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tv   CNN Newsroom With Jim Acosta  CNN  May 28, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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on ♪ you are live in the cnn noiism noiism. i'm jim acosta in washington. this just in, vice president harris has called for an assault weapons ban in the wake of back-to-back mass shootings. >> i will say, as i've said countless times -- we are not waiting to sit around to figure out the solution. we're not looking for a vaccine.
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we know what works on this. it includes let's have an assault weapons ban. >> vice president made the remarks before attending the funeral for one of the mass shooting victims in buffalo just a day before president biden travels to texas to mourn the lives of 19 children and two teachers in uvalde, texas. there's growing outrage in that town about the police response at the shooting. that the police chief chose to wait to confront the gunman, a devastating explanation that shatters the narrative of a quick response. >> i was misled. i am livlivid. those who deserve explanations are the families whose lives have been destroyed. they need answers that are
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accurate, and it is inexcusable that they may have suffered from any inaccurate information whatsoever. >> for about 80 minutes, students and teachers in two classrooms sat helpless, tewhil the gunman was telling them they were going to die. calls were from young children begging to send the police now. the entire time the police were there, at one point up to 19 officers were in a hallway just feet away from a gunman. more law enforcement waited outside. instead of confronting the gunman, they were fending off parents who pleaded with them to stop the shooter. the children who did survive
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said the wait for a long where he could you felt like a long, excruciating exercise. finally an elite team breached the door, but the againman was waiting. he began shooting before the agents killed him. today sadly would have been the first weekend of summer for the 19 children killed and two teachers who were also killed in that attack. instead their families are planning their funerals. let's go live to adrienne brodds. what were you hearing. >> reporter: we're hearing rage and grief coexisting, but who do you hold responsible? is it a member of law enforcement? the shooter is dead. we know the shooter is responsible for what happened inside the school, but they want
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someone to be held accountable. we spoke to parents whose children are among the 19 children who were killed, express frustration about the response time, as well as anger over the decision made by the person who was in charge of this scene that day to hold his officers back. then parents are asking more questions, some of the same questions we have asked. where was the school resource officer? why wasn't that person on campus? we learned from authorities yesterday that the resource officer heard what was happening over the radio, drove back here to the school, but drove past the shoot er really more than a hour passed between the time of the first 911 call made by the panicked teacher inside and when the shooter was killed. listen to some of the rage from
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these parents. >> they were not concerned about the real trauma that was happening inside. honestly i think they waited too long, too long. i was out here. i was out here d. i'm not the only parent that witnessed it. then to see that they're saying it was, you know, they had gotten here quick and handled business, that is not the way it happened. >> had they gotten there sooner and somebody would have taken immediate action, we might have more of those children here today, including my daughter. >> reporter: that last person you heard from was mr. garza. his daughter called 911, he believes, on the cell phone she got two weeks ago for her 10th birthday. you know, these parents are wondering, what if? you can't go back in time, but moving forward they're trying to process not only what happened, but how do they prevent this from happening from other communities. jim?
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>> adrienne, what comes next in the investigation? >> reporter: pardon me, jim. it's loud here. can you repeat that question? >> just wondering what comes next in the investigation. >> reporter: well, yesterday we heard governor abbott say he was livid, he was upset. members of law enforcement plan to investigate this, but who will be held responsible? we know president biden will travel here tomorrow to meet with family members, and he's also planning to meet with community leaders, most likely members of law enforcement. i can't help but to underscore, when the president meets with the families who were left behind, he will tell them he understands what they're going through. it's something he too has gone through. >> joining me is former analyst and acting baltimore police
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commissioner anthony barksdale and the author of two books. gen, anthony, let me go to you first. the commander on the scene, i guess, this is what we have learned in the last 24 hours, decided this was no longer an active shooter situation, despite the gunman being in the room and the children calling 911 over the sounds of gunfire. we've heard from law enforcement and experts over and over again, the officer's first priority is to move in and confront the attacker. here it is in this law enforcement guide -- to isolate or distract or neutralize the threat, even if it's one officer acting alone.
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how do you square with that what happened? >> jim, it could be squared. this was failure at the highest level to say we're going to a hostage barricade situation, when clearly it was still an active shooter situation. there's no way to justify this. you train over and over again until your hands are tired from practicing, until your arm is tired from carrying a body bunker to pretend someone is shooting at you. there's no excuse here. ha chief should have been relieved or ignored immediately by those at the scene. he made a bad call. let him charge you file charges against you later, but you get in there for those kids. he must be held accountable.
