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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  May 19, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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best of all, prop a won't raise your taxes. vote yes on prop a for fast, safe, reliable transit. welcome to our viewers in united states and around the world. joe biden begins his first official trip to asia over potential north korean missile task during a visit. money talks and a 40 billion dollar u.s. aid package for ukraine says washington is in for the long haul.
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u.s. president, joe biden, is on his way to south korea on his first asia trip as president. he will also be visiting japan and meet with leaders of india and australia as well. the asia trip comes later in biden's presidency than he may have liked. he wants to affirm the importance of our indo-pacific alliances. kevin, we'll begin with you. joe biden has been focusing much on the war in ukraine. this an attempt that they can walk and talk and chew gum at the same time. >> it's meant to reaffirm the u.s. commitment to the key alliance in east asia with south korea and japan and demonstrate that president biden still has
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this focus on asia despite all of the time and attention he's been spending on the war in ukraine. you saw that play out in the near term when the president in the morning he met with the leaders in finland and sweden. they are trying to join nato and he pivoted and turned to asia. te took flight and still on it now on his way to asia an it's really sort of demonstrative of his broader foreign policy even as the other foreign crisis have popped up around the world. the president really does want to spend a lot of time focusing on this continent both because of the security concerns that exist here in north korea stepping up their prove ocation but also this attempt to counter china. china is sort of ratcheting up tensions in taiwan. all of these areas of concern for allies in this region and the president wants to show that the united states is committed to its alliances so you'll see
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that when the president touches down here. he'll first go do a samsung plant. microchips that are essential to machines in the united states like cars. there's been a shortage of those because some chinese plants are shut down because of covid. the president really wants to sort of show that the united states supply chain can exist outside of china. he'll talk about other allies producing those micro chips and producing them in the united states. it's the economic message that the president is bringing here but security concerns are also looming. u.s. officials say that north korea could be preparing for an underground nuclear test or long range ballistic missile test. that would demonstrate the urgent concerns that are posed by north korea while the president is here on the peninsula. u.s. officials say they are prepared for that but it would
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underscore why the u.s. commitment to this area is so critical. japan and south korea both looking for deterrent steps from the united states. that will come up in the president's talking while he is here. john. >> thank you. let's go to our correspondent. the question is here do they both stand when it comes to north korea? >> it does appear to be a fair bit of common ground . the new president of south korea has a different policy than his predecessor who really put everything on engagement and pushing for better ties with north korea. this is a man that doesn't have much political experience. he was a former prosecutor. we really are learning as he goes along as what his policy
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will be. he has said that he is willing to engage with north korea but also had a more hawkish stance when it comes to north korea. a similar situation from washington really. we heard from the white house that they have reached out to north korea. they are willing to talk to them, to engage, to negotiate. there's been nothing in return. what we could really expect from the two leaders is that north korea will be very high up on the agenda not just because the u.s. and also south korean officials have pointed out they think an icbm test may be imminent. also the fact that north korea has admitted to having a covid outbreak within the country. we don't know how serious it is. the indications that we are getting suggest that with an you can e unvaccinated population with a fragile best health care system shows it is a very serious situation.
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we know that the president has offered aid to north korea. he's offered mass vaccines and testing kits. certainly the white house has said they are willing to help out as well. it does appear there are many similarities in the way that the u.s. and south korean lead ers would like to deal with north korea. it's having it high up on the agenda if they decide to carry out a provocation. it will over shadow everything else. john. >> thank you. appreciate that. to new york now. a former cia analyst who surge in the obama administrations and the director of the asia program at the wilson center. thank you for being with us. >> thanks for having me on.
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>> we'll get to the diplomacy in a minute but north korea may be getting ready to fuel a ballistic missile. one of the key final stages in preparing for a test launch familiar with latest information. in the past it was always speculation that north korea might conduct while a sitting u.s. president was in the region. they never thought it through on that. will this time be different and will that shape u.s. policy toward pyongyang in major way? >> north korea has a history of testing and conducting provocations around the south korean. it's different with the u.s. president being in the region
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but at this pioint in time, external situation is good for north korea. i say this because what would be retaliation from the in international community? there wouldn't be one. because china, russia is not going to come on board for additional sanctions and the u.s. is not going to do much of -- there's not going to be a lethal action or any kind of a series consequence for the regime. i think they could conduct a major provocation like an icbm. >> wait and see. i guess that's the only thing question do at this point. it seems this presidential trip is all about demonstrating the ability of being able to walk and chew gum at the same time.
