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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  May 20, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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inspiring story. a celebration of life and affirmation of life and what you can live through and what you can do. thank you so much for that, natasha. >> thank you. >> wow. >> incredible piece. and the two of them, what a great interview. i would love to sit down with them. >> they would be fun to hang with. >> they would. >> cnn's coverage continues right now. a good friday morning to you. i'm jim sciutto. right now president biden is beginning his first trip to asia since taking office. bide therein arriving in seoul early this morning. the mission to reaffirm a key alliance at an uncertain moment, to say the least in each asia, reassuring america's asian allies of its commitment to counter and contain china as well as north korea. the president began his trip by joining the south korean president, yoon seok-youl at a
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su semiconductor plant. the other stop is japan. but as biden makes the rounds, there is also growing concern over what north korea might do next to rattle the saber. the united states preparing for the distinct possibility that kim jong-un would conduct a missile test, an icbm, in coordination with biden's trip. wouldn't be the first time he did it. more on that in a moment. let's begin in seoul, south korea, cnn's jeremy diamond is there. tell us what the biden administration hopes to accomplish on this trip, both in south korea and japan. >> reporter: well, jim, president biden has arrived here in south korea at a moment of extraordinary tension as the potential for north korean ballistic missile tests looms large over the president's trip. we have learned according to an official familiar with the intelligence that south -- that north korea appears to be taking steps to fuel an icbm, which would be one of the final stages before a launch. really raising the stakes and
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the possibility that north korea could launch such a test while president biden is in south korea, in the region, as he heads to japan next. but president biden beginning his trip at this chip factory, samsung factory, here in seoul. and we know that president biden obviously this is a domestic issue, this chip shortage in the united states, he also sought to tie into a broader global context. even bringing it back to the war in ukraine. listen. >> putin's brutal and unprovoked war in ukraine further spo spotlighted the need to secure our supply chains so our economy, and national and international security are not dependent on countries that don't share our values. >> reporter: russia has not impacted the semiconductor chip shortage in the united states. but biden's broader point here is one that i think will expect to hear more and more, which is this idea of democracy versus autocracy, and the president
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also tieing this issue to china, which -- where the u.s. is reliant on for certain technologies and president biden has been trying to wean the u.s. off of that. i think it is a point he'll emphasize as he meets with allies here in korea as well as in japan. now, meanwhile, another incident happening while president biden -- as president biden arrived here in korea. two u.s. secret service agents aapparently have been sent back to the united states, placed on administrative leave, after they got into an altercation with a cab driver and two other korean nationals, according to a source familiar with the matter. the secret service spokesman saying they have been placed on administrative leave, but they were not -- this will not impact president biden's security while he is here. jim? >> jeremy diamond in seoul, thanks so much. more now on the concerns over what north korea could be planning, while president biden is in asia. cnn pentagon correspondent oren lieberman standing by. has the administration determined the likelihood of a missile test, while biden is in asia?
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>> the administration has said, or u.s. officials have said, it looks possible this will happen imminently. it was in the next 48 to 96 hours and now it looks like that window is very much open here. the u.s. has watched this test site to watch north korean activity as they prepare for what appears to be an upcoming intercontinental ballistic missile test. they have watched over the course of the past few months as a new icbm system was tested, first in late february, then in march, and again in may, and what may have been an explosion on the launchpad and now they're preparing for another test, the launch of this icbm system. a u.s. official familiar with the latest intelligence says they're looking to see if there is a fueling of a missile, one of the last stages before you carry out an icbm test. that's because, frankly, you don't want the missiles sitting on the launch platform all that long with fuel in it. so fueling the missile is one ofs they last steps before you carry out a test. we have seen almost the frenetic pace earlier this year of north
