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tv   CNN Newsroom With Pamela Brown  CNN  May 22, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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call... to receive 50% off installation of your kohler® walk-in bath. and take advantage of our special offer of no payments for 18 months. what usually takes places a only learned about 72 hours. this will go directly to hospitals and to home healthcare facilities. this will likely be the first of many more of these fights. >> he has the ear on the ground in tokyo. one thing that remains to be seen is which countries exactly sign on to that economic framework? >> given all that, are you confident that the u.s. can avoid a recession? >> there are always risks. but we feel very good about whether the united states is
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particularly winning on a global landscape. >> and let's talk about more key talks. >> i would not be surprised if we see a few more cases in the upcoming days. >> i'm pamela brown in washington. you are live in the cnn newsroom live on this sunday. and we're following several major news stories for you in the next two hours, starting in florida, where a suspected case of monky pox is detected. families are forced to ration supplies. meantime, cnn is traveling with president biden in asia, where there are concerns north korea could stage another nuclear test during his trip. and pennsylvania senate candidate john fetterman more determined than ever to flip a senate seat for democrats of being discharged from the
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hospital. plus, johnny depp set to take the stand again in the defamation trial against his ex-wife amber heard. and this just into cnn, the biden administration accepts a second flight equipment with 114 pellets to washington dulles airport. the exact timing will be announced later. earlier today, to the first shipment landed in indianapolis carrying 35 tons of precious baby formula. so it's a very specific and specialized formula, meant only for children with certain severe allergies. and that means none of it will land on store shelves. cnn's paula sandoval has more from indianapolis. >> reporter: well, pamela, this shipment will be more than a drop in the bucket. you are talking at least 35 tons of prescription baby formula that is met to go to some of the most vulnerable babies,
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according to officials. this is product manufactured in zurich, driven into germany and then flown overnight by the air force's 521st air mobility operations wing here to indianapolis, where it will now be distributed. we heard from the agricultural secretary earlier today tom ceil sack on the tarmac, representing the biden administration and hoping to send to parents that he hopes that this initial shipment will be the first of many more. >> now, this shipment is going to essentially get off this cargo plane and then the federal express folks will take it from there. they're going to deliver it to a distribution center, essentially gerber folks have here in indiana. then it will go on trucks. it will be delivered in hospitals and home healthcare clinics all across the country, providing support and health. >> the secretary adding that this particular shipment, it is
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hypoa hypoallergenic products in cow's milk. it's a specialized formula. they hope future shipments will address the broader need. which we heard from parents across the country. when will their grocery stores be fully stocked? i had a chance to speak to the head of fed-ex. he said they are already expecting a flight later this week, possibly on wednesday to arrive here from europe and he hopes that that flight will contain more of that formula for other parents who are just desperate to be able to stock up on what they need to feed their children. pamela. >> all right. paolo sand sandoval. thank you so much. president biden in hours will renew his economic framework for the region.
