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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  May 20, 2022 2:59am-4:00am PDT

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his way, some people think that they are god. go dig into how god did his deal and you may find out about a guy that lot of things you don't want to know. i don't cheat and i don't lie. i learned that when i was a kid, if you did, old man would slap you side of the head. maybe somebody should have slapped him. >> saban and fisher were publicly reprimanded by the s.e.c. alabama hosting a&m on october 8. get your popcorn ready. >> yikes. that got ugly. all right, thanks so much, nice to see you. have a great weekend, coy. >> you too. thanks for joining us. i'm christine romans. >> and i'm laura jarrett. "new day" starts right now. keilar is away, erica hill with me this morning on this new day. a high stakes asia trip, a pivotal moment for president biden and his plans to counter china. the january 6 panel wants answers from a republican
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lawmaker who gave a capital tour on the eve of the insurrection. plus, oklahoma lawmakers pass a bill banning almost all abortions if signed into law it would be the strictest anti-abortion law in the country. and testimony from johnny depp's former talent agent, former business manager and ex-girlfriend, what they had to say about his behavioral and challenges with working with him. ♪ good morning to our viewers here in the united states and all around the world, it is friday, may 20th and a busy morning. just a short time ago president biden arrived in seoul, south korea, kicking off his first visit to asia since taking office. biden joined the new south korean president at a samsung semi-conductor plant, an immediate display of unity.
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the main goal of this trip is to reassure u.s./asian allies of the american commitment to counter and contain china. the president will also visit japan on this trip. meantime, growing concern over what north korea will do next. the u.s. bracing for the possibility that kim jong-un would conduct a missile test in coordination with biden's trip. the white house says it is prepared for all contingencies. russia's invasion of ukraine also on minds as vladimir putin continues his vicious unprovoked war. after a week-long delay the senate finally pass ago $40 billion military, economic and humanitarian aid package for ukraine. more on that in just a moment. let's go first to seoul and south korea. chief white house correspondent kaitlan collins traveling with the president, the president landed a short time ago and already on to the business of this trip, kaitlan. >> reporter: yes, he is at a samsung facility now having a tour, he is going to make some remarks here shortly, those will
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be the first remarks of the president's first trip in asia since taking office. john and erica, this is typically a trip that would have happened a lot sooner in his tenure, obviously it was hampered by the covid-19 restrictions, but now he is here in south korea, he will be going to tokyo next. while at the samsung facility he will be talking about semiconductors, something that has had a huge spotlight on it ever since the pandemic because of the short supply and how that's affected daily life not just in the united states but around the world. this is a trip that is all about countering china, that is going to be the message that you are seeing president biden send while he is here but also north korea is looming very large over this because u.s. officials have assessed that they do believe north korea is preparing to fuel a missile, which is of course one of the last steps before a launch, and often it's not long between that fueling process and when the launch actually happens. officials have been telling reporters they were bracing for this possibility. the idea that north korea could launch a missile while president biden was on his way here or
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while he is on the ground in south korea, of corns, not that far away from north korea. the big question if that does happen is how he responds and how the new president here in south korea also responds to that because he has taken a much harder line approach to north korea than his predecessor. that is a big question. we should note it comes as officials say there has still been virtually no contact between the u.s. side and north korea because they don't believe those officials have any interest in meeting with them, talking with them, certainly not either with president biden. >> kaitlan, business also of course continues back in washington. this historic aid package was passed. the president plans to sign t but as i understand it he is not waiting until he comes back. >> reporter: no, of course, this is something he wants to sign urgently. he was calling on congress to pass this long before it actually made its way through the senate. so i'm told they are actually flying that bill over here to south korea for the president to sign it while he is here on the ground so that money can go ahead and start flowing into ukraine.
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that is of course something that the white house has said would help arm ukraine for the next several months, continue helping them push back against russia. so this is a staggering amount of money, $40 billion it's actually $7 billion more than president biden had initially asked for and it came on the day that he had met with the leaders of finland and sweden at the white house before he departed for this trip here in asia. those are two things passing a massive bill like that and meeting with those leaders to discuss their applications to the military alliance known as nato that would have been unthinkable just a few months ago and it shows how the global response and certainly the united states response has changed and shifted just so much in the last several months since this invasion has gone on. >> $40 billion is a lot of money, military commanders say it's the kind of money that can make a difference on the ground there. a big development. kaitlan collins, thank you so much. the january 6 committee says it has evidence that republican congressman barry loudermilk of georgia led a tour of the u.s.
