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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  May 20, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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hello, and welcome to our viewers here in the united states and all around the world. i'm paula newton. joe biden is working to strengthen ties right across asia this hour hoping to reassure longtime allies about washington's resolve in the region with north korea watching closely. voters are at the polls this hour in australia with climate and the economy among the top issues . we do begin in south korea this hour where the u.s. president has a full day planned on his first trip to asia as commander in chief. any moment now joe biden will begin the second day of his visit with the wreath-laying
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ceremony at the south korean cemetery on friday. he said the future of the world will be written in asia and the region will prove to be critical in the years and decades to come. the president made those comments after touring a samsung factory making semiconductors alongside his south korean counterpart. >> the decisions we make today will have far-reaching impacts on the world we leave our children tomorrow. >> so just to give you an indication how this is going to unfold, later today joe biden will hold talks with south korea's new president with the threat, of course, being posed by pyongyang. that will be expected the main focus of the meeting. beijing is holding military drills in the south china sea during this visit. now, the u.s. says there is still concern meantime that pronging could conduct a missile test while the president is in the region, but even then the war in ukraine is still on mr.
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biden's mind. listen. >> putin's brutal and unprovoked war in ukraine further spotlighted the need to secure our critical supply chain so that our economy, our economic, and our national security are not dependent on countries that don't share our values. >> okay, watching all of this with us is cnn's paula hancock live in seoul. good to have you both here as we continue to await the u.s. president and that wreath-laying at the national cemetery. paula, i'll start with you. south korea's priorities and its security posture are significant here, especially when we talk about the fact that we could be seeing a missile test from north korea. what is the latest intelligence there in terms of what north korea will be doing in the coming days? >> paula, at this point from both the south korean and the u.s. intelligence side that both
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sticking with their belief that's an imminent launch -- is in place. they believe that there could be an icbm that could be fired. this is largely based on satellite images and of course we know that certain -- north korea is aware of when they could see the ground. they could show certain things in order to try and distort what is actually happening. but as of this point, we do believe from both the intel agencies that could be plans very close for a missile launch, potentially a seventh underground nuclear test could come by the end of the month. it's not clear if that would, in fact, happen while president biden was here if a missile launch though happened while the u.s. president was in country, it would be remarkable. that's not happened before as far as i can remember that it's happened generally just before or just after a very
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high-profile guest has come to the peninsula, but not actually while they are here. so clearly this is something that is going to be top of the agenda when it comes to the meeting this afternoon between the u.s. president and the south korean president. it's worth reminding everybody that president yuen is relatively new to the job, inaugurated a week ago. he's also very new to politics. he is a political novice. he was a former prosecutor here in south korea. he has very little foreign policy experience. so it is going to be a steep learning curve for him to meet the u.s. president so quickly. in fact, just about 11 days after his inauguration. so north korea will be top of the agenda when it comes to the security issues. during the campaign, in fact, for the presidency, the president said he wanted more than a security relationship with the united states. he wanted more of a comprehensive and strategic relationship. he wanted more of an economic partnership, and that is going
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to be exactly what washington wanted to hear, what the u.s. president biden that you can see there at the national cemetery -- it's exactly what he wants as well. they mentioned covid, of course. north korea just a week ago admitted that it does have a covid outbreak within the country. both sides, the u.s. and the south korean side, have said that they are willing to help pyongyang. they are willing to give vaccines, masks, testing kits, whatever is needed. of course the question is whether or not pyongyang would accept outside help. paula? >> as you said, as you were speaking we begin to see the president here who will be laying a wreath. he put on, of course, the gloves there, a sign of respect as he continues now to inspect the guard. kevin, good to have you there on the ground. i know you had significant briefings on this in terms of what the biden administration hopes to get out of this. talk about a laundry list here. you know, president biden, though, underscored the point,
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security in asia has always been complicated, yet now more so by what's been going on in ukraine. >> yeah, certainly so. and the the president said he views asia as the centerpiece of his foreign policy, this initiative to try and counter china both economically and militarily on this conteinent. he is coming to asia somewhat later in his presidency later than he hoped in part because of the coronavirus restrictions. but he is here now at the cemetery walking up the steps. this is a cemetery where some south koreans who died in the korean war fighting alongside american soldiers, so there is -- [ no audio ] -- in the world. but when he meets with the president today, it is a reset.
