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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  May 24, 2022 2:59am-4:00am PDT

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las vegas. >> and that is hot. >> a scorcher. >> and thanks for joining us. i'm christine romans. >> i'm laura hello, i'm brianna keilar with john berman. and on this "new day," primary voters head to the polls in five states as a proxy war plays out for the future of the republican party. and a russian diplomat resigns saying he's never been so ashamed to his country. could the tide be changing to vladimir putin? elite cyclist gets murder. and suspect on the run. and the fastest passenger jet just went supersonic. ♪
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good morning. to viewers here in the u.s. and around the world it is tuesday, may 24th. and we begin with a proxy war playing out on primary day, and the fate of the republican party at stake. voters will head to the polls in five states today. but the spotlight is really on georgia, where former president trump's 2020 election grievances loom large. last night former vice president mike pence stumping for incumbent governor brian kemp in an election eve rally. and this race is pitting pence against his former boss who is supporting pence's primary opponent david perdue. kemp has been a top target against trump's vengeance campaigns. >> trump issued a statement that may be unprecedented when it comes to former running mates. he said, quote, mike pence was set to lose the governor's race in 2016, before he was plucked up and his political career was salvaged. now desperate to chase his lost relevance, pence is parachuting
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into races hoping someone is paying attention. we're live at polling locations in georgia and alabama, first to cnn's kristen holmes in atlanta. kristen, what are you see, not much yet, i expect. >> reporter: not much yet. as you said, this is a proxy war here in georgia between two factions of the republican party. on one side you have the maga trump side of the party. on the other side, more established republicans between chris christie and ricketts and ducey, all those attacked by trump. today say day of reckoning for the former president for two reasons. one, he has made it clear how badly he wants to beat kemp. he's but $2.5 million into this race, more than any other race, and, too, as you said, this is the big lie on trial here. how far will it go? can it play in november 2023,
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and potential for trump? he's made it a cornerstone of his campaign right now it doesn't look good for kemp or perdue. he's been badly lagging in the polls. perdue targeted stacey abrams who is going to be the democratic candidate for governor in the fall. he said abrams, a black woman was demeaning her race, take a listen. >> hey, she ain't from here. let her come back to where she came from. the only thing, she wants to be president of the united states. she doesn't care about the people of georgia. that's clear. when she told black farmers you don't need to be on a farm and workers in hospitality, you don't need to be -- she's demeaning her race. i'm over this. should she never be considered for material of any state, much less our state where she hates to live. >> reporter: now, two things to note here, abrams is from
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georgia. she's lived here since high school. two, perdue seems to be referring to 2022 comments that abrams made that you shouldn't have to be in hospitality or agriculture to live in georgia. those are controversial. it's not going to be a total loss for president touch, his candidate herschel walker for senate seems to be likely poised to be the republican candidate in the fall. the thing to keep an eye on here, this like many trump-endorsed candidates has a lot of republicans keshed. they're not sure he can win in a general election, particularly with his past. >> kristen holmes watching things for us in atlanta. thank you, kristen. now, in alabama there are three republicans vying for the gop nomination to replace retiring senator richard shelby. donald trump had endorsed congressman mo brooks in the primary race and withdrew his support.
