since taking office. and while he is set to hold meetings with south korea and japan, a key focus, north korea and china. we are expecting the president to send some tough signals to those countries.
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even as the threat of a north korea missile test looms during this visit. all this is a balancing act as russia's war in ukraine hangs over the white house. today in another public show of support, the president met with leaders of finland and sweden as they pushed to join nato, a historic step as more countries unite against russia and condemn its invasion. the big question here is can turkey get on board? we are following all the headlines out of ukraine and the state of play there. first, let's start at the white house and we are joined now. arlette, tell us more about the president's message and his mind set as he's embarking on this. >> he's flying to asia for his first trip to the region as president. officials said he had hoped to get there earlier in his presidency, but was constrained due to covid-19 and other crises such as the war in ukraine. but the president will be traveling to both south korea and japan to meet with the
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leaders of each of the countries as well as the leaders of the quad that includes japan, australia, and india. this trip, the president will have the opportunity to address concerns about north korea, but also to try to bolster relations in the region with south korea and japan as china continues to exert their influence in the region. but it was another alliance that was on display here at the white house before the president departed. president biden meeting for a little over an hour with the leaders of sweden and finland and expressing his full-throated support for both of those countries joining nato. those long neutral countries deciding to join nato after that russian aggression in ukraine. but take a listen to the president speaking of why he believes that those two countries will be vital partners in the alliance. >> they meet every nato requirement, and then some. they have the full total complete backing of the united states of america. the bottom line is simple.
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quite straightforward. finland and sweden make nato stronger. >> the president also says that these two countries, other countries joining nato would not pose a threat to other countries. that being a reference to russia as russia has expressed opposition to these two countries joining nato. there's also been another wrench thrown into the process as turkey's president erdogan earlier today once again reiterated that he is against sweden and finland joining nato. all 30 member countries will need to agree in order for the two countries to be accepted into nato. today the finland president stand agent the white house saying he is open to discussing turkey's concerns as they are seeking to join the alliance. >> much more on that just ahead. stand by for us. i want to go to melissa bell in kyiv, ukraine. melissa, a war crimes trial is taking place place, and we're hearing from the soldier who has plaeded guilty. what is he saying?
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>> we've been hearing not just from him, ana, but from another russian soldier that was traveling with him on that day. n now, it was four days into the war. these young russian soldiers had been part of a tenth division moving through a region from the russian border when it hit a land mine that escaped in a car and an unarmed civilian was shot in a village nearby. the soldier in question who was a soldier on trial, has pled guilty now to shooting that civilian. what emerged today and what was fascinating and what we hadn't heard first havnd was what the russian russian soldiers were facing. the chaos, the fear among them, and from each of them, corroborating each other's statements, and a second soldier asked whether he was speaking willingly and going beyond answering the questions and providing a statement oh of his own, because he wanted to clarify the pressure that they were under when he shot the civilian. have a listen to a poignant
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moment when the widow of the man who was killed was given the opportunity to question the man who killed her husband herself. considerate can you please tell me, what did you feel when you killed my husband? >> shame. >> reporter: do you repent? >> translator: yes. i acknowledge my fault. i understand that you will not be able to forgive me. but i'm sorry. >> reporter: now, that widow confirmed that she would not be able to confirm him. she wants him to spend the rest of his life in jail. the only alternative, she says would be if he was exchanged for the fighters. >> and melissa, we've been reporting about that evacuation of the steel plant there in mariupol, but we've learned a commander is still inside the plant and has just vowed to fight. what is going on?