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no doubt about it. >> yeah. dave, what do you think? >> same. i mean, god, taking a horrible situation and making it worse, and worse for the families. i think of dave sanders' family, who was the teacher who bled to death for three hours. that didn't have to happen. that's why the active shooter protocol came into effect behave him and the other people at columbine, they rethought this. we hope we would have been past it. i was relieved yesterday that the law enforcement on this finally came clean, stopped covering up and lying about it. i mean, the governor said they lied to him. so they stopped that, stopped the balance sheeting. you know, they stopped making it
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worse. the one thing that irritated me about the press conference yesterday, i appreciate the guy in charge saying clearly mistakes were made, but he kept saying "in hindsight." how in the present -- it's just terrible. >> anthony, i keep going back to the same thing. whether as an active shooter, whether it's somebody who barricaded themselves and all the victims had died and that could be confirmed, i suppose if there's nobody left alive you would potential wait, but i don't understand why you don't just charge in with the thought that even if one person is alive? >> you're right. what if one of those kids was still alive, you could pick them out and get them to the ambulance. maybe even just one. they didn't do that.
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>> yeah, at columbine patrick ireland was unconscious until, what, 2:00, for a couple hours. the killers committed suicide right beside him unaware he was still alive. had he's very famous, graduated valedictorian, and i'm sure -- police know that. obviously there are almost always survivors. it's almost unheard of that everyone is dead. you know, i hope we can move on. clearly this guy -- he made a huge mistake. thank you for your other -- i never thought about overruling them. i don't know what it's like to be a cop. that sounds right, though. i'll take the hit, i'm going to save these kids. >> that's right. >> if up to lose your career, that's the deal. >> charge me, suspend me, i'm
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going in for those kids. >> the parents had to be restrained. they wanted to run in. good! that's what we're supposed to be, jim! >> yeah. >> that's what we have sworn to do. good for them. >> yeah, dave, you spoke he a lot with former arizona congresswoman gabby giffords. i remember when that happened. that was devastating what happened to her, and in that supermarket that day. what does she have to say about this latest shooting and whether there's any reason to hope this will finally be the one that brings about change? >> yeah, she has a lot of hope, not necessarily for the immediate future. i think she, and i talked to sam watts yesterday, they don't see any one thing solving it or any one event, but making
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incremental changes. people don't realize behind the scenes the world has dramatically changed since sandy hook. organizations came into existence behalf sandy hook. they are beating the nra on most state battles. there's now a team in the field, democrats are finally running on this. so a lot has changed, but it's going to take a lot of different changes, not just one thing. it won't be just one event. i contacted gabby tuesday night, because she's the smartest person, and i wanted to talk. she hayes aphasia, she still cannot speak like you and me, so we e-mail back and forth. most of -- she's not just from tucson, i call her gabby oakley.
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i picture her on a horseback with gun in hand. she's a real cowgirl. she was shot with a glock. she till has one in her house. she likes them, so he gets these people. for her, it's about meeting in the middle and gun safety, not this horrible idea of gun control, but finding common ground. most gun owners actually want some changes. they just don't trust liberals to do it. that's the hard part. >> anthony, vice president harris was just commenting, and she said essentially it's time to bring back the assault weapons ban you had in the 1990s. would that help cops? in many cases they're outgunned. >> yeah, absolutely it would. i mean, look i support the
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second amendment. i get all of that, but we are seeing incidents where officers are not only outgunned, but the suspects are showing up now set to defeat regular service weapon ammo. they're able to defeat a 40 caliber, 9 millimeter .45 ammo coming out of a glock or some other type of firearm. i'm for it now. at bare minimum -- if you can't get that past because the reps don't want to budge, if you can't do that, can we at least move the minimum age up? it's clear, some of these kids -- yeah, i'm calling 18-year-olds kids -- they should not have such lethal weapons in their hands. they just shouldn't. if i could piggyback what my fellow guest said, the police coming clean, that's horrible that they have to come clean. if people like shimone weren't
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pushing them on what if anything being reported, would they have come clean? i don't know -- i do know. i don't think so. we wouldn't have gotten that. it's crucial the media keeps pressing on every time of incident. sometimes it's not all tess bottom where the fault is. these officers do as told. where are the orders coming from? hold these executives accountable for what occurs? >> all right. well, i think well said all around. anthony bashesdale and dave co cohen, thank you both. david and anthony, thank you very much. coming up, large protests out the nra's annual convention, while inside former president trump calls to arm more americans.
