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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  June 1, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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a very warm welcome to our viewers joining us in the united states and around the world. i'm isa soares in london. just ahead here -- >> is this what we want to protect or are we going to do our jobs and protect our children? >> the community of uvalde deserves answers. >> my plan is to address inflation, respect the fed. >> i think that i was wrong then. there have been up an tis participated and large shocks to
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the economy. >> trying to hustle and bustle many streets in shanghai after so long. live from london, this is "cnn newsroom" with isa soares. >> warm welcome to everyone. it is wednesday june 1. and we begin in uvalde where the governor has now declared a state of disaster. a week after 21 innocent lives were cut short in that horrific school shooting. the declaration will accelerate state and local resources to assist of course the devastated community. meantime questions are mounting over the police response to the massacre, but officials say the incident commander during the shooting pete arredondo is not responding to investigators' requests for a followup interview. however arredondo did appear in
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person on tuesday to be sworn into the uvalde city council. mayor says no ceremony was held out of respect to the families in mourning. and as new details of the shooting time line emerges, those families are demanding answers. anger that the gunman was inside the school for more than an hour before he was killed. authorities have given conflicting statements about how the tragedy unfolded. have a listen. >> continue to keep him pinned down in that location, you know, afterwards until a tactical team could be put together comprised the border patrol and s.w.a.t. units. >> you don't have to wait on tactical gear. plain and simple, you got an only obligation. >> and now we're learning that the door shooter used to enter
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was closed but not locked. authorities had initially said that teacher propped open the door earlier in the day. another discrepancy frustrating an already shaken community. >> the community of uvalde deserves answers, it deserves a thorough complete investigation. and every key piece of testimony and evidence will help those families get answers. >> investigations are now under way into the shooting which includes taking a closer look at the actions as well as the response by the police. law enforcement analyst andrew mccabe breaks down what actions may be scrutinized here. >> what investigators will do is focus on those undis dsdisputab facts, things like the time line in the way that it is established by things like the video capture inside the school, the phone calls to 911 that
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happened at definitive places and times, maybe phone records between people who were involved in the incident, the dispatcher calls to the law enforcement folks on the scene, and then they will add into that the information they get from witnesses, whether those are police officers or leadership folks, or in this case one of the most critical sources of information is from the actual child survivors. and that is as you would understand as a mom incredibly sensitive thing do to do, to be able to sit down with some of those children, what they saw, what they said to each other, maybe if they made those 911 phone calls. so you lay in all of those -- all that informational narrative that you get from those interviews on top of the undisputable facts that help you frame up the time line. in this situation much of that information exists.
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it is credibly frustrating that we haven't heard more of it. >> and tuesday uvalde first funerals were held for two 10-year-old victims, amerie jo garza and maite rodriguez. and mowerre are expected this w. >> reporter: one week ago, 19 families sent their children to school and they never came home, leaving loved ones only memories as community members even actor matthew mcconaughey whose hometown is uvalde come to pay their respects. those close to the 21 killed can't help but think about those last moments as they prepare to lay their own to rest. the funeral for 10-year-old maite rodriguez is among the first. she is remembered by family as sweet, charismatic and loving as seen in this video with her cousin. >> she was brave, that she was
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grabbing all the other students and telling them where to hide before the gunman turned on her. but that she was so brave and courageous to tell the kids to hide. >> reporter: a heartbroken community attending five services, two funerals and three visitations for four children and one teacher among the 21 killed as more details come to light, it is unclear at what point during the shooting this video was taken. the apparent radio call was videotaped by a man who told cnn he heard the dispatch from the radio of a customs and border patrol vehicle outside the school. the radio traffic audio adding new concerns about what law enforcement knew during that hour that they were still waiting to enter the classroom and before they killed the gunman. one off duty border patrol agent ran to the school when he heard about shots fired. >> police were breaking out the windows on the outside and the kids were jumping out through
