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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  June 1, 2022 2:59am-4:00am PDT

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handed catch and holding his son in the other hand. he said he didn't have time to put his 1-year-old son down. and he is there with his 2-year-old son as well. they weren't able to use gloves all the time in the dominican republic where he grew up, so he knew he had a chance of catching this one. his wife is expecting a third child, and he was there with his church group. he gave the ball to his pastor who is a huge mets fan. >> i love how the toddler is just unfazed. >> nice to see you, coy. that is it for us. thanks for joining us. i'm christine romans. >> i'm laura jarrett. "new day" starts right now . in the u.s. and around the world, it is wednesday, june 1st and i'm brianna keilar with john
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berman. the investigation into one of america's deadliest school shootings is taking new turns this morning. police in uvalde, texas, say a teacher closed a propped open door shortly before a gunman used it to get inside, but it did not lock. now investigators are trying to figure out why. this new detail reversing earlier claims the shooter breached the building because the door was left ajar. there are also new questions about law enforcement's response to the massacre. cnn affiliate ksat has obtained audio of the school district's message alerting parents of an active shooter incident. >> parents, there is an active shooter at robb elementary. law enforcement is on site. your cooperation is needed at this time by not visiting the campus. >> both the school's facebook post and the audio message according to ksat came during the time that officers were inside the school and apparently
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believed the situation had become a barricade situation. cnn has learned that chief peter aradondo has stopped cooperating with investigators, failing to respond to a request for a follow-up interview but he was sworn in as a city council member tuesday. funerals will be held for irma garcia the teacher who died protecting her students and joée manuel flores jr. family and friends will gather today for bravo, jays louvre nas. >> we are live with the very latest. these are big developments overneed, nick. >> reporter: good morning. it seems with each passing day there is a new damaging detail that emerges as this broken community tries to make sense of last week's massacre there is so much anger amidst the grief, anger that more could have been done to save those little lives.
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more inconsistencies coming to light about the crucial minutes when the gunman began a rampage at robb elementary school. the texas department of public safety chief communications officer says two minutes after the shooter's truck crashed into a ditch an unidentified teacher ran to close the door but the door did not lock behind her. at the time he said she was calling 911. >> we are told that she closed the door, she removed the rock that she had placed there before he came in. the video indicates that she closed the door properly, but it didn't engage, it didn't lock. we are being told that there was another door in the building that didn't lock properly. there's a lot of responsibility here. >> reporter: just one minute later the gunman is in the school parking lot shooting and enters the school two minutes after that. this is starkly different than the initial account dps gave last week when they said the
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shooter entered the school through a door that was propped open by a teacher. there was also no school resource officer confrontation with the gunman outside the school adds initially reported by law enforcement. the officer did hear the 911 call about a man with a gun and drove to the area. he sped to the back of the school where he thought the suspect was located. >> in doing so he drove right by the suspect who was hunkered down behind a vehicle where he began shooting at the school. >> reporter: the new audio obtained by cnn affiliate ksat went out to parents while officers were already on site and two students were calling 911 begging for help. >> there is an active shooter at robb elementary. law enforcement is on site. your cooperation is needed at this time by not visiting the campus. >> reporter: parents rushed to the campus anyway and a chaotic scene ensued when they were held back by officers. one teacher describing to cnn the moment she saw the shooter outside her classroom window.
