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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  May 23, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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i'm erica hill. >> i'm jim skciutto. president biden in japan, launching economic initiative in the region. the group, which includes 13 nations, aims to level the economic playing field with china. perhaps a replacement for the tpp, which had been scrapped by the trump administration, but it was biden's off-the-cuff remarks regarding taiwan garnering the most attention this morning. the white house walking by president biden's remarks they would help militarily if china would invade. the president was speaking about providing weapons to taiwan, which is already u.s. policy, not putting u.s. boots on the ground, sending soldiers or sailors to defend taiwan. that's an important distinction. we'll have more on this in a moment. also this morning, 35 tons of desperately needed baby formula arriving in the u.s.
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over the weekend. all of it part of that effort to address the nationwide shortage. as more babies are hospitalized. the flight was the first of several shipments expected from europe this week. we have new details this morning on when we could see some other flights. let's begin this morning with president biden's trip to asia. jeremy diamond is in tokyo. selena wang is in beijing. jeremy, first to you, president biden's indo-pacific economic framework, as it's known, agreement of a number of nations, a dozen nations in the region, something of a replacement for the transpacific partnership, tpp, which the obama administration introduced but trump scrapped, but not quite. tell us exactly what this would do. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. this is a broad economic framework known as the indo-pacific economic framework launched by president biden earlier today. but the details of this still very much have to be negotiated. they will be negotiated over the next several weeks with the 13 partner nations who have signed
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onto this broad economic framework. they will be making specific economic commitments in different areas. trade, bolstering supply chains, clean energy, anti-corruption efforts. but as of now, tariffs, reducing tariffs, is not on the table. that would, on the one hand, mean this deal doesn't necessarily require congressional authorization, but on the other hand, critics are saying maybe it means this deal doesn't have enough teeth. president biden saying the future of the 21st century economy will be made and defined here in the indo-pacific. that's why he says he's reengaging. as you mentioned, president trump pulled the united states out of that transpacific partnership in 2017. clearly, this is an effort to reassert the u.s.'s economic power in the region and push back on china's dominance over the last several years, in particular, since the u.s. left that tpp agreement. >> jeremy, as jim just noted, it was really president biden's comments, though, about taiwan that are getting a lot of the
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attention this morning. administration officials reportedly caught offguard. what more do we know this morning about where things stand and what the administration is now saying? >> reporter: yeah, president biden's comments were fairly unequivocal and ambiguous. i want you to listen before we talk about them. >> you didn't want to get involved in the ukraine conflict militarily for obvious reasons. are you willing to get involved militarily to defend taiwan if it comes to that? >> yes. >> you are? >> that's the commitment we made. we agree with the one china policy. we signed yoen to it. and all the attendant agreements made from there. but the idea that it can be taken by force, just taken by force, is just not -- is just not appropriate. it will dislocate the entire region and be another action
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similar to what happened in ukraine. >> reporter: as you can see there, president biden fairly unambiguously, unequivocally and without caveat saying the united states would intervene militarily should china choose to move against taiwan, to invade taiwan. an administration official following that insisted that the president said our policy has not changed. that u.s. policy on this matter has not changed. but if you look at the words of the president, he does appear to be throwing out this idea of strategic ambiguity, which has been the u.s.'s long-standing policy as it relates to taiwan. essentially that the united states would not say whether or not it would intervene militarily. but you hear the president there saying that. the president did reiterate his support for the one china policy, which essentially acknowledges but does not endorse china's position as the only chinese government over the territories of china. but, again, the president here once again, not the first time, but the third time that he has
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now suggested the u.s. would intervene militarily should china invade taiwan. >> the definition is militarily. administration officials say that does not mean sending soldiers or sailors to fight chinese soldiers. but to say the u.s. will provide weapons as it is to ukraine, as opposed to boots on the ground. you're right. it's not the first time we've been in this place before. thank you very much. following president biden's comments on taiwan, the chinese foreign ministry spokesperson is urging the u.s. to earnestly follow the one china principle. >> cnn correspondent selena wang is in beijing this morning. how else are chinese officials responding this morning? >> reporter: erica, they're responding angriangrily. chinese officials lashing out moments after president biden made those comments saying it firmly opposes what biden said. no one should underestimate
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china's resolve of 1.4 billion people to defend its territorial integrity. this taiwan issue has no concessions, no compromise. we've heard china make these angry and forceful statements before when it comes to taiwan because this is a red line issue for china. china considers taiwan the democratically ruled island of 24 million people, to be a breakaway province that must be reunited with the mainland at all costs, even by force. and it's not the first time that biden has made these comments, only to have the white house later walk back the statements. but it's of significance to china because it happened at biden's first visit to asia, right at china's doorstep. the purpose of the u.s. long-standing policy of strategic ambiguity is that it keeps china guessing. it is not clear exactly what the u.s. would do if china were to invade taiwan, so it keeps both taiwan and china from doing anything as the logic goes that would upset the status quo.
