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tv   CNN Newsroom With Jim Acosta  CNN  May 22, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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prosecuting car break-ins. now criminals flock to san francisco because there are no consequences. we can't wait. recall chesa boudin now. you are live in the cnn "newsroom." i'm jim acosta in washington. the formula has landed but the crisis is far from over. the first shipment of baby formula arrived in indianapolis this morning. a u.s. military cargo plane landed with more than 70,000 pounds of formula, enough for 9,000 babies and 18,000 toddlers for one week according to the department of agriculture. but the first shipment is not going to stores. a biden administration official told cnn it's a hypoallergenic
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that is heading to hospitals in the hardist hit areas. while it's a critical first step, it also means thousands of parents have to wait a few more days for relief. >> because of the actions we're taking right now we're going to see more formula coming off factory lines. >> when? >> and more formula in stores starting as early as this week. >> let's go straight to mj lee in tokyo covering the president's visit. have they given any indication how many more of these shipments we might see in the coming days? parents are, i'm sure, happy to hear about formula going to hospitals and health care facilities and that sort of thing, but they want to nope when the formula is hitting the store shelves? >> reporter: yeah that is such an urgent question, jim, and what you might remember is through operation fly formula, this is the operation that the government launched urgently to get more formula to the u.s.,
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the u.s. has secured some 1.5 million bottles worth of this specialty formula and what we saw arrive in the u.s. earlier today your time was around half a million bottles. so we do expect the bulk of what had initially been secured should still be on its way but a logistical piece of this that has been tricky for the u.s. government is securing the aircraft to bring the specialty formula from switzerland to the u.s. you'll recall that the government announced they were actually making the -- taking the unusual step of using a military plane to bring this first batch of formula because they had a hard time getting a commercial aircraft that is dod contracted to bring the formula over. that is something they are going to have to work out. you make a really important point this is specialty formula we are talking about for the time being. it isn't suitable for healthy babies. healthy babies that can use any kind of formula. it needs to first be prioritized
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and go to babies and toddlers that have special dietary needs, jim. >> and, mj, what about stepping up production of formula here in the u.s.? where does that stand? >> reporter: yeah, well, what the u.s. has announced as well is the invoking of the u.s. defense production act. this is basically a step that should allow producers to get their hands on supplies faster, to cut through some of the red tape that's typically in place so that they can make this formula faster at home. so we're talking about both the importing of formula from overseas and then this piece of it which is just as important and that is to make production formula at home faster and easier. but we don't have sort of a clear time line of when exactly that is going to mean more formula in stores. what we heard from a cabinet official earlier in the day was that it could be a number of
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weeks before things start to feel more normal, but then we heard from the white house press secretary who is here traveling with the president in asia that she doesn't have an exact time line. it's clear there are government officials who are hoping that it could be a number of weeks before things feel normal, but they are also sort of reticent to say this is exactly the time line in which parents are going to feel like, okay, things are just back to normal, jim. >> all right, mj lee, domestic concerns often overshadow those presidential trips overseas. it's happening this time as well. mj lee, thanks very much. a big primary contest is playing out in georgia this week. if the polls are right, georgia republicans are about to deal former president trump his biggest political defeat this year with governor brian kemp on his way to a landslide primary victory over david perdue despite 18 months of trump attacking him for not helping steal the 2020 election. georgia secretary of state
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raffensperger who resisted the pressure to overterm president biden's victory in 2020 is also up for re-election against a big lie proponent jody hice. in pennsylvania, known 2020 election denier doug mastriano. joining me, "washington post" contributing columnist george conway, thank you for being here. when i read that windup to get to you, it's almost mind-boggling to get my head around what i'm talking about. candidates running for office who tried to steal an election or wanted to see the election results overturned and so on. georgia and pennsylvania are two big states with a lot of electoral votes. so to have these election deniers in the running for the top posts, what's at stake here?
