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tv   New Day Weekend With Christi Paul and Boris Sanchez  CNN  May 21, 2022 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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good morning, thank you so much for joining us on "new day," it's saturday, may 21st, i'm boris sanchez. >> i'm amara walker, thank you for starting your day with us. president biden shoring up u.s. alliances and promoting economic cooperation. he met with south korea's newly
3:01 am
elected president a short time ago telling him that the alliance between the united states and south korea has never been stronger or more vital. >> now, the president's trip comes as he faces a myriad of problems back home from a shortage of baby formula to spiking inflation, and now rising covid cases too. tying his trip to asia to the top priority on his overseas agenda, president biden referenced russia's war against ukraine this morning saying that democracies must stand together against autocratic leaders. >> but i really do think we're at an inflection point in world history. things are changing so rapidly, i think we're going to see more of. it's going to be a competition between democracies and autocracies and i mean that sincerely. and unfortunately i think i'm being proven to be correct not just here but around the world. >> in a joint statement mr. biden and south korean president
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yoon, the decision is a reversal from the trump administration which scaled back exercises on the korean peninsula. >> cnn is covering all angles of the president eet's trip to asi we wait far dior a dinner in so korea. earlier president biden talked about this trip coming during an inflection point in world history. bring us up to speed on his agenda. >> reporter: yeah, he's kind of been framing it in the sense of not just how the united states fits in when it comes to visiting in this region, which we should note this is his first trip to asia since taking office, something that typically would have happened a lot sooner on. it was delayed obviously because of the covid-19 pandemic. the president has been invoking president putin at several stops of the trip so far talking about
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how the world cannot rely on autocrats, to depend on them when it comes to supply chain, when it comes to economic security, when it comes to national security, and basically putin is making that point but clearly referencing china and president xi, and talking about building up the relationship between the united states and south korea, and reaffirming his commitment to that. this is a newly elected south korean leader, someone who has only been in office for a matter of days. the president meeting to talk about their relationship and talking about the importance of the united states and south korea, what it looks like with a biden in office. >> i think it's critically important that we have a very close trilevel relationship including economically as well as militarily, and i think you'll see that there are ways to deal with some of the trade barriers that were placed, some of which, by the way, were
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placed by my predecessor, which we are looking at very closely right now. >> reporter: so the president referencing his predecessor, obviously former president trump, one notable aspect is you heard from the south korean leader, the relationship with north korea and the way they are managing that is of the utmost importance, talk about as you were seeing north korea continuing to accelerate its nuclear program and concerns in the u.s. intelligence community about them potentially launching a test while president biden is in the region and this is something they have now come to an agreement on in continuing to restart those joint military exercises, not just that but also expanding the scope of them. that is notable because it is something president trump had cancelled in hopes of getting north korea to the negotiating table. obviously he met with kim jong un several times. that is not something that has happened with president biden.
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as officials said, there has virtually been no contact between the united states and north korea since biden took office. >> kaitlan collins, appreciate that. live from seoul. for more perspective, let's bring in cnn international correspondent paula hancocks, we should note these are two leaders, biden and yun who are taking a harder line stance with north korea and predecessors. he could asked whether he would take a meeting with kim jong un among these ongoing tensions. what did he say about that? >> reporter: he has been saying in the past that he was willing to meet him. we have heard from the white house that they have had this outreach to north korea to which north korea has effectively given nothing in return. they have ignored it up until this point. he was asked, president biden, very directly whether he would meet with kim jong un, and this was his response. >> with regard to whether i
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would meet with the leader of north korea, that would depend on whether he was sincere, and whether he was serious. >> reporter: obviously his p predecessor met three times with the leader. very little came from the summits themselves, but beyond that, it's also important to ask whether kim jong un himself is in any frame of mind to be meeting any leaders at this point, and the answer appears to be no. he seems very dead set on his missile launches and his weapons testing capability at this point. and to that point as well, they are also dealing with a covid outbreak. it's only just over a week ago that pyongyang admitted they have omicron in the country, which could be devastating in what we believe to be a completely unvaccinated concern, and we know president biden has said he offered vaccines to
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north korea and to china. he said in this press conference but there has been no response. south korean's president has offered vaccines, masks, testing kits, which we know are few and far between in north korea. again, there has been no response to that. it is one thing to be hearing what the two leaders are saying when it comes to the north korean leader kim jong un. but unfortunately, at this point, it appears as though kim jong un has no interest in talking. he only has an interest in pushing towards his goals that he has given, the five-year wish list of what he wants to have weapons wise, and obviously he's now dealing with a covid outbreak, and these very public offers of help according to many experts is simply something north korea would not feel comfortable accepting. kim jong un would not have to admit to his own people for example that he is unable to supply what they need but then two countries which he has described as enemies may well be able to come in and help, so
