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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  May 23, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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hello, welcome to our viewers joining us here in the united states. and all around the world. you are watching cnn "newsroom." i'm rose mary church. just aahead as the u.s., japan i india and australia meet to tackle the huge issues of ukraine, covid and preserving democracy. president biden backtracks on comments about taiwan. we are just hours away from polls opening up in georgia. why this pivotal election is pitting donald trump against mike pence. how the former vice president could one up his old boss. vladimir putin receives a stinging rebuke from one och his senior diplomats. why a top russian official says he has never been so ashamed of his country.
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good to have you with us. right now the second in person summit of the quad is under way in tokyo. leaders of the informal alliance of the u.s., japan, australia and india are now holding talks one on one. u.s. president biden has been meeting with indian prime minister. also expected to speak with australia's new prime minister. one key focus of all these meetings, russia's war on ukraine. >> russia's assault on ukraine only heightens the importance of those goals. fundamental principles of international order. territorial integrity and sovereignty. international law, human rights, must always be defended. regardless of where they are violated in the world. so the quad has a lot of work ahead of us.
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>> this caps off his trip to asia in attempt to bolster u.s. alliances in the region. and counter china's growing dominance. the visit hasn't been without controversy. the white house is walking back biden's comments that the u.s. would be willing to defend taiwan militarily if china attacks. mr. biden is also clarifying u.s. policy on the issue is unchanged. beijing is pushing back telling the u.s. not to meddle in its internal affairs. and cnn is covering this story from every angle with reporters spread out across the region. our kevin and blake are live in tokyo. cnn steven jang in beijing with reaction from china. and standing by in india. welcome to you all. kevin, let's start with you. of course we'd like to hear the main points coming out of the quad summit but also
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clarification on what he said regarding taiwan the day before. >> that comment is still following the president a day later. he was asked a little bit earlier today whether that u.s. policy. he said no. clearly kind of tamping down on the idea that he had thrown out this long standing policy towards taiwan. the white house did come out and clarify it. i will say talking to the president's aids today you don't hear a lot of consternation about what the president said. that's because the president and his team really do feel like the calculus changed in this because of the russian invasion in ukraine. that if there's ever a time to send a message to china, it's right now. of course that is why part of the reason the president has revitalized this quad collective that he's meeting with today and act as a counter to china in the region. so, the group did make a couple modest announcements as part of the summit today about sharing
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of pediatric covid vaccines. also a maritime information sharing program that all of the countries will participate in. really the big take away is this image of the countries coming together, meeting as a uniform block. while the president aids say it's not all about china that the countries have other things that they have shared interest in. that is certainly one of the messages they hope that china and the rest of the world will take away from this in person summit today. >> let's turn to you in beijing and get the latest on china's reaction to the president's comments regarding taiwan and the clarification today. >> no official response to the clarification just yet by. the chinese will stick to their usual talking points saying taiwan is the reddest of the red lines. even though the ruling communist party has never directly controlled the island they consider it part of the territory. which is why they have been lashing out at the president's
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remarks on monday warning the u.s. not to underestimate the chinese peoples resolve and capability to safeguard national sovereignty. this kind of fiery rhetoric not new. but the real question seems to be on the mind of many analysts and many chinese officials as well, how many of these presidential gaffes would convince it take to convince the beijing leadership that there's a real shift in the u.s. policy towards taiwan. no matter how the white house and the president himself have backtracked after ward. then of course the question becomes how would that shift change the calculation of chinese supreme leader xi jinping. many think this will not deter him from invading taiwan. rather accelerate the planning and preparation because as much as the chinese hate the comparison between ukraine and taiwan, one likely lesson they have taken away from the war is the longer you wait the harder
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it may become it take over taiwan by force. given the likely improvement of taiwan's defense capability with the u.s. getting more serious in helping and preparing the island to fight the war. >> exactly right. what more are you learning about the one on one meeting between india's prime minister and president biden given india has resisted u.s. pressure so far to punish russia over the war in ukraine. >> nothing really changed in terms of india's stand on russia. the meetings under way and across the table key issues will be discussed. the first likely pointed out would be russia given india neutral stand on the invasion of ukraine. by far india has not really called out directly the action ands invasion of ukraine and this has been a point of contention with many western nations who have actually sent their representatives to india over the last couple months
