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tv   Inside Politics With John King  CNN  May 24, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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hello. welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king in washington. thank you for sharing your day with us. the polls are open in five states. several of the big races we're watching are in georgia. republicans there by tonight will tell us a ton about the value of the trump brand. plus family feuds for democrats. one house runoff in texas is a progressive versus centrist rematch with a new supreme court twist. now will this new fight over abortion rights break among critical latino voters. president biden arrives home tonight as we're counting the voting. we're early in the election season through just 13 primaries as of tonight. the president running short of time to change a sour midterm mood.
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>> sick and tired of us putting weak people in washington representing you and they're not doing it. >> in november we're not just going to see a red wave. we're going to see a tsunami. >> i've been pushing to take the republican party in a different direction. >> that's why i got in here. i could not sit back and watch this train reck happen. >> my motto of one georgia is not a gimmick. it is a guarantee. >> i'm confident about my chances tomorrow. and because i stood on the truth. >> let's begin the hour right there. democracy at work as we speak. polls open in georgia, texas, alabama, arkansas, minnesota. all holding primary or runoff elections. two trump grudge matches here in georgia. they get the most attention, but the power of the bush brand tested in a texas runoff. we'll get clues about the shifting politics of abortion rights from a house runoff in southwest texas. i hope you'll stay with us
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throughout the day. this race here, this georgia republican primary for governor getting a ton of attention because brian kemp the incumbent wouldn't help donald trump cheat in november of 2020. trump convinced purdue to run in this race. this is one of the big grudge matches. one of them in georgia. if you move to senate races and pop to alabama, here's another one here. katie brit was a chief aid to the retiring republican senator s sellby. durant, the power of the trump brand in a red state. there are some others. i want to move over here to texas. move up the map a little bit and bring up texas right here. george p. bush, son of jeb. came in second to the primary. they have to have a runoff now to get to gift. that's an important race to test the bush brand. one house race in southwest texas here, this is from the
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primary. again, in texas you need 50% to be on the blot -- ballot. they're running against each other again. centrist versus progressive. trump made end roads here in 2020. lessons tonight about immigration and abortion. let's return to georgia. jeff zeleny is live for us right there. jeff, trump has big stakes in the groovernor's race in the secretary of state primary and more. >> he does. and it's the governor's race that really is the top ticket item here. it has been for several weeks. more than 800,000 people have already voted. the rest are voting today. i'm outside one of 25 5 polling locations across fulton county, that's metro atlanta or part of it. that's all but a trickle of people voting. across the state more are voting. it's the brian kemp race. he's running to get one thing, more than 50% of the vote to avoid a june runoff. he's doing that by not engaging
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his main opponent really who is donald trump. ever since governor kemp certified the 2020 election that grudge match has been underway, and it's been boiling. this is the only primary where the former president has invested actual money, his money into the race. more than 2 $.5 million. that's not been enough to keep mr. purdue, david purdue on television in the final week of this race. what this is going to be is a sense of if governor kemp can simply do what many republicans have not done, ignore donald trump in the final weeks of this race, he's not mentioned his name at all at a rally last evening with mike pence, he was in town. mr. trump's name was not mentioned at all, talking to voters here. they are viewing this race as a distinctive one because there's a republican incumbent governor up for reelection. and they want him to succeed as they look forward to a rematch likely with stacey abrams the democrat running unopposed in november. so those are the stakes here. the trump influence is felt up and down the ballot here in georgia. from the lieutenant governor's
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race, the attorney general's race, the secretary of state's race, even the insurance commissioner's race. there is a trump effect, no question. what we're keeping on eye on is brad rath us-- rath oethlisberg. >> dwa georgia one of the many big states -- georgia will be right in the thick of it. jeff zeleny, glad you're there for us. we have a panel joining us in the studio. we could hire you. it would make it easier. any time. we'd be lucky to have you. there's a lot to cover here. a ton of big dynamics. let's start with the new since we're in the new business. s stacey abrams cleaning up something she said. she gave a speech where she said
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georgia is the worst state and then she listed a number of health metrics and disparity metrics and so you get her point, but in the digital age when you give that little snippet, georgia is the worst state, it could come back to bite you. purdue took issue. abrams this morning said well, should have done this. >> republicans have had a field day with your comment about this is the worst state to live in. was that a mistake? >> i had an elegant delivery of a statement that i will keep making. that is that brian kemp is a failed governor who doesn't care about the people of georgia. >> inelegant delivery she says. the candidates, everything you say is recorded. that's quick cleanup. >> it is. and it's something she had to do. you never want to be running for the governor of a state and seen on camera disparaging that state. you know that's going to be in an ad even though she was trying to clean it up. listen, she had a very good race in 2018. it was a good year for democrats
