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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  May 23, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world, i'm is sa suarez in london just ahead here on cnn newsroom. >> are you willing to defend taiwan if it comes to that? >> yes, we stand firmly with japan and other nation's not to let that happen. >> have you been able to fully grasp that you are free? >> no, that government is really sincerely evil at all levels
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from the top to the bottom. >> we will be formulating in stores early as this week. >> now we know we can go to bed around sleep well knowing that our babies can be fed. >> live from london, this is cnn "newsroom" with isa soares. >> welcome to the show. it is monday, may 23rd. u.s. president biden is keeping anwary eye on the military foot print. mr. bind has a strong response to china. the white house was quick to qualify the u.s. policy on the issue has not changed. while those comments come shortly after you wrap up a meeting with prime minister kishida. moments ago, mr. biden is
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counting china's growing influence in asia, while the plan is aimed at a partnership, it is hoping to make the supply chain more resilient. biden is partnering with u.s., japan and south korea have signed on so far. while cnn is covering this story from every angle. we have kevin in tokyo with the latest developments. let me start off with that economic plan. we heard from prime minister modi of india talking about his vision for this plan. what is standing out for you so far? >> reporter: well, this is really president biden's attempt to build a collective block, an economic sphere to counter china and the region. the u.s. had been without such a plan since president trump backed out of the tcp. he says he has 12 other nations plus the united states to join
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this indo pacific economic frame that will layout the rules of the road, in terms of economics, trade that sort of thing. president biden only spoke for under ten minutes or so. so he didn't really offer a lot of details about what might be included in this plan. but he laid out the thematic reasons for it. he said it was delivered for the nations on earth and they were writing the rules for the economy and the future of this next century will be written in the indo pacific. now, there are a lot of skeptics about this plan that say it lacks a lot of details. that it doesn't necessarily say why nations should join up and only that they would have to be governed by some of these commitments in areas like clean energy, anti-corruption, resilient supply chain. so the president clearly trying to strike this off. it was eminnocent when he is speaking that a lot of the work remains to be done in hammering out what some of the commitments
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actually are. issa. >> reporter: as you are talking, we are looking at live images of prime minister kishida and president biden talking about the plan. they had a press conference about afternoon hour-and-a-half or so a lot of ground was covered, kevin, then. a lot of the discussion is the ministry in what relates to taiwan and whether the u.s. would be willing to use force to defend taiwan. that needs to stand out. what did you make of what president joe biden said? >> reporter: yeah. it certainly was the standout. it was only one word when the reporter asked him if the u.s. was willing to respond if china invaded taiwan? he said, yes. he tom leed back and said the u.s. has commitments in that area. that is far stronger than any u.s. president has been on taiwan in recent memory. it sort of goes against the policy the u.s. calls strategic
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ambiguity. while they provide taiwan defensive weapons. they encourage china not to invade taiwan. they don't necessarily spell out what they would do if that happened. the president expanded a little more about u.s. policy towards taiwan in his answer. listen to what he had to say. >> reporter: we agree with one china policy. we signed onto it. and all the attendant agreements made from there. but the idea that it can be taken by force, is taken by force is just not appropriate. it will dislocate the entire region and be another action similar to what happened in ukraine. >> reporter: now, the white house is very quick to clarify the president's statement. they say the u.s. policy has not changed towards taiwan. >> yes, no ambiguity on that. let me get to blake. blake, we are looking at live
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images right now from tokyo of the pacific and indo pacific framework to partner this economic plan. the account, kevin talked a bit about you know what the plan involves. but there is some reticent or criticism of this plan. why is that? >> reporter: there is a lot of uncertainty, actually, what the plan consists of. and at this point this is an opportunity, this is a framework of experts that we talked to, an opportunity for the united states to, once again, involve itself economically in this part of the world as kevin mentioned after president trump withdrew the united states from the tpp. so it's yet to be determined, yet to be seen whether or not this economic frame will stand the test of time. we've heard from china's foreign
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minister yesterday, who said that he thinks that this economic framework is doomed from the beginning. but to take a step back, you know, for japan and the united states, there really is no more important friend or ally in that strength of the partnership was on display today when japan's prime minister kishida called the alliance the linchpin of japan's diplomatic security. one of the big talking points today during that bilateral meeting. on the security front, along with agreeing to continue monitoring chinese and russian joint military drills in the region. the two read leaders discussed peace and stability on the taiwan straits saying each country remains committed to status quo and issue that both countries, neither leader shied away from today.
