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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  May 23, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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>> hello and welcome to our viewers joining us in the u.s., and all around the world, you are watching cnn newsroom. just ahead, u.s. president biden is in tokyo boosting ties with allies, and strategizing about how to counter china. we are live in tokyo with the latest. we will take you live to the latest on russia's devastating war in ukraine. the morning, the loss, and the effort to rebuild. plus the first batch of much-
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needed baby formula has landed in america with more on the way but, the problem is far from solved. >> live from cnn center, this is cnn newsroom, with rosemary church. >> good to have you with us. we begin in japan where u.s. president joe biden is making a hard push for strengthening economic alliances as he tackles the second leg of a high-stakes diplomatic tour in asia. earlier mister biden wrapped up a meeting with japanese prime minister, during their meeting, mister biden endorsed japan's plan to bolster its defense capabilities as it keeps a wary eye on china's growing military footprint. the two leaders also affirmed their commitment to the indo pacific economic framework, a plan mister biden is set to unveil in the next hour.
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>> this framework is a commitment to working with our close friends and partners in the region, on challenges that matter most to ensuring economic competitiveness in the 21st century. by improving security and trust in the digital economy. detecting workers, strengthening supply chains, and tackling corruption that robs nations of their ability to serve citizens. >> mister biden will bring a similar message but economic cooperation to a meeting of the quad alliance on tuesday, where he will speak with leaders from japan, india, and australia. cnn is covering this story from every angle, we are standing by in tokyo with the latest developments. good to see you both. kevin, president biden will soon unveil an economic plan to keep china in check in the region but also had to be corrected on what he said in the joint news conference last
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hour regarding u.s. taiwan policy, and the correction came swiftly. what is the latest on all of this? >> very quickly, and the president, it was a one-word answer, and it has generated waves because he said it here in asia. when the president was asked whether he would be willing to respond militarily if china invaded taiwan, he said simply, yes. when the reporter followed up the president said that the u.s. has a commitment to do that. that's by far the strongest statement in support of taiwan that the u.s. president has made in a long time. the u.s. has always adopted the policy of what they call strategic ambiguity around taiwan. they provide taiwan with defensive weapons, the issue warnings to china not to invade taiwan but they don't necessarily spell out what they would do if china were to invade. in the 20 minutes or 30 minutes or so after the president made the statement, a white house
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official came out with their own statement to say, as the president said, our policy has not changed. he reiterated our one china policy and our commitment to peace and stability across the taiwan strait and reiterated our commitment under the taiwan relations act to provide taiwan with military means to defend itself. it was interesting in the president's answer, he linked to the russian invasion of ukraine to a potential chinese invasion of taiwan. he said that the russian invasion increased the burden on the united states to do something if taiwan were to be invaded, but he did say that he thought china wouldn't necessarily do that. he didn't think that was an eventuality that would come to pass because of this united, withering sanctions regime that has been put in place against moscow, he seems to think that china would see that and not go ahead. the president is on his way now to unveil this economic
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framework. this is his attempt to counter china on the economic space in the region, he said in that press conference that 13 nations have joined into that. there are skeptics about this and there aren't a lot of details that have been hammered out. this is the starting point. it's not a trade agreement per se but it encompasses the way the countries can participate, cooperate economically, so, when the president speaks later, this hour, he will try to flesh out the outstanding questions about this plan. >> and blake, the prime minister said his country's alliance with the u.s. was more important than ever. what else did he say? >> in a part of the world that is seemingly more unstable by the day, friends and allies have never been more important for japan and the united states. there is no more important friend or ally, and the strength of that relationship was on display today when japan's prime minister called
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the alliance the linchpin of japan's diplomatic security. on the security front along with agreeing to continue monitoring chinese and russian joint military drills in the region, the leaders discussed the importance of peace and stability on the taiwan strait, saying each country remains committed to making sure china doesn't change the status quo by force. today president biden made it clear that the u.s. is fully committed to japan's depends while japan said they would not rule out any options including counterattack capabilities. domestically in japan, there has been a push to increase defense spending from 1 to 2% of its gdp, improved defensive capabilities within the framework of the countries pacifist constitution and develop counterattack capabilities. the leaders also confirmed close cooperation in response to russia's invasion of ukraine discussing ways to strengthen ties militarily and economically to ensure a similar situation doesn't play out in this part of the world,
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with that in mind countering china economically and militarily was clearly a primary focus of the meeting with the prime minister saying that japan would participate in indo pacific economic framework announced by president biden last october. at this point, the jury is still out on this economic plan, experts say it lacks clarity, substance and the u.s. recent unimpressive commitment of only $150 million to southeast asia compared to the billions of dollars china has invested makes it a tough sell. as for the location of next year's g7 summit to be held in japan, the prime minister announced that the summit will be held in hiroshima, his hometown, that was devastated by the world's first atomic bomb attack. he said that it's fitting to hold the summit in hiroshima to promote peace and work towards a world without nuclear weapons. >> kevin and blake, joining us live, from tokyo, many thanks to both.
