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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  May 19, 2022 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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heads up. scammers are now taking advantage of the baby formula shortage. "the lead" starts right now. fake websites for formula, as the head of the fda is pressed on capitol hill today. yet the biden administration could have taken measures sooner. and hand counts and remarks. the tedious process to read misprinted mail-in ballots that is keeping a key u.s. senate race in limbo. and monkey pox history. 17 suspected cases in canada,
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and one confirmed case now in the united states. i'm jake tapper. we start with the health lead in the biden administration, warning parents desperate to get their hands on baby formula to beware of online scammers, charging exorbitant prices for formula that does not exist. house lawmakers griled the fda commissioner demanding answers and action. this after the house passed a pair of bills to address the crisis. the first would provide $28 million to the fda to fix the shortfall and prevent it from happening again. the second bill is ensuring low income families can find and buy form law enforcement last night, biden passed the defense production act to direct suppliers to deliver formula to manufacturers. but the slew of actions is not
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stopping even biden allies from criticizing the overall administration response. >> nobody did their job here. no one did well. senator casey and i wrote to the fda and to abbott back in february and said, what are you doing? we need to get this produced. we're going to be having a problem, and nobody responded with adequate urgency. >> cnn's lauren fox joins us now. nobody went easy on the fda commissioner today. >> reporter: that's right. it wasn't just republicans, but democrats and allies of the president who were going after the fda commissioner, arguing they should have had answers sooner as to what went wrong with this formula shortage, why weren't they told sooner that this was coming? and over and over again, he made it clear this investigation at the fda is ongoing. and he did not provide them the kinds of detailed answers that they wanted and that they were looking for. you had at one point, rosa
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delora, saying which side are you on, the side of corporations or on the side of consumers and babies that need this formula? you also had this exchange from a progressive representative from wisconsin. >> there's frustration when you were asked what happened, and the answer you gave back is it's being investigated and you can't talk about it. you should talk about it. one problem i've seen over and over with the fda in my ten years here, you guys aren't good at communicating. >> reporter: and he made it clear when he comes before congress again, he is going to have more detailed answers. of course, the question remains, will they satisfy democrats and republicans who want those answers now, jake? >> so 192 republicans voted ge against a bill last night in the house to give the fda $28
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million to work on the shortage. why did they vote against it? >> reporter: there are lots of concerns from republicans that money is not the answer. what democrats a and the fda argue is they need more inspector to make sure not only is the baby formula shortage handled now, but they can prevent it in the future. you have the fact that senate republicans may not agree to bring this bill up. they may not provide the ten votes the democrats need to pass that funding. so it may have passed the house, but it faces a very uncertain future in the senate. jake? >> lauren fox reporting live on capitol hill, thank you. we'll have more on the baby formula crisis coming up later in the show. but let's turn to president biden, who is facing critical foreign policy challenges. he's on his way to asia. his first stop will be south korea, which is currently on edge as north korea prepares for
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another missile test. cnn's m.j. lee joins us live from seoul, south korea where biden is due to arrive friday morning. how has the white house been preparing for this fist stop on this trip? >> reporter: yeah, jake, president biden is set to land here in seoul later today, marking his first trip to asia as president. and it comes at a real moment of volatility and turmoil around the world. there is no question that north korea is going to loom large as a big issue during this visit. this is a company that's launched a number of missile attacks so far this year. the u.s. is warning we could see a long-range missile test or a nuclear test during president biden's visit to seoul. the white house has been very clear it's ready for all kinds of contingencies. even those kinds of provocations. just reassuring everybody that those kinds of scenarios, the
