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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  May 30, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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hello and welcome to our viewers here in the united states and all around the world. this is "cnn newsroom." i'm john vause. ahead this hour, now it really hurts. the anguish of a community saying good-bye to 21 lives including 19 children gunned down at a texas elementary school. is close enough good enough? the european union agrees to an almost total embargo on russian oil imports. and russia focuses their firepower on one of the last remaining cities in territory under allies of mus cow in the
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east. for the 19 children and two teachers gunned down inside their classroom one week ago there's growing anger now over the police response as the justice department prepare tuesday launch a review how law enforcement responded. >> reporter: we're now getting our first glimpse add some of the information related to officers outside robb elementary school as a massacre was unfolding on the inside. abc news obtained a portion of video that appears to be audio from one 911 operator relaying information from a child inside the classroom. >> you have a child on the line. >> reporter: cnn has not been able to independently confirm the audio or at what point in the incident it was heard. on friday the texas public safety director said there were at least eight 911 calls from two callers in the school
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pleading for help. investigators now say 19 officers waited outside the classroom where the gunman was for about 50 minutes until a customs and border patrol team decided to go in without direct orders. that's according to texas state senator roland gutierrez. >> what's been made clear to me is at that point the cbp team that went in frustration said we're going in. >> reporter: the justice department now says it will review the law enforcement response, which texas officials say deviated from active shooter protocols. >> had they gotten their sooner and somebody would have taken immediate action, we might have more of those chirp here today including my daughter. >> reporter: texas state senator roland gutierrez said president biden told him that robb elementary school would possibly be razed and rebuilt. gutierrez says there's a federal grant process for schools where there have been mass shootings.
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>> what kind of world are we living in that legislation was created for razing these schools. >> reporter: for too many uvalde parents those questions coming too late. >> no matter who is held responsible it's not going to bring my daughter back. >> reporter: this is how those who loved 10-year-old amerie garza will remember her, describing her as sassy, funny and a little diva who loved wearing dresses. memory of a happier time as her friends, family and community say good-bye divergent visitation and rosary service. >> it brings me joy to know i had the opportunity to have such a great daughter and i tried to be the best father i could be. >> reporter: just down the road another grieving family says good-bye to matai rodriguez, also 10 years old. >> that i love her, miss her, i'm proud of her. she wanted to be a marine
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biologist before she could say the word. she loved animals. >> reporter: so much potential. her classmates called her a hero. they said she was brave showing the other students in the room where to hide moments before that 18-year-old gunman entered that classroom. and her mother also said her daughter was her heartbeat. but it's the rhythm of this community that's helping her family and others move forward as they face their new reality -- life without the children and adults they loved. cnn, uvalde, texas. >> former special agent steve moore spent 25 years with the fbi and joins us now live from los angeles. okay, steve, so can all of the blame for this hour-long plus delay be placed on the commander at the scene, the chief of the uvalde school district police who determined the gunman was not an active shooter but rather a barricaded suspect? can all the other law
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enforcement officers on the scene said they do nothing because they were just following orders? >> that's going to be very difficult -- very difficult to justify. as you saw law enforcement officers at a certain point said, no, we're not going to obey the orders. so, yeah, that's what -- that's one of the things that the doj critical incident response study is going to do. they're going to try to find out what they should have done, why they didn't do it. and we're going to get the answers to questions like that. but generally if somebody gives you information or an order which is going to result in deaths and you know it's an incorrect order, i believe you should act. >> who decided the chief of the school district police was in charge anyway? >> well, there's a thing called critical incident command posts. and there's a -- there's a
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set up order of rank as to who's going to be the critical incident commander on scene. so this person kind of assumed it because he was the school district chief. at least i assume that's what happened, and took it over as his incident and immediately made a series of tragic decisions. >> how could he say that this was a barricaded suspect and not an active gunman? >> not with a straight face. i mean, what bothers me is he had training in december, five months ago, six months ago, and then he held training. he trained his officers in march. this -- i have not met a single law enforcement officer or talked to them since this incident happened -- and i talk to them a lot -- who says this was a barricaded incident,
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barricaded subject. this wasn't even close. >> at one point officials were claiming police did not have the right equipment. back in 2018, though, on facebook the uvalde police department posted their gratitude to the state government for passing a bill to outfit every uvalde police officer with level four body armor. this important piece of legislation provided funding to police officers with body armor rated to stop rifle rounds. for the record level four armor is tested to stop .30 caliber steel. even without the right equipment law enforcement are expected to put themselves in harms way to save others. >> that's right. that's right. i mean, your job as a law enforcement officer highly trained and armed is to trade your position and your safety with that of an untrained innocent child in that room with a shooter. one of either the child or you are going to have to face the shooter.