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trying to get india to stick to the standard the west has. india has been firm. now just ahead of the quad meeting a senior administration official from the u.s. has spoken out on india's stand. he has said that the u.s. is conscious of the fact that india has a history with russia. it has its own views and out look and therefore they have to find common ground and that's exactly what joe biden will be looking to do although food security will be another key issue the two sides will be discussing. given that india has banned wheat export to other countries recently. biden is also conscious of the fact india is the counter to the geo political presence of china in the region along with being an economic alternative. all eyes will be on the key issues that are discussed during the meeting. what comes off it. >> all right. blake, what are the significant
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regional goals that came out of the summit. >> it's one of the worst kept secrets. when quad leaders from the u.s., japan and india came together this morning, china was most certainly on the agenda. the quad mainly exists today to counter china's influence in territorial claims in this region. although china's economic growth is beneficial for the trading partners. encouraging beijing to play by the rules and keep the seas free and open. of course china sees the quad as a coalition of countries trying to limit its economic growth and called the block an antichina click. that is em blematic of a poisonous cold war mentality. in effort to strengthen the shared vision of a free and open indo pacific, members were expected to discuss topics
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including vaccine support, emergency and critical technology, counter terrorism, and the building of supply chains not dependent on any one country. although the quad isn't a nato like mutual defense commitment, experts say continuing to upgrade security cooperation between quad member states is important towards maintaining maritime security and to achieve the goal experts are saying we'll see more naval drills in future along with opportunities to share technology and intelligence. >> all right. many thanks to all of you for bringing us up to date on the situation. appreciate it. heavy fighting has been reported in parts of eastern ukraine where russian forces have been intensifying their attacks in recent weeks. one official says russian missile strikes have damaged the railway infrastructure in the
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region. and the head of the military administration reports fighting in the direction. at least one civilian has been killed there. and four others injured. other nearby towns have been hit by heavy shelling and rocket attacks. this comes as vladimir putin faces growing opposition to the invasion including from a long time russian diplomat. a 20 year veteran of the diplomatic service announced his resignation monday in protest against the war. in a statement he wrote quote, the aggressive war unleashed by putin against ukraine and against the entire western world is not only of crime against the ukrainian people, but also perhaps the most serious crime against the people of russia. inside ukraine, the president says his country is holding its own against a brutal russian assault.
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>> since february 24, the russian army has launched 1,400 missile strikes on ukraine. using 2,000 missiles. the absolute majority is on civilian objects. in less than three months there have been 3,000 air strikes by russian planes and helicopters. what other country has with stood such a skcale of blows? >> meanwhile u.s. officials tell cnn the biden administration is considering sending u.s. special operations forces to help guard the u.s. embassy in kyiv. they say the discussions are in the very early stages. the embassy reopened last week after being closed for three months. on monday, the war hit a milestone of sorts. it didn't happen on a battlefield but in a courtroom. a young russian soldier was sentenced to life in prison for war crimes. here's the story. >> reporter: a blow for the first russian soldier to stand
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trial in a ukrainian court since the start of the invasion. >> the court found him guilty. >> 21-year-old sentenced by a civilian court to life in jail. for killing an unarmed civilian in a village in northeast ukraine. four days after russia invaded the country. >> today more than 13,000 cases on their war crimes. now we have the first sentence. it's not enough. it's only beginning. these three months our investigators and prosecutors properly have done the job. >> he confessed the killing the man in court last week. but said he has been under intense pressure. a fellow soldiers confirmed he was obeying orders and had no choice but to fire the fatal shot. his lawyer says he'll file an appeal. >> i believe and continue to believe that a person who carried out an order cannot be
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convicted on under this article. >> the judge said because the crime broke international law was quote against peace security and humanity, the court couldn't impose a shorter sentence. >> this will be a good example for other occupiers. who may not yet be on our territory but planning to come. or those here now and plan to stay and fight. >> on friday, he made a final plea for clemency. >> i'm sorry. i sincerely repent. i was nervous the moment it happened. i didn't want to kill. it happened. and i do not deny it. >> the kremlin says it's concerned about him and will seek ways to assist him. just ahead, mike pence bucks his former boss endorsing a different candidate than trump in the georgia governor race. stay with us.
