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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  May 24, 2022 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good tuesday to you, i'm jim sciutto. >> and i'm erica hill. we have our eye on several key races, georgia, alabama and beyond. 2022 election lies are key in several of those matchups around the country. >> some running on those lies, brian kemp, endorsed, however, by former vice president mike pence. he is facing a battle against senator pe rdue backed by forme
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president trump. kemp resisted his ideas in 2020. president biden on a trip to asia, his first since becoming president. he said his issue on taiwan has not changed despite his comment that our military would help defend taiwan if there was an invasion. >> let's begin this hour with primary races in georgia and alabama. diane gallagher is in huntsville, kristin is in georgia. walk us through what folks are watching out for today. >> good morning, erica and jim. it is a big day here in georgia and the biggest race we're watching is that gubernatorial republican primary which has become a proxy war between trump and the election-denying faction of the republican party and the
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republican establishment, as you mentioned, former vice president mike pence. this is the biggest break we've seen the former vice president make from donald trump. take a listen to how these two former colleagues describe the race. >> when you say yes to governor brian kemp tomorrow, you will send a deafening message all across america that the republican party is the party of the future. >> david is the only candidate who can beat stacey abrams, because i don't believe kemp can do it. he's got too many people in the republican party that will refuse to go. they're just not going to after what they did to two senators and a presidential election. >> reporter: so what i want to point out there particularly is what pence said. while he didn't mention trump by name, he is clearly making a veiled reference to the future, the fact that trump is focusing on the past, the 2020 election. today really is a referendum on donald trump or day of reckoning.
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one, because trump has made it clear how badly he wants to beat brian kemp. he's poured $2 million into this race, the biggest amount he's put into a primary so far. he has perpetuated this nonstop and pe rrdue has made this a pillar of his campaign. another big lie is the race for secretary of state. trump has represented jodi heist after they famously refused to find votes for trump in 2020, and what direction republican voters want to go in. there is one democratic race we're watching very closely and that is between two current democratic members, loucy mcbat,
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so a very interesting day here in georgia, a lot of eyes on these races. >> we draw the map there reducing a number of districts. to mo brooks, he's advancing in a runoff despite trump rescinding his endorsement. at the same time republican governor kay ivey looks to seal another election. >> reporter: we expect mo brooks to come to this location and vote in just about an hour, and really, all eyes are on that republican senate primary here in alabama and whether mo brooks' campaign is truly back from the dead two months after former president donald trump rescinded that endorsement, saying that he thought that mo brooks had gone rogue. now, i just want to emphasize
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here, this is mo brooks, who was a driving force behind donald trump's efforts to overturn the 2020 election. he gave that fiery speech at the stop the steal rally just before people, you know, went and successfully stormed the capitol on january 6. but he was out campaigning this week with ted cruz. he had his campaign that was kind of really in the tank, and then we watched his opponents katie britt and mike durant essentially take that moment for those two months and attack each other, millions of dollars in superpac money, and that appears to be where mo brooks may have found his lane. his campaign has surged in the past couple of weeks here. >> dianne gallagher and kristen hoe holmes on the ground for us. our special coverage,
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election night in america, begins tonight at 7:00 p.m. on cnn. president biden is on his last stop in tokyo before returning to the u.s. he is sending a message to china that a similar attack on taiwan will be met with a military response by the u.s. >> cnn's kaitlan collins is in the white house. are they feeling this is a success in terms of what the president set out to do and what was actually achieved? >> reporter: i think they feel strongly in the sense that maybe it wasn't as obvious publicly in his statement and whatnot, what he was saying, but this whole trip was really about countering china. that's really what he came to office hoping would be his number one foreign policy goal. that is what he had talked about, but of course, you've seen it get thrown off course time and again with other