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korean missile testing, that has slowed down a bit, but has continued throughout the course of this year. where now we're at well more than a dozen tests, not only ballistic missiles, but claimed hypersonic missiles and cruise missiles. in march after they saw the first of these icbm system trials, the u.s. said it would increase surveillance at the yellow sea near north korea. earlier this week national security adviser jake sullivan suggested the u.s. may take more steps if there is an icbm test, especially while president joe biden is in the region. let's not forget, this isn't the only thing the americans are watching for. another underground nuclear test, the first in quite a number of years, is also possible. even though that doesn't appear to be as imminent to officials we have spoken with. that would be an urgent step and something also the u.s. is watching very closely. >> yeah, even more significant potentially. oren lieberman at the pentagon, thank you so much. joining me now, john park, the director of the korea project at the harvard kennedy school of government. good to have you. lots to discuss here. president biden's first trip to
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asia, asia was supposed to be the focus of his administration's policy. so we tried this pivot to asia, ukraine brought attention back to europe. what a success for biden on this trip. >> good question. this is about institution building in the region. that's go to be done on a multilateral basis and the alliances are going to be pillars in that multilateral approach. if you look at it from that perspective, this is framed with respect to the indo pacific strategy. and the south koreans have a critical part to play and it is about semiconductors. >> before we get to semiconductor, there was a real chance that had trump been re-elected he would have taken u.s. troops off the korean peninsula. under different administration, that decades old alliance might not have survived. might have been another president in a few years time. what is the level of confidence, the level of confidence that south korea and the japanese for their part have in the u.s. commitment to them? >> so with this the bilateral
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relationship, the military security bilateral relationship between the united states and south korea is a unique one. south korea is one of five treaty alliances that the united states has and with that south korea stands out because there is something called a combined forces command, where the u.s. and south korean militaries are intertwined. decisions to withdraw troops, it would take time to unwind and many, many layers of these institutions. but i think with this indo pacific framing, it is a different type of perspective. >> let's talk about semiconductors. central to these concerns here, not just short-term, it is long-term stuff. it is still taiwan, makes the lions share of the world's semiconductors, concerns about what if china were to invade and the pandemic issues in terms of production in china today. do the u.s. and allies have a real plan to diversify, not just the u.s., but the world's reliance on really just a handful of semiconductormakers? >> absolutely. and, jim, this has been in the works for a while. we're seeing acceleration of that plan right now.
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if you look at it, samsung is the one that was highlighted today. almost as soon as president biden landed in south korea, he went to the samsung semiconductor plant. this is a model of what the south koreans are building in tyler, texas. it is estimated to be -- to come on line in early 2024, which by these construction timetables is really exaccelerated. the other thing to highlight is samsung is not the only one. the other major south korean conglomerates are investing and continuing to invest and grow in the united states. this is in high tech and environmental and development areas. >> so many chips in each car, so many chips in each javelin missile going 100 in each javelin missile going to ukraine. north korea, multiple administrations, democrat and republican, clinton, bush, obama, trump, biden, all of them failed to hem in the program. what is the biden administration doing differently if anything,
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where does the relationship stand? >> first off, i think the failure is on both sides. south koreans have also been trying to move forward on this, but the north koreans have missed opportunities in a number of areas. really it is something that we view from the lens of u.s./north korea, but the countries in the region, those efforts have not come to fruition as well. the main thing now is that north korea is on a development path, it has clearly laid out for itself. it is not interested in negotiations right now. it is at what point do they feel we have accomplished what we want, with our nuclear weapons program, and we're now open to negotiations with the united states. there is no indications right now. and it is unlikely that kind of indication will even come if there san icbm test on this particular visit. >> it is amazing. amazing. all those steps, all those attempts have failed. john park, thank you so much. new this morning, the lawyer who is central to former president trump's efforts to overturn the 2020 election says he has handwritten notes from trump. he's trying to keep them out of the hands of the january 6th committee, can he? plus, one of the last