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the window. >> reporter: officials say at least two children called 911 multiple times begging police to come while the gunman was still inside their classroom. >> the information is flowing in. why doesn't dps have that information, the sheriff's office, federal guys, the local police. this is a failure at every level. >> reporter: the texas department of public safety drekt director said one child told them that nine students were still alive and law enforcement was aware kids were inside the classroom. >> at what point do people not use common sense here, listen to 911 calls that are coming in, understand that kids are still alive inside, and know that they have to go in there, do their jobs under the active shooter protocol. >> reporter: one teacher who escaped the shooting says she wants the blame to focus on the gunman. >> i just hate that we have to
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look for blame to somebody else besides the person that actually did this to us. >> reporter: but the families are now left with more questions than answers. as they focus on the lives that are lost. >> she isn't just another victim. she's a hero. >> reporter: as you walk around in this community, it is hard to find anyone who isn't affected by what happened. if not directly, they know someone who is. so as we will see families continue to mourn, it is not an understatement at all to say this community will be mourning right there with them. omar jimenez, cnn, uvalde, texas. in the wake of the tragedy in uvalde, some members of congress are push being for gun reforms. the house judiciary committee plans to vote on wide ranging gun control legislation as early as thursday. a small bipartisan group of senators already met on the issue and senators are optimistic that small package of
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gun reform measures could come together but it is too early to tell if the effort will be successful. >> i had republican constituents calling me saying this makes no sense. you have to be 21 to buy a handgun. how can you buy an ar-15 at the age of 18. it is astounding to me. we can fix this problem to a certain degree in texas. we can have wait periods. we can certainly raise the age. and we can certainly create -- we have enough money to create our own texas-sized atf. >> americans are saying do something. inaction is not an option. inaction is complicity. over the course of this week and next week, to try to get enough of our republican colleagues to yes. >> and while congress weighs nationwide gun policy, new york state lawmakers have introduced ten bills aimed at tightening
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the gun laws, and that includes raising the age to 21, ban from purchasing bullet resistant vests unless they work in law enforcement, and it would broaden the red flag law and require new pistols to have micro stabbing technology which will help to identify the gun. president biden met with federal reserve chair jerome powell on tuesday to ask you soaring levels of inflation in the united states. the president has said curbing inflation is a top priority for the white house while also reassuring americans the economy is still strong. it is a difficult balancing abt of c act of course for the biden administration. have a listen. >> does he consider it a crisis for american families that prices are at this point? >> he understands the hardship that people with going through, he understands how difficult it is for families. he understands that. >> a problem, a hardship, a
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crisis, what is it that people are facing? >> it is -- we're just in a difficult time right now with this inflation. >> and while it is rare for anyone in washington to admit they're wrong, treasury secretary janet yellen told cnn she failed to anticipate how rising inflation rates would playgue americans. >> look, i think that i was wrong then about the path that inflation would take. as i mentioned, there have been up an tis participated large shots to the economy that have boosted energy and food prices and supply bottlenecks that have affected our economy badly that at the time i didn't fully understand. >> kaitlan collins has more on toes comments by janet yellen and the biden administration's concerns of course about the state of the u.s. economy. >> reporter: well, at least one
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top white house official is admitting that they were wrong when they said that inflation only posed a small risk if any risk at all last year. that is treasury secretary janet yellen who told wolf blitzer she was wrong about which direction inflation was headed, that is of course something she said and also president biden and several of his top economic officials at the white house who down played the risks of inflation which of course now voters say is their number one economic concern and the president says is his top economic priority. his top domestic priority that he is dealing with. that is something that was on full display as he met with the federal reserve chairman jay powell at the white house on tuesday to talk about inflation. that is something that really president biden says is largely in the federal reserve's hands, and also making sure that they didn't send the economy into a recession, that is a major concern at the white house as they are facing new questions about that. but president biden says that he will remain hands off, let the federal reserve do what it feels is the best because they have
