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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  May 30, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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hello and a very warm welcome to you our viewers joining us in the united states and right around the world. i'm isa soares in london and just ahead right here on the show. officials in texas have been under considerable scrutiny for how law enforcement responded to the shotting. >> families were destroyed and so many more families are just damaged forever. >> there are people who deserve answers the most, and those are the families whose lives have been destroyed. >> everybody failed here. we failed these children. we even failed them in the texas legislature. >> in texan 18-year-old can't
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buy beer and cigarettes, but they can walk into a gun store and buy an ar-15. >> announcer: live from london, this is "cnn newsroom" with isa soares. welcome to the show, everyone. it is monday, may 30th. memorial day in the u.s., when americans remember and honor the men as well as women who died serving the nation. but today in the city of uvalde in texas, families will be gagagaerg toemem lives lost in last week's mass shooting at robb elementary school. some services are set to begin in the coming hours with funeral homes committed to cover the costs of the families of the 21 victims, 19 students and two teachers. ♪ a choir paying their respects
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through song as the community of uvalde reels from the tragic shooting. u.s. president joe biden and the first lady traveled to texas to meet with grieving families, and also attended a mass as well met with first responders. there has also been an outpouring of support from the community as crowds brought flowers to a growing memorial for the victims. our lucy cavanaugh has more. >> reporter: over here we have crosses with the names of the students and the two teachers. you see it says irma garcia, eva mireles. the two teachers of the fourth grade classroom who died protecting their students. it is going to take weeks, years, possibly a lifetime for the peepedople here to process tragedy, come to grips with the reality of 19 ten-year-olds, 9, 10 and 11-year-olds losing their lives. a lot of people who have come to pay their respects are no older
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than those students. we've seen a lot of tears, stuffed animals, candles left. there are crosses surrounding the fountain. we're in front of a church. you might hear church music behind me. the crosses have photos of each of the victims. people, again, paying respects, writing signs. one of the signs we saw says choose hope over fear. >> lucy cavanaugh there. there is growing outrage in texas as more details of the police response to the shooting emerge. we have learned children who were trapped called 911 several times for help. law enforcement officers waited inside the school for nearly an hour before confronting the shooter. one state senator says the delay may have cost lives. >> so many things went wrong here. i'm asking a lot of questions. i am told that i'm going to be getting a ballistics report next week, along with many other issues that need to be addressed. >> reporter: did that delay cost lives, cost children's lives?
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>> i sat down with a family yesterday. mom told me that her child had been shot by one bullet through the back, through the kidney area. the first responder that they eventually talked to said that their childlikely likely bled . in the 30, 40 minutes extra, that girl might have lived. that little girl might have lived. so absolutely, these mistakes may have led to the passing away of these children as well. >> well, the u.s. justice department announced sunday will review the police response to the shooting. cnn's paula reed has details now from washington. >> reporter: this review by the justice department is a significant development because as we've seen, officials in texas have been under considerable scrutiny for how law enforcement responded to the shooting and these conflicting time lines that they have put out in the wake of this incident.
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this review was actually requested by the city's mayor, and at this point the justice department is just about the only entity that can come in and credibly and objectively analyze what happened here. now, in a statement, the justice department said the goal of this review is to provide an independent account of law enforcement actions and responses that day and to identify lessons learned and best practices to help first responders prepare for and respond to active shooter events. sadly, of course, we know there will likely be more active shooter incidents like this. now, this review is being conducted by the justice department's office of community oriented policing. it is conducted similar reviews into how law enforcement responded to the terrorist attack in san bernardino as well as how law enforcement responded to the pulse night club shooting. i have read both those reviews. it appears the way it will work is the investigators will go to the scene. they will try to talk to witnesses. they will try to talk to victims, first responders, members of the community, gather any audio or visual evidence
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that exists, and then analyze what exactly happened here? what went right? but more likely in this case what went wrong. this is not a criminal investigation. this is just a review. this is not like the civil rights investigations of the justice department has conducted into police departments in ferguson, in chicago. right now they are just looking to analyze this event and help support law enforcement by distilling some lessons learned and best practices. but, look, any time you have investigators who start turning over rocks, if they find any evidence of criminality, they can certainly pass that along. at this point, again, this is not a criminal investigation. this is just an after-action review. paula reid, cnn, washington. texas defense attorney tells cnn prosecutors have a tough job ahead in looking at whether the police response rises to the level of criminality. >> own though there is a natural reluctance on the part of prosecutors to second guess cops
