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tv   CNN Newsroom With Pamela Brown  CNN  May 21, 2022 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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i'm pamela brown in washington. the top stories for you tonight, at least four babies are hospitalized for complications relating to formula shortage. help is on the way. u.s. military cargo planes are preparing to fly formula to states from overseas tonight. also ahead, a tornado rips through a town in michigan killing two people and injuring more than 40. one eyewitness describe seeing his wife being slammed by debris. he joins us live, coming up. plus, the fbi has advice for parents for sextortion scams targeting teenagers. we know of four babies
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hospitalized in south carolina because of complications tied to nation's formula shortage. a children's hospital in charleston says three of the infants were admitted because they couldn't tolerate the formulas their parents tried using for them. another got sick from mineral imbalances from care givers micking mick i -- mixing their own formula. 45% of formula products were out of stock. help is hours away and coming from across the atlantic. our senior medical correspondent is in germany where the first flights are getting ready the leave. how soon will this formula hit the shelves? >> we have been watch b service members putting together these pallets. it's 1.5 million bottles. each bottle eight ounces.
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1.5 million being sent by a european company to the united states. the department of defense is doing the shipping. let's take a look at what they are sending. if you look at this, you can see it says nestle. that's a swiss company. that's a formula that's hypoallergenic. a lot of the micks in if united states, they have particularly medical conditions or have allergy and looking for a particular kind of formula. these will be loaded up onto plane tomorrow and flown to indiana. now, we want to be clear eyed about this as great as it is to have the 1.5 million bottles, this will not solve the infantastic formula shortage. there are other steps that are being taken too. even put together this will not solve anything. hopefully it will alleviate but
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as far as getting shelves full again that could take many, many weeks. >> thank you. >> how long do you think the help will last. >> it's only a few days worth of relief. i think we need to go to the bigger and faster to help our babies. >> how bigger and faster do you think in. >> there are global manufacturers that we can get more formula from. i think we should have been shipping formula from overseas on flights day one back in october when we recognized there was going to be a shortage because if one player that
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supports 40% of the market is going to not be able to produce, that was going to have a ripple effect and anybody should be able to see that coming. >> yeah, i think a will the of us were pretty surprised by how shutting down one plant can have this ripple effect on formula. those of us who aren't in the business like you are and you have said the government should have seen this crisis coming and had a better plan b just in case give tennesn the fact one closu have this impact. why is that? >> if there's a strain on supply, we need to increase demand. we need to increase production. all of the companies across the board have increased production to the extent that they can.
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i think the first thing we should have done is to allow import formula from other countries. >> the ceo of formula maker abbott is out with this op-ed apologizing for their role in the shortage, quoting the past few months have distressed us as they have you. i want to say we are sorry to every family we have let down since our voluntary recall exacerbated the shortage. do you think companies like abbott are doing enough to fix this? >> it puts them in a difficult position. they're all human beings. i think the fda needs to be more supportive and work hand in hand with the private sector. i also think that the fda is not set up to do much but regulate. if we had more support for
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innovation, we vowould have mor players in the market like my company bringing organic formula to the market and others who have other innovations who have chance to compete so there could be more options for parents today. >> let's talk about what options are there. i think about the moms right now concerned about feeding their babies. i think about pregnant women who are going to be giving birth soon and concerned about what if i can't breast-feed my child or don't want to and how am i going to be able to get the formula. what can people do if they don't have enough formula on hand? >> well, number one, i know it's really stressful and i'm so sorry that it's really upsetting me personally to think of baby not being able to be fed.