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capitol complex on the day before the building was stormed. they requested his voluntary cooperation. whitney wild joining us with these new developments. do we have any more specifics as to what they believe happened on that tour? >> right now all they're saying is that they have evidence that directly contradicts previous claims from republican lawmakers who said security footage from the days before january 6th shows there were no tours, there were no large groups, no one with maga hats on inside the capital complex. the letter to barry loudermilk goes on to state the foregoing information raises questions to which the select committee must seek answers. public reporting and witness accounts indicate some individuals and groups engaged in efforts to gather information about the layout of the u.s. capitol as well as the house and senate office buildings in advance of january 6, 2021. that assertion echoed claims by democratic lawmakers made early last year that republicans led
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reconnaissance tours the day before the riot. however, lawmakers have never presented any real evidence that that actually happened and republicans have insisted it simply didn't happen. loudermilk denies that he was giving a reconnaissance tour writing in a statement that the tour in question was a constituent family with young children that never entered the actual physical capital building. loudermilk along with republican rodney davis blasted the committee writing the select committee is once again pushing a verifiably false narrative that republicans conducted reconnaissance tours on january 5th. in an interview on january 6th loudermilk described that group like this. >> we actually had about a dozen people up here that wanted to come by and visit, we had them in our office. they definitely were, you know, peaceful people, people that we'd met at church. they were supporters of the president and they just wanted to be up here as if it was
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another rally. we've actually checked on them to make sure that they're safe. when they saw what it was turning into, they immediately turned and went back down the mall to get away from the crowd here. >> loudermilk was one of the republican representatives who even texted former president donald trump's chief of staff, mark meadows, on january 6. he was based on his text message very worried about the riot as it was unfolding texting this, it's really bad up here on the hill, they have breached the capital. meadows responded potus is engaging. loudermilk responded bluntly. thanks. this doesn't help our cause. loudermilk is just the latest in a long list of republican representatives with whom the committee would like to speak. >> we will be looking for any further developments. i know you will stay on it. big developments overnight, oklahoma lawmakers have passed it, the state's republican governor says he will sign t this is a bill that outlaws abortion from the moment of fertilization. this in many ways would be the
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strictest abortion ban in the nation. joining us "early start" anchor laura jarrett attorney at law. from the moment of fertilization, laura. >> this is really a game changer. we talk a lot about the patchwork of laws across this country that we've seen in the past couple of months. this is going to be different. when this gets signed it's going to be the strictest law in the country when it comes to abortion because, as you said, it's really redefining the definition of personhood to start from the moment of fertilization. so way before most people know that they're pregnant let alone when exactly they can pinpoint it. now, it does make some exceptions here for the health of the mother, for a medical emergency, for rape, for incest but you do have to report those to police. the other thing to watch here is how it gets enforced because this is really a civil enforcement mechanism where private individuals, anyone off the street can sue an abortion provider or anyone who supports a woman getting pregnant -- getting an abortion, maybe somebody who pace for a lyft or
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maybe donates to a group that supports abortion rights can now be sued. the other thing to watch here is what happens with ivf because obviously embryos are made in a lab, that triggers a whole set of circumstances that cnn has been doing great reporting on. there's going to be a lot of implications that come out of this by doing it from the moment of fertilization. >> there is a lot of concern for ivf. there's also this request he about women who have an iud or birth control and that was tackled. >> this explicitly says it's not going after any sort of methods of contraception. it's trying to make that carve out because it knows that the argument against it has raised those issues. that doesn't mean that it's going to be smooth sailing, it doesn't mean that this isn't going to get litigated, it doesn't mean it's not going to have a chilling effect. already we have seen women in some clinics turned away, trying to get pills that induce abortions turned away, even if there are carveouts all of this
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stuff is happening on the ground with real people and those people will be the ones who decide whether or not they want to get sued or not. >> this is just part of a flurry of activity we are seeing and will continue to see as we get ready to hear from the supreme court. >> even though roe hasn't been struck down it's really in name only because right now in oklahoma, i mean, as soon as the governor signs this, you will not be able to get an abortion. >> really quickly, what about a legal challenge to that is correct especially based on what we're waiting to hear from the supreme court. >> you can try but think about the landscape of where we are. everything changed in september when the supreme court refused to act on that texas law and ever since that texas law went through and the justices refused to act on it it's been open season on abortion rights in this country and you have seen a flurry of red states act very quickly to pass all kinds of laws when it comes to restricting and rolling back rights in anticipation that the court will in fact do it, and really it's not just, you know, women in texas, but -- and oklahoma, but women all over the country but they are now going