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particularly in a situation where it wasn't conduct but an omission, make no mistake, in texas you can be prosecuted for omission if you have a legal duty to act. these officers had a legal duty to prevent the commission of that crime by using whatever reasonable force was necessary. this is not a situation where an officer shoots a suspect thinking it was a taser. this is a situation where, for those agonizing minutes, nothing of substance happened. i was on the phone today with a senior ranger who actually made the scene and was there for 14 hours who said, look, in the 22 years since columbine, law enforcement knows in dealing with an active shooter there is one play to make, and that is to attract, fire, even if it makes you take a slug and take the shooter out asap. that didn't happen in this case. and again, it is going to be up to the uvalde county district attorney to determine whether or not that seeming gross incompetence while those babies were bleeding out crosses that line into criminality. >> well, we are learning more
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about the terrifying moments surrounding the shooting from survivors and their families. cnn's dana bash had a heart wrenching conversation with a mother and her 9-year-old son who survived the massacre. daniel reese recounted horrifying images that may haunt him the rest of his life including witnesses, a classmate being hit by a bullet. listen to this. >> he just like shot like four bullets into our class. but like our teacher got shot in her leg and her torso, but she's all right. >> he was never in your classroom? >> huh-uh. >> because your teacher -- your teacher locked the door and broke the key? >> um-hmm. >> did you see his face? >> yeah. >> through the window? and then describe what happened when you finally saw daniel. >> when he came out, it was over
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an hour later. he was actually one of the last ones from the back of his class coming out. there was a student that was struck in his classroom. and when i saw her, i mean, she was just covered in blood because he had broken her nose with a stray bullet. when i saw that and i recognized the girl was in his class, it sent a more terrifying chill through my body because i saw all his friends running out and i still hadn't seen him. then finally towards the end when him and another friend came running out together, it gave, it gave me back -- like, i couldn't catch my breath, you know. but i ran straight to him and i just held him. >> absolutely terrifying for both of them.
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well, for the second time in less than two weeks, u.s. president joe biden traveled to the site of the mass shooting to meet with the grieving families. cnn's arlette saenz is in uvalde with all the details for you. >> reporter: president biden spent about seven hours on the ground here in uvalde, texas, on sunday, trying to offer some sense of solace and comfort to the families grieving the loss of those 19 young children and two teachers, gunned down here at robb elementary school just last tuesday. the president and first lady spent about three hours meeting with survivors of that shooting as well as the families of the victims. and cnn spoke with one of the family members who was in that meeting, vincent salazar, who lost his young daughter lela salazar, and talked to us about his conversation with the president. >> it was really all about my daughter. that's all we talked about. like i said, they were very gracious, they showed compassion. and that's all we were here for, you know what i'm saying? he listened to everything and we
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listened to him. he shed some tears, we shed some tears. >> reporter: the president also spent some time here in uvalde meeting with first responders and law enforcement officers who responded that day of the horrific shooting. but even as the president had those moments grieving with the community, he also faced some calls to action. when he visited the memorial site here at robb elementary, he had the opportunity to take in each of the life-size photos, read the names of each of these children who were gunned down in that massacre. but there were also some demonstrators both here and at the catholic church, sacred heart catholic church, who were urging the president to do more, to make -- take some type of action to try to prevent a tragedy like this from happening again. the president mouthed back to them saying, we will. of course, there are so many questions about what exactly that action could look like in washington and in state
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legislators. the president said he didn't think there was much he could do on the executive level. the congress is pushing him to act. there is discussion among a group of bipartisan senators to see if they can reach some type of compromise when it comes to gun safety measures. there are so many questions about whether that will actually come to fruition. but it is clear here in the community that there is frustration and that they do want to see more from this president, more from their elected officials when it comes to trying to keep their children safe in schools. but here in uvalde, texas, on sunday, the president's main focus was really trying to extend that comfort to these grieving families dealing with these gut wrenching losses. arlette saenz, cnn, traveling with the president in uvalde, texas. well, outrage and heartache after uvalde doesn't mean america's mass shootings have stopped. in tennessee authorities say a shooting in chattanooga was the result of an altercation between two groups of people.