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president biden committed to japan's defense while prime minister kishida said this. >> japan is committed to fundamentally reenforcing japan's capability and to substantially increase japan's defense budget to achieve this. >> reporter: domestically here in japan, there has been a push to increase spending from 1-to-2% of the country's gdp and improve its defensive capability within the framework of passing this constitution and develop a counterattack capability. >> thank you both of you in tokyo. thank you very much, indeed. ♪ >>. >> now u.s. president joe biden's prime minister reaffirmed the support for sovereignty and condemned russia's actions on the war in ukraine goes on. one person was killed in a russian missile attack in the
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region to the west of kiev. to the south, meanwhile, the regional officials say russian forces shall resettle in the district. no casualties were reported. we take you to the east in the kryvyi rih region, several people were injured, including an 11-year-old child. we are getting damage in lozova, one of 11 institutions that have been hit which russian missile strikes. they say 1,000 apartments have suffered damage. president zelenskyy has announced no one will break the unity between the two countries, this coming after poland's leader traveled to kiev. >> allies, polish president duda is meeting with a spanish
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organization in parliament. president zelenskyy delivered a strong message to the assembly. >> after putin, after mariupol, there can be no business as usual with russia. >> reporter: they heeded to address the assembly in person since the war began. duda says ukraine has the right to decide its future and shouldn't heed even a centimeter of its territory to russia. in eastern ukraine, ukrainian troops are fighting to do just that and trying to repair the russian attack on the city. the major has become a major battlefield. the russians are not stopping, day or night. they broke down a bridge that delivered humanitarian aid.
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many experts say severeo donetsk is seen in the donbas region and new travel restrictions are in effect in the southern city of mariupol. now under complete russian control, either surrender at the steel works last week. officials say they are in the city as well as out. and those ukrainians in the city could face deportation by the russians. >> joining us now with more from ukraine standing by live in the western city of lviv. i understand you have been speaking to the wife of a soldier who surrendered last week. what did she tell you? has she heard from him so far? >> reporter: well, i had a chance to talk to na tallia.
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essentially, her husband surrendered four days ago to the russians. and she has not heard from him since. she is trying to comfort herself, remind herself that in her words, she said, he is a man of action that he is strong. she does take some comfort of president zelenskyy's threat to the russians, if they destroy the people of azovstal, there will never be talks. she is pushing for the talks for her husband's release as she endures this very painful wait. as russia pull emed the mariupol steel plant with overwhelming fire power, natalia could only watch and pray for her husband bodon inside p. but bodan, a ukrainian soldier was able to update natalia almost daily, she says, chronicling the worsening conditions. >> we cannot describe the
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situation because people had no land nor hands and no magazines. >> reporter: weeks in, photos revealed he was jaundiced and had dropped weight. >> he lost weight. but he has a very strong spirit. >> reporter: he had seen many of his friends killed and feared he was next. following his commander's order, thursday, bodon surrendered telling natalia, he would lose allable to communicate. now with his fellow soldiers in russian custody, natalia can only assume he's at a nearby detention center. her greatest fear now that he is being tortured or worse. what is the last message that he typed to you? >> i love you. he was worried about his mom.
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he asked me that she was alive around to wait for him. >> reporter: natalia believes bodon will give everything to stay alive, motivated by their sheer desire to some day create a family. >> and his idea has me to be strong. >> reporter: but the pain of not knowing is excruciating, the weight heavy, as russia's attacks carried on. now, natalia is a small group of wives as well as mothers working with turkish officials including the turkish president to bring light to this and to push for those negotiations, potentially some sort of prisoner swap. but there is no progress yet on that front as she continues to wait. >> thank you so much, suzanne.