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to have to travel further. what does that mean? it means women who do not have the most means will be the ones most affected. >> laura jarrett, thank you so much. so president biden we just saw the pictures arrived in south korea a short time ago. much more on what north korea plans to do around this. and desperate parents resorting to rationing baby formula, is that safe and is enough being done to end the shortage? plus, the first funeral in the mass shooting in buffalo, as new details surface about an invitation the gunman sent so people could watch his murderous, racist rampage. ♪ it wasn't me by shaggy ♪
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goals. biden's visit two staunch u.s. allies south korea and japan comes at a high of high tension in asia as provocation north korea have intensified and china continues to flex its military and economic muscles. joining us kylie atwood and gordon chang. kylie, we have had this reporting, we saw kaitlan moments ago in seoul that the u.s. believes north korea could very well test an icbm during president biden's trip here. what's the latest reporting? >> i mean, it would be highly provocative. intelligence officials have told us they've seen movements at this test site that indicate that north korea could be preparing for one of these ballistic missile launches. there are a few things we should consider here. first of all, the biden administration doesn't really want to talk about north korea on this trip, right? this is a trip for them to shore up their alliances with japan and south korea. we haven't seen them focus very much on north korea throughout the last year of president
3:17 am
biden's presidency. this isn't a great situation for them, but the other thing to consider is we aren't just learning that north korea is preparing to do this from intelligence officials, it's also the national security adviser on his way to asia alongside the president saying, this is in the realm of possibility and this is something we've seen the biden administration do, get ahead of events that they think are coming so that people like us are discussing them so that when it happens the shock factor is a little bit less. but of course it is not a great thing when it comes to security officials to consider the president being in a region when a very, you know, belligerent country could be carrying out a test like this. >> as kylie points out, right, the administration sort of trying to get ahead of this. the reality is a lot is going to be made of what the message is that president biden is sending and this adds that. there was always an element of what is the message going to be in terms of north korea. how does this change things? >> it changes things because it's great for china.
3:18 am
you know, if this trip is supposed to be about rallying the allies and friends and partners about china and then north korea does something, then people don't talk about beijing. the chinese have traditionally used the north koreans to do that, to divert our attention. there's any number of things that can happen here. they've also been digging a tunnel for a nuclear test. remember n 2017 the north koreans promised an atmospheric test of a nuclear weapon. that could happen, too. >> gordon, it strikes me that in 50 years we could be talking about foreign policy as pre-ukraine and post-ukraine. the russian invasion of ukraine. i am curious as china and these nations in asia look to what's happening in ukraine, what lessons are they taking from it? >> well, first of all, they're taking -- i think the most important one is that they saw the united states, the european union and great britain which much more powerful than russia, failed to deter vladimir putin.
3:19 am
i think that that is certainly encourages the chinese. the other thing is that the sanctions that we've imposed on russia they are not complete sanctions and china believes that no one is going to impose sanctions on china because they're chinese. the arrogance of this. so i'm a little bit worried about what they're seeing from this. you're absolutely right, this is a historic inflection point and the chinese may actually believe that in the new era they can do what they want because the international system has been taken down by the russians. >> how much is that influencing what we're seeing from the administration because the president wanted to focus on china, wanted to take this trip to asia as we know a long time ago and yet here we are. >> that's right. i think as you point out he wanted to take it a long time ago, right, when president biden came into office you heard a lot from officials that they were going to focus on competition with china. obviously we had the awful withdrawal from afghanistan, that was a bit of a distracter, and then we have this conflict, this war in ukraine.
3:20 am
so they haven't been able to galvanize their entire foreign policy to focus on china and competition and that is why he's making this trip right now, but as you point out, because these things have happened, because these events have happened over the last year, it's not exactly a trip that is without ramifications or without connections to what the world has been seeing the united states do. they rallied nato allies to respond to ukraine, but they also didn't respond or, you know, deal very well with that withdrawal from afghanistan. so there are questions about u.s. power right now. >> kylie, gordon, great to see you. thanks for coming in. >> thank you. desperate families now rationing baby formula to make sure their infants are fed. the latest attempts to end this critical shortage. new testimony from johnny depp's ex-girlfriend alleging drug use and its destructive impact.