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michael j. green who has your old job tells cnn there's nervousness about whether the u.s. can handle two major contingencies. can we handle ukraine, taiwan? an incoming president promises a pivot to asia or something handles in the middle east. how does this complicate this asia trip for biden and does the u.s. have the band width for two issues at once? >> the biden administration says it can handle multiple crisis. it can chew and walk or walk and chew gum at the same time. the reality is there's so many policy meetings that one could have. when you have major crisis, the reality is that you are short shorthanded. you are distracted and have limited bandwidth. it's not going to be that much
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of a high priority. it's one that doesn't really have an answer, we have been working on this problem for last several decades. i think the biden administration will be distracted and the priority is not just going to be there. it's not going to be on north ko korea. focus would seem to be on china and fry to counter china ease influence and bring india into the ukraine tent. try to get india on board. >> repair the relationship that's really soured over the last several years. it's really alliance building, getting all the allies on board and counter china. it will be the main priority with the biden administration in asia. >> one thing that biden has
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proven over the course of the last 16 month s he does have this ability to go and mend fences, to rebuild coalition, reengage allies that may be left behind during the trump administration. that is a skill which he will need, i guess, when she -- he is in asia and appreciated in the asian countries. it's uelsewhere around the worl in some ways. >> during the trump admini administration, the alliance relationship suffered. president trump demanded that our allies in asia pay up for increase and hosting and having our troops in the reregion. president trump demanded 500 time increase on south koreans footing the bill of u.s. forces being in korea.
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there was some strain. i think with president biden he is going focus on repairing that relationship, on building and expending on existing alliance. we're seeing biden's first meeting with south korean president, they are kind of folksy and have certain background as more low key. maybe they also have a good chemistry. they are also more aligned in some ways. they could see eye to eye on these issues. hopefully president biden will have a good trip and come back with alliances even stronger with south ykorea and japan. >> we'll see. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. the biggest and by no measure, not the last aid package, has been overwhelmingly approved by congress. on thursday the 40 billion dollar aid package of both
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military and human tear area assistance passed senate but not without opposition. 11 republicans voted against the bill in defiance of senate minority leader mitch mcconnell. >> anyone concerned about the cost of supporting a ukrainian victory should consider the much larger cost should ukraine lose. >> president biden is expected do sign the bill into law once he arrives in south korea. just as the senate approved that 40 billion dollar -- wait, there's more. the biden administration announcing another security package worth $100 million. ukraine top military commander claims his troops have broken the russian sieges at kharkiv and says ukrainian forces are pos pressing on. russian shelling and air strikes killed a dozen people on
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thursday. a russian shadvance have pushed back and are suffering losses. kharkiv came under heavy russian shell, thousands headed to the subway and many have stayed. ukrainian fighters have forced the russian to pull back. it's time the leave the under ground, restart rail services. >> reporter: the noises may be further away from kharkiv in distant fields or villages. the part of the city still stays hidden, under ground in the subways near dark.
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they came down to shelter just for the night but that was two months ago. homes now destroyed but the fear of the bombs remaining. most have nowhere to go. officials have asked people the leave soon and stop people sleeping, in the trains which they have to get moving again. she keeps her place tidy and welcoming but is alone here. her flat bombed twice. in the damp, cold with food in
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one bucket, urine in another. this is desperation russia's war on you crane wanted to inflict. she's sat between her family and people's whose name she doesn't know. even if ukraine win, this still where it hurts in the presumptions about the most ordinary part of life. victor shy, his mother says, sheltering in a game of two pirate ships attacking each other. we some deciding to leave already yet still the frame work of permanent sets in and the
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outside sunnier day turn noisy at night. coming up, the january 6th select committee zeroing in on a tour of the u.s. capitol building given by a republican member of congress one day before the deadly insurrection. we'll have his response after a break. oklahoma just passed one of strictest abortion pabans in th u.s. details in a moment. to their new mini-van!n! yeah, you'll get used to it. this mom's depositingng money with tools on-hand. cha ching.g. and this mom, well, she's setting anan appointment here, so her son can get set up there and start his own financial journey. that's because these moms all have chase. smart bankers. convenient tools. one bank with the power of both. chase. make more of what's yours. ♪
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in the u.s. congress there's usually nothing suspicious about a congressman giving a tour but when it takes place the day before people stormed the capitol, that raises questions which the january 6 committee wants answered. >> reporter: the january 6 select committee once again has in its sight a republican member of congress looking for more information that they believe is a key part of their investigation. this time it's congressman barry of georgia. they want know more about a tour that was given on january 5th,
11:22 pm