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certainly there's a suggestion that something more behind closed doors could be offered but at this point there has been no response publicly from north korea to any of those offers. >> paula hancocks, live from seoul, thank you so much. let's dig deeper now, on biden's trip to asia with michael o hanlon, a senior fellow of foreign policy at the brookings institute. we appreciate you getting up bright and early. multiple presidents had some version of a pivot to asia, and for president biden this trip is coming later than he likely would have wanted because of events in europe and coronavirus. what would you say are the key priorities on this trip? do you think it's possible that he opens up a line with north korea who has been reticent to engage in diplomacy with biden? >> greetings, i think that would be a good priority. i'm not sure it's president
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biden's priority, because i don't think he thinks it's at attainable. there's a policy of a willingness to talk on the part of the united states ever since biden came into office, and ever since donald trump was in office, since trump met with kim three times during the first half of trump's presidency, and that led nowhere and they had no contact for the last year and a half. i don't know that that's a realistic goal. i would like to see the united states frame a bigger idea to north korea. frame some kind of a deal, and see how north korea reacts rather than just say we're open to negotiation. i'm not sure the north koreans have depth in their state department or ministry of affairs to develop a detailed negotiating plan on their own. we need to show a lot more initiative, and give up on the idea that you're going to get complete north korean denuclearization. that's been a policy of the united states for decades. it's not going to work even
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though it sounds nice. the biden team may be more pragmatic. >> tell us more about the parameters of what the deal could potentially look like, the one you're proposing, the u.s. and south korea has vowed for joint military exercises, and it appears that north korea is planning some kind of icbm missile test. >> or perhaps a nuclear test. any deal would need to prevent those tests. you have to have a permanent ban on icbm testing, and also need to verifiably dismantle north korea's nuclear capability. then you leave the existing bombs for another day, and in exchange for those north korean concessions, you would agree to partial sanctions relief. not complete sanctions relief. you're not getting anything you want or expect from the north koreans. for example, you might lift the u.n. sanctions that were imposed in 2017 after north korea's
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nuclear and icbm tests of that year, and that russia and china actually agreed to back then. might lift those sanctions in exchange for the verifiable dismantlement of north korea's nuclear reactors, yuranium centrifuge, and that would freeze the arsenal. you wouldn't acknowledge or tolerate it but you would look away and deal with the production capability and testing issue first. >> president biden already has spoken at length about the importance of democracy standing together in the face of a autocracies, and he specifically cited russia's war in ukraine. this is not really a subtle signal to beijing either. i think white house officials have made clear that they believe that the west's united response in the form of sanctions and military assistance to ukraine also sends a signal to china who has eyes on taiwan. do you agree with that
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assessment? >> yes, i think that china cane help but notice we have imposed a lot more pain on russia than we even expected to ourselves and we have continued to develop more plans to impose more pain. in fact, as you know, the european union is working towards a ban on importing russian oil which would take perhaps some time to implement, but that is being worked on right now, and then russian gas is the longer term issue that might also come in our cross hairs, i think china has to notice that. china also noticed we did not go to ukraine's direct military defense. we chose not to fight on behalf of a country with which we don't have a formal alliance. i agree on president biden's decision. it does make china wonder if we can fight taiwan. there are multiple lessons that are being considered by beijing, not all at which point in the same direction in terms of risk calculus. >> one of the key components that has provided a critical
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structure for the west to give that immediate joint response in europe has been the nato alliance, but there isn't an asian equivalent to nato. do you think that's something the united states should pursue long-term with south korea, japan, and potentially others? >> that's a great question. as you know, we're trying to tighten up these existing relationships. president biden on the trip spoke about the trilateral relationship with japan, south korea and the united states. south korea and japan get along badly these days. we have a concept called the quad, which involves the united states, japan, india and australia, and we have, as you'll recall from last summer, the united states, australia, and britain, which is designed partly to provide nuclear submarine technology to australia, and we beat out the punch to acquire that opportunity. but also to foster greater collaboration. there are a lot of mechanisms
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being created or reinforced. they're not the same thing as an asian nato, but the hope is that they will bring together, especially the most powerful regional democracies and yes, to confront china's rise. i think president biden has to be a little careful about sounding, you know, antagonistic toward china. he should be resolute, tough, and acknowledge democracies have a special kind of bond with each other. i don't think we want to push china into the mode of thinking it's our adversary a across the board, and that will help putin right now. he has to be careful with the rhetoric. there won't be an asian nato. there are, however, other mechanisms that are being strengthened. >> interesting points, we appreciate your perspective. michael o'hanlon, thank you for joining us. across the country, parents are desperate to find formula. is the white house doing enough, and how long could the shortage last.
