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tv   CNN Newsroom With Alisyn Camerota and Victor Blackwell  CNN  May 31, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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district attorney said she was looking into any efforts by donald trump and his allies to overturn the election, and whether those efforts were criminal. the special grand jury is going to start hearing from witnesses this week, and we expect brad raffensperger to be one of the first ones, one of many folks in georgia who have been receiving subpoenas lately in georgia. we know there are five other people, current and former officials from his office who have also been subpoenaed to testify. back to you guys. >> sara murray, watching it all for us. thank you. it's the top of the hour on cnn newsroom, i'm alisyn camerota. >> i'm victor blackwell. the first of 21 funerals in uvalde, texas, is starting right now. it's for 10-year-old amerie garza. she was killed during the shooting rampage at her elementary school. this is a tribute video made for her. she was in the 4th grade. now, the day after the massacre, her father told anderson cooper how he learned that amerie was
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gone. >> she was hysterical saying they shot her best friend, they killed her best friend, she was not breathing, and she was trying to kill the cops, and i asked the little girl the name, and she told me -- she said amerie. she was the sweetest little girl who did nothing wrong. she listened to her mommy and dad. she always brushed her teeth. she was creative. she made things for us. she never got in trouble in school. like, i just want to know what she did to be a victim. >> fellow classmate, matae rodriguez also just 10 years old will be laid to rest later today. at sacred heart church, where the funeral is taking place, there are 21 crosses, one for each of the 19 children and two teachers killed a week ago today, and funerals for 12 of the victims will be held there.
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cnn's nick valencia joins us from uvalde, tell us what happens happening as this little girl's funeral is starting. >> reporter: amerie's funeral is reportedly being attended by many people wearing the color purple, which is reportedly her favorite color, and we understand from local reports, there are several girl scouts in attendance. it's one of two funerals that will happen today, the other happening later today at 7:00 p.m., according to the family of 10-year-old matae rodriguez who had dreams of being a marine biologist. all of these children had dreams, dreams that will never be realized. dreams that will never come to fruition. when you stand in the community and talk to the residents here, there's so much pain and grief, and very much raw, one week since this massacre happened at robb elementary, and the agony is reflected on the face of nearly everyone you see. it was earlier that i spoke to the grandfather of layla s salazar, vincent said he's a
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retired grandfather, one of his greatest joys in life was to be the grandfather to little layla. he said that he not only is hopeful that gun reform will happen, he says that he expects it to change, and he is going to be the person, he says, that leads the charge. listen to what he had to say to us. do you believe there's going to be change? >> i'm going to make change. i d we're going to make change, myself and the parents that lost loved ones get together with me. we are going to make change. this is not going to be sutherland springs, this is not going to go as far back as the colorado shooting. no, this stops now. >> reporter: after the interview, vincent took me to his pickup truck where he showed me where little layla had taken her finger and written in the dust of his pickup truck her name. he said that's one of the last
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things that she did before she died. earlier today we also saw one of the hometown heroes here, matthew mcconaughey show up to pay his respects at the elementary school, the site of last week's massacre. he didn't take any questions. much like everyone here was very solemn and clearly very disturbed by what happened. victor, alisyn. >> we have seen these families in states and at the local level make that change that they have committed to. we just spoke with a man in colorado who did that after the columbine shooting. let me turn to the investigation, the audio from the incident. it appears a child is heard. tell us about that. >> it appears that a child is telling an adult that they have been shot. it was a video that we obtained overnight from an individual who did not want to be identified, but it appears as though it was shot while this video -- while the shooting was taking place.
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it's unclear at what point, in it we hear a radio call from customs and border protection radio traffic and according to the individual who recorded this video, he said as soon as cvp agents realized he could hear this audio on the radio traffic, they turned it down. it is chilling video, and agonizing, and we want to warn you, it may be disturbing for some of you to watch and listen to. >> are you in there? >> i got shot. >> where? where? >> just so many unanswered questions, and video. more and more cell phone video is coming out, surfacing like that, bringing up more questions here from the community. victor, alisyn. >> also, nick, obviously one key witness in this whole thing is the shooter's grandmother who was shot. she's still in the hospital. she may have some important informa
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information. do you know how she's doing? >> we got an update earlier from the university hospital in san antonio about three victims who were shot but survived. we understand that she has been upgraded to good condition. that's the grandmother of the shooter. there are also two young victims, i believe 10 and 9 years old, their conditions are serious and stable, but it is a bright spot when this community is looking for any positive news at this point. victor, alisyn. >> nick valencia in uvalde, texas, as the funerals begin, thank you. earlier today, president biden spoke about the time he spent in uvalde this past weekend as he mourned with families of those 21 victims. >> mass shooting after mass than i think any president in american history, unfortunately, and the day before i was down in texas, and people sat in the room, about 250 of them in a large room with me for almost four hours.