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this is president biden's first time in asia. the last president, president trump, saw something of a tumultuous presence on this continent. leaders were confused by some of the things hex. he talked about withdrawing american troops from the korean peninsula, and president biden is here to really say that the united states' commitment to south korea, to japan, and to the continent as a whole is durable and will last. one thing that the president's aides say he's really intent on doing is expanding this relationship with south korea beyond just focusing on the security issues related to north korea, but into sort of a more full relationship that includes trade, technology, economy, and sort of a bigger presence for south korea in the indo pacific. the other thing that's important to president biden is cultivating these interpersonal relationships with his counterparts so when they sit
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down it will be their first time to talk. substantively, but also their first time to get to know each other. they have some commonalities, so certainly they'll want to talk about those. but president biden is someone who really puts a premium on these interpersonal relationships and this is a relationship that he will really emphasize going forward, even once he leaves south korea tomorrow, paula. >> yeah, and kevin, as you were speaking, we saw the president there burning incense there. again, as you pointed out, that joint military alliance nearly 30,000 u.s. troops in and around south korea now and again an important relationship that really can't be stressed enough in terms of how much that deterrence that relationship means to south korea, especially in this environment. kevin, i noticed to ask you as well about what president biden is doing after this and specifically the loose strategic security also that involves the u.s., japan, australia, and, usually, india as well.
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>> yeah, and president biden has really kind of revitalized this partnership. it used to meet at a lower level, but what the president sort of decided that it should meet at the leader level. he held a summit in washington last year, and now it's japan's turn to host the summit. the president's aides say that this is not officially a collective that's the member to counter china, but it really is an unspoken pact that is designed to show strength among american allies in the region as china starts to build up its military aggressions, whether it's in taiwan, the south china sea, or on the india/china border. and so when they meet, there are a lot of issues that they'll have to discuss, whether it's north korea, whether it's china, whether it's trade, which is another huge part of this trip with a major announcement that the president plans to make from this whole trip is sort of an outline of an asia trade plan. it's not a trade pact, it's sort of the rough sketch of what the president might want to
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accomplish on that. but there are some sticking points in this quad meeting. and you mentioned india. india has been reluctant to apply sanctions on russia for its war in ukraine. it has not followed the united states lead, and that's something the president will have to confront the president narendra modi on. the other outstanding question is who will attend from australia? they have elections coming up in the next couple of days. whether the incumbent scott morrison attends the meeting or whether he's replaced by someone else, it's sort of up in the air at this point. so there are some uncertainties surrounding that meeting heading into it. but certainly it's something that the president really wants to emphasize this won't be the last quad summit that he attends, certainly, paula. >> we're seeing president biden getting into his motorcade. he's going to be heading to those bilateral meetings that will happen at the ministry of defense.
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paula, i know you've been following this closely. you point out this is a new leader in south korea. hasn't been on the job very long. it perhaps isn't just optics, that he's really moving everything from what that ceremonial location was to now the ministry of defense in terms of where he will head his government and where koocrucial these meetings are taking place. >> that's right. president biden has a very short trip now to the new presidential office. it was the blue house, which was in downtown seoul. it would have taken him about half an hour. that was the traditional place where presidents did -- where they lived and worked. that has now been opened up to the public. on the day of the inauguration, the president said that it was going to be opened up to the public, and he was going to move into what used to be the defense ministry's office, which he has called people's house. we'll see if that is the official name of it going
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forward. but he has said that he doesn't want to be seen in a separate area. he wants to be seen as part of the people. it's certainly cost a fair bit of ruckus considering you have to move the defense ministry out of a building at that time of high tensions with north korea. and i know there has been some building and refurbishing going on frantically before the u.s. president came here to make sure that at least president eun's room was ready for this summit. but all the technicalties aside, it is going to be a very important moment for this new south korean president. i mean, it's never happened that a president here or in many places, in fact, has been inaugurated and then 11 days later the most powerful man politically on earth comes to visit you. so certainly it is a baptism of fire. it's a steep learning curve. but he has all through the campaign, as i said, been very focused on the fact that he
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wanted a stronger relationship with the united states. he criticized the former president, moon jae-in, for not nur nurture ---ing it enough. what we see in this new president is a desire for a far more comprehensive partnership. he wants it to go beyond just the military, just the security guarantees. of course there are some 28,500 u.s. troops stationed in south korea, so it will always be rooted in a military security sense. but he wants to have the economic partnerships. the fact that president biden's first stop on this trip was the samsung semiconductor plant was
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a start. >> right. and the emphasis on alliance because samsung has those facilities and is building them in the united states as well. i guess it's a partnership that everyone here wants to underscore. paula hancocks, lekevin tack wi us. we have a preference, in fact, in less than three hours with president biden and the president of south korea. we'll bring it all to you live. again, thank you so much for staying with us through this analysis. appreciate it. turning now to ukraine and the situation at the steering wheel plant in mariupol. russia claims forces surrendered on friday after the ukrainian commander there ordered his fighters to stop defending the city. now, cnn cannot confirm if all ukrainians have left that massive industrial site. russia says hundreds of ukrainians are being held at a former penal colony in russian-held territory of ukraine. the wives of some of those who surrendered spoke out on friday.