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we have new reporting this morning on the baby formula shortage in the u.s. some parents now forced to ration formula for their children even as the white house and fda work to increase supplies. cnn's elizabeth cohen joins us now live. rationing, elizabeth, that doesn't sound good. >> no, it really doesn't. i will tell you we've been speaking with these families, it is really, really hard to hear their stories. they are being hit very hard. these are children with specific medical issues. so i want to introduce you to clair holland, she is a sixth grader in louisiana, she just got the science award, congratulations, clair, at her school yesterday, she is on the honor roll, but clair was born with a genetic condition where she can't digest protein and so
3:26 am
she from birth has had to take a special formula, she will have to take it all her life. what she can eat is very limited so she really relies on this formula. her parents now cutting the amount of formula they give her in half. they said they've gotten some from abbott, that's who supplies the formula, but they don't know when they're going to get more. so they have a month or two left but they say they don't know when they're going to get more so they're being very careful about how much they give her. they say for now she's okay but they're really worried about the long-term consequences of this. let's take a listen to claire's mother shannon. >> it's scary because she's taken this for so long and as a parent i feel bad that we didn't have a backup, that we didn't have something else she could take. it never would have occurred to me that suddenly we wouldn't be able to get her formula. i usually try to be on top of things and then when this
3:27 am
happened and we had no -- no backup that she could take that we knew that she would like, as a mom i felt very terrible and i felt worried for her. i never expected not to have access to her formula. it just never really occurred to me that would happen. >> you can just see what these parents are going through. i also want to introduce you to 11-year-old owen steber, he lives outside of chicago. he also has a rare condition where he is allergic to many foods to they have to be really, really careful about what they give him. they also don't have enough formula. they have even less formula than claire's family and so they are really struggling with how they're going to get enough formula for him and they are also rationing his formula. so unfortunately we are hearing more and more stories like this
3:28 am
and the end to this formula shortage is not anywhere in sight. the federal government is taking many steps but still those are just steps. parents still aren't seeing the results on grocery store shelves yet. >> these are difficult challenges and choices and moreover unimaginable to most parents, these parents probably a year or two years ago. they never thought they would have to be making choices like this. elizabeth, thank you so much. as the baby formula shortage continues to impact families across the country some republican lawmakers who were criticizing the biden administration's response, criticizing them for not doing enough are voting against the bills that would help ease the crisis. joining us now cnn's senior political analyst john avalon. what is this really about here? >> the issue is, as you said, hypocrisy. for the last several weeks republicans have been banging on the biden administration because of nationwide shortages in baby formula. this is one of the most personal examples of the dangers of supply chain short annals, it's
3:29 am
affecting families personally. there's pressure on lawmakers to act but when the bills have come forward you see a divided congress. we're making slow progress, but two bills met very different fates the other night, one bill offering just $28 million in supplemental funding to the food and drug administration to help alleviate the shortage basically broke down on partisan lines. republican leadership opposing passage of the bill, that they've been railing against the core problem for days. the second bill had more broad support and only nine republicans opposed it, but these nine are the classic trumpists we've seen embroiled in all the hyper partisan efforts to date, names like biggs and gosar and gohmert and marjorie taylor greene and boebert. so you just see that even on an issue where there's widespread outrage that people are still willing to play politics on it. that's just a sign of the dysfunction in washington that has folks frustrated. >> for those who were criticizing the administration response but then voted against
3:30 am
especially the first measure, what was the justification? >> well, the first measure which had broad bipartisan dis agreement only a dozen republicans crossed the aisle to join with democrats on that, their concern is that simply giving $28 million to the fda is, quote, throwing money at the problem. that it doesn't actually do anything to increase the flow of baby formula, instead it only increases oversight. the supporters would say, look, you need to help the fda get up to speed on this because in part the shortages happened because of problems with unsafe baby formula coming out of certain factories. so, i mean, that's the argument and that's a philosophically consistent one with many republicans don't throw money at an issue. if you are going to make political hay about an issue you have to help find a solution. >> part of that, right s because that bill that $28 million was for staffing, it goes to the fda, it goes through next september, it's about beefing up oversight but it's not actual
3:31 am
formula. when we talk about actual formula which we're hearing that's some of the push back the actual formula president biden has secured that first shipment of formula from overseas. this is action people want to see across the country. what do we know about the status that have formula, when it will actually be available to families? >> this is the key thing, the administration invoking the defense production act usually a wartime measure to begin bringing in formula from overseas. currently the vast majority of formula is produced in the united states. the administration working with foreign producers including nestle to ship in baby formula including on commercial vehicles used by the department of defense to help alleviate the immediate crisis. that's something that could get baby formula on the shelves faster and the administration is already fast tracking that while the senate has voice votes on passing some of the more supplemental funds and the congress remains deadlocked on the fda -- on that fda funding. >> john avalon, thanks so much. so we are learning this morning that 15 people had
3:32 am
signed into the buffalo suspect's chat room to hear his plans apparently for the racist attack that left ten people dead. we are live in buffalo with these late developments. plus a texas border town bracing for a surge of migrants after president biden's decision to end the covid era border restrictions. finally home. jake tapper talks about his exclusive sbefr view with trevor reed. he will join us ahead on "new day."
