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tv   CNN Newsroom With Alisyn Camerota and Victor Blackwell  CNN  May 19, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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-- captions by vitac -- hello, i'm victor blackwell. welcome to "cnn newsroom." >> and i'm alisyn camerota. we begin with a foreign policy first for president biden. he is headed to asia right now for the first time as commander in chief to reinforce alliances in the east. and he's going just hours after a major moment for u.s. alliances in the west. today, the president welcomed to the white house the leaders of sweden and finland, who are on the verge of joining nato in response to russia's war in ukraine. >> but as the president looks to
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make advances abroad, at home, he's facing significant headwinds. we're talking recession fears, soaring inflation, a stock market selloff, $4 gas in every state and a shortage of baby formula so severe, he invoked a wartime measure to increase production. with us now, cnn white house correspondent arlette saenz and cnn pentagon correspondent barbara starr. what is on the president's agenda? >> reporter: just to start off, forgive the noise, there's construction here at the white house, but president biden is on air force one flying to asia for his first trip to the region as president. as he wants to reinforce that that region remains a central focus of his foreign policy. now, officials have said that he had hoped to get to the region much earlier in his presidency, but he had been constrained due to covid concerns as well as other brewing crises, including the war in ukraine. the president will first travel to seoul, south korea, where he will meet with the country's new leader.
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this comes as there are also provocations coming from north korea in the region as the president is getting ready to head over on this trip. after south korea, the president will be heading to japan, where he will meet with the country's prime minister, as well as participate in a series of with the quad leaders. that includes japan, australia, and india. as the president is really looking to reinvigorate that alliance since taking office. but so much of this trip will also revolve around not just bolstering those relationships with allies but also countering china, what the u.s. is trying to maintain a competitive relationship with china as it continues to exert its economic and military influence in the region. so, this is certainly a high-stakes trip for the president as he is trying to refocus his attention to asia at this moment. >> barbara, let's talk about the provocations from north korea. so, as the president is en route to asia, there are signs that north korea may launch a test
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missile. what have you learned? >> well, u.s. intelligence is really watching this hour-by-hour now. the concern, of course, is that they see that north korea is making what they believe to be preparations for the test of an intercontinental ballistic missile, of course, a missile that theoretically, if it worked some day, would have the range to strike the united states. something the u.s. says it will not want north korea, obviously, to have. so, what they're seeing is that launch site near pyongyang, near the capital of north korea, what is believed to be some of the final preparations for a possible test of an icbm, and what we now know what has moved forward, if you will, are signs that they are collecting intelligence, they are collecting that north korea may be getting ready to put fuel, liquid fuel, inside the missile at this site. some of the preparations that u.s. satellites are picking up would indicate that. now, when they put liquid fuel into a missile, it's like
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putting hundreds of thousands of gallons of gasoline into a rocket, so you don't let it sit around. it's one of the last steps before a missile would be fired. yesterday, the national security advisor, jake sullivan, said all the intelligence they have indicates that north korea is getting ready, possibly, for this kind of provocation activity and he said the u.s. would have a response if it happened. so, watching very carefully. the window appears to definitely be open for some kind of north korea missile test while the president is in the region. >> all right, barbara starr, arlette saenz, thank you. before leaving for asia, president biden hosted leaders of finland and sweden and underscored america's support for their bids to join nato. >> they have the full, total, complete backing of the united states of america. so, let me be clear. new members joining nato is not
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a threat to any nation. it never has been. >> cnn national security correspondent kylie atwood joins us now. the president was clear on where the u.s. stands, but turkey can hold things up, so where does that stand? >> yeah, that's right, and the president didn't really directly address the concerns that turkey has expressed. he talked about the u.s. working with its allies to work through any concerns that countries have, but he didn't get explicit when it comes to the fact that turkey is standing directly in the way of finland and sweden joining nato at this point. turkish president erdogan has said turkey is not going to support these two countries joining nato and the reasoning for that is because turkey believes that there are kurdish terrorist organizations that are in those two countries and they want the swedes and they want the finns to go after those terrorist organizations. we did hear, however, from the president of finland, who