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nobody left. i spoke to every single person in that room. every single person. they waited until the very end, and the pain is palpable. >> a bipartisan group of senators planned to meet virtually this afternoon to discuss gun reform. this is a zoom meeting between two democrats, chris murphy and kyrsten sinema and two republicans, john cornyn and thom tillis. >> a short time ago, senator murphy told reports the democrats will not sit at the negotiating table forever. manu raju joins us from capitol hill. when are democrats expected or hoping to have some compromise here? >> well, senate majority leader chuck schumer indicates that he wants a compromise deal reached by next week. if not, he plans to take steps to try to force a vote on two house-passed bills that would expand the background check system. those bills that pass the house have no chance of getting the 60 votes needed in the u.s. senate
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to overcome a republican filibuster. the hope over proponents of getting the law actually enacted rests on these bipartisan talks about whether anything can be reached. they're talking about some narrow changes to gun laws, the red flag system, state laws that are already on the books this some states in which you could get a cowaurt order to prevent someone who is mentally ill or has other issues, prevent them from maintaining a firearm, changes to other background check systems, changes to how guns are stored in residences. those are among different discussions underway right now. the ultimate question is can they get some narrow agreement among this bipartisan group of senators. will that be enough to pass the senate. all big questions in the days ahead. otherwise there will be a show down vote, potentially as early as next week, which will fail and lead to both sides pointing fingers ahead of the elections.
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>> manu, we had heard some lawmakers say they feel the climate is different. they're feeling, you know, a sense of optimism, but democrat cory booker says he's not optimistic that there will be change. what's that about? >> we caught up with cory booker just off the senate floor earlier today, a member of the senate judiciary committee and he indicated while he is hopeful there will be change this time around, he is not as optimistic that it would end the quote daily carnage, as he said, of what we are seeing in these mass shootings take place in america because democrats want something much further. they want to either try to prevent people from owning semiautomatic rifles like ar-15s or potentially raise the legal buying age of ar-15s to 21 amongst a number of other measures, enact universal background checks to close the so-called gun somehow loophole and mandate background checks on internet sales as well, all of which seem to be highly unlikely
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to be enacted under the current narrow democratic majority in the house and senate. anything can be enacted, a small change, a marginal change, something that democrats like cory booker say won't go far enough. >> manu raju on capitol hill, thank you. >> joining us is the democratic nominee for the texas attorney general, we invited her opponent, the republican texas attorney general ken paxton to appear on this program many times in the past week, but so far he has declined. ms. garza, thank you so much for being here. you know, i want to start with the police response. on friday, we heard from the head of the department of public safety that a grave mistake was made, and in hindsight, the police should have gone in to that classroom, to storm the classroom and not waited more than an hour. who should be held responsible for this, and what should happen to him? >> first of all, thank you for having me on the show.
12:11 pm
what happened -- we need to make sure we're keeping our children safe and have a full investigation of what occurred with the police response because we did see -- i mean, what we're learning is that children died during the process, during the inaction. i know police have a big job on their hands, but we need to make sure that this never happens again. >> but is there any person in particular and i'm thinking of the commander on the scene, and that's peter adondo, and he's the person we are told by other agencies, the person making the calls, the person who decided not to storm the classroom and he today was supposed to be sworn in as a new city councilman. we don't know if he's still being paid, if he's still on the payroll of the school police district. we have heard from the mayor of uvalde, he was dually elected in the city council, nothing in the city charter, election code or
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texas constitution that prohibits him from taking the oath of office. to our knowledge, we're not aware of any investigation, should he become a city council member and should he still have his job today? >> i think there needs to be a full investigation of his actions and his role in this. and if he -- if he is found accountable for making huge mistakes, then he should be held accountable, he should not hold office. >> do you know if any of the police on scene were wearing body cameras and if audio of their cross talk or any video will be released? >> look, i can't speak to the specifics of what occurred on the ground. what i can say is that we need to do better. we need to have a better response to these issues, but even more than that, we need to have stricter gun laws. we need to have -- ensure that the legislature takes action
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now. we've called for the texas legislature to have a special session before school starts again in the fall. and we need to start passing laws that are going to prevent things like this from occurring again. red flag laws, background checks, these are all the things that are going to start protecting people in the state of texas. that's what we need to focus on. >> that's exactly what the florida legislature and the republican florida governor did in the weeks after parkland. do you have any optimism or any evidence that the texas state legislature is going to move with that same determination and speed. >> i think we need to keep the pressure on. you know, i'm running for attorney general against ken paxton who wants to arm our teachers and fight for silencers in the state of texas. we need to change our leaders right now, and we need to hold our leadership accountable for their inaction. so the more pressure that people are putting on our legislatures to have a special session, to address these issues now and not