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it was a dramatic week in court as former friends and associates took the stand and testified about johnny depp's substance abuse. we'll have the latest on the amber heard defamation trial. the lower your drag coefficient, the more efficient you become. such amazingly perfect shapes run throughout the natural world. and can now be found inhe automotive one. the rld's most aerodynamic production vehicle. the eqs seda
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bath fitter. it just fits. visit to book your free consultation. thousands are without power and a curfew is in place after a tornado killed one person and injured 40 others in northern michigan. witnesses describe hearing what sounded like a fright train as the tornado shredded through the town of gaylord. >> a local official reported it went right through the downtown area. one man said residents are also in shock because tornadoes are rare in this part of the country. the state web site reports michigan averages about 15 tornadoes a year.
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michigan's governor has declared a state of emergency. the baby formula shortage in the u.s. is so severe, not only has the president invoked a wartime measure to increase production but now a military plane will be used to carry formula from overseas. the defense department ordered the first flights to leave this weekend from germany. it's part of the newly named operation fly formula, and the fda says it's in touch with spec specialty clinics that are preparing to hospitalize children due to a lack of baby formula. cnn's polo sandoval shows us what lengths one family is going to. >> reporter: it's easy to get lost in the joys of raising a baby. >> you're such a big boy, yes, you are. >> reporter: but come feeding time. >> you know the drill. come on. >> reporter: the new york couple
3:21 am
is reminded of the uncertainty that comes with finding nourishment for their four-month-old baby amid the ongoing formula shortage. you wouldn't know it with his smile but little kcooper suffer from digestive issues. not only does he rely on formula, but he can only hold down puraminc, almost impossible to find. >> it's the easiest thing to digest because unlike other formulas on the market, they have like similac, there's still trace amounts of dairy in that. in this, there's no dairy and very limited soy. >> she's had to expand her search from the pharmacies in the long island community to the rest of the country. >> i have family in georgia. i have family in florida, california, north carolina, i have everyone helping me right now. my inlaws, my dad, i have
3:22 am
coworkers. when i mean in this moment why i feel so blessed and where the saying comes in it takes a village, i have had more people now helping me than i've had in months. >> reporter: a network of parents on social media has been a source of formula and a way to help fellow parents. >> i joined everything, i'm in a group called one parent to another. >> reporter: she has managed to secure at least two weeks of formula, but the food and drug administration estimating it could be a few weeks the shelves could be stocked fully, she worries about cooper's long-term needs and other children. >> i don't want to make it seem my son has a greater need. everybody baby has a need, everybody baby needs to be fed, but it is scary when there is a medical need, and even past my son because there are kids with greater health issues. how do they eat. >> reporter: on friday, a dose
3:23 am
of reassuring news, maker of cooper's precipitation and the second largest infant manufacturer, announced it increased production by 35% since its competitor recalled many products in february. brechit officials added they are using overtime, and importing formula from singapore and mexico to ratchet up supplies in the u.s. >> i don't think there's a magic wand m wand. it's a wait and see. when it starts happening and gets back on the shelves. >> reporter: remaining skeptical but hopeful that the long awaited response to . they can focus on keeping the smiles on their baby's face. polo sandoval, cnn, new york. >> it's hard to comprehend that this formula shortage is playing out right here in the united states. next hour we will be joined by
3:24 am
the parents of a premature baby, and they will share their struggle to find formula for their daughter's special medical needs. so it's been eight straight weeks of losses for the dow jones industrial average. it's longest weekly losing streak since 1923. it comes as wall street investors grow nervous about high inflation, and what exactly the federal reserve will have to do to get prices under control. cnn's matt egan has more. >> reporter: boris and amara, this is a flashing red light for the american economy. the bull market that began in march 2020 is on life support. the s&p 500 narrowly voted closing in a bear market on friday. a bear market is the 20% decline from a previous high. they often but not always coincide with recessions. there can be false alarms along the way and hopefully this is just that, a false alarm. the dow did something that hasn't happened in nearly a
3:25 am
century. it's down eight weeks in a row, the longest such losing streak since 1923. for context, that was the first year of old yankee stadium, the house that ruth built. bear markets or not, our nest eggs are getting smaller after two years of big gains. college savings plans, 401(k)s, investment portfolios. investors are worried that the war on inflation is going to backfire, the fed is going to go too far and tip the economy into a recession. the other concern is that high inflation means that for the first time in a long time, the fed doesn't have wall street's back. the fed likely won't be coming to the rescue anytime soon, and that isn't sitting well with investors. it's really important to remember that by many metrics, the economy remains strong. unemployment is historically low.
