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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  May 31, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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hello and welcome >> hello and welcome to our to our viewers joining viewers joining us here in the us here in the united states and all around the united states. and all around the world. you are world, watching cnn newsroom. and i'm rosemary church. just ahead a week after the deadly texas school shooting. funerals begin as troubling you video reveals what police knew was they waited outside the classroom. the eu's toughest sanctions on moscow since the invasion of ukraine three months ago is said to ban 90% of russian oil imports. plus, a history-making hurricane, agatha slams into mexico as a category two storm.
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live from cnn center, this is cnn newsroom. with rosemary church. >> today marks one week since 21 innocent lives were cut short by a gunman who opened fire inside an elementary school in uvalde texas. in the hours ahead, the first funeral will be held in the devastated community. one day after grieving family gathered for visitations or two of the young victims. more visitation and funerals are planned in the week ahead. but some of the 19 students and two teachers killed in the horrific shooting. but amid the grief, there is growing anger over the police response. as the justice department to repair first a lot to review a law enforcement actions. cnn's, adrian bowed, us has more. >> we are now getting our first
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glimpse at some of the information relate to officers outside. robb elementary. school as a massacre was unfolding on the inside. abc news obtained a portion of video that appears to be audio from one 9-1-1 operator relaying information from a child inside the classroom. >> you have a child -- he is in the room for. but >> cnn has not been able to independently confirm the audio or add one point in the incident was hurt. on friday the texas covid safety director says there is at least eight 9-1-1 calls from two collars in the school. pleading for help. investigators now say 19 officers waited outside the classroom where the gunman was or about 15 minutes until a customs and border patrol team decided to go in without direct orders. that is according to texas state senator, roland
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gutierrez. >> make clear to me is that at that time the cbp team that went in and frustration said we are going in. >> the justice department now says it will review the law enforcement response which texas officials say deviated from active shooter protocols. >> that they got there sooner and some of the would've taken immediate action we might have had more of those children here today, couldn't editor. >> texas state senator roland gutierrez said that present but don't rob elementary school possibly be razed and rebuilt. gutierrez says there's a federal grants process for schools where there have been mass shootings. >> what kind of world are we living in that legislation was created for raising the schools. many uvalde parents those questions coming to light. matter who is held responsible talk about but my daughter. back that is out those who like ten-year-old garza remember.
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a decade of -- describe by family a sassy, funny, and a little diva who hated wearing dresses. memories of happier times as her family friend and communities say, goodbye during visitation at a rosary service. >> brings me joy to know that i had an opportunity to have such a great daughter. and i try to be the best father that could be. >> just on the road, another grieving family says goodbye to my day rodriguez. also ten years old. >> a lover, and i miss her and proud of her. shot be a marine biologist before she even say the word. she loved animals. >> so much potential -- her classmates color here. she said she was brave when the other suits with the high comes before the 18 yard gunman entered the classroom. and five his mother also said,
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her daughter was her heartbeat. but it is the rhythm of this community that is helping her family and others who forward they face their new reality. life without the children and adults they loved. adrienne broaddus, cnn, if all day texas. >> mark foreman is a reporter for mother jones and is the author of trigger point inside the mission to stop mass shooting. and he joins me now from california's bay area thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> we are of course all distressed and second by new somebody at another deadly mass shooting in this country. this time at elementary school. when 18th man was able to legally purchase weapons of war and murder young children. and we want to see some progress on gun control. most americans do. so in your article you state
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that the epidemic of mass shootings is neither inevitable nor unsolvable. so how did we stop this from happening. >> well as i wrote late last week i think that it is important for the american public to recognize that there is a lot more we can do to deal with this epidemic of mass shootings that. it is not just about the gun debate and gun policy. of course that is essential to this. and there is an incredibly stark disconnect between what the majority of the american public wants and what our political leaders do. >> so mark how are you suggesting that it be done? >> so my focus in the book is on community based violent prevention. i think we could use all more of it. it is more proactive approach to seeing the warning signs that lead up to these attacks. we have some big myths about mastering's. we talk about all these mass shootings as if they're crazy people just snap and come out of nowhere. that is just wrong. if these cases.