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they believe there was an intended target. nor was it gang-related. two of the six wounded were in critical condition, and mostly of those shots were teenagers. during a press conference, the mayor asked parents to be responsible and keep guns away from children. >> here's the bottom line. teenagers acting out, pushing the boundaries and getting into trouble is not new. kids have always gotten into scuffles with each other. it's a tale as old as time. what is new is they now have access to handguns and firearms that leave behind bodies instead of bruises and bruised egos. >> and the suspect in the mass shooting in the memorial day festival in oklahoma is in custody. authorities say the 26-year-old turned himself in on sunday afternoon. officials say one person was killed and at least seven others were injured. charges against the suspect have not been announced as of yet. and still to come right here on the show, after a month of talks, e.u. leaders cannot agree whether to pass a ban on russian
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oil imports. will today be any different? we'll discuss the deadlock. plus, hurricane agatha intensifies in the pacific. tyler malden will join us with the latest. >> hurricane agatha is close to becoming a major hurricane. we'll track that for you and where it could potentially develop into our first named storm in the atlantic. that is coming up in a few minutes. the stinging. my skin was no longer mine.. emerge tremfyayant®. with tremfya®, most people saw 90% clclearer skin at 16 weeks. the majority of people saw 90% clearer skin even at 5 years. tremfya® is the first medication of its kind also approved for adults with active psoriatic arthritis... and it's 6 doses a year after 2 starter doses. serious allergic reactions may occur. tremfya® may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to.
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now, we are following russia's relentless offensive to control ukraine's eastern donbas region in the city. two people were killed and five others were wounded in russian attacks according to ukrainian officials. 15 homes were also destroyed. the city has been a focus of fierce fighting for weeks. the ukrainian officials say russian forces are advancing into the middle of the city. meanwhile, russian foreign minister sergei lavrov told french media sunday, the liberation of donbas is, quote, an absolute priority for his country. meantime, the ukrainian military says it has launched a counter offensive in the southern region
1:19 am
of kherson. it claims russian forces were pushed back nearly ten kilometers, about 6 miles or so. cnn has not been able to verify this report. back in eastern ukraine, president volodymyr zelenskyy visited troops on the front line sunday in the kharkiv region. the area has faced intense bombardment during the war. mr. zelenskyy was there to assess the damage and honor, of course, ukraine's defenders with medals of valor. now to syria where cnn has obtained this new satellite imagery that allegedly shows a russian fighter full of grain stolen from ukraine. that is arriving at the syrian port. this image was captured on friday and provided by maxa technologies. this is one of three ships spotted loading grain since russia invaded ukraine. it was last seen in sebastopol on may 19th. now, talks continue in the coming hours among e.u. leaders trying to reach an agreement on
1:20 am
a bproposed embargo on russian oil imports. the only problem is some european countries are reliant on russian oil making it more difficult really to cut the cord. cnn joins me now with more. this is the biggest challenge. it's been a challenge, may i add, since may when they proposed this. what are the chance of this actually coming to fruition here? >> look, we've had e.u. ambassadors meeting last night. those talks are carrying on ahead of the e.u. leader summit really trying to iron out those technical issues around a total ban of oil imports into europe from russia. there are real concerns that energy security concerns from the likes of hungary, croatia, bulgaria, even the czech republic to some extent at what guarantees the european union can offer these countries. of course, they are so highly dependent on those russian oil imports in a way other european countries won't be so much. >> when you talk about security guarantees, what exactly are they wanting to hear from the e.u., what kind of guarantees
1:21 am
are they looking for here? >> we heard from the commission president calling for a total ban. that was a gradual phased out total ban. what the countries are looking for is leniency in the time line, perhaps another way to ease the pressure on them as they phase out from that dependency. so where other countries like germany and france and other parts of europe might be able to go ahead with that total ban and pretty soon, countries like croatia, bulgaria want time and other options. they want to know they have the support and backing of european allies. >> if we look at the graphic on the screen, the complexity of the pipelines in europe. if they don't agree on this, this package of sanctions, the swift measures they put in place is basically a waiting game. >> absolutely. this has been a key sticking point for sometime now. the european union has said they want to advance these sanctions. we heard the european foreign affairs chief speaking to the
1:22 am
ukrainian foreign minister just yesterday saying he wants to advance these sanctions. he understands the urgency of advancing that sixth packet of sanctions. until they can guarantee on the terms, until they can reach an agreement on these finer terms, those can't come into force. we heard yesterday from an e.u. diplomat what we might see potentially from this two-day summit is perhaps a broad agreement on the total ban on oil imports, and then an opportunity to then fine tune those terms, those technical difficulties at a later date. >> president zelenskyy, in the meantime, clearly wanting, putting pressure on europe to try and, you know, put the pressure in place, these measures in place against russia. what has he been saying? >> absolutely. he wants tougher sanctions. he is warning we could see a real escalation. but he wants the european union to act as a united front and he wants that support for ukraine in terms of the tougher sanctions. and he said this in his nightly
1:23 am
address over the weekend. take a listen. >> translator: hterror on earth in ukraine, terror on energy market in europe, not just our country. terror in the food market and on a global scale. and what terror will be next? only together, only all europeans will we be able to stop such a policy of such a state. >> and in this nightly address he also addressed the issue of food security, the warnings around the window there is a real risk there for the international community. that has been a huge concern. that will certainly be a key focus as well in this european council summit. >> it will be interesting to see what europe does in regard to the grain shipments we saw that have been stolen. this is something europe has promised to help out with. thank you very much. now, as the memorial day holiday begins in the u.s., we are tracking severe storms in the country.
