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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  May 20, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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was in the cell with me to actually sleep. >> you thought they might kill you? >> yeah. i thought that was a possibility. >> you heard what you heard. we'll note russian officials defend the conditions he was kept in saying he was treated in line with russian law. you can watch the full interview. trevor reed, sunday night, 8:00 p.m. eastern. thanks for your time in "inside politics." anna cabrera picks up coverage right now. hello. thank you for being here. we made it to friday. i'm ana cabrera in new york. we begin in south korea where president biden is kicking off his first trip to asia since taking office. he toured a samsung facility to demonstrate the nation's partnership on technology. a key part of the administration's overarching goal to bolster economic and national security interests of the u.s. and its allies with the wary eye on china and russia's
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war on ukraine. but other tensions are ratcheting higher, and closer across the border north korea may be preparing to fuel an intercontinental ballistic missile that would mean kim jong-un's regime could conduct a test launch while president biden is in south korea. meantime in ukraine, russia has replaced senior military commanders who are blamed for bungling the early stages of the invasion. that's according to british intelligence. and ukrainian president zelenskyy says russia's relentless shelling of the donbas region has left it destroyed. his words, it is hell there. cnn's melissa bell is in kyiv. first to journey diamond in seoul. what's the message president biden is delivering to that region? >> well, listen, president biden has arrived in the region with the goal of shoring up the u.s.'s key alliances in the region, not only on a national security front, but also in terms of increasing economic cooperation in this region. but we begin with this increased
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threat in north korea where u.s. intelligence now assessing that it is very likely that north korea could conduct an intercont intercontinental ballistic missile. biden beginning the day by talking about the fact that he sees the u.s. south korea relationship has a lynch pinch of peace and proserrosperity. >> putin's brutal and unprovoked war in ukraine has spotlighted the need for the critical supply chain, so our economy, and our national security are not depending on countries that don't share our values. >> reporter: while the president didn't mention china by name, the sub text could not have been more clear. biden isn't just talking about
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russia and the disruption of supply chains but he's talking about the u.s. and allies needing to rely on each other more for critical technological components and not so much on china which presents a potentially an economic threat to the region and to the united states' influence in the indo pacific as well. so you can expect that will be a message that president biden will deliver over the next several days as he focuses on economic issues as well unveiling a new economic framework and meeting with other key allies in the region beyond japan and south korea including india and australia. >> that's all on the backdrop of what's happening right now in ukraine. melissa, how significant is russia's firing of military commanders in ukraine? >> i think pretty significant. it contributes to the picture that we're getting of just how catastrophically badly this campaign, this war has been waged by russia over the course of the last three months. the man who was in charge of trying to take kharkiv, for
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instance, sacked. the man in charge of the black fleet -- black sea fleet, you'll remember the sinking in april, also sacked. this according to british intelligence. it's important, because here in kyiv, a clearer picture of just how catastrophic the first few days of the war were. because we're hearing from some of those junior soldiers, the ones, one of whom was on trial today, another testifying the last few weeks in that the first war crimes trial being held here in ukraine whose testimony has essentially painted a very clear picture of the chaos and the fear they themselves were facing as they came in in those tank divisions here into ukraine and the first few days of the war. what's come out of that today is that the man on trial, one of the soldiers i mentioned a moment ago, pled one last time, his defense lawyer saying look, it is not he who should be
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blamed for this but russian leadership. he'll get his verdict on monday, and we'll find out if the 21-year-old is or is not to spend the rest of his life in jail. . >> what is the latest on the steel plant in mariupol? yesterday a commander was refusing to surrender. >> the latest, poignant messages coming from inside the plant, including from the battalion commander posting some of the pictures we've been seeing and his own saying they were his last posts and he's now essentially handing himself over to russians. it's more than 2000 evacuees that are now prisoners of war and in russia's hands, essentially at their mercy. ukraine had been hoping to organize some kind of speedy prisoner of war exchange. at this stage, that looks far from certain. >> melissa bell and jeremy diamond, thank you. even with the soldiers on trial, the top military commanders being replaced and the army having to destroy entire cities just to gain control, u.s. intelligence officials believe none of it, no
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matter how disastrous will persuade russia's president to end this war. or persuade those around him to attempt a coupe or something else else. we are joined with this new reporting. why do intelligence officials believe this? >> reporter: putin has successfully built an alternate, a false alternate narrative to the war. he's established a repressive media environment. cracked down on protests and maybe most importantly, he's been able to insulate the russian people at least for now from some of the worst economic consequences of the sanctions put in place by the west. so as a result for now, the war in russia remains broadly popular, and u.s. intelligence officials are skeptical that's likely to change at least in the near-term, but perhaps most interestingly, officials that we spoke to are also doubtful that even if there were to be a massive swing in public opinion against putin's war in ukraine within russia, it's unlikely