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the economic goal, bolster economic security of the u.s. and asian allies with a wary eye on china and north korea is casting a long shadow over the president's visit. kim jong-un's regime may be preparing another nuclear test. another carried out when president biden is in the region. that is the concern. cnn's will ripley is following the latest in north korea. let's start with mj lee in tokyo. it's monday morning, the president's day is just beginning. what's on his schedule? >> reporter: yeah, pam, the president has an incredibly jam packed day today. he begins with meeting with the emperor of japan. then we have this meeting with the prime minister of japan. there will be a bilateral meeting followed with a press conference with reporters. there is an interesting scheduling event on his schedule. it is going to be a meeting of
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families of japanese citizens of people abducted by north korea many years ago. this is going to be one to watch and an interesting note in his day given the focus during this trip to asia on issues related to north korea. and then out later in the day, there will be a big event, where the president unveiled this economic framework, this indo pacific economic framework that they have been talking so much about, a big question, of course, is which countries will ultimately end up signing on to this framework and then later in the evening, there is going to be a dinner hosted by the prime minister. now, pam, a lot of people have been asking during this trip to asia, if this, is the president finally turning his attention fully to asia. so much of his focus in terms of the foreign policy has been on the war in ukraine. u.s. officials will answer by saying they don't think those two things are separate, that they think that the war and the events over there have really shown the u.s. alliance remains
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strong with some key asian allies. now i just want to quickly make a pivot to one important domestic issue for the president. yesterday as he was leaving south korea, my colleague kaitlan collins asked him object the monkey pox cases we are seeing at home. this is what he told her. >> it is something everybody should be concerned about. we are working on it hard to figure out what we do and what vaccine, if any, may be available for us. it is a concern in the sense that if it were to spread, it is consequential. >> the remarks were notable because just a couple of days ago, the cdc had actually said the public should not be very concerned. so right now, it's not really clear whether the president there was talking off the cuff or whether there was additional guidance that he was reflecting. but no question that once he returns home, this is going to be one of the many domestic issues that he keeps his eyes
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on. >> yeah. no that was interesting. we heard dr. jha. we are learning there is an extra one in florida. he seemed to not express the same concern we heard, for example, covid, saying it doesn't spread as rapidly, thank you so much. before departing south korea and japan, president biden was concerned if north korea could conduct the seventh underground test. biden's response, we are prepared for anything north korea does. cnn's will ripley joins me now. so what's the latest, will? >> we are still waiting to see if that seventh round nuclear test is going to happen. there have been increasingly powerful nuclear tests in north korea at their nuclear test site. it happened two in 2016, one just after former president
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obama left the indo-pacific region and in 2016 it caused an earthquake and moved a part of a mountain and found in neighboring china. u.s. intelligence indicates north korea could be ready for a sevenment test at any time and they could be ready to launch an intercontinental ballistic mill a. strong and provocative action to take. who ill the united states president is visiting in the region. i can tell you after covering north korea, a number of years, there have been times intelligence indicated something will happen. you forget about it. that's when it happens. so really time will tell what north korea and kim jong-un are planning to do. they certainly have a lot on their hands right now when it comes to covid. >> of course, speculation, they may want to launch something to distract from the covid outbreak going on there, tell us more about that. >> reporter: well, you know, it's frustrating, because there
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is no international foreign observers in korea right now. all diplomats and non-governmental organizations that had to leave the country because of its hermetically-sealed borders. when they announced a week ago they had fever cases, they said undiagnosed koid. millions were at high risk of severe illness. now we are a week later, north korea st. media is proclaiming victory over covid-19, handing out painkillers and traditional remedies has essentially eradicated or slowed the spread of the virus. even though they have had had millions of cases, the death toll is just kevin. it's hard to believe given what we have all experienced over the past two years, this pandemic and there is nervousness and fear for the people facing covid-19 with no herd immunity
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right now. [ applause ] >> reporter: the move is triumphant, the crowd massive. most people not wearing masks. at last month's military parade, kim jong-un promised to protect his people from hostile forces like the u.s. protection from the virus that would soon ravage his unvaccinated population, non-existent. weeks later, a devastating fever, believed to be undiagnosed covid-19, infecting the privileged citizens. >> we prayed it was a super spreader event. we know that they flew in citizens from across north criia. >> reporter: some of those citizens from the chinese border region. a place i visited five years ago. north koreans are living a stone's throw away from the raging omicron outbreak. the kingdom's hermetically sealed border apparently breached by the highly
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contagious variant. two years of sacrifice gone in 21 parade. >> that itself the perfect petri dish for this virus to spread. i think that parade will go down in history as a very bad idea for north korea. ro a csal miscommunication and experts say the cause of an unprecedented nation wide lockdown, skyrocketing infections and deaths, a dilapidated healthcare system on the verge of collapse, lacking even the most basic medicines and medical equipment. millions of malnourished north koreans at higher risk of severe infection. >> i think it's going to test his leadership certainly. it's going to create some urgency for creative story-telling in the north korean apparatus. >> reporter: north korea propaganda crucial to keeping the family in power. even during the crisis of the famine of the 1990s, citizens
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literally ate tree bark to survive. the king's rule over a police state that relies on heavy surveillance, restricted movement and brutal prison camps. >> they strengthen social controls. because they have the fear if there is an outbreak, if there is a crisis, that was what happened in the 1990s that you know the police, the secret police, the military, they all went hungry. >> reporter: now they're getting sick. state media says around 2 million fever cases in one week a. crisis of kim's own creation potentially devastating hardship for the north korean people. >> our thanks to will ripley. still to come this hour, a suspected monkey pox case now detected in florida. dr. peter otez is here to tell us if we should be concerned how it spread and what the symptoms are. also ahead, johnny depp set to
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it's clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels and contains high quality protein to help manage hunger and support muscle health. try boost® today. we are still a month away from the official start of summer. but much of the country is where i am here in washington, d.c. 10 million people in the northeast alone are under heat advisories and record setting temperatures. it's good news here. a cooloff is coming. so is the potential for severe storms. meteorologist tom sader joins me now. there is something swirling in the gulf of mexico and elevated fire risks in california. a lot going on. >> too much going on. it's interesting to know with this changing climate, everything has been happening earlier and earlier. the drought settling earlier.