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george, turn your mic on real quick, if you can. all right. let's let george sort that out. we're going to take a quick break. we're still in the era of zoom interviews. we'll be right back. >> is that there? >> he's here. there he is. i almost went to a break. you're right there, george. good to go. >> i apologize for that. >> i've done it myself. >> what's at stake is our democracy. and i think it's very disturbing. georgia is great but what happened in pennsylvania was very disturbing where you have a man who was actually on the capitol premiseses january 6th and has been promoting election lies ever since. he didn't go into the capitol but has been promoting the lies and gets to a point, if he's elected, to the secretary of state who is in charge of
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monitoring and administering elections in the commonwealth of pennsylvania, and that's a very dangerous thing. if you put that on top of a number of state legislators who have been elected and are continuing to propagate the big lie, a "new york times" article about that today, our democracy is very much in danger by the refusal of people to abide by the rule of law and the majority rule. >> and just to follow up on that, do you get the sense there is great urgency about this, or are we sort of sleep walking into this scenario where we might find our selves on the other side of these midterms with candidates up and down these ballots and various, very important states around the country, who are election deniers, who might conspire to overturn the results of the next presidential election. and that we're just stuck in
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this spaceship back to earth. is that a scenario you think very well could happen? >> yes, i do. i think it's a problem. i think we are as a nation, to some extent, sleep walking through this. we've gotten so used to the perpetually abnormal concept of having people basically challenge the basis for our democracy which is fair el elections and majority rule. it's just a remarkable thing we even are talking about people who still are seeking to challenge the 2020 election, that these people could be elected but here we are. >> and this week, i have to ask you about this because you're no stranger to conventions. they've happened here in washington for so many years. there's one this week not in washington but in hungary where the featured speaker was the country's anti-immigrant authoritarian aubin.
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the path to power was to have their own media and he had plenty of praise for fox's tucker carlson. let's watch. >> translator: of course the brand old party has associates in the media, associated media. but they do not compete with the dominance of the liberal press. only my friend tucker carlson places himself on the line without wavering. what does it mean? it means programs like his should run day and night. as you say, 24/7. >> and, i mean, cpac is a place for authoritarians to spread their ideas? they had a bunch of other very out of the mainstream speakers as well, people with all sorts of track records of saying despicable things. what is going on with cpac? >> it's going headed toward full fascist. i don't know how to put it any other way.
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hungary was a back sliding democracy and now it's barely a democracy if it is at all by any group ratings. it's a scary thing. they're picking hungary, a move to authoritarianism, a move against democracy, a move against contempt and a move against rule of law. it's shocking they're there. shocking they are anti-semitic that preach all sort of nasty hatred and then we have to join forces, orban joining forces with tucker carlson this is just
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hard to believe that's where we are, but that's where we are. >> and i have to ask you about this. you mentioned the judiciary. there's the judiciary in this country, "the washington post" obtained email that is show ginni thomas, the whif of supreme court justice clarence thomas, pressing arizona lawmakers to overturn biden's win in the 2020 election. she wrote in part, please reflect on the awesome authority granted you and ensure a clean slate of electors is chosen for our state. i wish to request a meeting from you to learn more about what you are doing to ensure our vote count is audited and our certification is clean. i love the use of the word clean there. it's anything but. >> it's just very disturbing that someone in her position would be sending these emails. in this particular circumstance it's probably not as bad as the text messages to mark meadow because these were form emails of a sort on a website designed to set up form emails.
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the motion you can have somebody that close to somebody important in public life advocating overthrowing an election is just scary and it shows you where the republican party has come to. ginni was always a little bit out there, and i think the rest of the party has gone, you know, basically over to her side and that's a disturbing thing and that's why we see what's happening with cpac and hungary and these election deniers in the house, in the various state houses throughout the country, and why we have an ongoing battle for basically our democracy. >> and, george, i have to ask you about this thing that you posted on twitter earlier today. you flagged this social media post by trump on his so-called truth platform which is very orwellian but what he was retruthing, i suppose is what they call it, a call for civil war in this country.
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this is somebody that i guess elon musk wants back on twitter. it's just sort of astounding to me. why are so many republicans looking the other way when he eng engages, trump, in this incendiary rhetoric? >> again, i think they're just terrified of him. many of these people know better and they're terrified of him but they're also terrified of a republican base that's become increasingly radicalized, that actually does believe people who politically disagree to them are a threat to the nation and therefore violence could be necessary to fight them off. that's what we saw in this social media post that trump retruthed yesterday. the suggestion was we are approaching -- the suggestion is somehow we are heading to civil war or there should be civil war or something to that effect for a former president of the united states and leading contender for the 2024 republican nomination
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to be even talking about that and suggesting that is just absolutely appalling but it's all about peace. everything we've talked about the last ten minutes is peace, the cpac, the anti-election deniers in the state. it's part of a fabric that is ripping apart in our country. trump could basically go away tomorrow and never be heard from or seen again and these termites are set loose in our country, eating through the foundations of our democracy. and that is something we have to take more seriously. i don't think democrats are taking it seriously enough, quite frankly. >> even though some of his candidates are losing, people are still afraid of him. >> they're still afraid of him and in 2024, he's got a distinct advantage in a multicandidate
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field by virtue of the rules, by virtue of the fact he still will have 33% of the vote all the way down the line. i don't know if anybody can get past him. >> you're right about that and that is something i bring up with folks all the time when they say no, no, no, there's no way. he can't do it again. there are these other candidates. there was a large field of candidates in 2016 and he is able to pull it off. george conway, thanks for your time. we appreciate it. i hope to have you back soon. thanks so much. >> okay. coming up, monkeypox, could an outbreak become an epidemic? it's a very important question. president biden says everyone should be concerned. an infectious disease expert and what you need to know. everybody is talking about what is monkeypox. we'll get into that next. life. so we offer a complete exam and x-rays free to new patients without insurarance - everyda. plus, , patients get 20% off their treatment plan.