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just a four-hour drive from uvalde, protesters are calling on the the nra as thousands of enthusiasts are holding their meeting. cnn's camilla bernal joins me now. many high-profile people have been speaking pet convention, including president trump. >> the terrible murder of 19 innocent children, two adult teachers, with many badly injured was a savage and
12:22 pm
barbaric atrocity that shocks the conscience of every single american. >> and then he ended his speech this way. ♪ >> not sure what they're celebrating there, but what else did the former president and others have to say at this convention? >> reporter: i think in the beginning, the president wanted to make it clear he was not like the other republicans who didn't show up. he said he wasn't here to disappoint his supporters. he, of course rejected efforts to overhaul gun laws, and then said -- the former president saying you need to have just one entry what i at schools, he also
12:23 pm
said some teachers need tore armed. he said the ohm way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. listen to part of his message yesterday. >> the existence of evil in our world is not a reason to -- the existence of evil is one of the very best reasons to arm law-abiding citizens. sadly before the sun had even set, we witnessed a now familiar parade of cynical politicians seeking to exploit the tears of sobbing 235e78s, to increase their own power and take away our constitutional rights. >> reporter: now, of course, there's a lot of people who reject that message that more needs to be done.
12:24 pm
there were hundreds and hundreds out here yesterday demanding change. there's a smaller group here today, but still just as passionate, saying that they need to be listened to, that this is enough. they do not want to see another person killed by gun violence. you're hearing chants of "vote them out." there's a focus, but hear on in november, they're telling people to get involved, because that's the only way they believe they will get change. jim? >> thank you very much. coming up. republican senator ted cruz storms away when asked about america's mass shooting problem. hold on for that. >> reporter: why is america the only country that faces this kind of mass shooting? >> you know what -- >> you can't answer that, can you? - wooo. - wooo. wooooo!!!!!
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after the latest mass shooting in uvalde, texas, opponents of new gun safety laws are tap dancing around a key question -- why does this ohm happen repeatedly here in america? this is senator ted cruz speaking with sky news. >> reporter: why only in america? why is this american exceptionalism so awful? >> you know, i'm sorry you think american exceptionalism is awful. >> reporter: i think this aspect. >> you have your political agenda, god love you. >> reporter: i just want to understand why you don't think guns are a problem.
12:30 pm
>> reporter: why is this just an american problem? >> reporter: it is just an american problem, sir. >> cruz have their family talks points, but they are adamant, no new restrictions on firearms. >> look, the killer entered here the same way it entered santa fe, through an unlocked back door. i sought done at roundtables with the families from santa fe. we talked about what we need to do to harden schools, including not having unlocked back doors, including not having unlocked doors in class rooms, one door that goes in and out of the classroom, with armed police officers at that one door. >> the truth of the matter is they people will commit these horrifying crimes. they're going to figure out a way to do it. >> i can't assure american people there's any law we can pass to stop this. >> a person intent on committing
12:31 pm
violence is very hard to stop. an act of congress won't do it, neither will gun control. there are more guns in this country than people. there always have been. however you feel about the fact, you can acknowledge we will never get rid of those guns, and if you tried, it would cause civil war. >> to be clear, a war is already being waged against this nation's school children who now live under a climate of fear doing mass shooter drills in their classrooms. in parts of the u.s., you only have to 18 years of age to purchase a weapon of war, the weapon of choice for most mast shooters, consider this list .