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so there is no there is no excuse from a safety standpoint for not going in there. by the way, john, we are not -- divergent active shooter responses we're not even going to go back to the car to get our vests. we are going to go in as we are because every minute the person is in there a life is lost on average. and so you don't go back to your car. it's -- you don't -- you just go with what you have. and if you have to that's enough. some people say if you've got one, that's enough. but you go in. >> the protocol since columbine has been run towards the gunfire, right? >> yes. and it's simple. it's simple. you run to the gunfire and engage the shooter. and by the way, you're more highly trained than the shooter if you're a trained law enforcement officer. and your shooting is going to take that person down before he
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can take you down. is there a massive risk to you? yes. is there a massive risk to the children? it's an incalculable risk to the children. >> it's also part of the job. what will be the end result of this justice department investigation? is there a concern there's cops investigating cops? >> not this, no. that's why you go to the department of justice. first of all, i'm -- i don't think that we would get a skewed report from texas dps necessarily. but in order for everybody to trust the report you're going to need to have the doj who's an outside agency look at it themselves. and they will bring in police officers but not from uvalde, not from texas likely. and they'll bring intacttle officers. they'll bring in fbi s.w.a.t. guys, tactical guys. and they'll investigate this as deeply as they would the crime that was committed by the shooter. and they're going to find out
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every single detail to the second of who said what and what their motivation was. >> it will be an interesting investigation or review to see what they find. but, yeah, steve moore, thank you, former fbi special agent. thank you, sir. u.s. president joe biden is optimistic lawmakers on both sides of the aisle will agree to new gun restrictions. his comments come a day after he traveled to uvalde with the first lady. he spent more than three hours meeting the grieving families. mr. biden said as president he's limited what he can do on gun reform but he's hopeful congress might finally take action. >> it's never absolute. you couldn't buy a canon when the second amendment was passed. i think things have gotten so bad that everybody is getting more rational about it. at least that's my hope. >> the two rational republicans he mentioned were sept minority leader mitch mcconnell, republican senator john cornyn.
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he said bipartisan talks for gun reform will continue this week. prime minister justin trudeau is pushing for strengthening gun control. trudeau says the fewer guns in the communities, the safer everyone will be. >> we're introducing legislation to implement a national freeze on handgun ownership. what this means is that it will no longer be possible to buy, sell, transfer or import handguns anywhere in canada. in other words, we're capping the market for handguns. >> that new legislation would also require that long gun magazines be limited to no more than five rounds. eu leaders have agreed to an almost total ban on russian oil imports by the end of the year
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as a response to moscow's invasion of ukraine. this comes after weeks of investigations. eembargo is one of new penalties. all eu leaders seem to agree on its principles. this according to the european commission president. >> i'm very glad that the leaders were able to agree in principle on the sanctions package. this is very important. thanks to this council should now be able to finalize a ban on almost 90% of all russian oil imports by the end of the year. this is an important step forward. >> live now to hong kong. cnn's ivan watson joins us with the latest on this. this is sweeping. >> we can expect to feel it over time, over months to come. but the six package of sanctions
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was announced late monday night in brussels, and it is hurting russia's single biggest export. let's take a look at some of the numbers here. in 2020, for example, russia exported around $75 billion worth of crude oil. it's the second largest crude oil exporter in the world. and, again, oil is the most valuable export in russia's economy. as far as the destinations for this oil, well, here are the figures as of january this year. china buying the bulk of it followed by four european countries, which have all pledged now to stop buying this crude oil. the embargo begins immediately according to these officials with shipped oil that comes in tankers, and the leaders have announced that by the end of the year poland and germany, for example, will stop importing oil through a pipeline that runs to