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ukrainian commanders inside that steel plant in mariupol posts some haunting photos of himself, saying he is prepared to die there. but there are new reports that ukrainian military leaders have given the order to stop defending mariupol. to surrender. and later, a police chase ends with a fiery explosion at a gas station, and the suspect severely burned. now the deputy who discharged his taser is facing charges. forl day sale on the sleep number 360 smart bed. why choose proven quality sleep from sleep number? because every green thumb, 5k, and all-day dance party starts the night before. the sleep number 360 smart bed senses your r movements and automatically adjusts to help keep you both comfortable all night anand can help you get almost 30 minutes more restful sleep per r night. sleep number takes care of the science. all you have to do is sleep. don't miss our weekend special. save $1,000 on the sleep number 360 special edition smart bed, queen now only $1,999. plus 0% interest for 48 months on all smart beds. ends monday ♪ ♪
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miss allen over there isn't checking lesson plans. she's getting graded on her green investments with merrill. a-plus. still got it. (whistle blows) your money never stops working for you with merrill, a bank of america company. new this morning, a late night court filing could show that former president trump's direct role in planning the strategy for overturning the election even detailing handwritten notes from the
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former president. the filing is coming from john eastman, the right wing attorney who worked closely with trump to undermine vote counts in the weeks after the election, overturn the election, and leading up to the january 66th attack on the capitol. caitlin polantz joins me now. >> john eastman has been fighting over this for a long time in court. he had lots of emails and this now is a revelation that we're getting. eastman in this court filing last night as he's looking at individual emails and arguing to keep them private is saying that there are two that the house select committee wants, and still has not seen, two documents that include handwritten notes from former president trump about information that he thought might be useful for the anticipated litigation and so we have never before known whether or not there was actual
6:16 am
documentation of trump saying with his own hand this is what i want to do, here the house is learning the public is learning that sort of documentation exists. now, this is something that is in court at this time and so eastman is arguing this is part of the attorney/client privilege, should be confidential, there is also communications he has with six conduits to president trump who also knew what trump's thinking was at that time. there is documents of those. he wants to keep those private as well. and so now a judge is going to look at this, and as we learned before in this case, that the house select committee has the upper hand here. they have won access to eastman emails. they know it exists now. they're going to come in and argue they should be able to see these as part of the january 6th investigation. >> when we will see a report from the january 6th committee? >> that's a great question. we know there is public hearings coming in next couple of weeks. >> caitlin, thank you very much. joining me to discuss the law of all this, cnn senior legal analyst elie honig.
6:17 am
so let's talk about attorney/client privilege. does that apply to a sitting u.s. president when the question at hand is whether he attempted to help overturn an election? >> well, jim, a sitting u.s. president can have attorney/client privilege. he's entitled to that. but it is very unlikely donald trump is going to win and john eastman is going to win in this case because john eastman already has lost earlier in this case in front of the same judge. you'll probably remember a couple of months ago john eastman argued some documents don't go over to the committee because their communications between me as an attorney and my client donald trump. the court rejected that. to some of the documents, some of them, the court found they're not privileged because it is more likely than not that they go to a criminal communication between john eastman and donald trump. that's an enormously significant finding. john eastman lost before. i think he's very likely to lose again. i think the committee is very likely to get these documents. >> elie, big question here is
6:18 am
the president's intent. and central to that question is whether he knew his claims of a stolen election were false at the time he was trying to overturn the election. what is the standard here to prove that, to prove intent in effect? >> yes, so what's significant about these new revelations, jim, they directly tie donald trump to an arguable fraud. maybe more than arguable fraud. and now let's keep this in mind, this puts donald trump right in line with john eastman on the strategy to try to steal the election by pressuring state legislatures, the vice president. that legal argument is dubious at best, but the defense is going to be, well, lawyers are allowed to make aggressive, novel, even sometimes just bad legal arguments, that's not necessarily a fraud. but the fraud is a layer below, because those arguments were built on a foundation of lies that donald trump had won the election. that there was massive election fraud. there is no evidence of that, there never was, that's where i
6:19 am
think the actual fraud could come in here. >> listen, by the way, the president made so many public statements about it too. not like it was happening behind closed doors. all right, so, other revelations from the committee appears they have video evidence of tours given to rioters by sitting members of congress here. you say the crucial piece of evidence here is why were those tours given. what would the committee have to show to show that this was in effect aiding and abetting the rioters rather than oan uncomfortable coincidence? >> the committee and house democrats better back up what they're saying here. this is a mighty dramatic and drastic accusation to make that a sitting member of congress knowingly gave tours in order to aid people the next day, january 6th, in storming the capitol. i think what we need to look at, what the committee needs to look at is, a, were there tours given, b, were those tours given by the congressman himself, c, was there something out of the