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as china grows militarily, economically more powerful, as the threat to taiwan becomes more real, there are more calls for an end to this ambiguity. now, on the other hand, others say that what biden said is not a good idea. it could, in fact, provoke china to accelerate plans to take over taiwan. it's important to remember, whatever happens to the future of the island, it will have ripple effects around the world adds taiwan is the key supplier for semiconductors that goes into everything from cars to smartphones. >> so important. appreciate it. thank you. as we look at this, jim, i want to follow up on what you said earlier when you were talking with jeremy because this is your area of expertise, based on your past experience, and you are chief national correspondent, we look at what was ambiguity, and part of that was keeping china guessing.
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what does this do this morning for u.s./chinese relationships? do you think there's more concern we're not hearing about? >> no. first, let's start with what the administration is telling us now. they're saying there is no change to u.s. policy here. there is no change to what has been the policy since the taiwans relations act of 1979, which is the u.s. will provide taiwan the means to defend itself, right, not dissimilar from what we're seeing in ukraine, provide weapons, military support, et cetera, but will not put boots on the ground in ukraine or -- well, frankly, boots or sailors on the ground in taiwan. i spoke to an official familiar with the president's thinking just a short time ago who said, no, the policy remains the same. when president biden says support militarily, that means provide weapons. it does not mean send u.s. forces to fight china in the event of a chinese invasion. now, the problem, of course, is that this is, as jeremy was saying there, not the first time
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the president has answered a question on this about defending taiwan, defending it militarily, and said simply, yes, the u.s. will. that then, understandably, generates questions like the ones we've had this morning. is the president moving the ball forward, to say that military support would be beyond providing weapons, it would be getting involved militarily. now, what administration officials are telling us this morning, no, there is no change. is there deliberate ambiguity here to signal to china that, well, maybe that's not so rock solid anymore, that maybe the u.s. would go further here? i mean, that's essentially the question. i put that very specific question to an official familiar with the president's thinking this morning. the answer in simplest terms, taiwan relations act of 1979, the policy provide defensive weapons but don't send soldiers and sailors to help defend taiwan. whether that changes in any
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official way in the coming weeks or months, we'll see. that's what the administration is saying this morning. >> appreciate it, jim, as always. a lot of news we're covering not just in asia this morning, but, of course, also out of russia and ukraine. new this morning, the first russian soldier to stand trial tore war crimes in ukraine found guilty and sentenced to life in prison. 21-year-old sergeant vadim shishimarin was found guilty of killing a civilian, 62-year-old man in the sumy region in the early days of russia's invasion. cnn's melissa bell is in kyiv. this is the first, frankly, in a number of planned war crimes trials involving russian forces there. do we expect more of this coming soon? how many, in fact? >> reporter: well, we do. ukrainian prosecutors have been extremely clear they want to move swiftly ahead with ukrainian justice in the context of their civilian courts, even as the war continues in order to
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send a strong message. as that sentence was read out, 21-year-old vadim shishimarin bowing his head. during that 50 minutes, nearly an hour the judge spent reading out the verdict and the sentencing, and remember, everyone had to stand during this reading out, going to great lengths, i think, to explain that the verdict was being given in accordance with ukrainian law, which is that the judge has ruled that vadim shishimarin is guilty of premeditated murder in violation of the customs and rules of war. that is the most interesting thing about this trial. in a civilian court, a trial ruling on what a soldier has done during a war, even as that war continues. have a listen to what the prosecutor had to say just after that hearing came to an end today.