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i have two little ones. it's stressful. many of us tried to or want to, but formula is not usually the first choice. first i would say right now it's a special moment because we're recognizing that there are part of the system that are broken but there are also parts that are amazing. we have created an exchange because there's a lot of parents coming in our shop saying what can i do to help. i have so much. i feel so badly about parents in need right now. then we have people contacting us saying what can i do to get formula. we're actually parent who is have help and support to these
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women out there and fathers, who are concerned about feeding their child or concerned about what the future holds. as we look ahead, how can we make sure this doesn't happen
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again? >> well, number one, i think the fda needs to create pathways for innovation for new brands and new ideas to come to market. of course, it needs to be safe. number two, any time there are four companies that have 90% of the market share, it makes it challenging. we need to control that. number three, the wic program, we don't realize this, half the babies in the country are born into the wic program. you have to go state by state to get your product approved for each state to use your wic coupons to buy product. our organic formula is not approved by wic. the baby food is. we had to go state by state the allow parents to use their wic dollars to buy organic. ever healthy food. i just think there's so much we can all be doing and this is
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such a great wake up call but the first thing ever is we have to invest in the health and wellness of our moms and babies if we want a healthy society. this is really an opportunity to look at what we're doing and make sure parents get the support they need. it's already very stressful and challenging to have baby and we all -- all of us want better for our children and our babies. >> there's already so much stress on nursing, breast-feeding, producing. i can't imagine how hard this is for so many people out there right now. all right. thank you. thank you. again, i want to say really quickly say your website again so people can visit it if they are needing help. >> please come. >> thank you again. >> thank you. tonight, health experts are keeping a close eye on the spread of monkey pox in europe and north america. the center for disease control is monitoring six people with possible infections. the cdc has confirmed one case
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in massachusetts and one case in new york city. it is considered presumptive positive. in all there's 80 confirmed cases worldwide with another 50 being investigated. what is monkey pox and should you be concerned? we turn to cnn health reporter. >>ormal.
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another important detail, monkey pox does not usually spread easily among people. overall, it's rare infection. symptoms through flu like illness, swollen lymph node, rashes. it's called monkey pox because it was first identified in lab monkeys back in the 1950s. these recent cases that are being investigated appear to be from person to person transmission. they are spreading, some of them, from human to human. while there is scientific concern here, health officials say the public should not panic. there's no clear immediate risk. of course, cdc officials have updates as they learn more. >> all right. thank you so much.
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you're in the cnn newsroom on this saturday. still ahead, a tornado rips through a town in michigan killing two people and injuring more than 40. one eyewitness sees his wife slammed by debris. he joins me live. machine we got iphone 13s, too. switched to vererizon t (mom brown) ours were busted and we still got a shininy new one. (boy brown) check it out! (dad allen) so, wait. everybody gets the same great deal? (mom allen) i think that's the point. (vo) iphone 13 on us for every customer. current, new, everyone. on any unlimited plan. starting at just $35 all on the network more people rely on.
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n . officials in gaylord say the ef-3 twister killed to people and injured 44 others. the dead were in a mobile home park and in their 70s. one person remains unaccounted for tonight. you can see right here, several rv trailers smashed around a sales lot. vic is one of the survivors. he's also a city councilman. he joins me tonight. hi, vic. first of all, you told the detroit free press that you watched the house collapse on your wife. how is she doing?
4:18 pm
>> we got a text message of a tornado warning. it's hard to believe for northern michigan. not the brightest bulb, but i went outside to see where it is coming from. i saw the rotation. i told my wife we got to get in the basement. i was looking out one side of the window and she was looking out the other side of the house. the house literally lifted off the foundation and smacked her pretty good in the back. ceiling came down on me. we had gas, water and electricity, which wasn't a good mix. with some help from the neighbors, we got out.
4:19 pm
it's nothing anybody wants to go through. >> to be clear, your wife is doing okay. she's recovering. >> okay. i thought i was going to bring her home tonight. looks like it will be tomorrow. they just want to make sure everything is good. we have all kinds of people helping. whether you're republican or democrat, everybody is pitching in. the ems, fire department, police department have really done an exceptional job. neighbors are pulling together and pitching in. it's good to see that. >> it is. it is a beautiful thing to see. doesn't matter in a time like this. if you would, if you would like
4:20 pm
to, could you show us around a little bit. clearly you're right there in the midst of some of the devastation from the tornado. >> let me turn this around for you and kind of give you an idea of what is going on right now. this is my house which was pulled off its foundation. that's the basement where my wife and i was. you can see it really has done mother nature is really showed what she can do. everybody is pitching in. it's good to see this. good to see them working together like that and pitching in. i was born in this house some 75
4:21 pm
years ago. >> it's interesting. you see some houses are okay. i'm so sorry you had to go through that. looks like we lost you. thank you for coming on. one week ago racist mass shooting took the lives of ten people in buffalo. this weekend the first funerals have begun. it's a cycle we see repeat far too often in this country.
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some questions about why the suspect involved was arrested multiple times and not held. yes on h. recall chesa boudin now.
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mpbl it was one week ago today that racist, violence shattered so many lives in buffalo, new york. a moment of silence was held across the city marking the moment when ten people were shot and killed at a tops supermarket. the people of buffalo are saying good-bye to some of the victims. today a service took place for the youngest of them, 32-year-old roberta. loved ones remembered 63-year-old hayward patterson.