6:20 am
ordinary, did the congressman show these people who were taking the tour secret or unknown entrances or exits, did they talk about security, things you would never talk about on a normal tour, and then, finally, did these people participate in the storming of the capitol the next day? look, the committee seems to be confident that they have evidence. they say our evidence directly contradicts the denials by representative loudermilk. but if this is true, this is a traitor ous act by the member of congress. the committee had better have its evidence and better show what they say it shows. >> perhaps at minimum, that he lied about whether he did tours or not, the congressman involved in this, barry loudermilk. bill barr is going to testify to the committee under oath. what is the significance? >> it is a tale of two bill barrs as always. leading up to the election, he was very much a fan and proponent of the big lie. after the election, he turned on donald trump and said publicly there is no evidence of widespread election fraud. we at doj investigated, we
6:21 am
didn't find any. so if bill barr testifies to that, that's going to go directly to donald trump's state of mind. bill barr has written and said publicly he told donald trump to his face there is no evidence of this. bill barr said he told donald trump his theories were bs, used the full word. so that posts to donald trump's state of mind. if he was told bit attorney general and others in position of power, there is no evidence of this, it all goes to the fraud that donald trump and others around him were pushing. >> it get backs to my earlier question, knowledge. he did know it was false at the time or have reasonable ability to know it was false even while making the claims and attempts? elie honig, thanks for coming as always. >> thank you, jim. all right. still ahead, families now rationing baby formula to keep their infants fed. the latest attempts to end the critical shortage, where they stand. that's coming up. with age comes more... get more with neutrogena® retinol pro plus. a powerfrful .5% retinol that's also gegentle on skin. for wrininkle results in one week.
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can get to work and school safely and reliably. prop a improves pedestrian and bike safety throughout san francisco. prop a benefits everyone in every neighborhood, regardless of their income. vote yes, and soon we'll all see the impact of a everywhere. on the baby formula shortage, some good news this morning, the biden administration secured its first batch of baby formula from overseas, and is now preparing to fly it to the u.s. it is the latest move to help ease the ongoing nationwide shortage. and part of the newly launched operation fly formula program. it has a brand. nestle agreed to transfer up to 1.5 million bottles of formula from abroad. the first plane is expected to leave switzerland in the coming
6:27 am
days. that formula will go to parts of the country that need it most. but as we wait for the supplies aar arrive, the numbers got worse in the past week. 45% of baby formula products were out of stock at some point last week. pediatricians are worried many families may start rationing formula for their children. elizabeth cohen has more on this. elizabeth, rationing, remarkable place to be in the year 2022, in one of the richest countries in the world. how long do we expect that to persist? >> that's exactly how these parents feel and they're feeling it amidst no update yet from abbott or from the fda on when exactly they're going to get that shuttered michigan plant up and running. so i want to introduce you hall from sixth grade yesterday, got
6:28 am
the science award, on the honor roll. her diet is extremely limited, so she's on a special formula that abbott makes for people with her specific genetic condition. and her parents are giving her half of what they usually give her because while abbott did send them a shipment recently they don't know when the next shipment is coming in. her mother shannon is very worried about what it could mean for her health long-term to be getting half of the formula she usually takes. let's take a listen to shannon. >> it is scary because she's taking this for so long, and as a parent, i feel bad that we didn't have a backup. that we didn't have something else she could take. it never would have occurred to me that suddenly we wouldn't be able to get her formula. i usually try to be on top of things and when this happened and we had no backup that she
6:29 am
could take that we knew that she would like, as a mom, i felt very terrible and i felt worried for her. i never expected not to have access to her formula. i -- it just never really occurred to me that would happen. >> unfortunately claire is not the only child who is having her formula rationed. i want to introduce you also to owen steber. he lives outside chicago. and the family, they had to ration his formula. he has a rare condition, he's allergic to many foods, he needs to be fed formula through a feeding tube and his parents also having it ration his formula. they have even less of their formula left than claire's family. they also expressed the frustration and the fear they feel for their child. jim? >> understandable for sure. elizabeth cohen, thanks so much.