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>> translator: today we have connection with our husbands. someone texted two days ago. someone texted two hours ago. now they are on their way from hell to hell. every inch of this path is deadly. >> russia says the ukrainian commander was taken away from azovstal in an armored vehicle. at least seven people, including a young girl, were reported wounded on friday by a russian air strike on a cultural center. it happened in the town of lose zova. the building had just been renovated and he called the attack the epitome of russian evil and stupidity. a ukrainian judge could hand down a verdict on monday in the first war crimes trial of a russian soldier since the war in ukraine began. the 21-year-old tank commander has pleaded guilty to the fatal shooting which happened in
9:16 pm
northeast ukraine on the fourth day of the war. but the suspect now says he was nervous and, in fact, dpregrets his actions. his lawyer says the court should blame russia's leadership instead. >> translator: the leadership of the russian federation is to blame for this war, not this boy. he was trying to save his own life, especially from the threat that came from his fellow servicemen. >> the soldier testified that he did not want to kill an unarmed civilian and only did so under direct orders. now, on thursday he told the widow he was sorry for killing her husband. prosecutors are asking that he receive a life sentence. coming up for us, australians are lining up and making their choices saturday in an election that will determine the country's next leader. the latest in a live report after the break. fight back fast withth tums chey bites.
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. election day in australia. australians have been lining up to choose the party that will lead the country for the next three years. now, voting is compulse sorry in australia. more than 17 million are expected to cast ballots saturday. incumbent prime minister is seeking re-election for his center-right coalition government. his biggest opponent is the labor party that is headed by party veteran anthony al ibanez. we are tracking all of this. ana, it was an interesting election here, and it could be a real watershed for australians in so many ways. it's been trog follow it not just from domestic policy but where it leaves its climate goals as well. >> climate change, paula, is a huge issue for australians, particularly the younger generation. that is something that has been seized upon by these independent
9:22 pm
candidates. we are expecting, you know, there to be a lot of support going to these independent candidates who have made climate change the major issue. but we talk about the two-party system in australia. you have the liberals, the coalition versus labor. liberals under scott morrison, they have been in power as a party since 2013. scott morrison came to power in 2018. as you say, he is looking for another term. he is definitely -- he's got an uphill battle facing him. there is no doubt about it. according to the polls, he's certainly trailing the opposition leader, labor leader, anthony albanizi. people have just had enough. they are sick and tired with the coalition government. they think scott morrison is smug, he's arrogant, he's out of
9:23 pm
touch. they're known for economic management and cost of living is a huge issue for australians. you see inflation, rising interest rates, fuel prices go up at the pump, housing prices. these are issues that obviously affect australians day to day. but even though the coalition is known for its economic management, the voters are just sick and tired of this arrogance. anthony albanizi is not a popular leader either, but people are really willing to give him a chance. he cast his vote a short time ago. let's have a listen to what he told the press corps. >> my message is i want to represent all australians. i want to unite the country. there's been a lot of division in recent times. it's one of my criminals of the current government is that scott
9:24 pm
morrison looks for indifference rather than unity and common purpose. i want to bring us together. regardless of how people vote in our great democracy, it's good that people express their views at the ballot box. once it's done, then we know to unite and move forward as a nation. i believe that we can. >> paula, our producer who was at the preference said that he saw a different anthony al banese who stepped into that leadership role, which is what he's going to have to do. he's been in opposition for many, many years. it is time for him to take this position. but i guess we will know. voting ends at 6:00 p.m. in australia. the experts are saying this could be close. it could be hung in parliament, which could take days for a result. but certainly the polls indicate that labor is in the lead.