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now, the u.s. president is still working to address the nation wide baby formula in the united states. president biden has two manufactured orders under the defense production act. this would allow them to more quickly receive supplies as well as ingredients. meanwhile, the white house has a second flight of baby formula will be delivered in the coming days. cnn's paolo sandoval was there for the arrival. >> reporter: this was the first flight of president biden's effort to try to provide some kind of relief to parents in the united states that have been desperate to stock up on that baby formula as we are months into this shortage here. we are looking at 35 tons of prescription baby formula manufactured in germany over the weekend and then flown here to the united states, where they hope it will address the needs of the most vulnerable babies,
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agriculture skt tom csecretary tom vilsack described what is expected for the load which he hopes is one of many. >> now this shipment is essentially going to get off this cargo plane. then the federal express folks will take it from there. they will distribute it to a distribution center the gerber folks have here in indiana. then it will go on trucks and will be delivered in hospitals and home healthcare clinics all across the country providing support and health. >> reporter: important for now this is hypoallergenic product to babies allergic to cow's milk. there are still a majority of parents in the united states they are hoping to stock up and see that positive impact in the grocery store shelves. this latest load will not be going to those locations. i did have an opportunity to the speak to officials with fed-ex,
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who is a big partner in these deliveries. they say they are already scheduling a flight from europe here to the united states, possibly later this week and they hope that that will at least help it begin to address some of the broader needs as manufacturing continues to ramp up in the united states of this essential item. paolo sandoval, cnn, indianapolis. meanwhile, the u.s. president is easing concerns about monkey pox. joe biden says he doesn't believe outbreak in the united states is as risky as the covid-19 pandemic. they have vaccines as well as treatment. they say there are more than 90-some cases around the world. the white house coordinated with abc news and monkey pox is not in the sphere. let's have a listen. >> this is a virus. we understand we have vaccines
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against it, we have treatments against it. it's spread very differently. it's not as contagious as covid. so i am confident we will be able to keep our arms around it. we will track it very closely and use the tools we have to make sure that we continue to prevent further spread and take care of people who get infected. >> while the illness is mostly found in west and central affect. the u.s. centers for disease control and prevention, this has a number of cases being reported outside these rejunsz you can see there on the screen. now, authorities are searching for gunmen who shot and killed a 48-year-old man on the new york subway. police say the subject and victim had no reaction. witnesses say the gunman fired prout provocation. nobody else was hurt. police are looking at surveillance video and asking the public to help identify. coming up, an exclusive
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interview. >> they have absolutely no value of human life and that apathy permeates every level of the russian government. >> trevor reed gifts cnn a harrowing account of his time in a russian prison. fresh off the meeting with u.s. president joe biden days ago, the president speaks exclusively with cnn. that interview and more when we return. we are watching "newsroom." i'm jonathan lawson here to tell you about life insurance through the colonial penn program. if you're age 50 to 85, and looking to buy life insurance on a fixed budget, remember the three ps. what are t three ps? the three ps of life insurance on a fixed budget are price, price, and pric
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welcome back. south korea's ne president has been in after two weeks and also met with president biden. we spoke exclusively to paula hancock's, his first interview since inauguration. paula, it doesn't seem he will leave a mark on the topic of north korea and kim jong-un. what did he say? >> reporter: well, it was interesting because he was dismissing the policy of his predecessor, maybe not surprising as he is in the opposition. he effectively said the time of
1:24 am
appeaseing north korea is over. sameing some called it subservient didn't plodiplomacyd what happened over the last five years failed. she deal issing with an intercontinental missile lawn franchise north korea or potentially a seventh underground nuclear test. i asked him what his response works he said the response would be stronger and firmer than it has been before. i also asked him how he changes kim jong-un's calculus. this is a north korean leader with a five year weapons and military plan who appears to have no interest in talking >> i think the ball is in chairman kim's choice. it is his choice to start a dialogue with us. i do not want to create a collapse. my hope is to prosper alongside south korea. i do not believe enhancing the
1:25 am
capability is hopeful to maintaining peace and shared prosperity. >> now, the president showed great interest in joining the new indo pacific economic framework, the asia economic framework that president biden has been unveiling, so 13 nation as part of that. he also said he is interested in joining some of the quad working groups. now, both of these are considered to be counters to china. china is south korea's biggest trading partner. so i asked the president how worried he was that there could be some kind of economic backlash or retaliation against south korea. >> even if we strengthen our alliance with the united states in security and technology, it does not mean we think our economic cooperation with china is unimportant. so i do not believe it is reasonable for china to be overly sensitive about this
1:26 am
matter. >> the president says that that's one of the world's leading nations, he believes china should abide by the rules based international order. of course that order is in flux around the world. president yeon has in different days in this interview shows he is standing firmly during his next five years next to the united states. >> paula hancock with that exclusive interview. thanks very much, paula. now, he is free and back home after being imprisoned in russia. an exclusive interview. trevor reed described it as evil after being held in a russian psychiatric facility. >> were you afraid for your life? >> i mean i did not sleep there for a couple of days so i was too worried about you know who was in the cell with me to actually sleep. >> you thought they might kill you? >> yeah.
