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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  May 25, 2022 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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yay! case closed. ♪ good morning to our viewers here in the united states and
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all around the world. it is wednesday, may 25th. i'm john berman live in uvalde, texas. brianna keilar is in new york this morning. behind me is the robb elementary school. 19 children who went to school here are dead this morning, along with two adults. the kids second, third, fourth graders. we've just learned the identity of two of the young victims, 10-year-old amerie jo garza has been identified by her father who spent seven hours trying to find his daughter in the wake of the shooting. he now says my little love is flying high with the angels above. we just learned that 10-year-old fourth grader xavier lopez passed away. his mother snapped this photo of him at an honor roll ceremony only a few hours before the shooting. she told the "washington post" he was funny, never serious, and his smile, that smile, i will
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never forget. it would always cheer anyone up. he really couldn't wait to go to middle school. she told him she was proud and that she loved him before hugging him good-bye. she said she did not imagine that it would be the last moment she would share with her mama's boy. again, just made the honor roll, an honor roll ceremony moments before the shooting. a family member confirms to cnn that eva mireles a fourth grade teacher was also killed. >> here is what we do know at this hour. 21 people have been -- gunman shot his grandmother who is currently in critical condition and then crashed his vehicle before entering robb elementary school wearing body armor. the 18-year-old shooter has been identified, he attended the high school there in town. he was killed by law enforcement officers at the scene and a photo of two ar-15-style rifles appeared on an instagram account linked to the gunman just three days before the shooting.
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his tiktok page had a bio under his profile picture that said "kids be scared." an emotional president biden addressing the nation, calling on the country to turn its collective pain into political action following the deadliest elementary school shooting since sandy hook a decade ago. >> so this is what we know about this town, uvalde, texas, it is a town of about 16,000 people, about 600 students go to school here at robb, all second through fourth graders, the school is 90% hispanic. the town itself is about 80 miles west of san antonio, about 55 miles from the u.s./mexico border and it is now the site this morning of the latest tragedy in the united states. adrienne broaddus joins us from uvalde memorial hospital where victims are being treated this
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morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, john. 19 of the victims, those who are deceased, were looking forward to ending the school year tomorrow. others who were injured were transported to this hospital behind me where the staff is not only caring for their wounds physically but emotionally. the city of uvalde, texas, reeling after a school shooting at an elementary school left at least 19 children and two adults dead. >> my heart is broken today. we're a small community and we need your prayers to get us through this. >> reporter: an 18-year-old gunman drove to robb elementary school around midday tuesday, he crashed his vehicle in a ditch nearby and ran toward the building, weapons in happened. >> there was several law enforcement that engaged the suspect, but he was able to make entry into the school where he did go into several classrooms
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and unfortunately he did fire his firearm. >> reporter: texas senate senator roland gutierrez says the shooter, quote, had no problem legally purchasing the assault-style rifles used in the massacre. >> he went to high school here in uvalde and unfortunately on his 18th birthday he bought those two assault rifles that you've been talking about and they are assault rifles. that's the first thing he did when he turned 18. >> reporter: the fbi and atf are assisting locatl authorities wih the investigation. customs and border protection the largest law enforcement agency in the area dispatched more than 20 agents to the shooting. the shooter was apprehended, but later pronounced dead. >> he himself is deceased. and it is believed that responding officers killed him. it appears that two responding
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officers were struck by rounds, but have no serious injuries. what happened in uvalde is a horrific tragedy that cannot be tolerated in the state of texas. >> reporter: the shooter is also believed to have shot his grandmother first. >> what i do know is that this young man shot his grandmother and then fled that scene. the grandmother is still holding on, that she was airlifted to san antonio. >> reporter: as the predominantly hispanic city of about 15,000 comes to terms with the attack, the school district's chief of police ruled out any other suspects in the shooting. >> we are not actively looking for another individual or any other suspects in this case. we definitely ask you all to keep the family, the families that are involved, in your prayers. >> reporter: for the second time in fewer than ten days president joe biden addressed the nation after a mass shooting. >> i am sick and tired of it. why are we willing to live with this carnage?