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discussed the fact that they are acknowledging these concerns from turkey and they are willing to work on them. listen to what he said. >> as nato allies, we will commit to turkey's security just as turkey will commit to our security. we take terrorism seriously. we condemn terrorism in all its forms, and we are actively engaged in combatting it. we are open to discussing all the concerns. turkey may have. >> reporter: so, of course, the question is, how do they address those concerns? and how long is it going to take for these two countries to take actions that would make turkey happy? we still don't know the answer to that question. but it's very clear that behind the scenes, the diplomats are really working on this issue, and though president biden is very confident, expressing optimism, expressing, you know, a pathway forward to expanding
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nato here, which is hugely significant, the logistics are still not figured out, and this is a major hurdle for the nato alliance. >> kylie atwood for us, thank you. so, earlier today, the chairman of the u.s. joint chiefs of staff, general mark milley, spoke with his russian counterpart for the first time since the start of the war. last week, u.s. defense secretary lloyd austin had a discussion with his russian counterpart. >> a former defense secretary, leon panetta joins us now. erdogan, as you heard there, in kylie's report, says turkey is a no on finland and sweden joining nato. of course, you need unanimous support to ascend to the alliance. i spoke with an official, a former ambassador who says this is all a negotiation and in the end, they will be admitted. do you agree with that? >> i do agree with that. i think turkey is basically using this as a bargaining with
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regards to trying to get finland and sweden to make the case that terrorism among the kurds is something they're going to be concerned about. i think, as you heard, both finland and sweden will move in that direction. i think turkey ultimately will agree to allow both of them to become part of nato. >> secretary, let's talk about what's happening in ukraine right now. a nato official says the heat does not expect to see any significant gains on either side, russia or ukraine, for the next several weeks, basically they're at a standstill. do you agree? what's he basing that on? >> well, you know, we're in this third stage of the war in ukraine, having stopped the invasion, having seen the retreat of the russians, having seen the destructive warfare that the russians have engaged
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in, i think we've entered a stage of a prolonged war of attrition right now in which ukraine will make some gains, the russians will make some gains, but there will be no clear wins or losses, and so it's a dangerous situation because a prolonged war of attrition is one that ultimately could wear down, particularly the unity of nato and the u.s. it could wear down the ukrainians, and it could create a frustration that would be difficult to deal with in this situation. so, it's not a good stage for this war. >> so, that same nato military official says that the advantage has shifted or at least momentum so significantly in the direction of the ukrainians that there's now discussion about whether ukraine will be able to reclaim control of crimea from the russians, the donbas from
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the russian separatists. is that realistic? do you think that's possible? >> well, look, you know, i think there's three courses here. one is that the ukrainians go on the offensive and really try to go after these areas like the crimea and the donbas and other areas and really score some wins. the other is that they ultimately try to push for some kind of negotiated ceasefire with the russians to try to end this destructive war and try to bring it to some kind of close. and the third is that we engage in this prolonged war of attrition. it's one of those three, and i think the more likely scenario is a prolonged war of attrition right now. >> secretary panetta, as the president heads to asia right now, what do you think of china's warning, basically, that the u.s. shouldn't take even a
11:11 am
position or basically express an opinion on taiwan? >> well, i think the president is doing exactly the right thing. the fact that we have been able to unify nato in dealing with ukraine, i think, has sent a very strong message to putin in russia. i think we need to do the same thing with our other adversaries, whether it's china, whether it's iran, whether it's north korea. and the best way to do that is to build strong alliances that share our goals in dealing with those adversaries. this is a real opportunity to build that alliance, particularly in the pacific, not only on the basis of the quad, australia, south korea, and japan, but also with the asean countries in that region. if we could develop a strong security alliance in the pacific, that would be the best
11:12 am
way to send a strong message to china about any further aggression on their part. >> mr. secretary, i want you to listen to former president george w. bush had a bit of a slip-up in some remarks that he was delivering. i see the smile. you know where we're going here. let's play it here. he was intending to speak about vladimir putin. >> the result is an absence of checks and balances in russia and the decision of one man to launch a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of iraq -- i mean, of ukraine. anyway. iraq too. 75. >> what do you think you saw and you heard there, sir? >> well, you know, i'm sure that the former president gives a lot of thought to what happened in
11:13 am
iraq, and that's playing somewhere in the recesses of his brain, and sometimes, when you -- you're out there in public and you're speaking, those ideas suddenly come forth, and so it was an interesting slip, but as always, i think the president's main point was the right one, which is that we have to do everything necessary to unify against russia in ukraine. >> secretary panetta, thank you. >> you're welcome. gas prices keep going up and up, and diesel prices are hitting record highs in the u.s., the impact on the prices of things you buy every day. we'll talk about that next. and the white house takes new action to boost supply of baby formula. how soon will parents see the shelves restocked?