4:27 pm
>> when patterson got shot, he was actually loaded groceries into the back of a vehicle helping somebody else and got shot in the back. he didn't even see it coming. that's sad. i mean just helping people out, helping people in community and an innocent person got shot, as long as nine others. churches, schools, day spas and last weekend a grocery store in buffalo, new york, scenes of mass shootings that have become way to common place. o as of this morning there's been 200 mass shooting this year alone. it's a shooting where four or more people are shot, not including the shooter. the year alone, more than 16,000 people have died. more than 13,000 injured. speaking from many of nus news business, it's sickening every time we have to report on another mass shooting. u.s. gun sales continue to skyrocket. the number of guns produced has
4:28 pm
doubled every year. in 2020 there was 600 mass shootings and over 11 million guns made. the number of guns produced doubles every year from 2010 to 2020. so, our question, this debate is do more guns really make us safer. in the washington post, columnist says if gun advocates, a group that includes the entire gop are correct and stated assertion that more guns means more safety, shouldn't we be enjoying a paradise of security with crime plunging to never before seen lows? obviously that's not what's happening. joining me is cnn political com commentator scott genjennings.
4:29 pm
scott, i want to start with you on the heels of that op-ed. as a member of the gop, i'll let you respopds. do you think more guns means more safety? >> i think there are people in the united states who believe they need a give up for their own personal safety. it's one of the most commonly given reasons when you do surveys of gun owners and fit's for personal safety. whether you want to talk about the micro or individual right to own guns versus the macro statistics is part of this discussion. as a republican, as a
4:30 pm
conservative, if you support the second amendment then you support every individual's right to bear arms. if the reason is for personal safety then that's a protected right. >> shannon, gun production has nearly tripled over the past 20 years. what the you say to scott who is saying this is people wants to protect themselves as crime is surging. what do you say to that? why do you think there's such increase in demand? >> i think what scott and i both agree on is there should be stronger gun laws in place. we're not opposed to the second amendment. many of our volunteers are gun owners or partners are gun owners in is about restoring responsibilities that should go along with gun rights. i've been working on this as a full-time volunteer for a d decade. we have seen that gun extremism has really taken root in the republican party. it started out with the armed extremists showing up at meetings and then state houses and at the capitol on january 6th. this extremism has really become
4:31 pm
part of the policy platform. we're seeing gun manufacturers and their allies try to roll back things like a background check on every gun sale or gun safety training. this crime wave that we're seeing is the logical outcome of having 400 million guns in a country with too few gun law. to the point of that op-ed if more guns and less gun laws make us safer, we would be the safest country in the world. we have a 25% higher homicide rate than any pure nation. the situation in buffalo, there was an armed guard there. unfortunately, a guard with a handgun is just no match for a white supremists who has been radicalized online and ballistics gear. it's not going to play out that way in the real world. >> there's a lot there. scott i want to let you respond to that. i want to pick up on that number. approximately 400 million guns in circulation in the u.s.
4:32 pm
nearly half of all the privately owned guns in the world. that's not even counting so called ghost guns. scott, why does the u.s. need all these guns? it's been engrained in our american culture since the founding, the creation of the insti constitution. i was thinking about this issue. you have people who commit the crimes. you have the guns involved and policies that govern the people and the guns. one of the things i've been most curious about is why the state's existing law, the policies in place didn't stop the person from having a gun. new york has red flag law. he spent time in a mental health facility. he had been flagged because he expressed violent thoughts. wanted to murder someone and commit suicide. this was a case taylor made when
4:33 pm
regular flag laws were contemplated. in this case i think less about the gun itself and more about the person who had exhibited violent behavior and thoughts, been in a mental institution for a period and the policy that didn't work. he also passed a background check which makes me wonder, what is it about the policies and the matrix of policies that failed. as i have contemplated this horrific shooting, that's what i've been wondering about. this guy fell through the crack and he how old not have base sh the laws in place. >> what the you say to that shan non? >> go back do what scott was saying about the constitution and how we have something no nation does, the second amount. we also have a gun lobby which they don't have. we have gun manufacturers that work lard to influence the laws
4:34 pm
passed by lawmakers who are beholden to them. that's changed the landscape of v gun use in this country. the fact the gunman was 18 years old and legally buy a long gun in the state of new york, i think is egregious. wii we're seeing the gun lobby to lower the age to buy a handgun. we know in this country that about 18% of all gun had hads are committed by mostly men ages 18 to 22. there are only 4% of population. there's an issue. i will also go back to what scott said about the red flag law which i know both he and i support fully. red flag laws are only as useful as the way that they are implemented. we do need the make sure that when a law is passed that police and citizens know that it's available. nay know,00 how to use it. it's my understanding that this white supissupremacists was not adjudicated mentally ill.