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let's bring in cnn's diane gallagher live in huntsville. diane, what are you watching? >> reporter: brianna, everybody's eyes on congressman mo brooks, well-known. but for the rest of the country most well-known for being one of the driving forces behind former president trump's efforts to overturn the 2020 election. giving a fiery speech, just before the storming of the capitol at the stop the steal rally. that seems that was enough to get a trump endorsement but trump rescinded that announcement two months ago saying that brooks had gone woke. and should start looking future to future elections. in reality, brooks was tanking to former shelby aide katie britt. in that time, we've been super
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ads s ads attacking one another brit and duran, since then, it might have been mo brooks lane. in the past two weeks, brooks' campaign has surged to the point where the congressman thinks they may be able to force a runoff. in alabama, a candidate must get 50% of the vote. or they have to go to a runoff with the next highest vote-getter. senator ted cruz was here in alabama campaigning with mo brooks. senator rand paul held a telerally with mo brooks yesterday. you are seeing momentum for brooks. the question is, of course, is it enough? and if he does it without trump's endorsement, what happens during that runoff, if in fact one is forced, here, brianna, here in alabama. of course, it's a conservative state. it is a trump state. but some of the voters we spoke to said they thought that trump had misfired that they supported
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mo brooks and perhaps trump let his temper get the best of him in this case. whether or not that's going to impact mo brooks' chances we'll find out today. >> yeah, we'll see if trump regrets rescinding that endorsement. >> joining me cnn political analyst for "the new york times" maggie haberman and senior political analyst john avlon. i want to start with the governor's race there in georgia. number one, trump bet big on david perdue. when you bet big, you risk losing big. and the other thing, and this is what i want to start it this very public performance by mike pence. this very public split from donald trump where he shows up on the eve of the election and does this rally. let's talk about mike pence, maggie, what exactly is he doing? >> he's making clear there is separation from donald trump. mike pence is trying to position himself potentially from donald trump without the baggage, without the drama. there's no clear way to do that, in georgia where this was a
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focal point of donald trump in 2020 to try to subvert the election victory for joe biden, you put up against donald trump as a torpedo and it's failed pretty badly. mens is not coming in early in the race, pence is coming in, in the end. it's something of a thumb in trump's eye, i think pence's people would deny that. >> it's you show up on election eve, he knows that everyone is watching this, very, very public. >> right. >> then there's the subtle side of it, jonathan martin, maggie's partner, has a piece in "the new york times" saying how pence is being thank. call it a gratitude that he gets from resisting mr. trump's demands that he block congress from affirming the victory, pence said i've been very moved traveling around the country how much people have made a point to express an appreciation. >> yeah, it's a pat on the back
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for not overturning the election. this is the core selling point. i am trump without the chaos. i am trump without the sedition. he's getting in late. you got to see, there are cracks in magaland. in some cases there are chasms. it's not just mike pence. donald trump put in $2.6 million of his pac money in the race. put perdue up to this. it appears from early polling, this is coming up against serious headwinds, mike pence trying to surge back, in pennsylvania, mike pompeo secretary of state backing mccormick. chris christie, trump's friend, campaigning aggressively for trump as a friend of the rga. this is all happening under trump's nose. his grip on the party is not over by any means but it is slipping a bit. >> what be the larger significance, maggie? >> there's no quell it's slipping a bit. honestly, does he want to run against him that is the big open question.
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what mike pence is doing, mike pence spent four years being so careful not to get ahead of donald trump, ever, ever, ever. and it literally took, you know, people roaming the capitol on january 6, 2021, some of them chanting "hang mike pence." for this to happen, you have seen chris christie, as john notes out pretty early. he was among the first republicans really trying to lead an effort saying let's move away from this. this is not winning, we've lost house seats, the senate and now the presidency, let's move on. however, what you see on the primaries, and this is but on the other hand part of this is, these primaries are all candidates shades of trump trump. brian kemp is really the exception on a lot of levels except he's not broken with trump on policy. the area where he has broken with donald trump is on the 2020 election. if you're looking for the purest distillation of where voters are in 2020 this is the place to look. they're not voting on that.
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they're voting for issues in their own lives. kemp say repudiation of trump on that issue. >> trumpism wins without trump? is that the possibility? >> i think that's the message that most candidates getting in. that's the safest place to be, the sentiment of the base is. i would just say someone like perdue who knows in his heart that donald trump's apartmentics -- antics is far too soft a term -- his meddling, his resistance of january 6, the denial of the election cost him the senate seat. and got sucked into the race regardless and parroted the big lie. if he gets the heisman on that that's doubly humiliating. that's the cost of hugging donald trump too fight. >> i want to change the subject. jake tapper did an incredible interview of trevor reed released in prisoned after being held captive. trevor reed is talking about the u.s. congress in this bite you're going to hear and how some members of congress,
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including marjorie taylor greene voted to block a resolution, basically, calling for his release, while he was in prison. listen to this. >> every single who campaigns i want to thank them about that. >> thank them about hurting your ability to get out of prison? >> yeah, thank them for voting against a bill that was only about getting american political prisoners out of russia. how do you justify that? that's embarrassing to me. that anyone who represents the united states would -- would vote against something, you know, like that. i'm sure that the russians lu loved that. >> you brought this up, john, this is what you're talking about here. what you're seeing now is the lack of bipartisanship in areas where there used to be complete agreement. i mean, one would think that everyone would agree, that they want u.s. prisoners out of russian jails.