1:24 am
a hurricane is in mexico. tyler joins us with the latest. what is the picture you are seeing this morning? >> what we are seeing with hurricane agatha, isa, it's overcome dry air. it's overcome sheer. it's consolidated into the little engine that could. it's going to continue to intensify actually, despite everything that i just told you. it's going to intensify into a category 3 hurricane before making landfall. late in the day on monday, when it makes landfall, it quickly weakens and it rains itself out. flooding is going to be an issue here. but then once it reemerges in the bay of campache or gulf of mexico, it has a chance to redevelop. if it happens, it will become the first named storm potentially of the atlantic hurricane season. if that were to occur, it would receive the name alex. we have several days to watch this. th things can and will change. stay up to date on it especially
1:25 am
if you live in the caribbean or state of florida. here stateside, we do have memorial day, or the unofficial start to the summer season. for the most part, the nation's weather looks fine on the whole, but there are a couple of trouble spots. trouble spot number one is right here across the northern plains in the upper midwest. this is where we have a tornado watch and severe thunderstorm watch in effect. we have ongoing severe weather here. we currently have a tornado warning and a severe thunderstorm warning here. this line right here is packing winds in excess of 60 to 70 miles per hour, putting a track on it. that puts it into redwood falls within the next hour or so. so get ready there. we're going to see more as we get later on into memorial day. later this evening, level 4 out of 5 risk for portions of minnesota, south dakota, north dakota as well. this is where we could see hurricane force wind gusts, extremely large hail, and strong tornadoes. we're talking tornadoes of ef-2
1:26 am
strength or higher than that. and also we'll see those bad boys on the ground for a very long time as well. then going into tuesday, we see the severe weather threat pushed down a little farther to the south and east as the storm system slowly pushes to the east. switching gears and going to the southwest, complete opposite story here. it's bone dry. it's hot. we've got gusty winds and a red flag warning up. that means we could continue to see the risk for fires. unfortunately, isa, that does include new mexico. >> tyler, do keep us posted. a lot going on this morning. thanks very much. tyler malden, cnn weather center. more than 50 people are dead after heavy rainfall in northeastern brazil, and that death toll is expected to go up. the rain triggered landslides and floods wiping out neighborhoods. thousands of people have been forced out of their homes. and the search continues with dozens of people who are still missing. brazil's president jair bolsonaro promised help for those impacted.
1:27 am
temporary shelters have been set up for those displaced. still to come on the show, growing calls for gun reform after the two recent shootings. we'll take a look. plus this. >> they were taking dna swabs from all the parents. and i instantly knew she was gone. why else would they need dna swabs to find a missing child? >> the uncle of one of the victims of the school shooting in uvalde, texas, speaks with cnn and talks about the moment he learned his niece did not survive. that story just ahead. dry skin is sensitive skin, too. and it's natural. treat it that way. aveeno® daily moisture with prebiic oat is proven to moistize dry skin all day. you'll love our formulfor face, too.