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that that would force putin to change course. it's unlikely he would have to be terribly responsive because he could move to crack down further on any kind of public dissent. >> and your reporting also reveals putin is intimately involved in day-to-day details of the fighting happening in ukraine. some considered ma knew sha. tell us about this. >> putin is uniquely devoted to prosecuting this war on his own terms as fitting his own vision. he sees himself as somebody who is fulfilling a sense of personal destiny to sort of bring ukraine back into the russian fold, and so what we are told by multiple sources familiar with the intelligence is that officials believe that putin is involved in kind of the day-to-day operational planning of this campaign down to sort of the level that in western militaries would generally be reserved for more junior officials, and what this gives
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you a sense of is why officials believe that putin is sort of unswerving in his commitment to this conflict. and, therefore, unlikely to be swayed by public opinion. >> katie, thank you. now, i want to bring in general mark hurtling, a cnn military analyst and served as commanding general of europe. thank you for being here. first, your reaction to the reporting. specifically the details about putin's involvement with bo battlefield decisions. >> as amazing. i'm smiling, because what mr. putin is doing is only exacerbating his problems. first, you reported he is firing many of his generals. when you start doing that at the top level, the generals that remain don't want to give anymore truth for fear they might be fired. so you exacerbate the problem in terms of giving the senior leaders what kind of advice they need. and then you talk about that not only is he not taking advice and
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he scared off the generals, but he is also making tactical level decisions. this isn't just junior officials that make this. from what i'm getting from my sources on the ground, he is making decisions at the tactical level. moving forces around. when you get the strategic leader of the president of a nation, doing those kind of things, basically he does not have a military background either. it's only going to cause more and more problems. you're seeing the russian forces come to a stalemate as many predicted several weeks ago, and it's turned into an artillery dual with continued attrition on both sides on the frontlines in the donbas. >> as you know, we've been following this first war crimes trial of a russian soldier. he pleaded guilty, and today, this 21-year-old soldier expressed remorse saying, quote, i'm sorry and sincerely repent. i was nervous the moment it happened. i didn't want to kill. his lawyers saying he was in a
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state of pressure and the pressure from his commander. your reaction to that? >> yeah. watching this trial very closely, because it is just going to be the start of a flood gate, and this young soldier also pleaded the fact that he was ordered to shoot when he didn't want to by his superiors. that in and of itself, as everyone knows, is not an excuse for a war crime. so you have a bunch of young conscripts who haven't been trained in professional values that an army normally does, and they will in cases under combat, and under extreme stress, be concerned about what they do next. it's the first time any of these young soldiers have what's called in the military, seen the elephant of combat, be under the stress of these kinds of things, and certainly you rely on your leaders. when your leaders are crooked and criminal, which have been shown to be the case in the russian army, and they order
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soldiers to do these things, soldiers will execute for fear of being disciplined or harshly condemned by commanders and in some cases punished. this is the start of a war crimes flood gate. we're going to see more and more of this where young soldiers are claiming that they were ordered to do things, but the fact of the matter is they killed, raped, and looted which are all war crimes. >> and the russian tactics continue to be just so barbaric, so heart breaking, so awful. president zelenskyy says the donbas region is completely destroyed. and we've heard from other ukrainian officials that russia has basically been having to obliterate the territory they're trying to take in order to make progress. i just wonder if they turn this territory they take into a wasteland, then what does russia really gain? >> not a thing. not a thing. and this is reminiscent of the battle fooelds of world war i,
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the frenchlines that -- trenchlines that existed between 1914 and 1918. we're going to use the expression noman's land. it has to do with wire, trerchgs, artillery duals, people that try to come out of the trercnches to attack are gog to be attacked by long range arti artillery. long range weapons are more looetful than 1918. you'll going to see an incrinc increasing devastation of this wonderful territory that was once the donbas, an area that was part of the bread basket of ukraine further deteriorate as a stalemate continues in the east. >> well, thank you so much for offering your expertise and helping to guide us through and make sense of what is so hard to explain. thank you so much, general hurtling. new details on former president trump's desperate attempts to overturn the 2020 election. john eastman revealing trump
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sent him handwritten note with information he thought might be useful in the legal fight. more on that. plus less than one week after the racist mass shooting in buffalo, new york, the justice department is unveiling its new plan to fight hate crimes. and a fierce competition to capture carbon ie oxide and help save the planet. the price? $100 million for the winner and a healthier world for all of us. >> with his beloved gulf of main getting warmer and more acidic by the day, there was a team of geniuses built and they went fishing for carbon dioxide with seaweed, because kelp eats co2 much faster than trees. one, that you've had for 1212 years and loved every minute of, and d trade it in for something new that suits your life now?? that's rigight, yeah. and then enjoy immediate susuccess, even though you'll never forget your old phone. ever. it's a great trade.