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more generally. the margin was something like 60,000 votes or so. did very well bringing out a democratic coalition. this new sort of demographics down in georgia. we'll see if she can do it again. you don't see the same kind of attention on this race that you did in 2018. i think oprah was down there stumping for her at some point. and so we'll see what she's able to do. the head winds are against most democrats because of the economic metrics. she had a stumble in this race trying to clean it up. we'll see if it matters. >> a key point about the different dynamics. this looks like a big republican. if you're the democrat, you can't make mistakes. quick cleanup. another thing was mike pence last night, he's campaigning for the incumbent governor, brian kemp. that's number one or maybe number two. listen to the language of mike pence, because this is interesting to watch. pence has tried to say donald trump, and i disagree about
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january 6th, but we had a great administration. this to me is walking away a bit more. >> i am here to support brian kemp in tomorrow's republican primary. i can honestly say i was for brian kemp before it was cool. when you say yes to governor brian kemp tomorrow, you will send a deafening message all across america that the republican party is the party of the future. >> that's mitch mcconnell's language. we're not trump's party anymore. we're the party of the future. mike pence there in my view taking another step away. is that fair? >> yeah. this is what it comes down to in georgia. it's become mike pence versus trump, and who they have endorsed. if you look at who they have endorsed, it's not really surprising why they're backing the specific candidates. in this case, of course, pence is backing brian kemp because you remember, on january 6th, the days leading up to it, trump
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was saying you have the power to overturn the election results. and pence went out and said i actually don't. the constitution doesn't allow me to do that. brian kemp has more or less made similar arguments that hey, our elections have been fair. you see the opposite side. trump basically begging purdue to get in the race for governor, and purdue has very much followed that election lie. that's become his campaign. >> and the election lie animates just about everything donald trump does. if you're a candidate whether you're running for dogcatcher or congress or governor or senate. trump wants to see your feelty to endorse you. he called into a rally for purdue last night. listen to what he says about kemp but more importantly about republican voters. >> david is the only candidate who can beat stacey abrams because i don't believe kemp can do it. he's got too many people in the republican party that will refuse to vote. they're not going to go out after what they did to two senators and to a presidential election.
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what he did should have been so different. >> he's at it again. he's saying essentially that if kemp wins, my people won't vote. now, the question is after the -- does he do that through november? most georgia republicans believe that raphael warnock and jon ossoff are in the senate because trump was questioning the election process in georgia. here he goes again. >> they're starting to get nervous it's going to happen again. i think the big question is i don't think anyone thinks that trump is actually going to get behind kemp after he wins, but will he work to actively undermine him? he said things like stacey abrams might be better as governor than their own republican governor. that's the concern among republicans. >> help me with this in the sense that georgia republicans appear poised to count the votes tonight to tell trump no when it comes to getting rid of their governor. republicans seem to like their governor. and mike pence pushing away.
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there will be some things tonight we can say a ha, the party is turning on trump some, but just about everybody running for office wants to hug him some. >> david purdue is an outstanding man. >> our conservative endorsed by president trump. >> chris car fights to preserve president trump's policies to crack down on illegal immigrants. chris carr is trump strong on immigration. >> trump has endorsed jones for lieutenant governor. >> we're still learning. again, at the end of tonight, it will be 13 of the 50 state primaries. we've got a lot to learn still. trump is still the most dominant force in the party. the question, is it how dominant? what's the right word? >> it feels like we can overstate the move away from trump. there's moving away from the questions about the election on the one hand. on the other hand it's not like there's any policy on anything where you see republicans
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running in a different direction from trump, and first, running at all, but certainly running and winning. brian kemp supported donald trump and supported the agenda. if you take away the questions about what happened in the election of 2020 and whether kemp should have tried to throw the election to trump, there's no difference. right? and so donald trump continues to define the party, whether or not they want donald trump to be the head of the party. >> and cap hasn't cite sized trump, but it could be a blueprint of how to stand up to the -- >> kemp might go into a runoff, but he was a candidate that mitch mcconnell did not want to be in the senate race. donald trump did. and that is why he's in that race. >> so we're learn as we go. i think because georgia is personal to trump, will other republicans take clues? continue's results will have a
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ask your doctor about fasenra. in texas today a democratic family feud that could offer very important midterm lessons. a house runoff in the state's 28th congressional district is a rematch between the incumbent and his former assistant. the more moderate candidate in the race is also one of the few anti-abortion democrats left in the congress. on the right, packed by bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, as well as house progressives.