3:19 pm
the drought season is well ahead of temperatures. we shouldn't be breaking hundreds of records already. this is mid-summer heat. here is the cold front, making its way across the country. current temperatures on the left. new york is 84. it feels like 86. many locations getting into the upper 90s in the heat index. look at washington. at 72. you were at 90 a little while ago. heat advisory up to the north. again, this is only for a few more hours. this cold front will move offshore. boston, 93 today. highs in the lie 60s. it does mean business. in fact, when this cold front moved through colorado. 90 in denver. here's the severe weather from fairfax county virginia, deadly tornadoes, gaylord, michigan, earlier today up across the border. in ottowa, we got a couple fatalities with high winds, moving through the baltimore
3:20 pm
area right now. we are watching the gulf now. this is early. the last seven seasons, we had a named storm in the month of may. not a great chance of development. all the elements are there. heavy rainfall. here we go, out west. get ready. more high height. sacramento, average high is 82. mid-summer heat. too early for this. >> yeah, not a good omen for what's to come this summer. tom sader, thank you. >> sure. florida health officials say a person in broward county is in isolation for a presumptive case of monkey pox. the rare disease is mostly found in southwest and central africa. additional cases have been reported in other parts of the world. a case was reported in massachusetts. that patient recently traveled to canada. doctors say the florida case is also related to international travel but offered few other details. this comes amid a rise in covid-19 infections.
3:21 pm
dr. peter otez joins me from houston, he is a professor at baylor college of medicine. all right. a lot of people have questions about this, about this monkey pox. how concerned are you about it? >> you know, i'm modestly concerned, pamela. if you look at the total number of confirmed and suspected cases outside of affect right now, you are talking 200. maybe half of them in spain and portugal and a handful in several other european countries, an outbreak that looks like it's happening in montreal and three suspected or confirmed cases in the u.s. and massachusetts, new york and florida so we are talking very small numbers. this is a virus that's not nearly as transmissible as covid-19. it requires wearing close face-to-face intimate contact. transmissibility is weighed down. it's important to remember that because it does have some
3:22 pm
resemblance to small pox. although it produces a much less severe disease. we have all of these anti-viral drugs, at least two and three different vaccines in our u.s. stockpile because we were concerned in the early 2000s about a small pox by a terrorist attack. this is not related at all. it could proibably be related t monkey pox if we need it. so we are much better prepared than covid-19. >> if you would walk us through what the symptoms are and the prognosis if you contract it? >> so it begins with fever, headache, back pain very much like a case of the flu let's say. one of the early tip-offs that this is something different is big swollen lymph nodes. under the chin, around the neck area. in the one-to-three days you get
3:23 pm
a more characteristic rash that begins looking like a chicken pox rash then becomes more pustular in nature. if you have a fever and rash, call your physician and get seen and the case of the possibility that it is a case of monkey pox, is extremely rare right now. we will watch it. and see if new outbreaks begin and if so, whether those individuals who have contact with an infected case weren't getting vaccinated in the vaccine. i think that will be the approach we are looking at in the coming days. hopefully, this will burn out. it won't be able to sustain itself. it wouldn't surprise me if we see additional cases pop up in the united states and elsewhere, in north america and europe. >> just as we need with other covid surge in other parts of the country. thank you so much. >> thanks, pam. and you are in the cnn newsroom on this sunday as president biden travels through
3:24 pm
asia, the first lady is on a trip of her own to latin america. we are live in costa a rica. the defamation suit between johnny depp and amber heard, former prosecutor lonnie coombs joins us next. [ chuckling ] ♪ and i hope whatever you've gotot to do ♪ ♪ is something that... . ♪ [ music stops ] [ beeping ] cars built with safety in mind, even for those guys. the volkswagen atlas with standard front assist. ♪ ♪
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—your team, ours or a mix of both. with the nation's largest ip network. from the most innovative company. bring on today with comcast business. powering possibilities.™ well, jill biden continues her latin american tour, visiting a hospital in costa rica. she was next whatin in equidoor.
