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tv   Inside Politics With John King  CNN  May 25, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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"inside politics." . i'm john king. why did you do grief and horror land in texas? why did an 18-year-old turn gun on his grandmother before murdering, massacring children inside an elementary school? this is now the latest site of an american massacre of children. he killed 19 grade schoolers and two teachers two days before the summer break. all that death inside one classroom. cnn telling us the gunman entered the room, locked the door behind him and opened fire. other victims are in the hospital right now fighting for their lives. he attended a nearby high school. people described a tacit-turned teen with a temper. he bought weapons for his 18th birthday. you see them posting them there on a social media account just days before this horrific shooting. we know from the authorities he
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acted alone. families huddled inside a civic center to give dna swabs to help authorities match bodies to their parents. all the victims have now been identified. families notified, forced to hear the life-changing words your child is not coming home. ten years after sandy hook, parents and grandparents are still asking, why this happened? and now why here? >> it is in the news somewhere, but it is happening. you think a big town, a big community, a small town. >> cnn covering this story with our reporters across the community. let's begin with our cnn crime and justice reporter shimone on the scene. . we are getting new details about how this played out? >> we are. authorities are saying they now
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believe the shooting all took place in one classroom within an ad joining classroom. but all of the victims who were shot and injured all occurring in one classroom after the gunman barricaded himself in this classroom. authorities, law enforcement that was on scene was unable to penetrate the door to try and stop him. they had to wait for reenforcement and so that took some time and, john, we are also learning of new information, instagram posts that authorities are reviewing, law enforcement is reviewing. where as you showed the gunman posted photos of the guns that he bought. he then tagged someone randomly, a woman who he tagged, she doesn't know him. he doesn't know her. saying that, quote, this apparently happened hours before the shooting, job. she writes. he wrote to her. i got a little secret. she then responds, what's your
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gun got to do with me? then he says, be grateful i tagged you. he says to her, i'm about to he doesn't explain. then he says i got a little secret. she says she doesn't know him. she was concerned certainly about it. she didn't know him. so for law enforcement, this is something that they are reviewing. it, obviously, shows there was some intent here, there was some planning. exactly what he was planning is still unclear. >> so, shimone, walk through what we do know about the guns. obviously, the guns were posted to the social media account. what do we know about the weapons, the arsenal used at the scene? >> reporter: so authorities believe the weapons were purchased as soon as he turned 18, legally allowing him to purchase these weapons and there was nothing strong him. so he bought them and they believe, you know, he has a job. so he has some money. they also believe that he bought ammunition, substantial number
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of bullets. some of it they found here at the scene. so there is nothing to indicate that those were purchased illegally, john. >> what about the new details that you have to identify the victims, you have to notify the families? there is so much horrific things to do at the crime scene, what do we know about that? >> reporter: right, the fib if ib is here. i was if buffalo, the response team, every mass shooting, they are the ones, they are assistance leveling the crime. they are back out here again with the texas rangers and atf and dps here. it's a lot. you can just imagine how horrific it must be inside that room where all these children were killed, injured and those two adults. so they're out here processing the crime scene. also out here today. we have been seeing a steady stream of neighbors, coming out here, laying flowers.