1:27 am
i thought that was a possibility. actually, i went to knock on a door to give a letter once and the whole, all of the prisoners in the cell yelled at me, don't knock on the door. and they said, if you knock on the door, they'll say that you are violent. they will come in and hold you down and hit you with this sedative and turn you into a zombie so that was a scary situation there. i thought that they were going to try to like you know basically chemically disable me from like fighting the court process. >> it sounds like a horror movie. >> yeah. that's what it was like. not only because of like the physical, like conditions in the cell, the prisoners there. that part is scary in itself. but the scarier part is being under this threat of them chemically disabling you. my whole goal there was to fight and resist that whole time.
1:28 am
but if someone uses chemicals to disable you, how can you fight? and that was the scariest part to me was being helpless. >> we'll have much more of trevor reed's interview with our jake tapper in the next hour. do not miss that. and just ahead, a baltic company shut off all energy independence from moscow. what are the consequences? we'll have a live discussion. and nato was driven by concerns in ukraine. it has a lot to offer the alliance after this short break.
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now, in the next hour, president zelenskyy is expected to give a statement. they are being felt around the world. cnn is covering all the angles on the world front. we are tracking how the war affected russia's energy sector. they are on the boat by finland to join nato. let me start with you. anna, clearly, ukraine will be front and center here. the criticism is, of course, as you and i have covered, a lot of hot air so really what are we expecting to come out of this? >> well, this is the great elite. anything has come of it at a time where possibly the greatest economic challenges ever. award ukraine resulting in high
1:33 am
energy prices, food crisis in poorer parts of the world. the risk of recession and the ongoing effect of the pandemic and climate change. there is a lot on the table here. i think the war in ukraine is going to be front and center of every panel discussion and all the conversations around davos. an imf chief said this is the greatest test this war, frankly for the global semi-since the second war. we will have more from the first big opening speech in just over an hour. i think we will all be glued to that. we will get a sense of what he will want to see from these leaders. critically sanctions, more sanctions on energy, which is something when i was in ukraine, they kept telling me time and time again, claire. >> yes, the eu is still deadlocked that in theory include russian oil. we had the german vice
1:34 am
chancellor really had a dig at hung ahungry. he said you are seeing the worst of europe. some states are blocking this development and said hungry has to help and not sit there and say in his word to build a partnership. so u.s. is grappling with how to find a way to show unity in this regard. we are asking small temperatures, lithuania said it has finally ended not just russian imports and gas and electricity. on the other side, russia continues to show it is willing to go there as well. they have cut off gas. >> and the finish side, of course, is they refuse to pay rubles, which is something that russia demanded. >> non-payment is the reason. this is interesting, what the ruble mechanism that russia is now enforcing is making us impose sanctions or do we risk
1:35 am
violating them and still enforcing russian energy? you think they will come down on either side, any of the italian energy, that it will open an account. people are grappling with how to balance the risk, cutting off seven weeks with the risk of continuing to pay into russia's water. >> i know we have been focusing on sweden as well as finland. experts, of course that sweden could lose gas exports from russia. the move is seen as retaliation by president vladimir putin. the move is a shift in decades-long policy came amid regional concerns over russia's invasion in ukraine. both have significant fighting forces. have a listen. >> reporter: sweden joint forces
1:36 am
holding exercises days after this drills that were planned two years ago. they have taken on a new urgency since russia's invasion of ukraine. >> they have shown very clearly, the soldiers and military needs to reach their goals and have lowered. we don't exclude anything. >> reporter: both countries bring a lot to the table. sweden, in particular, with it own home-made high-tech hardware originally set up to support the nation's neutrality. >> these are fighter jets and submarines. >> they have four main contributions. the first one being geography. they cannot fulfill the baltics without using swedish territory. second will i the swedish territory with the intelligence operation and the fourth one being the submarine force. >> if a part of nato, sweden submarines could play a greater ro el in protecting scandinavia