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>> yeah, the fact that we don't shows how through the funhouse mirror we are. with the wing of the party, maybe a handful of folks, but in many cases like marjorie taylor greene they line up to be the most pro-trump. the fact that trevor reed is coming out of prison saying i'm going to pay you a knock on the door. how do you justify that. what's the upside? marjorie taylor greene has a premium marry. when you have former marines held prisoner in russia saying you know what, delays, refusing to rally around prisoners held in hostile countries, who you are appealing to? that's going to cost daylight. >> and among the covid policies other vote where is she's been squishing on russia, too. it's interesting to see. trevor reed, clearly well spoken. a dynamic individual, if he does get out. maggie, john, thank you very much. be tour to watch cnn's election special it is election night in america. our coverage begins at 7:00 eastern time. moments ago, president biden
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wrapped up his trip to asia after sending out some international shock waves we'll go live to tokyo next. a russian diplomat resigns in protest. he says he's ashamed of putin's war on ukraine. and a manhunt under way of a woman accused of murdering an elite cyclist who aided her boyfriend. the latest on the search ahead. h from maybelline new york limitless length + volume flex brush over 10 million sold* ♪ ♪ and try new sky high cosmic black intense black k pigments only f from maybelline new york ♪ ♪ we believe there's an innnnovator in all of us. that's why we build technology that helps everyone come to the table and do more incrible things. ♪ ♪ (mom allen) verizon just gave us all a bnd new iphone 13. (dad allen) we've been customers for years (dad brown i thought new phones were for new customers.
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you love rich, delicious ice cream. but your stomach doesn't. that disagreement ends right now. lactaid ice cream is the creamy, real ice cream you love that will never mess with your stomach. lactaid ice cream. ♪ president biden is wheels up from tokyo on his way back to washington this hour. but not before using russian invasion of ukraine to send a message to china a similar attack on taiwan will be met with a fierce u.s. response. the president wrapped up his asia trip meeting with leaders in japan, australia and india also known as the quad. while india has been reluctant to condemn russia's war ukraine,
3:18 am
president biden said he and his indian counterpart continued to discuss the brutal and unprovoked conflict. cnn correspondent kaitlan collins traveling with the president joins us live from tokyo. kaitlan, the major news on this trip is when the president said, yes, the u.s. would get involved militarily, if china were to invade taiwan. what new did he say on that subject this morning? >> reporter: yeah, when he was later asked by my colleague jeremy diamond this idea of strategic ambiguity, is it now over, the president said no. the policy hasn't changed but strategic ambiguity has been the long-standing practice by american presidents where they have warned china not to assert themselves forcefully, not to use force against taiwan. but they haven't laid out what china would do if they did that. and bred biden saying, yes, the united states would get involved
3:19 am
militarily, if that were to happen, though biden says that invasion in likely given what's happening with russia and the global response. clearly, there's some agreement there whether or not there's been a policy change within the white house. the president made clear publicly where he stands on this, this is the third time, john, he's made this comment. and russia's invasion has loomed over the president's trip to asia, his first trip to asia since taking office. on the final day in tokyo, before he boarded air force one a few days ago, he had leaders with the quad leaders, united states, india and japan, and it was interesting where you heard president biden talking about how he and other world leaders are confronting a very dark hour when it comes to a gleebl basis dealing with russia's invasion of ukraine. talking about how the president said this is not just a europe problem. this is a global issue that we have to deal with. those appeared to be directed
3:20 am
remarks at prime minister modi sitting there with the president who he met on one-on-one. and modi has been reluctant to criticize putin's invasion of ukraine. he's been hesitant to call it an invasion. notice he did not bring it up publicly. and he's accelerated oil reports from russia at times. though he has criticism. and to navigate delicately, behind the scenes they may be more effective at nudging india towards criticizing putin, towards isolating himself as they're working to have a harsh response to the invasion. as the president said, putin needs to pay a price here but that is not something that the prime minister of india is willing to do publicly. look at the two readouts of the meeting. the white house with president biden's meeting with prime minister modi said that they condemned the invasion. you look at the indian readout, it doesn't mention the russian invasion. you can see the stark differences how they're dealing with this.