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or an electron moving at a thousand plus miles per second? one thing we do know: this mystery circle holds ancient powers of subatomic superfood benefits that humanity has only begun to fathom. and you will find all of these powers hiding in plain sight. in the cranberry. ♪♪ the first funeral will be held today in buffalo for one of the ten victims in the racist attack at the tops supermarket. we're also learning new details this morning about who the suspect revealed his plans to in advance of that attack, that reveal happening in an online
3:37 am
chat room 30 minutes before the massacre. omar jimenez is live in buffalo. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, this was 30 minutes before the attack started and a small number of people were invited to what was previously a private server, but what we're now hearing from a source of discord with knowledge of the internal investigation it was at least 15 people who would have at minimum had the opportunity to see a preview of what was about to happen in the next half hour. that's because this alleged shooter was using discord essentially as a diary of his plans, including detailing a recon visit essentially that he made to the supermarket back on march 8th. that's part of why new york attorney general letitia james is launching an investigation into discord, at which time which live -- which was where the shooter live streamed the attack and other social media platforms. the alleged shooter was in court yesterday, he has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder
3:38 am
and has been indicted. outside of those investigations is a community that is still in a lot of pain. today is -- today begins the funerals for hayward patterson, he was 67 years old, he was driving a taxi at the time waiting for people outside of the supermarket when he was gunned down. he is described the father of three as someone who was a protector and who always wore a smile. he of course is the first of what will be ten funerals over this next week as this community, again, tries to move forward in what has been a painful healing process, erica. >> omar jimenez, appreciate it. thank you. actress ellen barkin taking the stand in johnny depp's defamation case against amber heard. >> he's just a jealous man, controlling, where are you going, who are you going with, what did you do last night? >> new testimony from former depp associates, more on that
3:39 am
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amber heard's legal team played testimony from several former associates of johnny depp in the defamation trial against her. jurors heard deposition depp's former talent agent, ex-girlfriend and former business manager who discussed the actor's alleged substance abuse and its effect. another really jam-packed day in court, chloe. >> good morning, john. it you will minute nated to thursday, a week long of contentious testimonies in court with amber heard being cross-examined earlier in the week. this time we heard from former associates and people who worked in depp's inner circle to talk about potentially what led up to these issues in his career and maybe it wasn't the op-ed that
3:44 am
amber heard wrote for the "washington post" after all. >> reporter: fans cheered on johnny depp as he arrived to court thursday, but inside it was silent. >> good morning, ladies and gentlemen. >> reporter: jurors in the actor's defamation trial against his ex-wife saw a series of taped depositions describing depp as increasingly difficult to work with. >> it became clear over time that there were issues with alcohol and drugs and that translated into more erratic behavior. >> reporter: former friends and associates testified that their relationships with the actor had deteriorated and his career suffered as his substance abuse worsened. depp has instead alleged that it was a 2018 opinion piece amber heard wrote in the "washington post" which did not mention him by name that falsely painted him as an abuser. he claimed that caused him to lose out on a multimillion
3:45 am