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>> translator: i think that all other law enforcement agencies will go along the path we traveled. this will be good for other occupiers who may not yet be on our territory but planning to come. those here now and planning to stay and fight, or maybe they will think that it's time to leave here for their own territory. >> reporter: so justice being served for that unarmed civilian who died on the fourth day of the war. an important message as well to the russian troops still fighting on the ground, jim. >> melissa bell, thanks so much. well, right now the biden administration is working to distribute some 35 tons of baby formula, part of an effort to address a nationwide shortage, which is ongoing. important to note, the first shipment will not go to stores. it's for babies who cannot tolerate the protein in cow's milk. those babies prioritized because, of course, critical medical needs. >> cnn medical correspondent elizabeth cohen joins us this
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morning from london. what more can we expect in terms of shipment and easing that shortage? >> erica, we're expecting another shipment this coming week, just in the next few days. and that will total out the equivalent of 1.5 million bottles of formula. let's take a look at some of those details. so, 1.5 million 8-ounce bottles will be brought in, the equivalent of that n two different flights. the first flight already left sunday with hypoallergenic formula. that will go to hospitals, pharmacies, doctors. it will be interesting to see how that flow works, how that actually gets to the families. a second flight expected in coming days with more hypoallergenic formula. there's another side to this or another effort being made. that's part of the defense production act. that is the federal government has stepped in and said, you know what, ingredients that can be used for a whole variety of things, we want to prioritize infant formula. so, what they're saying here is that things like corn syrup,
6:14 am
certain proteins need to be prioritized for infant formula. we want to be clear-eyed about this. these are all steps that are hopefully going to go in the right direction. 1.5 million bottles prioritizing ingredients for formula. it's not going to change things today, tomorrow, the next day, for every parent, for all parents, they are still going to be showing up at stores and seeing shelves that are not full. it could take many weeks to get out of this. erica, jim? >> important developments as you point out. step one at this point. elizabeth, appreciate it. thank you. >> so many failures along the way. still to come, former vice president pence is in georgia campaigning for incumbent governor brian kemp, not david perdue, the candidate supported by the man he served under, former president trump. this morning "the new york times" says pence may be laying the groundwork for a run against trump potentially in 2024. we will be live in atlanta next. plus, president biden says
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this morning he doesn't believe monkeypox is as risky as covid, with more than 100 confirmed cases in 12 countries around the world. we'll tell you what you need to know this morning. and the biden administration explored tapping a rarely used emergency diesel reserve to ease the spike in diesel prices. how that could affect what you pay at the pump. that's ahead. she's getting graded on her green investments with merrill.. a-plus. still got it. (whistle blows) your moneyey never stops workig for you with merrill, a bank of america company. for people who are a little intense about hydration. neutrogena® hydro boost lightweight. fragrance-free. 48 hour hydration. for that hlthy skin glow. neutrogena®. for people with skin so, people can get a free samsung gala s22 when thetrade in a galaxy, any year any condition. oh i get it. so you can take your old phone, that you've had for 12 years and loved every minute of, and trade it in for something new that suits your life now?