6:30 am
another story we're following today, oklahoma's republican governor plans to sign into law the nation's most restrictive abortion bill, more than others you've heard. the bill would ban abortions from the moment of fertilization. cnn's supreme court reporter arianna de vogue is with us for more on this. we have a flood of these now of laws and getting more and more restrictive. does this pass supreme court muster? >> several months ago you would think not, right? we have seen six weeks, 12 weeks, 15 weeks. this is the near total ban and there are exceptions for rape or incest, but only if those incidents had been reported to law enforcement. so on the face of it, you think this is unconstitutional. but two things go in its favor. texas had a law written very much -- has a law written very much like that. and they're unusual laws because they allow anybody to bring a civil suit against anyone who is helping someone get an abortion. the supreme court allowed that law to go into effect in texas,
6:31 am
abortion is a near stand still, right, and oklahoma copied it but made it much more strict. on top of that, jim, you know we have that draft roe v. wade opinion that came out, where you saw justice alito saying he's got five justices to overturn roe v. wade if that opinion becomes the final opinion, if it holds. then by early summer, roe v. wade would be overturned and you would see laws like this multiple. >> the logic would be leave it to the states. does this have the same feature that the texas law had? it is not the state, it is individuals who would then sue. >> yeah. and not only that, but oklahoma has other laws in the works too, to really go at it. as do states. about half the states have laws in effect or would pass them very quickly that would ban abortions. that's the state of play and that's why this is the most strict one going forward. >> enormous change that may be
6:32 am
coming to this country. >> big change. >> thanks so much. well, oklahoma lawmakers are also sending legislation to the governor's desk today that would require students at public schools and public charter schools to use bathrooms and locker rooms that match the sex listed on their birth certificates. transgender students who refuse would have to use a single occupancy restroom or changing room provided by the school. school districts that fail to comply would have a portion of their state funding cut. the aclu says the bill targets transgender people for discrimination. still ahead, a ukrainian commander now ordering soldiers trapped in mariupol to stop defending the city and leave. some are staying. we're live in the region coming up.
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this morning, the commander of the azov regimen holed up in tunnels and bunkers for weeks below the azovstal steel plant now says the top ukrainian military leadership has ordered his troops to stop defending the plant and the city of mariupol. it comes as russia is claiming that now nearly 2,000 soldiers have surrendered at that plant. with an uncertain fate. cnn's melissa bell is live in kyiv. and we're hearing -- well, let's start with what we're hearing behind you. tell us what's going on there. >> reporter: jim, these sirens
6:38 am
go off fairly regularly and when we hear them here in the center of kyiv, it covers a fairly wide region. they have been extremely regular and perhaps more frequent over the course of the last few days because we have seen an intensity of some parts of the country coming under shelling. so to the north, down by the russian border, an hour and a half from here, dezna was the site of several missile strikes just a couple of nights ago, many civilians were killed there, even though it is in a big military base, there were also -- we're in a nearby village, there were some casualties as well. there has been this increase in the shelling of some parts of the country, and specifically, jim, those parts that are really the focus of russian firepower, manpower, the concentration of what it is that they're trying to take at this stage. speaking here of that front line that is to the west and north of
6:39 am
luhansk, that to the north of donetsk, essentially suggesting that russian forces are trying to push their way into the totality of those regions from what is -- what are their strongholds at the moment. of course, that is important because of what's been happening in mariupol. this is a city that has now fallen to russian forces, officially since we have been hearing from inside that a azovstal steel plant where the last bastion of resistance was holding out. and the commander saying that they were announcing a full surrender and urging their men to give themselves up. it is an extraordinary story. just to add a word on the families that have been waiting to hear about the fate of their loved ones, it is now 2 s,000 soldiers that have been evacuated. that is a lot of them already.