9:18 am
our reporters are back to discuss immigration, abortion, progressives versus centrists. we talk a lot about the republican races and the trump factor. the democrats have interesting things to work out. >> this race could be interesting of whether trump is a motivating factor for democrats. democratic leaders are backing cuellar. they say it's because he's not standing in the way to protect roe v. wade, but really is reason is they're worried if cisneros wins, they -- it's not jeopardizing their majority. >> this is an ad from cisneros criticizing her opponent. we expect the supreme court to biep out roe v. wade if that leaked decision holds up. her ad saying he can't be our
9:19 am
congressman. >> it took me having to be in the congressman's office to find out he was anti-labor, anti-choice, to find out that he had lobbyist after lobbyist after lobbyist go through his office and never really post families that look like mine. >> that's about her time in the congressman's office. this is the ad about abortion. >> we spoke out when texas republicans passed the most extreme abortion ban in the country, but henry cuellar sided with them. even opposing life-saving care. >> the interesting question for me in this district -- nationally most democrats say we believe this helps us. biden won it by four or five points as we see increasingly latinos moving trump's way.
9:20 am
most on economic issues. but you have a conservative latino population, too. is it a no-brainer? who knows? >> a quote, what this means for the democratic party down there is he said, you know, i was born a democrat. ly die a democrat, but the democratic party is even moving away from me. that's something republicans point out often. even though they are making a play to try to win over latino voters not only in texas but in south florida. they say privately it really is the democratic party's move to the left that has a lot of these voters down there saying wait, am i part of this party? and the interesting split when i was down there was seeing younger voters. there are a number of younger voters turning to the republican party and telling their parents you know what? the party actually represents our conservative family religious values. we're seeing a switch to a more progressive. that explains cisneros's point
9:21 am
of view. people are done with this guy who has been representing them for 30 years and are ready to see a new democrat bring something to their community. >> that means it will teach us something. these are the issues. this is democrat versus democrat. in the fall these are the issues that will play out in most places between democrats and republicans. including the district starting in san antonio and running down to loredo. here you have a conservative incumbent saying his liberal opponent is soft. she wants open borders. >> she even said she's split border patrol in half, leaving us with open borders. that would make us less safe and cost uz thousands of jobs, putting our security and economy in jeopardy. a vote for cisneros is a vote we can't afford. >> this is a democratic race. >> it's shocking. because that seems like you would have that from a republican. but you've seen this cycle.
9:22 am
you think about maggie he issen wanting to be strong on the border. so many democrats not wanting title 42 lifted. this is a preview of what's going to happen in november, but also beyond november. right? so nancy pelosi in her folks in the leadership of the democratic party now in the house versus this new crowd of people like aoc, and others who are voting for cisneros down there. this is going to be fascinating to see who comes out on the winning side, and also this latino demographic. think about latinos being a bit more conservative. lots of them are catholic, but increasingly evangelical and apostolic. you see some of the dynamics. we'll see what happens with this race, what's the turnout like? >> the turnout part. voters are diverse. there are different races in different parts of the country.