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someone just brought balloons. john, this is going to be really tough for this community. they are, it's a small community, the majority hispanic, economically disadvantaged. when you think about in the school, there was over 500 students here. 90% of them are hispanic. so there will be some tough challenges ahead here for this community and that's certainly not lost on anyone, john. >> shimone, we know more than we did yesterday, but there are some things we don't know. we know this took place, for example, inside one classroom. we know when the tactical team responded, it took them some time to break into that classroom. what don't we know? >> reporter: what we don't know if he was definitively targeting the school. there is a crash. police say they get a call of following the shooting of his grandmother and they get some information. they're out here. somehow, they made contact with
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him. it's not entirely clear. they engage him outside the school, but he crashes. he crashes in his car into this ditch, comes out of the car and then goes into the school. how he got into the school is still unclear. and really, john, it's not entirely clear that this was his intended target. is this something that occurred because of opportunity or he was at a point where he saw a target that he can attack? he crashes the car and then he runs in the school. that's also not entirely clear, whether or not this was the intended target. >> as we learn the details, it is continuing behind you, thank you very much. we all, of course, incomprehensibly, too many families, joe garza, the father confirming on facebook she was among the kids killed by the gunman. my little love, he said, is now
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flying with the angels. xavier lopez also 10. his mother describes him as funny two a smile that can cheer anyone up. he couldn't wait to go to middle school. isaiah garcia 10, look at that smile. his uncle says he loved anything with wheels. he was fast, too. took the football and ran over spring break his grandfather told a cnn affiliate. jose flores, jr. 10, his dad says he loved bikvideo games. she had been a hero for 17 years. shelves 44, leaves behind her husband and her daughter. cnn's rosa flores is live at the uvalde hospital. the victims there, a community struggling. many still having questions whether others will survive their injuries? >> reporter: you know, john, i
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just talked to one woman who told me that she knows four of the victims. two are family members, two are acquaintances. as you said, this is a very small community. everybody knows everybody else. this woman described the feeling in this community as so many mixed emotions. she said that there is anger, there is also this overwhelming grief and sadness. she says she couldn't stop crying all night long because she explained the agonizing wait that a lot of these family members have been experiencing in the aftermath of the immediate aftermath of this tragedy. she says that everybody was coming together trying to figure out if their loved ones were alive or if they were dead and, okay, now we know that hours later, these family members learned that some of them for them their children had been killed. their children had been murdered. 19 of them were staying in classrooms, two adults, the
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teach you are she mentioned and another adult. she says that today they're trying to figure out how to move on. this woman was pregnant. she was here at the hospital that you see behind me. she says she has a 4-year-old daughter who is expected to then start school next year in this very elementary school and she says that she's grappling with that decision as a parent. she doesn't want her 4-year-old daughter to eventually enter this classroom. she told me, rosa, i would be willing to drive my daughter anywhere but to have her enter that school. now, we know from multiple hospital agents that more than 20 people were transported to hospitals, not just here in texas but were transported to san antonio. the hospital that you see behind me, we have learned that all of the patients have been transferred or dispatched out of the hospital. but we are learning from university hospital in san antonio that there are still
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four individuals there. a 66-year-old woman in serious condition, a 10-year-old in serious condition. a 9-year-old girl who is in good condition and a 10-year-old who is also in good condition and, john, there are two other individuals still fighting for their lives at this hour who are also in serious condition. hearts are heavy here in uvalde, texas. in a mix of emotions, john, as people grapple with this tragedy and are both angry at what happens and just destroyed because of the tragedy here. ground, thank you, rosa.the we appreciate so we can try to share these stories of this community. let's get to important insights now on the investigation and the big questions from the former boston police commissioner ed davis and counter terrorism official. commissioner davis, based on what you heard at the top of the program, what you have been able to see and learn about what authorities do know, if you were leading this investigation and
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you had your top people in the room right now, what are the three questions you would be saying? i need these answers and i need them now? >> well, first, john is motive, we want to know what drilled this man to do what he did. i suspect there are going to be mental health issues, but i would want to have definite evidence of that. has he been counselled before? has he been sent to psychiatrists? have people flagged problems that he's had? the second thing would be to do a full run with the atf on the weapons that he bought and the ammunition. and it appears as though he just bought them recently. anybody who walks into a gun store and says, i need a gun right now should not get a fun right now. that just should be a rule. there is no reason why we can't have common sense laws and regulations around this. and then the third thing would be the impact on the community.