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the north. meanwhile there is one exemption for hungary which is a landlocked country and relies almost completely on crude oil that comes from a south pipeline. the president of the european council was saying that this is an example of european union unity and the europeans looking tough when it comes to russia. >> in recent hours, recent days there was speculation about the risk of lack of unity, the european union's unity. and i think more than ever it's important to show we're able to be strong, ewe're able to be firm, we're able to be tough in order to defend our values, defend our interests. >> reporter: john, the europeans are also announcing sanctions against russia's largest bank, spaer bank. they're banning three russian
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broadcasters and the insurance of russian ships. and they're also saying they're going to be issuing grants of billions of dollars to help prop up the ukrainian government. they're also saying this is part of a larger move away from relying on russian fossil fuels. and you've already seen the germans putting a stop to a natural gas pipeline. this is in the first days after russia's invasion of ukraine on february 24th. so the trend is for europe to be shifting away, and that's got to be a concern for the kremlin right now, which has relied on european markets to pump its gas and oil to. yes, india is buying some of these products. yes, china is, but those markets are much further away for russia, and it's going to present problems down the road. also those other markets are getting discounts on this vital
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russian export. john? >> ivan, thank you. cnn's senior international correspondent, we appreciate it. thank you. earlier i spoke with the specifics about the ban on russian oil. here's part of that conversation. so this agreement came late monday night after a marathon meeting in brussels among member states. but before the deal was made the president of the european parliament talked about this need for unity. >> i really hope that there will be an agreement. we cannot afford there not to be, and our aim needs to remain to disentangle ourselves from russian energy. in essence we should not be the ones to blink. >> i mean, that is the question i guess in many ways. on the one hand this is the most far reaching measure taken by the eu on moscow so far, and scaled back from the original plan which was to phase-out all
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russian imports in six months. did they kind of blink? >> yes, john, they did. because i think there's a distinction between unity and agreement. and the absolute imperative going into this summit was to achieve unity with a full understanding as president zelenskyy pointed out that the slightest indication of a kind of fracture in the united response of the european union would give grounds to president putin to exploit those. and so with an understanding that countries like hungary, slovakia, czech republic and so on at this particular stage were unwilling to go along with 100% embargo they went for the agreement model, the compromise to try and kind of salvage that initial desire to achieve unity and instead to kind of phase-in the sanctions as they go along. but, yes, john, they did blink. >> okay, so after there was this kbreemt european council president tweeted tonight european council agreed on a six package of sanctions. it will allow a ban on oil
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imports from russia. the sanctions will immediately impact 75% of russian oil imports, by the end of the year 90% of the russian oil imported in europe will be banned. how much of hit will this be the russian economy, and who will be paying the biggest price of this in europe? >> well, i think it's significant because as you've already poined out this comes on the heels of multiple rounds of sanctions that have hit, you know, frozen assets, travel bans, banking regulations and also on the heels of the existing gas sanctions that are there. so it's going to cost billions to the russian economy, billions that are going into the militarization and the attack that they have launched on ukraine and also runs the risk of further destabilizing the russian economy. we've already seen president putin for whom dollars and euros are worthless at this moment there's nothing he and his entourage can do with them to try and boost the ruble. so there is some concern there.