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>> reporter: just extraordinary. what we've been hearing over the course of the last couple days was these evacuations started. these evacuees are now in the hands of russian forces on the russian side of the frontline that now divides ukraine. we knew that many hundreds had now been evacuated, but we had heard from the russian side that they didn't have the top military commanders among those evacuees. what's happened in the course of the last hour is that one ukrainian military commander from the regimen, one of the soldiers has posted to social media from inside the plant to say that he is refusing to give up. he vows to fight on. it had been unclear how many were left in there. i think the fact that more than 1700 very evacuated, already a surprise. we've been talking the last few weeks about several hundred resisting against the former mor yoepl. more than 1700 evacuated. that's a surprise. we don't know how many more are in there. we don't know how many have been
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killed. and one of the questions until now was whether any were resisting. >> thank you so much, melissa and artilette. i appreciate you both. joining us now, retired general phillip breed love. we're also working to get kurt volker with us, the former nato ambassador from the u.s. general, thank you for being here with us. i want to ask you about what we just heard regarding the azovstol steel plant, and the courage on display by some of the ukrainian forces who are simply refusing to give up. >> well, this is a sign of what they've been doing now for almost a month, isn't it? they were surrounded before any of the western aid could get to them because western aid was slow and starting up, and so
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they fought without the new weapons and things that we are now sending in to ukraine, and they've held out for a long time, and tactically, what that means is they have tied up russian forces, battalion task groups around mariupol that were not able to go to the rest of the fight. sadly now as mariupol falls, those forces will be able to join the rest of the fight in the region. >> now, we have ambassador volker with us. i want to ask you about the other moves parts we have today. the leaders of finland and sweden met on the heels of applying to nato, and yet, turkey is doubling down today saying no to those countries joining the alliance, accusing both of housing kurdish terrorists organizations. how pivotal is this moment, ambassador, and how do you see it playing out? >> well, first off, everyone needs to understand that nato makes decisions only by
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consensus so turkey's nvote matters. second, turkey is trying to get some statements and some actions by finland and sweden to address turkish concerns. this is the pkk terrorist group in turkey that has the ability to have people that are safely in sweden, and they do broadcasting from there. this is something they're been concerned about a long time and they want sweet ton address it. they're concerned about export bans on looetful defensive arms saying that's not the action of future allies. so they're looking for some movement by the finland and swedish people among that. i think this is solvening. i think they agree with turkey on terrorism and about the legitimate security interests. they sent teams there as of today, swedish and finland delegations to talk with the turks. i think there's going to be behind the scenes discussions
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that will result in getting this sorted out before the june nato summit. >> general, coming back to what's happening on the battlefield. the pentagon says the russians are attacking in smaller units. and the uk says russia is purging some of the senior commanders. what's the significance of this? >> well, the smaller units i think is just a function of how many personnel the russians have lost in the war. former battalion task groups that were at a level much higher when they entered the battle, have lost a lot of man power and russia's having problems replacing it. so the smaller units is just a function of russia has less man power to get the job done, and so they're sending smaller form formations to the battlefield. >> meantime a retired colonel in russia said this on russian state tv. >> i must say let's not drink information tranquilizers,
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because sometimes information is spread about having a moral or psychological breakdown of ukraine. none of this is close to reality. >> he's calling out the disinformation in russia, and he went onto say the situation is going to get worse for russia on the battlefield. he said also the biggest flaw in the military and political situation is that russia is in, quote, total geopolitical solitude. ambassador, again, this was a former military leader, and this made air in russia. how stunning is that? >> it is stunning, and it shows a degree of access to information and access to the reality of what's going on inside russia that is really what putin is trying to prevent. he's trying to create an information bubble so the russian people think the things are totally different than the reality on the ground. and the fact that this colonel
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both knows what's going on and was willing to say so on national television is quite striking. since then they made him go back on tv a couple days later and say something different. and they took down the show from their online presence. so that this show is now no longer available in russia. they put something up instead. but i think this sort of thing lives on in social media, and is making the rounds in russia, and people do know the real state of what the war is. >> general, president biden has headed to asia. there's a lot of tension. the u.s. assessing north korea may be ready to launch a ballistic missile, one of the key final stages in preparing for a test launch. how concerning is this? >> well, it's very concerning, and it relates back to the subject we've been discussing before this. we -- as the west, have not really addressed ukraine in a way that gives pause to people like north korea, china, iran. they have seen russia get
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rewarded for bad behavior in ukraine. and i think they see it as opportunity to step out while america and the west is focussed on a different problem, they will now push their boundaries and put more problems in front of us. and frankly, as we said over two months ago, actors like north korea are watching what nuclear weapons have done as far as deterring the west, and i think they're actively now even harder seeking the ability to get the same deterrence from one of their nuclear weapons. >> real quickly, if you will, we heard the general say that russia has been rewarded to some degree for his behavior in ukraine. do you feel that same way? >> well, not quite yet. i understand what he's talking about. we heard from, for instance, the french president on friday saying that oh, we need to start
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looking for a face-saving solution for russia. that russia should not be h humiliated and this drives in the direction of a more immediate cease fire rather than ukraine taking the territory back. this would be wrong if that is the way this goes. russia has engaged in unprovoked aggression. it has committed atrocities inside ukraine, and ukrainians are right to fight to take their territory back, and push russia back within its own borders. >> ambassador and general, thank you so much for being here with us. i appreciate you both. >> thank you. covid infections are spiking across the country, and memorial day weekend is just around the corner. how save is that big gathering? plus you've heard of chicken box, but what about monkey pox? a case just confirmed in the u.s. more on that. and the words you're a coward ring out in a packed courtroom as the gunman accused of murdering ten people at a buffalo, new york grocery store makes an appearance.