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he has handwritten notes from trump himself about the plan to overturn the 2020 election. he doesn't want the january 6th committee to see them. in a new court filing, right wing lawyer john eastman says a pair of notes from trump discuss information trump thought would be useful for their i election lawsuits. eastman claims he was in touch with three trump campaign staffers and three white house staffers about the effort. let's bring in elliot williams. thank you for being here. if this paper trail shows trump had direct input on how to carry out the attempt to overturn the election, how significant is that? >> it is significant, ana. big picture, if someone is representing a client as an attorney, their entire
10:19 am
client/attorney privilege, there's an exception which is that your conversations can't be protected if they're being used to shield fraud or criminality. that's the question at issue here. look, this judge in this case, and we've been to this party before, is quite suspicious of the communications and conduct of both trump and eastman. i'm not seeing where anything is new in this pleading they fail filed. it's going to be more appealing to the court. >> in fact, it was this particular judge who said that trump and eastman were, quote, more likely than not, planning a crime after the election. now, again, eastman is saying these are private attorney/client discussions about eel efforts. do you think ultimately the select committee will get to see the communications? >> they're going to see a lot, if not all the communications just because a big part of being an attorney in addition to being right on the facts and right on the law is not getting under the judge's skin.
10:20 am
and what we're seeing here is conduct by the attorneys and by the former president that are just sort of either one trying to delay, and two, trying to put documents under the attorney/client privilege that appear to not be. if you read through the document, he relays a number of communications that strikes the definition of attorney/client privilege. it's hard to see how some of them won't end up in the committee's hands. >> and the investigation of of a tour the day before the attack. i want to revisit what that congressman said about this visit on january 6th as the attack was unfolding. listen. >> we actually had about a dozen people that wanted to voit. we had them in our office. they definitely were peaceful people. people we met at church. they were supporters of the president.
10:21 am
they just wanted to be up here as if it was another rally, and we've checked on them to make sure they're safe. when they saw what it was turning into, they immediately turned and went back down the mall to get away from the crowd here. >> that was on january 6th. yesterday he released a statement reiterating the account say, quote, no place that the family went on the fvt was breached on the sixth. the family did not enter the capitol grounds on the sixth. and no one in that family has been investigated or charged in connection to january 6th. elliot, would this be easy to corroborate? would there be a visitor log with the white house or security footage? >> well, i think security footage is the obvious one. it's the capitol building. there's cameras everywhere. look, this is a really serious claim being made by the committee. so they -- i would think they have some sort of evidence or information backing up what they're saying. if they don't, they're accusing a sitting member of congress of
10:22 am
actively bringing people into the capitol building to plan out the insurrection. one of the two things is true. i don't think there's a gray area here, and it can be cleared up with either testimony or checking the records. the one thing that's a little bit alarming is that the capitol building was largely empty on that day, this was january 5th at the height of the pandemic. so it would have stood out that someone was getting a tour from member of congress. it's a family and he's a member of congress giving them a tour. there's a plausible explanation. someone has to come forward and clean it up. >> okay. hopefully we learn a lot more and soon. we know they are expected, this committee is expected to hold public hearings starting in june which is just a couple weeks away. happy friday. thank you for being here elliot williams. >> thank you. take care. help from kelp. a fisherman ditches his day job to fight climate change. >> there's a thing ruining everything we love. all the good stuff is getting ruined. >> your dream was to have a
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here answer idea that could be worth $100 million and could combat climate change and change the planet. the story from bill weir. >> reporter: to avoid cascading disaster, science agrees it won't be enough to just stop using fossil fuels. humanity must remove trillions of tons of planet cooking pollution already in our seas and sky, and whoever figures out how to do that might just get $100 million from elon musk. >> some people say plant a bunch of trees. that's not easy. you need fertilizer, water, where is the water coming from? what habitat are you potentially destroying? >> reporter: with his x prize, the controversial billion air says he wants to lure out to geniuses who will capture how to
10:29 am