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why do we keep letting this happen? where in god's name is our backbone? >> reporter: biden calling for action and demanding lawmakers stand up to the gun lobby. as another community is added to the list of sites of mass shootings in the united states. there have been 30 shootings at k through 12 schools so far in 2022. the uvalde shooting makes it the worst attack on an american school since the sandy hook massacre in connecticut in 2012 that left 20 children and six adults dead. a senator from that state, democrat chris murphy, begged his colleagues to help pass gun safety laws. >> our kids are living in fear every single time they set foot in a classroom because they are going to be next. what are we doing? why do you spend all this time running for the united states senate, why do you go through all the hassle of getting this
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job, of putting yourself in a position of authority if your answer is as the slaughter increases, as our kids run for their lives we do nothing? >> reporter: pain and passion on the floor there. meanwhile, state senator gutierrez said the shooter purchased those rifles on his 18th birthday. he also said it was the first thing he did that day. meanwhile, the parents of these 19 children are planning funerals instead of their summer vacation. they now have to find the perfect casket or urn to reflect the personality of the little life they loved and lost. john? >> an 8, 9 or 10-year-old. adrienne broaddus, thank you so much. joining me now is sue rankin, coordinating a nearby blood drive at the herby ham activity center for the victims of the
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shooting. sue, thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> you've lived here in uvalde for seven years. just talk to me about what this moment is like for. >> you well, i know so many finding out now that i know so many of the parents and the grandparents and the aunts and uncles of these kids that were killed and were injured and it's such a tight knit community, such a wonderful area, and it's devastating. it's to our root, below our root, what it's done to this community. we will never be the same. we will never be the same. >> talk to me. this looks like so many elementary schools around the country. >> yeah. >> tell me about the robb elementary school and its place here in the uvalde community. >> i know friends of mine that i direct an adult activity center and there's people there that are in their 70s and they say they taught here, people say they went here. it has such wonderful memories for this community. there are carnivals here and so much fun and community and the community supports them in amazing ways. >> so an attack here is an
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attack on the heart of the community. >> absolutely. absolutely. there is no one in this town that will not be personally touched by this. either through a friend, a relative, something like that. i mean, i'm not even from here and i know people who -- i know people now who are looking for these kids and they can't find them because there was no id on them and the kids can't speak when they take them to the hospital. so these parents are looking everywhere for their children. >> does this make you angry? >> yeah, it does make me angry and there needs to be more security put into place, you know, at these schools. and you think it's never going to happen in uvalde. you know, you actually think people have said that, it will never happen here, and here it is. it's so sad. it's so very sad. >> talk to me about what you're trying to do with the blood drive. >> we are helping the victims with giving the need of blood to them through the south texas
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blood and tissue center and we're starting that today, they're going to start at 9:00 a.m. at 248 fm 3447 here in uvalde and just we already had a full roster of people that have signed up, but people are coming in, they are going to be walking in and they're sending two buses up from san antonio for this. >> not surprising, people want to help. >> people want to help. >> people want to feel like they can do something, anything. >> people want to help. >> you say you know a lot of families, you know a lot of grandparents and parents with kids who have died here. what can you tell us about these families? >> they are devastated. of course they're devastated. who wouldn't be? and i was texting people last night until midnight saying this person has died and this person has not been located, this child hasn't been located, please pray for the families. that's what you see coming all over the feed, pray for the families. pray for the families.