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the national average for diesel fuel is above $5.50 per gallon and with prices surging, ongoing shortages, analysts are calling it the next looming economic crisis . >> let's bring in cnn's vanessa. we know you've been watching oil tanks in new york harbor, so what have you seen? >> reporter: victor and alisyn, we are seeing record diesel prices right now, $5.58 a gallon on average, a 50-cent increase in just the last month. two to three-cent increases are thought of as big deals and we're seeing more than $2 in increases in just the last year. part of why this is happening is
11:19 am
because of what is going on here in the new york harbor. this is one of several points across the united states, seven to be exact, where oil is imported and stored and just right across the river in oil tanks, we're seeing alarmingly low levels of oil, not seen in 30 years. and that is concerning many experts, saying that that ultimately, those prices, those high prices, because of that low supply, get passed down to the consumer. we spoke to one oil expert out on the water about why he's so concerned for consumers. >> at some point, the consumer's going to say, all right, enough's enough. i got to slow down because this is taking too much of my disposabling in. if we don't have a pullback in economic activity, that might help the kind of level off supplies but for the time being, things are really tight. >> reporter: and another factor making this market really tight right now is that the u.s. used to import russian oil right here into the new york harbor, but that has changed since the war
11:20 am
in ukraine when president biden announced that we would not be importing any more russian energy, and this area in particular is so key to serving the midatlantic region, so when you have less diesel coming into this area, it can't get out quick enough to all of the businesses, all of the suppliers that need this critical oil in order to make their businesses run, and that ultimately, alisyn and victor, unfortunately, that gets passed down to the u.s. consumer. >> vanessa setting the table for our next conversation, thank you. patrick dehahn is the head of at the patrol petroleum analysis at gas buddy. >> the national average, up another 0.02 so far day. the national average, $4.59 a gallon, although if you're in
11:21 am
diesel, $5.58 is far more of a cost to pay. americans, though, not being deterred. our travel survey indicating that 58% of americans to hit the road this summer, that's up from last year against a backdrop of record highs, fairly impressive but given the job market and the relatively strong economy, and the fact that most of the economy's reopened, i think that is leading to what we're calling insatiable demand for gasoline as we approach memorial day. >> patrick, obviously, there's different costs in different states. california drivers saw gas prices hit $6 a gallon and jpmorgan thinks that $6 will become a national average before the end of the summer. do you agree with that? >> i would take the under on that prediction. i think that's a little overstated. i think demand destruction would likely kick in somewhere 70 cents a gallon underneath that. with a hurricane, it remains a possibility we could get there although i'll say at this time it remains just a remote
11:22 am
possibility. >> so, what are people supposed to do? i imagine driving from station to station, looking for a nickel savings a gallon is counterproductive, so how do they save money? >> well, exactly. nobody should be driving station to station. they can use an app like gas buddy or google or waze to find lower prices, especially for those hitting the road this holiday season. for memorial day, gas prices fluctuate significantly crossing state lines. they can be higher or lower. different regions of the country. obviously, the west coast, kind of the hot spot for prices, whereas inland, across the midwest, prices are generally much lower. but one other thing, not so sexy to talk about, but slowing down. driving more fuel efficiently can go a long way to increasing the amount of miles you get per tank. >> and patrick, do you think it's time for families to change their summer plans because of all this? >> well, i think certainly the high cost is going to deter some of those especially lower
11:23 am
incomes that are having a very hard time afford the increase in price. we are seeing an interest in people that aren't driving quite as far for their travels. this year's summer travel forecast indicated a lot fewer people driving over two hours to get to their destination, so it looks like people are kind of recalculating where they're going to go and not surprisingly, inflation is making things hard to plan. 70% of americans haven't really confirmed their summer travel plans yet. 40% saying the high price or high inflation is a contributing factor to that. >> patrick, on diesel, specifically, deals up at $5.58 a gallon, hitting some highs there. some companies are now laying off truck drivers because of the high price of diesel. the lack of truck drivers then feeds into the supply chain issues. the supply chain issues cycle back to the increase in prices. and we find ourselves in this cycle that everything just simply costs more. >> yeah, absolutely. and a lot of this cost, keep in
11:24 am
mind, the surge in diesel has only been really recent, in the last couple of weeks, as you mentioned, diesel prices have really exploded in the last month, so a lot of that is starting to hit the grocery store, the hardware store, and those secondary places so not only are consumers paying more for gasoline but they're getting hit hard by diesel when they're going to the store and buying those goods that in many cases are arriving there via semitruck or train. so it's kind of the hidden cost and likely to continue pushing inflation up. >> okay, patrick de haan, thank you. >> thanks for having me. all right, the u.s. sees its first case of monkey pox. what the surgeon general says you should be looking out for. and the baby formula shortage now causing some children to be hospitalized. we have their stories next. tionr your business to do more. find the perfect solution for your bususiness.