9:23 am
you try to figure out what's the math. can you not lose voters on immigration and abortion and how do you deal with the democratic midterm challenges issues? does pelosi want to stay? record gas prices, the stock market in teurbulence. we're still coming out of the pandemic and the ripple effect of that. the issue with the border, many say a crisis at the border. title 42 still up in the air. the stalled democratic agenda. so your democrats are running in runoffs, but as you saw stacey abrams saying i need or the near perfect because that's the tough environment i'm running in. >> who didn't win of the democratic leaders? joe biden. he was endorsed in house races for more moderate candidate. one won, one seems to have lost in oregon in last week's race. he's trying to figure out where the democratic party is going. you see the scamable on
9:24 am
abortion, immigration. it's not clear, even though this is an incumbent congressman. it's complicated, and where joe biden is on abortion in particular is a complicated issue for him, and to be with cuellar, the only democrat left in the house not for abortion laws is a tricky place for biden to be. that's why he's not there. >> lights on. lights off. >> ideas coming over your head. >> i like that. i like that. a quick break for us. when we come back, president biden heading home after a trip through asia. his off the cuff comments sparking comments from china. coming up next. starts the night before. the sleep number 360 smart bed senses your movements and automatically adjusts to help keep youou both comfortable all night and can help you get almost 30 minutes more restful sleep per night. sleep number takes care of the science. all you have to do is sleep. save $1,000 on the sleep number 360
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are you a christian author with a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! president biden is on his way back to washington for an asia trip designed to strengthen alliances and send a message to china. the president's last meeting with the leaders from japan, australia and india, a group also known as the quad. at that session the president called the war in ukraine not just a europe issue. it's a global issue. india has resisted breaking its ties with russia. kaitlyn collins is behind in tokyo and joins us live. kaitlyn, put this trip into context for us. >> reporter: well, it's a massive trip for the president. his first trip to asia since taking office.
9:30 am
typically something he would have done sooner but he was delayed because of the covid-19 pandemic. but pointing to that meeting that he had today puts it into sharp relief of what exactly was going on. because all of these conversations that he's having with the prime minister of india, with the brand new prime minister of australia, the prime minister of japan, all are different now, because of russia's invasion of ukraine. and those remarks the president made today saying that this is not just a europe problem. this is an entire global issue dealing with the russian invasion of ukraine, were pointed at prime minister modi who has refused to condemn this russian invasion. he's refused to even call it an invasion, and he's continued to accelerate the russian oil imports. and so the white house has been in this position of trying to delicately navigate that relationship and trying to get modi closer to where the president of the united states is and other world leaders. so far he's not budged in that direction. that's something they're
9:31 am
managing and you see it on the scale of how it's changing the summits between world leaders. and also in the context of the president saying this has a bigger warning sign potentially for what could happen when it comes to china potentially attacking taiwan. you saw the president today tempering his statement that yes, the united states would get militarily involved in taiwan if china were to use force. that was basically dispensing with the long-standing practice of strategic ambiguity. today the president insisted the practice is not dead, maybe trying to add a little bit more ambiguity into the situation. it was clear he had gone further than where most presidents had gone. he said it was because of the russian invasion of ukraine. he wants to make sure china is paying attention to the global response. >> paying close attention. the reaction seems to be they're following it closely. kaitlyn collins live for us in tokyo. have a safe trip home. our reporters are back here for the conversation. it was an interesting thing essentially president biden saying the quiet part out loud. to kaitlyn's point, he seemed to
9:32 am
want to go on record. china, if you militarily try to take taiwan, you're fighting the united states, not just taiwan. he believes that being frank is the right approach. the question is how the chinese react. >> well, they reacted to what he said. plenty to watch aides go, again to try to clean up what he said as if the chinese government is going to be more concerned with what some white house aides are telling reporters after the fact rather than what the president himself said. president biden was clear on what he said. even though he himself did a little bit of adding ambiguity back. >> he's also said it multiple times. >> and we're into a different place. we go back to the transition when donald trump was president-elect. and he took a call from the taiwan president and then that itself was supposed to be rupturing the relationship. this is a relationship that we dance around a lot in the geopolitics of it, but has survived already some bumps and we'll see what happens. >> the president is on his way home. he stops in alaska and gets back
9:33 am
as we're turning votes. i was reading an article yesterday saying go back and look at midterm history. where a president is in june a usually where they are in november. this president is around 40% approval rate. that means democrats are going to get whacked by voters in november. the question is what can he do about it? this is a quote from sunday that tries to get at the mind set of the president. it's depressing and fascinating all at once. biden didn't say it in so many words but he didn't have to. i could hear it between the lines. he's worried while he's reunited the west, he may not be able to reunite america. >> and listen, this was one of the reasons that biden ran for president. right? it was the incident in charlottesville. a lot of sort of racial an mouse. bubbling to the surface around donald trump's four years in office. post obama, and here comes biden
9:34 am
with his bipartisan, and coming from a different america, quite frankly, and a different senate, thinking he could sort of piece america back together again. a bit naive, i would say. i don't know that america has ever really been that unified necessarily. and now you do have all these real threats to american democracy. we saw that in 2020. there was no peaceful transition of power as we've come to know in this country. this -- you're talking about sort of whether or not he can do this. one of the interesting findings is if you look at his standing, 39%, the wrong track numbers are terrible. 70% of americans think that america is on the wrong track. and 73% of democrats, that's a low number, approve of his performance at this point. so he's got a tall task ahead of him not only going into the midterms but beyond. >> and we talked earlier about how so many of these things are
9:35 am
comp complicated. you mentioned democrats including the president saying our democracy is under attack. turnout is pretty good. look at georgia. donald trump says voters shouldn't trust early voters. republicans are saying it's being exaggerated. james clyburn told this to your yup n "the washington post" friday. the country is in danger of imploding. i don't know why people think this country is insulated from historical trends. this stuff is dangerous, but maybe awe to be ra can i is the future of the country. what is he getting at? we're counting votes today. we're 13 states into the primary season. the democrats are worried about the candidates for secretary of state. the laws that give state legislatures to essentially fix the votes? . >> i have never heard clyburn go that far.