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across the country. former white house press secretary is running for governor in arkansas. and slew of other candidates are hoping to capitalize on the connection to the former president. the biggest test of trump's power will be here in the georgia republican governor primary. where he is backing former senator david purdue. the latest fox news poll shows incumbent brian kemp leading by a two to one margin. trump has lashed out at kemp for not supporting his efforts to overturn the 2020 election. the winner will face former state house democratic leader stay si abrams. she lost the governor's race to kemp in 2018. governor kemp got high profile help in the final rally of his primary campaign. he was joined on stage by former vice president mike pence. >> i am here to support brian
11:19 pm
kemp! in tomorrow's republican primary. i can honestly say i was for him before it was cool. >> when you say yes, to governor brian kemp tomorrow, you will send a deafening message all across america that the republican party is the party of the future. >> that endorsement is not sitting well with trump. who claims he salvaged pences political career when he picked him as running mate in 2016. trump accused pence of parachuting into this years races in a desperate attempt at relevance. >> brian kemp is truly a embarrassment to the republican party because of what has taken place in your great state, georgia. and david will make a massive upgrade as your governor. >> republicans are going after abrams for comments she made over the weekend about the
11:20 pm
quality of life for georgiaens. >> take a listen. >> i'm tired of hearing about being the best state in the country to do business. we are the worst state to live. let me context liz. when you are number 48 for mental health, when you are number one for maternal mortality, when you have an incarceration rate on the rise and wages that are on the decline, you are not the number one place live. >> governor kemp responded on twitter calling georgia the best state to live, work and raise a family. he his opponent in the republican primary took it a step further. >> did you see what she said this weekend? georgia is the worst place in the country to live. she ain't from here. let her go back where she came from. she doesn't like it here. the only thing she wants is to be president of the united states. she doesn't care about the people of georgia. that's clear.
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she told black farmers you don't need to be on the farm. and she told black workers in hospitality and all this you don't need to be -- she's demeaning her own race when it comes to that. i'm over this. she should never be considered for material for a governor of any state. much less our state where she hates to live. >> the washington correspondent for the atlanta journal constitution and she joins me now from atlanta. a pleasure having you with us. >> thank you. >> so hearing georgia we are looking at what could be the biggest test of trumps endorse want power in tuesday's gop governor primary. where trump picked david purdue slipped so far behind trump's nemesis. that polls in early voting indicate republicans are abandoning trump's endorsed candidate in droves. could this be his biggest loss yet? what might ha mean for him and of course his king makers status.
11:22 pm
>> i do think if governor kemp wins the primary out right tuesday night as the polling indicates, it will be former president trump's biggest loss thus far. it will be an indication that his pull, his reach over the party has limitations. it doesn't mean he doesn't have an effect over republicans politics. it just means that it will be a very clear demonstration of trump's limitations. it will show that there is a way to win in key races. particularly swing states without being closely aligned with trump. until recently, republicans didn't think that was possible. >> donald trump is not not only going after governor kemp but also his own former vice president. mike pence. who is here in georgia supporting kemp. trump is calling pence irrelevant. and desperate. what are the optics of that and
11:23 pm
the political imp pimplications particularly while pence backs a winner and trump backs a loser. >> what we might be seeing is a preview of what could be the republican primary in 2024. former vice president pence looked like he maybe open to running in 2024. even if donald trump runs too. so, there isn't any love lost between them ever since january 6, 2021, really. and i think this is further indication of that split. pence decided to back brian kemp which honestly says it could be an indication of something that could benefit pence in the long run. even more than it benefits governor kemp. >> the other big race to watch in georgia. the one fer secretary of state. currently looking very close.