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because they're devastated. they don't know where their children are. >> do you have a feeling as you're waking up and it is early here that at this point most of the families know or are they still -- >> i don't know. i can't answer that. i have no idea. i just know a few that have found out and they've been posting pictures on facebook saying pray for this family and y'all have reported on a couple of children that have been identified, but i can't answer that. >> sue, again, we appreciate the efforts. >> thank you. >> that you're making here. again, i know so many people would like to figure out a way to contribute and you're giving people a way to help. >> we are planning a food drive and possibly a financial drive. i do need to contact the school district first, talk to mr. carol about that and tell him that there are plans under way that we want to do for the families. >> 80% of the students we understand come from families who are economically disadvantaged. >> it's very difficult. >> thank you so much for everything. >> thank you so much. thank you. >> we're going to be joined by a former principal of the robb elementary school in just a moment. as we learn more about the victims of this shooting, two 10
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cnn is learning more about the 21 victims who died at an elementary school in texas. 10-year-old amerie jo garza has been identified by her father. he spent seven hours trying to find his daughter after the shooting. angel fwar sza says thigh little love is flying high with the angels above. javier lopez his mother took this photo of him at an honor roll ceremony just tuesday, a few hours before the shooting. she tells the "washington post" he was her mama's boy. he was funny, never serious, and his smile, that smile i will
4:18 am
never forget. it would always cheer anyone up. he really couldn't wait to go to middle school. >> and the family of eva mireles tells cnn she was one of the two adults who were killed. mireles taught fourth grade at the robb elementary school and spent 17 years as an educator. when she wasn't teaching she enjoyed running, hiking, biking, spending time with her family. we will speak to her aunt shortly. >> just heartbreaking to hear these stories of these kids. i think, you know, it's one of the things we heard earlier from one of our guests, john, was this was the last week of school and they were looking forward to their summer and next year ahead of them. >> tomorrow was supposed to be the last day of school. you saw xavier just had his honor roll ceremony. they were playing pomp and circumstance around the school, neighbors were telling cnn they
4:19 am
heard them, which is what you play when there is a moving up or a graduation ceremony, that was what was supposed to be going on here, not what ultimately happened yesterday. joining us now is ross mclaughlin, he recently served as the principal of the robb elementary school. thanks so much for being with us. look, i do want to ask you were principal here, i believe, in 2015-2016. i know it's early, but do you know any of the families, any of the people here who were victims? >> well, i appreciate y'all having me on to share good memories of robb elementary and that school community. i have heard of some of the news out of uvalde and knew some of the victims, not students, but staff members, and my heart goes out to them.
4:20 am
>> ross, can you tell us a little bit about the school, what it's like? we know this is a very tight-knit community and of course this was the end of the school year. >> sure. in lots of school districts across texas the school year is ending this week and rob elementary is a great school. the original campus i would estimate was built in the early 1960s. an addition was built in probably the early 2000s. when i was principal there it serves students in third and fourth grade, they come from across the city of uvalde, so uvalde separates out, some students in some grade levels attending some campuses, but third and fourth graders were there when i was there. it's a special place.
4:21 am
the city -- you know, the public school system there in uvalde is at the heart of the community. many teachers and staff members grew up in uvalde and so it's tr tragic. >> i just spoke to a woman from the community who said she had heard people say before something like this could never happen at uvalde. what do you say to that? >> we never believe that something as tragic can happen so close to us. i understand where she was coming from like that. uvalde is -- is a great little town, it's a quiet friendly community. farming land to the south and ranch land to the north. it's the gateway to the texas
4:22 am
hill country. you know, county seat, nice little city square there around the county courthouse, kind of a crossroads, 50 miles -- 55 miles north of the border with mexico and this is just a sad example that this absolutely can happen anywhere. >> uvalde has the eyes of a nation on it now, ross, and i wonder what you want people to know. >> i want you to know about the friend leeness and spirit of the people of uvalde during this very sad time. when my wife and i lived in uvalde we were greeted with open arms as new members of that community and i want y'all to know that these are friendly folks that are hardworking, that
4:23 am
support their public schools, that are the types of folks that are -- they are there at friday night football games and working in ways to make their community better and better. that was the impression that the teachers and staff and children, families made on me while i was there. that they were 100% behind the schools and behind educators and the parents and guardians of our students most certainly wanted their children to get a strong foundation in order to reach their potential and achieve their dreams and that's what we were all working towards there. >> a strong community and a community they're going to need each other this morning. we thank you for sharing your
4:24 am
thoughts. >> y'all take care. >> we are getting new details in this morning about the 18-year-old gunman, when and how he bought the firearms used in the attack. this is cnn's special live coverage from uvalde, texas. ngi. reasonon, or fun. daring,, or thoughtful. sensitive, or strong. progress isn't either or progress is everything.