taif the claimant. among the finalists is a humble fisherman in maine. >> there's a change ruining everything that we love. all the good stuff is getting ruined. >> reporter: your dream was to have a boat? >> yeah. i really just wanted a boat. there aren't any mackerel. they're all -- they swam north, east, and they're now probably up in iceland. >> reporter: with his beloved gulf of maine getting warmer and more acidic by the day, marty built a team of geniuses and went fishing for carbon dioxide with seaweed, because kelp grows and gobbles co2 much faster then a trees, needs no land ore fertilizer, and when it sinks to the deep ocean, the carbon can be locked away for thousands of years, but kelp needs sunlight and something to hang onto, so marty who is also an engineer, went to the drawing board and settled on floating thousands of high-tech buoys in the north
10:30 am
atlantic. each holding a kelp forest while a ring of limestone serves as the antacid for the ocean. when a crop is cut and falls into the deep, marty gets a carbon credit from a billion dollar fund set up by a canadian e-commerce giant, shopify. you have a couple high profile investors behind you. do you think that will be enough if government can't get its act together? >> no. it's just the math. people spent billions of dollars to see if there's an oil field. right? and we're trying to build the oil industry in reverse. >> reporter: he imagines the portland docks coming back to life to capture carbon the way they once built ships to beat hitler. >> it's a race no one loses as long as someone wins. i don't care as long as somebody wins this race, cool. right?
10:31 am
>> reporter: right. >> i don't care who moves the most of it. >> reporter: he's thrilled to see competition like beth zoeloer betting on big kelp. >> if you end up being the henry ford of carbon seaweed, this is your model a? >> exactly. yes. this is, this is gen one. >> reporter: she envisions massive seaweed farms closer to shore. her team invented a whale safe scaffolding fed by up wellers that use wave energy oh spin up nutrients in cold water from the deep. >> amanda and beth have two offers on the table. >> reporter: before her crops a halled and dumped, another company will extract plant protein. >> are we waiting for all the fish to go away? i've seen enough go away. does the ocean have to be
10:32 am
completely dead before we get our act together? but you see, i think all this anxiety, all this frustration that people have is because we haven't been unleashed. >> reporter: okay. there's your friday inspiration. >> this contest is open to anyone around the globe. and it runs through 2025. he was held captive in russia for almost three years before being freed in a prisoner swap last month, and now former u.s. marine trevor reed is speaking to our own jake tapper about the horrendous conditions he says he experienced and how he survived. >> what was the worst conditions that you had that you experienced during that time? >> the psychiatric treatment facility i was in there with seven other prison or thes in a cell. they all had severe, serious psychological health issues. most of them, so over 50% of them in that cell were in there for murder or, like, multiple
10:33 am
murders, sexual assault and murder. just really disturbed individuals. and inside of that cell, you know, that was not a good place. there was blood all over the walls there where prisoners had killed themselves or killed other prisoners or attempted to do that. the toilet is just a hole in the floor, and there's crap everywhere. all over the floor. on the walls. there's people in there also that walk around that look like zombies. >> were you afraid for your life? >> i mean, i did not sleep there for a couple of days. so i was too worried about who was in the cell with me to actually sleep. >> you thought they might kill you? >> yeah. i thought that was a possibility. finally home. the trevor reed interview airs sunday night at 8:00 eastern right here on cnn.
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a florida deputy and the suspect he was trying to apprehend are following charges following a botched arrest that ending in an explosion. it happened at a gas station in february where deputies were trying to arrest a 26-year-old biker and this video is from the scene. it shows the deputy tackling the suspect, knocking over his bike, and spilling fuel in the process. the same deputy then deployed a taser despite being next to gas pumps, setting the man on fire. several officers were hurt, and the man is still in the hospital today with burns to 75 % of his body. cnn's carlos is joining us from miami with more now. carlos, explain what led to all of this. >> this whole thing happened back in february when a group of
10:40 am
riders on dirt bikes got dangerously close to cars and there was reports one of the men was armed with a gun. video was released and it shows deputies going after the group as they made their way in and around cars and at one point they got onto a sidewalk. according to the sheriff's office, one of the riders eventually came to a stop at a gas station to fill up. it's at that point that one of their deputies tried to tackle him, was able to get him on the ground, and in the process, knocked over his dirt bike which caused some gas to spill. at that point, we're told that the deputy used a taser which caused a fire, and it was a decision that the sheriff there said was, quote, egregious. the rider has been identified as a 26-year-old, and he suffered burns to most of his body and remains in a hospital where he has undergone a number of surgeries. now, the sheriff's office says he did match the description of one of the man that had a weapon, but his attorney was quick to point out they not only had the wrong man.