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and every single case was a long process leading up to them with warning signs. and so by working to intervene more proactively there's a lot we can do to prevent these kinds of attacks. including like the ones we have seen. both in texas and in buffalo new york. >> and mark, in addition to this, urgent part that is in negotiations are underway discussing red flag laws to deny guns to individuals deemed a threat to themselves or others. expanded background checks which most americans support and more money for mental health and school security. senators from both parties in the meeting virtually this week. and will hopefully have a bill ready to vote on next week. but you know, people are pretty cynical, they said some movement before and nothing is happened. so how likely is it that these bipartisan talks will see progress in stopping mass shootings? >> i think the skepticism is
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very well warranted. i think the politics of this hard stop has ever. and extremely difficult to political environment in the united states. so again, i think there's more we do in our state and local level to deal with this problem. building up mental health care systems, building up community based violence prevention, dealing with political extremism that turned violent which is a growing problem in our country. it has been feeling some of these mass shootings as i've written recently. so we can't rely on the same old political fight to continue comported we want to see real change in this country. >> i think most of overseas foreign so shocking is that an 18-year-old has access to legally purchased these sorts of weapons. and that is just extraordinary. because for the most part it is 1819, 20-year-old, men who are committing these mass shootings. so i want to get to the media here. because it does have a role to play. to cover these stories without
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sensation, to talk about the lives of the victims, because that is important. some people understand who has been lost where this is gun violence. and not to talk about the gunman. to pressure those in power to do something about these on acceptable mass shootings, and you've written that this is a real challenge for the media. that is it's a balancing act. so news outlets getting better are covering these shootings, do you think? >> i think there has been some improvement in recent years and it is a big challenge with these cases. because it is very important to avoid sensationalism and excessive attention on the perpetrators of these attacks. because we know from case evidence that they seek that attention. they want to notoriety. at the same time, reporting on these events vigorously is very strongly in the public interest. these attacks have enormous impact and cause profound trauma. not just in the community where they happen, but throughout the country. a look where we are again. just for the last couple of
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weeks. so it is very important that journalist dig into what happens in these cases and reports on the circumstances. and evolved in particular the lot forsman response, which of course have been catastrophic, that is the very important story going forward. but again we, have to do this in a way that does not sensationalized this kind of violence. and i also argue, does not bite the idea that it will never had. and we are sort of reside to this going on and on. because that, it innovates up, is feeding into the problem in my view, at this point. >> sadly there's so many parts of the stories. it is just tragic. mark foreman, thank you so much, joining us we appreciate it. >> good talking with you. >> canadian prime minister, justin trudeau, is not pushing to strengthen gun control. and a news conference on monday he produced legislation that would place a national freeze on hand gun ownership across canada. meaning the bill would cap sale,
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transfers, and imports. researchers have said the fewer guns in the community to say for everyone will be. the new legislation will also require that long gun magazines be limited to five rounds of. the eu is one step closer to passing a new sanction package on russia. on monday, you leaders agreed to a partial ban on russian oil imports as a response to moscow's invasion of ukraine. the move come up to 90% of oil imports by the end of the year. after weeks of negotiations all eu leaders seem to agree on its principles. this according to european commission president, ursula von der leyen. >> thanks to this counts should now be able to finalize a ban on almost 90% of all russian oil imports by the end of the year. this is an important step
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forward. >> and cnn's clarissa sebastian joins me now from london. good morning to you claire. this is a partial black van. but if significant nonetheless. how will this work? how long will it take to impact us economy? which obviously is the goal here. >> rosemary, not as much as the eu had wanted to do. not as much as was in the original announcement of the sixth package about a month ago. but frankly more than we had been told to expect from this extraordinary summit. which has taken place on monday and continuing today. how it will work his that initially this would be just a ban on seaborne oil exports from russia. that covers about two thirds. of the eu's imports from russia. then to get to 90% of the pipeline oil, some of it will go through the jerusalem pipeline which apparently the only remaining pipeline that delivers russian oil to europe. it's got a northern part that goes to poland and germany. and the southern part goes to