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welcome back. i'm john berman live at the robb elementary school in uvalde, texas, where 19 children second, third and fourth graders and two adults were killed. police say a gunman shot his grandmother who is in critical condition, then crashed his vehicle outside the school here before entering the building wearing body armor. >> the 18-year-old shooter has been identified. he attended the local high
4:29 am
school there in uvalde and he was killed by law enforcement officers at the scene. a photo of two ar 15 style rifles appeared on an instagram account linked to the gunman three days before the shooting. his tiktok page had a bio under his picture that said "kids be scared." an emotional president biden addressing the nation calling on the country to turn its collective pain into political action following this deadliest elementary school shooting since sandy hook in december of 2012. the shooting took place as voters across texas head to the polls for primary runoffs ahead of the november election. joining me is rochelle garza, she won her runoff and is going to be the democratic nominee for texas attorney general looking to unseat republican ken paxton. rochelle, thank you so much for being with us. obviously yesterday marred by what we saw happen in uvalde, really defining the day in texas
4:30 am
and here in the days to come. i just want to touch personally on the fact you are the daughter of two public schoolteachers, you're also a new mom as i understand it. what are you thinking right now as your state is going through this? >> i'm devastated. i know that every single texan was devastated yesterday and we woke up again this morning incredibly devastated but also angry that our leadership has done nothing to protect the children of this state. i'm a fifth generation texan, i'm a new mom, my baby just turned two months old yesterday, and when i learned i was pregnant the first thought i had was i'm going to have to send her to school some day and this might be some reality that we might have to face. this is why i ran for this office, to unseat a corrupt attorney general, ken paxton. we need new leadership in texas, now more than ever to change
4:31 am
what's going on. and that's what i'm doing, that's what i'm focusing on come november. >> it also has to do with the intensity, right, that voters feel for the issues. and right now it isn't enough. i wonder if you think this mobilizes them into a critical mass that might actually change things. >> absolutely. texans are tired of the leadership that we have right now. the six-week abortion ban we experienced at mid last year and then the potential fall of roe have been at the top of mind of voters and now this is just another example of failed leadership that we have. texans are ready to have -- >> sorry to interrupt you, rochelle, but on guns, right, and i ask you this specifically because you saw in the last year despite rising rates in gun violence that actually texas adopted some more pro-gun laws.