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miss allen over there isn't checking lesson plans. she's getting graded on her green investments with merrill. a-plus. still got it. (whistle blows) your money never stops working for you with merrill, a bank of america company. right now the cdc is monitoring clusters of monkeypox infections as the world health
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organization confirms 92 cases around the world. at least 12 countries are reporting confirmed cases including right here in the u.s. in the white house there's a slight difference in messaging. >> it is something everybody should be concerned about. we're working on it hard. >> i feel like this is a virus we understand we have vaccines against it. we have treatments against it. and it's spread differently than sars-cov2. >> we fondly remember from our days talking about covid week after week, is back with us, from vanderbilt. thank you, doctor, for being with us. help us out here. for folks who don't understand what monkeypox is, please explain what that is. could i catch it if i'm at an airport or on a plane and somebody has monkeypox? >> so, jim. it's a new virus, right, and new
2:21 pm
viruses are different. as dr. jha said, it is not spread as readily as is covid by any means. it takes close, personal contact, often skin-to-skin contact or close face-to-face contact in order to transmit this virus. so i don't think we have to worry by going out there. this is a virus from central and west africa. it resembles that old virus we eradicated from the world, smallpox. it does create a quite disfiguring rash and apparently someone from one of these countries in west africa, for example, nigeria, went to europe or a european went to nigeria and picked up the infection and now there's been a chain of transmission or several chains of transmission throughout europe. the virus is now in canada and
2:22 pm
we have two now documented cases but only two in the united states. so public health authorities are out reaching out to all the patients in europe, canada and here in the u.s. putting them under surveillance. and i would anticipate with all of this activity within a week, a week and a half, we ought to have this outbreak of this exotic virus contained. >> that's good news. it doesn't sound like a new kind of covid situation where it spreads all over the world or spreads across the united states very quickly. you don't see that, dr. shaffner? >> i don't see that, jim. the two viruses are spread in such different ways, covid has a lot of transmission without symptoms. this virus doesn't. and, as i say, it requires really prolonged, almost face-to-face, skin-to-skin contact for transmission to
2:23 pm
occur efficiently and it goes slowly. it doesn't transmit in large bursts the waco individual has the capacity to spread. >> all right. and turning to covid now, cdc data shows in march about 40% of covid deaths among people who are fully vaccinated with at least their initial series, that was true apparently in january and february, too. can you give us some context to that? what does that mean? >> well, it means two things, jim. first of all, omicron is out there. this is this new highly contagious virus, relatively new, and subvariants and they can produce mild infections in people who are appropriately vaccinated and people who have had previous infections. it can spread to you and you can spread it to others even though you've been well vaccinated. you may not have any symptoms at all or just a mild cold.
2:24 pm
now this virus while it's spreading is finding some people who are particularly vulnerable to more serious disease. the unvaccinated, the partially vaccinated, people frail, who are immunocompromised. and so we're seeing slight increases in hospitalizations occurring across the country but so far they've been slight and what i would anticipate is continuing these mild spreads but the increases in hospitalizations should be moderated. and if we would all get up to date in our vaccinations we can protect our health care systems as well as protecting ourselves. >> all right. i'm glad you got that one last plug in there for vaccines because they're out there. you can go to the pharmacy. if you're unvaccinated, go do it now. dr. william schaffner -- >> and they're free. >> and they're free, exactly. such an easy tool to use, i tell
2:25 pm
you. great to see you, sir. thanks so much. thanks, doctor. all right, coming up, the deadly consequences of sex-tortion. a look at a growing online threat aimed at teenagers. you're going to want to watch this coming up. refresh italiano subway now has italian-style capicola on the new supreme meats and mozza meat. just like my nonna makes when she cooks! i don't co. wait, what? it's a good thing he's so handsome. bway keeps refreshing and refre- (driver) conventional thinking would say verizon has the largest and fastest 5g network. but, they don't. they only cover select cities with 5g. so, for me and the hundreds of drivers in my fleet, staying connected, cutting downtime, and delivering on time depends on t-mobile 5g. and with coverage of over 96% of interstate highway miles, they've got us covered.