be day before the insurrection at the capitol. this tracks back to an accusation made by congresswoman cheryl in the days after january 6 where she alleged she saw members of congress, republican members of congress giving tours of the capitol and described the tours as reconnaissance tours. now cheryl has never provided any evidence to back up the claim. republicans have been very critical of her calling them out. for first time he's being identified as someone who potentially may have been given one of those tours. he pushed back on this accu accusation. he said as a constituent family with young children meeting with their member of congress in the house office building is not a suspicious group or a reconnaissance tour. the family never entered the capitol building. the select committee is pushing a false narrative that republicans conducted reconnaissance tours on january 5th. republicans are now asking for
11:23 pm
the capitol police to release the video in question here. it's something that republicans asked several weeks ago as well. capitol police say they do not have the authorization to do so. it's clear this video is in the possession of the january 6 select committee. the question is, do they make it part of their public hearings and will they provide more evidence to suggest there may have been something questionable about this tour and it's not as incident as loudermilk claims it to be. there's many unanswered questions but it has become another important part of the committee's investigation. ryan nobles, cnn on capitol hill. pennsylvania officials have been counting ballots all day but the race remains too close to call. right now the trump endorsed tv personality mamoth oz has a slim lead over david mccormick.
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lawmakers in the u.s. state of oklahoma have just passed one of country's strictest abortion bills, banning all abortions after fertilization. >> the way the bill describes a pregnancy is key. i want to read the exact wording of that bill which stays a pregnancy is a condition that begins with fertilization. b, occurs when the woman is carrying the developing human offspring and c is calculated from the first day of the woman's last menstrual period. now, not only does this ban all abortions in the state of oklahoma but it also allows any private citizen to sue an abortion provider who knowingly
11:25 pm
performs or induces an abortion. we know the governor previously has supported all of these similar bans passed many state of oklahoma. he says his state protects life. they will focus on helping the mothers and says that churches a and nonprofits should focus on adoptions. we expect this to be the reality in oklahoma in the coming days. on the other hand, you have planned parenthood who is saying this is a dark day. they say this not just another ban but this is a first. they say it's a reversal of history. they say they are going to continue fighting just as they fought for previous efforts and legislation that has been passed in oklahoma in hopes of banning abortion. the other thing is they future.
11:26 pm
they expect the abortions planned for this week to go on as scheduled but they are making plans to cancel the abortions scheduled for next week. this is likely going to become an issue that is defined by state lines. cn nrk cnn, los angeles. among the usual issues of cost of living. there's the china factor. more on that when we come back. because you've got the next generation in global secure networking from comcast business, with fully integratedd security solutions all in o one place. so you're covered. on-premise and in the cloud. you cacan run things the way you want—your team, ours or a a mix of both. with the nation's largest ip network. from the most innovative company. bring on today with unbeatable business solutions from comcast business. powering possibilities™.
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coming up, 31 minutes past the hour. you're watching cnn newsroom. australian voters head to the polls saturday in a close federal election. that's benefitted the opposition labor party which narrow leads in some opinion polls and could see a return fouer after nine years. for more, cnn anna joins us live from congrehong kong. there's the soaring coast of living and the china factor. >> it's real. as a rule, oppositions don't win elections, governments lose them. that could be the case in australia tomorrow. according to the polls, prime
11:32 pm
minister scott morrison will struggle to reach that majority to secure another three years in government. it's not going to be a landslide. many political commentators are expecting a hung parliament giving the balance of power. why is it like this because australians are completely disillusions and under whelmed with the two dominant parties. they have been on the campaign trail for the past six weeks are deeply unpopular. the feeling among voters is australians deserve better. >> on the eve of the federal lek, many australians are complaining they don't have much of a choice. >> it's kind of hard in a two party system. it's a bit like who do we vote for. >> reporter: the leader of the center left labor party has been
11:33 pm
making himself a target. the man nicknamed albo has leaned into many of the policies of a prime minister who has his integrity constantly called into question. as the public worries about hits to their lifestyle and their livelihoods. >> definitely cost of living, climate change and housing. >> reporter: the perceived threat of china hangs over the vote. >> the first election in my adult lifetime that china and foreign policy has been major issue. china is a concern because china has announced itself as a concern. >> reporter: are the relationship at a historic low, both parties have looked to score political points by beating up on beijing. >> why would you take china's side? >> that's outrageous slur from the prime minister. >> reporter: the announcement of a security packed between china
11:34 pm
and the islands have shaken austral kra which fears a chinese military base less than 2,000 kilometers off its coast. the white house deployed a top asia enjoy to try to kill the deal without much success. how much of what china does can be controlled by australia. does it matter who gets elected on saturday. they will tougher on china. >> reporter: he served add prime minister. >> china is in the reskgion. >> nevertheless, one of first tasks of awe stra yal's post election leader will be to take his place at the meeting in
11:35 pm
tokyo next week. they'll join u.s. president joe biden and japan's all in lock step over the perceived threat posed by china. john, whoever wins will have to deal with some serious issues other than china that are facing australia such as rising inflation, interest rate hikes, stagnant wages and the risk of the housing market bubble bursting. many predicting tough times ahead no matter who is in the launch. >> housing bubble has been prime to burst for a while. we'll see what happens. thank you. coming up here, boeing with no crew is on its way to the international space station. why the flight is meant to challenge spacex.