12:14 pm
wait, the better off we are. and we have an election coming up in november, and we're going to vote these folks out because enough is enough. texas is tired. the entire country is tired of seeing things like this occur, and we need to stop it now. >> by the way, texas is the state, according to the latest numbers with the highest number of gun deaths every year. here it is, texas is number one. this is according to the latest cdc numbers that have been published, then california, then florida, then georgia, then ohio. what is the one thing that you think could change today in texas that would change that? >> we need to get illegal guns off the street. we need to close the gun show loopholes. we need to do better by texans, and we have the opportunity to do it. we just have leadership that has failed to do it. so we need a change in leadership. we need to make sure that we have stricter laws so that we can start protecting people
12:15 pm
because it shouldn't be a death sentence to go to school or to go shopping or to go to a place of worship. that's not who we are as a country. that's not who we are as a state, and we need to do better. >> rochelle garza, thank you for your time. >> thank you. inflation is at a 40-year high, and the white house is intensifying the effort to slow it. president biden just met with fed chair jerome powell in the oval office. we have details of the president's plan, next. set a pickup time, and jumpmp the line! oh, here she goes! ugh, i thought she was actually gonna jump. just use this code and order on the subwaway app!
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on any unlimited plan. starting at just $35 all on the network more people rely on. president biden met today with fed chairman jerome powell and treasury secretary janet yellen to talk about inflation as prices of gas and food and housing continue to skyrocket
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and voter satisfaction sinks. last hour i spoke to the chair of the white house council of economic advisers who says that they're optimistic. >> what we understood about inflation was that it was tied to the pandemic. we're still in the midst of the pandemic. russia's war on ukraine disabled not only gas prices and food prices, and disrupted supply chains. we didn't foresee delta and omicron. there have been challenges that have disrupted getting us back to equilibrium that would help bring down the prices. >> a new poll shows 46% of americans think economic conditions are poor and the government is not doing enough to fight inflation. joining us now is robert reish, now the chancellors professor of public policy at uc berkeley, also the author of "the system, who rigged it, how we fixed it," thank you so much for being here. before we get to how to fix it
12:21 pm
and solutions, let's talk about how we got here. there were various times during 2021 that president biden and treasury secretary janet yellen and the head of the fed jerome powell down played inflation. let me give you one example from jerome powell. >> i really do not expect that we'll be in a situation where inflation rises to troubling levels. >> okay. so that was wrong. that was february of 2021. did they miss warning signs? >> well, it's easy to say in hindsight, alisyn, that they missed warning signs, but i think the consensus among economists, people who were analyzing the economy was that actually the inflation we saw back then, three, four, five months ago, was mostly pent up demand from, you know, years of pandemic combined with supply shocks. i mean, all around the world. those are still big, big issues, and there's a good reason and
12:22 pm
good reason to think that inflation may have peaked, may be coming down. but undoubtedly they were a little bit optimistic. >> so the president, his op-ed in the "wall street journal" talked about his three-point plan, and i spoke with cecilia, trying to figure out what is the action behind this plan. short of legislation and the reality of 60 votes to pass anything, and democrats changing the filibuster, beyond let the fed handle it, how much of a plan can a white house actually execute to slow inflation? >> well, probably not all that much, victor, but if you look at the big oil companies, for example, exxon mobile, net profits of $5 billion, double a year ago. shell, the biggest profits ever, chevron, the highest profits in a decade, these oil companies are raking it in while consumers are paying more than ever at the
12:23 pm
pump. i think there's an argument for the windfall profits tax on the oil companies at the very least. incidentally, that's what the conservative government in britain just instituted last thursday. >> so secretary, what's more to blame, the pent up demand and all the other factors for inflation or corporate greed as you've spelled out? >> it's all of the above, alisyn. i think it is probably more pent up demand and supply shocks, but undoubtedly, big corporations are taking advantage of inflation as a cover to increase their profits, and it's not just oil companies. also you have food companies. there are four major food processors in america, including tyson foods. they are making huge record profits and what are they doing? they're increasing their prices. they are saying, well, we can't help it because of inflation. they can help it. the real issue for them, like the oil companies, is that they don't have very much competition, and without much
12:24 pm