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are you a christian author with a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! the cdc is now monitoring several people for monkey pox after the first case was reported in massachusetts. monkey pox is a flu-like illness that is rare in humans but it can be serious. >> in canada, montreal public health just announced that it is investigating 17 suspected cases and scientists are tracking several clusters of the virus in portugal, spain, the uk. cnn's senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen is with us now. so, now there's monkey pox.
11:30 am
what are the symptoms? how does it spread? what do we need to know? >> well, the first thing i want to say, because we're coming off of two years of covid, is that this virus does not spread nearly as quickly or easily as covid. i just want to put that out there and sort of allow people to kind of take a deep breath. the concern here really is for people who have had contact with this case in massachusetts. so, let's take a look at the symptoms and the transmission. the symptoms are swollen lymph nodes, fever, headache, which is common in so many illnesses but there is this very distinctive rash that follows soon after those symptoms, and that's why the close contacts are being told to look out for those symptoms. for transmission, it's by prolonged face-to-face contact, not casual, not quick, prolonged face-to-face contact or direct or indirect contact with bodily fluids, and so that means, for example, if you're touching the lesion that's on someone's arm, something like that. that could certainly spread it.
11:31 am
so this is worrisome. up to 10% of people who get this die. it is often younger people. and obvious they're being very careful. but there's not a concern that we're going to have monkey pox all over the united states. that is not the concern right now. in 2003, there were about 47 cases in the u.s., but you can see it stopped. it didn't just go on and on. >> yeah, we hope. okay, let's talk about the latest in the baby formula shortage. so, the biden administration just invoked the defense production act, but i thought earlier, elizabeth, that they were reluctant to do that because it's hard to mass produce baby formula. >> it is hard to mass produce baby formula, so this is not about mass producing baby formula, per se. it's making sure that the ingredients go to the right places because some of the ingredients of baby formula are also ingredients in other things, and so let's take a look at what the biden administration is talking about doing. so, directing ingredients to
11:32 am
manufacturers of formula as a priority over manufacturers of other products. also, the fda is making it easier to import formula into the united states. operation fly formula, that's the department of defense, helping to ex-prespedite formul imports and the fda and abbott have agreed on steps to reopen that shuttered michigan plant. now, victor and alisyn, i want to be very clear here. these are things that are going to take a while. there is nothing instantaneous here. what i just read is not going to help us tomorrow, the next day. this could go on for weeks if not longer. alisyn, victor. >> elizabeth, i know you've got new reporting about some families so desperate to feed their babies that they now have to take them to hospitals. tell us about it. >> right. these babies are quite ill. they were admitted to the hospital and some of them are in intensive care. i want to introduce you to 3-month-old clover wheatley. she's in the pediatric intensive
11:33 am
care unit in a hospital in south carolina. she has feeding issues. she's allergic to dairy. she's allergic to soy. there was one formula that was working great for her, but her parents couldn't find it. they kept trying others. it didn't work. she has had a failure to thrive, a failure to grow, admitted and now is on a feeding tube. 3-year-old alexis tyler in massachusetts, she has autism and has feeding issues. again, like this baby we just met, she really had one formula that worked well for her. her parents couldn't get it. she now also has been admitted to a hospital and is on a feeding tube. so, some of these parents really are facing such difficult situations, and we can only expect this to get worse, because as we were just discussing, this shortage is not going to get better any time very soon. >> yeah, long-term plans in place. elizabeth cohen, thank you for the reporting. >> thanks. so, two young children were also recently hospitalized in
11:34 am
tennessee, suffering from dehydration when their specialty formula ran out. the patients were a toddler and a preschooler, and they suffer from a rare intestinal disorder and they rely on formula for nutrition. >> we have one home and one's pretty much ready to go home now. we've gotten supplies from one of the alternate manufacturers of an amino acid-based formula which is what these children needed but it's probably going to take weeks, to be honest, before we actually see some real movement and getting some formula back to the people who need it. >> joining me now is dr. blake bergeron, a pediatrician at the hospital where those two children were being treated. doctor berj geron, thank you fo being here. do you have an update? >> alisyn, my pleasure. thanks for having me. one of those children have already been discharged and the other one is going home in the coming days so we're so thankful for all the work of our physicians and nurses here,