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appreciate it. stomach ukrainian president, volodymyr zelenskyy, has announced a joint customs control with poland, saying no one will break the unity between the two countries. that development came after polish president visited kyiv on sunday, he sat down with mister zelinski and became the first foreign leader to address ukraine's parliament in person since russia's war on ukraine began. in the coming hours, the war crimes trial of a 21-year-old russian soldier is set to resume, last week he pled guilty to shooting an unarmed 62-year-old civilian in ukraine's region on the fourth day of the war. is expected to be sentenced later today. in the city, ukrainians gathered at one cemetery to remember those who have been killed in russia's unprovoked invasion. many left flowers and lit candles while soldiers fired off their guns in salute.
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joining us now with more from ukraine is cnn standing by live in the western city, good to see you. what is the latest on the ground? >> linda, the messages from president zelinski trying to be optimistic and hopeful for the ukrainian people particularly, those in captivity in russia's hands as well as their family over the weekend, the president saying and warning russia that if the destruction of those people, if they were harmed in any way, that there would never be discussions with the russians. he is trying to promote, give a sense of hope that perhaps a prisoner swap exchange could happen in the future but nevertheless, he also was painfully candid, saying 100 ukrainian soldiers are killed every day in the eastern part of the country because of the
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fighting, we also heard from the mayor's office in mariupol, saying they are on the verge of an infectious disease spread because of the conditions there. many families waiting to hear about their loved ones in russian captivity had a chance to talk to one of those. >> as russia pummeled the steel plant with overwhelming firepower, natalia could only watch and pray for her husband inside. but, the ukrainian soldier was able to update natalia almost daily, she says, chronicling the worsening conditions. >> he described the situation as a real , because people had no lands, and no medicine. >> weeks in photos revealed it was jaundice and had dropped
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weight. >> he dropped weight, 20 kilos. but, he has a very strong spirit. >> he'd seen many of his friends killed and feared he was next. following his commander's order, thursday, he surrendered, telling natalia he would lose all ability to communicate. now with his fellow soldiers, in russian custody, natalia can only assume he is at their nearby detention center. her greatest fear, now, that he is being tortured or worse. >> we expect each message is the last one. >> what is the message he typed to you? >> i love you. he was worried about his mom, he asked me to let her know that he is alive, and to wait for him. >> natalia believes they will give everything to stay alive. motivated by their shared desire to someday create a
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family. >> this idea helps me to be strong. >> the pain of not knowing is excruciating. the weight, heavy. as russia's attacks carry on. >> natalia is part of a small group of wives and mothers who are working with turkish officials, including the turkish president to try to help negotiate a push a prisoner release, but, in the meantime, she simply waits. rosemary? >> suzanne joining us from lviv, many thanks for that report. nearly 3 months since the war in ukraine began, residents of a village outside kyiv are returning. they are repairing buildings and infrastructure damaged or destroyed during the fighting. one local storeowner says she is determined to restore everything to its prewar status.
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>> when the russians came here, it was frightening. we are not the only ones who have been through this. the whole village. some were lucky, their house remained intact. only the roof or a shed. but mostly, the whole villages like this. destroyed. we will restore everything and live like we did before. we are not a nation that is afraid of hardship. but, we won't give away our land. our grandchildren are in the army, and we will stand proudly. the russia dreams about a piece of our land, they won't get it. >> president zelinski has spoken about getting compensation from russian assets seized by ukraine's allies. in the coming hours president zelinski is expected to address the world economic forum remotely from ukraine, on cnn we will preview his speech, and look at the other major challenges facing the world leaders as they gather.