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things, and frkof course the russian invasion of ukraine has taken up so much of that space for the president in the last several months. what you saw in asia, then south korea and japan, he wanted to use that to say it is a learning lesson to see what could happen potentially with asia and taiwan. that was his concern before his arrival here, but i think watching russia and ukraine has heightened those fears. the president is saying let's not let larger nations swallow up smaller nations just because they want to and have that go unchecked in the global community. you really saw that come into focus on his last day here in tokyo as he met with the prime minister of india along with leaders of australia and japan. when it comes to prime minister modi, he stands out because he has been one of the few leaders who is reluctant to criticize the president on his invasion of
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ukraine. you saw president biden on the ground saying this is a dark hour. this is not just a europe problem, this is a global issue that all of these nations have to deal with. seemed to be pointed remarks at prime minister modi, and that is the message president biden is taking back with him knowing this will only continue to be something he deals with, continues to discuss, as to now had he move to look at focusing on the $2 billion package for asia. >> they haven't been able to do it yet on ukraine. kaitlan collins, thank you so much. adam kinzinger is in illinois. thank you for taking time for us. >> you bet. >> in effect does the u.s. now have a new taiwan policy which is to say it will defend taiwan militarily if china were to
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invade? is that the reality? >> yeah, i don't know if it's a new policy. here's the interesting thing when you get into this kind of international diplomacy is kind of the unspoken thing is the intention is to defend taiwan. that's one thing that's kept taiwan from having to face china directly. china sets up mock invasions of taiwan, there is a fight over the strait, it's just a constant back and forth. the president said what everybody really is thinking which is, of course, the united states would intend to defend taiwan militarily, whether that's direct action or even just sending aid, but it's the speed, the breakneck speed at which his aides walk back what he said. it's similar to when he was saying about vladamir putin kind of off the cuff, this guy can't remain in power. if i was president and people did that to me, they wouldn't have a job anymore for sure. >> let me ask you, for both russia and china, should the
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u.s. be explicit to say, you invade ukraine again, we will send u.s. forces. you invade taiwan, china, we will send u.s. forces. should the u.s. state that out loud explicitly? >> look, i think there is benefit in putting out sometimes in public what your red line is. so with ukraine, for instance, i think there is really benefit in saying, if russia uses nuclear, biological or chemical weapons on ukraine, that will lead to a nato reaction, because that's something that's far broader than just ukraine. that's the kind of thing that spreads around the world, not to mention, by the way, russia's blockade of ukranian ports which is going to create real starvation issues around the world. and i think with taiwan, you have to be a little ginger on taiwan, obviously, but i think we need to be clear that we have the capacity, we have the ability and the will to defend taiwan if china attacks. look, jim, if we leave this kind of idea that maybe we're not going to do anything and we'll just kind of roll over, this is a lesson we've forgotten.
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weakness invites things like this. strength has the best shot at preventing war in the first place. we see that in ukraine and i think that same situation kexiss in taiwan. "the guardian" newspaper is saying the committee will hold six public hearings in june. can you talk about the planned schedule of these hearings, how many and over what time? >> i don't want to get ahead of what the committee is saying. let me say this. obviously it's going to be in june and we're going to put out a good case tfor the american people. if i could encourage people to watch these things, make your decision, look at the story from the beginning to the end of every aspect of january 6. we may want to, quote, unquote, move on and move forward, but our democracy was threatened that day, jim, and what bothers me is i think we're almost in a worse situation than we were even a year and a half ago when i see some of my colleagues that still pretend like it never
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happened, that act like you can just, through the will of a state legislature, overthrow a presidential election. democracy doesn't survive under those circumstances. all these things we have a luxury to talk about, helping ukraine defend itself, et cetera, does not help if we can't save our own democracy here at home. >> has this been criticized by our own president? >> anything that's criminal or not criminal, that will be a question for the doj. we're going to put in front of the american people everything we know, and then the department of justice will make those decisions. >> we see a remarkable thing here where his endorsed candidate candidates, but, again, donald trump's continued lies.