3:21 am
that has been a challenge of president biden and making his way back to washington. john. >> yeah, it's interesting to see how ukraine is rechaping the u.s. relationship with countries all over the world. kaitlan collins, chief white house correspondent in tokyo. >> reporter: absolutely. >> kaitlan, thank you very much. after a 20-year career, a russian diplomat has resigned in protest of the kremlin's war on ukraine. boris bondarev, a diplomat to the missions in united nations in geneva, posted this statement on linkedin saying for 20 years i've seen different foreign policy and never have i ever been so ashamed of my country. for those who live in pompous tasteless and sail in yachts limited to the russian navy. and enjoin power and complete impunity. to achieve that, they're willing to sacrifice as many lives as it takes. joining me the ceo of hermitage
3:22 am
capital bill browder, he's the author of the new book "freezing order, a true story of money laundering and surviving vladimir putin's wrath." bill, how significant is this? is it a one-off or something more in your view? >> well, i mean, this is a guy who is saying the king's not wearing a clothes. the words that he -- that you just read out from his post is exactly what's happening. the reason why this -- why this is happening is because putin wants to stay in power. the fact that he's done it, first of all, is very brave. secondly, it sets a standard for what -- if the oligarchs ever want to come in from the cold, they have to say things like this. and hopefully, this will give other people a nudge. or perhaps even the confidence to say the same thing. i think it's very significant that an insider is saying it. russia is a country all about symbolism. and having somebody inside the machine, inside the beast,
3:23 am
coming out and saying this i think really is quite dramatic. >> we should be very clear, you personally know the risks of taking a position against the kremlin. your tax adviser, for foreign tax adviser sergei magnitsky, the act named for him. what kind of danger is this diplomat in? >> there's nothing more that putin hates more than traitors. this man will be labeled as a traitor. there's no country safe in the world for people that putin labels as a traitor. i would imagine, they will have put him at the top of their hit list. because most importantly, they can't afford to have 50 other people inside the diplomatic service, or inside the government, saying the same thing. they've got to punish him to send a message to everybody else, don't say that. because if he gets away with it, then other people will say,
3:24 am
yeah, all that stuff is true. i want to say the same thing. so, i would say he's in grave danger right now. >> and you've seen this concert out of st. petersburg, there are people chanting "f" the war. i wonder if you see vladimir putin as vulnerable inside of russia at all? >> well, there's a lot of people that don't like this. they don't like this war. they don't like the sanctions. they don't like putin. and it really very much depends on whether putin can -- you know, i would imagine, he was watching that same video. he's instructed his federal security services the fsb to try to facially identify some people in that video. i imagine they'll arrest some people for doing so they can send a message that anyone that says anything they'll get in trouble. that's the way they operate. yes, those sentiments exist. absolutely all over the place and the question is whether people are too scared to say that stuff.