11:36 pm
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: four, three, two, one. liftoff. starliner is headed back to space on shoulders of atlas. . >> liftoff just a few hours ago. the boeing capsule had no crew on board as it makes its way to the international space station. they dock and return to earth just a few days later. boeing is trying to show nasa the star liner is ready for prime time and can carry resta astronauts after years of setback. time for a short break. w world sport is up next. i'll be back in just a moment.
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the suspect in saturday's mass shooting gave a heads up to 15 people. the suspect started the chat before the shooting spree which left ten people dead and wounded three others. bryan todd has more. >> reporter: new details about who the suspected buffalo gunman revealed his plans to before land. 15 people accepted his online
11:46 pm
invitation the view the diary he kept which spelled out his plans and preparation in detail. the invitation header read happening. this is not a drill. the washington post reported. it was sent 30 minutes before the attack and linked to an alleged live stream of his attack on twitch as well as to six months worth of racist notes and details about surveying the store, drawing map and taking note of how many black customers were there. >> the fbi will investigating the identity of these individuals, trying to identify them and to either speak to them or investigate them further. >> reporter: evidence clek at the site of the shooting is now complete. fbi said on thursday but the probe continues. >> there are interviews to be done. there's information and data to be gathered from social media and other internet companies. there are analysis that need to be done on the evidence that was
11:47 pm
collected. >> reporter: the suspect appearing in court on thursday under heavy security, handcuffed in an orange jump suit. he has now been indict bid a grand jury as he's taken out of the courtroom, an onlooker calls him a coward. the suspect claimed that he got one of the guns, a savage rifle from his father for christmas in 2020. a savage rifle was not used in tops shooting but one was found in suspect's car. the hateful rant said the gunman planned the use the rifle along with a shotgun to kill more black people in the neighborhood as he drove away from the tops supermarket. >> taking him home. >> reporter: jeffrey piece is an administrator at the state church. he was fellow deacon there with deceased shooting victim hayward patterson.
11:48 pm
i asked about how the man so loved and trusted would have responded to his killer. >> the gunman was clearly full of hatred. do you think the deacon patterson might forgive this man if he were able to? >> the bible tells us to forgive. it tells us to forgive. i can't speak. he's gone. he's gone. if surviving, yes. i would say yes. i would have to say yes and we're going to have forgive the gunman because we're here. to tell you get that out of there, he's going to live there forever. you don't want that. >> reporter: when we asked an fbi official what the evidence here at the scene told them about the shooter's movement, he declined to comment but he did taub about the high powered capability of the shooter's ar-15 assault rifle. it said rounds could penetrate rounds, store shelves and ricochet off anything. he said there's significant damage inside the store. >> suspect in the deadly california church shooting on
11:49 pm
sunday allegedly wrote to taiwan based paper just before the incident. he's accuse of fatally shooting one man and injuring five others. he sent century stacks of handwritten die traatribes. the paper has not reported the details of what was written and handed everything to the police. less than year after taliban seized control of afghanistan, the country is unrecognizable and with each passing day more rights and freedoms are being stripped away from afghan women and girls. they ordered all tv personalities to cover their face ons on air. many women fear what's to come. >> reporter: for the past five months she has been anchoring the news on tv. but this might be the last time
11:50 pm
she with show her face on air. the morning editorial meeting starts with worried discussion about mandatory masking. the station director said he'd even consider just shutting down and leaving. but then he thought female staff who want to carry on anchoring with a mask can, while those who don't will l get other jobs behind the scenes. >> we will leave the last decision up to them. they will make their own decision. >> reporter: and it's a tough decision for these women, who brave the new taliban regime to stay on the air, who already adjusted their head scarves to hide their hair and now fear a steep slide back to the middle ages. she says she is so stressed she couldn't even present her program properly. >> translator: it's not clear. even if we appear with the burqa, maybe they will say women's voices are forbidden. they want women to be removed from the screen. they are afraid of an educated woman.