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if it was pence running, would you support him? >> if it was pence against trump, sure. i'm proud of what pence did regarding january 6. he's been quiet until recently. for every publicly elected official, whether you're a county board member, you have to speak up now, because i tell you, every day that you're sigh le -- silent, your people that follow you believe the lelectio was stolen, they believe the democracy doesn't work for them. follow through on your oath or you'll be ashamed of what you did in office in five or ten years, and frankly, i have no sympathy when you are. >> oyou've been tough on china for its trade violations. the president is now saying he's thinking of cutting tariffs on
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china goods. is now the time to do so? >> i think that's a case-by-case basis. one of the things i've come to evolve on in the last ten years in congress is we do have to defend ourselves better against china in the trade area. i think to some extent we have to keep these tariffs in place. what i didn't like that the prior administration did was putting tariffs on our friends in europe, for instance. we need to be, in essence, fighting this global trade war with our friends. i'll evaluate exactly what the administration is talking about, but now is not the time just because we have the situation in ukraine and russia, which is massive. it's not the time to forget that our long-term strategic competitor is not russia. they're a failing country. it's china. and we can't take the eye off that ball. >> congressman adam kinzinger, thank you so much for joining us. >> you bet. still ahead this hour, our next guest says the power of a trump endorsement only goes so far. the republican party is
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challenged to define iftself, coming up. plus new reporting that the biden administration is concerned about a surge at the mexican border. at a crowded camp in mexico, they hope to apply for asylum this week. a texas yoga instructor is suspected of killing a cyclist. there is a manhunt for her.. that's ahead. you might have heard of carvana and that we sell cars online. we believe buying a car should be something that gets you hyped up. and that your new car ought to come with newfound happiness and zero surprises. to drive you happy. we'll drive you ppy at carvana.
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right now georgia is top of mind for so many as former president trump's grip on the gop is put to the test there. former vice president mike pence campaigning with governor brian kemp last night. the incumbent is facing a primary challenge from trump-backed david perdue. trump lashing out at his former vp for supporting kemp. his nemesis says the government refused to support his election fraud lies in 2020. in a statement, mike pence was set to lose a governor's race in 2016 before he was plucked up and his political career was salvaged. now desperate to chase his lost relevance, pence is parachuting in to races. nice to have you with us this morning. a lot of attention on the state of georgia today. i don't need to tell you that. when we look at where things are this morning, specifically we just saw in terms of that statement from former president trump, former vice president
7:22 am
mike pence out there champaignig for governor kemp, i know you said the shine has come off of it when it comes to endorsements from the former president, that maybe some think it's great to have that endorsement but it's not the end all, be all. how important do you think that will be in november? >> hi, erica, grlad to be with you. i think an endorsement from anybody, whether it's a former president or media like sean hannity, they have a bit of credibility, but especially in an election like this in georgia where we have incumbents who have records. brian kemp, four years of serving as governor of georgia. georgia voters know who he is, they know what he's capable of, they know how he'll govern in a second term. president trump's endorsement is it really the only thing helping
7:23 am
david perdue. i think we'll see georgians know brian kemp and they don't need anybody telling them about brian kemp. they'll see that he gets the votes tonight and we can turn our attention to stacey abrams. >> so if he doesn't get that nomination tonight, do you think brian kemp will be able to pull over former perdue primary voters and others who still support these election lies? >> i think he will. when it comes down to the november ballots and you're staring at brian kemp over stacey abrams, who loves our government, wants to make sure we're the number one state to do business in. and remembering that brian kemp was the first governor to reopen the state during the covid panic, saving a lot of jobs and a lot of businesses, i don't think republicans, whether they supported david perdue, candace taylor or anyone else will be able to turn this over to stacey abrams and her very left wing liberal agenda. >> looking at the big picture on the state of georgia for a
7:24 am