competition, they have free rerein to increase their prices. >> we have had members of the administration, i mentioned cecilia rouse, jared bernstein, they're available everywhere, but the polls show that despite the pr push, the american people are dissatisfied, only 14% say the economy is good or excellent. 46% say it's poor. if gas stays at $4.60, how much can a pr push accomplish? >> well, i think a pr push cannot accomplish all that much. i mean, it's important the administration get arguments out there and make sure people know that job growth has been steady and increasing and very good. it's important that the administration get all of the good news out there that is possible, but in the end, there is not a huge amount that an administration, any administration can do, and this is why i have been pushing a
12:25 pm
windfall profits tax, because, again, even if the conservatives in britain can pass a windfall profits tax, and oil companies especially, it seems to me it's egregious, it's outrageous, how much they are charging well over $4 a gallon while they are making record profits. i mean, an administration should be, and you know, it's easy to say this, i'm not in the administration, but the biden administration should be reaching out to republicans right now and saying this is outrageous and no consumers ought to be paying this amount of money while the oil companies rake it in and therefore please join us in a windfall profits tax, and we will -- their receipts will be distributed to people who desperately need it, who are paying really a huge percentage of their incomes for gas, as should be distributed for other things like food.
12:26 pm
>> do you think the biden administration will take your advice on that tax? >> no, i don't think so, alisyn. although maybe it will. i'm impressed by the fact that inflation is around the world. this is not just a united states problem, and you have very large companies that are taking advantage of this inflation. all of the world, the oil companies are kind of leading the pack, and if you have countries like britain who are instituting a windfall profits tax and then using the money to help consumers get through all of this, well, that's a tremendous, tremendous kind of measure. it's an important measure, and the united states should take heed. >> former labor secretary robert reich, thank you. a grand jury handed down a subpoena to former trump official peter navarro. we have all the details next.
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former trump adviser peter navarro says he's been subpoenaed to testify in front of a federal grand jury. >> the court summons is kektded -- connected to the refusal to comply. paula reid is with us now. what do you know about this subpoena? >> victor navarro is a former trump adviser, he tells us that
12:32 pm
last week he got a very loud knock on his door from two fbi agents who served him with a subpoena from the justice department. now, we've asked mr. navarro to provide us with a copy of the subpoena, and so far he has not been willing to let us look at it, so we're relying on how he describes what it's asking for. he says this subpoena requests documents related to his refusal to cooperate with the house select committee's investigation into january 6th, including any documents related to communications he's had with former president trump. the house select committee subpoenaed navarro back in february. he refused to comply. in april, the house voted to recommend him to the justice department for possible criminal contempt of congress, and the subpoena is notable because it's one of the first signs that the justice department may be moving on this referral. but it is unusual to subpoena someone who is the target of a criminal probe. however, in this case, navarro does not have a lawyer. he's representing himself.
12:33 pm
this is really the only way that they would be able to get these documents is to request them directly from him. now, will he hand them over? we spoke with navarro earlier today, and he says he will respond to the subpoena by late tomorrow. now, interestingly, there is a larger, a larger criminal investigation being conducted by the justice department into january 6th into efforts to subvert the election. so far, based on the details we have about the subpoena, it does not appear that this is a grand jury subpoena related to that investigation. we even took the number that navarro gave us and cross checked it, and looked at the grand jury. they do not appear to be one used by prosecutors in the larger criminal investigation, but it is notable the justice department is appearing to move on that criminal contempt referral. the house select committee has criticized the attorney general and the justice department for not doing enough to help them enforce their subpoenas. >> paula reid, thank you very much. keep us posted about what happens tomorrow. members of the grammy
12:34 pm
nominated k pop group bts are at the white house right now to meet with president biden about combatting antiasian discrimination. >> what are their big songs, i'm just curious, go ahead, victor, tell us what their big songs are. >> "butter and dynamite," you know how i know, it's right there. . >> ♪ let's go in the stars tonight ♪ >> tell me that's not the catchiest song, victor. >> i had a producer in my ear the whole time it was playing so i still haven't heard it. >> oh, my gosh. all seven members are at the white house to address diversity and inclusion. the white house says bts will film digital content for the administration. don't know what that means. new music videos perhaps? the groups members publicly shared their own experience with discrimination last year as anti-asian hate crimes spiked across the country. we'll watch some of their videos right after this. >> certainly. you all missed alisyn's cabbage
12:35 pm
patch. oh, here it is again. >> look at that. >> come on, don't you love that video? >> yep. >> we're going to extend this moment, okay. >> i mean, okay, yes, i have heard the song, my ep and producer sitting over here, the whole time, i heard the song, it played in commercials. i think it was a red carpet song for an award show or something. don't really know the bts group that much. >> we'll fix that after the show. five months now until the 2022 midterms. abortion rights, guns are two of the biggest issues on voters' minds. will that energize democrats or republicans more? that's next.