12:32 pm
don't forget buffalo, just two weeks ago today. some of those shootings, other weapons were used in addition to the ar-15, but it seems coming back to that guy. yesterday at the national rifle association on friday, a four-hour drive from the uvalde massacre, we heard the talking point -- all that is needed is a good guy with a gun. >> ultimately, as we all know, what stops armed bad guys is armed good guys. we must not react to evil and tragedy by abandoning the constitution or infringe okay the rights of our law-abiding
12:33 pm
citizens. >> tell that to the people in uvalde. the good guys with guns in tex have already admitted they had made the wrong decision. a top texas law enforcement officials explained the officers on the scene were afraid they would be shot. >> they did not know where the gunman is. they are hearing gunshots. they are receiving gunshots. at that point if they proceeded any further not knowing where the suspect was at, they could have been shot, they could have been killed. at that point that gunman would have had the opportunity to kill ears inside that school. >> they could have been shot. they could have been killed. imagine how the kids felt. if the cops were afraid, justifiably so, how are we supposed to arm teachers? yes, this is a uniquely american phenomenon. according to "new york times," the u.s. led -- there it is right through, the developed word in the number of mass
12:34 pm
shootings. it's not even. the numbers have only shot up over the last few years. the last time the u.s. enacted a major piece of legislation was 1994. mass shootings felt during this period, and then rose again after the law expired. studies have can't shown that the bans on high-capacity magazines had an impact. since then, congress has been essentially paralyzed on this issue. the contrast that with other u.s. allies that have experienced mass shootings. they have done something about it, and it's worked. australia, 1996, the government launched a buyback program and imposed tough restrictions. that solved the problem in australia. britain, canada, norway and new zealand have all enacted sweeping new restrictions on
12:35 pm
firearms and have seen major declines in mass shootings. so to all the people who ask, what can we do? what can we do? there are things we can do, but there are powerful forces standing in the way of new laws, namely the top gun lobby, the nra. they used to give money to both parties, but not anymore. look at this graphic from open secrets, which tracks political contributions. in 2012, 89% of nra contributions went to the gop. this year so far it's been 100%, which brings us for the filibuster, which is not a law, just a tradition, when democrats control the house, they can pass gun control bills with a simple majority, but not in the senate. you need 60 votes to overcome the filibuster. the last time the senate came close to approving a gun safety
12:36 pm
law was in 2013. that was after the massacre at sandy hook elementary school. when the senate failed to pass expanded background checks and what was the amendment, the votes was 54-46. that was nine years, and too many mass shootings ago. >> it came down to politics. the worry that that vocal minority of gun owners would come after them in future elections. all in all, this was a pretty shameful day for washington. >> and it has remained shameful. here in the u.s., opponents say the real issue is mental illness, as if the u.s. has a monopoly on mental illness. of course it exists around the world. only the u.s. has this problem with mass shootings. the national alliance on mental
12:37 pm
illness told cnn this in 2019. if this were a mental health issue, and this was the only issue involved here, what you would see is roughly the same number of mass shootings around the world, and we're not seeing that. there's the old saying that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result. in this country, you have to been 21 years old to buy a beer or a pack of cigarettes, but you only have to be 18 to buy an ar-15. thoughts in texas say the 18-year-old shooter in uvalde not only had an assault rifle with him, but also more than 1600 rounds of ammo. he's 18. that's crazy. just like the alcohol and tobacco industry, the gunmakers do advertising, too. daniel defense, the gun maker of this posted this online ad.
12:38 pm
it shows a small child holding an ar-15 style rifle. train up a child the way he will go. when he is old, he will not depart from it. it's a reference to a bible proverb. here's another one -- we reap what we sow. and we'll be right back. the more information i found, got me more curious.
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the holiday weekend is here, and millions of americans are traveling. tsa screened over 2.4 million people at airports. many travelers are also expected to hit the record, and they'll be paying record prices to fuel up. we're in a gas station in atlanta. nadia, i'm sure drivers are not happy. >> reporter: a lot of them are pretty frustrated. today is the day, jim, we're seeing the highest reported price for regular unleaded. if you look at what that numbers ways, we're paying $1.55 more per gallon.
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despite that, aaa is stick expecting millions to travel by car. we spoke with one woman, who is a rideshare driver, and she noise if people are traveling, what the gas prices might be, and it's affecting the industry. take a listen. >> some uber drivers that want to give up because of gas prices, and that's probably because they don't go out that much. me myself, i go all over. i've been to tennessee, alabama, southeast, georgia, it doesn't bother me as far as the gas prices are concerned. i have seen how they fluctuated. >> reporter: that's with valerie there. she has this great optimistic outlook, saying if you don't want to drive, give her a call. she's trying to make enough money as she can this holiday weekend. jim, we spoke with the head of
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recruiting 15,000 new teachers, helping ensure all students can read by third grade. the same tony thurmond committed to hiring 10,000 new mental health counselors. as a respected former social worker, thurmond knows how important those mental health counselors are for our students today. vote for democrat tony thurmond. he's making our public schools work for all of us. it's an iconic photo. now obama is giving an update on jacob philadelphia, who was just 5 years old when his dad brought him to the white house in 2009. >> i was standing there looking at him for a second, and he said, is your hair like mine?