3:25 am
and he's going to try to make them scared that's what a dictator does. >> you're joining us from davos, where russians play a role on the festivities, the pomp and circumstance, of what happens in davos, the parties. for obvious reasons you don't feel safe where russian officials and those closely tied to the russian government are. i wonder what davos is like for you now without those folks there. >> i feel a lot safer. i used to walk through the halls of davos, past russian government officials that were probably in meeting -- private meetings among themselves talking about how to kill me. two years ago, when i was coming to davos, as a british citizen i was informed by the british security services they had received a message from their swiss counterparts that there was a plot being hatched by the russians to do something to me in davos. in fact, the swiss arrested two individuals when they asked for their i.d.s they showed diplomatic passports and left
3:26 am
the country. it's shock -- they have a shocking long reach. it's really quite pleasant not to be seeing any russians in davos this year. >> bill, we appreciate you joining us. thank you, bill browder. >> thank you. a supersonic breakthrough, almost two decades after "the concord" was retired. the world's fastest passenger jet is taking flight. and a texas woman on the run. accused of killing a star cyclist in what appears to be some kind of tragic love triangle. ♪ limu emu ♪ and doug. ♪ harp plays ♪ only two things are forever: love and liberty mutual customizing ur car insurance,
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and with xfi complete, get 10x faster upload speeds. tech upgrades for your changing wifi needs. and advanced security at home and on the go to block millions of threats. only from us... xfinity. happening now, a manhunt under way for a texas woman accused of murdering elite cyclist who at one time dated
3:31 am
her boyfriend, cnn's ed lavandera has the detail. >> reporter: john and brianna, the search for kaitlin marie armstrong continues this morning. this as investigators have released key details about the night a popular cyclist was murdered. a manhunt is under way for 33-year-old katelin marie armstrong in suspected murder of professional cyclist anna moriah wilson. >> making through to the finish. >> reporter: wilson, known as mo is considered one of the best gravel racing cyclists in the world. police suspect he was killed in a love triangle gone wrong. after armstrong found that wilson had been spending time with her boyfriend. on may 11th, wilson was in austin, texas, preparing for an upcoming race. austin police say that night
3:32 am
25-year-old wilson was found murdered in the bathroom of a friend's home. she was shot multiple times. according to a police affidavit, on the day wilson was murdered, she went to a public swimming pool and had dinner with fellow cyclist colin strickland. the two had a previous romantic relationship in 2021, while strickland was on a break with armstrong who he dated for three years. austin police say surveillance video shows armstrong's car pulling up next to the house where wilson was staying around the time she was murdered. and it that a gun discovered in the house where armstrong lived with strickland is the likely murder weapon. the police affidavit also states that authorities have learned that armstrong was furious and shaking in anger when she learned of strickland's romantic relationship with wilson in january. the day after the murder, katelin armstrong was interviewed by investigators and presented with the evidence. the police affidavit described armstrong was still and guarded
3:33 am
as investigators detailed what they had discovered she then requested to leave. a week later, u.s. marshals announce they had were assisting in a search for armstrong. but the 34-year-old woman had disappeared since her interview with police. ♪ happy birthday ♪ >> reporter: just weeks before her murder, mo wilson was celebrating with friends after winning the belgium waffle ride in california. these are the last images of her competing in a sport she dominated. wilson is described as a role model, yet shy and compassionate. an athlete who developed an intense passion for cycling while growing up on the bike trails of vermont. in a statement to the austin american statesman newspaper, colin strickland says he cannot adequately express his torture that he feels for the proximity to the murder of wilson. wilson's family said they're not commenting on the details of the
3:34 am
investigation only to say they believe at the time of mo wilson's murder she was not involved in a romantic relationship with anyone. john and brianna. >> all right, ed, our thanks to you for that. a former nfl player arrested after an ugly brawl with an airline worker. we will show you this shocking video. and that pandemic-fueled baby bust is now a baby boom. the new data just released. on her green investments with merrill. a-plus. still l got it. (whistlele blows) your money never stops workikig for you with merrill, a banknk of america company. cal: our confident forever plan is possible with a cfp® professional. a cfp® professional can help you build a complete financial plan. visit letsmakeaplan.g to find your cfp® professional. ♪ franis a fan of fast. he's a fast talker. a fast walker. thanks, gary. and for unexpected heartburn... frank is a fan of pepcid. it works in minutes.
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♪ this morning, new cdc data shows births in the u.s. rising in 2021, after a steep decline in the first year of the pandemic. nearly 3.7 million babies were born, as the birth rate increased for first time in seven years. cnn's jacqueline howard, joining us now on this story. tell us about this trend.