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welcome back to "cnn newsroom." i'm isa soares. if you're just joining us, let me bring you up to date with our top story this hour. services are expected to begin today for some of the victims of the elementary school shooting in uvalde, texas. funeral homes said they will be covering the costs for the families of the 19 students and two teachers killed last week. and the justice department has announced it will be reviewing the response from law enforcement to that shooting. the gunman was not killed until more than an hour after the first officers entered the school. well, texas state senate democrats are demanding an emergency special session from the governor to address gun violence. the democratic sent him a letter, texas has suffered more shootings in the past decade than any other state. after each of these mass killings, you have held press conferences and round tables promising things would change. after the slaughter of 19 children and two teachers in uvalde e those broken promises
1:32 am
have never rung more hollow. this time the time to take real action is now. here's what one state senator had to say to cnn. >> if i do nothing for the rest of my career but yell at greg abbott and others, they're not willing to listen, then that's what i'm going to do. we must have change. i have spent time with many of these families, and this is just heartbreaking. i just cannot do this any more. it is heartbreaking. no family should go through what these people are going through. >> well, on friday the governor said texas will consider new laws in response to the shooting, adding, quote, the status quo is unacceptable. but texas isn't alone. more communities continue to deal with the pain caused by gun violence. there were several shootings reported across the country this weekend, and the annual rate of mass shootings in the united states is rising dramatically. according to the independent data and research group, gun
1:33 am
violence archive, in 2016 as you can see there, there were 382 mass shootings in 2020, the number nearly doubled to 610. in 2021 it was 692. and just five months into 2022, it's already over 220. meanwhile, a number of states, including texas, have made their gun laws more lenient. since 2009, as gun laws have changed, so have the rise in mass shootings in this state. just last year, texas made it legal for anyone to carry a hand gun in public without a permit or training. governor greg abbott said that law is still freedom in the lone star state. but back in washington, some hope the tragic shooting in texas may inspire change in gun legislation among both democrats as well as republicans. >> i'd like to see us restrict assault weapons if not a total ban. i'd like to see improvements on
1:34 am
background checks. i'd like to see a red flag law. if somebody exhibits to law enforcement probable cause they're going to commit an act against themselves or others, they can have the weapons taken a period of time. >> 90 to 99% of people with ars are not going to walk into a school and do this. the problem is for those that support the second amendment like me, we have to come to the table to mitigate 18-year-olds walking into a school. look, i have opposed a ban. i'm open to a ban now. >> i do think there is a real urgency we can show that we can act. i'm confident if we can get a bill on the floor on the gun issues and can pass it, it will be the right signal to the american people. it probably won't go as far as i would like to see us go, but it will at least show the congress can act. >> i sense a different feeling among my colleagues after uvalde.
1:35 am
of course, ten years ago it was sandy hook and parkland and so many other instances. but it just is so compelling to see the photos of these young boys and girls, and to picture your own children or grandchildren captives of this mad man as he's killing them off one by one in that school, and realize it is time for us to do something. america is sick and tired of political excuses. >> for years the nra has been blamed by many for pushing republicans to support loose gun laws. on sunday cnn spoke with an nra board member about how easy it is for a teenager to purchase a military-style rifle. here's a bit of that exchange. >> should an 18-year-old have an ar-15? what's he going to do with it? >> should an 18-year-old have one in the army? >> they have military training in the army. this 18-year-old in uvalde did not have military training. he turned 18 and he went out and bought an ar-15.
1:36 am
>> ed, the fact is that these kinds of issues are far more complicated than whether we remove something from the public. now, maybe we should start prosecuting convicted felons who are trying to buy guns because we get thousands of them -- >> i know, but, judge, we hear that all the time. you have these 18-year-old kids shooting up shopping centers and schools and everything. they're not felons, they're just kids. there is an ocean of guns in this country. it's an ocean and we're swimming in guns. >> there are over -- well, we do have per capita a high number of identify arms in this country. >> did you hear him answer the question? i didn't. well, house democrat gallego who served in the marines said the comparison to teenagers in the military. >> they don't own those weapons. every bullet is accounted for.