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the big question is whether or not this is going to be enough to incentivize the russian leader to come to the negotiating table in a meaningful way. an advisor to ukraine's president says military victory against russia is unlikely if the u.s. refuses to supply long-range artillery. the official says as few as 20 u.s. rocket launch systems could be a game changer, but president joe biden has ruled out that request. >> are you going to send long-range rocket systems to ukraine? >> we're not going to send to ukraine rocket systems that can strike into russia. >> russian forces are gaining ground into the eastern donbas region of ukraine focusing much of their firepower on siverskyi
10:20 pm
donets. according to the regional governor russian troops have entered the outskirts of the city and have been met by ukrainian fighters who are not backing down. moscow says it will not prevent grain exports from ukrainian ports. the promise came in a phone call between the russian and turkish presidents on monday. the kremlin said russia emphasized the importance of safe navigation in the black sea. on friday ukraine's president accused russia of blocking nearly half of its grain supply set for export. and satellite images show russian ships allegedly off-loading stolen grain in syrian ports. well, here in the united states more than 2,000 flights were canceled over the memorial day weekend causing chaos, a lot of frustration for travelers. cnn's pete munteen explains why there were so many issues. >> reporter: travelers and the airlines facing a huge test
10:21 pm
right now. not only is is it the first travel rush since the end of the mask mandate but airlines are being forced to cancel flights because they do not have enough workers. flight aware says airlines in the u.s. canceled hundreds more flights on monday. more than 2,000 flights in total canceled in the u.s. since friday as so many people are coming back to traveling. the tsa screened 2.1 million people at airports across the country on sunday. it anticipates when it's all said and done screening more than 2.2 million people on monday. these numbers about 90% of where we were back in 2019 before the pandemic, and the tsa says as summer travel ramps up we could see those numbers actually exceed pre-pandemic levels. i want you to listen now to an interview i did with transportation secretary pete buttigieg where i asked him whether or not airlines are up for this big challenge. >> we saw a lot of airlines divergent the pandemic thinning out their schedules and work force not knowing when demand
10:22 pm
would return. now faster than expected the demand has come roaring back and they're struggling to keep up. that's true whether we're talking about flight attendant crews, whether we're talking about pilots. so we've got to make sure we have short-term and long-term approaches. >> reporter: one of those solutions the airline proactively canceling flights. it will shed about 100 flights a day from its schedule divergent the month of july. aaa anticipated 34.9 million people would drive 50 miles or more over the five days surrounding memorial day when gas prices are so sky high. when you adjust those for inflation the last time we saw gas prices this high was memorial day 2012. in the coming hours u.s. president joe biden scheduled to discuss record high inflation with fed reserve chairman jerome powell. this meeting comes as americans grapple with soaring prices from inflation not seen in decades.
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the fed is under pressure to lower the inflation rate, cool the economy and not cause a recession. still ahead hurricane agatha becomes a tropical storm but still a threat. also searing tensions over taiwan. beijing's show of force in the island as a u.s. lawmaker r viss taipei. details when we come b back. another reason t-mobile is the leader in 5g. if you have type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure you're a target for chronic kidney disease u can already have it and not know it. if you have chronic kidney disse your kidney health cou depend on what you do today. ♪far-xi-ga♪ farxiga is a pill that works in the kidneys to help slow the progression of chronic kidney disease. farxiga can cause serious side effects including dehydration,
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if you don't stain your deck, it's like the previous owner is still hanging around. previous owner: "laughs" so today let's stain, with behr, the #1 rated stain. get behr exterior stains at an everyday low price. exclusively at the home depot. just 27 minutes past the hour and welcome back. hurricane agatha has been downgrade today a tropical storm after making landfall in the south of mexico, but those strong winds and heavy rain are not quite over, at least not yet. let's get the latest now from erin mcguinness. >> we still have a long way to go with the system even though as you mentioned it's bip downgraded. but as you can see from this video this coming out of the southern pacific coastline of
10:28 pm