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i had been giving koli kibble. it never looked like real food. with the farmer's dog you can see the pieces of turkey. it smells like actual food. as he's aged, he's still quite energetic and youthful. i really attribute that to diet. get started at voters in five states head to polls tomorrow to vote in primary elections. a spotlight firmly focused on georgia with a slate of races that will, hopefully, shed light on the gop but set up general critical election content in that key battleground state. >> georgia's governor gubernatorial will test the powers of endorsements as brian
6:20 am
kemp takes on a trump-backed candidate in the former gop senator david perdue. cnn's eva mckand joins us from atlanta. if the polls stand, kemp will win, but what are the largest implications? >> reporter: it certainly appears so. after perdue was essentially coaxed into running, he made the election the focal point of his race. and it just was not enough to overcome the power of imcouple b incumbency by this governor. former vice president mike pence will campaign for him today while former president trump phoning it in for perdue in a call-in rally this evening.
6:21 am
>> eva, i think we have some technical issues. i don't know if you can hear me, but looking at stacey abrams running unopposed in the gubernatorial democratic primary. i know you spoke with her over the weekend. what did she tell you? >> erica, if there is anyone that can find the votes in this state, it is stacey abrams, who has worked for years to build up the democratic establishment in this state to get more marginalized groups to the ballot box. so, even though she's running uncontested, there is a lot of energy here. we are seeing record breaking numbers with the early vote. and i asked her about this. you know, the progressives, organizers in this state, lots of concerns about the voting law signed by kemp last year, calling that racist. i asked her if she would still
6:22 am
characterize that racist in the wake of so many republicans and democrats coming out in this early vote period. >> but we have to remember that voter suppression isn't about stopping every voter. it's about blocking and impeding those voters who are considered inconvenient. the moral equivalent of saying voter turnout diffuses or diffuse voter suppression is the same as saying more people in the water brings the sharks. we believe they are designed to respond to the turnout we saw in 2020, 2021. that was young people, people of color and communities disadvantaged. i continue to be deeply concerned about who the targets are and who will be undermined. >> so, less action on the democratic side here on the ground because abrams is running uncontested. kemp already focusing on abrams heavily, mentioning her a dozen times at a campaign event over
6:23 am
the weekend. >> quite a race to watch among many. thank you so much. cnn will be watching it closely. here's another reason to watch. "the new york times" is suggesting that former vice president mike pence is using that primary to reintroduce himself to voters, ahead of the 2024 presidential election. here to discuss is new reporting, jonathan martin, a national political correspondent for "the new york times" as well as cnn political correspondent. pence reintroduce himself to georgia voters and to some degree, i imagine, national republican voters. is that reintroduce to lay the groundwork to run, even against trump? >> re >> hey, jim, thanks for having me. pretty clearly pence wants to keep the option open of running in 2024 and he's miethodically creating distance between him and trump. talking about differences when
6:24 am
it comes to january 6th. he went to virginia and visited the memorial of heather haier where trump had some grief. and pence is now outside atlanta tonight to do effectively a pre-emptive victory lap with brian kemp and sort of a poke in the eye of donald trump, who tried to take out kemp. it all adds up to pence puts space between him and trump, to at least keep the option open of running in '24. i asked myself pence directly, what does it mean if trump is in the race? he did not rule that out. >> wouldn't rule it out, which is important. i know in your story a spokesperson for the former president, parafrparaphrasing,
6:25 am
the former vice president would be nowhere and touting donald trump's record in races up until now, which makes it all the more interesting, as you point out, that we'll see mike pence in this sort of pre-emptive victory lap tonight. >> right. what was striking about the response from the trump people in my story is, you know, not subtle at all. basically belittling pence, saying pence is straining for relevance by joining brian kemp in georgia. a blistering rebuke from president trump for his own vice president. that tells you everything about the state of their relationship. i would just add -- book out now. this will not pass.