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10:20 am
it's a serious one we should investigate. we have to make sure we understand if and how it's spreading. at this point, we don't want people to worry. the numbers are small. we want them to be aware of the symptoms and if they have any concerns, reach out to their doctor. >> since the comments from the surgeon general, canada announced it has 17 suspected monkey pox cases. joining us now is a professor in the division of infectious diseases at vand vanderbilt university medical center. first, what is monkey pox, and how serious could this be for somebody infected? >> well, monkey pox is part of the family of viruses to which smallpox belongs. we've eradicated smallpox from the world, but it's similar. this virus lives in africa. we think principally in rodents, but occasionally it can get into
10:21 am
primates, hence the name, monkey pox, and it can also occasionally affect humans. mostly children in africa. how does it get to the united states? well, in two ways. it can get to europe and canada and the united states if someone imports animals from africa. you know there's an exotic pet trade that goes on around the world. and we've had an outbreak similar to that. in this instance, it looks as though a person was infected, went to europe, and now it is spreading further and we've had now one case in the united states. it's not spread contagiously the way covid is. it requires very close personal contact. >> so in that case, how exactly do you get it? is it by touching somebody? is it a respiratory type virus? or some other way?
10:22 am
>> well, it's principally spread from person to person through personal touch. sometimes a kiss, an embrace, or people actually interacting and touching with each other, usually in a prolonged fashion over a period of time. rela relatively intimately. >> we're looking at the symptoms. walk us through the specific symptoms. some of them are symptoms that could be attributed to other types of illnesses. right? >> sure. sure. so after you're exposed, it takes a week and sometimes two weeks for the first symptoms to develop. fever is very prominent, and it can go up fairly high. 103. nausea, vomiting, aches and pains, really feeling poorly, and at that time or maybe in a day or two, a rash develops. and it's a rash that prominent -- is prominent in the face and in the extremities.
10:23 am
the arms and the legs, and it can effect the palms. first a flat rash, and then it develops into a bluster -- blister, but not the thin bli blisters, but a rather thick one that quickly becomes kind of yellowish. if you touch it, it feels rubbery. and certainly, that distinctive rash, along with those other symptoms, please, quickly get medical attention. >> yeah. that gives me -- you said it's less contagious than a virus lick covid. i want to ask about that right now. new cases have tripled in the last month. we have these new omicron sub variants which appear to be more contagious, and so for people who are vaccinated and boosted, we know some of them are getting this. again, what should they do? >> well, for sure we're talking about covid now. cases, mostly mild cases, not so
10:24 am
much hospitalized cases, are spreading rapidly in the united states. if you're older, if you have underlying illness, if you're immune compromised, be cautious. go back to wearing the mask through when you're going indoors to group activities. do a little more social distancing, particularly if you're in one of those high risk groups. and of course, if you haven't been vaccinated, or you're incompletely vaccinated, please get up to date with your vaccination. >> thank you so much for all that great information, and yes, thank you for clarifying to make sure we knew we were talking about covid there in the last question. doctor, so good to see you. thank you again for being here. now to the formula shortage gripping the nation. cnn is learning some desperate parents are turning to hospitals after being unable to find the formula their child needs. cnn's senior medical
10:25 am
correspondent elizabeth cohen is joining us for this. the biden administration announced major interventions. what is being done? >> so the biden administration says that they are taking action to alleviate this shortage. lots of questions on how quickly this will work. let's take a look at the measures that they say they are taking. they say they're invoking the defense production act. that allows them to direct ingredients that could go a variety of places to go to formula manufacturers. also the fda says it's making it easier to import formula to the u.s. we don't usually import very much formula. so this is sort of a whole new thing. operation fly formula is a department of defense initiative to expedite formula imports by plane. and fda and abbott have agreed on steps needed to take to open up that shuttered michigan plant. you'll notice that the wording in here, a lot of this is taking steps to making plans to. this -- these steps are not
10:26 am