12:50 pm
i go, well, do you want to checcheck ened and see? i leaneded down, and i said, what do you think? he said, yeah, that's pretty much what >> now 13 years later jacob is graduating from high school. that's right, a perfect time to catch up with the former president. >> hello. >> is that jacob? >> yep, it is. >> it's barack obama, man. do you remember me? >> yeah. i remember you telling me that your hair was going to be gray next time. >> and i was not lying. >> it is gray. as for what's next for jacob, he's heading to the university of memphis to study political science. good for him. julia child once said with enough butter anything is good. the legendary chef is the subject of this brand new cnn film "julia" and as we get ready for the premier, cnn's ana cabrera gives us a taste of the
12:51 pm
delicious life led by america's first food icon. >> there would be no emeril, no baref barefoot contessa, no iron chef. >> iron chef, bobby flay. >> or rachael ray. >> yummo. >> reporter: if not for julia child. >> today we're cooking a goose. >> the original television chef who brought elevated french cooking to the american masses. julia was first introduced to cooking in france where she lived with her husband paul after world war ii. >> and as soon as i got into france and realized what it was all about, it came upon me that that was what i'd been looking for all my life. i decided that i would really like to do serious delving into cuisine, so i enrolled in the cordon bleu. >> after the cordon bleu, julia partnered with friends and fellow chefs to write "the
12:52 pm
culinary tour de force," mastering the art of french cooking. >> you're about to see a french omelet. >> to promote the cook book, julia appeared on the boston public tv station wgbh. >> the only way you learn how to flip things is just to flip them. >> where she demonstrated how to apply french cooking tech nniqu at home in an american kitchen. the appearance was such a success, the producers at wgbh offered julia, already in her 50s, her own show. the french chef, one of the first cooking shows to ever appear on american television premiered on wigbh in 1960. >> this is really the stew of stews. >> julia child became a tv power house, enchanting american audiences with her distinctive voice and approachable demeanor. >> julia child presents the chicken sisters. >> becoming a beloved cultural icon. >> please welcome julia child. julia. >> it's hard to overstate the
12:53 pm
impact julia child had on american cooking. >> her coming on television and telling america that they could make great food out of the supermarket virtually changed the landscape of food in america. >> and it created a whole universe of charismatic chefs taking to tv and social media to teach people at home that everyone can cook. >> this is julia child, bon appetit. >> ana cabrera, cnn. ♪ >> be sure to tune in, the all new cnn film "julia" airs monday night at 8:00 right here on cnn, and we're back in a moment.
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the uvalde school massacre has left millions of americans profoundly shaken. the shooting happened just days after a gunman killed ten people at a supermarket in buffalo, and the shock of these violent tragedies has many parents asking what do we say to our children. annette march greer shares some advice. >> the tragedy that we all just experienced in texas has resulted in a traumatic event that has impacted not just texas families. children around the world may experience some type of stress response. it could trigger previous crises
12:59 pm
that they may have experienced, and it's really important for adults to observe the reactions that their children may have as a result of this event. having sleep problems and eating problems, having anxiety and worries, they may be more clingy to their parents. they may even have a fear of going to school. hug your child, ask them questions about their feelings. don't provide more information than what they're asking. help them to understand that things happen sometimes and we have no answers. keep some type of structure and routine in their lives so that they can feel safe. we all need to learn from this experience how we can best help our young people to grow up to be healthy individuals psychologically, emotionally,
1:00 pm
and physically. we can get through this crisis. we can get through together, supporting one another so that hopefully we can prevent something like this from ever happening again. >> and to nominate someone you think should be a cnn hero, go to right now. you are live in the cnn newsroom, i'm jim acosta in washington. a day before the president visits the site of the uvalde, texas, mass shooting. vice president kamala harris called for an assault weapons ban. she was in buffalo, new york, today funeral of one of the victims in new york city. >> you know what an assault weapon is? you know how an assault weapon was designed? it was designed for a specific


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