1:37 am
and the baltic sea. >> without them, it will be very difficult for the army and the navy to perfect their operations. we are an air force with 100 fighters. we will add strength to nato. >> reporter: the jewel in its crown, 39 made by staff. >> reporter: what's it feel like? >> being in this aircraft is like being inside a rocket at that speed, it's absolutely amazing. you see the avionics system is a completely new way of managing information. all these sensors give you lots of information. >> i have been given a chance to look inside the cockpit. and what i can tell you is that you are immediately struck by the sheer amount of technology that's been packed into a very tight space. already used by nato members, hungary and the czech republic. these sophisticated class earned sweden a place among the top
1:38 am
ranked air forces. these swedish jets are designed to take off and land in short runway itself. here, they have been practicing on a local highway. they also only need a limited number of person in el to refuel and rearm them. and that can be done within 10-to-12 minutes. >> you have one-to-two airbases, those will be targets immediately. you have the capability that you can use highways and hide the aircrafts and operations, you become much less the target. >> reporter: sweden believes the nato membership may have hit unexpected turbulence, but having these capabilities could in the end win critics over. >> we will bring knowledge and experience from this region. we live here. we exercise. we are prepared to fight here. >> reporter: as you can see there, this is an $8 billion defense sector for this country, which was already one of the world's most sophisticated and set to grow. sweden currently spends 1.2 to
1:39 am
1.5% on gdp defense. where they are trying to add 2% as soon as possible. previously they said they would do it by 2028. they have brought that forward in the line with hopes to join nato and finland spends 2% of its gdp on its defense. these are big countries that have a strategic position in northern europe, also a strategic position within the partnership that they already have with the nato alliance. issa. >> thank you very much. anna sebastian and afternoon that stewart. thank you all. now , a future showdown between two republican state heavy weights, one that backed donald trump. we'll bring that you story next. free cancellation on most bookings. it's a bit functional. but we'll gladly be functional. so you can be free. booking.yeah
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. welcome back. the white house has moved quickly to clean up comments
1:43 am
from u.s. president joe biden. he sid at a news conference, we will respond militarily. shortly afterwards, the white house said its policy on taiwan has not changed. and now china is responding. cnn chief joins me now with china's reaction. give us a sense of what china is saying following comments from u.s. president joe biden. >> well, china's response has come quickly and forcefully, not surprisingly given that taiwan is the reddest of the red lines. as you know, they consider taiwan a part of their territory claiming sovereignty over this island of 23 million people. even though the hueling communist party directly controlled the islands. sol a foreign ministry spokesman a short while ago lashing out at mr. biden's remarks, expressing china's strong dissatisfaction and firming position in what he said in seeing how this is about
1:44 am
china's core interest and there is no room for compromise and urging the u.s. and i guess biden, himself, not to underestimate the 1.4 billion people's resolve and safe guard china's national sovereignty and urging the u.s. not to send the wrong signal to taiwan's pro independent forces and also, of course, sending a warning that china will take firm acs to defend its national sovereignty and they say they mean what they say. now, this kind of rhetoric this kind of language is not entirely new. we have heard this quite often as recently as last week when china's top diplomat held a phone conversation with the u.s. national security adviser jake sullivan. he used very similar language. of course, mr. biden saying that the u.s. would get militarily involved if taiwan elements this further. you mentioned this is not the
1:45 am
first time mr. biden stepped away from the long standing ambiguity on this issue. the worry now is with the chinese military and economic powers, maneuvering around taiwan and also at a time, of course, when the u.s. is shoring up its military missions, including many freedom of navigation missions, mighty chances for misjudgment, miscal calculation and accidentally triggering lasting both, that's the last thing both side want to see. >> thank you very much, steven. now, five elections in five u.s. states over a day away, a high stakes contest in georgia has captured the spotlight. state governor brian kemp captures david purdue in the republican primary. he's the hand-picked candidate from donald trump. a recent polling shows him with a massive lead.