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after having looked through the boston marathon, this is a devastating assault on not just the horrible damage that was done to these victims, unfortunate in that classroom, but on the school system and on the town and on everybody that lives in that area. so there has to be support for them. i would be having my people look to see what could be done to support the victims in this terrible, terrible case. >> phil, we have this conversation about mass shootings. it's specifically about mass shootings at schools way too many time. a lot has been done since columbine. obviously, you can't do everything this week. we will talk throughout the program whether mr. davis said 18-year-olds should walk in and immediately buy two assault rifles. knowing what we know about the scene right now. is this something which the law says they stand. do you see some red flag that should have been caught beforehand or he bought the guns
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illegally and ended up and there was not enough security, in he goes? >> well, i hope the conversation, unless we see something profound in the coming days about his mental state. i hope it doesn't, it will divert us from the true conversation this country need to have about gun access. i tell you some of the questions you would have going where you are going, i need to see more on what his social media history is and a time line, change and i want to see the interviews. that is what are friends saying? the public reporting so far suggested he was isolated and bullied. that's not enough reason to take a weapon from somebody. so let's close with a potential phone call. somebody calls in and says i saw a guy on instagram who posted photos of weapons. it's a guy that sid weird things about kid in the past. if you are at the local fbi office or local police department, what are you going to do? please don't tell me you will deploy every time somebody posts
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photos and they're bullied. you can't respond saying it's a mental health issue and we should take his guns. i don't think that's the answer in this case. >> 23 will continue the conversations in the days ahead as we learn more details about the investigation and what is behind this young man who did the unthinkable in texas. our next guest is going to help us understand. he understands all too well. david hocgg, four years ago, after his classmates were killed. he posted this challenge. >> you guys are like the adults. you need to take some action and play a role. work together. come over your politics and get somemething done. [ music playing ] our flflexpath learning formt lets you set deadlines and earn your nursing degree onon your schedule.
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. there with is no school in uvalde, texas today. the final days of the academic year canceled after the death of 19 children and two children at robb school. survivors are mourning lost friends. a shock to the grieving community is trying now to understand the untiable. david hogg has first-hand experience of this. he was 17-year-old in 2018 when a gunman killed 17 people at his school in parkland, florida. david's life quickly changed. he quickly became an advocate for gun reform. david is with us. thank you for your time. i hope you don't mind me doing this. i am not trying to recreate trauma. so people can understand. what is it like the morning half-? what is uvalde, texas going through right now? >> i can almost give the
9:21 am
parkland experience. unfathomable. this community, parkland or communities that experience gun violence on a daily basis, we have mass shootings every day in this country with individual shootings. that makes it ominous. they're reeling. they're in shock. many of them are likely watching their tvs right now seeing cnn in shock that their community, the places they visit every day are on tv because of this horrible thing that many thought could never happen there. >> you have had a crash course in political action. a crash course in trying to get things done with mixed results. i am struck by what you said four years ago. we're the kids. you are supposed to be the adults. i am paraphrasing. there has been some success in the state of florida, for example. they raised the age. they raised the age to purchase a gun from 18 to 21. if that had been the law in texas, we might not be having this conversation today. what do you see as the gains, if
9:22 am
you will, and your big questions and frustrations in your four years at this? >> you know, john, we said we were going to go out and change the world in a conversation. we did. we continue to. in 2018 when i said that, i said, we're the kids. you're the adults. you need to essentially do something. the adults turned back at us and said, well, you are able to vote soon and we did, we voted in the highest rate in ra non-presidential mid-term. we voted out more politicians than ever before in american history. we turned gun violence prevention into a winning issue. then in 2020, we played a critical role among other factors in turning out the highest in american history, which saw the most amount for a president in history, pro gun reform house. yet despite that, we've not seen a single piece of gun pre investigation legislation passed in congress.