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slovakia and serbia services hungary and several other countries. the northern part i've seen that has a verbal agreement from poland and germany that they would want that down by the end of the year. the southern part that will be exempted. it is set to return to that soon. but this isn't just a logistics of it. the importance of reducing the steel was about showing unity in the face of russian aggression. unity that has been tested by the very prospect of an oil ban. listen to what you council president sharp michel had to say about that. -- >> the recent history. sundays those speculations about the risk for a lack of unity of european union unity. i think it's more than ever it's important to show that we are able to be strong. that we are able to be firm. that we are able to be tough. and to defend our value. to defend our interest. >> of course this is also about inflicting pain on the russian
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economy and economy like it's used to fund the war in ukraine. now in its fourth month. oil and gas together account for about 44% of russia's budget. leisure oil is the biggest export in 2020 russia export about 74 billion barrels of worth of or. oil tradition is more lucrative as well the gas. so this potentially hits russia where it hurts in the eu has also been as a block the biggest customer for russian oil. but i think i would to hertz russia the pence on how they react to the faith and how quickly they can find you customers. we know that for example, china, which is of the biggest individual customer before this has been wrapping up before this and india has been wrapping up. the question is how fast can they find it's hard? buyers >> very good, pointe claire sebastian joining us live from london, many thanks. and we will get the latest updates from the battlefield in ukraine, including a look at russia's push to capture a city that is already in ruins, that
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>> russian forces are gaining ground in the eastern donbas region of ukraine and moving into the city of severodonetsk the ukrainian military governor says that russian troops are gradually moving towards downtown, but have not captured the whole city. ukraine's defense ministry reports that battles have reached maximum intensity, with artillery strikes along much of the frontline. a spokesman says that the russians are trying to encircle ukrainian troops in donetsk and luhansk so vero donetsk is set
12:20 am
to be in ruins with two thirds of the properties destroyed. street fighting is underway between ukrainian and russian troops. meantime, u.s. president joe biden says that he will not provide ukraine with a large range rocket systems that confined to russia and an adviser into ukraine's president says that he cannot defeat russia militarily, without them joining me now from edinburgh scotland, stuart crawford, a retired lieutenant colonel in the british army, now working as a defense analyst, thank you sir for being with us. >> good morning, russian forces a gaining ground in ukraine's eastern donbas region, moving into the city of severodonetsk, how inevitable is it that russia would take control of that city and ultimately the donetsk and luhansk regions? >> i think that a recent report will indicate that perhaps the russians have taken about one
12:21 am
third of the city. but the fighting appears to be particularly fierce at the moment. and the progress is slow, and i suspect very costly. and whether they will take the city quickly, i very much doubt, but the seems to be an almost inevitability about the city falling at some point, if the assault, the intensity of the assault continues as it is at the moment but at present, the pocket is not cut off by the russians, ukrainians can still supply and reinforce, so it is not over yet. >> and of course, we know that russians foreign minister lavrov has indicated that liberating donetsk and luhansk is moscow's unconditional priority, his words, what does that indicate to you in terms of what russia's new military goals might be in ukraine. >> i think it shows that they are very much reduced from the goals that they may have had when the whole affair started
12:22 am
on the 24th of february. of course nobody is really clear on what vladimir putin's strategic aim was. we suspect that it was to topple the government in ukraine, but perhaps annex the whole country, and that's just not going to happen, and so the goals are very much reduced. and i think they're having to compromise, by reducing the aim to just getting control of the donbas province that they seem to be fixed on at the moment. >> in the u.s. president joe biden as we mentioned has said that he will not send rockets to ukraine, could be fired into russia. clearly worried about escalating tensions with moscow. so what weapons should be sent to ukraine at this juncture and what could they potentially achieve? of course kyiv say that this is problematic if they do not get these rockets >> we are coming slightly kunce fused with some of the terminology here the