6:26 am
>> is there any precedent for this, for a former vp -- >> that's a good question. >> -- challenge the president he served under? >> it's a really good question. it's hard to think of something in modern times. the most recent example that immediately comes to mind would be when teddy roosevelt ran on the bold moose party line against taft in 1912. of course, they had both served as president previously as republicans. but more recently it's hard to imagine a modern president/vice president squaring off for the nomination. we also haven't had an 80-year-old president looking at potential re-election himself. these are uncharted waters here. >> no question. >> in so many ways.
6:27 am
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health officials say they have tracked more than 100 confirmed or suspected cases of monkeypox in 12 countries, including here in the u.s. >> president biden says he does not believe monkeypox is as risky as covid. in fact, it's not as transmissible, but this is a change in tone from these earlier comments. >> but it is something everybody should be concerned about. we're working on it hard to figure out what we do and what vaccine, if any, may be available for it. but it is a concern in the sense that if it were to spread, it's consequential. >> cnn health reporter jacquelyn howard joins us now. so many questions. i'm sure ears are perking up as we get on this topic. it strikes me, from speaking to folks in this field, that the big question here is, why is this popping up in so many places at once, right? do they know? >> exactly. that's the big question that health officials are trying to answer. and right now it's still unclear. what we're seeing so far, we
6:33 am
have these case as in more than a dozen countries where the monkeypox virus is not endemic. here's a map here. each day we keep hearing more from countries. denmark was the latest this morning to report a case. and scientists are concerned because this is younusual. these level of cases are unusual. however, for the public, for us, we should not panic. this is a virus that we know well. we have a vaccine for it. we know how to treat it, which is different from covid-19, bs when we first saw the sars cov2 hig virus. we did not know how to prevent or treat it. but we do with monkeypox. you mentioned, it's not as contagious as covid-19. the symptoms to look for, it starts with flu-like symptoms, fever, headache, muscle aches, swelling lymph nodes up. do develop lesions on the skin or rash. i'm sure you've seen images of
6:34 am
the lesions on the skin there. again, this is something that does not spread as easily among people. the cases we have seen recently, you do need direct contact, direct contact with large respiratory droplets, with bodily fluids or the lesions on the skin if one develops into a wound. you need that level of direct contact for this to spread. some of the cases that have been reported, health officials think that it might be associated -- they might be associated with sexual activity. there's one part of the investigation that's being looked at. but in general, jim, we do not see this as being something that the public should panic about based on the information that we know so far. >> that's an important clarification and really important context as well, appreciate it. if you have a jif peanut butter at home, there's a recall in effect linked to a possible salmonella outbreak in 12
6:35 am
states. the fda believes the contaminated products came from a plant in lexington, kentucky. you can find the full list of the products and how to identify them on the fda's website. not peanut butter. not peanut butter, please. >> i'm sorry, jim. new this morning, police in new york are releasing these images of a suspect in the fatal shooting of an unarmed man on the new york city subway. he was last seen wearing a hooded -- you see those pictures there -- dark-colored sweatshirt, gray sweatpants, white sneakers and a mask. the victim was a 48-year-old. daniel enriquez of brooklyn. he was sitting in the last seat of the car when the gunman pulled out and fired without provocation as the train was crossing the manhattan bridge into the city. the biden administration taking another blow when it comes to immigration. a judge has ruled title 42 will remain in place for now. what does that mean for border towns? we'll speak to the mayor of
6:36 am
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. a federal judge in louisiana has now stopped the biden administration from ending title 42. it was supposed to be lifted today. the public health order issued during the trump administration as a result of the pandemic allowed federal agents to immediately turn away migrants at the southern border, claiming the pandemic. the judge said the biden administration did not follow the right procedure to end the restr restrictions.