3:39 am
it's not a total turnaround, but certainly, we're seeing this uptick. >> reporter: that's right, it's a small uptick, but it is significant. and it might be the beginning of us as a nation returning to the prepandemic levels. but the real question, brianna, is whether this trend will continue into next year. and the following year. and maybe past past prepandemic levels. that's what i'm interested to see. but for now, here's what the data tell us. we do know that last year there were nearly 3.7 million births, as you mentioned. that's up 1% from the previous year. in 2020. birth rates declined among women ages 15 to 24. birth rates rose among women ages 25 to 49. and one data point that was concerning, brianna, preterm birth rates rose as well. 4% last year. and we know that the u.s. has the -- among some of the highest rates of preterm births among
3:40 am
high-income nations. that's something that was concerning to see. overall, the uptick in births, like i said, brianna, i want to see if the data continue, if the trend continues next year as well. >> i do, too. jacqueline, thank you. and an ugly brawl between a former nfl player and a united airlines camera caught on camera at newark international airport. laura jarrett, anchor here and attorney at law. >> we have all seen these, as they go viral from the not so friendly skies over the past two years, passengers' bad behavior during the pandemic caught on camera. this one was on the ground. and i should warn you, the video is disturbing. >> so, the guy on left there, is former nfl player brendan langley. now a member of the canadian
3:41 am
football league calgary st stam stampeders. you can see him pumpging an employee. the worker then slaps langley, too. he gets in some hits. it's not clear what started the fight. altercation happened at newark airport. langley drafted by the denver broncos was charged with simple assault. released on his own recognizance. the airline worker has been fired by united. and they're looking into it. >> laura jarrett, thank you very much. >> sure. so white new york yankee suspended after calling a black rival jackie. plus, an aircraft company making a supersonic breakthrough. we have a look at the fastest passenger yejet in the world -- next. or fun.
3:42 am
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♪ nearly two decades after the "concorde" was retired. supersonic flight it's around the world could be once again within reach. calling it the world's fastest and longest range purple-built jet, the plane manufacturer bombarddy boasts speeds over 750 miles per hour. joining me is cnn's aviation correspondent pete muntean. pete, the company is calling this the world's fastest jet. does that mean, you know, breakfast in new york and lunch in sydney, can i do this? >> it's all about bragging rights, brianna, we're talking about the fastest civilian plane that money can buy. 8,000 nautical miles. the top speed mach 0.94. 94% of the speed of sound. there's not been a civilian
3:47 am
airplane built faster than this since the "concorde." web, this is a business yet, a private plane. not really a private plane. mach, the speed of sound. 761 miles per hour at sea level. it varies with temperature, a few other factors. so, most private planes, the fastest you can get is mach 0.92. up until now, we were talking about mach 0.94. we were talking about it past. mach 2. remember, retired back in 2003. it was plagued by tons of problems. it was expensive to repair. the airlines didn't want to fly it anymore. it was tiny but could get 100 people from new york to paris in three hours. an incredible speed. the test bed for the bombardia
3:48 am
global 1000. went 0.15. a bit of a descent, that meant faster downhill, but facing an f-18, going pretty darn fast, brianna. all of this speed means more range on the same amount of fuel. we're talking, houston to dubai, running to perth, singapore to l.a., if you ever need to go that far. it's not built for every person, this is more of something you that need to go, let's say, dubai for breakfast or a meeting. the orders are up in the pandemic. private planes have actually been doing pretty well, compared to commercial airliners down a bit. so complete interesting time for business planes and private business like this, seeing something like this in a long, long time. >> let's talk about the cost. and does this include like one of those nice warm face towelettes and champagne? i mean, what does this come
3:49 am
with, what are you going to pay for it? >> it's pretty boujey for you and i. four different zones of the cabin. pretty plush. might see the mahogany table. up to 19 people on board, depending on the configuration. we're not going to see it at airline, we may see it from a company called boom supersonic. some of these planes, 15 orders were just put in by united airlines. might not see a supersonic plane at the airlines untiling in like 2029. but this is something that will do newark to london in about 3 1/2 hours. speed is king here. thes dying for it. and so are people with a lot of money. $78 million for the bombardia global 8000, brianna. >> that's a fancy plain on the inside, berman. it definitely comes with a moist
3:50 am
towelette. >> i did see it right after pete muntean calleded me boujey. >> he mows his own lawn, pete. >> well, you know. >> i think he can afford it. we'll see. take out a loan. >> london to perth, i'm headed there. definitely. that's one of my regular routes. >> definitely. just for lunch. just for lunch. pete, thanks for showing us that, what a treat. new this morning, what the justice department is now telling law enforcement to do in the wake of george floyd's death. plus, one manager calls it racist. major league baseball now suspended a white new york yankee for calls his black opponent jackie. we'll discuss. little miss cupcake never stood a chance. until, energizer ultimatete lithium. who wants a cucupcake? the number one lonongest-lastg aa battery. yay! case clolosed. dry skin iss sensitive skin, too.