12:23 am
option is still open for president biden to send the multiple launch rocket system which he clearly wants and needs. all he is saying really is that he is not going to send the missiles. the ordinance, the munitions with that system that can stretch far into russia and the standard rockets that come have a range of about 40 miles, or thereabouts and long-range things can go out to a 90 miles or beyond. so i think that our ask will be supplied to kyiv in due course, but also with what i would call the battlefield missiles, not the long range once, things >> so you think president biden said that was clearly to be heard in moscow? >> yes i think so. he obviously does not want to escalate things by supply ukraine with missiles that can
12:24 am
strike deep into russia. >> meantime, what is happening in the southern city of kherson? could ukrainian troops perhaps seize back control of that city and even go as far as moving into crimea next? you see that is a possibility? >> i do, i've been drawn bang in the strong for quite some time in because the main russian effort is in the donbas, that's where they're concentrated their forces, inevitably elsewhere will not be as strong. and perhaps even reduced to reinforce that main effort and that opens up the opportunity for a ukrainian counteroffensive when they have sufficient weaponry to do that. there appears to be a counteroffensive of sorts, developing around the south. and if they take care of some, that of course is the gateway to crimea and then who knows what might happen after that. >> of course, and when you look
12:25 am
at what is happening on the ground, how long do you think russia and ukraine can keep up this level of warfare and which side is likely to be victorious in the end you think? >> in a war as you know, it's a trite thing to say, there are no real winners. but the indication is that russia is getting weaker and we see the moving tanks, the tea 62 tanks, 50 years old. and at the same time ukraine is getting stronger, slowly as age from the west filters through and we are going to end up a stalemate over the summer and thereafter, peace negotiations will settle how it all ends. >> we shall see retired british army lieutenant colonel stewart crawford, thank you so much for joining us >> thank you for having me. >> still to come, hurricane agatha becomes a tropical storm after hitting mexico meteorologist karen mcguinness
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we are tracking severe weather in the u.s. midwest. you are looking at the aftermath of a possible tornado. and douglas county minnesota. it hit near a small town of less than 200 people but the storm took down power lines and
12:31 am
damaged as many as 100 homes. and mexico, hurricane ida remains a threat after becoming a tropical storm. i made landfall on monday on the pacific coast but there are still more rain and heavy wind to come. so let's go to cnn meteorologist, karen mcguinness, she joins us now with the latest. good to see you karen. so what are you seeing there in the forecast? >> we can see from the video that once were lashing this coastal area. looks like some storm surge here. looks like some water hasn't inundated some of these coastal areas. very heavy surf. and it is over yet as you just mentioned rosemary. because we are going to watch it wring out for the most part. across this rough terrain. at this area from escondido to this coastal region right around the bay of campeche. now it takes but eight hours from coast to coast. it is about 250 miles, give or take, from point to point. but this is still going to have enough energy here that we
12:32 am
might see it. we generate possibly into a tropical system. we've got an update just in the past hour or so from the national hurricane center. and they said that as the remnants move out into the yucatan and then we have about a 60% chance of development. i look at some of the computer models and it does show some of this moisture making its way up into the florida peninsula. to what degree. we are not exactly sure, at least at this point. there's still a tropical storm warnings out for some of these coastal areas. most of the deep convection is along that eastern edge of the hurricane. i know you can see some of the deep infection at base landfall during the early afternoon hours and supporting winds of 105 miles an hour. before our international viewers nearly 170 kilometers per hour. the landfall was in the vicinity of the support a region that we just showed you just a few minutes ago. this is in the oaxaca state.
12:33 am
and it will continue to make its way towards the north and northeast rainfall amounts could be between ten and 20 inches or around 250 millimeters to 500 millimeters. for international viewers. if you contentment slip does need to keep an eye out for what happened as we go into the next five days. for that potential development. as the national hurricane center mentioned. rosemary? >> thanks for keeping a very close eye novice. but karen we get this, wonderful. all right, still to come, an agonizing weekend for airlines as passengers we will explain why thousands of flights were canceled around the world. you're watching cnn newsroom. we'll be back in just a moment. the e hurt, the e doubt, ththe pain. no matter what, we go onon. biofrereeze.