dollar payday for a sixth pirates of the caribbean film but a long time disney executive couldn't recall having seen the article. >> are you aware of any decision-maker within disney who has ever said they are not casting johnny depp in "pirates 6" or any other role because of amber heard's op-ed? >> no. >> reporter: depp's former agent of 30 years said his alleged substance abuse issues contributed to his unprofessional attitude on set. including needing to wear an earpiece in order to be fed lines during filming. >> his star had dimmed due to it getting harder to get him jobs given the reputation that he had acquired due to his lateness and other things. >> reporter: depp's former business manager said he became
3:46 am
verbally aggressive when confronted with his dire financial situation. >> his relationship with amber, the use of alcohol and drugs made my job more challenging. >> reporter: depp sued mandel's company in 2017 accusing it of mismanages his finances it settled in 2018. >> the ability to coordinate and find times when he would meet became more difficult. >> reporter: actress ellen barkin testified how depp has drunk most of the time during their brief sexual relationship in the '90s. >> mr. depp threw a wine bottle across the room, the hotel room on one instance in las vegas while we were shooting "fear and loathing" in las vegas. >> reporter: barkin also said that he was jealous and controlling. >> i had a scratch on my back once that got him very, very angry because he insisted it came from me having sex with a person who wasn't him. >> reporter: one of depp's former friends also expressed concern about his drug and
3:47 am
alcohol use and testified that he had seen injuries on both depp and amber heard at one point, including a bruise on heard's upper arm. >> can you tell me more specifics about that bruise, what did it look like? >> like i said, it just looked like she was grabbed, that's all. that's what it seemed to be, finger -- finger marks. >> and did you ever talk to amber about that bruise? >> no. >> reporter: depp has testified he never abused his ex-wife. >> i've never seen them physically abuse each other, no. >> reporter: john, court is off today, it will resume monday in the final week of the trial and the jury is set to begin deliberating on friday. >> all right. the closing arguments should be absolutely riveting. chloe, thank you for that. so it could be a $100 million idea. meet the main fisherman who has tried to get elon musk's attention. you had me at maine and
3:48 am
fisherman. >> lobster. plus cnn is live in afghanistan. female broadcasters there say they are trapped in a psychological prison amid the taliban's recent orders that they must cover their face on the air. before nexium 24hr, anna could only imagine a comfortable night's sleep without frequent heartburn waking her up. now, that dream... . her reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts, for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours witht heartburn? welcome to your wod. your why. what drives you? what do you want to leave behind? what do you want to give back? what do you want to be remembered for? that's your why. it's your purpose, and we will work with you
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but if you don't have the right auto insurance coverage, you could be left to pay for this... yourself. call a local agent or 1-888-allstate for a quote today. tiger woods makes his return to the pga championship, though is didn't go as well as he would have liked on day one. coy wire has more in this morning's "bleacher report." >> good morning. tiger said he felt that he could definitely win this pga championship, feeling stronger than six weeks ago at the masters in his return to golf after nearly losing his leg and he started off strong, 2 under after the first five holes but as you can see as the round went
3:53 am
on he started wincing in pain. he finished 4 over, nine shots off the lead. here he was after the round. >> yeah, my leg is not feeling as good as i would like it to be. i just can't load it and loading hurts and pressing off it hurts and walking hurts and twisting hurts. so it's just golf. if i don't play that, i don't do that, then i'm all right. two-time pga championship winner rory mcilroy is at the top of the leaderboard with a one shot lead. rory, tiger and jordan spieth teeing off at 2:36 eastern. and a war of words in college football. blam coach nick saban apologizing for sing length out texas a&m saying they bought players, he meant to say they are allowing schools to essentially buy high school players.