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also said inflation is their number one concern. though of course you are seeing in the poll numbers this is a problem that is not likely going away for the white house anytime soon. more voters say they are pessimistic about the state of the economy now than they were just several months ago. so of course whatever it is that the federal reserve does here is not only going to depend on the fate of the economy but also potentially president biden's political prospects. kaitlan collins, cnn, the white house. and inflation is impacting americans at the tank with gas prices creeping higher every day. video here shows pumps in california charging more than $8 per gallon, that was on tuesday. that is double the national average according to aaa which hit a record over memorial day weekend and has continued to rise. the price at the pump has risen nearly $2 since last year when drivers could fill up for just over $3 as you see there is a gallon. global oil prices spiked on
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tuesday in response to eu partial ban on russian oil imports. the oil embargo is part of a sixth sanction package aimed at punishing moscow for its invasion of ukraine. tuesday eu leaders met eventually settling at $123 a barrel, highest level since march. you are watching "cnn newsroom." the u.s. president thoannouncedw rockets systems to ukraine. that is just ahead. and russian forces are close to capturing a key city donbas region. when you order the new lemon ricotta blueberry protein pancakes with 37 grams of protein, you get a smile on your plate. only from ihihop. download the apppp and join the rewards program todaday.
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have $100,000 or more of life insurance, you may qualify to sell your policy. don't cancel or let your policy lapse without finding out what it's worth. visit to find out if your policy qualifies. or call the number on your screen. coventry direct, redefining insurance. joe biden is hoping rocket systems and munitions systems will help ukraine. he announced the decision to send the weapons in an op-ed. officials stress that the u.s. is not encouraging or enabling
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ukraine to head targets in russia. but these new systems have a far greater range than any weapons the u.s. has sent to ukraine so far. clare sebastian is joining me with more. let's talk through what was written in that op-ed. because there was some reluctance from the u.s. to send heavier munition to ukraine. so why the shift? >> the military aid that the u.s. has been providing has ramped up in stages. and at each stage we've seen this debate around how to balance giving ukraine an edge on the battlefield with potentially provoking russia and being seen as a competent in this war with russia. so now president biden saying that they will send more advanced rocket systems, administration officials saying that they will be high mobility artillery rocket systems. so the reason that is significant is because so far the highest grade artillery that the u.s. had september were the
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m 777 howitzer. with the new system given the munitions, range will be about 80 kilometers, so that is a significant uptick. but you can see the fine balancing act at play because with the highest grade munitions that go with them, they could reach a range of about 300 kilometers. so you see how the u.s. is trying to balance this saying we don't want to have a war between nato and russia. >> and given of course you are three months into the war, the push and pull that we've been seeing has intensified specifically in the last few weeks in the donbas region, how critical this is. what has president biden said about president putin? late march he had said, you know, everyone remembers this quote, he said for god's sake, you know, this man cannot remain in power, referring to putin. does he still stand with that statement or has he shifted his view here?
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>> at the time it was sort of an unscripted remark in the emotion at the moment. the white house later clarified that he wasn't talking about u.s.-backed regime change. and in this op-ed he said we do not seek a war with nato and russia. the united states will not try to bring about his ouster in moscow. so this is a very public way of him directly clarifying. putting the point across to russia that they are not seeking this. because the risk with the talk of regime change in russia and even the comment from lloyd austin at the end of april that he wants to see russia weakened, that it feeds and reinforces the kremlin narrative at home that the west is trying to contain russia, trying to sort of reduce its power. and that really reinforces the west as an enemy within russia and supports the base of president putin, reinforces his
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support there. so that is the risk here. >> not just fine balancing act on the battlefield but also with the rhetoric. clare sebastian, thank you very much. russian forces appear to be close to a major victory on the battlefield in eastern ukraine. local authorities report russian troops now control most of severdonetsk. cnn has geo located video posted on a social media app showing russian troops patrolling the central part of the city. severdonetsk has been a key target of russian fighters in their offensive to claim luhansk and the entire donbas region. ukraine blames russia for a missile strike in the area. and fighters blew up the tank as they retreated. and volodymyr zelenskyy says that ukraine is losing 60 to 100 solders a day in the war.