6:40 am
we know now also and, again, from that message from the commander that there were many more fighters still left inside. we understand that there are also many casualties, none of the families of the ukrainian soldiers that have been fighting in that last holdout of ukrainian resistance in mariupol know whether their loved ones are amongst the evacuees and prisoners of fwhar war in the hf the russian, among the dead, or among those who will try to stay inside and will now be evacevacuate ed o one of the last ones to go, he's too sannouncing his surrenderin. >> what their future? >> reporter: for now what we know is they're in the hands of russian forces. the understanding had been here in kyiv as they were evacuated that a fairly straightforward exchange of prisoners of war
6:41 am
would happen. that does not appear tonight case at this stage. what we have been hearing is they are being held in a pr pretrial detention center and what we're hearing from the russian side, some of these men will be facing interrogation, possible trials, to try and figure out whether they are, again in the words of the russian officials, holding them guilty of any crimes against the ukrainian russian-speaking people of the donetsk and luhansk regions. and straightforward exchange of prisoners is still the subject of a negotiation, but it is looking at this stage far from certain. >> seems like the ukrainians and russians are on different pages on terms of what had been agreed to. melissa bell in kyiv, thanks so much. cnn has now learned president biden will sign the $40 billion aid package for ukraine while he is on his visit to south korea. the senate passed the bill yesterday. now a printed copy will be flown to president biden. 11 republican senators voted
6:42 am
against the package. all democrats voted in favor along with several republicans. still ahead, a florida deputy is facing charges after firing a taser that set a suspect on fire. you'll see the alarming video coming up. und on your biggest project yet. worth is giving the people who build it a solid foundation. wealth is shutting down the o office for mike's retirement party. worth is giving g the employee who spent half his life with you, the party ofof a lifetime. ♪ ♪ wealth is watching your business grow. worth is watching your employees grow with it. ♪ ♪ the tempur-pedic® breeze° makes sleep... feel cool. because the tempur-breeze° transfers heat away from your body... you feel cool, night after nit. tfor a limited time, from your body... save up to $500 select tempur-pedic® adjustable mattress sets. [ antell ] when my teeth started to deteriorate, i stopped hanging out socially.
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i rose through the ranks to captain in the army. expanded access to education as a nonprofit leader. had a successful career in business. and as burlingame mayor during the pandemic, raised the minimum wage, increased affordable housing, and preserved our bayfront open space. i am emily beach. i'll take my real-life experience to get things done for us. i approve this message, and all these shoes too. a 911 dispatcher in buffalo, new york, is now on administrative leave following what is being described as completely inappropriate response to an emergency call placed right in the middle of that racist shooting that left ten people dead at a grocery store. listen to that that caller told cnn's don lemon last night. >> i said, ma'am, please send
6:47 am
help, i gave her the address, and i said, please send help, there is a person in the store shooting. and she proceeded to say to me, what, i can't hear you, why are you whispering, you don't have to whisper. they can't hear you. so i said, ma'am, he's still in the store, he's still shooting. and around this time, he's literally still shooting in the background. and i can hear him, like, you can hear the shooting coming back to the the front, out of nervousness, i dropped my phone, but it was in front of me, so the phone never hung up, and because i didn't have it to my ear, i couldn't hear what she was saying. and she said something and then she hung up the phone. >> remarkable. right in the middle of the shooting. cnn's brian todd joins us live from buffalo. brian, today is the first funeral of ten of the victims. tell us what happens now in this
6:48 am
community as it just struggles with such a tragedy. >> reporter: well, jim, they're really just trying to get their minds around this still. people here dealing with loss. we talked to a lot of relatives, we talked to friends of these victims. and, you know, they just -- they still just can't wrap their minds around this. i recently spoke to a lady named geneva smith johnson, she runs a fashion and tailor shop not far from here, she's a really kind of integral member of the community. she knew five of the ten victims who died. three of them were her customers. one she went to church with. one she used to work with. i spoke to her about her sense of loss of those five people. >> i was at a celebration for one of the members of our church, she had turned 100 years old and we were having a dinner party for her, and that's when the names start coming as to who the victims were. it is like a nightmare. you hope you're going to wake up and it is not true. they were kind people.
6:49 am
they were loving people. active in the community. >> and the funeral for one of her friends, the deacon of a local church, is scheduled to take place in a couple of hours, the first tpaoub ral of the 10 victims. also quickly we have learned disturbing new details about this gunman's attack plans. we do know at least 15 people joined this private chat that he set up on the app discord 30 minutes before the attack. he invited a select few people to view his attack plans, essentially. we now know from a source with knowledge of the discord investigation that at least 15 people joined that chat and viewed his attack plans, which included everything that he had planned for the past six months, including surveillance of this store. in that chat, they also were
6:50 am
offered a link to that horrible live stream that he did as he was conducting this massacre. so some disturbing new detail. and it just keeps coming seemingly with every day. >> they have a legal duty to report that then given they seem to have advanced knowledge of what was going to happen. brian todd of buffalo, thank you very much. in florida, a suspect was burned more than 75% of his body after an arrest. it happened earlier this year when deputies tried to arrest 26-year-old gene beretto. a deputy discharged his taser near some spilled gas, which then ignited an explosion. now, both that deputy and the suspect are facing charges. cnn's carlos suarez joins us now. the suspect's defense team is saying police had the wrong man to begin with. so what happens now? >> reporter: yeah. that is part of their defense.