10:41 am
they never found a gun on him. >> who flees and eludes and stops for gas along the way? particularly when they're only one mile away from their residence? it was clear he went to get gas before he went home. that's what's logical. that's what happened. >> all right. so the deputy was identified as david crawford. he's being charged with a single count of culpable nettle. -- negligence. >> that's quite the story. carlos, thank you. the first funeral in the buffalo grocery store massacre is underway. loved ones are gathering to remember hayward patterson, a deacon, a father of three. he was known as the neighborhood taxi for offering a ride to anyone in need. he was gunned down while waiting outside the store. ten people were killed that day because they were black.
10:42 am
cnn spoke with a woman who knew five of the victims. >> it's -- it's like a nightmare. you hope you're going to wake up and it's not true. evil is in the world. it's unfortunate. evil is always present. >> today the justice department is unveiling three new initiatives to combat hate crimes. new guidance for police and community officials to raise awareness and encourage prevention. grant opportunities for state-run reporting hotlines, and the hiring of a new language access coordinator to help with reporting of hate crimes. let's discuss it with a retired lapd sergeant and author of "black and blue, creation of a social advocate". hate crimes have risen year after year it seems. why, and will the initiatives change that? >> well, you know, we'll have to wait and see if these initiatives will make a difference. i mean, all of what's happened
10:43 am
thus far has done very little to stop mass shooters. i think accountability is a part of it. i think that the administrators of the law enforcement agencies and politicians and civil rights attorneys who step forward for the money grab, you understand that, whenever there is an atrocity like this do very little to demand substantive change that would put an end to mass shootings. we've had 198 just this year alone. >> it's awful, and obviously mass shootings one thing. not all mass shootings are hate crimes, but in this particular initiative that we just laid out by the justice department, they're focussed specifically on the hate crime aspect of this most recent mass shooting. do you think there's anything missing that the justice department didn't grab as part of this latest effort? >> well, i'm not really sure. obviously all of what they're looking at, and i understand
10:44 am
there may be angst because may think the department of justice is not moving quickly enough in their investigation. as understand as a 20 -year law enforcement officer that these things take time. oftentimes you only have one bite at the apple and you want those investigators involved in the incident to take their time and make sure ha they uncover everything they need. we know this person is responsible. we know they have been indicted by a jury. we know that they were target specific and so all of the things that we're hearing about maybe he was suffering from some kind of delusion and par kanoia and covid. maybe he didn't get enough hugs that day, so we shouldn't hold them responsible. i hope they'll do just that. >> the president of the naacp will meet with merrick garland today. one issue likely to come up is the spread of white supremacy across social media and the buffalo shooting suspect was
10:45 am
allegedly radicalized on social media. there was a lead up to the rampage he live streamed. how can law enforcement tackle this social media aspect of all this? >> well, i think you need to hold everyone that's involved accountable, and it sounds like there's at least 15 people on the periphery who were invited by this shooter to come in and partake in the review process as he prepared to engage in this racially motivated mass shooting. but listen, i don't expect much from doj. sadly, they disappoint me every time, because they know that racism is an issue not only with this mass shooting and other us dents, but they know that racists have infiltrated police departments and have done little to stem the tide. i hope the naacp asks the right questions but more importantly follows through to make sure we get accountability and real justice. >> i appreciate your perspective
10:46 am
and experience. thank you for sharing it with us. >> thank you. third time is a charm. after two failed attempts, boeing successfully launches its star liner spacecraft to the international space station. what it's bringing to the astronauts living there. a secret aioli... clean ingredients... in a buttery brioche roll. made fresh, to leave youou... speechless. panera's new chef's chicken sandwiches. $1 delivery fee on our app. ♪ ♪
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to gtesla's full self- us. driving technology. the washington post reported on "owners of teslas fighting for control..." "i'm trying..." watch this tesla "slam into a bike lane bollard..." "oh [bleeped f***]" this one "fails to stop for a pedestrian in a crosswalk." "experts see deep flaws." "that was the worst thing i've ever seen in my life." to stop tesla's full self-driving software... vote dan o'dowd for u.s. senate. . flight attendants routinely go above and beyond what's in their job description, but one in particular just took it to another level, by delivering a passenger's baby during flight. frontier airlines says diana
10:51 am
geraldo sprang into action when a woman went into early labor on tuesday during a flight to orlando. the flight attendant calmly escorted the passenger to one of the lavatories. she gave birth in an airplane bathroom and then the flight attendant went back to the cabin to help crew members prepare for an early landing and we're told the mom and new baby girl are doing already and her middle name will be sky in tribute to where she was born. it just keeps getting more miraculous. we told you about this flight where a passenger with no flying experience jumped in to land the plane after the pilot lost consciousness. well, now we know what happened to that pilot. it turns out he suffered a tear in his heart's main artery. that's a very serious condition that is often fatal. listen to the doctor who treated him.