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and in the donetsk region, a strike killed at least three people. a school and seven highrise buildings were damaged. and to make matters worse, ukraine is also facing a fuel crisis, the country has become completely dependent on imported fuel, this after its largest oil refinery was destroyed by russian missiles. the leader of the gas association says there are many hurdles to increasing production not to mention of course the current war. ukraine is showing off some of the russian military equipment it has captured and destroyed over the past three months, matthew chance has the story for you from kyiv. >> reporter: this looks like the aftermath of a ferocious battle, but it is in fact an exhibition that has been assembled here in the center of the ukrainian capital using real russian military hardware that has been destroyed on the outskirts of
1:25 am
the city. is this a t-72 russian tank, absolutely devastated of course by some kind of anti-tank weapon. you walk across here, some missiles on the floor, casings have been put on show. an anti aircraft gun here with its turret that people can come and look at. all here for the benefit of kyiv to show them the weaponry that has been essentially threatening their lives over the course of the last four months. i spoke to one visitor here and a lot of people here are taking photographs, showing their children what the russians have been throwing at them over the course of the past several months. one guy told me, look, it is the first time we've actually seen these stuff up close. even though it has been on the television screens, not everybody has had the chance to come this close to this kind of
1:26 am
russian armor. and he said it is important because seeing this russian weaponry destroyed in this way makes us believe that we can win. i thought that was a really poignant remark by just one of the visitors we spoke to here looking at this destroyed armor in the center of the ukrainian capital. matthew chance, cnn, kyiv. still to come, the jury is still out in the johnny depp/amber heard trial. the latest on the defamation case including a question from the jurors. plus a cnn exclusive, how investigators are taking unprecedented steps as they try to get to the bottom of the stunning leak of the draft opinion from the u.s. supreme court. we'll explain. emerge tremfyant®. with tremfya®, most people saw 90% clearer skin at t 16 weeks. the majority of people saw 90% clearer skin even at 5 5 years.
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welcome back. if you are just joining us, let me bring you up-to-date with our top stories. investigators in texas say they have yet to receive a response from the uvalde school district police chief for a followup interview to discuss the elementary school shooting. however, he did show up to be sworn into the city council on tuesday. and in an op-ed in the "new york times," president biden says that he will send more military aid to ukraine including advanced rocket systems allnd munitions to defend against russia. now to a cnn exclusive, u.s. officials are intensifying the pressure on clerks for the supreme court as they investigate the unprecedented leak of a draft opinion.
1:31 am
cnn reports. >> reporter: the u.s. supreme court is ramping up its investigation of who might have leaked a draft opinion that would overturn roe v. wade that made abortion legal nationwide. sources say that they are requiring law clerks to provide cellphone records and sign affidavits related in their possible involvement. law clerks are so alarmed over the moves that they have begun considering outside counsel. these young lawyers selected to be law clerks each year are regardeds as the elite of the elite, they are graduates of ivy league law schools and have had prior clerk ships with prominent judges. the court's new moves in this leak investigation are unprecedented and the most striking development to date in the effort to figure out who might have provided the news organization politico with the
1:32 am
draft opinion that it you been about lished on may 2. the probe has intensified the already high tensions at the supreme court where the conservative majority is poised to roll back a half century of abortion rights and privacy protections. lawyers outside the court who have become aware of the new inquiries related to cellphone details warn of potential intrusiveness on clerks' personal activities and those clerks may feel the need to obtain independent counsel. one appellate lawyer with knowledge told me that clerks would be advised to seek outside counsel, quote, that is what similarly situated individuals would do in virtually any other government investigation. it would be hypocritical for the supreme court to prevent its own employees from taking advantage of that fundamental legal protection. now, this escalating scrutiny of law clerks reflects chief justice john roberts' concerns about this breach in
1:33 am