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how influential has she been? >> reporter: she has been influential. a part of the world president biden has yet to visit. it's felt marginal. jill biden practiced soft policy. she is in equidor. she touted the benefits of having this relationship with the united states. so when things go wrong, like the pandemic or other global infrastructure things seems to be failing, that the partnership and bond between these allies is strong. she announced another $80 million for the hiv-aids program sponsored by the united states for this part of the world, 12 million for panama alone. as you said, today she was at a children's hospital here in san jose where she talked about the importance of the united
3:30 pm
states-latin american partnership. there is now going to be a significant resource for children's cancer. obviously, a topic very close to her and the president, after losing their son bo to cancer with the authority in costa rica. she is basically reminding people there is a lot of diplomacy that goes into these visits, things in the margins about migration and immigration. talk of the upcoming summit of the americas in los angeles, which has embroiled some controversy. she is wanting to talk to these presidents about why coming to that summit will be so important. certainly, she definitely spent a lot of time, has had a lot of events at schools and hospitals. with the local government on this trip. she returns to washington tomorrow. pamela. >> all right. kate bennett, thank you so much. i want to turn now to hollywood, where the final week of the johnny depp and amber
3:31 pm
heard trial starts tomorrow. it all culminates on may 27th when the judge says she wants jury deliberations to begin. i want to bring in legal analyst lonnie coombs to catch us up to speed, some compelling testimony came from heard's sister. let's take a listen to that. >> i am facing amber. he comes up behind me, strikes me in the back, kind of somewhere over there. he strikes me in the back. i hear amber shout, don't his my sister. she smacked him, lands one. i got time. johnny had grabbed amber by the hair with one hand and whacking her repeatedly in the face with the other. >> lonnie, she's claiming donny depp hit both of them. how important was this testimony no amber's case? >> yeah, great to be with you, pam, so this witness was one of the corroborating witness amber heard's team put on this week. it's an important part of her testimony in her case. we have amber heard's testimony
3:32 pm
and now we have these other kind of what we call fresh complaint witnesses, people amber talked to about this or saw injury and whitney, herself, was there a part of one of these incidents. we have whitney, friends living there, who saw the injuries, saw the damage to the apartment, heard the fights going on. we have a former acting coach, who said that amber would tell her all the time how volatile the relation was. she saw bruises. we had a make-up artist who said she had to cover bruises on her face by an event caused by johnny depp. we had a long-time friend that said yes this is a very volatile relationship. he saw bruises on amber as well. the more corroboration to bolster her allegations of abuse, the stronger her case gets. >> there is a lot of focus on johnny depp's substance abuse and unprofessionalism. we heard from many former associates of his.