going to make a difference today, tomorrow, the next day. it could be weeks before these make a difference. it could be many weeks before parents start seeing a plentiful supply of formula on the shelves. >> and already some families are facing these nightmare scenarios. we're learning of children ending up in the hospital because their parents can't find the formula they can tolerate. you've been talking to families. what are they telling? >> reporter: this is terrible. the families we've spoken to, those are children who have particular medical needs, and so they were really focussed on sort of one formula, and then they couldn't find anything to replace it that the child would tolerate. i want to introduce you to three-month-old clover. she is right now in a picu, pediatric intensive care unit in south carolina. she's h got a dairy and soy allergy. her parents found a formula she
10:27 am
tolerated. she wouldn't take anything else. she ended up with a failure to thrive diagnosis. she wasn't growing properly. they had to put her in the hospital, and she's getting a feeding tube. also the same -- a similar situation to three-year-old alexis tyler. 'l she has autism and eating issues. and again, there was one formula that worked for her. the parents had trouble replacing it. she is also in the hospital. she's in massachusetts. also getting a feeding tube. so what we're hearing from is parents of children who had particular issues to begin with, but unfortunately, there's a lot of children like that, and we're expecting to see, unfortunately, the hospital admissions go up and up as the shortage continues. such a huge impact. our hearts go out to those families impacted here. elizabeth cohen, thank you for staying on it. stocks rocked again today. the market turmoil is raising some serious recession fears. and another threat that could impact all americans, a diesel
10:28 am
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late this morning in upstate new york, the white teenager accused of the racist sheeting in buffalo went into the courtroom. also in the courtroom relatives of some of the ten people he's accused of murdering in cold blood. as he was let out, someone in that packed courtroom yelled at him. >> hey, you're a coward. >> we are joined by our crime correspondent. what more happened in court? >> reporter: it was a packed courtroom. some of the people from the community and then some family members and obviously filled with media when that outburst occurred as he was leaving the courtroom there. we've learned that since this court proceeding the district
10:34 am
attorney's office announced that the alleged shooter was indicted by a grand jury in buffalo. they are continuing to present evidence and continuing with that grand jury investigation. so that is the new development that they have indicted him on some of the charges, and we know that he has one count of murder in the first degree that he's pleaded not guilty to. we expect to hear about other charges. now to the economy. it's shaping up to be another bruising day on wall street. right now we know the dow is down i think a couple hundred points. yep, down 212 points, that's on the heels of yesterday, the worst trading day in almost two years. rising inflations, fears of the inflation are fraying the nerves of investors. there's a new crisis. by the day it appears record shortages. the diesel is the life blood of modern day american essential to everything from shipping to
10:35 am
farming. we are in new york harbor where the diesel storage tanks are almost dry. >> it could be gasoline or geesel or jet fuel, but that fuel is eventually going to be distributed. right now those tank levels are pretty low. >> is that concerning for you? >> absolutely. these oil tanks in new york harbor sit at awill rlarmingly levels as demand outpaces supply. this is one of seven critical fuel points across the country. supplying our nation's gas stations, planes, trucks, and homes. critical to fueling the u.s. supply chain. >> and really high diesel prices get passed to the consumer. whether that's for construction or delivering groceries to the grocery store where you're going to buy what you need. >> u.s. diesel prices are already at record highs with particular pain here in the northeast. and now with tankers like these
10:36 am
exporting much-needed diesel to europe, instead of supplying the u.s., prices are spiking higher. but there are also fewer u.s. diesel refineries after years of closures to make up that difference in supply. >> right now there's just a global shortage of diesel. it's tight. >> katie child owner of berkshire energy depot in connecticut is responsible for setting the price of diesel here. how does it feel to have to make the price higher every day? >> you can see the pain in their face when they come in and see the price, and you just -- you apologize and say i'm sorry. and there's nothing i can do about it. >> reporter: she's a small business owner who services other small businesses, and says the record prices have lost her customers. >> when prices are high, people shop around more. if you saved tencents down the road, you're going to go there. >> reporter: hudson square pharmacy back in new york is
10:37 am
also facing the same problem. everything from cereal to toilet paper is more expensive. >> we do pay a gas surcharge, too. now that gas has gone up a lot. we notice on our bills, $2, 3, $5 surcharge for gasoline. >> that extra charge has to be recouped from somewhere. >> once the prices become a little too much, then we just have to pass it on to the consumer. >> reporter: but the consumer holds some power to turn the tide of high prices. a relentless buying and spending inflicted on a brittle supply chain are contributing to the high price of diesel. >> at some point the consumer is going to say enough is enough. i got to slow down. this is taking too much of my disposal income. if we have a pullback in economic activity, that might help level off supplies, but for the time being, things are tight. >> reporter: and another issue compounding this tight market is the u.s. used to import russian