11:51 pm
>> reporter: across town, the taliban government spokesman was attending a meeting with local journalists to mark a slightly delayed world press freedom day. we stopped him on the way in. you have said they have to wear a face mask if they're on television, women. why? >> translator: it's advisory from the ministry, he says. >> reporter: but what does that mean? is it compulsory? >> if it is said, they should wear it. it will be implemented. it's good if it's implemented. >> reporter: afghan women are afraid that this is the beginning of your efforts to erase them from the work space. they're afraid that if they wear the mask, the next thing you say is their voice cannot be heard publicly. what is your response to that like during covid, masks were
11:52 pm
mandatory. women will only be wearing masks and they will continue their work. he seems to say if women wear this, they can go to work. but the dress code edicts like saying female university women's must wear black, not colored head scarves is an escalating war of nerves, and everyone fears where this will leave. back at tolo news, these female anchors are distraught. "what should we do? we don't know. we were ready to fight to the last to perform our work, but they don't allow us." "we women have been taken hostage, says gila." like me who has worked on screen for years and couldn't leave afghanistan due to the fear of the taliban, i can't go on screen again. since the taliban takeover, the station's employed even more women than before because they need a safe space. and as for the actual
11:53 pm
journalism, tolo news is afghanistan's leading independent news channel. but the director sapai says they'll all quit the day the taliban pressures them to tailor their coverage or lie to a public that's come to trust the truth they've been delivering over 20 years. he saved the station so far, recruiting a whole new staff after most employees fled the taliban's arrival. >> and from management level, i've stood alone. i was only thinking how to keep the screen alive, not to go dark. >> reporter: challenge now is keeping it from going dark. christiane amanpour, cnn, kabul, afghanistan. dozens of cases of monkeypox are being detected worldwide. infections have now been recorded in europe, the united states, the united kingdom, australia, canada. symptoms include fever, rash,
11:54 pm
swollen lymph nodes as well. in the u.s., the centers for disease control is monitoring six people for possible infections. it's believed they sat near an infected traveler while on a flight from nigeria to the uk in early may. and while u.s. health experts are urging calm, the surgeon general is also stressing vigilance. >> this is a virus that is rare in human, but when it does come up, it's a serious one that we should investigate. at this time, we don't want people to worry. at this point, these numbers are still small. we want them to be aware of these symptoms. and if they have any concerns, to reach out to their doctor. >> the cdc says the six people being monitored are healthy, show no symptoms, and are considered to be at low risk. in previous outbreaks, about 1% of those who had monkeypox actually died. the first batch of baby formula about to be airlifted from overseas supplies to try to address a nationwide shortage in the united states. the white house came to an agreement with nestle to transfer the equivalent of 1.5
11:55 pm
million eight-ounce bottles of formula. the first plane expected to take off from switzerland in days. meantime, the senate has a bill that will help improve access to baby formula for low-income families. and the house passed another bill that would provide $28 million in emergency funding to the food and drug administration to help with the current as well as future shortages. that bill is now waiting for senate approval. children age 5 to 11 are now eligible future a covid booster shot in the u.s., just as the number of pediatric cases begins to surge. on thursday, the director of the centers for disease control approved the extra shot. it will be a pfizer vaccine, the only one approved as a booster for kids. the cdc says the additional dose should be given five months after the first two shots. thank you for watching "cnn newsroom." i'm john vause. "cnn newsroom" continues with my colleague kim brunhuber after a very short break. have a great weekend.
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hello and welcome to all of you watching us here in the united states and all around the world. i'm kim brunhuber. joe biden makes the first trip to the asias as the american president. we're keeping an eye on any activity out of north korea. the war in ukraine rages on as the first war crimes trial for a russian soldier is under way. plus, new developments on the january 6 insurrection. we'll bring you the latest. this is "cnn newsroom.


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