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white house is fully prepared for. a number of themes the president is going to be discussing is going to include the u.s.' alliance with korea and japan. japan is going to be joe biden's second stop during this trip to asia. and then the war in ukraine. the president has said over and over again that he actually believes that the war in ukraine has brought the u.s. and some of its allies in the indo-pacific region closer together, jake. >> and just before biden left washington, he hosted the leaders of finland and sweden. he could not have been more clear about his support for their bids to join the nato alliance. >> reporter: that's right. you know, this is more and more remarkable development in the context of the war in ukraine. these two countries submitting their applications to join nato. and the president hosting the leaders of both countries at the white house before he left for this trip, and what he said is that the u.s. has strong support for their pending applications,
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and that he believes the admission of both of those countries would make nato stronger. now, another key part of joe biden's statement today is when he said that while those applications are pending, he wants the world to know that the u.s. is going to have their backs essentially. he said the u.s. will work to deter and confront aggression or the threat of aggression. so clearly a warning message of sort perhaps to vladamir putin. now, there is the question to the opposition we have seen from a country like turkey. the white house national security adviser jake sullivan said before reporters left for this trip that they are convinced that all of the concern that turkey has voiced that they can be addressed. >> m.j. lee reporting live from seoul, south korea. thank you very much. the senate overwhelmingly approved an additional $40 billion aid package for ukraine, this after mitch mcconnell scolded some members of his own party for questioning the price tag. still, 11 republicans voted
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against the package. meanwhile, on the ground in ukraine, the 21-year-old russian soldier accused of killing an unarmed ukrainian man in the early days of the war is pleading for forgiveness, telling the man's widow today in court that he was sorry for killing her husband. the trial resumes tomorrow morning. in mariupol, a dispute today over any suggestion the port city had fallen to the russians, while russia says more than 1700 ukrainian soldiers surrendered at the azovstal plant. today a ukrainian commander vowed the fight continues, and russia is ramping up attacks in eastern ukraine. as cnn's nick paton walsh reports, many ukrainians in kharkiv are sheltering underground after taking refuge more than two months ago. >> reporter: the noises may be further away from kharkiv. but part of the city still stays
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hidden underground, in the subways. they came down to shelter just for the night, but that was two months ago. homes now destroyed, the fear of the bombs remaining. most have nowhere to go. officials have asked people to leave soon, and stopped people sleeping, at least in the trains, which they have to get moving again. this woman keeps her place tidy and welcoming, but is alone here. her flat bombed twice.
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>> reporter: in the damp cold, with food in one bucket, urine in another, this is a desperation russia's war on ukraine wanted to inflict. she sat between her family and people whose name she doesn't even know. even if ukraine wins, this is still where it hurts, in the loss of presumptions about the most ordinary parts of life. victor is sheltering in a game of two pirate ships attacking each other.
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we see some deciding to leave already. yet still the framework of permanent sets in. and the outside, sunnier days turn noisy at night. ukraine officials, while they seem to want people out of the metro, are suggest as a plan to house them in dormitories. but kharkiv, while it's significantly less under pressure than it was a matter of weeks ago, still at 4:00 a.m. yesterday, a rocket hit close to where i'm standing. still tonight, we hear what sounds like outgoing shelling and of course, the fighting still relatively close to the city center. intensification, though, in the more central part of eastern ukraine, as russia appears to be making minimal gains there. and you mentioned extra u.s. aid. another $100 million announced will be rushed into here. that may tip the balance in the longer term in ukraine's favor. they keep getting more assistance from outside. russia increasingly straining to
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get more out of its overstretched forces here. jake? >> nick paton walsh in ukraine for us, thank you so much as always. coming up next, the accused buffalo gunman in court. the chances of this becoming a death penalty case, even though that's not currently on the table. and new warnings of a global food crisis, brought on largely by russia's war of ukraine. stay with us. when detergent alone isn't enough... ...add finish jet dry 3 in 1. to dry, prevent spots, and protect glasseses against cloudiness. the dishes aren't done without finish jet d dry 3 in 1. meet a future momom, a first-time mom and a seasoned pro. this mom's one step closer to their new mini-van! yeah, you'll get used to it. this mom's depositing money with tools on-hand. cha ching. and this mom, well, she's setting an appointment here, so her son can get set up there and start his own financial journey. that's because these moms all have chase. smart bankers. convenient tools.