3:26 am
people are shopping. corporate balance sheets are solid. most economists that i talked to, they don't think a recession is imminent. they are worried about one next year or in 2024. as wall street veteran told me, there is a risk that we could quote scare ourselves into recession. the stock market could be the trigger. let's hope not. boris and amara. >> thanks so much, matt egan. in court, actress ellen barkin calls her ex-boyfriend johnny depp, a jealous and controlling man. >> he's just a jealous man, controlling, where are you going, who are you going with, what did you do last night. >> hear new testimony from depp's multimillion dollar deaf na -- defamation casase against h ex-wife, amber heard.
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it was another dramatic week in the johnny depp, amber heard trial as former friends and coworkers of depp testified about his alleged substance abuse problems. >> but he will get a chance to respond to their claims next week. cnn's chloe malos has more. >> reporter: fans cheered on johnny depp as he arrived to court thursday. but inside, it was silent. >> good morning, ladies and gentlemen. >> reporter: jurors in the actor's defamation trial against his ex-wife saw a series of taped depositions describing depp as increasingly difficult to work with. >> it became clear over time that there were issues with alcohol and drugs. and that translated into more erratic behavior. >> reporter: former friends and associated testified that their relationship with the actor deteriorated and his career
3:32 am
suffered as his substance abuse worsened. depp has alleged it was a 2018 opinion piece amber heard wrote in the "washington post," which did not mention him by name, which falsely painted him as an abuser. he claimed that caused him to lose out on a multimillion dollar payday for a 6th pirates of the caribbean. a long time executive couldn't recall seeing the article. >> are you aware of any decision maker within disney who has ever said they are not casting johnny depp in pirates 6 or any other role because of amber heard 's op-ed? >> no. >> reporter: depp's former agent of 3 years said his alleged substance abuse issues contributed to his attitude on set, including needing to wear an ear piece to be fed lines on
3:33 am
set. >> his star dimmed due to getting harder to give jobs, given the reputation he had acquired due to his lateness and other things. >> reporter: depp's former business manager said he became verbally aggressive when confronted with his dire financial situation. >> his strained relationship with amber, the use of alcohol, drugs made my job more challenging. >> reporter: depp sued mandel's company in 2017, accusing it of mismanaging his finances. it settled in 2019. >> the ability to coordinate and find times became more difficult. >> reporter: actress ellen barkin testified how depp was drunk most of the time during their brief sexual relationship in the '90s. >> mr. depp threw a win bottle across the room while we were shooting fear and loathing in las vegas. >> reporter: barkin also said that he was jealous and
3:34 am
controlling. >> i had a scratch on my back once that got him very very angry because he insisted it came from me having sex from a person who wasn't him . >> reporter: one of depp's former friends expressed concern about his drug use, and he had seen a bruise on heard's upper arm. >> reporter: can you tell me specifics about that bruise? >> it looked like she was grabbed, finger marks. >>. >> you ever talk to amber about that bruise? >> no. >> reporter: depp has testified he never abused his ex-wife. >> i've never seen them physically abuse each other, no. >> reporter: now, one of the standout moments from amber heard's testimony came when she stated she had not yet completed her 2016 pledge of donating her divorce settlement, pledged to
3:35 am
the aclu and children's hospital los angeles. monday begins the final week of the trial, and the jury is expected to begin deliberating on may 27th. back to you. >> i'm joined my cnn legal analyst, joey jackson. that was a lot to listen to. we heard from multiple witnesses, right, you're talking about johnny depp's alleged deteriorating bayer, alleged substance abuse, work ethic, and what stood out is witnesses talking about either seeing depp actually hit amber heard or the injuries that they saw on her or the injuries they saw on her during the course of their relationship. what do you make of all of this, and how does this impact heard's case. >> wow, indeed, a mouthful. good morning, amara, the bottom line and why this is relevant for the following. this is a defamation case, that means a false representation made about you verbally or in
3:36 am