minute, congressman adam kinzinger was just on talking to my colleague jim sciutto. they discussed january 6, and congressman kinzinger said it's worse than it was a year and a half ago. some of his colleagues act like it never happened and noted that democracy doesn't survive under those circumstances. do you share those concerns about just how many people and how many people in the republican party and in places of power still support those election lies and the impact it could have on democracy? >> i think at this point, erica, it's a very small section of the republican primary electorate. we see the number go down in the polls. what we know more than that is that republicans across the country in states like georgia and arizona and others have passed legislation to secure our elections, to make sure that every vote that's cast is a legitimate vote and votes are counted fairly. we're seeing this in the georgia primary with all the talk of our
7:25 am
election reform being jim crow 2.0 as president, as joe biden has called it, but the fact is numbers are surging in georgia and we have the biggest turnout since 2020. we also have to contend with the lies from the democrats that republicans are suppressing the vote. they are coming out in georgia and they feel confident their vote will be counted and kocound fairly. >> we should point out to folks we have spoken to and even from emery university have said it won't be clear what the impact is of that bill really until the general election. as you know very well, primary and general election voters very different in terms of what motivates people. very quickly before i go. you've know marjorie taylor greene for a very long time. how do you see her brand of politics fitting in to the overall republican party? >> i see marjorie taylor greene
7:26 am
as very much on the edge just like oac is very much on the edge of the democratic party. districts are so small that you can have a very extreme candidate on both sides, and people in san francisco may say, how can the 14th district elect marjorie taylor greene assuming she gets through her primary tonight. but people in georgia wonder how people in san francisco elect nancy pelosi over and over. that's sort of the nature of congress, and you get characters in congress from time to time, and marjorie taylor greene and aoc and the squad are just different sides of the same coin. >> jason chipper, we'll have to leave it there. thank you. >> just a reminder, cnn primary coverage begins tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern. shooters in active situations across the country in just one year. why a trend of roving shooters
7:27 am
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a very concerning, dangerous trend in the u.s. the fbi says the number of active shooter incidents increased more than 50% last year over the numbers in 2020. >> and the numbers were already crazy then. according to a report, there were 61 active shooter incidents in 2021 resulting in 103 deaths,
7:32 am
140 injuries, that's excluding the shooters. evan perez joins us now. they're talking about roving shooters. what does that mean? >> these are alleged shooters who don't stick to a particular place. we saw some of what we saw in buffalo, for instance. this person was trying to hunt down people to shoot, and these numbers are unreal of 61 incidents in 2021, more than a 50% increase. 103 deaths, 140 wounded, jim. 60 of the 61 were male. 25 to 34 years old is the age range. you and i have seen this in all the classic profile of what we've seen. one of the surprising things the fbi said in this report is one remains at large from these incidents. we've seen repeatedly, according to the fbi, a trend where
7:33 am
obviously these guys tend to study previous incidents, and they don't stick in one location, necessarily. so that is making it harder for law enforcement. they have to train -- you know, you train for past incidents but you're trying to prevent the future incidents. that's one of the challenges for the fbi and for law enforcement around the country. >> so hard to do and so alarming, those figures. evan perez, thank you so much. erica? >> new this morning, biden officials say a court ruling to block the termination of title 42 will not slow the surge of migrants at the southern border. >> illegal crossings are at record levels once again with more migrants waiting to apply for asylum in camps across the border in mexico. cnn matt rivers spoke with juarez about their concerns of crossing the border. [ speaking foreign language ] >> you're nervous that the
7:34 am
authorities won't allow you to enter the country? >> very much so. there is uncertainty of how long we'll have to be here, especially for the baby. he's only a year and a half old, so it's difficult. >> thank you so much for your time. so his story there very similar to other stories that we have heard in this shelter. the shelter is called the good shepherd shelter and it is completely full at the moment. the majority of migrants here right now are actually haitian, but as you heard from him there, he is venezuelan, there are people from honduras here, and this shelter which holds 80 people is completely full. i want to enter one of the dormitories here. just bear with us as it is a little dark as we transition from sunlight to darkness here. there is no lights in here. you can see how full this dormitory is. it's bunk bed next to bunk bed next to bunk bed. there are dozens of people who live in that facility. most are spread out in the
7:35 am
facility. they're asking us to prepare people's privacy which is why you see empty beds, but there are people sharing bunk beds here. juarez is one of the most dangerous cities in mexico and people can't leave unless they have a good reason to do so. one of those legitimate reasons would have been to apply for asylum at the border, and many people were hoping here that with the expiration of title 42 that they could have gone to the border to do that easier. of course, that didn't happen with the federal judge in indiana continuing to let that policy be in place, and that's disappointing to people, many of whom would have gone to the border to apply for asylum. we spoke to the director of this facility who told us things can't continue like this. he's building another facility across the street who he says can house more than double what this one has now, but he already knows there won't be enough room