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we're back. a grand jury indicted the accused buffalo massacre murderer. the 18-year-old accused domestic terrorist appearing in court this morning. the grand jury is expected to bring nor charges against him after he pleaded not guilty to a first degree murder charge. cnn's brian todd looks at where the killer got one of the guns. >> reporter: the accused buffalo gunman appearing in court today under heavy security, handcuffed
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in an orange jump suit. he has now been indicted by a grand jury for saturday's grocery store shooting that left ten victims dead. he was charged saturday with first degree murder to which he's pleaded not guilty. other charges are expected to be filed, including potential hate crime charges, which would allege the killings were racially motivated. as he was taken out, an onlooker calls him a coward. he faces up to life without prison if convicted. security at the court was tight with police dogs and heavily armed officers, and the suspect was brought in by tunnel. he claimed online that he got one of the guns, a savage rifle, from his father for christmas in 2020. a savage box can be seen in this photo. a rifle was not used in the tops shooting, but one was found in his car. the hateful rant said the gunman planned to use the savage rifle, along with a shotgun, to kill more black people in the
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neighborhood, as he drove away from the tops supermarket. the investigation at the crime scene is finished, but the fbi says the probe continues. >> there are interviews to be done. there are information and data to be gathered from social media and other internet companies. there are analysis that need to be done on the evidence that was collected. >> reporter: jeffrey peace is an administrator at the state tabernacle church. he was a fellow deacon there with deceased hayward patterson there. i asked peace how patterson would have responded to his killer. do you think that deacon patterson might forgive this man if we were able to? >> the bible tells us to forgive. you know, it tells us to forgive. i can't speak -- he's gone. he's gone. but if surviving, yes, i would say yes. i would have to say yes.
1:19 pm
and we're going to have to forgive the gunman, because we're here. >> reporter: the son of another victim, security guard aaron salter, jr., saying he surely saved the lives of others. >> he went out because he was trying to protect everyone. he made tops his priority. even though he was retired, he cared about tops and the people who came in there every day. he cared about the employees, and it was his duty to keep everyone safe. and he went out doing that. >> reporter: john persons, the president and coo of tops markets, told us they plan to reopen the store, but he could not offer a timeline on exactly when. jake? >> brian todd in buffalo, new york, thank you so much. joining us now is the former counsel to the assistant attorney general. ca carrie, thank you for joining us. new york has a red flag war who bars individuals that are assessed by a judge from owning a gun.
1:20 pm
the accused wrote an essay in school about staging a murder/suicide. he was asked about it by police who had been alerted. but neither the police or the in eachers, nor the faculty, nor his parents let a judge know using the red flag law. it seems obvious they should have. but these laws are underutilized. >> they're underutilized and some of them are relatively new, jake. so in new york, this law has existed for a few years. in other states it's been just a couple of years. on one hand when we look back at it, there's so many tragic aspects of this particular event, one is that there were so many warning signs that this individual exhibited, and he came to the attention of all the authorities that you would want someone like to come to the attention to. so it may be there is a much greater need for more training and awareness, whether that's for police, whether that's for school officials, whether that's
1:21 pm
for people in the community, parents, family members, to understand how to use these law it is they need to. >> now, the buffalo suspect has been charged in new york with first degree murder, one count, that covers two or more murders. the grand jury is expected, i'm guessing, to bring more charges. what might those be? >> so at first, they're going to bring charges just to be able to make sure that this individual stays in custody so they could bring additional charges at the state level for the additional murders that this individual has committed. there also could be at the state level an additional look at crimes, and the whole next leve federal charges, which i would imagine the justice department is looking at as it relates to federal hate crimes. >> so last night, the house of
1:22 pm
representatives passed a bill aimed at combatting domestic terrorism. it would set up offices in the department of homeland security to focus on domestic terror and call for the assessment of the threat posed by white supremacists. what happened in buffalo is horrific, but it doesn't appear to have been the act of a group, but the act of one deranged racist. would this law have had any impact? would it have prevented this tragedy? >> i think it's hard to say that this particular law, if it were enacted, would prevent this act. it will increase -- if the law ends up becoming a law, if the senate passes it, it will increase information sharing. it will fund and make sure that there is better resourcing and attention in congressional oversight of all these different government components, who already have people in offices that are dedicated to these issues any way. i think the law will help congress do better oversight over this issue. but look, the key point that i
1:23 pm