this case in writing, "washington post," 2018, that would impair your reputation and thereby cause you reputational injury and damage, and so the scene being painted by amber heard's team is that she didn't cause him any damage, he caused himself damage, and what we've seen with all of this testimony from former business managers, associates, friends, are that in the event, for example, you're constantly late, right, and appearing in your place of employment, in the event that you're unprepared. we heard about, right, him being fed lines. in the event you're engaged in types of substance abuse, your reputation is injured having nothing to do with me, meaning amber heard and that is the nature in terpsms of what i mak of it, and why the testimony is so important, when you have other people, last point to this, amara, and that's this, you have these other people coming there, not just to amber heard's representation and credibility at issue, it's other
3:37 am
people corroborating and supporting the notion that there was really, you know, just a tumultuous relationship, and johnny depp was his own worst enemy. that's the narrative by the team. whether the jury accepts it remains to be seen. >> remains to be seen as you say, but when we talk about credibility and reputation, let's focus on amber heard. we heard from the piece there that, you know, the court learned heard did not donate $7 million from that divorce settlement that she pledged to do publicly and i know the aclu came out to say that she did not. how significant is that? >> it could be significant, and here's why. she has been testifying, and there's two different narratives, the narrative of johnny depp, i'm a southern gentleman, i would never hurt anyone. amber heard feels she was abused, she was in the
3:38 am
relationship, emotionally traumatizing her, psychologically, physically, et cetera, in the event, for example, you make a representation, amber heard that i'm going to donate something, it goes to character in the event you don't. it goes to you saying one thing and doing another, so are you on the stand saying one thing with respect to johnny depp and how he was and how he appeared and are you really, could we believe that, and is that something else in your character that should you be trusted, should we really take it from you, and that's why, amber, all of the other witnesses we have seen on amber heard's team become so much more important because cases are about facts and evidence, and witnesses deliver the facts so to the extent they corroborate amber heard's narrative, that's why they're so important, and that's why they should, right, with respect to the 7-member jury land in an important place, maybe she has credibility issues, maybe she didn't donate anything, but maybe we should believe her because all of these other people are saying a
3:39 am
similar thing to she is. >> one of johnny depp's attorneys has been getting a lot of attention, especially on social media, camille vasquez, and i think it's for her series of tense exchanges with amber heard, and i know to the chagrin of a lot of feminists who feel like, you know, she's doing a lot to allegedly hurt the me too movement. what do you think of her strategy in terms of trying to paint amber heard as the aggressor? and it looks like we just lost joey. apologize for the technical difficulties. we'll leave it there. joey jackson, thank you for that conversation. boris to you. i hate those technical difficulties, amara. i should note we are closely watching the state dinner that's happening in seoul, south korea, right now. president biden arriving with
3:40 am
yun-suk. refocusing his foreign policy on a key part of the world. obviously a lot going on, though. there's another big test for former president donald trump after a mixed score card in this last week's primaries. we'll tell you why all eyes are on georgia as voters head to the ballot box on tuesday. we also have a quick reminder, be sure to watch no mad with carlton mccoy on this episode, visiting the coastal city of ghana in west africa. fine out why ghana could be the next art center of the world. watch no mad sunday at 10:00 p.m. on cnn. so, no more night sweats... more nococturnal baking... ...or polar ice cap air-conditioner mode.. because the tempur-pedic® brbreeze° delivers superior cooling... from covover to core. helping you sleep cool, all night long. for a limited time, save up to $500 on select adjustable mattress sets, and experience the deep, undisturbed rest of tempur-pedic®. learn more at
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neutrogena® for people with skin. expected to speak at the state dinner in seoul, south korea. we'll take you there as soon as he begins. first, we're days away from the next big test of the donald trump endorsement. georgia's primaries are on tuesday, and at the top of the gop ticket, a big battle. >> that's right, the governor's race that pits trump-backed david perdue against incumbent brian kemp there on the right. the former president has targeted kemp for not contesting the 2020 elections. cnn's michael warren is in atlanta. good morning to you, michael. you know, the latest poll has kemp leading purdue by high double digits. that could be bad for former
3:46 am