9:23 am
that's unacceptable. what we have seen is action at the state level. we seen over 50 gun laws pass wanted in florida, a deeply republican legislature that's entirely in control by republicans. we raised the age to 21 and passed red flag laws. it would have been able to stop the shooting in park land should those laws have been in place. because of that i think people have sent threats to my own mother. we used the law in a way for parkland to disarm somebody that threatened to kill my mom. through due process where these laws have worked. what i want to do the action i want to see and sorry to go on here is look we know as americans what we don't agree on. we see it on cnn, fox, all these outs, social media everywhere. that's not going to stop these kids from getting killed. it's figuring out what we as americans, not democrats or
9:24 am
republicans, but as americans can do to create a more perfect union where our children are not in danger in our schools and communities and grandmas are not in danger in supermarkets on a daily basis. we need to focus on what we can't agree on. i'm trying to get in touch with republican senators to talk about how we can pass universal background checks, my father who is a former republican and current gun owner support and figure out how we can actually pass that. because we understand, we're not going to get everything we want. i'm not crazy. right. i understand that. what we do know is action. >> so help me, david, how do you break through? you make a very key point. let's stop fighting about what we can't agree on, do two or three things and start where there is consensus? how do you break through? i want to ask in a personal context. where you had a tragedy in your community. some young person who was going to be a future governor, who was going to be a future nba or all
9:25 am
store what was going to, you know, create some technology that changed the world was taken from us. in this case, you are a teenager at the time in this case we're talking my youngest son is 10-years-old, when i read these names, i get choked up. they can't even process what a gun s. how do you break through with the adults that refuse to have adult conversations with the idea that every time this happens, heroes are snuffed away. >> look at your kids. look at your kids and to those adults, i'd say, kids like that are getting taken, stolen from their families and parents every day in this country. lots of times they don't make it on the news. i think about communities, especially buffalo where it's important to protect our young people, they are viable, a lot of elders were killed and they're a community that is not talked about as well. we need to realize, look, if our government, if 23 as americans can't live by example, not even our politicians, but as americans, we can live by
9:26 am
example and focus on what we can agree on to save our own children, we need to do serious critical evaluation of why that is. with our children, we're not just losing our children, we're losing our future as you say, the next adventure, incredible supreme court justice. we are losing the next president, the next governor, whoever it might be, somebody that will help other people and with them dies the future of our country. if we can't protect them, i don't know what we can do. i'm not here to debate this with republicans. i get dms calling me names a lot and one thing i have to say, does this make you happy? right. because i'm not sheer, i know we don't agree. i'm not trying to convince you of anything. what i do want to convince you of and agree honor is kids shouldn't have to be identified by their dna because their bodies have been so destroyed by an ar-15 in their school. nobody, no gun owner, no responsible gun owner thinks
9:27 am
that that should be the case and i know that. right? because people like my father know that. people in the gun industry at times have known that. previously, they wouldn't sell certain types of weapons because they knew the danger it would cause society. they continue to do that. right. this is not about attacking gun owners. it's attacking the gun industry lobby, specifically and the nra board. not even nra members to judge the fact, that, look, like we have been brought here for a reason. the only thing we will get out of it is figuring out what we can do together even if small to address this. >> thank you for those conversations, trying to get the adults to be adults. >> mitt romney, please reach out on me. >> i hope he is watching. next, we continue that conversation. will washington just shrug again? flags in our nation's capitol flying at half-staff. that's appropriate but an easy response, already, new safety
9:28 am
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we are told by authorities the school massacre in uvalde, texas happened after the shooter first shot his grandmother. cnn's ed lavandera is in the community where the grandmother lived. what do you see? >> over the year, the neighborhood you see behind me is where the gunman, the 18-year-old is suspected of killing his grandmother in the home right now. we see state troopers outside the home. the spire block is usually cordoned off. john, we have also seen fbi acts canvassing the neighborhood talking to residents who live around the grandmother and grandfather's house here in uvalde, texas. all of this is where yesterday's tragedy started to unfold and this is the neighborhood where investigators believe they're going to find some of those clues, that might be able to provide some link to some sort of motive in this tragic
9:34 am
shooting. but right now, we are seeing the investigators here continuing to work the scene. we talked to a number of neighbors that talked about the massive law enforcement presence. many say they didn't hear the gunshots. they believe a grandmother was shot inside her home. because of that they didn't hear the additional gunfire coming from the home here. then we are just about a half mile, less than a half mile away from robb elementary, where it is presumed that the 18-year-old gunman left this area here and then at some point started driving towards the elementary school, which is literally down the road that you see behind me and off to the right. that is eventually where the suspect ended up crashing his car into a ditch before running inside the school and starting to fire at the elementary school students inside robb elementary. but right now, we are seeing that heavy law enforcement
9:35 am
presence canvassing the neighborhood, talking to residents, neighbors, trying to gather any kind of information that might shed any kind of light into the family dynamic that might have been some sort of motive in this case. >> we appreciate that reporting very much. at the white house, officials tils president biden is making plans when appropriate to visit vault as soon as possible. last night the president began addressing uvalde's plain u pain and disbelief. >> to lose a child is like having a piece of your soul ripped away. there is a hollowness in your chest. you feel like you can being sucked into it. you will never be able get out, suffocate. you are never quite the same. the feelings shared by siblings and the grandparents and the
9:36 am
family member in the community that's left behind. >> then the president turned to america's sad history of mass shootings and washington's sad history in doing little or nothing. >> i am sick and tired of it. we have to act. and don't tell me we can't have an impact on this carnage. the idea that an 18-year-old kid can walk into a gun store and buy two assault weapons is just wrong. >> we're back to share the reporting and insights. laura fox and margaret talia of axios. the president was compelling. he was urgent. he has great empathy because of personal tragedy in his life. but on this morning after, you woke up on capitol hill. senator murphy says let's get something done. he's the one every day that wants to push it. it's frustrating. it's hard, it's too political.