6:51 am
jim, good morning. these charges come nearly three months after that encounter at a gas station outside orlando. this morning a state attorney will determine just what happens next. the surveillance was released by the osceola office. according to authorities out there, this was all the result of that deputy that used his taser after knocking over 26-year-old, along with the dirt bike he was filling up with at that gas station. it is a move the sheriff said was, quote, egregious. the 26-year-old is identified as tkpwaoepb beretto. he is in the hospital after undergoing surgery for burns to most of his body. because he matched a description of a rider that was with another group that had brandished a weapon, it is important to note that the sheriff said a weapon was never found on him.
6:52 am
>> who stops for gas along the way, particularly when they are only one mile away from their residence? it was clear he went to get gas before he went home. that's what's logical. that's what happened. >> reporter: all right. so the deputy has been identified as david crawford. he is being charged with a misdemeanor, culpable negligence. bareto is charged with trying to resist an officer without violence. jim. >> carlos suarez, thanks so much. title 42 days from ending. we'll take you to one border town bracing for the end of the pandemic-era policy coming up. and interactive charts to give you an edge. 24/7 support when you need it t the most. pandemic-era policy coming up. and start trading today.
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officials are now preparing for potential surge of my grants at the southern border next week when a pandemic-era restriction ends at 12:01 a.m. monday, title 42 is set to be lifted. this ends the policy that allowed authorities to turn away migrants due to the pandemic here. officials worry a massive in tphrubg will put extra strain on already overwhelmed authorities in border towns. priscilla alvarez is near the border. do they have enough resources there? >> reporter: well, jim, as you know, border communities have seen the ebbs and flows of migration for years. but there is added urgency and concern because of the lifting
6:58 am
of this trump-era pandemic restriction known as title 42. and i spoke with the mayor cirillo lobos. he said he is he is worried there will be a strain on city resources and warned of the preparations the biden administration is considering and whether that will be enough. take a listen. >> i have confidence in the preparations. i don't think it will succeed. i think we -- we always talk about comprehensive immigration policies. they need to sit down in washington. i'm saying this now. i don't want them here to take pictures. i don't care about the president being here for a photo-op or vice president or anybody. i want them to be in washington. >> reporter: now, the mayor has taken preparations here in the city. they are prepared, should there be an influx of migrants, when this lifts. but there is also discord in washington, d.c. among
6:59 am
republicans and democrats who criticized the administration for wanting to end this authority. this authority was no longer necessary given access to vaccines and treatments for covid-19. but they gave dhs until may 23rd. that day is just around the corner. now, we are waiting for a judge to rule on whether the administration can continue with its plans or whether he is going to block the administration from ending this authority. the justice department this week asking the judge to rule sooner rather than later so they can prepare. >> just quickly, does the dhs have enough officers, resources down there for this? >> reporter: i ask that too. homeland security secretary said for months they have been preparing with capacity, personnel, working with other agencies and authorities. but it all depends on what they see when this ends. >> in priscilla alvarez at the border. we know you will be watching next week closely as well.
7:00 am
very good friday morning to you. i'm jim sciutto. president biden is in south korea beginning the first leg of his first asia trip as president. the mission, to reaffirm a key alliance at an uncertain moment in east asia, reassuring the commitments to counter and contain certainly china and also north korea. while the war in ukraine has been at the forefront for this administration, provocations are intensifying. china as well continues to flex its economic and military might in the region. clouding his first trip in asia, concerns north korea could be gearing up for another test of an intercontinental ballistic missile. cnn's jeremy diamond and paula hancock is in seoul. >> reporter: jim, it is first


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