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sweden's bid to join nato was driven by concerns over russia's war in ukraine, and it's a big change for the historically neutral nation, a live report from stockholm, i had.
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in the coming hours, ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy is set to address the world economic forum virtually, from ukraine. the ripple effects from russia's war on ukraine are being felt around the world, from energy supplies to the economy. cnn correspondence are covering all the angles, anna stewart is joining us with more on the world economic forum. we are tracking how the war has affected russia's energy sector. and nina dos santos has more on the bid by finland and sweden to join nato. so, let's start with the world economic forum in switzerland where political and business leaders are gathering this week. russia's war on ukraine the global pandemic, and climate change are expected to dominate
12:19 am
the agenda this year, and for more on this, we want to bring in cnn anna stewart. good morning to you, anna. a lot to cover at this forum, how is this different from others and was expected to be achieved? >> reporter: this is a difference, due to omicron it was canceled in january, so there's really no snow on the mountain tops. as a result of that there will be noticeable absences in terms of ceos, world leaders, and the russian delegation is entirely missing, not invited to the forum. but also the world is facing a confluence of absolutely enormous economic challenges. whether we are looking at the impact of the war in ukraine in terms of pushing up wheat prices, energy prices, the inflation issue that will push some of the world's biggest economies into a recession, whether we are looking at climate change which is still a big issue, or the aftereffects of the pandemic and the fact that it's still a big issue in
12:20 am
parts of the world like china with ongoing lockdowns. you question what will be done at this economic forum, and there are huge questions as to whether a meeting of the rich and powerful in a swiss resort will really do anything to address these challenges. here's what the founder of the world economic forum told us. >> it has never been important as it is now, especially for the reasons you mentioned. we cannot prevent a war in ukraine, we cannot take away covid. but, we can create coordinated responses to those challenges, and that's what we are doing. those challenges need the cooperation of business society, and of course politics. >> and politics and ukraine and russia will be the main topic on and off the stage in all the
12:21 am
discussions. there will be discussions about the impact it's having on the global economy and what can be done to put pressure on russia, expect more on the divisions with the eu over the oil embargo, and what can be done there, the imf had speaking of the financial times said this is the greatest test for the global economy since world war ii. to help reconstruct ukraine, it has legal issues, so all of that will very much be part of the discussion and it kicks off very soon with the president of ukraine giving a keynote address. >> anna stewart joining us live from london. of lithuania's energy minister is correct, his country as of sunday has completely cut off imports of russian energy. everything, oil, electricity, natural gas. lithuania is small, only around 3 million people, so it's power needs are a fraction of countries like germany. but this is still a major step
12:22 am
as the eu shift its energy needs away from russia. for more on this i'm joined now by clare sebastian also in london. good to see you. this is a significant move on lithuania's part. what plan does it have to obtain energy, and where do things stand when it comes to russian energy supplies and who isn't isn't receiving them. >> this is a complicated situation. a significant move by lithuania, they are saying not only oil and gas but electricity will come from sources other than russia, they say electricity can come from other european suppliers, the same thing for oil, the baltic states estonia and latvia have said they will cut off russian energy as well, though they haven't done that yet. what we are seeing on both sides, are significant but incremental moves, both sides showing they are willing to go there, use their leverage in the energy market. russia cutting off smaller
12:23 am
countries when it comes to gas, poland and bulgaria and finland over the weekend saying the gas supplies from russia had stopped because of nonpayment it comes down to this complicated payment system that they have put into place. on the european side we have lithuania, and germany cutting back, on his russian gas supplies other countries trying to do the same, you have companies like the energy giant in italy saying it will open an account in rubles and continue to try to buy gas, this is a very sticky situation, they can't agree, they haven't agreed on a package of sanctions in the eu that would involve an oil embargo, hungary still very much opposed to that, and meanwhile we have oil prices at an 11 year high, gas prices have doubled this year, inflation is very high in parts but especially parts that have been reliant on russian energy, and it's compounding the
12:24 am
situation of what to do about it, and europe is facing up to the situation that is not only going to have to race to increase renewables but also have to cut back on energy uses altogether if it will secure his energy future. >> extraordinary situation, clear bastion joining us live. turkey's president held phone calls over the weekend with leaders in sweden and finland, as well as nato secretary-general as those countries await a decision on their applications for nato membership. let's bring in nina dos santos who joins us live from gothenburg in sweden. good to see you. so, turkey at this stage is the only stumbling block and finland and sweden becoming members of nato. do we know where things stand on that? what happened in those phone calls? >> the turkish president over the weekend have been letting it be known to various swedish
12:25 am
newspapers that turkey hasn't changed his position at all despite these phone calls and the intense diplomacy going on behind the scenes. and that they are willing to hold out for a number of months on this to make sure that the security concerns that turkey says it has over sweden and finland are fully discussed and met. that's a problem for the ruling party that is in that position by a razor thin majority and is also facing an election in four months time. you can see how this issue will become a significant domestic politics issue here in northern europe, and turkey knows that and is using its leverage on that front. there's also other issues at play, it's not just concerns about kurdish separatists here in places like sweden that sweden refutes that the turkish president has a problem with, it's also being frozen out of fighter jet contracts. sweden is hoping that its large $8 billion defense sector, and it's well stocked army will help win over critics.