confidentiality as well as possibly further leaks. this investigation is at the busiest time of the annual term when relations among the justices are already strained, the justices are pressing toward late june deadlines, trying to resolve differences in the toughest cases, all with these new pressures and public scrutiny. the justices in addition to abortion rights are also resolving major cases over gun rights and religious liberties. so on all fronts this court term is heating up and we'll know what it means for the law in america likely by the end of june. hillary clinton's campaign lawyer michael sussmann was acquitted ti ted tuesday of lyi the fbi, a major defeat in the trump russia probe. >> i told the truth to the fbi and the jury clearly recognized that with their unanimous verdict today. i'm grateful on to the members
1:34 am
of the jury for their careful and thoughtful service. despite being falsely accused, i'm relieved that justice ultimately prevailed. >> prosecutor i donjohn durham claimed sussmann lied during a meeting in which he passed a trip to the fbi about donald trump and russia. >> he was accused of essentially lying to the fbi during the september 2016 meeting, prosecutors made the case that this was really a plot by the hillary clinton campaign to try to get an investigation of these supposedly suspicious computer links between the trump organization and a bank in russia. the problem for them was that they were relying on witnesses who repeatedly had very poor memories of exactly what happened. and from what you saw in the jury reaching this verdict after about 6 1/2 hours or so, they clearly did not believe that he lied or that the lie was
1:35 am
material. so that was a big problem for the prosecution. >> evan perez there. jury deliberations are expected today in the depp/heard trial. the jurors deliberated for ten hours tuesday but failed to issue a verdict. jean casarez has the details. >> reporter: the jury has deliberated for about ten hours so far in this defamation case. johnny depp versus amber heard. monday was the first full day of deliberation deliberations. johnny depp is alleging that three different statements from the "washington post" op-ed are defamatory against him, the op-ed that amber heard published in 2018 and the jury actually had a question on the first statement which includes and is the headline of the online version of the op-ed, which says in part i spoke up against sexual violence. one of the questions the jury
1:36 am
has to answer, do you believe this is false and they wanted to know are we looking just at that headline or the whole article. well, the answer is it is just the headline for statement number one. as i told you, this defamation case is complex. there are eight pages of a special verdict form. there are 38 pages of jury instructions. and we can't forget that amber heard has a counterclaim of defamation against johnny depp. jean casarez, cnn, new york. and newscast member in the star wars universe has been receiving racist messages and the franchise is standing by her side. she plays in the series on disney plus and addressed the racist comments directly on her instagram account and star wars addressed the matter on twitter, it said we are proud to welcome her to the star wars family. if anyone intends to make her feel in any way unwelcome, we have only one thing to say.
1:37 am
we resist. there are more than 20 million species in the star wars galaxy, don't choose to be a racist. ahead, air travel chaos, commercial airlines are struggling to handle a spike in travel. we'll explain why things have gone so wrong. plus -- after a long lockdown, china's financial capital is starting to lift covid restrictions, but it is too early to call it reopening. the caveats and safety measures still in place.
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it is an agonizing time for air travel. long lines, delays and canceled flights are calling chaos and frustration for travelers and airlines alike. and this is london's gatwick airport where some travelers
1:41 am
reportedly waited for six hours before being sent home tuesday. this is as the travel industry continues to suffer from staff shortages as well as financial challenges triggered by the covid-19 pandemic. in the united states travel industry leaders are asking the biden administration to lift covid test requirements for all travelers flying into the country. right now travelers must provide a negative test result before boarding a flight to the u.s. travel industry leaders say the ongoing testing requirement does not match the current threat level and is harming the u.s. economy. meantime the justice department is asking an appeals court to overturn the ruling that declared the cdc mask mandate on public transportation unlawful in april. the cdc officials argue that the mandate is still needed to protect public health and curb the spread of the virus. after more than two months under lockdown, china's richest city is finally beginning to ease covid restrictions in low risk areas.