9:37 am
it's an election year. we got recess next week. >> well, there are two different approaches really from democrats. there are some democrats that say let us bring up the house passed background check bills, put them on the floor. make republicans take the vote. even show the we know where they stand on those issues. you have some democrats like murphy arguing, i want a solution, even if it's small, even if it's investment am. even if it's something that may have stopped this or a future shooting, i think it's worth doing that. he is actually asking leadership to give him a little more time, to have some negotiations with a republican. he's not optimistic they're going to yield any outcome. but it is a different approach than what you are hearing from democrats. >> so what often happens in this debate is everyone goes off in their corners and learn the facts of what is before them and they debate whatever it is. so here's what's in the house bill hra, the bipartisan background checks. it requires a check on all
9:38 am
sales, makes it illegal to sell without a license or create a federal gun registry, some say big brother will track my guns. that's what it does. listen to several republicans when they say, they don't want to talk about it. >> there are millions and millions of gun owners in america and to say this one 18-year-old is not going to wipe out gun ownership across the country is the not acceptable. >> you see democrats and a lot of folks in the media, who es immediate solution is to try to restrict the rights of law-abiding citizens. >> they have this reaction every time something comes up, they want to blame guns. >> if you can put the graphic up of what this bill does. it does not take away anybody's guns. it might take an extra day or several more hours for somebody to guy a gun. is that too much to ask? can you see 10-year-old kids mowed down in the classroom? >> in this congress and the last
9:39 am
congress and before that, they dealt with mass casualty events and it seems like that is too much. there have been several efforts and the pollingness, if there are american people behind it, there are republicans who are voters who are okay with the idea of having people get background checks before they get guns. but because a number of these republicans are not in favor of moving, they think it will be a slippery slope or there will be a broader effect rather than just having these background checks. they think there will be gun confiscation and renls stris, all these things as you mentioned are not in the bill, they're reluctant to have this conversation. it appears that the mass shooting we saw in buffalo, that we saw in uvalde, texas. none of those are moving the needle. >> it's cowardly. democrats should bring it to the floor, since they're still in power now. they should bring it to floor
9:40 am
every day and separate it. so if there is a piece in there that's crimp controversial, that's fine. some say we don't know it will work. you come back and try something else. look at this decade of school shootings, there are a host of other mass shootings, the last decade of school shootings in the united states. if you put the graphic up. it went down during the pandemic. that drop is when kids weren't in school. and again, president biden said something last night. he is standing in a position, guess what? let's go back in time. this unfortunately has become a part of being the president of the united states. >> i had hoped when i became president that i would not have to do this again. another massacre. >> we want to be very power. , very strong on background checks, especially as it pertains to the mentally ill.