3:33 pm
let's listen to that. >> it became clear over time that there were issues with alcohol and drugs. >> mr. depp threw a bottle across the room in vegas. >> his star had dimmed due to getting harder to get him jobs, given the reputation he acquired due to his late news and other things. >> so how does all of this play into a defamation case? most of this trial has been focused on alleged domestic violence. >> reporter: that's right. so there are three elements that have to be proven. the first is whether the statements made was true or false. that's while i why they're talking about the abuse. she alleged she was a public figure for domestic abuse. number two, she made it with malice. three, that those statements actually damaged his career. we're hearing about the
3:34 pm
substance abuse, not in the area of whether that caused and led to physical abuse. but was that the reason why his career was damaged? and there were two witnesses that her team put on that were very significant. one was that talent agent that we heard, who was johnny depp's agent for his wire career. she said i helped make him the biggest movie star in the world. before the op-ed came out, his career was going down. i had a hard time getting him jobs because of his own professional behavior. he was always la it to set. which causes time and money and his addictions. people knew that. so it was hard to get them jobs. they called a disney exec, the fact that we didn't use him on pirates 6 had nothing to do with the op-ed. we didn't talk about that. so this is going to amber heard's team saying, look, even if the op-ed was you know false, it didn't damage his career, it was his own behavior that damaged his career. that's why the case should fail
3:35 pm
for johnny depp. >> all right. thank you so much. appreciate it. you are in the cnn newsroom on this sunday as the government struggles to fix the baby formula shortage. babies, moms, dads and care givers are teaming up and crowd source formula. i speak to one of those moms next. >> tech: cracked windshield? schedule with safelite, and we'll come to you to fix it. >> tech vo: this customer was enjoying her morning walk. we texted her when we were onon our way. she could track us and see exactly when we'd d arrive. >> woman: i have a few more minutes. let's go!
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miss allen over there isn't checking lesson plans. she's getting graded on her green investments with merrill. a-plus. still got it. (whistle blows) your money never stops working for you with merrill, a bank of america company. . more now in the nation's ongoing baby formula crisis. the first shipment from operation flight formula brought 35 tons of baby formula from germany to indianapolis. it's only enough for 9,000 babies and todd less for one week and meant for children with certain allergies. moms dads and care givers across the country are turning to social media to crowd source formula. one facebook group in tennessee is working to link people with people who desperately need it
3:41 pm
for their babies. joining me no, a mom, herself, as a part of in tennessee crowd sourcing effort. welcome to you and your precious baby boy dj. tell us a little bit about what you have been through personally and when you first realize this crisis was upon us when it comes to biebe formula? >> well, i started realize, it was a crisis a couple months ago,ives finding trouble with his formula. i had to drive up to 30 hours away for me to be able to find the formula that he needed. i would have to contact with and say hey can you change the formula, so that way i can get formula? we've had to change a couple of times because with that. so, when that started becoming an issue, i then and my friends had trouble finding formula. i realized we needed a central
3:42 pm
place to say, hey, if you see this formula, you can let me know? hey, i have extra formula. who needs it? and it just kind of tip es off from there. >> well, it's incredible. i was looking at the facebook page today. it's incredible to see how many moms are posting on there saying, hey, urgent. i need formula. other moms are pitching in. offering their help. to point out to our viewers, that special supplement nutrition program for low income parents. it's a program that i believe if i recall correctly about half of all the formula to wik recipients like yourself. tell me a little bit more about the reaction you've received from that facebook page and how much help is being offered on there for moms in need? >> well, i've gotten a lot of positive reaction. i'm super happy about it. because i've had people from out of state, across the state, all
3:43 pm
gathered together and say, hey, i have this formula or someone else will say i'm completely out. it's the middle of the night. everyone jumps in and goes, okay. look, i found this here. i have a can. can you meet up? so it's really, really been super helpful, especially for those who really needed it and are on special formula. >> this is a critical problem for care givers, in memphis, a toddler and pre-schooler were hospitalized because their formula was out of stock. clearly, there is a lot of people posting on this facebook page needing help. help us better understand the scope from your personal experience? >> well, just from my personal experience, i've come across maybe five or ten people who are completely desperate, completely out, having to return to the pediatrician in some cases even
3:44 pm
the hospitals to try to get formulas. but this group has as of today 461 members, most of which have kids. most of which are needing formula and are trying to get together with someone to try to either locate it, keep eyes opened, or even thankfully for a lot of people just share. there has been a couple of people that have gone and said, hey, i am at the store. they sell this, sometimes they order online. people offered to thankfully purchase it and then either give it away or purchase it and ship it and people can send the money to them. so that's been helpful. but it really, it's really getting worse. and i'm just grateful no there are people out there that are willing to be able to step up and understand the crisis.