4:32 am
do you think that not just in texas, but around the country, that this is going to sway voters who are in the majority when it comes to some of these measures? >> i do think so. texas we have unpre strike testify laws, we have constitutional carry in texas and clearly it has not made us safer. ken paxton yesterday suggested that we arm teachers and that the solution would be more guns. that's absolutely not true. we need to close the gun hold loopholes we have in texas and we have to have sensible gun policies. i love texas, i'm a texan, i grew up hunting with my dad, but i learned gun safety. we need to have licensing requirements to make sure that people aren't misusing firearms. we need to do better and we can do better. >> i want to play what you just referenced it, but here is what ken paxton the attorney general
4:33 am
of the texas said. >> we can't stop bad people from doing bad things, they're going to violate murder laws, they are note going to follow gun laws. i never understood that argument. we can potentially arm and prepare and train teachers and other administrators to respond quickly because the reality is we don't have the resources to have law enforcement at every school. >> what would that look like, practically speaking, arming teachers? >> it's a ridiculous notion. arming teachers is not the solution. we all know that. i know i wouldn't feel safe. when my daughter becomes school age i am not going to want to send her into a school building where everyone is armed with firearms. that's not the solution. we need to ensure that we do not get guns in the hands of folks that are going to do things like this. there are children that are dead. it's absolutely devastating and
4:34 am
i'm outraged by what happened. every single texan should be outraged. and we need to look at the leadership that we have in ken paxton and we need to get him out of office because he is not making us any safer. these policies are only making things more dangerous for our families. >> rochelle garza, we do appreciate you being with us this morning. we are so sorry for your state and what you are enduring today. rochelle garza the democratic nominee for texas attorney general. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. just in, we are learning from officials here in texas that the two adults killed along the 19 children inside the school are both teachers. the family of eva mireles confirms that she is one of them. eva taught fourth grade at the robb elementary school and spent 17 years as an educator. back in a moment.
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the massacre at robb elementary school in uvalde, texas, prompting renewed pleas for congress to do what it has failed to after so many mass shootings, take action on guns. senate democrats have moved to bring a house passed bill on background checks up for a vote. so what are the chances that it's actually going to happen? cnn's lauren fox is live for us in washington on this. what are the chances, lauren? >> reporter: well, these bills were passed in the house of representatives back in march of 2021 but the senate had yet to act and that was for a couple of reasons, one of which is is the act that there just are not ten republican votes. this became a calculation for democratic leadership about whether or not to hold these messaging votes at all given the fact that this was seen as a futile effort. this also happened as senator
4:40 am
chris murphy a democrat from connecticut who represented the state of connecticut back when sandy hook first happened, he was trying to work behind the scenes with republicans, including senator john cornyn of texas to find some middle ground on background checks and closing the so-called charleston loophole that allowed that shooter to purchase a gun when his background check had still not cleared. so there were some negotiations transpiring for months, but at the end of the day republicans just never got on board with any kind of middle ground. so now the question becomes will schumer bring these bills up for an actual vote? yesterday he took a procedural step that would enable him to go ahead and take an additional vote in the future, but there's no guarantee that this is actually going to come to the floor for the senate. i'm told democrats still need to have some conversations about what these next steps are. but you heard yesterday from senator murphy an impassioned plea on the floor of the senate to his colleagues to take some
4:41 am
action on gun reform. here is what he said. >> i'm here on this floor to beg, to literally get down on my hands and knees and beg my colleagues, find a path forward here. work with us to find a way to pass laws that make this less likely. i understand my republican colleagues will not agree to everything that i may support, but there is a common denominator that we can find. >> reporter: and i talked to many republicans yesterday in the wake of this horrific shooting, asking them is there anything that they could support. so many of them, brianna, told me we need more answers, we need to figure out what the facts are before we take any action. that pause, of course, something that we have heard over and over again from republicans in congress. brianna? >> time is the enemy of action on this one i'm afraid.
4:42 am
lauren fox live for us in washington. thank you. joining us now the fathers of two victims of the 2018 shooting at marjory stoneman douglass high school in parkland, florida. fred and manuel. fred, i want to start with you, i know it's hard to ask you to relive the worst day of your life but these families here in uvalde this morning, what are they going through? >> trying to figure out how to get from one second to the next. i -- i remember that week and honestly my wife and i talk about this a lot now, we don't even know how we ate that week, we don't know where the food came from, i don't know who fed my son. so in many cases it's basic necessities and just getting from one second to the next.