3:54 am
here is what he said at an event. >> we were second in recruiting last year, a & m was first. a & m bought every player on their team, made a deal for name, image and likeness. we didn't buy one player. but i don't know if we're going to be able to sustain that in the future because more and more people are doing it. >> texas a&m's head coach is saban's former assistant jimbo fisher and he feels the attacks were personal and says their relationship is done. >> it's despicable that a reputable head coach could come out and say this when he doesn't get his way or things don't go his way. some people think they're god. go dig into how god did his deal, you may find out about a guy that a lot of things you don't want to know. i don't cheat and i don't lie. i learned that when i was a kid, if you did the old man slapped you beside the head. maybe somebody should have slapped him. >> don't see this very often in college sports. saban and fisher reprimanded by
3:55 am
the sec for violating the code of conduct. alabama is hosting a & m on october 8th. college sports went to pro sports with free agency and no salary cap seemingly overnight and people are struggling to figure out how to deal with it. >> i'm just going to leave it at that. coy wire, good to see you, my friend. thank you. >> those were not kind words we heard just there. how do you go about removing carbon emissions from the atmosphere, one answer, believe it or not, is seaweed and it could net a maine fisherman among others $100 million courtesy of elon musk's money. cnn's bill weir has this story. you had me at seaweed. >> you had me at seaweed? i hope so because that is the future. in the movie "the graduate" the future was plastics now it's sea wood. it's just one idea as people try to figure out how to solve this massive problem. it's the problem that's heating up the atmosphere, causing all of this crazy weather. elon musk thinks it's enough of
3:56 am
a problem that he's willing to put $100 million of his own down to find a cure. >> reporter: to avoid cascading disaster science agrees it won't be enough just to stop using fossil fuels, humanity must remove trillions of tons of planet-cooking pollution already in our seas and sky. and whoever figures out how to do that might just get $100 million from elon musk. >> some people say plant a bunch of trees. that's not so easy. you have to get fertilizer, you need to water them, where is the water going to come from, what habitat are you potentially destroying where the trees used to be. >> reporter: with his carbon x prize he wants to lure out the geniuses who will figure out how to capture and store carbon dioxide on massive scales. >> it's a godzilla. it's burning forests down, stealing our fish. >> reporter: and among the finalists is a humble fisherman from maine. >> there's this thing out there and it's ruining everything that we love, right, all the good
3:57 am
stuff is getting ruined. >> your dream was to have a boat. >> i just wanted a boat. i really just wanted a boat. there just aren't any mackerel. they swim north, they swim east and they are now probably up in iceland. >> reporter: with his beloved gulf of maine getting warmer and more acidic by the day marty quit chasing mackerel, built a team of geniuses and went fishing for carbon dioxide with seaweed because kelp grows and gobbles c02 much faster than trees, needs no land or fertilizer and when it sinks to the deep ocean the carbon can be locked away for 1,000 years but kelp needs sunlight and something to hold on to so marty who is will go an engineer went to the drawing board and settled on floating thousands of high tech buoys in the north atlantic, each holding a little kelp forest while a ring of limestone serves as the antacid for the ocean.
3:58 am
solar power runs a camera and instruments connected to the cloud and when a crop is cut and falls into the deep, marty gets a carbon credit from a billion dollar fund set up by canadian e-commerce giant shopify. >> you have a couple high profile investors behind you. >> uh-huh. >> do you think that will be enough if government can't get its act together? >> no. >> this has to be -- >> it's just the math. people spend billions of dollars to see if there is an oil field, right? we're trying to build the oil industry in reverse. >> reporter: he image ins the portland docks coming back to life to capture carbon the way they once built ships to beat hitler. >> it's a race that no one loses as long as someone wins. i don't care who -- you know, like as long as somebody wins this race, like cool. >> right. right. >> i don't care who moves the most of it. >> he's thrilled to see competition like betting zolar among the silicon valley startups betting on big kelp.
3:59 am
>> if you end up being the henry ford of carbon to seaweed, this is your model a, i guess. >> exactly, yes. this is gen 1. >> reporter: she envisionness massive seaweed farms anchored close to shore. they use wave energy to spin up nutrients and cold water from the deep. >> amanda and betting have two offers on the table for their seaweed based bacon company. >> reporter: before her crops are hauled and dumped another one of her companies will extract the plant protein and turn it into meat alternatives. >> i will do that deal. >> are we waiting for all the fish to go away? i've seen enough go away, do we have to wait -- does ocean have to be completely dead before we get our act together? but you see -- i think all this
4:00 am
anxiety a all this frustration that people have it's because we haven't been unleashed. >> i got so fired up talking to marty because he's out there doing something. he talks about this problem and needing hard hats and, you know, steel-toed shoes to move this mass and actually get something done but he is not alone. the department of energy yesterday, john, announcing $3.5 billion of new spending on carbon capture on land, the biggest factory right now is in iceland moving about 10 tons a day. we need to get that to about 10 tons a second for this to work out, but it is encouraging that people are out there really thinking about big solutions. >> it's going to take that kind of energy, it's going to take that kind of creativity to make changes in this. >> i love this guy and i love this story. >> it's fantastic, right? a seaweed farm. who knew? >> i'm in. "new day" continues right now. i'm john berman, brianna is off, erica hill with me this morning on this new day.


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