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abortion rights and gun control have quickly become two key issues for voters ahead of the midterms this fall, and that could impact voters in well educated suburban swing districts. many republicans are banking on other issues like record high inflation to help flip the house in november. >> joining us now to discuss all of this, we have cnn political analyst, and senior editor of the atlantic, ron brownstein, democratic strategist and former senior aide for the biden campaign, adrienne elrod, and republican strategist alice stewart. great to see all of you. ron, are you seeing evidence that gun safety abortion have changed the equation for the midterms? >> i think the question is whether they will change the equation. i mean, there's no doubt that white collar suburban areas
12:41 pm
which tend to take liberal positions on gun control and abortion were at the absolute center of the democratic takeover of the house in 2018. they were indispensable to biden's victory in 2020, places from philadelphia and detroit, atlanta, phoenix, all around the country we saw white collar suburbs provided unprecedented margins for democrats. republicans are optimistic they're going to be able to claw back some of those democratic gains around the issue of inflation and gas prices and dissatisfaction with the biden administration, but now we have these momentous and tragic events, the shootings in buffalo and in texas, the leaking of the s scotus draft majority opinion that have the potential to overturn roe. we have the potential to change the issue mix, i think operatives on both sides agree that to the extent that these are the questions, abortion rights and gun safety that voters are thinking about in these white collar districts, it probably offers democrats their
12:42 pm
best chance to blunt the wave that republicans think have been developing for them. >> let's separate the questions, though, between if it will rise to the top or near the top of the issues that voters choose as their top concerns, and how much will it impact. alice, let me come to you, and ron lays out the stats on his latest piece on, close to 7 out of 10 college educated voters do not support overturning roe. close to 9 out of 10 support universal background checks to buy a gun. how much do you think maybe inaction on these two issues will cost republicans in november? >> i think it's going to be a wash on both sides for this reason, victor, when you look at the issue of abortion and gun control, those are very divisive issues, very combative issues, and people are very opinionated on this, and what i expect and what i'm hearing is this is galvanizing people on both sides, those that are pro life are working right now.
12:43 pm
i know they are training volunteers and working to get out the vote later this summer and as we get closer to november, and those that are pro choice are doing the same. the same when it comes to gun control issues, people that protect rights are going to be out there to protect as well as those who want stricter gun control laws. but the key motivating factor as we often see is inflation and economic issues. that is one as you just stated in the last segment almost half of americans are concerned about inflation and the economy, that is going to be a big factor as we head into the midterm elections. when it comes to the key issues right now, i'm hopeful that we have progress when it comes to gun violence, and that right there i think will go a long way to making voters certainly a lot more comfortable with what our elected officials can do in a bipartisan nature in washington. >> to alice's point, voters seem more energized or galvanized than they were a month ago.