president trump. >> that's right. republicans here in georgia say that it's not a matter of whether kemp wins the primary against david purdue but by how much and whether he can beat the 50% threshold to avoid a runoff after tuesday's election. despite that, kemp is not letting off the gas at all. he has been campaigning and had help from current and former republican governors. he has had governor chris christie, the former governor of new jersey, doug ducey of arizona, and in a few hours, kemp will be attending an event with pete ricketts, the governor of nebraska, and the governor of indiana will be headlining the final rally for kemp before election day. the purdue campaign has let their foot off the gas just a bit here in the final weeks. in fact, the -- even more importantly we've gotten the chance to know each other personally. we shared a lot of stories from
3:47 am
our early beginnings, and i think maybe we told each other too much, i don't know. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> the idea you would quote william butler yates, i appreciate very much. that wouldn't happen in london. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> revitalizing this alliance was one of my tee foreign policy priorities when i took office last year. [ speaking in foreign language ]
3:48 am
>> mr. president, your country's democracy shows the power to be able to deliver for its people. we're proud to say the generals with me today can say as well that our armed forces stand side by side, standing on a peninsula for seven decades to preserve the peace and make possible that shared prosperity. >>. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> so i'd like to raise a glass,
3:49 am
may the alliance between our two great nations continue to flourish through all the decades ahead, and as our combined forces say, we go together. here here. >> sp >>. [ speaking in foreign language ] let's bring back in cnn's kaitlan collins who's live for us in seoul. president biden during that toast saying that one of his top foreign policy priorities was revitalizing the alliance between south korea and the united states. yoon suk-yeol was inaugurated some ten days ago or so. he won partly because he vowed to strengthen the alliance with
3:50 am
the u.s. once more, and to challenge north korea as well. talk to us about the significance of this moment, and their conversation, their rapport, both of them talking about friendship and each other in glowing terms. >> reporter: you know, it's such a different perspective than what you're seeing from the last administration in south korea and in the united states because obviously when president moon was in office, he's the last south korean president, and president trump was in office, they worked diligently together to try to broker some kind of agreement with north korea, a lo lot of outreach, summits between the two brokered by the president of south korea. now you are seeing something very different. this new president, president yoon ran on a much harder line against north korea, taking a greater stance that president moon. he has not had the same level of outreach or contact with kim
3:51 am
jong un that president trump has and expressed a much different approach towards north korea than what you have seen from president trump who thought he could get kim jong un to come to the negotiating table, and thought he could get him to denuclearization the pieninsula. something there's been a lot of emphasis on is the south korea/u.s. relationship that took its toll during the trump era, and that is something p president biden has said he's working to restore. the new south korea leader has been in office a matter of days, one of the first major events welcoming the president of the united states to asia on his first trip, hosting the state dinner tonight. the big questions going forward, what does it look like when they talk about their economic perspective, economic security is something they have focused on during this summit. those are all priorities for them. of course this will be the state dinner, a casual part of it. you're seeing it president biden joined by his top aides. one other thing we should note,
3:52 am
boris, is while president biden was here today off camera, he has signed that $40 billion aid package to ukraine. that's the package that he had called on congress to pass. they actually added several billion more dollars to it. and the senate passed it after he'd already left washington last week and so the bill actually had to be flown here to south korea for president biden's signature. we are told by an official he signed it into law earlier today. boris. >> yeah, i guess highlighting the fact that the president can deal with both issues, the war in ukraine, and also focusing on asia. to paula hancocks now, also in seoul. what i found interesting was that you have both leaders. president biden and president yoon really emphasizing that they want this alliance to go beyond the security issues that are focused mostly on north korea. they want to strengthen the economic partnership, the technology partnership, and of course biden's trip started out at that samsung semiconductor
3:53 am