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blocks a protein believed to be a cause of migraine. do not take with strong cyp3a4 inhibitors. most common side effects were nausea and tiredness. migraine pain relief starts with u. learn how abbvie can help you save. ask about ubrelvy, the anytime, anywhere migraine medicine. a monster was attacking but the team remained calm. because with miro, they could problem solve together, and find the answer that was right under their nose. or... his nose. major league baseball has issued a one-game suspension and a fine to yankees third baseman
3:55 am
josh donaldson after he called the white sox shortstop tim anderson jackie during a game on saturday. anderson is black. donaldson is white. here's how donaldson responded to questions about whether his comments were race the. >> he came out of the interview said he's the new jackie robinson of baseball. i said it to him in years past. not in any manner than just joking around, for the fact that he called himself jackie robinson. my meaning of that is not in any term trying to be racist. obviously, he deemed that it was disrespectful. look, if he did, i apologize. i guess not what i was trying to do by any manner. >> joining me is bradford william davis. he's an investigationive journalist with "insider" and former columnist with "new york daily news." the context matters. donaldson apparently called
3:56 am
anderson jackie several times during the game. do you think it merited punishment? >> absolutely. i mean, he's using the legacy of a civil rights icon to instigate. that's point blank enough to narrate a serious look from the league. anderson perceived it as a problem. his manager called it racist. all of his team stood up for him at that point. that's astounding. to see 26 players rally around a black player. saying he didn't like what went down here. >> what about donaldson's defense of it which is what he's basing off an interview that anderson did with "sports illustrated" where he said he wanted to be -- emulate jackie robinson. >> two things, one, the "sports illustrated" interview had a lot more to say than him saying i want to be the next jackie robinson. why was he discussing jackie? because he wanted to encourage kids to play baseball.
3:57 am
that san honorable thing. he's done a great job at it. he's constantly in the community, back in tuscaloosa, alabama, where he's from. trying to encourage kids. where he came from. specifically for african american baseball players playing the game right now. so, that is a term of, like, honor, you know. josh donaldson flipped that into a form of mockery. whether or not anderson laughed at the joke three years ago, haven't you been in a situation where something was wildly out of pocket, but you didn't square off. you let it roll off. maybe tim anderson let it roll off for three years and then having an item to rhetorically fight back. >> major league baseball has had an issue, in the fact there are fewer african americans playing baseball. >> yeah, from the heydays of the
3:58 am
early '90s. there are substantially fewer black players. granted there hasn't been a rise in talent but that didn't negate the problem of a sport once on the forepresent of integration, now making it really difficult for people without their financial means in their youth to go play this game in the united states. that's a huge issue that major league baseball needs to address. tim anderson is trying to do his part, by, again, giving away his money, his time, to encourage black kids. this game is here. on a cultural level i'm here for you. that is honorable, that's why flipping that comment. >> on covid -- whatever that covid list is, not playing. one game suspension. given the way you feel like you do, do you think a one-game suspension is sufficient? >> i don't think so. there have been players
3:59 am
suspended for many more games for far less severe in my opinion, source of altercation issues. josh donaldson did -- brings one of the more offensive things i've heard on a ballfield. a major league ballfield, i should say in my brief time covering a game. and one game doesn't really do that. especial for a guy who clears 100 million in salary. he's a great player. like that is like pennies for him. and yet he's still repealing the suspension. shows a sign of remorse. oh, yeah, i clearly feel bad. even though this is the first time he's ever received discipline for his actions, instigation or in my opinion, a racist ce ist comment, trying t back, ridiculous. >> nice to meet you. i appreciate you being here. "new day" continues right now.
4:00 am
>> my pleasure. i'm john berman with brianna keilar on this "new day." a proxy war to determine the path of the republican party as primary voters head to the polls. and president biden heading home after a trip to asia. his off-the-cuff comments sparking outrage from china. and there's new data on monkeypox. what scientists are now saying about how it spreads. and supermodel kate moss about to take the stand in defense of johnny depp. ♪ welcome too our viewers in the united states and all around the world. it is tuesday, may 24th. spotlight on georgia, one of five states where voters will head to the polls today. the republican race for governor is turning into something of a proxy war, pitting former president trump trump against


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