think the country is still digesting is that the government organizations and agencies in charge of this, at this point, although these acts are conducted by an individual is inspired by this extremist idealology, this is part of a bigger pattern. so if we look at the mass murders across the country, whether it was the tree of life shooting, the charleston church shooting or whether now it is this one in buffalo, they are all ethnically, religiously or racially motivated. this is because this is an extremist idealology purr vading the country and other parts of the world. so congress is trying to bring greater attention to that bigger issue. >> thanks so much, appreciate it. pennsylvania election officials are finished hand
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and don't miss jurassic world:dominion in theaters june 10th. in our politics lead, we're closely watching the vote tallies in pennsylvania, where officials just finished counting the nearly 22,000 mail-in
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ballots that were misprinted. those results are crucial in the republican senate primary, where trump backed dr. mehmet oz. athena jones is live for us in pennsylvania. do we know when we're going to get the results here? >> well, we expect to get results from the mail-in votes and the election day votes later on tonight. i just spoke with the chief clerk here, who says i'm not leaving here tonight until i'm done. as you mentioned, they were able to remark, sort of fix those misprinted ballots so that they could be scanned. the room behind me was filled to the brim. 50, 60 people working in groups of two. they are down to the last 660 ballots. these are mail-in votes that i lived on election day by the deadline. unfortunately, some of those
1:30 pm
need to be remarked so they can be scanned. so they're doing that as i speak. they are determined to finish the day. lancaster county is not the only county that is still counting votes. and once all of this is counted, there are still going to be some 589 provisional ballots. those can't begin to be counted until tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. and later, military and overseas ballots. so in a race that is very, very tight, all of these votes count. this 589 provisional ballots could make a difference. we're going to have some kind of tally today, but that is going to be election day and mail-in voting up through election day, hopefully in the next few hours. a little bit closer knowing who is going to be the winner of the gop primary raise here in pennsylvania. jake? >> yep, and that's what we do in this country, we count all the votes. athena jones in pennsylvania, thank you so much. also in our politics lead,
1:31 pm
the prosecution star witness testified today in the first trial sparked by special counsel john durham's investigation. he was appointed during the trump administration to look for any possible wrongdoing in the origins of the trump-russia probe. he has charged michael susman, the tall man with dark hair, who was an attorney for hillary clinton, charged him for lying to the fbi, alleging that he tried to conceal his political motives for passing along a tip about the trump organization's dealings with a russian bank. susman is pleading not guilty. cnn's evan perez is covering the trial for us. who is the prosecution's star witness, and what did he have to say? >> reporter: jake, the star witness is james baker. he is the former fbi general counsel, and a former contributor here at cnn. he met in september 2016 with michael susman to discuss this tip about purported suspicious
1:32 pm
connections between the trump organization and a russian bank, a kremlin connected bank. today in testimony, he provided key answers for durham's prosecutors. he said that he was 100% confident that in his meeting, susman never said that he was there representing a client, not representing clinton or any other client. and he also said if he had known, he would not have taken the meeting. now, the issue for the prosecution is that baker has given various differing answers in recent years in various interviews on this very question. and the prosecution has been struggling the last couple of days to try to show that this lie, it mattered at all. there was an fbi witness who testified yesterday who said it made no difference. he would have investigated this tip the same way, no matter who had made this allegation.
1:33 pm
and so baker now is being questioned by the defense. they're trying to undercut his credibility. they're saying essentially baker has given various answers and it didn't matter in the end. >> evan, this is a case, this case specifically about one alleged lie. but looming over all of it is the 2016 campaign, the bruising political fight between hillary clinton and donald trump, the steele dossier, the fbi prosecution, comey, mueller. how is all of this manifesting itself? >> all of that is coming up in this trial. the judge has warned everybody, saying look, hillary clinton is not on trial here. donald trump is not on trial here. this is about michael susman. but obviously, these things keep coming up. witnesses for the government have brought up things, for instance, that trump called out to russia to find more of hillary clinton's emails in 2016 at the height of the campaign, jake. a trump tweet was shown to the
1:34 pm
jury today. so the theme of 2016 and some of the fights that loomed over all of that in 2016 keeps coming up. and so one of the things i think you will see the defense try to do is try to put the context of all of this, saying look, trump was under investigation by the fbi and this tip in the end didn't make a difference in all of that. the fbi was investigating essentially both candidates before election day in 2016. >> all right. thank you. coming up next, cases of the monkeypox appearing around the world and what do we know about the now confirmed case here in the u.s.? stay with us. he body? new dove shower collection is infused with hyaluronic and peptide serums to make your skin feel smoother and more radiant. new dove body love. face care ingredients now in the shower. if you wake up thinking about the market and want to make ththe right moves fast... get decision tech.