mexico we're seeing battering winds and a heavy surf here and already mud slides. there's still a potential though even though it's been downgraded. when it made landfall it was an equivalent of a category two hurricane. it's just below that hurricane intensity but going to wring out across the south central portions of of mexico. right over here that's about an 8-hour drive. even though the remnants are going to move across this region the national hurricane center says there's a pretty good chance over the next five days this may actually develop into something more substantial. and the computer models are suggesting this remnant area of low pressure could be a tropical development. has about a 50% likelihood. this made landfall, agatha about
10:29 pm
4:00. that is local time. it had the equivalent speed 105 miles per hour or just under 170 kilometers per hour. most of the heavy rainfall along that western edge, usually that's wraparound moisture, so the equivalent around the center of that hurricane. but most of this has just blown over the western edge, and as a result that's when we will see some of the heaviest precipitation. precipitation amounts between 250 millimeters and 500 millimeters or about 10 to 20 inches of rainfall. right here is where we have those tropical storm warnings out for coasting areas, and here's that area we're talking about right along that yucatan peninsula a 50-50 chance we could see a development. well, the death toll is rising from land slides and floods in north eastern brazil. at least 91 people have died after several days of intense rainfall. more than two dozen are still
10:30 pm
missing. presidents bauls nauro saw the worst of the damage from the air when he toured the region by helicopter. nearly 4,000 homes have been destroyed since the heavy rains began last week. when we come back cnn meet with ukrainian fighters defending territory directly in the cross hairs of the russian army while a neighboring city is now mostly in ruins. bath fitter doesn't just fit your bath. we fit your life. when you're tired of looking at your tired old bath, we fit your style, with hundreds of design options. when a normal day is anything but normal,
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it's just 34 minutes past the hour. welcome back. you're watching "cnn newsroom." i'm john vause. ukraine's defense ministry says russian air strikes in the donbas region has reached maximum intensity. not far away russian forces are closing in on another key city. cnn's nick paten walsh has our
10:35 pm
report. >> reporter: this is the last road in here. putin's forces have moved with rare focus here and may soon encircle the pocket of two cities on a river we're driving into. ukrainian forces we saw here mobile, tense, at times edgy. and this is why. across the river here the besieged sit aof siverskyi donets. it looks like we might be witnessing another attempt over there, that smoke near one of the remaining bridges into the city. our police escorts shout drone, often used to direct artillery
10:36 pm
attacks. we are on high ground, exposed and scatter. it is a tale of two desperations here, that which makes people stay and that which makes them finally flee. he's the latter. some who stay are increasingly angry of what's left of the ukrainian state here. a young woman was killed here a day earlier by a shell. and locals told us not to film saying cameras attracted shelling. russia's bloody persistence and unbridled firepower is bringing the kind of victory in the ruins
10:37 pm
they seem to cherish. this cinema was a bomb shelter, local officials said. it's unclear if when their huge air strike hit that the russian military was aware it had been empty days earlier. just the ferocity of the air strikes we're seeing here designed simply to get people out of this town. those who stay among the shards of glass feel abandoned already. >> translator: many, many people but there is no gas or water or power or anything. we ask the aide workers today when it will all come back and they said there's only prostitutes, junkies left. that means the aide workers have left here. >> reporter: she's picking up pieces of the air strike which she felt the full force of in the her apartment eight floors up. there's an old lady on the first
10:38 pm
floor and me with my disabled son, she says. he doesn't really understand the war is happening. retreat lingers in the empty air. if putin takes here he may claim he's achieved some of his reduced goals in this invasion. it's now the unenviable choice of ukraine's leaders if this is the hill its men and women will die on. nick paten walsh, cnn, ukraine. >> another journalist has been killed while covering the war in ukraine. worked for the french news channel and an affiliate of cnn. the french president tweeted he'd been traveling with civilians fleeing by bus, the russian military. the ukrainian president says 32 journalists have been killed while covering the war. he paid his respects to him divergent his nightly address. when we come back, justice cuban style. two activists on trial behind
10:39 pm
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a show of force above taiwan with beijing sending dozens of war planes into the island's air defense identification zone. same day a u.s. delegation led by senator tammy duckworth landed in taipei. the embassy in washington urged the u.s. to stop, quote, all official interactions with taiwan. comes amid heightened tensions in the region especially after president joe biden's controversial comments about american policy towards the island. more now from cnn's christie lustout live in hong kong. >> as a result you have that annoyance factor and you have taiwan drawing ever closer into the orbit of the united states. you have this unannounced u.s.