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up to 6000 flights across the world were canceled over the past few days. causing chaos and frustration for travelers. u.s. base delta airlines was among the hardest hit with more than 500 flights axed over the wee long holiday weekend. the carob limbs whether. air traffic control staffing issues. and increase covid cases. there was transportation secretary says a spike in consumer demand is also a factor. we >> saw a lot of airlines during the pandemic thinning
12:39 am
out the schedule something out the workforce. not knowing when demand was going to return. now faster than expected, the demand has come roaring back. and they are struggling to keep up. that's true whether we're talking about flight attendant cruise, whether we're talking about pilots. so we have to make sure that we have short term and long term approaches. >> not another consumer crisis. record high gas prices in the united states. aaa says the national average price for regular gas was to a new record of $4 and his two cents a gallon on monday. seven states are now averaging $5 a gallon. well in the coming hours u.s. president joe biden plans to discuss soaring inflation with federal reserve chairman, jerome powell, the meeting comes as the u.s. battles its highest rates of rising prices in decades. the federal reserve is under pressure to combat inflation and cool down the economy without pushing the country into a recession. and an op-ed for the wall street journal, president biden
12:40 am
promises not to meddle with the fed. but he calls fighting inflation his number one economic priority and outlined a three pronged strategy. foresee says the federal reserve has a primary responsibility to control inflation. next, mr. biden says we need to take every practical step to make things more affordable for. families during this moment of economic uncertainty. and it boosted protective capacity of our economy overtime. and finally, the president says we need to keep reducing the federal deficit which will help ease prices pressures. >> for national viewers, african voices changemakers is up next. and for everyone here at the u.s. and canada i'll be back with more news after a short break. just a with us. ihoppy hour starting at $6 at 3pm only from ihop. download the app and join the rewards program today.
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it's terrifying we close call for three and people in canada who now bradley avoided getting hit by a trained. surveillance video shows one person standing next to the tracks while two others run in front of the train. one of the horrendous even crosses right in front of the trade before it passes. toronto's metro length agency says it will lease the video to underscore the dangers of walking on the tracks. incredible video there. well in the paul the bodies of all 22 people on board the
12:46 am
downed terror air flight have been recovered by search and rescue teams. it's a cruise more than a day to pull the remains from the wreckage. which is scattered across a remote mountainside. the flight was traveling from the city of proper to johnson on sunday when air control lost contact. the cause of the crash is under investigation. a show force near taiwan the island says mainland china flew dozens of warplanes into its air defense identification zone on monday. the same day a u.s. delegation led by senate the tummy tuck arrived into pie. the unannounced visit comes a mere heightened tensions between beijing and taiwan. especially after u.s. president joe biden's controversial comments about american policy towards the island. despite pushback from chinese officials over the visits. the senator reiterated u.s. support for taiwan.
12:47 am
>> i remember saying there's tremendous support for taiwan within the legislative branch. our president has shown his support for taiwan. we've heard from our military. and as a member of the legislative branch i will tell you it is a bipartisan agreement that the u.s. hey should stand with taiwan. >> for more we want to bring in cnn's kristie lu stat who joins us from the hong kong. kristie good to see. you what more are you learning about the show force on the part of china? and of course this meeting. this visit to taipei. >> let's talk about the meeting. you have this u.s. congressional delegation making this unannounced surprise three-day visit in taiwan. they are there right now. they are led by do a senator, tammy duckworth, and they had a meeting with the taiwan president. earlier today. as expected, they discussed economic cooperation, regional security issues, as well as straight. in that meeting we heard from tammy would. she said she thank senator duckworth for america's
12:48 am
donations of covid-19 vaccines are in the pandemic. as well as american support on security. here is the taiwan president. >> we look for it to closer and deeper u.s. taiwan relationships him as international security. at the same time, to just a town hit the post pandemic era china and u.s. have reviewed in the sense the many facets of our trade cooperation. >> while china has been reacting angrily to the visit, saying that it firmly opposed these surprise stop over the statement we heard from the spokesperson at the chinese embassy in the u.s.. saying the following, quote, we urge the u.s. side to earnestly abide by the one china principle in the three u.s. communiqués to handle taiwan issues in a cautious a proper way. stop all forms of interracial interaction with taiwan and affords and it wrong signals to the taiwan independence separatists forces. the visit comes right after u.s. president joe biden's recent visit to the region. he made that assertion that the
12:49 am
united states would intervene militarily if china was to try to take time one. this is an assertion that he's made before. this is also no source that the white has been forced to walk back on onto downplay which it did at that moment. the tension keeps rising in this region on monday you have, against dallas defense ministry 30 chinese warplanes fly into it and make these incursions into the air defense one of taiwan. this was the highest number of such flights attempted in about four months. that prompted is concerned tweet by a minister parliament in taiwan. who took to twitter to say the more china does this the sooner we become used to it and it will become increasingly difficult to determine if china is just doing the routine exercises or if they are preparing to launch an attack on taiwan. this, he has, is a very worrying trend. so rosemary, taiwan's president from back when she has vowed to maintain peace in the region
12:50 am
while adding that she will defend taiwan if necessary. china stands of course it claims as its own territory and says it can take taiwan back everything necessary. by force. >> we will continue to watch this. kristie said join us live from hong kong many thanks. >> you wafer, the governing body here beautiful ball, has commissioned an independent review of the events outside the state difference before, during, and after, the champions league final. this includes the people trying to force their way in and the police using tear gas to days after the match. the french interior minister said that the large number of fake tickets was to blame for the crowd trouble which caused the match to be delayed by more than half an hour. he noted that as many as 40,000 english fans were at the stadium either without a ticket or with counterfeits.