9:36 am
he's talked about how different issues that are passionate to him will affect enthusiasm for the democratic party, but i've never heard him go that far, and when you're talking to democrats, they don't know how much to talk about the democracy argument. privately they wish they could be hammering that every chance they could. they feel that same way. however, many voters don't want to talk about that right now. >> and i would say biden struggled with this. he held comfortable on the foreign stage. he rolled out a disinformation government board to have that paused. he wanted to reach across the aisle and he's recently shifted to sharpening his attacks on republicans. but clearly he's struggled to address the threats. >> it will be fascinating. you take a trip like this, a lot of time to think on the trip home. we're getting into the time for him to change the numbers or not. up next, does the bush brand still hold sway in the trump age in texas? in someone else's shoes. and it turns out the general isis a quality insurance compay thatat's been saving people money for nearly 60 years.
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9:42 am
from your reporting on the ground, is kemp headed to victory as the polls suggest and above 50% so there's no runoff? >> that what it's looking like. it's looking like kemp is providing a blueprint for how to win in a swing state without donald trump. >> let me move to another race. we have a bunch of things going on here, but just above atlanta, you have this democrat on democrat. because they redraw the lines after the census every ten years. congresswoman bordeaux against congresswoman bath, a democratic primary. how much of a fight has this been, and what's the big issue on the ground? >> so this has been a very interesting fight, because they're two pretty well liked incumbents, but you have carolyn bordeaux who is considered the more moderate candidate. you have lucy mcbath, considered the progressive candidate with a big national name recognition and a powerful person story, but
9:43 am
bordeaux represented most of the district thus far. voters have a clear choice, a clear contrast between two of the main candidates. so we'll see what happens tonight. >> let me sneak one more in because of the governor's race and secretary of state's race. herschel walker running for the republican senate nomination in georgia, gets a little less attention. we assume he's going to win tonight and not have a run off, but walk us through those dynamics. >> yeah. it looks like herschel walker is going to win without the need of a runoff. if he wins outright and governor kemp runs outright, how do they form a gop ticket? especially because herbalschel walker supports the big lie. neither of those are true for kemp. >> i'm going to bring up this attorney general, republican runoff. it's not a primary. you have the incumbent -- george
9:44 am
p. bush came in a distant second. now two candidates to get somebody above 50%. this is the bush name. his uncle was the governor. his father was trump nemesis and defeated in the 2016 primaries, jep bush, is george p. bush going to pull a win or does the name not have sway anymore? >> it looks like the bush name does not have sway anymore. george p. is also the heir of that political dynasty, but he sort of has taken a shift. he's embraced trump and trump im, but kemp taxen who is saddled with legal problems is the candidate endorsed by trump. and he is in concert and fits better with the conservative voter who is dominate the runoff elections in texas. >> we spent a lot of time on this in these other states. trump to texas republicans means what? >> well, trump to texas republicans means just what it
9:45 am
does in the rest of the nation. i mean, they're growing increasingly conservative as a cycle goes by. he's -- texas has an independent streak with their political looders, both reason and democrat. trump has been able to step in and sort of knock that out of the way, and become the leader of the party. and it comes at a time when the bush brand, of course, and george p. bush is the heir of that. it started with the tea party movement and accelerated when trump began to dominate the republican party. >> we talked about this race earlier, but in the primary, the democratic congressman was not able to get above 50%. he has to run again against cisneros. a progressive against a moderate. immigration and abortion issues. >> i'm looking at what parts of
9:46 am
the district wins out. san antonio is more liberal. more progressive leaning but you have areas in that district when you get south to loredo, they're more moderate and conserve ativ. you have catholic hispanics. will roe v. wade energize cisneros or be a help to cuellar. if you go south to the austin air, a democratic socialist may be headed to congress if cisneros does win, that's two texas progressives heading to washington which is remarkable. because there is still such a thing as a texas democrat, a lawyer benson type democrat. >> my first presidential campaign, lloyd benson. taking me way back.