9:25 pm
>> ana, thank you so much for that. we will certainly wait to hear because whoever wins that australian election will be very soon off to meet joe biden on this asia tour in japan. thank you so much. we'll return now to coverage of joe biden who is in seoul. we are awaiting him. he's just arrived there at the mae ministry of defense. he'll be having a bilateral meeting and then a press conference with the new leader of south korea. of course a lot on the mind. top of mind, of course, is north korea, which u.s. intelligence has said that they do believe it could be likely that north korea will try some other kind of missile test or nuclear test during this visit. of course also on the agenda will be how to strengthen not just deterrence, but obviously south korea's readiness as well. we'll bring you all of that in just a moment for our u.s. viewers and international viewers. african-american voices
9:26 pm
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here in the united states and in canada. thanks for your company. i'm paula newton. you are watching cnn newsroom. returning now to our top story, joe biden in south korea for the second day of his first trip to asia since taking office. a short time ago he attended wreath-laying ceremony at the national cemetery. now he's taking part in a state arrival ceremony at the korean ministry of national defense
9:31 pm
before holding talks with south korean president yoon seok-youl. high on the agenda are provocations by north korea. there are still concerns that pyongyang may conduct a missile launch while mr. biden is in the region. if that were to happen, the president and his south korean counterpart have made plans over how they would jointly respond. turning to other news now. concerning developments in the global spread of the monkey pox virus. according to the world health organization, there are at least 80 confirmed cases of the disease and 50 suspected cases worldwide. on friday sweden and germany reported their first cases. officials in new york city say one patient is being treated as presumptive positive for monkey pox. the w.h.o. says the outbreak was reported around 11 countries so far are atypical as they're occurring in areas are where we the disease isn't normally found. now going to the latest
9:32 pm
updates on covid-19 and some troubling news from the white house covid czar, dr. ashish jha believes covid cases are being substantially undercounted, of course, due to those home tests that everyone is taking. that means cases could be even higher than the more than 100,000 average daily cases recorded by johns hopkins university. infections have more than doubled over the past month and are trending up in all but three states. recent data from the cdc shows that people who are unvaccinated have a risk of dying from covid 17 times higher than those who are fully vaccinated with a booster. unvaccinated people were also about twice as likely to test positive for covid-19 in march and april than unvaccinated people. dr. scott miscavige is a national consultant for code of testing and joins me now from hawaii. i'm glad to see you again,
9:33 pm
doctor, although i really wish we weren't continually having these conversations. i want to get first to that issue of the testing. i mean, i have to be honest with you. i don't know anyone who's tested positive in the last few weeks who's told anybody about it except for work and friends and stay at home and isolate. definitely it has to be an undercount. you say, though, this is also meaning a failure for public health policy right now. why? >> yeah. i mean, i do believe, paula -- good to see you again. i do believe that we are seeing a minimum of five to seven times the number of cases that are currently out there. if you look at the university of washington who does this data collection, one of the top in the world, they're saying we're only collecting 13% of positives. i mean, that's outrageous. in the field where we have teams, i totally agree with that estimate. now, why is this a failure?
9:34 pm
right now from a perspective of the public health -- protecting the public, we should be standing back and standing up the mitigation measures we know work. how simple is it to wear a mask? you go into the groceries or outside, it's getting more rare to see people with masks out there. so things like masks, things like encouraging testing and the appropriate use of the types of tests that we need, having masks on airplanes or indoor public gatherings, we're just not seeing it anymore. we need to get the word out to the public that we are still in a pandemic. and we will still be in a pandemic at least another year. the politicians, because we're in an election year in the united states, and business interests have basically said we're on our own. so i think public health policy
9:35 pm
would predict something else. >> but at this point do you feel that perhaps people are maybe stepping ahead of where public health policy is, even if it's everyone's own good? people are tired of wearing masks, but more than that, if you're saying that this is a severe underestimate in terms of how many people are testing pay off -- positive, then hospitalizations are quite low comparatively. >> absolutely. i don't want to underestimate the fact that we have made massive progress. the vaccines work to keep you out of the hospital, to keep you away from severe disease, and to prevent death. now we are starting to see that waning community we've been talking about, and we have the new variants, especially the ba.4 and ba.5, which the european cdc now has changed to be variants of concern. we definitely have to push the vaccinations. then the other good news, paula, is treatment. and we have the pills that we