7:36 am
to handle all of the people that he says are still going to be in this area. >> and matt is with us now live. matt, i know border agents say a growing number of the migrants are from outside of mexico in northern countries. you mentioned a number of folks from haiti. are they starting to see even more of a shift in terms of who is there? >> reporter: yeah, and i think that's been the trend recently. if you look at the latest encounter numbers from the customs and border protection folks, in the month of april outside of mexico, salvador, guatemala and honduras, they had 100,000 people from other countries, or 100,000 encounters of people from other countries at the border. that gives you some indication of what is happening here, and that's what we saw in that shelter. the vast majority of people there were haitian, and we have seen a growing number of haitians in the last year make their way to the border. the gentleman i spoke with is from venezuela. that just shows you overall the
7:37 am
situation in latin america is driving people to the border. as soon as these pandemic restrictions in 2020, the border was reopened, you saw all these people in the western hemisphere start to make their way to the united states, and that is changing from what we traditionally see which would be migrants from the northern triangle countries i just listed. i asked the director of that shelter does he think the extension of title 42 is going to reduce the number of migrants that are coming here to the border? he said absolutely not, he's preparing for more people to still come. >> those numbers keep rising. matt rivers, thanks so much. soon another flight of operation fly formula will head to the u.s. we'll head to the air base where that shipment is said to depart. stay with us. ththat's next. dry skskin is sensitive skin, too. and it's natural.
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are you a christian author with a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! this amazing reality continues, the u.s. flying in emergency flights of baby formula. a second flight of formula will leave germany tomorrow morning for the u.s. as parents nationwide continue to struggle to find formula for their babies. >> the first batch, of course, was flown in on sunday. that was the equivalent of 1.8 million bottles of formula. what's going to be on this next flight, elizabeth? >> reporter: erica, this next flight will also have hypoallergenic formula.
7:43 am
the reason for that is the parents who have had the toughest time are the parents of children with allergies or other kinds of medical problems. the interesting question is the shipment that goes out tomorrow morning, will that go to supermarkets? the wone that arrived on sunday it didn't go to supermarkets or other retail stores. instead it went to doctors, to pharmacies. it will be very interesting to see where this shipment goes. to be very clear about this, these 1.85 million bottles will make a difference in the united states, but it won't solve the problem by any means. there are other steps being taken. in fact, the second largest manufacturer, ricketts, ratcheted up their manufacture by 35%. so the hope is that all of these things combined will start to make a difference, but it will
7:44 am
take several weeks. it will take the reopening of that shuttered abbott plant that was shuttered for safety reasons, it will likely take the reopening of that plant to really turn this thing around. erica, jim? >> it's just remarkable to see aid flights going in this direction. elizabeth cohen in germany, thank you so much. johnny depp's defamation trial against amber heard. why depp thinkheard thinks one ex-girlfriends will hehelp thei case. that's next.t. ♪ ♪ we believe there's an innovator in all of us. that's why we build technology that helps everyone me to the table and do more incrediblehings. ♪ ♪
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now to texas and a woman suspected in the death of an elite cyclist. kate armstrong accused of killing anna maria. it is believed armstrong is jealous of anna because she is in love with her boyfriend, also a cyclist. what happened in the search for armstrong? >> armstrong was interviewed by police in austin the day after
7:50 am
the murder and presented with some of the evidence that police had already gathered in the initial 24 hours of this murder investigation, but they didn't have enough, apparently, to charge her or hold her, and the way they had brought her in was because of an arrest warrant on an unrelated case, and she was allowed to leave. now the search continues for her. a u.s. martial service officer still believes armstrong is in the austin area. >> she was a realtor. she was a yoga teacher. so she had personal relationships here in the austin area. we hope eventually if she had some type of plan maybe she would reach out to those associates and we would receive a tip based on that. >> and what investigators are hoping to find right now is her car. this is the same car, a jeep cherokee, that was seen next to the home where moriah wilson was murdered on may 11.