10:38 am
oil right here into the new york harbor. of course, oil makes diesel, but ever since the war in ukraine, president biden said we would no longer be bringing russian energy sources into the united states. that's pushing prices higher. and new york harbor is critical to the mid atlantic region. there's newark airport across the river. rail lines, roadways, and so when you don't have as much diesel coming in, you don't have as much going out, and the trickledown effect is that ends up with the consumers' bottom line being affected. >> it's not what we want to hear, but now we know at least why those high prices exist. vanessa, thank you. new race, old tricks. pennsylvania election officials are still counting all the votes in a cliff hanger contest for the republican senate nomination, but former president trump is pushing his pick to just declare victory anyway. the highest level l of safety u can earn? subaru.
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10:44 am
cue donald trump and his 2020 playbook. the former president is now calling on oz whom he endorsed last month, to go ahead and declare victory while also casting doubt on the counting process in pennsylvania. athena jones is in lancaster, pennsylvania, which is still counting votes. where does the counting stand there? >> well, this is one of several counties still counting votes. the counting -- this is where the counting stands. they managed to count all the misprinted ballots since tuesday. they only have 850 or so mail-in ballots. ballots that arrived by the end of the day on election day to be counted. they will be scanning them in the next few minutes. after that, we should show the sort of unofficial result. i say unofficial because there's a lot that has to happen for the results to be official. there are military and provisional ballots that by law are counted at a different time.
10:45 am
they cannot begin to be counted until 9:00 a.m. on friday, the provisional ballots. there are 589. they have not updated the results today. they're going to do so once they scan the last 850 in. it's important to note as of this morning, david mccormick was only a few hundred votes ahead of dr. oz, and so fewer -- the gap is smaller than that 589 provisional ballots that have to be counted friday. there's a few days before we know the final results in this county and other counties. it makes people waiting frustrated, but the fact of the matter is the 22,000 misprinted ballots have been dealt with, and we're going to have some kind of tally giving us some kind of idea of the breakdown in the next hour or so. >> okay. and again, we're just talking about lancaster county specifically in pennsylvania. but there are as you mentioned other counties counting votes. we're going to keep our thumb on the pulse of it.
10:46 am
thank you very much. athena, for that update from lancaster, pennsylvania. amber heard wassing johnny depp's inner circle to testify against him. at promptly 10am. then paying him right there on the spotot. we'll drive you happy at carvana. (vo) every business, big or small, coast to coast, needs internet that can keep up with its demands. verizon has fast, reliable internet solutions nationwide. so you can power your business to do more. find the perfect solution for your business. welcome to allstate where the safer you drive, the more you save like rachel here how am i looking? looking good! the most cautious driver we got am i there? no keep going how's that? i'll say when now? is that good? lots of cars have backup cameras now you know those are for amateurs there we go
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what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california. issues with alcohol and drugs, erratic behavior and never knowing what to expect. that is how johnny depp's former business manager characterized the actor's behavior during his testimony today as part of depp's defamation case against his ex-wife, amber heard. and it comes on the heels of explosive testimony from a witness who said she saw depp hit heard. and joining us is cnn legal
10:51 am
analyst areva martin. let's listen to what amber heard's sister said on the stand. >> i'm facing amber, he comes up behind me, strikes me in the back, kind of just somewhere over here, strikes me in the back. i hear amber shout, don't hit my [ bleep ] sister, she smacks him, lands one, and then at that point, that's when travis runs up the stairs after amber landed one, and by that time, johnny had already grabbed amber by the hair with one hand and was whacking her repeatedly in the face with the other. >> again, another dramatic day of testimony. it's hard to hear that, to visualize what's happening there, explain why that testimony is significant in this trial. >> yeah, ana, this testimony is so significant because this is the first witness that has testified in amber heard's case that corroborates her claim that she suffered physical abuse from johnny depp.