1:42 am
most shanghai residents are now able to leave their homes. while this is the biggest step toward a full reopening, the weeks leading up to this point has been filled with chaos. selina wang has the story. >> reporter: residents are racing to get out after more than two months of a brutal city wide lockdown, shanghai is finally cracking open the seal. the city's main train station, packed with people trying to escape. but actuallygetting out is a treacherous journey. people have been seen trekking miles across highways, dragging their luggage or strapping to bikes. even journeys of dozens of miles or more not swaying their determination. the train station parking lot has become a campsite, some leaving days earlier than their departure time, terrified that they could be locked down again if they stay at home. the masses outside the train
1:43 am
station a stark contrast to the rest of shanghai. hundreds of thousands still remain locked in. but even the lucky ones allowed out face a laundry list of restrictions. there are checkpoints everywhere. >> definitely not freedom. >> reporter: this shanghai resident and her son who wish to remain anonymous for fear of persecution from authorities were finally allowed out after more than 80 days. her only solace is seeing her son outside and smiling for the first time in a long time. >> my child now has depression because of the lockdown. he started waking up at night and crying and shouting and saying that there were people wearing masks in his bedroom and he stopped eating. >> reporter: that harsh reality miles away from what the government wants to show. watch this state tv reporter pull the microphone and camera away during a live interview
1:44 am
when the resident starts to complain about the lockdown. she says i've never lived through anything like this being locked inside your home and not allowed to go out. what a big joke. officials say the city will start returning to normal in june, but residents are doubtful. >> this does feel like endless, endless nightmare. >> reporter: her freedom lasted less than a week. one covid case was found near her, so she is back to lockdown. for over two months shanghai has had its freedom taken away, residents imprisoned at home or forced in to quarantine centers like these. no one knows when this nightmare will fully end. selina wang, cnn, beijing. just as the temperatures heat up, a new warning of system overload. ahead the u.s. region most at risk of power blackouts this summer. and can help you get almost 30 0 minutes more restful sleep per night. save $1,000 on the sleep number 360 special ededition smart be, queeeen now only $1,999. only for a limited time.
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♪ ♪ ihoppy hour starting at $6 at 3pm only from ihop. download the app and join the rewards program today. remnants of hurricane agatha could become a new storm in the atlantic. karen maginnis is here to explain. >> it is not a rare situation,
1:49 am
it is very interesting though when agatha was in the pacific basin, it was at hurricane intensity, made landfall as a category 2. now it has gotten ripped apart across southern mexico. and then the remnants are expected to gather some strength, and that with dynamics across the yucatan peninsula, and it could become our next named storm. people ask me does it keep the same name. no, it doesn't. it would be the first named storm of the atlantic basin even though this is the northwestern caribbean and the name would be alex. look at the heavy rain across the yucatan, and yes it includes cancun. but what happens for the residents of central and south florida? it looks like over the next several days you could see the fallout from this with heavy rainfall, that is a little beyond that five day forecast where we have about a 70% likelihood that this will be a named system. frontal system makes its way
1:50 am
across the eastern sea board and into the eastern great lakes, a portion of the ohio river valley could see strong to severe storms, oklahoma, texas and also the ozark region in northern and northwestern sections of arkansas. lots of wind reports, wind and hail, 11 reports of tornadoes. so last two days, most of the tornadoes in minnesota, we had lots of damage, some reports of some injury, but no fatalities. these are the areas that i was telling you about with the main threats of high wind and also large sized hail. wow, large sized hail in portions of oklahoma and texas. they were at grapefruit-size and tennis ball-size. it switches across the mid-atlantic going into thursday. >> thank you vern, karen. and now to mandatory evacuations after a wildfire broke out in california's wine country.