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minors are increasingly targeted in a sextortion screen and it's not just girls. boys, too, a lured by cyber criminals into intimate online conversations and then blackmailed for money. josh campbell reports on how the scheme turned into a deadly
2:30 pm
outcome for one family. >> so ryan was 17 years old. he was a boy scout, a straight a student. >> reporter: pauline stewart's son received the message one evening in february. hours later a panicked ryan took his own life. >> somebody reached out to him pretending to be a girl, and they started a conversation. >> reporter: their social media conversation quickly grew intimate. the cyber criminal posing as a girl sent ryan a nude photo and asked for one of him in return. >> he sent it to them. they demanded $5,000 from him. he told them they couldn't so they lowered the money. >> reporter: he agreed to pay from his college savings but their demands only increased. >> they threatened to post those to family members, put them on the internet. >> reporter: pauline said good night to her son at 10:00 p.m. soon after things took a
2:31 pm
devastating turn. he was still a happy, normal kid, but by 2:00 in the morning, that's when he took his life. >> reporter: pauline says a note stressed how embarrassed ryan was for himself and the family. >> he really truly thought in that time that there wasn't a way to get by if the pictures were posted online. his note showed he was absolutely terrified, and no child should have to be that scared. >> reporter: had you ever heard of this kind of scheme before? >> no. >> reporter: it's called sextortion and an increase in victims now has the fbi warning parents from coast to coast. the bureau says there were 18,000 sextortion-related complaints in 2021 with losses in excess of $13 million. the fbi says the use of child pornography by criminals to lure victims constitutes a serious crime. >> to be a criminal that targets children, it's one of the more
2:32 pm
deeper violations of trust, i think, in society. >> reporter: dan coston leads a squad work to go protect america's children from this global threat. >> we're seeing a lot of these are coming from overseas, as we've seen other financial scams. >> reporter: costin says young males are the target and cases are almost certainly underreported. one reason many victims don't come forward -- >> i would say the embarrassment piece is one of the bigger hurdles the victims have to overcome. >> reporter: experts say the developing teen brain makes them especially vulnerable. >> it's hard to look past that moment and understand in the big scheme of things they'll be able to get through this. >> reporter: the message to kids, you're not alone. experts urge parents to warn teens of the scam without shaming them. >> you want to make it career they can talk to you if they have done something or feel they've made a mistake. >> reporter: ryan's mom agrees. >> you need to talk to your kids. >> reporter: still grieving, she
2:33 pm
honors her son by speaking out and hopefully saving lives. >> how could these people look at themselves in the mirror knowing that $150 is more important than a child's life. there's no other word but evil for me. i don't want anybody else to go through what we did. >> reporter: josh campbell, cnn, san jose, california. >> very disturbing. coming up, the gop is just not going to take it anymore. we'll discuss. and former u.s. marine trevor reed joins jake tapper after 985 days in russian hands. he's ready to talk about what happened and how his imprisonment came to an end right here at 8:00 here on cnn. good thing adding lysol laundry saninitizer kills 99.9% of bacteriaa that detergents can't. clean is good, sanitized is better. ♪
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the side view mirror right off the delivery van." when owning a small business gets real, progressive gets you right back to living the dream. now, where were we? why, you were fixin' to peel me. [ laughter ] congressman madison cawthorn put out a bizarre message after conceding his north carolina primary race in a social media post cawthorn told supporters it's time for the new right. it's time for dark maga to truly take command. the rnc chair responded to the message saying she has no idea what he's talking about. >> i don't know what dark maga is. >> it sounds scary. >> like a star wars thing, like the dark side of the force. i don't know. i don't know what that is. madison did the right theng by conceding. we need to focus on the democrats, and i would say this
2:39 pm
to every republican. >> the force is not with madison cawthorn. joining me now cnn political commentator and host of pbs "firing line" margaret hoover and senior political analyst john afvalon. let's button up this madison cawthorn thing. here is the thing that stood out to me, his loss wraps up a campaign filled with scandals. that's what really tanked his campaign ultimately. the republican party is out there punishing madison cawthorn but not trump? what's the deal? >> look, i actually think the republican party rewarded the solid conservative who wasn't a seditionist who was a strong businessman, conservative, represented that district and punished madison cawthorn. if there's a new force it's what you saw rally around senator tillis there.