12:26 am
>> for anna who escaped the war in ukraine, stockholm means safety for now. >> here it's calm, the people who are leaving here, hundreds of kilometers from the war, and you don't feel it here. is difficult to understand the situation until you are not in it. >> sweden has for years offered century to people like anna fleeing conference across the world, unimpeded thanks to the nations once cherished neutrality. now, that's about to change, as the country prepares to join nato alongside neighboring finland. >> every country has their own right to make the decisions, and we think this is better for the future, to be a member in nato for the security of sweden and the swedish people. >> reporter: sweden and finland have changed their minds at lightning speed but this isn't a decision that either side is
12:27 am
taking lightly. for the nordic neighbors joining nato means turning their backs on a deliberate policy of military nonalignment that has served them well for many generations. for nato it also means a much longer border with russia to police. russia has begun to talk down the significance of this expansion of the alliance. the exact opposite of vladimir putin's intentions. public support for nato membership was overwhelmingly high in finland, but here in sweden the debate is more nuanced. 70-year-old anita says that there's still room for a peacemaker in today's world order, and that sweden should continue to fulfill that role. russia hasn't been to war with sweden for 2 centuries, she says. the warnings about russia are just nato propaganda. anton hamburg, an economic student in his 20s, says the decision has been rushed.
12:28 am
>> i don't think people should be scared that rush is going to invade sweden. i think that's preposterous. >> amid fears the ukraine invasion could spark a bigger conflict, we meet, who fled his native germany after the second world war, first, for neutral austria before settling in sweden's 60 years ago. >> now it comes back, all the memories. >> reporter: so how do you feel about sweden's move to join nato? >> it's right. because nobody knows what will happen in the next 10 years. >> reporter: and is also positive about nato's expansion, just sad her country wasn't afforded its protection. >> have an opportunity to be safe, and protect their people. what's happening now in our country, it may happen to any of us. >> a lot of the weaponry being used on the battlefield to make
12:29 am
a difference to defend countries like ukraine is made here in sweden. most notably, the light antitank weaponry, that are also made in conjunction with a british company, there are huge fighter jet capabilities, submarines and an enormous landmass. despite the fact that sweden has a relatively small population, there is a sense that it will be able to contribute significantly to nato, but as you can see, as turkey holds out, the signs of discord and process on the streets are getting louder. and political analysts say that's likely to continue as turkey continues to frustrate the process. rosemary? >> nina dos santos joining us there, many thanks for that report. >> the u.s. is ramping up operation fly formula to combat its critical shortage of baby formula. coming up the white house announces new steps to address the crisis. dd finish jet dry 3. to dry, prevent spots, and protect t glasses against cloudiness. the dishes aren't done without
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>> welcome back, relief for some american families is on the way, the white house says a second flight of baby formula will be delivered in the coming days. the first flight landed sunday from germany as the u.s. grapples with a nationwide shortage, cnn was there for its arrival in indianapolis. >> reporter: this was the first flight of president biden's effort up right try to provide relief to parents in the united states that have been desperate to stock up on baby formula, as we are months into the shortage, we are looking at 35 tons of prescription baby formula manufactured in zc
12:34 am
over the weekend, and then flown to the u.s. where they hope that it will address the needs of some of the most vulnerable babies, agriculture secretary was on the tarmac on sunday, as this payload was being loaded, he was describing what will be next for this particular load, as he hopes it will be the first of many. >> this shipment is going to essentially get off this cargo plane, then the federal express folks will take it from there. they will deliver it to distributional center of the nestlc gerber folks having indiana, a minute will go on trucks, and it will be delivered in hospitals, and home healthcare clinics across the country. providing support and help. >> reporter: of this is hypoallergenic product for babies that are intolerant of protein in cow's milk. it is meant to address a very specific need, and there are still a majority of parents in the united states that are
12:35 am
hoping to be able to stock up, and see the positive impact in their grocery store shelves because this latest will not be going to those locations. i had an opportunity to speak to officials with fedex, a big partner in these deliveries. they say they are already scheduling a flight from europe here to the united states, possibly later this week, and they hope that that will help begin to address some of the broader needs, as manufacturing continues to ramp up in the united states for this essential item. cnn, indianapolis. still to come, why these male employees at a news organization in afghanistan are protesting the taliban by wearing masks. you're watching cnn newsroom, we will explain on the other side of the break. hot tub, why not? and of course, puppy-y-friendly. we don't like to say perfectct, but it'ss pretty perfect., booking.yeah.