6:41 am
now that process could take months. priscilla alvarez joins me now. this only delays the enforcement, but it could delay it for some time? >> yes. bottom line, this could take months. the justice department did say they would appeal the ruling. there's no question this disrupts the administration's plan to end title 42. remember, back in april, the cdc announced that this authority would end on may 23rd, citing access to vaccine and to treatments. and it had been already more than two years this authority had been in place. now, all of this didn't sit well with more than 20 states who filed a lawsuit against the biden administration for ending title 42. they argued before the judge they would incur costs, like health care costs if potentially more migrants were released into the united states and the administration didn't follow the right steps. what we learned on friday's ruling, the biden administration should have taken the right steps in ending this. what he means by that is that the emergency conditions that
6:42 am
existed when this was invoked don't necessarily apply now. meaning there's time for outside input. that notice in comment period we're talking about could take months. the bottom line here is the biden administration will not be ending this authority any time soon. >> just quickly, are there folks you speak to in the administration that are relieved to see this judge's ruling? >> the dhs had been planning for this for some time. they have been in this limbo period of what happens next. they say they're operating like they were before, preparing for border crossings. >> thanks so much. now with the mayor of tucson, arizona, who supports the biden administration's decision to end title 42. good to have you with us. you supported that, but as we just heard, it could be potentially months, right, as we're in now this public notice and comment period. what does this mean for tucson? >> good morning. thanks so much for having me. what it means for tucson is that
6:43 am
we're going to continue as a border city. we'll continue seeing the bottle neck on the mexican side of the border, and it really doesn't resolve much. again, i've said over and over again that title 42 is not an immigration tool. it is a public health order. and the country is resuming business as usual. so, why should we continue using a public health tool on the border as immigration tool? i think what -- in the long term, what needs to happen is congress has to act on its responsibility to fix our broken immigration system. >> so, to that end, you have said that multiple times, right, even tweeting over the weekend that it's time for congress to do their job and fix our broken immigration system. the reality is, not a whole heck of a lot is getting done in
6:44 am
washington these days. >> no. >> is there any area when it comes to immigration reform, is there any area you see the possibility for some sort of bipartisan work or legislation? >> that would be the ideal situation, to be honest. unfortunately, republicans in congress have over and over and over again voted down on a comprehensive immigration reform. i'm the mayor of a border city. and we see day in, day out what is happening here on the ground and what happens is that we rely on each other. the mexican side of the border, the u.s. side of the border, mexico's our number one trading partner. tourists and business people leave $2 billion a year here in tucson. but what's happening with asylum seekers and people trying to come in the right way, seeking
6:45 am
asylum. let's remember, democracies like ours, accept asylum seekers in our country. because we haven't, because title 42 has been in place, since the trump administration, we have seen a bottle neck. so, that adds pressure, on both sides of the border. so, the ideal is for republicans in congress to stop pointing fingering, because pointing fingers is the easiest thing to do, right? i am -- i'm in arizona. we live in the sb-10 state. we have seen this narrative, this false narrative play over and over again for more than a decade. and president trump perfected it. it is fodder and red meat for the base. and it's tiring. >> so looking at where we are now, you're pointing the finger at the republicans on this. there have been issues on the
6:46 am
democratic side as well. you know, in terms of perhaps coming together on their own. let's look at where we stand today. if it doesn't look like a lot's going to happen in congress, one the other issues with title 42 being lifted are these very real questions about how prepared dhs is or is not. have you been contacted by anybody within dhs, anybody in the administration, do you feel that they have a plan to deal with what could happen if and when title 42 is lifted? >> absolutely. i have been in communication with the white house and the department of homeland security. i was -- the white house shared the plan. department of homeland security shared the plan they have in front of us. and it's more than just more security on the border. it's about having -- about having staff that will help with
6:47 am
the administrative piece of it as well. this is not our first rodeo. for tucson, we have been on the front lines of receiving asylum seekers and immigrants. we have a system in place with nonprofits. we know how to do this. what i did say to the administration is that we need to make sure that we have the resources necessary for local governments and nonprofits to be able to provide what we know how to provide. and so we -- i have seen the plan. it has been shared publicly. and i believe that that is the way to be able to deal with the bottle neck that has been created the last 2 1/2 years on the border. any time you stop a process, a battle bottle neck will be created. i have seen the plan, i have talked to the department of homeland security, and they
6:48 am
understand what tucson need and what other border cities need. >> mayor, really appreciate you joining us. thank you. >> thank you, erica. really appreciate you. up next, the biden administration is looking at potentially tapping a rarely used emergency diesel reserve to help ease rising fuel prices. will it work? will it make a difference? we'll have that coming up. neutrogena® beach defense® the suncare brand used most by y dermatologists and ththeir families, neutrogena® for people with skin. ke pulsing, electric shocks, sharp, stabbing pas, or an intense burning sensation. what is this nightmare? it's how some people describe... shingles.