2:40 pm
against madison cawthorn, somebody who had no business being in the house of representatives. >> i think margaret makes a great point about tillis finally standing up to the extreme wing of his party when so many other senators and governors have been running away scared until recently in the face of donald trump willing to take on a madison cawthorn. to your point will they start standing up to seditionist comments of the ex-president, the bullying tactics. we see the georgia primaries, whether governor kemp pulls off a primary win against the former senator perdue. they are starting to get us but will they take it where it counts which is the top of the ticket. >> these are all proxy wars. to your point, jim, why aren't they going after the big guy yet? they are little proxy skirmishes that mean something, a trump-endorsed candidate lost in a primary. so that's like this republican party has not demonstrated moral
2:41 pm
courage. it has not given those of us who have associated with the brand many years, pride this is a meaningful loss of madison cawthorn to those of us who would like to see something new. >> and the dark maga thing is creepy. >> it is slightly creepy, true. let's not even go down that road. since we're talking about the former president, i mean, elon musk said he would reinstate trump on twitter and we were just talking about this with george conway a few moments ago. trump made this post on a so-called truth platform that appears to suggest some sort of call for civil war in this country, putting it up on screen right now. apparently trump has been on his orwellian called truth platform all weekend doing this sort of thing. what is going on here in terms of putting him back on twitter? that just sounds like a massive mistake given what he's been doing all weekend on this truth
2:42 pm
platform that not a lot of people are on but obviously is an outlet for him to get these demons out of his head. >> well, the venting of the spleen is something he does, and the question is how much you're going to amplify that. he's trying to create his own platform, orwellian, as you said. if the ex-president is continuing to use the language of inciting not just sedition but a civil war, it falls under free speech. it's the downstream effect of that. we've already seen, how much do we need to learn? there's a study out of m.i.t. showing a 70% decrease in election-related fraud, conspiracies, once trump and the qanon were kicked off the platform that data is pretty darned compelling. careful what you read. careful what you amplify. if the ex-president is talking, stoking fires of civil war there's nothing more disgusting
2:43 pm
and despicable. >> it goes to the point you go after madison cawthorn, you, i guess, run him out of the party, run him out of congress and so on, but trump is still there doing these sorts of things. we often talk about the republicans during these segments, guys. i want to talk about the democrats. we talked to al franken last hour about president biden. he seemed to be pretty confident democrats will be motivated for the midterms because of the potential overturning of roe v. wade and because of these concerns about republicans going after the elections in this country. what do you think? we're leading the newscast with this baby formula concern, the gas prices are skyrocketing. this is a serious problem. what are your thoughts, margaret? >> president biden, first of all, what we know the political forces are in favor of the republicans right now.
2:44 pm
everything is in favor of the republicans taking back the house of representatives. in terms of the normal inertia and the pendulum swings of off cycle elections, that is the case. something like roe v. wade being overturned could help democrats and certainly will mobilize more of the base and frankly get some of those suburban women off the sideline who might not vote in an off year cycle. but we all know the number one issue that is facing americans right now is inflation, it's high prices of groceries and all the cost of living associated with it and the shortages. president biden isn't perceived to be leading on these issues. and so he needs to get out, i think, in front of the camera and make a case to the american ople. >> and be taking action, though. margaret, obviously these are kitchen table issues. you are going to see democrats more motivated than a typical midyear election for an in-house
2:45 pm
party but the pendulum swing is there. what actions can the president, the administration take? you can rescind some of the trump tariffs that might have a positive impact to counteract inflation. all of these are complex issues. biden needs to be showing strength. one of the things cbs' new poll, people see the democratic party as weak and people go for strong and wrong every time. that's on the president. that's on the party to have a strong message, and it hasn't been there yet. >> and the question becomes, i think, it's going to be this choice, i suppose, for the american people come november. and i talked about this with george conway in the last hour, and i'll have you quickly weigh in. it seems people are sleep walking towards this potential reality where you have a party that is just very comfortable having candidates up and down the ballot in key states across the country willing to overturn election results, willing to
2:46 pm