12:51 am
>> while we have observed is massive industrial scale and organize fraud concerning fake tickets. pence according to the pre screening conducted by stadium staff. the stade de france in the french bubble federation forecasts but nearly 70% of all tickets were faked. upon entry to the stade de france. >> they also said the french government regretted the turks organization of the reception of the bitter supporters and the unlikely spanish supporters. britain's prime minister added that he is hugely disappointed in how the verbal fans are treated. in the aftermath of the uvalde shooting several professional athletes and sports teams are demanding action on gun violence. cnn brian todd looks at how and if they can make a difference. >> since we left iran -- 40 miles from here. >> steve kerr set the tone just
12:52 am
hours after 19 children and two teachers were murdered in uvalde texas. the golden state warriors, coach who had a crucial playoff game that night, wasn't about to talk basketball. >> when are we going to do something. i'm tired, i'm so tired of getting appear and offering condolences to the devastated families that are out there. so tired of -- excuse me i'm tired of the moments of silence. enough. >> late last week, san francisco giants manager gave kepa decide to take his own personal stand against gun violence regarding a pregame tradition. >> i don't plan a coming out for the anthem cohort until i feel like there is. it's not feel better about the direction of our country. cooper said on his blog, quote, every time a place my head over my heart and remove my head i am participating in a self-congratulatory glorification of the only country where these mass
12:53 am
shootings take place. kepler did stand for the national anthem ahead of his team's game on monday because of memorial day. the new york yankees a team so mindful of tradition that it would allow players to have beards have taken their own action. let's thursday, while the teams compete against each other on the field the yankees and tampa bay race organization used to social media accounts to post messages and facts about gun violence in the u.s.. the nba's miami heat in the midst of an intense playoff front urge fans to contact the lawmakers about gun reform. >> at the heart they are members of the community. athletes and coaches managers are members of the community. and if their community is hurting those are their fans. those are the people who watch out for them. >> and steve kerr's case, it's personal. >> i want every person here. every person listening to this thing about your own child or grandchild. your mother, father, or sister, or brother. how would you feel if this happened to you today? we can't get numb to this.
12:54 am
>> kurt is not the feeling. his father malcolm, president of the american university of beirut, was assassinated by gunman in 1984. when steve kerr was a freshman in college. even at a moment as unique as this can sports figures make any different in the gun debate? >> that just gives it a little nudge maybe that could help. but i don't think anybody's is getting out here and thinking that because the few actors and athletes voice to hurt that teams are doing things of social media, that by itself is going to change things. >> but christine brennan says top sports figures cans that make a difference if they take further steps. if they go to legislators. if they appear on psas on tv. if they speak in schools. the challenge for them, she says, is to stay focused on the issue beyond the days immediately after mass shootings. brian todd, cnn, washington. >> calling for change. in this country. well actor tom cruise has soared back into the danger zone.
12:55 am
taking the top spot at the box office with his latest film top gun maverick. >> good morning aviators. this is your captain speaking. >> the sequel to the 1986 hit earned about 100 and $24 million during its opening weekend in america. keep in mind it was only projected to bring in $80 million. this is the biggest opening a tom cruise's 40 plus career and the first time his scored 100 million in the first weekend. thank you so much for spending all part of a day with me on. respect arch, cnn newsroom is back with isa soares after a short break. you're watching cnn.
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hello and a very warm welcome to our viewers joining us in the united states and all around the world. i'm isa soares. it is tuesday, m , may 31, and y marks one week since a gunman opened fire in the elementary school


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