9:47 am
way back. way back before i got all this. grateful for the live reporting. important reporting from the states. we'll see you again soon. join us tonight as we count the votes. it's election night in america. our live coverage starts at 7:00 p.m. eastern. coming up, ukraine's president zelenskyy says he's prepared for a prisoner exchange with russia. live to kyiv, next. you see, son, with a little elbow grease, you can do just about anything. thanks, dad. that's right, robert. and it's never too early to lea you could save with america's. that'sight, jamie. but it's not jt about savings. it's aut the friends we make along the way. you said it, flo. and don't forget to floss before you brush. your gums will thank you. -that's right, dr. gary. -jamie? sorry, i had another thought so i got back in line.
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latest now on the war in ukraine. the ukrainian president zelenskyy says he is prepared to make a prisoner exchange with russia and we're told we could see that exchange happen just about any time. let's go live to kyiv. melissa bell, what's the latest? >> reporter: well, this follows comments made in davos by president zelenskyy following the nices coming from the kremlin yesterday that moscow was considering prisoner of war exchanges. it comes in the context of the more than 5,200 fighters in russian hands and russian prisoners of war. what was interesting about zelenskyy's remark was the defiant tone he was striking even as the men are in russian hands saying let's have a prisoner of war exchange. we do not need the russian prisoners of war that we have. he's speaking of those neither accused or convicted of war crimes for the time being. we can organize that very
9:53 am
quickly, but let us not seed anything to moscow. i think the reason for the defiant tone despite the fighters in russian hands is what we're hearing coming out of mariupol. it was their evacuation that confirmed that mariupol was fully in russian hands. we're seeing a similar fate to what we saw before kherson before in the war, a city locked down. we're hearing from ukrainian officials who fled to the other side of the border saying it's now possible for ukrainians to get back into the city but it's essentially a one-way ticket. those inside cannot get out. we've tried to reach out to journalists inside. they will not speak on camera. we can't get our reporters inside. what the ukrainian officials are speaking of is a horrific picture of what has come out of a city you'll remember there was under siege for several weeks, that was essentially erased to the ground. 200 civilians found in a basement today, and the ukrainian officials are speaking of a possibility that they fear some 20,000 civilians may have
9:54 am
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around here again. like ever. that can't be comfortable though. the smart, fast, easy way to travel. topping our political radar, noteworthy primary contests. in arkansas john boozman faces the former nfl player says the
9:59 am
senator is not conservative enough for arkansas. three years after leaving the trump white house, sara h huckabee sanders, she's the daughter of the former arkansas fwroerch, favored over the opponent. the current governor is term limited. a fast approaching deadline in pennsylvania as in four hours. 5:00 p.m. today counties must submit their unofficial votes from the republican senate primary. there are a small number of votes to be counted. we don't have an exact number. dr. oz is holding a thin lead over mccormick right now. mccormick is separately suing to have undated mail-in ballots also counted in that race. the new york attorney general's office has sent the subpoena for the former president trump's long-time executive assistant mona graph. they want to question her about the trump organization's
10:00 am
document retention policies and trump's personal involvement in preparing documents. they say graph has agreed to answer questions next tuesday. thank you for joining "inside politics" today. i hope to see you tonight as we count the votes. ana cabrera picks up our coverage right now. hello. thank you for joining us. today a fierce battle for the future of the republican party. right now voters are hitting the polls in five states, but in georgia drama unfolding between two people not even on the ballot today, or are they? former running mates now rivals. president trump and his vice president mike pence are backing two different candidates in the gop primary for governor. pence's pick, the incumbent governor brian kemp, the same ma


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