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getting guns off our streets. one democrat's determined to get it done. attorney general rob bonta knows safer streets start with smarter gun control. and bonta says we must ban assault weapons. but eric early, a trump republican who goes too far defending the nra and would loosen laws on ammunition and gun sales. because for him, protecting the second amendment
6:52 am
is everything. eric early. too extreme, too conservative for california. . new this morning, the international monetary fund is warning the global economy now faces its biggest test since the second world war. according to the imf managing director russia's invasion of
6:53 am
ukraine has quote compounded the effects of the covid-19 pandemic slowing the economic recovery, also fanning inflation. she also added the world faces a quote potential confluence of calamities for the supply chain, volatility, markets and that's a lot at once. >> i was thinking the exact same thing. in the meantime, cnn learned exclusively president biden is exploring tapping into a diesel reserve to ease the spike in prices. an emergency decoloration, would enable biden to release diesel from a rarely used stockpile. the reserve is relatively small. it would be a temporary solution but could it make a difference? matt joining us now with more. so we were talking just last week about this. insane spike in prices -- i can't speak this morning. clearly it's a monday. insane spike of prices.
6:54 am
even though we don't put it in our cars, this is the workhorse of the economy i often hear it called. >> yeah, prices are very high and is causing anxiety in the white house for a good reason. diesel is what powers the trucks, boats, trains, tractors, anything that hauls stuff around the country. national average for diesel is $5.55 a gallon, that's three cents off the record high last week, 75% higher than a few years ago. energy demand is strong. two, the war in ukraine scrambled energy supplies and also, there is a series of retirements of refineries in the united states and canada so the system doesn't have as much capacity as it used to. the issue with rising costs, it gets passed on to consumers. officials in the white house are so alarmed by high prices and low inventory they are consucon consulting inside and outside the industry and a senior white house official says they are
6:55 am
considering releasing diesel from the northeast home heating oil reserve, which despite its name holds diesel. it's only been used once before in 2012 after super storm sandy. >> if they were to release that, how much are we talking about here? how much of a difference would it make? >> presidents have lower power to lower diesel prices like gas prices. importantly, this diesel reserve is actually much smaller than the much larger -- the strategic petroleum reserve. it's got a million barrels of diesel in it. that's about a day's worth of supply for the region and that's why the analyst andy said this is the equivalent of a band-aid. one, it doesn't last long and when it comes off, the injury has not healed. >> ouch. >> the good news is there are signs that maybe this supply crunch is starting to ease. inventory has gone up. the key pipeline is starting to be more subscribed, which is good news.
6:56 am
veteran analyst tom says he think we might be through the worst of this, which obviously would be good news. >> that would be great news. good to see you, thanks, matt. >> good to see you. president biden and a tough message about taijuan and now china is responding. neutrogenana® beach defense® the susuncare brand used most by dermatologists and their families, neututrogena® for peoplele with skin. you can framebridge just about anything. and we have. spacemen. the top of kilimanjaro. a portrait of thartist. jojo. a million custom framed pieces and counting. you can framebridge just about athing.
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very good monday morning to you. i'm jim sciutto. >> i'm erica hill. president biden officially launched an asia


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