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welcome back. the world has reached a shameful moment in the refugee crisis. the un reports more than 100 million people have been forced to flee their home, a record number it calls a staggering milestone. the figure is equivalent to the 14th most populous country in the world. un high commissioner for refugees says 100 million is a stark figure, sobering and alarming in equal measure. it's a record that should never have been set. this must serve as a wake-up call to resolve and prevent destructive conflicts, and persecution, and address the underlying causes that force innocent people to flee their homes. it's been nine months since the taliban seized control of afghanistan, and with each passing day, more rights and freedoms are being stripped away from afghan women and girls. just last week the militant
12:40 am
group ordered all female tv presenters to cover their faces while on air, and there is concern about how much longer women will be allowed to appear on afghan television. cnn asked former afghan president to weigh in on the taleb and ruling. take a listen. >> on the television, are newscasters or others, women coming to the screen or on the screen, wearing a covering of the face, that's not, that's not afghan culture. >> you think they should obey it? >> they shouldn't. that has got nothing to do with hijab. nothing to do with afghan culture. they should not obey this, taleb and must resend the decision. whoever has made that.
12:41 am
it hurts afghanistan, it hurts afghanistan's reputation, it's not afghan at all. >> the former president of afghanistan isn't the only one speaking out. on sunday this group of men at the private afghan tv channel posted this picture to twitter, with their faces covered as a sign of solidarity with their female colleagues. thank you so much for your company, i'm rosewood church. for our international viewers, african voices changemakers is next, and if you are watching in north america, i'll be back with more news after a short break. stay with us.
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>> closed captioning, brought to you by invent health, call welcome back, everyone. primary elections in five u.s. states are just over a day away, but a high-stakes contest in georgia has captured the spotlight. state governor brian kemp faces former senator david purdue in the republican primary. purdue is the hand-picked candidate of former president donald trump. recent polling shows kemp with a massive lead, and he seems poised to deal trump his biggest political defeat this
12:46 am
year. meantime the winner of pennsylvania's democratic senate primary is out of the hospital after suffering a stroke. lieutenant governor john fetterman will now recuperate at home. but, he doesn't know who his opponent will be. that's because ballots are still being counted in the republican primary. trump endorsed cambron candidate leads businessman david mccormick by less than 1100 votes. an automatic recount is likely. for more on this, let's bring in ron brown stream, cnn's senior political analyst and an editor for the atlantic, joining us now from los angeles. always great to have you with us. so, donald trump wanted to punish georgia's republican governor, brian kemp for his refusal to overturn the election results, but now it appears trumps pick is heading for defeat. his own supporters calling him lackluster and distracted and trump appears to have abandoned him at this stage. how much damage could this have
12:47 am
on trumps kingmaker power, do you think? >> this will be the biggest disappointment of the primary season in all likelihood for donald trump. there was no one that he wanted to beat more than the republican governor of georgia, brian kemp, who he felt acted inappropriately by upholding the law and certifying jill biden's victory in that swing state, in 2020. but the candidate he chose to run against, that he hand- picked to run against kemp, has been totally lackluster. he's been a campaigner without much energy, he hasn't raised a lot of money, and kemp, there isn't the case against him in georgia except for trumps animus among georgia republicans. it's going to be a disappointment but, again as we talk about last week, it's a mistake to read any individual race. as a sign that trumps hold on the republican party is loosening. the ability of any individual to win every race they endorse
12:48 am
has simply never existed in american politics, to me the broader direction that is clear is that there really aren't candidates running away from trump is him. whatever happens. we are breaking in because u.s. president joe biden is delivering remarks in tokyo about his administration's new economic framework for the asia- pacific region. let's listen in. >> as president biden mentioned [ indiscernible. ] in the pacific region, is home to half of the world population. and, approximately 60% of the world's gdp. it truly is the engine of global growth and vitality. a free and open pacific japan has been contributing to the stable prosperity of the region in cooperation with the united states and regional partners,