9:36 pm
can get our patients just as an outpatient, and then we have the monoclonal antibodies. we could use them a lot more. yes, there are positives, but we are in a major surge right now that if you really look at those numbers, we're probably past where the omicron surge was, but very fortunate across the country we're not seeing a lot of hospitalizations or deaths. >> in a sense that we're getting a real look into how this virus has changed, the cdc is recommending everyone over the age of 50 get that fourth shot, even if you are not medically compromised and perfectly healthy. i think it's important we talk to people about the monkey pox cases showing up more and more around the world. look, when i look at this -- and i've spoken to public health officials in canada, because we had at least two dozen suspected cases there, only two confirmed, though. this is not highly
9:37 pm
transmissible. it's not spreading wildly. is there really a cause for concern? sure, we keep an eye on it, but there isn't a sense of panic here. should there be? >> no, there should not be a panic based on what we know about monkey pox because monkey pox has a lot more direct contact transmission, whether it's fluids, there is sexual transmission associated with it. you can get it from sheets and towels, but it doesn't have those respiratory droplets that make covid so contagious. you can, but you need a lot of them to get it. now, one little warning. we are starting to see as these cases increase people who do not have contact that are coming up positive. so that's why there's a big caution on this. normally we would see people coming out of africa, beguana, t
9:38 pm
we have cases with no association with travel or being associated with a term we all know, contact tracing, associated with monkey pox. so, you know, don't be terrified of it because it's still difficult to transmit compared to covid, but we need to watch it and keep studying as we are across the world. >> once again, public health policy front and center and another virus there. dr. scott miscavige, good to have you here as we continue to make our way through this pandemic. appreciate it. >> thank you. now, the u.s. state of oklahoma could soon have the strictest abortion laws in the nation, essentially banning all abortions with very few exceptions. the bill now needs to be approved by oklahoma's republican governor. cnn's lucy kavanaugh has more. >> we believe life begins at conception and we're going to protect life in oklahoma. >> reporter: republican governor kevin stitt not mincing words,
9:39 pm
making good on his promise to make oklahoma the most anti-abortion state in the country. oklahoma lawmakers passing a bill on thursday that would ban abortions at fertilization, making it one of the nation's most far-reaching prohibitions, adding to a growing number of states advancing strict measures in anticipation of the supreme court overturning roe v. wade. >> this bill does not pro-collude other programs. what this bill does is protect life. >> reporter: the bill sparked immediate pushback from state democrats. >> people will die. women will die because they cannot access a procedure that they need to save their own life, and it will be on our conscience. >> reporter: vice president kamala harris calling it the latest in a series of attacks on women, while on thursday offering a grim preview of a post-roe america. >> it represents a threat not just to women, but to all
9:40 pm
americans. at its core, this is about our future as a nation, about whether we live in a country where the government can interfere in personal decisions. >> reporter: oklahoma's bill would ban abortions at any stage of pregnancy unless it was a result of rape, sexual assault, or incest, but only if those crimes have been reported to law enforcement. while there are exceptions for medical emergencies, it effectively prohibits all abortions in the state. it relies on private citizens for enforcement, allowing them to sue any individual who knowingly engages in conduct that aids or abets the performance or inducement of an abortion, including paying for or reimbursing costs. >> this was designed to encourage people to bring frivolous and harassing lawsuits. it's basically an all-access pass to the poor house to bring a lawsuit against somebody for something that you think may be taking place. >> reporter: the bill heads to
9:41 pm
governor governor stitt's desk. he signed a bill that prohibits abortions as early as six weeks before many women even know they're pregnant. the measure does allow for exceptions in medical emergencies. >> other states can do things differently, but we're going to stand for life in the state of oklahoma. >> reporter: here in rural oklahoma, women are severely limited in terms of access to abortions. there are four clinics in the entire state that offer these services, two of them have stopped providing abortions. once the governor signs this near-total ban into law, it goes into effect immediately, and that is when the other two clinics will cease providing abortions, leaving women with no options in the state. lucy kafanov, oklahoma. coming up, buffalo begins the heart-wrenching task of victims of the racist massacre that left ten people dead. we'll have a report from buffalo right after the break.