4:35 pm
he had not been charged with crime. there are almost always warning signs which is why we pass red flag laws in nearly 20 states and washington, d.c. they work. they are constitutionally sound and should be in place at a federal level. >> we have seen a number of shootings where a person with gun did not stop the shooting like in buffalo and parkland. you talk about the background check and the red flag laws not stopping the shooting but at the same time there's a security guard who lost his life who did not stop the shooting. if more guns make us safer as republicans argued, why haven't the shootings been prevented? >> i don't know why in this case. i know what he wrote in his man manifesto is he was hoping the gun laws would make it easier to commit the atrocity because the fact people couldn't open carry
4:36 pm
would make it harder stop him. that's his words, not mine. i think everybody wants to stop everybody all the time from doing these bad things. i think part of the issue is these are individual situations. the way the people and guns interact is different from state to state. at the core of this it's evil people . if we're not going to get stuck in the mud, where we'll have to focus is on policies that protect the citizens but stop the violent people who clearly should have been flagged.
4:37 pm
it usually does in congress as we have seen over the last several years. >> what do you say to that? frp what i heard from you when i know about your work, you don't want to take away guns. you want to make sure guns don't end up in the wrong person's hands. what do you say that it's about person and not the gun. what do you think? >> there is where we part ways. this idea that nothing the stop a criminal from getting hold of a gun is a fall acyfallacy. many of them come from being stolen. i've been doing this for a decade.
4:38 pm
we are all only as safe as state with the weakest gun laws. there's some reporting that the white supremacist gunman went to another state to get a high capacity magazine. he lives right near pennsylvania. we need federal laws in place that will keep us all safe. when we look at states and this is something our organization does, states with strong gun laws have less gun death and states weak gun laws have more gun death. most of these run by republicans. this is intuitive but the data bears it out. there's nothing to do to stop the gun violence is sort of absurd. >> all right. thank you both. >> thank you. or opting for the couch. because the tempur-ergo smart base is our first system thatat detects snoring and automatically adjusts to help reduce it. your best sleep. all night. every night.
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you could be left to pay for this... yourself. call a local agent or 1-888-allstate for a quote today. the headlines this saturday night. russia cut off natural gas exports. they have work arounds. russia claims it halted supply because finland won't pay in rubles. finland is applying to join nato. they spoke with turkey's president by phone today hoping to change his mind about their hopes for nato membership. the turkish leader spoke with the nato secretary general. ukraine is working to confirm russia's claim the last ukrainian fighters have surrendered at the steel plant.
4:44 pm
the mayor says friday's missile strike damaged more than 11 apartments including five schools. the strike you see here left seven people hurt including an 11-year-old child. in odesa, a critical port city have devastated the lives of ordinary people. as cnn sra -- sara sidner reports. >> reporter: they were waiting for him to return from the grocery store. on the way home that's when i heard an explosion. i felt immediately something bad had happened. i tried to call my wife. she did not answer. when he got there, chaos. police and ems had arrived.
4:45 pm
he and a bystander ran in to try to find his family. we began to clear away the rubble and this is how we were able the find the bodies of my family. all murdered. first, they found his mother-in-law. then his wife's body but his 3-month-old daughter was missing. i was constantly shouting. there's still a child up there. did you find the child or not. eventually they found her. her little body lifeless. he returned to find her blood soaked baby stroller the next day. it's hard to live with there. my family was my whole life. i lived for their sake. when my baby came along, i understood the meaning of life, he says. 19-year-old alexi still can't believe he is alive.