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>> i just kept hearing shots fired and i just kept praying, god, please don't let him come in my room. please don't let him come in this room. and for some reason he didn't. >> reporter: the command officer who made the decision not to engage the shooter was uvalde school police chief pete aradondo, according to dps aradondo is not responding to its request for a follow-up interview. he was elected to the city council last month and was privately sworn in tuesday at city hall. uvalde's mayor had previously said a planned special meeting to swear in new council members would not take place as sche scheduled, instead the mayor says aradondo took the oath in-person and signed paperwork. >> i think there needs to be a full investigation of his actions and his role in this and if he -- if he is found accountable for making huge mistakes, then he should be held accountable, he should not hold office. >> reporter: and later today
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there will be more visitations funerals held including irma garcia who side protecting her students. we got an update from some of the victims of last week's shooting that are still in the hospital including the 66-year-old grandmother of the gunman who he shot in the face before the attack. university hospital in san antonio says her condition is now listed as good. brianna? >> nick valencia, thank you for that report from uvalde. congressional staffers will continue bipartisan talks on gun safety today. one thing you hear is that around 90% of americans support background checks, but does that tell the whole story about how much agreement there really is? joining me now is harry enten cnn's senior data reporter. harry, when we talk about possible areas of agreement, maybe not exactly what you think. >> yeah, you know, to me the bigger question is, you know, it's not just how do americans feel about gun control but how
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powerfully do they feel about it? there is this great question from gal lus, are you satisfied with u.s. gun laws and if you want stricter gun laws, do you want them to be less strict? only 36% -- only 36% of americans say they are dissatisfied and want stricter gun laws. 54% say they're either satisfied or dissatisfied and want less strict gun laws. it could be that you want stricter gun laws but you're generally satisfied and this 54% gives it away. most americans are satisfied or they actually want less strict gun laws. >> so the majority here doesn't seem to want more safety measures in place and, again, on background checks the polling says a lot of people think they are a good idea but when you actually put it to a test on the ballot, harry -- >> you know, what i love is when you actually look and say, okay, do these polls follow where the
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stroe voters are. in 2016 there were two ballot measures to expand background checks, one in maine, one in nevada. both of these states are right in the middle of the national electorate, both within a point of the national presidential. look what happened to maine. yes only got 48.2% the ballot measure actually failed to expand background checks, the majority, 52% said no. in nevada it barely passed just a little more than 50% of the vote. you look at those polls that say background check 80%, 90%, when you look at people voting on the measure it's not close to that is correct it's much more of a 50/50 proposition. >> what else do you see in terms of differences among the parties? >> yeah, so, you know, a question i get, okay, why did it seem like republicans were much more willing to come to the table back at the beginning of the century, the end of the last century? and the reason s look at this, more than important to protect rights to own guns than control
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gun ownership. republicans back in 2000 only 38% said it was more important to own guns than control gun ownership. look at where that's now, more than doubled, 80%. democrats are the ones who haven't moved, their opinions have stayed pretty much the same. it's that republicans have gone all the way to the right and that explains the great divide we are currently seeing versus people more willing to come together back at the turn of the century. >> we are seeing bipartisan talks happening in the immediate wake of a mass shooting. we tend to see opinions shift in the weeks after these types of -- >> yeah, look, if something is going to happen it's going to be now, now, now. support for stricter gun laws changed from the prior -- unfortunately after previous mass school shootings, we have a sample size which is terrible. look, after columbine up 6 points, after sandy hook up 15 points, after parkland up 7 points. what we see here generally speaking is after school shootings there are support for stricter gun laws, if we're
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going to see change it's going to be now. >> what do we know about the geographic distribution in terms of gun violence. >> not much of a surprise, the trump states they are more likely to be households with guns than in the biden states. where there are more guns there are more deaths 19 for 100,000 versus just 11. we talk about mass chootings all the time. look, most gun deaths are not by mass shootings, most are not even murders, the vast majority of gun deaths are suicides, 54% compared to murders 43% and that's the story of gun violence in this country. >> this is an interesting look, revealing in many ways. >> thanks, john. >> brianna? new this morning record high gas prices don't seem to be keeping americans home. they're hitting the road despite the surge. cnn's amara walker joining us live with the numbers. they are undeterred, amara. >> reporter: they are
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undeterred, brianna. it's really remarkable the shear number of people who have been hitting the road over the holiday weekend despite those record gas prices. right now the national average sans at $4.67 for regular gasoline. if you compare that to prices around the same time period last year, prices were hovering around $3 a gallon. look, it's virtually impossible right now to find gas below $4 a gallon, in fact, there are seven states that are at that $5 mark. new york and arizona are pennies away from hitting that average, but per usual california taking the cake on this one with a sky high price, the highest price in the nation at $6.19 on average for a gallon. that's $2 more than here in the state of georgia which at $4.16. i want to show you this video, though, in los angeles if you take a close look your eyes are not deceiving you, over $8 a