11:24 pm
trump's endorsed candidate is going up against incumbent secretary of state. who of course refused to bend to pressure to overturn the vote in georgia in 2020. how do you expect this race to end? what could it mean for the state and indeed the nation if his wins and perhaps a open to doing trump's bidding at the next election? >> right. probably this race even more so than the governors race is a referendum on trump but it's a referendum on the big lie. because brad was so vocal in resisting president trump. he was in that call where trump told him to find the votes and he was very critical of former president trump throughout the after math of the 2020 general election. on the other side you have representative hies a member of
11:25 pm
congress. trying to reject ballots and over turn the election. there's a very clear contrast as we know the secretary of state's office is what is ultimately in charge of running elections in georgia. so, of course there will be a democratic opponent in the general election. right now it's looking like they could go to a run off in june. but, if heist becomes the nominee, that would be a chance that the person in charge of running the election in georgia particularly in 2024, where trump could be back on the ballot, with that person being jodi heist. willing to bend or break the rules to help trump win georgia even if the ballot shows he did not. >> it is a chilly prospect. no doubt about it.
11:26 pm
of course more than 850,000 georgiaens turned out for early voting despite new restrictive voting laws. what does that reveal to you? >> well, the voting laws senate bill 202 in georgia made a lot of tweaks to how elections were run. based on the misinformation and disinformation by trump and his allies after the 2020 election. the critics have said it's not that the law was intended to widely depress turn out. they say it was intended to in the margins keep certain people from voting. where that could have an impact is if the race is close whether we're talking about tomorrow night after the primary. whether we're talking about the general election. in a close race, could some of the changes knock off just enough voters to make a difference. that's what we don't know yet. that's the true concern that critics have had about that law.
11:27 pm
>> thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. and be sure to follow all the key races right here on cnn. we are expecting the first results tuesday at 7:00 p.m. on the east coast this is 7:00 a.m. in hong kong. just two weeks into the job and south korea new president is already extending a gesture of goodwill to pyongyang. as the north fights a covid crisis. president yoon speaks with us in an interview when we return. we've got apples and cabbage. 7,000 dahlias, vegegetables, ad brisket for dinner. this is my happy place.. we've been coming here, since 1868. my grandmother used to say, don't call me, don't bother me. i'm going out to mow. there's a lot of cushy desk jobs out there, but i make the earth take the shape that i want it to take. there are millions of ways to make the most of your land.
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yoon's political career is off to a whirlwind start. south korea new president is a foreign policy novice. but already thrust onto the world stage after a summit with u.s. president biden and just two weeks into the job, president yoon is tackling his country's relationship with north korea head on. he spoke exclusively with cnn and first interview since his inauguration and she joins us now live from seoul. what did he have to say specifically about his approach to north korea? and of course other critical issues. >> he appears to have a jewel
11:33 pm
track approach at this point. now we heard from the joint chief of staff they believe north korea preparations for a missile and nuclear test are completed. the u.s. intelligence still says they believe it could happen while president biden is still in the region. he's in japan. this is the backdrop the interview was carried out against. i did ask president yoon about what happens if there's a seventh under ground nuclear test. he said it would be a stronger and firmer response than before and would be in conjunction and tandem with the united states. now he also pointed out that if there was dialogue to be had it was up to kim jong un to initiate it. if he wanted it. and it is a very big if. he pointed out he has no interest and doesn't want north korea to collapse. he would like north korea to prosper alongside south korea. now on the other side he's also talking about covid in north korea. it was well over a week ago that
11:34 pm
pyongyang admitted that they do have a covid outbreak. recently they said they believe it's under control. which is extremely hard to believe knowing what we know about this pandemic. i did ask the president about his offer for vaccines and masks, testing kits to north korea saying they won't be able to publicly accept it. how else can you offer it? >> if north korea accepts the medical supplies to quickly distribute them to the people, we will provide them in any method they wish. it could be through a third country or international organization. we are fully prepared. >> a couple days ago there was a funeral in north korea. one of the elites of pyongyang. someone who is believed to have groomed kim jong un when he was younger. now we saw from state run media kim jong un himself was a pallbearer. front and center and emotional
11:35 pm
at the funeral. most wearing masks. he wasn't. but again there were hundreds of people at the funeral. >> very critical point there. joining us live from seoul. many thanks. the party gate scandal isn't over. boris johnson what we're hearing about new images of the british prime minister into the illegal lock down gatherings.