4:46 pm
the explosion sent slabs of scorching hot concrete into his body. i realized that a rocket hit my place and i started the burn. i thought another minute and i would definitely turn into ash. i felt everything. 20% of his body was burned. his hand, arms and back. jagged pieces of shrapnel had to be removed from his legs. he is thankful for being alive. it's miracle for every one. before preparing to take to the seas. now he's practicing walking again. his neighbor once surrounded by family, now walks alone. we used to walk in the park when my wife was pregnant. every place he now goes in odesa, a reminder of what a
4:47 pm
russian missile took from him, his wife, child and mother-in-law now dead and buried. with each deadly strike, a new and terrible story is born in ukraine. cnn, odesa. >> so awful. you're in the cnn newsroom. the sextortion scams targeting teenagers with tragic con squ sequences. we have now reporting, next. worn o build it a solid foundation. wealthth is shutting down the office for mike's retirement t party. worth is giving the employee who spent half hisis life with you, the party of a lifetime. ♪ ♪ wealth is watching your business grow. worth is watching your employees grow with it. ♪ ♪ .
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4:51 pm
because for him, protecting the second amendment is everything. eric early. too extreme, too conservative for california. out-of-state corporations wrote too conservative an online sports betting plan they call "solutions for the homeless". really? the corporations take 90 percent of the profits. and using loopholes they wrote, they'd take even more. the corporations' own promotional costs, like free bets, taken from the homeless funds. and they'd get a refund on their $100 million license fee, taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves. it's called sextortion, a type of extortion where scammers use something like explicit photos to get money from someone
4:52 pm
they see as vulnerable. and the most common targets are teenage boyce and for one 17-year-old victim the potential embarrassment was too much to bear. cnn's josh campbell has his story. >> so ryan was 17 years old. he was a boy scout, a straight "a" student. >> reporter: pauline's son ryan received the message in february. hours later a panicked ryan took his own life. >> somebody reached out to him pretending to be a girl and they started a conversation. >> reporter: their social media conversation quickly grew intimate. the cybercriminal posing as a girl sent ryan a nude photo. then asked for one of him in return. >> as he sent it to them, they demanded $5,000 from him. when he told them they couldn't, so they lowered the money. >> reporter: ryan, a high school senior agreed to pay the criminals from his savings but their demands only increased.
4:53 pm
>> they threatened to post those to family members, put them on the internet. >> reporter: pauline said good night to her son at 10:00 p.m. soon after things took a devastating turn. >> he was still a happy, normal kid, but by 2:00 in the morning that's when he took his life. >> reporter: pauline says a note left behind stressed how embarrassed ryan was for himself and the family. >> he really truly thought in that time that there wasn't a way to get by if those pictures were actually posted online. his note showed he was absolutely terrified and no child should have to be that scared. >> had you ever heard of this kind of scheme before? >> no. >> reporter: it's called sextortion and an increase in victims has the fbi warning parents from coast to coast. the bureau says there were 18,000 sextortion related complaints in 2021 with losses in excess of $13 million.
4:54 pm
the fbi says the use of child pornography by criminals to lure victims also constitutes a serious crime. >> to be a criminal that specifically targets children, i mean, that's one of the more deeper violations of trust, i think, in society. >> reporter: dan costen leads a squad working to protect children from this threat. >> we're seeing primarily a lot are coming from overseas. >> reporter: he says young males are the primary target and that cases are almost 1er78 underreported. one reason many victims don't come forward -- >> i would say the embarrassment piece of this is probably one of the biggest hurdles that the victim have to overcome. >> reporter: experts say the developing teen brain makes them especially vulnerable. >> it's hard for them to look past that moment and understand in the big scheme of things they'll be able do get through this. >> reporter: the message, you're not alone. experts urge parents to warn
4:55 pm
their kids about the scam without shaming them. >> ryan's mom agrees. >> you need to talk to your kids. >> reporter: still grieving pauline channels her family's pain into action honoring her son by speaking out and hopefully saving lives. >> how could these people look at themselves in the mirror knowing that $150 is more important than a child's life? there's no other word but evil for me. i don't want anybody else to go through what we did. >> reporter: josh campbell, cnn, san jose, california. we have breaking news for you, tiger woods has dropped out of the pga championship. it comes after his worst ever score at the tournament. so what does this mean for his golfing future? the story is just ahead. find a new way. but birthdays still happen. fridays still call for s'mores.
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there's still downed power lines. >> that whole block, that whole neighborhood just got wiped out. >> more than 35 million americans are under heat advisories today. >> you have records potentially being broken everywhere from texas all the way up to new hampshire. >> i'm paul vercammen at the crenshaw farmers market in los angeles and here you'll hear stories from customers a


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