12:44 pm
very or extremely enthusiastic to vote in the midterms. a month ago, 36% of democrated said, yes, they felt extremely enthusiastic, now 43%. a month ago, 47% of republicans said they felt extremely en enthusiastic, now it's 56%. it is working on both sides. how do you see this. >> on this one i'm going to slightly disagree because the numbers are on the side of democrats, when you've got upwards of 90% of people in america supporting background checks, 92% support red flag laws and on the issue of roe, upwards of between 70 and 80% of americans support keeping roe the law of the land. there's a lot of republicans in those numbers. ultimately, yes, i agree there's enthusiasm on both sides, but ultimately the numbers are on the side of democrats. anytime the white house has control, one party has control of the white house, senate and house, it does make it more difficult for that party to
12:45 pm
maintain control going into the midterms. just historically that's been a challenge, but, you know, i think the goaler is to help mitigate the losses and in the senate, key races from georgia, roe and guns are two issues suburban democrats will be focused on going into the midterms. >> based on some of the latest reporting we have from manu raju that senator murphy says that democrats are going to be at the negotiating table on guns forever, and chuck schumer could call a vote next week on some changes. what's the wisdom of calling the vote, or announcing you're going to call the vote as negotiations go on. is this going to be another one of the votes that democrats know they're not going to get the votes heading into it? we've seen it so many times. >> yeah, look, i think there are certainly some concerns about chuck schumer saying he's not going to call a vote initially, and changing course saying
12:46 pm
actually i think we will call a vote. i think you have to let the negotiations take place. senator murphy is working closely, john cornyn is representing republicans at the table, so they are quietly trying to get something done. i think they're asking for space and so that they can try to get somebody to come to the trable. i think schumer saying there could be a vote next week is his way of pushing the ball forward. i think there's so much at stake here, and i'm not sure we can afford to call democrats to the floor without actually having the real negotiations. i think we're getting close, and i certainly choose to be cautiously optimistic on this one. >> alice, we only have ten seconds, do you think something's going to happen this time? s >> i do. i'm hearing from republicans, they do see this as a time to take action. and the fact that cornyn has the task to lead this, and it is an imperative time and we do need to take action, i do see some change. it does not need to only focus on one aspect. this is a very complicated issue that needs a complicated
12:47 pm
solution and it's not just about looking at guns but also mental health, behavioral health, single points of entry, as well as law enforcement training. that's what republicans would like to have as part of the discussion. >> alice stewart, adrienne elrod, ron brownstein, thank you. >> thank you. airlines and airplanes are facing severe staffing shortages, the potential impact on your summer travel, next.
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u.s. travelers were more than ready to travel for memorial day. it tsa says it screened more than 13 million people over the holiday weekend. >> some airlines didn't appear to be quite ready for demand. multiple carriers canceled or delayed thousands of flights. pete muntean is cnn's aviation correspondent. what's the reason these airlines had to cancel or delay these flights? >> thankfully, no huge meltdowns but this was the first big test that the major airlines tested, not own since the end of the transportation mask mandate, bull also after airlines got a lot smaller as a result of the
12:53 pm
pandemic. so many people took early retirement packages or early outs. look at the numbers here, these are the latest from flight aware. 3,000 flights canceled in total from thursday to monday. the worst day being friday, where 1263 flights were canceled according to flight aware. that's when the weather was bad on the east coast. a lot more flights delayed. some 26,000 in total. again, friday, the worst day, when the weather was really bad. this all means that about 3% of flights in the u.s. over the memorial day travel period were canceled. about 1 in 5, 20%, were delayed. when so many people are coming back to travel, the latest numbers from the tsa, this brings the five-day total to more than 13 million people traveling by air when you average that all out, about 93% of pre-pandemic figures is what we saw compared back to 2019.
12:54 pm
but the real test here will come as the summer goes on. it tsa says these numbers will go up even higher and we may see numbers at airports nationwide creep above pre-pandemic levels. airlines got off pretty easy this time around, but they are shedding some flights from their schedules going forward, some short-term fixes to build in reliability to their schedules. delta is the latest to do that, saying they'll shed about 100 flights a day from their july schedule. >> people are desperate to get back out there. pete muntean, thank you. >> audiences feel the need for speed. >> or the need for movie popcorn. top gun maverick kicked the summer movie season into high gear. will people keep going back to theaters? following a dedicated clinical protocol. a dermatolologist showed me my results, it was pretty y astonishing to seeee that my smile lines and the wrinkles have diminished.
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tom cruise's highly anticipated top gun sequel, top gun maverick, broke memorial day weekend box office records. >> the movie made $156 million domestically over the weekend. maverick was supposed to hit theaters in 2020 but was delayed because of the pandemic. crews did not want to send the film straight to streaming. he instead pushed the release until it was safe enough for audiences to return to theaters. and boy, they have returned. do you have any interest in
1:00 pm
this? >> i didn't see the first one. >> i don't know if you have to. i think it might still hold together. >> there are other movies i want to see coming out this summer. i such as? >> i want to see light year. i like the toy story franchise. i want to watch the elvis movie. >> me too. i think that's getting good ratings. >> oh, look at the time. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. >> 19 officers, 78 minutes, and countless unanswered questions. "the lead" starts right now. growing scrutiny on police and their response or lack thereof to the uvalde massacre. did officers know children were trapped inside a classroom with the killer? did anyone push back on the chief's call for them to wait in the hallway? what new audio recordings might reveal. plus, hunt for the leak. supreme court clerks asked to hand over their cell phone records as investigators try to


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