conspire with the former president to get him back into office and so on. and they may be helped by things like high gas prices and so on, john. >> yeah. those are the head winds but i do think you need a broader coalition to defend democracy. they will be running against extremes and those responsible republicans where they exist will be better positioned to win a general election. so i think that's the key. as citizens we need to be paying more attention to roles like secretaries of state because we know now their candidates are run to go overturn elections and that's something where people form the broadest coalition, a better chance by nominating people who want to uphold and not undermine it but that's going to be the tale of the tape. we're going to have to see who wins and loses. >> that is on the georgia ballot. john avlon, margaret hoover,
2:47 pm
thank you. we appreciate it. coming up, it's the end of the line for some popular cast members on "saturday night live." i asked legend al franken where kate mackinnon ranks on his list of all-time greats. his answer is next live in the cnn "newsroom." we got iphone 13s,s, too. switcd to verizon two minutes ago. (mom brown) ours were busted and we e still got a shiny new one. (boy brown) check it out! (dad allen) so, wait. everybody gets the same great deal? (mom allen) i think that's the point. (vo) iphone 13 on us for every customer. current, new, everyone. on any unlimited plan. starting at just $35 all on the network more people rely on. wet dishes? spots? cloudy glasses? when detergent alone isn'enough... ...add finish jet dry 3 in 1. to dry, prevenspots, and protect glasses against cloudiness. the dishes aret done without finish jet dry 3 in 1.
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the choice for attorney general is clear. democrat rob bonta has a passion for justice and standing up for our rights. bonta is laser focused on protecting the right to vote and defending obamacare. but what's republican eric early's passion? early wants to bring trump-style investigations on election fraud to california, and early says he'll end obamacare and guard against the growing socialist communist threat. eric early. too extreme, too conservative for california.
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. i never imagined this would be my life. i mean, look at me when i started here. like back then, i was like a 61 my skinny kid and no one knew what rationives. i am hugely successful by barely returning to work. look at me now, i'm aging like an old boo nana. more accidentally getting like a sock so i'm free. >> that was pj last night saying good-bye to the "snl" finale 47th season leaving fellow katz member kate mckinnon. here's some of what made her a comedy icon. >> thank you for having me. i'd like to begin tonight by attempting a casual lean. got it. it's me. i have been dancing. it's kelly anne.
2:53 pm
>> what kind of demand i do the recount personally and i can't cast on the eyes. also, also, what's going on? >> the stakes for what? >> i don't know, child performance. i don't know. >> i like my men like i like my decisions. 5-4. that's a great thing to break in. b but. >> huh, i definitely watch a best of kate mckinnon all day long. last hour i asked "snl" legend and original writer al franken about kate mckinnon. here's what he said. >> i have to ask you, al, where does kate mckinnon rank on your list? she ask going to go down as one of the all-time great itself on that show, i have to think? >> absolutely. number 7. no, there is so many, so many
2:54 pm
great people. look, these four all made great x christian s /* /* contributions over the years. it will remain others to be on more. this is how the show has worked throughout the years and they will emerge as stars as well. that's how the show works. >> we're going to miss her. tonight, stanley tucci goes exploring in italy and london. >> is felicity here? felicity? >> sadly, a romantic meal for two is being interrupted by my wife. we will make this again quickly for her. hi, we're back. how is the dentist? >> ever refreshing. >> let me see. looks good. >> we just made this and ate it. >> you did? >> it's fresh. it's fresh. >> oh.
2:55 pm
dear. >> no zesting me. you have been sesling me. >> i enjoyed that for years. >> unreal. >> isn't that incredible? >> it's amazing. i'm trying to get a more manageable bite. >> just like that, another londoner converted by the gospel according to generro. >> would you like to move in and form a bubble? >> stanley tucci searching for italy tonight on cnn. that's my weekend update. reportings for the news i'm jim acosta, pamela brown takes over the cnn newsroom live after a quick break. good night. lemons. lemons. lemons.
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you've built for years to come. call... to receive 50% off installation of your kohler® walk-in bath. and take advantage of our special offer of no payments for 18 months. what usually takes places a only learned about 72 hours. this will go directly to hospitals and to home healthcare facilities. this will likely be the first of many more of these fights. >> he has the ear on the ground in tokyo. one thing that remains to be seen is which countries exactly sign on to that economic framework? >> given all that, are you confident that the u.s. can avoid a recession? >> there are always risks. but we feel very good about wh


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