10:44 pm
bipartisan congressional visit, a three-day visit taking place right now in taiwan being led by the u.s. senator tammy duckworth. they've already met with the president of taiwan. in fact they met just a few hours ago. as expected they discussed matters of regional security as well as cooperation and trade. and made sure to thank senator duckworth for america's support on security as well as america's donations of covid-19 vaccines throughout the pandemic. i want you to listen to this from the taiwan president. >> translator: we look forward to deeper and closer u.s.-taiwan relations in matters of regional security. at the same time to address the challenges of the post pandemic era taiwan and the u.s. have reviewed and assessed the many facets of our trade cooperation. >> senator duckworth added she hopes to make this visit annual one, adding that taiwan is not alone. now, china has already reacted
10:45 pm
angrily to this unannounced bipartisan u.s. congressional visit through remarks delivered by a spokesman of the chinese embassy in the united states. they said they firmly oppose this visit and said we urge the usi to abide by the one china principle and handle taiwan related issues in a cautious and proper way, stop all forms of official interactions with taiwan and avoid sending wrong signals to the taiwan independent separatist forces, unquote. now, the visit comes right on the back of the u.s. president's recent visit to the region in which u.s. president joe biden said, yes, that the u.s. would militarily intervene if china were to try to take taiwan, something that he said in the past and something that the white house had to down-play again. china reacted angrily to that statement, and tension is rising. in fact on monday according to taiwan's defense ministry you had 30 chinese war planes make incursions into taiwan's air defense zone. and that has sparked some very
10:46 pm
worrying response from one minister of parliament in taiwan. he took to twitter to say this. now, he said the more china does this the sooner we become used to it and will become increasingly difficult to determine if china is just doing their routine exercises or are they preparing to launch an attack on taiwan? this is, he says, a very worrying trend. taiwan's president has vowed to maintain peace but will defend taiwan if necessary, and china claims taiwan is part of its own territory which can be taken by force if necessary. back to you. trials began monday in a closed courtroom for two of cuba's prominent anti-government dissidents. both men were detained last year after widespread anti-government protests. both now facing years in prison. our man in huranna is patrick ottoman. >> reporter: it is the highest profile trial of anti-gump opposition activists we have
10:47 pm
seen in cuba in years. an artist and a rapper are believed to be going on trial in havana starting on monday. it's expected to be a several-day trial, can they're facing serious charges of potentially lengthy jail sentences for their activism. the government -- the cuban government has not said much about these trials of the rapper locked up last year shortly before the widespread anti-government protests took place in july. and a very famous artist who led the charge against government censorship here in the arts was locked up, detained on first day of the protests as he was going to take place in the protests. before the media that has tried to cover these trials it is essentially impossible because there's been a blackout up until now in the cuban state run media and for the press trying to go
10:48 pm
and cover the trials. they have been met with police barricades both international press and diplomats trying to attend the trial have been told the trials are closed to everyone but close relatives of these two men. the cuban government is taking something of a risk by putting these men on trial because in times past when this artist, this dissident artist has been detained we have seen fellow artists and students go out and stage sit-ins demanding his release. this time around, though, the cuban government seems to be indicating that they won't put up with any dissent, that the era of detaining dissidents and releasing them when the outcry became too much is over. and now they appear to be pursuing lengthy jail sentences against these two outspoken critics of the cuban government. patrick oppmann, cnn, havana. after violence and clashes mark another jerusalem day march
10:49 pm
calls are going to outlaw two extremist groups believed to be stoking tensions with palestinians.. more on that in a report from jerusalem inin a moment.
10:50 pm
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and now some within the israeli government involving some activities. >> condemnations to extremist groups in israel. more than 70,000 people took to the street of israeli. in recent years the march had become a madness for far right
10:54 pm
extremists. some of them waving the flag of extremist groups. isr israeli bennett condemned what he called a minority. instead of a day of joy, they try to turn it to a day of hay t ha hatred. >> as defense minister i think it is time to re-examine the organizations of the two extremist groups. i know the issue is on the doorsteps of the security organizations, i rely on them to carry out the examination in the cleanest and best way. >> they are harming israel's security. the question is whether these
10:55 pm
calls will turn into real action. w hadas gold, cnn jerusalem. including why and how so many fans forced into the stadium. as much as 40,000 english men without a ticket or with a counterfeit ticket. >> massive industrial scale and organized fraud concerning fake tickets. the football federation forecasted nearly 70% of all tickets were fake upon entry of the start of frechb.
10:56 pm
>> the disorganization and the prime minister added he's extremely disappointed. thank you for watching cnn newsroom. b we'll be back after the break. replacining thought with worry. but one thing can calm uncertainty. an answer. uncovered through exploration, teamwork, and innovationon. an answer that leads to even more answers. mayo clinic. you know where to go.
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