7:51 am
investigators are hoping if someone could find that car, that would be the initial clue that would lead them to where armstrong is now. jim and erica? >> i understand it, armstrong's family is also speaking out about the allegations. what are they saying? >> well, her father spoke out publicly this morning on television saying that he believes his daughter is innocent of all this. >> i know how she thinks and i know what she believes. i know that she would not do something like this. i know her. >> and, remember, in the police affidavit that has been released so far, investigators say they ever evidence of surveillance video of her car arriving next to the home of moriah wilson arriving near the time she was murdered, as well as a source that has talked to investigators saying that when armstrong found out that her boyfriend colin
7:52 am
strickland at some point had been involved with moriah wilson was angry, had wanted to kill her. and police say a handgun recovered from where armstrong was living with her boyfriend colin strickland they believe was the likely handgun used in this murder. >> goodness. just a shocking case. ed lavandera, thank you for coming. amber heard's attorneys rested their case without calling johnny depp as a witness. the trial is now in its sixth and final week. >> chloe is fouling all this. we're learning kate moss, the supermodel, is a rebuttal witness. what is she expected to say? >> she's expected to talk about this infamous staircase incident. it's something that's been rumored about. johnny depp and kate moss, they dated in the '90s.
7:53 am
they were the it couple. they dated for several years, anyhowed by the paparazzi. they had this really big love affair. they both gave interviews where they said really positive things about the relationship, but there was a rumor where they perhaps had an altercation, something about a staircase that amber heard break-ought up when was giving her testimony, that she had heard something happened on the stairs with kate moss. but we don't know exactly what did or didn't happen. kate would potentially be talking about that. this is johnny depp's team calling her as a witness. when she said that, you saw johnny kind of turn around and shake his fist in happiness that amber had brought this up, hoping kate would sort of dispel those rumors. also, though, so many interesting things have happened just in the short amount of time we've had this week. many more witnesses are to be
7:54 am
called, but one of those is a doctor, an orthopedic surgeon, who is disputing what johnny depp says caused the tip of his finger that we've all been talking about happened. johnny says amber through a vodka bottle at him. but not so fast, that's maybe not what happened. take a listen. >> it's not consistent with what we see in the described injury pattern or in the clinical photographs. the description was the hand being flat on a bar and the bottle crushing the finger from the top. but looking at the images, there is really no significant injury to the endorsement of the finger, and to create the type of injury with that type of a crush injury, we would anticipate both injury to the fingernail and other parts of the finger. >> what makes this significant is that johnny depp is saying, hold on, i was not abusive to amber heard. i never struck her, laid ora ha
7:55 am
on her, she was abusive to me. she threw a bottle at me causing me to lose the tip of my finger. then you have an orthopedic surgeon saying that couldn't have happened with this bottle. i think there is so much information over the past few weeks, and you have he said, she said, and it will be up to the jury to start deliberating on friday as to who do they believe. and remember, amber is countersuing johnny depp for $100 million, so potentially could they award both of them nothing? >> disturbing accusations going back and forth. chloe, thank you so much. thank you for joining us on this busy day. i'm jim sciutto. >> and i'm erica hill. more after this quick break. you had me at allison® 10-speed transmissioion. ♪
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hello, everyone, i'm kate bolduan. what we're watching at this hour, decision day. georg georgia's primary could say a lot about former president trump's influence on the republican party. voters head to the polls right now. baby formula manufacturers will be in the hot seat facing questions from congress for the first time since the major shortage set in. the congresswoman in our leading hearing is our guest. monk


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