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gallon for regular unleaded gasoline there. look, still the aaa is estimating that about 35 million people were going to hit the road over the memorial day holiday weekend and, brianna, if you're asking where we're seeing such record prices, there are several factors for this. number one of course [ inaudible ] which is disrupting the global oil supply but also high demand from drivers that keeps continuing. but another variable to throw in there is hurricane season. hurricanes obviously can disrupt the oil supply chain as well and that could further increase prices this summer, brianna. >> my goodness. $8 a gallon some places in california. it really is eye popping. amara, thank you so much. high gas prices not the only thing plaguing summer travelers, surging airline ticket prices and flight cancellations also creating major headaches. here with me cnn business
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correspondent rahel solomon and christine romans. romance, what exactly are we seeing here in terms of the challenges that flyers are facing? >> look, it is a really tough summer here for travel. you're seeing higher price and a lot of hassles here. you're seeing delays, you're seeing flight crews and operations staff at airlines and actually at the airports that are having covid staffing issues. you have labor shortages in general, transportation labor shortages, all of this means you've got all these millions of people rushing to travel again, who want to travel again, want to travel like it's 2019, it ain't 2019 so you need to plan for the worse. higher prices especially. >> i mean, should the airlines have seen this coming, rahel? >> i mean, i think there are certain factors that perhaps they could not have controlled, there are certain weather impacts we're seeing, maybe they can't control the weather but there are certain things that i think critics would say you should have seen this coming. when you look back at some of the comments that the airline ceos made, this one coming from
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delta, the ceo said, look, we've been at this in terms of covid and the issues with the airlines for the better part of the last 18 months getting ahead of it and we hired over 10,000 people last year and we are largely where we need to be on staffing. it's sort of hard to reconcile that comment with what we're seeing this weekend and could perhaps see throughout the summer at times. >> the demand unleashed is really unbelievable. you look at some of these lines at airports this weekend, this weekend 13 million people in five days the tsa screened, that's like 93% of pre-pandemic levels and all the experts think you're going to get back to pandemic levels of travel this summer even with all of these higher prices i think you need -- many of the airlines are being flexible with your change fees. look, people are still getting covid, right? people have to change flights. there's still some flexibility among the airlines but you have to be prepared for a hassle if you're flying. the experts tell me if you want to buy a ticket for later this year don't think it's going to go down, you have to assume airfares are going to keep
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rising. >> let's talk about higher prices. on cnn u.s. treasury secretary janet yellen who spent her life watching inflation and judging it admits she made a mistake last year when she didn't think it was going to get this bad. listen. >> i think i was wrong then about the path that inflation would take. as i mentioned, there have been unanticipated and large shocks to the economy that have boosted energy and food prices and supply bottlenecks that have affected our economy badly that i at the time didn't fully understand. >> what a perfect storm for forecasters, right? they don't have a crystal ball, first of all. second of all, transitory, a year ago she thought 3% maybe would be where inflation would settle out. it's 8.3%. there were a few voices like larry summers the former treasury secretary who were warning about inflation in the
3:15 am
pipeline, you could argue the fed and people in the administration have been late on this. they're trying to get urgency now in the message that we feel your pain, it's the fed's job fighting inflation, but we feel your pain. maybe there will be an inflation peak this summer. no one really knows for sure, but, boy, after 20 or 30 years of literally no inflation in the american economy it came back with a vengeance and a lot of experts didn't see it coming. >> they didn't have a crystal ball but there were critics who were pretty vocal -- >> larry summers. >> larry summers. also a very popular economist who said we don't think it's going to be transitory. to her point, yes, no one saw necessarily the war in ukraine happening, no one saw china lockdowns reoccurring, no one saw the supply chain issues lasting as long as they did but there were some very prominent economists saying, look, this is actually not going to be transitory and you could argue maybe they should have paid a little bit more attention to the critics and the concerns that it might not have been. >> reminds me of 2008 when we
3:16 am
kept hearing that subprime mortgage problems would not affect the entire environment and would never take down the economy. sometimes you can't see how these things are going to play out. >> in this case they can't say no one saw this coming. >> the request he is now what do you do about it. that's what they're trying to get on the message here. you're dealt a terrible hand. if you play that hand badly that doesn't help you at all. they have to play the hand of cards a little better. >> i would just add they have admitted that they were wrong the question is how quickly can they right that wrong in terms of inn plagues. >> thank you very much. on the front of someone who saw it coming, larry summers who was warning right here on this show exactly one year ago, he will join us later. what he thinks now about this admission from the treasury secretary janet yellen. as russia's war in ukraine drags on president biden signs off on sending the most powerful weapons yet to the ukrainian
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at, finding perfect isn't rocket science. kitchen? sorted. hot tub, why not? and of course, puppy-friendly. we don't like to say perfect, but it's pretty perfect., booking.yeah. the u.s. is planning to send an additional $700 million worth of weapons and defense systems to the ukrainian military. the package includes the most powerful and advanced rocket systems to date. cnn's jeremy diamond is live for us at the white house on this. jeremy, what is in this new security announcement? >> reporter: well, brianna, president biden announcing that the u.s. will provide ukraine with these very advanced rocket systems and munitions capable of striking over longer distances than anything that the u.s. has provided ukraine with so far.