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in our health lead, cases of monkeypox are popping up around the world. spain, portugal, italy and the uk all confirming cases of monkeypox today. canada announcing they have identified 17 more possible cases after a case was reported earlier this week. and here in the u.s., one man in massachusetts is recovering in the hospital from a confirmed case of monkeypox. cnn's elizabeth cohen joins us now. for many this might be the first time they've heard of the monkeypox virus. what are the symptoms of this virus and how does it spread? >> reporter: let's go over the symptoms. initially, they look like a bunch of other things, fever, swollen lymph nodes. then you get that tell-tale rash with lesions all over the body. this is why the contacts of the person in massachusetts are
1:40 pm
being told to watch out for symptoms. transmission is prolonged face-to-face contact and direct or indirect contact with bodily fluids or those skin lesions. just to give you an example, this has happened before. in 2003, there were 47 cases in the u.s. jake? >> are we hearing anything more about those possible other cases acorrode? -- abroad? >> reporter: we are. let's take a look at places that have confirmed or suspected cases of monkeypox. we heard of confirmed cases in the uk, spain, port ugal and italy. this is something a cdc doctor said, many of these global reports are occurring within sexual networks. when people have close contact with each other, that can be a way the monkeypox spreads. >> after the coronavirus
1:41 pm
pandemic, i think there are probably a lot of americans who would get nervous about hearing a new virus outbreak. could this spread on an international level the way covid did? >> the experts say that is quite unlikely. this is much, much harder to spread. it just doesn't spread in the same way. i think the uk national health service, they summed it up quite nicely. they say on their website, it's very uncommon to get monkeypox from the person with the infection because it does not spread easily between people. as the cdc says, you need prolonged contact or contact with bodily fluids. this is not a covid situation. i know you might think, didn't we hear that at the beginning of covid, that this is containable? this is different. we do know something about monkeypox. in 2003, when we saw the 47 cases, it ended at 47 cases. obviously covid did not end at
1:42 pm
47 cases. jake? >> elizabeth cohen, thanks so much. other health concerns bring us back to our world lead and dire warnings that even if vladamir putin's war on ukraine ended tomorrow, the entire world would face a hunger crisis. as cnn's kylie atwood reports, the u.s. and others are sounding alarms how russians are interfering with food shipments that keep hundreds of millions of people across the globe from sa starving. >> when a nation that is the breadbasket of the world becomes the nation with the longest breadlines of the world, we know we have a problem. >> reporter: before the ukraine war began, the country was the word's fourth largest exporter of corn and fifth largest exporter of wheat. now those products cannot get out of port, because of russia's blockade. the executive director of the
1:43 pm
world food program said there are at least 320 million people around the world heading towards starvation. >> truly, they need to open those ports in the odesa region, or it will result in famine and destabilization and mass migration around the world. >> reporter: the biden administration is ramping up its focus on this deadly crisis, as global food prices are spiking. secretary of state tony blinken convened a united nations security council meeting on the topic today, calling for a coordinated international response. >> there are an estimated 22 million tons of grain sitting in silos in ukraine right now. >> reporter: and demanding that russia open the ports and allow trucks with food to leave the country. >> russian federation claims falsely that the international community sanctions are to blame for worsening the global food crisis. sanctions aren't blocking black
1:44 pm
sea ports. trapping ships filled with food and destroying ukrainian roads and railways, russia is. >> reporter: footage on taped by cnn from zaporizhzhia allows us to see what president zelenskyy's administration is calling food terrorism. trucks bearing the white "z" symbol of the russian military, stealing ukrainian grain, bringing it to russian held crimea. >> translator: this is not just a strike at ukraine. without our exports, dozens of countries in various regions of the world have found themselves on the brink of food deficit. >> reporter: russia is carrying out strikes targeting agricultural warehouses in the country. >> we're seeing attacks on everything from fields with craters on them. there are reports of russian soldiers destroying farm equipment, putting land mines in fields. >> reporter: as the world presses for an end to the invasion, exports warn that even if the conflict did end soon, it would take years for ukraine's agricultural industry to recover.
1:45 pm
>> the world is on the brink of mass hunger. >> reporter: jake, the biden administration is working closely with european alhis to develop alternate routes to get this grain out of ukraine if those ports are not open. one of the leading options here is putting this grain onto trains and transferring the xwra grain from ukraine to neighboring countries. but there are a lot of logistical challenges that come along with that. jake? >> kylie atwood, thank you for that report. coming up next, cnn goes to rio grand, texas and speaks to some of the biden administration's critics of a plan he has for the border, and they're trying to sound the alarm. stay with us.