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in the uk the full report into covid lock down breeches at downing street could be published today. this comes as new images of the british prime minister fuel more controversy. obtained by i tv news and appear to show johnson giving a speech and raising a glass at a downing
11:40 pm
street party on the november 13, 2020. i tv says it understands there were other people at the event. that would have been a violation o o of course of covid rules. which allowed only two people from different households to be in the room together. we have reached out for comment. britain queen attended a the chelsea flower show in london monday. she was driven around the festival of garden design in a buggy. to save her the strain of walking and this is the latest in the series of public appearances for the 96-year-old monarch. who is faced recent health concerns. next month britain will celebrate her platinum jubilee in honor of seven decade reign. for our international viewers world sport is up next. for everyone here in the u.s. and canada, i'll be back with
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more news in just a moment.
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and when it comes to brand loyalty, who does jd power rank number one in the automotive industry for three consecutive years? subaru. it's easy to love a car you can trust. it's easy to love a subaru. finally something to cheer about on wall street. the dow soared on monday. looking to bounce back from its longest weekly losing streak in almost a century. strong earnings from jp morgan chase and other banks drove the rally. along with comments from president biden about maybe lifting some of the tariffs on china. the dow was up nearly 620 points a gain of almost 2%. the nasdaq and sp 500 also surged. let's take a quick look at the futures. rally could be short lived as
11:46 pm
you can see numbers there in negative territory. we'll see what happens. mass graves, a 40 mile convoy at one time all these images may have been hidden by the fog of war. now thanks to commercial satellite companies, the world can see what's happening. cnn has the story. we must warn you some of the images you are about to see are graphic. >> reporter: these new satellite images show what appear to be the ramping up of theft of russia from ukraine. into the russian ship. in the crimea port on may 19. then, two days later, a second ship docks and it too is filled. now both russian ships are sailing away. >> this weekend, president zelenskyy accused russia of fuelling a food crisis. and gradually stealing ukraine's food supply and trying to sell
11:47 pm
them. and earlier image shows one of the same russian ships in a port of their close allies syria. of the ukrainian grain waiting to be unloaded onto trucks. these extraordinary revealing images are so close and clear, they look look they could be taken by drone. or helicopter. >> you can see the grain pouring into the ship. >> steven wood and his team spotted the ships in this much wider image of crimea. >> this is 400 miles in space. to see that level of detail, the ship and cab of the truck. phenomenal stuff. >> other commercial satellite companies have played a critical role in what we know about russia's war in ukraine. satellite images unprecedented both in quality and how it's being used. >> before this was only available in the halls of cia or u.s. government or friendly foreign government. to now we're showing it on cnn. >> we're keeping a close eye on that column of russian vehicles that convoy we have been talking
11:48 pm
about for several days. >> they alerted the world to the famous 40 mile long russian convoy outside kyiv. the rows of hundreds of mass graves near mariupol. potential war crimes in bucha. and the after math of the russian bombing of the mariupol theater. >> the satellite is in the final stages of getting ready to be shipped soon. >> we were given a rare tour of the satellite factory in california. but the ceo. joint projects with nasa and others, construction under way on six new satellites. which will allow them to scan a single spot on earth 15 times a day. for decades, they have provided all kind of images to both private clients and u.s. government. their biggest customer. >> how much does the u.s. government tell you where to look? >> they tell us where to point the satellite and take the images and that's what we feed to them as a service. the same way for a google maps for example. >> will the intelligence
11:49 pm
community say we know there is a war crime committed. all the mass graves for example. train your satellite there and push out the images to the press. >> they actually they might ask us to make the collections. they don't influence or us to put out what we're putting out to the public. >> they are giving images to the ukrainian government. part of the u.s. aid for ukraine. in a fight the u.s. and others now say that has resulted in russian war crimes. to what extent are your images going to to be critical in the war crimes investigations? >> for example the bodies that were found on the street in bucha, we had images correlating at the exact same time when the bodies were. down to the place, the time, the moment. it's having fidelity of data we have. and that makes it possible. i think it will play an important part. >> each ship that we showed in the new images can carry 30,000 tons of grain.