1:37 am
you do a back check before you get the weapon. there is psychological testing. in the marine corps it's almost 2 1/2 weeks of dry firing before you have to shoot that one weapon. you have to re-qualify every year. if you want to have those standards, i'm up for those standards. but for them to say that 18-year-old that's grabbing a gun off the street or off some dealer is the same as an 18-year-old in the military, it is absolutely -- they're not even close to each other. >> while lawmakers and advocates debate, gun legislation of families of those lost to gun violence mourn the loved ones. cnn's dana bash spoke to ellie garcia's father. she would have turned ten. >> did you hear about the shooting? >> there was a moment i heard the bus routes weren't going to run that day and for parents to pick up their children at other campuses. police presence will be there. it was on the school facebook
1:38 am
page. i couldn't, i couldn't think. my boss said, i have to go pick up my son. there's no bus route. when i got to the school, just seeing the police presence there, a police officer, border patrol agent, highway patrolman standing every 10 feet with a rifle in their hand, it starts sinking in. what is going on? >> as a parent that must be terrifying. >> i can't explain the joy i had when i saw my son walk out of those doors and i finally had him. but as a parent, i wanted to squeeze him right there. but i wanted to get him out because i didn't want him to see all that. let's go, let's go, let's go. >> but then he called his sister-in-law and learned his niece ellie was unaccounted for. he went to the civic center to help find her. >> the school official told me there's no more children here,
1:39 am
they've all been picked up. do you have a list? do you have a list of the students that were here? can you check if her name is on there? and then that school official -- i could see it in her eyes, her eyes became glassy and teary. and she said, sir, they'll make a statement soon. i'm missing my niece. they'll make a statement soon. i knew something went wrong. i saw a facebook post being shared around. it was a whiteboard of all the teachers' names that were in the civic center, and ellie's teachers were not one of them. so then i found that's when they announced the first victim eva mireles. they announced her, she was ellie's teacher. and in my mind i tried to stay optimistic, but the reality of it was sinking in at that time.
1:40 am
more victims were being, you know, children were being published and they were in her class. and it wasn't until my wife told me that they were taking dna swabs from all the parents and i instantly knew she was gone. why else would they need dna swabs to find a missing child? and sure enough, an hour later my wife called me. they found her. she didn't make it. >> i'm so sorry. >> by far the worst day of my life. and i'll never forget that day. >> well, ellie garcia will be among 18 other children and two teachers remembered by the
1:41 am
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a leftist former guerrilla and social media star headed for the next round in colombia's presidential election, he will face off against the populist and self-proclaimed king of tiktok fernandez on june 19th. their runoff comes after the first round of voting finished on sunday. petro is the front runner. he is promising to overhaul the economy hit after covid and social unrest brought by the drug drayden. hernandez has run a colorful social media campaign and drawn comparisons to donald trump. he is promising to clean up corruption.
1:45 am
fresh clashes it between israeli police and palestinians on sunday. thousands waved israeli flags for the annual jerusalem day march. some chanted death to arabs while some said they wanted peace. the march drew protests from palestinians and clashes broke out across the region. 80 palestinians were injured in jerusalem while more than 160 were injured in the west bank. journalist elliott gawkin is in jerusalem with more. this is supposed to be a day of celebration, not provocation. it did turn ugly as we just outlined. what more can you tell us? >> reporter: isa, i don't think there was any surprise that there were some clashes that took place. there were more than 70,000 israelis taking part in this annual flag march in which
1:46 am
israelis celebrate the >> unification of jerusalem after israel captured the eastern part of the city from jordan in 1967. clashes, as i say, were expected and it wasn't just between the israeli security forces and palestinians. there were clashers between the marchers, including the extremists in the marches and palestinians as well. naftali bennett saying there would be zero tolerance in the group described as a minority that came to set the area ablaze. he described a couple of these groups. one is la familia, a disgrace. more than 60 people were arrested. we asked the police to break that down, if you like, among paelg palestinians and israelis, but they haven't got back to us yet. this could escalate to an all-out war. the gaza strip proved -- they threatened to fire rockets into israel if the march went ahead.
1:47 am
that didn't happen. in fact, the only object flying about the old city of jerusalem that wasn't expected was a small drone carrying a palestinian flag, as a kind of rebuttal to all the israeli flags being flown below. isa? >> elliott for us in jerusalem there. thanks so much, elliott. well, authorities said they located the crash site of a missing plane and recovered 16 bodies. the flight crashed on sunday with 22 people on board. authorities believe the crash was caused by poor weather in the area. the flight was traveling from the city of bokara when air control lost contact. officials say the search for survivors continues. and just ahead right here on "cnn newsroom," china forges ahead with zero covid even as cases decline. and officials loosen some restrictions on public life. we'll take you live to hong kong for the very latest. ug h the cha, the hurt, the doubt, the pain. no matter what, we go on.