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a setback for the biden administration. a federal judge in louisiana has blocked it from ending a trump-era restriction on
9:46 pm
immigration law called title 42. now, it's a measure instituted during the pandemic that allows authorities to turn migrants away from the border. last month the cdc announced plans to end it because of the availability of vaccines and other covid-fighting tools. the white house says they will appeal that ruling. the u.s. justice department says it will use every legal tool it has to combat hate crimes in the country as the investigation into the mass shooting? buffalo, new york, moves forward. the news came as heartbreaking work of laying the victims to rest has begun. cnn's brian todd is in buffalo where the community is remembering the lives of those lost to hate. >> reporter: an outpouring of support at the first funeral in buffalo in the wake of saturday's racist supermarket shooting. one of the ten victims, hayward paterson, a church deacon, was honored by friends, parishioners and the community. >> when he got shot, he was
9:47 pm
actually loading groceries into the back of a vehicle helping somebody else. >> reporter: another friend says the community is angry, but -- >> can you forgive this gunman? >> i have to. >> reporter: some people would argue you don't have to. >> well, i'm a christian. you have to. it's mandatory for us. >> reporter: the buffalo suspect's racism was evident during a previous visit to the store. according to an employee who survived the shooting. >> he told me i looked like i didn't belong there, like, you know. i said what do you mean by that? you look like you belong in a suburb store. you could hear him say under his breath just another -- lover, and i just thought, you know, that's just rude. you're just rude. >> reporter: another store employee who survived tells cnn she called 911 and the operator scolded her for whispering. >> i gave her the address and said please send help, there's a
9:48 pm
person in the store shooting. and she proceeded to say to me, what? i can't hear you. why are you whispering. you don't have to whisper. they can't hear you. >> reporter: she dropped her phone and says she was disconnected. >> i just laid down flat on the floor and got against the counter praying that he didn't see me. during this whole time it's just constant -- just shooting. he won't stop. it was constantly going. as i hear him getting closer, i just pressed myself, like, trying to get as flat as i can on the ground and up against the counter praying that he wouldn't see me. >> reporter: in addition to the profound grief the community is feeling, there's the potential for real economic fallout. several people in this neighborhood told us it took local leaders years to get this tops supermarket established in this neighborhood, and then when it was, other businesses like banks quickly followed. they're now worried even when this tops store reopens as promised that the economic
9:49 pm
viability of this neighborhood could take a nose dive. brian todd, cnn, buffalo, new york. a flat day on wall street to close the week, but what's worrying people is losses on the dow. the s&p 500 briefly touched bear market territory on friday, slipping more than 20% from its record high in january. this is all being fueled by investors who are getting increasingly spooked apprbout h inflation and the possibility of a recession. a rare tornado devastates a community in michigan. we'll bring you the latest from that developing story when we return. ♪ it wasn't me by shaggy ♪
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i am emily beach. i'll take my real-life experience to get things done for us. i approve this message, and all these shoes too. and dozens hospitalized after a
9:54 pm
damaging tornado touched down in gaylord, michigan. the state's governor has declared a state of emergency. look at these pictures. a city council member says the tornado took out an insane amount of buildings. you can see why there. right through the community. adding that the town is devastated. and they are in. boeing's star liner spacecraft successfully docked at the international space station on friday. the unmanned test mission was set with technical issues, including two failed launch attempts. but a third time proved to be the charm, and boeing is hoping their shuttles can ferry astronauts to the space station by the end of the year. and back here on earth, internet could soon be coming to the amazon rain forest via elon musk. we have more from sao pool.
9:55 pm
president bolsonaro bolsonaro met with elon musk outside of in brazil. bolsonaro arguing it's the west the best way to protect the amazon. during his administration, however, illegal deforestation has surged and environmental activists have accused him of making it easier for farmers to encroach on protected land. for his part, musk tweeted that he was, quote, super excited to use his star link satellite network to provide environmental monitoring in the amazon and to extend internet coverage to 19,000 schools in remote areas. at a preference during their meeting, bolsonaro called musk's plan's takeover of twitter a, quote, breath of hope. musk passed on the deal but the board says the agreement remains in effect. bolsonaro has been repeatedly reprimanded by social media
9:56 pm
platforms for what they have determined was misinformation as well as breaking their rules. shasta darlington, cnn. i'll be right back in just a few minutes with more news. sao paolo before treating your chronic migraine— 15 or more headache days a month, each lasting 4 hours or more you're not the only one with questions about botox®. botox® prevents heaches in adults with chronic migraine bere they even start—with about 10 minutes of treatmen
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♪ ♪ ♪ . hello, and a warm welcome to our viewers in the united states and arnold the world. i'm paula newton. ahead on "cnn newsroom," joe biden is working to strengthen ties across asia this hour, hoping to ere-assure longtime allies about washington's resolve in fact region with north korea watching closely. climate and the economy on the minds of many voters as scott morrison goes up against a long-serving politician.


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