11:50 pm
russia of course denies that they're stealing it. but what they aren't taking they are targeting or blocking from getting out of ukraine. devastating for ukraine and the world which gets so much of its food from ukraine. at least now thanks to the satellite companies, we can see it all happening. for the sixth week in a row the amount of children testing positive for covid-19 in the u.s. is rising. according to the american academy, new cases were up 72% last week vs. two weeks prior. but still short of the peak in january. the group says more than 13 million children have tested positive for the virus since the start of the pandemic. vaccine makers pfizer are sharing new data on their covid-19 vaccine. preliminary results show three dose of the shot appear safe and promote a strong immune response
11:51 pm
in children from the age of six months to five years. children younger than five are not yet eligible for covid vaccines here in the u.s. pfizer chairman and ceo says he hopes to make the shots available to younger children as soon as possible with authorization. pfizer say they will submit the finished data to the fda this week. more relief is on the way for u.s. families coping with the nationwide baby formula shortage. the white house says the second flight of formula will be leaving germany wednesday morning. and heading straight for the u.s. the shipment is expected to contain more than 100 palettes of infant formula. and this along with first delivery on sunday is the equal of about 1 and a half million, eight ounce bottles. it's part of the administration operation fly formula. meant to address the shortage in
11:52 pm
the meantime doctors are warn parents and care givers not to die dilute or mix their own formula. health officials tracking the spread of monkey pox around the world. the virus typically found in western africa is suspected of reaching washington state. cnn tally confirmed cases in at least 15 countries. the uk and portugal reported additional infections monday. while denmark confirmed its first case. the virus is not as contagious as covid-19. and anyone can get or spread it. the cdc warns some groups may have a dpgreater chance of exposure. particularly the lgbtq plus community. >> cases are detected in the communities of men having sex with men. who identify with having sex with men. as surveillance expands we expect that more cases will be seen.
11:53 pm
>> the cdc is in the process of releasing vaccines from a national stockpile for high risk people. tens of thousands of migrants are still waiting to enter the u.s. from the mexican border despite a judges ruling keeping in place title 42. the covid related rule allows border agents to turn migrants away from the u.s. cnn matt rivers met with some asylum seekers on the mexican side of the border and here's his report. >> are you nervous the authorities are not going allow you to enter the country? >> very much so. more than the nervous it's the uncertainty of not knowing how long we'll be here. especially for the baby. he's a year and a half only. >> thank you so much for your time. his story there, very similar to other stories that we have heard
11:54 pm
in the shelter. the good shepherd shelter. it's completely full at the moment. the majority of migrants here are haitian. as you heard there he is from venezuela. people from honduras here. this shelter can hold 80 people and completely full. i'll enter into the dormitory here and bare with us it's dark. we transition from sun to darkness here. there's no lights here. you can see how completely full this dormitory is. it is just bunk bed next to bunk bed. there are dozen of people that are living in this facility. most of whom are spread out throughout the facility. they sdd asked us to respect peoples privacy. there are people who are sharing beds here. remember, one of the most dangerous cities in mexico, as a result people that come into the shelter can't actually leave unless they have a good reason to do so. one of the legitimate reasons would have been to apply for
11:55 pm
asylum at the border. many people were hoping here that with the expiration of title 42, they could have gone to the border to do that more easily. of course that didn't happen with the federal judge in louisiana continuing to allow that policy to be in place. that's been disappointing for people here. many of which or whom would have gone to try to apply for asylum. we spoke to the director of the facility today who told us that things can't continue like this. he's building another facility just across the street. he says can house more than double of what he can hold right now. in two months he already knows that will won't be enough people, enough room to handle all of the people he says are still going to be in this area. california's governor says the state needs to cut back its water usage now or restrictions may come into play. the state is in its third year of extreme drought. and reservoirs are at critical
11:56 pm
lows. with some at half the historic average. the state water resources control board will vote on new regulations on tuesday. thank you so much for your company. i will be back with more news in just a moment. big game today! everybody ready? alexa, ask buick to start my enclave. starting your buick enclave. i just love our new alalexa. dad, it's a buick. i love that new alexa smell. it's a buick. we need snacacks for the team. alalexa, take us to the nearest grocery store. getting directions. alexa will get us there in no time. it's a buick. let's be real. don't make me turn this alexa around. oh my. it's painful. the buick enclave, with available alexa built in. ask “alexa, tell me more about buick suvs.”
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