1:46 am
cnn national politics reporter has more for you. >> reporter: former president donald trump hasn't given up on david purdue just yet. he will hold a rally on monday and will implore voters via phone to get out and support purdue. the polling suggests incumbent brian kemp will be the victor nonetheless. purdue struggled because governor kemp popular among conservatives here has been able to rely on a state legislature to pass a number of conservative policy villagetories and while republican voters certainly value the former president's endorsement of purdue, they also have other priorities on their mind. purdue has intensely focused on the 2020 election, on this grieve vans somehow the election was robbed or stolen from the former president in that kemp could have done more for the former president.
1:47 am
that's just not true. it hasn't been a salient enough issue for voters in the state. >> i believe every republican in georgia will be unified after tuesday. we have been through tough primaries before in our state. so people have differences of opinion on who they want their nominee to be. i can guarantee you the republicans in georgia know i will be a lot better governor than stacey abrams. people in the middle know that to. >> he denied it. he is now covering it up and suppressing evidence. that's why he cannot win in november. >> reporter: they are hammering governor kemp. governor kemp already shifting his focus to the general election targeting democratic candidate stacey abrams. abrams, though, not on the trail this weekend. she is running uncontested. cnn, atlanta. and still to come right here, higher temperatures threaten bicker wildfires in the
1:48 am
weren't u.s. we'll have the latest forecast for you. big time heat across the united states, themps running 20-plus degrees. we'll break this down, coming up in a f few minutes. it helped me push the door open.
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. now, are you looking there at a group of men on afghan tv news protesting the taliban. they placed this picture on twitter with their faces covered as a sign of solidarity with their female colleagues. they oppose covering their faces reporting on air. now it's heat and dry conditions across the u.s. you will see an elevated risk as they has the line of storms and have the latest on conditions in the u.s. >> reporter: good morning, big time heat to tell you across the western united states, manly across the central valley, where 7 million americans under heat
1:53 am
advisories could begin a portion this week. temperatures will reach record values and triple digit categories. one is the state capitol of sacramento coming in at 101 degrees for a forecast on wednesday afternoon. 100 degrees speaks to the incredible temperatures. they are down across the valley. the sun and phoenix temperatures about 10 degrees above average. of course, fire weather concern as well across parts of the four corners region. just east of that area, a level 2 on a scale of one to five. a slight risk for severe weather including san antonio, mainly for some strong winds to large hail across the region. they have a chance for strong thunderstorms. notice the threat levels shift further to the east, again
1:54 am
damaging winds and large hail are primary threats. we do expect weather on to atlanta. eventually to charlotte as well, rain cooled, south. cleveland, temperatures only 59 degrees. >> thank you very much. and now in sports, the golden state warriors are one minute away from the nba finals. the warriors sealed the victory. now the 3-o lead in the western conference finals. they led with 31 points. the mavericks will be in front of their home fans when game four kicks off on tuesday. it was a thrilling finish. the pga championship, justin thomas came roaring from behind with a second career major after
1:55 am
three whole playoffs. he began the final round back of the leader, can 3 under par final round. thomas was able to force a playoff. he had two birdies to seal the victory. it wasn't decided until the final minute of the last game of the season, manchester city captured the premier league title again, thanks to a dramatic comeback victory. the fourth championship in five years and plarp playing after a 2-nil late in the game. city forced three goals in quick succession. you can imagine into a frenzy. and before we go, a man in california after a highway patrol helicopter rescued him. this dramatic rescue. they were seen to rescue a man.
1:56 am
one of the rescuers says the man was grateful no doubt to see them especially was on the cliff. he was able to get himself into the harness and help me out. he only had some scrapes and bruises. that's about it. i am pretty great. for to you see us. he is ready to get off that cliff for sure. >> officials have not said how the man got stuck in there. a local fisherman spotted him. glad he is safe. i'm issa soares? washington. you are watching cnn. i'll see you tomorrow, bye-bye. ♪
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