10:52 am
we have not heard other witnesses say that they were there. we have heard witnesses testify about seeing bruises and cuts and scars. one witness testified that he was on the phone when johnny depp, you know, grabbed the phone away from amber and he could hear amber making screams, but yet, this is the first witness that says, look, i was there. i witnessed the physical violence. and that's what this whole case is about. did johnny depp physically, emotionally, or psychologically abuse amber heard? and the sister answers that question very plainly, very clearly, and says, yes, i witnessed my sister experience physical violence by johnny depp. >> and we know depp has denied these allegations, and that's why he is, you know s, pursuing this defamation case. his lawyers have used paparazzi pictures of amber heard taken shortly after alleged incidents of abuse to claim the abuse didn't happen. >> this is a picture from where
10:53 am
you were in russia for the lone ranger premier. and you have no visible injuries to your face, do you? >> none that you can see. >> even though mr. depp whacked you in the face so hard that your nose bled? >> he did. >> while wearing chunky, big rings, right? >> that's correct. >> areva, is that strong evidence? >> i don't think so, ana. look, anybody that knows a woman that has been physically abused in a relationship know that women figure out ways to wear make-up, to conceal the bruises. we probably all work in work environments where women have come into work who have been beaten up by their husbands, their boyfriends, their partners, and they have on make-up and you can't see those bruises, and we had a -- well, there was a witness in this trial, a make-up artist, that testified about how she would help conceal the bruises and scars that amber heard had that would have otherwise been visible. i think there's been enough testimony to establish physical
10:54 am
and emotional violence, even though the fans, the fans on social media, the fans that are gathered outside every morning that are cheering for johnny depp, are rooting for him and see him as the victim in this case. i'm not certain that the jurors are going to see it that way. >> and since depp is not the defendant, he is the plaintiff here, what exactly does he have to prove? and are you suggesting you think he's going to lose this case? >> well, we know he already lost one case, ana. we know the case that was brought in the uk, a judge, not a jury, but a judge determined that he was a wife beater, essentially, didn't believe the claim that he was somehow the victim. he is, as you said, the plaintiff in this case, so he has to prove that this op-ed piece that was written in the "washington post," one that, it was about him, because we know it doesn't mention him by name. so first, he has to establish that amber heard, in writing it, was talking about johnny depp and he has to prove that her allegations of being abused and being in an abusive relationship are false. so, he's got to establish that
10:55 am
this abuse that we're hearing about, not just from amber but from her sister and hearing about from these other witnesses, that it didn't happen. and that's a tall, tall order, given all of the testimony that we have heard not just from amber's friends but from johnny depp's inner circle. >> areva martin, it's great to hear your perspective on all of this. i appreciate your expertise and experience. thank you. >> thanks, ana. that does it for us today. thank you so much for being here. we're back tomorrow, same time, same place. i hope you'll join us again. until then, you can always join me on twitter, @anacabrera. the news continues with victor blackwell right after this. with my hectic life, you'd think retirement would be the last thing on my mind. thankfully, voya provides comprehensive solutions, and shows me how too get the most out of my workplace benefits. voya helpsps me feel like i got it all under control. voya. well plalanned. well invested. well protected. for me, being in nature and putting my hands in the ground,
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-- captions by vitac -- hello, i'm victor blackwell. welcome to "cnn newsroom." >> and i'm alisyn camerota. we begin with a foreign policy first for president biden. he is headed to asia right now for the first time as commander in chief to reinforce alliances in the east. and he's going just hours after a major moment for u.s. alliances in the west. today, the president welcomed to the white house the leaders of sweden and finland, who are on the verge of joining nato in response to russia's war in ukraine. >> but as the president looks to


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