11:35 am
they're doing an excellent job and hopefully they will be able to go home today or tomorrow. >> gosh, that's such good news. you know, i was interested to hear, these aren't infants. these are not infants that we're talking about. this formula shortage is also affecting toddlers, preschoolers. >> correct. now, those children are special needs. they have had known medical problems probably for a long time, and so i just want to encourage parents who are listening to this to know that, yes, it's stressful. yes, it's scary. but the types of hospitalizations that we're talking about for most of these children are due to those underlying medical problems. those particular kids do need that special formula that is very, very hard to find, but the vast majority of healthy infants, we're just encouraging parents, when you go to the store, get any formula that you can find, because for the vast majority of healthy babies, that will be totally fine for your baby, and i know we hear about these scary stories and our hearts go out to those families that are impacted, but the most -- most babies are going to
11:36 am
be okay if you can get any of the regular formulas. >> and what if you can't find any formula? can they drink cow's milk? >> so, the recommendation has recently been changed. so, the aap recommends for a healthy infant, who does not have any significant allergies or milk protein issues, if they are 6 months and above, then you can do cow's milk for as few of a days as you need to until you can get some formula in your hands. so, the short answer is, yes, for a short period of time for a healthy baby, it is absolutely okay for a little bit if you really can't find any formula at all. part of the frustration is, there is some formula out there -- now, parents are having to drive all over the city to find it, and it's very frustrating and as everybody knows with gas prices, it's very expensive and very stressful. but if you keep on looking around, there are options. online, you can find some formula. some of the manufacturers are allowing people to order directly from them. and go to the stores, whether
11:37 am
it's the local mom and pop shop, whether it's the big box store, shipments come on different days and it's hard to predict when they're going to get those shipments but most people are able to find at least something that they can feed their baby and i want to remind everybody that if you can get your hands on that can, and it's produced in america, it's fda approved. it is safe. it's effective. it has all the nutrients that your baby needs for that time, so keep searching, keep looking, and we know it's stressful, but we're really hoping with all of these changes and now the government's getting involved that there will be a light at the end of the tunnel in the next few weeks. >> you know, one of the things that the government is doing is going to begin importing foreign formula to try to supplement the supply here. are you just as confident about the safety of that? >> i mean, we trust our government, right? the fda is -- they actually certify all the formulas in america, and so i'm hopeful that once they start importing that, i mean, if you think of babies
11:38 am
in europe have been growing healthy for decades, so i can't imagine a situation where there would be some drastic change from what we're doing here. i think here in america, it just has to do with the fda approval process and why that hasn't really been done before because frankly, we've never needed it until this period. so, i'm hopeful that once it comes in, it's going to be safe and effective and those babies will get that nutrition that they need. >> dr. blake bergeron, really helpful information. thank you for being with us. >> thank you so much, my pleasure. so, right now, in pennsylvania, it is still too close to call as officials continue to count the votes in the republican senate primary. we're going to take you there live for an update next. [bacon sizzles] [bacon sizzles] ♪ [electronic music plays] ♪
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the swat team and canines patrol the area inside and outside the courthouse. cnn was in the courtroom. what's happened today happens next? >> he made his appearance and then we learned shortly after that that he had been indicted by the grand jury here on some of the counts that he has been charged with. b is pleading not guilty to two of those charges. we are waiting to hear more information from the district attorney here on what exactly the indictment is. we are expecting that he will be charged with additional counts. additionally, we are still waiting on the u.s. attorney's office department of justice to find out if federal hate crime
11:51 am