9:41 am
we're going to get rid of the bump stocks. >> every time i think about those kids, it gets me mad. and by the way, it happens on the streets of chicago every day. >> schools should be places of safety. they should be a sasanctuary of learning. >> they should work with words not weapons? doesn't it convince you we should try something. i was raised by a jail guard. i have no problems with guns with owned and used responsibly. the fact that we go back to bill clinton, that maybe we should try something? >> the polling tells us there is this consistent and persistent gap between what the public wants, particularly on the easy stuff we'll call at this time easy stuff, it's not easy to be
9:42 am
done. the background checks, the waiting periods, that kind of stuff. i think as we talk about this as people who cover politics, we are conditioned to talk about the reasons why it hasn't happened yet or can't happen. we know what those reasons are, there is a reason why it can't happen, robbing disparity between the amount of spending on gun rights versus gun control is a factor and cultural baked-in significance of gun rights. these are all real per vase it factors. the truth is, two things can happen to change this instantly. one is that 10-to-12 senators, republicans, could just change their mind and say, i'm going to do it differently. the other thing that can happen is voters can say, this is so important, more than inflation or whatever, that we will vote based on it, until 21 of those two things happen, there won't be a change. >> it will be interesting to see if the president takes that part, takes this value issue. whether gun southeast is a part
9:43 am
of it into this mid-term election year. just have the conversation. actually get in a room, have a good faith conversation. what is wrong with that? the it is true, they have become almost a daily attack. this is the deadliest shooting behind sandy hook only a decade ago. we'l'll be right back. riders! let your queries be known. uh, w come we don't call ourselves bikers anymore? i mean, "riders" is cool, but "bikers" really cl. -seriously? -denied. can we go back to meeting at the rec center? the commute here is brutal. denied. how do we feel about getting a quote to see if we can save with america's number one motorcycle insurer? should flo stop asking the same question every time? -approved! -[ altered voice ] denied!
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[ normal voice ] whoa.
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listen, think about this. we are not yet to june of this year. uvalde is the 39th school shooting in america this year. but shooting after shooting as we were discussing proud little or no action in washington. let's walk through some of the history. this is school shootings, in 1999, columbine in colorado. 2012, new town, connecticut, 26 killed there. parkland florida, 20 on, 17 killed. uvalde, texas, yesterday, 21 killed there. these are major shootings. follow along, there goes back to 2008. i will be quiet. these are just school shootings in the united states of america since 2008 .
9:49 am
those are our children. those are our children. that's just school shootings since 2008. it is everywhere in america. everybody has to be a part of this conversation. demand the conversation, whatever your views. okay, it's not just school shootings. charleston, 2015, nine people killed during bible study at a historically black church. orlando, florida 2016, 49 people killed. their crime, they went to a gay nightclub. look at that pittsburgh, october 2018, people killed at the tree of life synagogue. el paso, texas. 2019, 22 killed at wal-mart. 80% of that community hispanic. buffalo, ten people killed i killed at a supermarket in a predominantly black neighborhood. this is all across america. this is what happens if we don't
9:50 am
demand the conversation. an assault ban in clinton administration. it did reduce shootings. 2019 there was a federal ban on bump stocks after the shooting in los vegas. now, house passed legislation sit/stalled in the senate. it's a conversation that has to be had. some people will want more. some will want less. what itself the harm? go back to that school shooting. let's have the conversation. we'll be right back. hate you. woman: you think you're empty. i'm empty. shaq: do you suffer from cartridge conniptions? woman: ucccccch! shaq: be conniption-free.. shaq: thanks to the cartridge-free epson e ecotank printer. shaq: a ridiculous amount of ink! shaq: up to 2 years of ink comes in the box. shaq: the ecotank is the perfect t cure for - woman: i'm sorry, i didn't mean any of that. woman: i meant it! you're mocking me! shaq: the epson ecotank. just fill & chill. woman: does anybody have more cartridges?! dry skin is sensitive skin, too.
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a quick update on yesterday's important primary election in georgia. voters delivering a remarkable rebuke of president trump against two top officials who would not help him reverse joe biden's win. brian kemp projected to win big against trump-backed senator perdue. and incumbent georgia secretary of state brad raffensberger fending off a challenge from jody heist. thank you for joining us "inside politics." we'll see you tomorrow. we pick up the tragedy in texas after a quick break. >> >
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. hello, i'm ana cabrera with the continuing coverage of the a massacre in a texas school. we are learning more about the horrors and unthinkable crueltys the teenage gunman unleashed after he burst into the school in uvalde texas. he barricaded himself in a classroom. all the killing took place in that room. 19 children died along with their tw


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