12:49 am
focusing on three pillars, namely entrenching and strengthening fundamental values and principles, pursuing economic prosperity, and ensuring peace and stability. and, tonight, excuse me, the fact that president biden is visiting japan and announcing here, is a clear demonstration of the united states strong commitment to the region. i commend wholeheartedly president biden for his strong leadership, japan will join and to work closely with the united states, as in countries and other regional partners to help
12:50 am
create a new framework. in order for this to be a meaningful framework for the regional economic order, it is important to address what we can among areas that are critical in participating countries. and to have concrete outcomes. the focus on supply-chain resilience, decarbonization, and clean energy, as well as additional economy, is timely in the current international context. it is important to work with the private sector in these areas of cooperation. this includes creating regional
12:51 am
rules and standards. improving transparency and predict ability. developing talent. and technical assistance. let us work together to create a framework that finds a good balance between cooperation and rules, and we look forward to working with you on that. i believe it is important for the source of dynamism in this region to play a central role. japan respects the unity and centrality, and will actively participate in the discussions and cooperation with the united states and other partners here
12:52 am
today. we look forward to working together to build a more prosper in pacific region, by bringing together the initiatives and wisdom's of countries in the region. including the u.s. indo pacific strategy. japan's free and open pacific, the outlook on the pacific, and india's act east policy. this is an inclusive and open framework that will remain open to the participation of new partners following its inception today. we welcome more partner countries to join discussions in the future. we will work together to create an economic order that will ensure sustainable growth,
12:53 am
peace, and prosperity, in the indo pacific region in the years ahead. i look forward to the opportunity to work with our many partners in the region. thank you very much. >> mister president, thank you very much, and everyone, we would like to give everyone participating in an opportunity to speak to this initiative, starting with the prime minister. mister prime minister? > translator: president biden, and prime minister ishida, and all the leaders who are with us today online. excellencies, i'm very pleased to be with all of you at this important event. the indo pacific framework is
12:54 am
the announcement of our collective desire to make this region the engine of global economic growth. i think president biden for taking the initiative to organize this important event. the indo pacific region is the center for manufacturing economic activity global trade, and investment. history bears witness to the fact that india has, for centuries, been a very important center for trade flow in the region. it is therefore significant that the most ancient commercial port is located in my home state. and therefore, it is necessary that we find shared solutions to the economic challenges of
12:55 am
the region, and that we make creative arrangements, excellencies, india will work with all of you to build an inclusive and resilient indo pacific economic framework. i believe that the three key pillars for resilient supply chains between us our trust, transparency, and timelines. i am sure that this framework will be helpful in strengthening these pillars, and will encourage development, peace, and prosperity in the indo pacific region. thank you very much. >> it's a pleasure to call on
12:56 am
the prime minister of new zealand. >> we have been listening to a joint news conference between u.s. president joe biden, who is there on his visit in tokyo and japan's prime minister, the leaders affirmed their commitment to the indo pacific economic framework, a plan for economic cooperation between the u.s. and japan and we also heard from india's prime minister, part of the quad, speaking in support of this economic plan that he said would help the region become an engine of global economic growth. and we will continue to watch this and monitor it in the hour that follows but at this point, at this juncture i want to thank you so much for spending part of your day with me, cnn newsroom continues next.
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welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world, i'm is sa suarez in london just ahead here on cnn newsroom. >> are you willing to defend taiwan if it comes to that? >> yes, we stand firmly with japan and other nation's not to let that happen. >> have you been able to fully grasp that you are free? >> no, that government is really sincerely evil


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