charges will be filed against him. also, during this brief court appearance, there was a quick outburst from someone, a spectator in the stands, who screamed at him, calling him a coward. he made that short appearance dressed in orange, with a usually where when they are in jail. and then the sheriffs took him back into custody. the judge said that he would know have no bail and he would be held until trial. >> you also spoke to a store employee who obviously survived the shooting. he is now being called a hero. >> yeah, jerome bridges. what a remarkable man. i got to spend some time with him yesterday after he finished a counseling session. all of the store employees here have been understandably in counseling sessions. together, separately, they are going through so much. he told me about the moments when the gunfire started and
11:52 am
what he did. a truly heroic way, trying to get everyone into a back room for safety. take a listen. >> he was getting closer and closer to the back, to the point where he was shooting at the displays there. i just want to make sure i kept the customers and my other three coworkers very safe. even if i would have died, it would have been me dying protecting them. >> you are right to take a bullet for them? >> yes. yes i was. >> and so allison and victor, he just wanted to make sure none of his employees, none of the customers would be harmed. he talked about what a family this is at tops, and how they are so close. he only lives a block away from the market here. the only thing that's going on here today, this scene is now done. they are clearing it out. the fbi has finished their investigation, the processing of the crime scene.
11:53 am
they are going to turn it back over to tops. and then tops is going to finish the process of cleaning up, and hopefully reopening the market. as you know, it is so important to this community. >> yeah. they are going to have to clean, restock, and it is a food desert without it. hopefully it will be soon. >> thank you very much. >> tiger woods is back in the pga championship, continuing his comeback. we will take you there next. uh, how come we don't call oururselves bikers anymor? i mean, "riders" is cool, but "bikers" really cool. -seriously? -denied. can we go back to meeting at the rec center? the commute here is brutal. denied. how do we feel about getting a quote to see if we can save with america's number one motorcycle insurer? should flo stop asking the same question every time? -approved! -[ altered voice ] denied! [ normal voice ] whoa.
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11:58 am
comeback after that near fatal car accident early last year. he just finished his first round of the pga championship in tulsa, oklahoma. >> the 15 time major winner got off to a solid start but ran into trouble later on. cnn's don riddell joins us now with the latest. don, what's happened? >> not a great day in the end for tiger woods, but it started out so brilliantly, birdieing the first hole. he began on the back nine here today. he won on this course back in 2007, that was his fourth pga championship victory. it seemed as though things were starting off really, really well. he was two under through five. he made three birdies in all today. that was more than counseled out by his seven bogeys, leaving him on a four over par. not at all the start he really
11:59 am
wanted to make. very, very different from the 71 that he started out with in augusta five or six weeks ago. i think he will be very, very disappointed. he loved to be struggling out there are times. we have course note he's been through with all his back issues, his knee issues. and then the car accident, where he could have lost his leg. at this point, i don't quite know what is going to be hurting more, his body or his pride. earlier in the week, he said he could definitely win here. right now, he definitely has a lot of work to do if he is going to turn this around. >> yeah, but on, even to see him there on the course after that accident early last year, the surgeries, the rehab, the physical therapy. the fact that he's even playing his miraculous. i know he doesn't just want to play, of course. he's out there to win. >> you are absolutely right, it is miraculous to see him play. and he talked about how he finished at the masters. remember, he made the cut at the masters which is better
12:00 pm
than many of the other top golfers. he was bummed, he was disappointed that he didn't do better that week. a finish and 47th place. we know that he is struggling today. it seemed as though he wasn't doing great on that right leg. by the way, he began his rounds walking down some very steep steps, using his club as a cane, like a walking stick to get down the stairs. it seems as though he has further bothered his right leg during the round. he has been saying to reporters that he's going to have to do a lot of treatment overnight, a lot of ice baths, trying to get the inflammation out. a lot of work to be done to get himself physically ready to tee off and play a second round, which will be at 1:36 pm local time tomorrow afternoon. >> all right. don riddell for us there at the pga championship in tulsa. thank you. >> it's the top of


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