4:43 am
it's this reality and necessity to have to plan a funeral, to write eulogies, to embrace one another and hold each other up just so that you can make it to the next day. it's brutal and it's hard and it's violent, and you start learning about the violence that took the lives of these children that you love. it's not easy and i just want those families to know there is an army of survivors like manny and i who are out there, we are there for them, we will continue to be there for them, and if they need us now, we are there now. if they need us in a few weeks, we will be there in a few weeks. but these next few days i can't sugar coat it, because of this country's failure to deal with
4:44 am
guns, because of the political environment in that state, and people like senator cruz and governor abbott, this happened. it's just -- i apologize for rambling, i didn't sleep last night. >> how could you? how could anyone sleep last night after what happened here? and these families are going to need you, going to need both of you to lean on you. manuel, again, to take you back, how hard -- how hard was it for you to believe what had happened? how hard will it be for these families to just believe the horror? >> i will say to understand, you can't believe this just like that, i mean, it's a whole new reality for your life, for your future. some of these parents might think that they don't want to
4:45 am
live anymore. the whole meaning of life is gone in such a terrifying way. so it's going to take a lot of time and crying and tears and pain. i would love to say that they will find their own path, we all try to do our best, it's a very personal decision what you end up doing, but it's a matter of time and understanding that we are here as families, you know, this is not about fred or me, this is about jamie and we are fathers until the last day that we are here. our role is not over. so i think that thinking that parent that it's not over helps a lot. >> manuel, what about you
4:46 am
personally? what's it like for you to see the news alert on your phone, 19 kids killed at an elementary school? >> well, it might sound silly, but i'm used to receiving news like that one on my phone. i belong to a small universe of people that are very concerned about -- very concerned about gun violence and that's my -- it's just not an exception. i wish it was. i wish i could be surprised about what happened yesterday, but we live in a society that it shows us that we shouldn't be surprised by this. it's going to vanish at some point, it's going to lose attention and if it's not for the people that are ready to raise their voices and not stop, again, like fred, like me, like
4:47 am
some kids out there and some other parents, nobody will be speaking about parkland today. sometimes we need to take things by our hands if we want to accomplish goals. we have to do way more. i am not happy with our result as of today, but that doesn't mean that we're not going to keep enduring tomorrow and after tomorrow. >> fred, the victims haven't been identified yet. we know that the names of two of the children, but we learned details about their lives, their young lives, and these kids were just 10 years old. we learn about the smile of xavier. for these parents, you know, how important is it -- looking at a picture right now, that's amerie
4:48 am
jo, her father learned this morning that she had died, he asked the angels to watch over her this morning. >> i remember those moments. >> it's so hard. it's just so hard. xavier, his mother said he was always smiling, never saw him without a smile. just made the honor roll yesterday, the honor roll ceremony was just hours before the shooting itself. >> you know, my daughter should have just finished up her first year of college. i spent the past year watching pictures of all of the kids that she was friends with living out their first year in college. so i tell you that because the rabbi said at jamie's funeral we don't move on, we move forward. my hope for their parents is
4:49 am
that they find a path moving forward where they can live and be there for those they love who are still here and having what i call a new normal, but always, always, always remembering that which you no longer have with you. and new things will come, new memories, new people. listen, i've told manny this before and others, i hate that i know manny oliver. i did not know him before this. but i love him like a brother now and i'm thankful for that. and these families will have moments and new people like that, but they will always, always, always have to visit their child at a cemetery and that will never be normal.