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slaying is our business. and business is good. unbeatable internet from xfinity. made to do anything so you can do anything. in our politics lead, any day now a federal judge expected to announce whether or not the biden administration must keep title 42 in place. title 42 is a trump era border rule that is set to expire monday. it allows agents to send migrants at the border back to their home countries using the pandemic as justification for preventing them from claiming asylum. ed lavin dare a went to the borr where some are bracing for chaos
1:51 pm
if this rule ends. >> where are we headed? >> towards the river. >> reporter: for seven generations, roberto escobar's family has farmed the land near roma, texas. 75 acres that sit on the edge of the rio grand. a short little ride. you're right on the river. >> often times i walk this way. my ancestors settled right here. >> reporter: migrants have crossed the river and through this property for decades. he says what is new is the staggering number of migrants crossing now. he represents the vocal opposition to lift the policy known as title 42, which allows immigration officials to block many migrants from staying in the united states for public health reasons. >> it's going to get wild here. we don't stop immigration right now, and then by lifting that,
1:52 pm
it will get worse. >> reporter: u.s. customs and border protection says in april, there were 234,000 apprehensions of migrants along the u.s. southern border. the department of homeland security says that accounts for about 7,000 migrants being caught every day. but dhs is also bracing for a worst case scenario if title 42 is lifted of capturing 18,000 migrants per day. for more than 40 years, jorge has run mcallen's sports, a custom apparel and trophy business. the shop is just blocks away from the most prominent shelter taking care of the migrants passing through this border town. >> many people feel like we're over the pandemic. but many people still want title 42 kept in place. does that seem kind of hypocritical in any way? >> it helped. if title 42 is helping to slow that down, and we take it off, what's going to replace it?
1:53 pm
because i don't seeing anybody coming up with a plan to replace this. >> reporter: he also owns ranch land in south texas. he says the hunting cameras on his property capture more pictures of migrants than deer. >> if title 42 is lifted, what worries you most? >> it will be chaos on the border. we have a huge influx now of illegal immigrants. it will be chaos on the border. >> we're going to be swamped with people. >> reporter: the mayor says the u.s. government has pumped more than $30 million in the last year to help the city handle immigration costs, like transportation and housing. but the mayor says the biden administration should keep title 42 in place to slow the flow of migrants into south texas. do you worry that title 42 is going to be used as an immigration policy and not a public health policy? >> we have been seeing lesser numbers, and it's been
1:54 pm
beneficial to us. i know it's not an immigration policy, but it has been useful for us. >> if you're using a law incorrectly, and we're a nation of laws r we being hypocritical? >> maybe. what else is being done to hold immigration down or to stop it or to at least control it to some degree? nothing! >> reporter: roberto escobar will keep working his land and keep waiting for an immigration solution that seems lost in these fields. ed lavandera, cnn, in the rio grand valley of texas. >> and our thanks to ed lavandera. a new abortion bill may go further than any other state and ban abortions at the moment of fertilization. the implications, next. five professional benefits. one simple step.
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i saved 25%. booyah. you protected your casa? sure did. and the frank tank? you know it. and now you're relaxing. i'm working from home. sure you are. alright i see a lot of head nods. let's circle back tomorrow. you weren't kidding. save up to 25% when you bundle home and auto with allstate. click or call for a quote today. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. this hour, two popular suvs recalled because they could spontaneously catch on fire. and the automaker is telling drivers to park outside, because they can catch on fire while turned off. plus, while parents turn to extraordinary measures to feed their babies, officials in washington, d.c. are doing what they do best -- playing the blame game.
2:00 pm
we're lead thing hour with breaking news. oklahoma state lawmakers have just passed legislation that goes further than any other law in the united states by banning abortions at the moment of fertilization. when the egg is fertilized by the sperm. that's essentially an all-out ban, with very few exceptions. it could even potentially outlaw some forms of birth control. it's expected that the republican governor will sign the bill into law tomorrow. cnn's camilla bernard is following the breaking developments. this bill comes before the supreme court has ruled on roe v. wade. so walk us through the details of this ban. >> reporter: yeah, jake, it does. here's the thing -- the key here is how a pregnancy is defined. and that's why i want to take you right to the wording of the bill, because that is key in all of this. according to this bill, a pregnancy is