1:48 am
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a lot of americans who were hoping to get out of town for the memorial day holiday are out of luck. airlines have already canceled more than 200 flights set for monday. more than 4,000 flights canceled since friday. so far delta airlines is the
1:52 am
most affected. this comes on the heels of the carrier announcing cutbacks to its summer schedule. new york city has been under a state of emergency for more than a week. over the nationwide shortage of infant formula. the move is intended to prevent price gouging. on sunday cnn scanned shelves and retailers for baby formula and found not much inventory had changed. you can see there, since last weekend. now, after months of covid lockdowns and mass testing in cities throughout the country, china's gradually beginning to ease restrictions to reboot its weakened economy. in shanghai all businesses will be able to operate beginning on wednesday. in beijing, there has been a partial reopening of some public places. for more on all this i'm joined by kristie lu stout in hong kong. christie, this can't come quick enough for those facing the stringent restrictions. talk us through what we can expect in the days ahead.
1:53 am
>> reporter: well, on sunday beijing, the chinese capital, already reopened part of its public transport system as well as gyms and liebraries and some shopping malls. on sunday governments in shanghai said they will remove unreasonable curbs. shanghai is the financial capital of china. the megacity of 25 million that has been under this punishing and per lieparalyzing lockdown. it has been inching close to reopening. they announced testing requirements for local residents will relax and they can began access to public areas in a bid to encourage people to go back to the office, to go back to work. shanghai government also announcing a raft of measures to boost the economy, like cutting some taxes for car purchases, for speeding up the issuances of local government bonds, speeding up the approval process for property deals, et cetera. but cnn earlier today reached
1:54 am
out to the american chamber of commerce in shanghai for their reaction on this action plan towards reopening that's taking place in shanghai right now. and, yes, they welcomed this action plan, but they also expressed a number of concerns. they are very concerned about the closed loop system that will still be in place after june the first. this requires employees to live and work on-site in a bubble. they also expressed concern about local bureaucracy and red tape. i'm going to bring up the statement for you. this is from the president of the american chamber of commerce in shanghai. and he tells cnn, quote, while after june the first, businesses no longer need approval to get on the white list for reopening, all too often subdistrict, and even neighborhood officials have prevented or slowed the resumption of business operations by imposing excessive red tape, unquote. so, isa, even as shanghai eases these covid curbs and restrictions, the uncertainty, the economic uncertainty is still there.
1:55 am
back to you. >> kristie lu stout for us in hong kong this hour, thanks so much. now, in the world of motor sports, a swede took the checkered flag the second time in the history of the indy 500. marcus eriksson won the 106th running the race in a dramatic finish. you can see he took a gulp from the traditional bottle of milk before pouring it all over his face. and just hours earlier, mexico's sergio perez won the monaco grand prix. it was the first win at formula one showcase event. he edged out carlos in ferrari by 1.1 second. rain delayed the start of the race by an hour, but perez said it was a dream come true when he crossed the finish line. i think it's the first time i've seen rain in monaco. and the teams are now set for the nba finals. the boston celtics will advance after beating the miami heat 100-96 in game 7 of the eastern conference finals.
1:56 am
the celtics have a tough match up. they'll take on the golden state warriors who have home court advantage. game one is the best of seven series, thursday in san francisco. of course, we'll bring you all the very latest. and that does it here for me on "cnn newsroom." thank you very much for your company. i'm isa soares in london. our coverage of the mass shooting in texas continues on "early start" with christine romans and laura jarrett. i shall see you tomorrow. have a wonderful day. bye-bye. pre-rinsing your dishes? you could be using the wrong detergent. and wasting up to 20 gallons of water. skip the rinse with finish quantum. its activelift technology provides an unbeatable c clean on 24 hour dried-on stains. skip the rininse with finish to save our water. she's feeling the power of listerine. he's feeling it. yep, them too. it's an invigorating rush... ..apping millions of germs in seconds. for that one-of-a-kind whoa. ...which leaves you feeling... ahhhhhhh listerine. feel the whoa!
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good morning, everyone. it is monday, may 30th. it's 5:00 a.m. here in new york. thanks so much for getting an early start with me this memorial day. i'm laura jarrett. christine has the day off. welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. we begin this morning with the u.s. justice department now conducting a review of the police response to the mass shooting at robb elementary school in texas. the big question still, why did 19 police officers stand in the hallway in that school for almost an hour choosing not to break into the classroom and take down the gunman? children had been calling 911 from inside that classroom, begging for help. >> i'm glad that the justice department is listening and they're going to do a review of the law enforcement response. like i said, i think everybody was shocked that it took an hour for law enforcement to go in there and finally take out the shooter. >> let's bring in anthony ba


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