1:51 am
it has burned about 200 hectares. and only 5% contained. we'll stay on top of that story for you. and wildfires and soaring temperatures this summer could strain the u.s. power system and even spark blackouts. the summer forecast predicts above average temperatures across much of the country and areas prone to wildfires will likely be the hottest. randy marsh reports. >> reporter: as wildfires burn and temperatures rise across the nation, a sobering new report warns the u.s. power system could buckle triggering energy emergencies this summer. the upper midwest and mid south along the mississippi face the highest risk blackouts. texas, the west coast and southwest face increased risk. >> the electric system is old and so it is not designed to withstand the impacts of climate change. >> reporter: extreme
1:52 am
temperatures trigger a surge in demand and that taxes the grid. an early heatwave has already knocked six power plants offline in texas this month. in oklahoma, heat also played a r role in blackouts. last year the texas power grid completely failed to days under a deep freeze. 246 people died. >> an energy crisis can become a public health crisis, it can become a food crisis. >> reporter: and this bomb has seen the cascading effects of an unreliable power grid in chicago. >> for a wealthier family, if they have a power outage and all the food in their refrigerator goes back, they may afford to go back to the store and replenish the coffers. for a family that is operating on more restricted income, they might not be able to go back and refill the coffers. >> reporter: in her neighborhood on the chicago south side, solar panels now dot the rooftop of a public housing complex pap short drive from there, a backup
1:53 am
battery stores energy creating what the state energy company calls a micro grid. >> without power, we're talking about potential life threatening situations. so this micro grid provides that backup to be able to deliver power even when the grid isn't there. >> reporter: the project is pending approval, but once it is oper operating, it can connect and share power with the main power grid. in the event of a blackout, it can disconnect and operate independently, tapping its stored battery energy to power the homes, police station and hospital in the area for four hours. >> we have seen a reluctance on the part of many utilities to factor climate change into their planning processes because they say that the science around climate change is too uncertain. >> reporter: they are basing analysis for grid reliability and investments on historical averages because planning for extreme protections is more expensive. >> and so we're continuing to
1:54 am
design facilities based on historic weather patterns that we know in the age of climate change aren't a good proxy for future conditions. >> reporter: as communities work to build a more resilient grid, brownsville is a possible blueprint for creating a backup for when climate reeks havoc on the grid. compounding the power grid sly a supply and demand problem is drought. there has been a 2% loss of hydro power from the nation's dams due to low water levels. add to that rapid retirement of coal power plants all while nearly everything from toothbrushes and cars are elect electrified. many energy experts telling cnn adding more renewable energy would help increase the nation's power supply. rene marsh, cnn, washington. another thriller on the court in paris as long time rivals nadal and djokovic battled it out at the french open. in the end nadal defeat ed
1:55 am
djokovic to advance. the match ended up to 4 hours. nadal is seeking his 14th french open title and 22nd major title sfloop a . and scotland will face off against ukraine in glasgow today in a qualifying match for the world cup in qatar. the war is very much on their minds, but a win would give a much needed morale boost. the winner will go on to play wales on sunday. friends don't lie and neither seems do the numbers. latest season of the netflix hit "stranger things" had a record audience over the weekend. largest debut ever for an english language tv show on the streaming service.
1:56 am
>> i don't have my powers. >> i don't know how to say this other than just to say it. without you, we can't win this war. >> my team have been talking about it in my ear for the last few minutes. netflix says the show hit number one in 83 countries and reached top ten in every country where the service is available. even beat bridgerton which brought in 193 million hours viewed in march. and that does it for me here. our coverage continues on "early start."
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here we go, it is wednesday, the first day of june, and exactly 5:00 a.m. in new york. thanks for getting an early start with us. i'm christine romans. >> i'm laura jarrett. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. we begin this morning with more swirling questions surrounding the embattled school police chief in uvalde, texas. we've heard little from him since 19 children and two teachers were killed at robb elementary school on his watch. and now we've lear


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