3:45 pm
some even without kids and say, hey, look, we can be a second set of eyes to help these people find formula. >> yeah. it's incredible to see veteran have pulled together. alessandra, thank you. dj, it seems he has a lot on his mind he wants to share about this formula crisis. >> thank you so much for coming on. best of luck to you and great work trying to help in this situation for so many parents out there. >> thank you for having me. i really do appreciate it. >> and this just into cnn. the biden white house says it will use the defense production act to help two formula makers add nutrition and get the ingredients they need faster to make formula. go to ynn newsroom on this sunday. still to come. several stars saying good into it to "saturday night live." th wouldn't be a thing. yeah, dad! i don't want to deal with this.
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this weekend on the all new cnn series "nomad" we go to ghana. i talked to carlton about the add adventure on the western african coast. >> viewers are hit with the sense that there is a lot going on in ghana with the food, the economy, the art, the politics. there's a very dynamic energy. what is at the heart of this activity? >> i think it's part of the identity of the people.
3:51 pm
when you think of western african and africa in general what's projected in the u.s. is a downtrodden parts of the continent but ghana is different where they're focused on learning and investing back in the country. >> on the arrival you say the country feels foreign and familiar at the same time. you notice similarities between the african american culture there and the culture in ghana. >> yeah. >> tell us more about that. >> i think we are fortunate to have series like "high on the hog" and when you can see that connection but a difference when you go there and eating the food and you see ingredients that you have been raised eating and then
3:52 pm
the convergence of the beat and hip hop. the smells are similar and the music is very similar and it is in a sense make you feel at home. >> you also speak to a popular radio host saying one thing is that it's modernized without westernizing. did you see evidence of it during your visit? >> when outside investment comes into a country you often see this very abrupt transformation where you lose the native traditions and the sacrifice you make to build an economy and i think again another way that ghana is unique is they have struck a balance between modernizing and build the economy and hold true to the tradition they have. you notice we're sitting in a nice restaurant.
3:53 pm
a power lunch spot and people in suits eating with the hands. it's because that's how they traditionally eat. it's like eyes wide open walking through the markets. i love explore markets so it's a great opportunity to see how people interact with each other. >> yeah. the people i know from ghana are just like the best people, kindest, warmest heart. so great. >> yeah. >> lucky you that you got to do this. thank you so much. >> yeah. >> the all new episode is tonight at 10:00. "saturday night live" is saying good-bye to some of the belov ka members. we'll show you next. [sfx: fighter jet flying] [tom cruise] tower thihis is ghost rider, requesting flyby. [control tower] negative ghost rider, the pattern is full.
3:54 pm
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3:58 pm
well -- earth -- i love you. thanks for letting me stay a while. live from new york, "it's saturday night."
3:59 pm
>> "snl" saying good-bye to beloved cast members including kate mckinnon who brought back kidnapped by aliens there. also saying good-bye is pete davidson reminding us how he grew up on the show. >> i never imagined this would be my life. look at me when i started here. like back then i was like a skinny kid and no one knew what race i was and now everyone knows i'm white because i became hugely successful while bare sli showing up for work. >> and a.d. bryant got a sweet sendoff. >> future trends. >> in. >> in, a friend i couldn't have done this without. >> and another cast member expected to leave, too. last night's show marked the end
4:00 pm
of season 47. your next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts right now. what usually takes place in weeks is done in 72 hours and will go to hospitals and home health care facilities. likely the first of many of these flights. >> exclusive to cnn. talking about a russian junior officer. he was part of the launch of the war inside of ukraine. now after a couple of weeks into the war this is where things changed for him saying in the end i gathered the strength, went to the commander to write a letter of resignation. are you confident that the u.s. can avoid a recession? >> we feel good. let's talk about the monkey pox. >> i would not be surprise


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