plant. tell us more about how they plan to, i guess, expand this relationship. i guess covid really highlighted the supply chain crisis, and how there's such a heavy reliance on china. >> well, that was one of the main things that president biden spoke about first, when he was at the samsung semiconductor plant, talking about the supply chains, the fact that the disruption brought into focus what needed to be done. of course it was partly to do with the covid-19 pandemic as china shut down some of its factories. then there was a severe shortage in america for certain of the critical elements that they needed for manufacturing. so what they're doing with this samsung plant, which will be built in texas bringing some 3,000 jobs according to the white house, they are making sure that they can control supply chains. they can make sure as president biden said that they have these
3:54 am
deals with like-minded countries, that they're not dealing with autocratic countries, they're not dealing with leaders who do not share their own values. though he never mentioned china in that particular context, i think we all know what he meant, so certainly this was a very big part of this trip and is continuing to be a very big part of the trip. you can't ignore north korea. we all know that. every time you think they can, then they will come back and make sure they inject themselves to the top of the agenda, as they have this time around as well. boris and amara. >> paula hancocks, and kaitlan collins, thanks to you both, we'll be right back. ♪ walking on ♪ ♪ w walking on the moon ♪ ♪ some ♪ ♪ may say ♪ ♪ i'm wishing my days away ♪
3:55 am
♪ no way ♪ ♪ walking on the moon ♪
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you know liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need? oh, like how i customized this scarf? wow, first time? check out this backpack i made for marco. oh yeah? well, check out this tux. oh, nice. that'll go perfect with these. dude... those are so fire. [whines] only pay for what you need. ♪liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.♪
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tiger woods battles back to make the cut at the pga championship, golf's second major of the year. . >> let's bring in coy wire with the bleacher report. >> tiger thinks he can win this pga championship, struggling in the first round, tiger bouncing back in round 2, making the cut, firing off a 1 under par, 69 yesterday, finishing 3 over at the halfway mark. tiger's 12 shots off the lead right now, but he says he's still in it to win it. >> there's a reason why, you fight hard and you're able to give yourself a chance on the weekend, you just never know. you might get hot, and hopefully
3:58 am
that's the case. if i can post a good round, move up the board, get myself within striking distance on sunday. i'm pretty far back. you just never know. >> here is your leader board. will zalatoris at the top at 9 under heading into today's round 3. now to difference makers, the buffalo bills, it was the players' idea to visit the site of the deadly mass shooting this week, bringing prayers, food, and a vow to help the city get back on its feet. i played six seasons in buffalo, and it didn't take long to figure out why it's the city of good neighbors. people welcome everyone like family. players from all across the country will rally for the people when they're in need. team owners, terry and kim pegula on hand. the bills foundation donating $200,000, the nfl matching that. i caught up with star safety, micah hyde who considered cancelling his charity softball game, but instead used it as a vehicle to spread love, and thousands showed up. >> you know, it was just a devastating situation that
3:59 am
happened on saturday. we kind of turned it, you know, get some smiles on people's faces on sunday. we did just that. we feel like it was a successful game, a successful event that we put on. obviously before the game and after the game you're just kind of, you know, right back to reality and understand what happened, and the community, able to raise $100,000 for the victims, for the event that happened. >> what has the city of buffalo meant to you and your family. >> my wife and i were talking the other day, buffalo just feels like, it just feels like a thanksgiving dinner. it just feels warm. it just feels like, you know, you just relax, you're in your sweats, sweatshirt, and just, you know, it just feels like home. other than my hometown, it's the city i've lived in the most. so, you know, just the people there, the community. i'm extremely sad to go through that, and, you know, the city is going to be mourning for a
4:00 am
while, and, you know, like i said, we're doing everything we can through the foundation to kind of, you know, do our part, and try to help out in any way possible. >> buffalo feels like family, and it won't be easy, but this city will bounce back. boris and amara, i'll leave you with something bills legend bill smith said visiting this site this week. i bet you this racist didn't count on the outpouring of love and the strengthening of the community that's taking place right now. >> few people know how much the bills mean to that community like you do, coy wire. thanks for sharing that story with us. coy, the next hour of "new day" starts right now. good morning, welcome to your new day. i'm boris sanchez. >> i'm amara walker in


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