10:52 am
>> the story is miracle after miracle, really. the moment he was describing to his friends on the plane that hey, guys, i don't feel well, i have the worst headache of my life, i'm feeling fuzzy, dizzy, that is the exact event that the tear occurred in his aorta. so to be able to survive that acute event was really quite remarkable. >> the pilot was released from the hospital earlier this week and is expected to make a full recovery. finally, we have liftoff. a major milestone after years of problems for boeing's starliner spacecraft. >> starliner is headed back to space on the shoulders of atlas. >> this is designed to carry astronauts to and from the international space station, but this was an unmanned test mission. the starliner is on track to dock tonight following two failed attempts, one in 2019 and
10:53 am
one last year. let's bring in cnn's base and defense correspondent kristen fisher. this launch was not without its own problems. what happened? >> the launch itself was perfect, but the problem started about 30 minutes in. one of the spacecraft's thrusters, essentially the thing that propels the spacecraft to the right place, it stopped working, and then the backup thruster stopped working. now, fortunately, the backup to the backup thruster did end up working and now boeing's starliner spacecraft is on its way to dock with the international space station, slated to happen a little over 7:00 eastern time tonight. but if you take a look at what boeing says, boeing says, quote, the system is designed to be redundant and it performed like it was supposed to. so the backup systems did work and by all accounts, so far, this is not expected to impact the overall mission. but, ana, when you zoom out and take a look at all of the
10:54 am
problems that this spacecraft has had from boeing, there was a first launch attempt to dock with the international space station back in 2019, and they had some major software glitches. it never even docked with the space station. then they tried to launch last august. that didn't happen because of some stuck valves. and so the reason this is all important, ana, is because nasa wants to make sure it has not one, but two vehicles capable of taking its astronauts up to the international space station. they don't want to be reliant upon russia to take its astronauts up there, which is what they did for about a decade. now, spacex has been very capable of doing it. they've done it seven times -- excuse me, five times so far, seven crude space flights total. so far boeing hasn't been able to do a single one. hopefully this test flight changes that. >> when could we expect the first crew mission? >> it should have already happened for boeing, but now if this goes according to plan, it could happen by the end of this
10:55 am
year. so fingers crossed everything works on this test flight. >> okay, kristen fisher, thank you so much for bringing that to us. it's nice to end on a happy note, especially at the end of a week. that does it for us today. thank you for spending your friday with us. i hope you have a fun and safe weekend. i'll see you back here on monday, 1:00 p.m. eastern, as always. the news continues right after this. you love rich, delicious ice cream. but your stomach doesn't. that disagreement ends right now. lactaid ice cream is the creamy, real ice cream youou loe that will nenever mess with your stomach. lactaid ice cream.
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of your kohler® walk-in bath. and take advantage of our special offer of no payments for 18 months. hello, everyone. i'm allison camerota. welcome to "cnn newsroom." >> i'm victor blackwell. president biden is on his first trip to asia as president. he visited a semiconductor plant with the south korean president. president biden is expected to hold bilateral talks with the nation's newly elected leader tomorrow and the white house says the aim of the trip is to reaffirm alliances in the r region. >> we're standing at a point in history where the decisions we make today will have far-reaching impacts on the world we leave to our children tomorrow.


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