4:50 am
>> how do you balance, fred, the love, the need for love, the need to hold on to that love, how do you balance that with the anger, the rage that you must have? >> i suppose it's why people like manny and i do what we do, traveling the country, fighting to reduce gun violence, calling out the politicians who just do horrible things, because my love for my daughter and what led to her loss gave me mission and purpose. and, i mean, listen, again, you're in texas, three years ago i sat with senator cruz, begging and pleading him to be
4:51 am
different. he chose a different path. and so that's where my anger comes in, because i don't want to give him any grace anymore. there's no begging. i want him gone. i want him to lose. i want him out of office. the same thing with governor abbott. my love for my daughter and for these kids who were just killed demands me in this moment of anger to call on him to resign. he is the person who put out a tweet a couple of years ago saying we don't have enough guns in texas, we need more. he is the person who pushed through laws that made shootings like this more likely. so my love for my daughter has turned me into a fighter for others, because i don't want to watch more 10-year-old kids die. >> fred guttenberg, manuel oliver, i mean this in the nicest possible way, i long for
4:52 am
the day when i don't have to talk to you in the mornings. i wish for that day. but i appreciate the efforts that you both are making. i appreciate the availability you both give to the families who are going through this here in uvalde, texas, this morning. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> thank you. we have new details on the investigation here in uvalde, including what cruz did in those terrifying moments to rescue children. you're going to hear an emotional plea from golden state warriors head coach steve kerr, who says he's just fed up. >> now we have children murdered at school. when are we going to do something? eople. our consultants help you choose from hundreds of bath options so we fit your style. our installers complete your work in as little as a day so we f fit your schedule.
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♪ good morning to our viewers here in the united states and all around the world. it is wednesday, may 25th. i'm john berman live in uvalde, texas. brianna keilar is in new york. and behind me is the robb elementary school. 19 children who went to school here are dead this morning, along with two teachers. we're talking second, third, fourth graders. we just learned the identities of two of the young victims. 10-year-old amerie jo garza has been identified by her father. he now says my little love is flying high with the angels above. and 10-year-old fourth grader xavier lopez, his mother snapped this photo of him at the honor roll ceremony a few hours before the shooting. according to "the washington
4:58 am
post," she told him she was proud and she loved him before hugging him good-bye for the last time. and a family member confirms to cnn that eva mireles, a fourth grade teacher, was one of the teachers killed. i'm joined now by cnn's shimon prokupecz, also joining us is lieutenant chris olivares, a spokesperson with the texas for safety south texas region. give us the latest on the state of the investigation in terms of the number of victims and the latest we know. >> so we have 19 children are deceased as well as two adults, two of those being teachers, for a total of 21 victims. we are still processing the scene at the school with our texas rangers as well as working with federal partners, local law enforcement. we know all the victims have been removed from the school, all the families have been notified as well. >> all the victims have been removed, all the families have been notified, so all the victims have been identified. >> that's correct.
4:59 am
>> okay. >> how difficult has that been for the -- a lot of what i want -- for me, the families and how difficult that must be for them and your officers have been doing a lot of the notifications, i assume. how has that been going? >> i can tell you it is hard to put into words. as a parent myself, you know, to even think about what these families are going through right now, not only the families, but the entire community of uvalde, but we're working closely with the lololol law enforcement her with school officials trying to identify and, of course, we make the identifications during the night, and right now we're trying to provide further closure for the families by having a thorough investigation, trying to exactly identify what caused this mass shooting, what triggered this. that's what we're trying to identify right now. >> do you have a sense of how many people were wounded here and what their condition may be at this hour? >> i don't have an exact number. i know there was multiple children inside that classroom that were wounded as well. but i don't have the exact nu number at this time right now. >> lieutenant, there are a lot
5:00 am
of questions about the timeline here. it starts with the grandmother at the home. what happens there? >> right, so the initial incident was a domestic disturbance involving a shooter with his grandmother, in which the shooter shot his own grandmother. from that point he fled the scene in a vehicle, there was reports the vehicle crashed nearby the school. and that they saw an individual armed with a weapon going inside the school. >> who is they? >> local law enforcement. they received a call, they received a call the vehicle crashed, there was an individual with a long rifle making his way into the school. that's when local law enforcement responded on scene. >> local law enforcement engaged with him before he entered the school? >> right. we had local law enforcement from uvalde police department, one of the school police officers as well as state troopers that arrived on scene. they were the initial officers on scene. they heard the gunfire, they were met with gunfire as they encountered this gunman who was able to shoot two police officers, nonlife threatening injuries, they are stable, they are out of the hospital, but at that point they were at a disadvantage because the gunman was able to make entry into


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