3:22 am
this is the 11 security package from the u.s. to ukraine, $700 million, it also includes other material like rockets, javelins, artillery rounds, helicopters and more. but it is according to president biden in a "new york times" op-ed an effort to strengthen ukraine's position at the negotiating table which the president says will be determined by conditions on the battlefield. the president writing in the "new york times," quote, we have moved quickly to send ukraine a significant amount of weaponry and ammunition so it can fight on the battlefield and be in the strongest possible position at the negotiating table. that's why i've decided that we will provide the ukrainians with more advanced rocket systems and munitions that will enable them to more precisely strike key targets on the battlefield in ukraine. this has been the subject of debate inside the biden administration for weeks now, whether or not to provide ukraine with these more advanced longer range weapon systems. concerns within the administration that russia might view this as a provocative step, giving ukraine the ability to strike within russian territory.
3:23 am
that's why the united states actually sought assurances and secured those assurances from ukraine that they would not use these rocket systems to strike russian targets on russian territory. you heard president biden laying out some of those concerns on monday when he said very clearly we are not going to send ukraine rocket systems to strike russia. the president also used this "new york times" op-ed as an opportunity to make clear that the u.s. is not seeking a war with russia even as it continues to escalate the types and caliper of weaponry that it is providing to ukraine saying very clearly that he is not seeking war with russia nor is he seeking vladimir putin's ouster. >> thank you. joining me now matthew chance, not far from kyiv. give us a sense of what you're seeing there this morning. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, john. we're about 40 miles outside of kyiv in the area that was
3:24 am
conquered and invaded by russia in march basically and so we've come back, the russians have been pushed out a couple of months ago and now people are starting to return to their villages, you can see some of those villages utterly destroyed or at least houses individually inside them. it's not just their property that's been destroyed, there's also thousands of people across the country that are missing and the police have started the painstaking effort of trying to recover -- find those missing people, of course, some of them are dead and the reason we come to this village today is there will be reports by the local villagers that there have been some bodies they've found as they've come back to the property, police are going to possibly exhume and try to identify who they are. that's being repeated across the country as areas that were once occupied by russia are being retaken by ukrainian forces. we will bring you some more of that later on. in the meantime, there has been reaction from the ukrainian
3:25 am
government about that decision by president biden to deliver or to give those long range weapon systems to ukraine. it's something the ukrainians have been talking about and requesting for some time now, long range missile systems, artillery ems systems, to push back the russian advance which they're struggling with at the moment. of course, as we said, the ukrainians wanted, you know, very long range weapons, the biden administration is giving them weapons that have a range of up to about 50 miles, perhaps a bit less than that. that's more than double the range of their current artillery pieces but it's still not the long range weaponry that the ukrainians say they actually need to really turn the tide of this battle against russian forces, particularly in the east of the country, john. >> and in the east, matthew, we are learning of some setbacks for the ukrainian military, particularly around severodonetsk right here, this key linchpin city here, now at
3:26 am
this point the russians occupy, what, 70% of the city at least? >> reporter: yeah, 70% is the figure i've heard. it's going to be 100% at some point within the days ahead, that's almost certain. what the ukrainians are trying to do is to make it as painful as possible for the russians. to take control of that city. it's significant it's severodonetsk because it's the last big city in the luhansk region of ukraine. it makes up half of the donbas the other half being donetsk. the russians have made it clear invading the whole of the donbas is a military priority for them. it would be a big military win for them. they're having to throw in so many weapons, so many personnel, they're losing so much armor in the battle for that political victory a lot of military assessments out there including ukrainian and american assessments, they may be unable
3:27 am
in the near future to stage another offensive elsewhere in the country and the ukrainians are trying to capitalize on that with counterswifs, john. >> matthew chance for us, thank you so much, matthew. michigan republicans reportedly recruiting poll workers as the midterms approach. how they're working to expand their party's ins fluns when voters head to the polls next. plus georgia governor brian kemp locked in an ongoing feud with president trump but a report says kemp may be ready to patch things up ahead. there's s a monster problem and our hero needs solutions. so she starts a miro to brainstorm. “shoot it?” suggests the scientists. so they shoot it. hmm... back to thmiro board. dave says “feed it?” andave feeds it.
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a new window into how trump allies are organizing to make sure loyalists are in positions to potentially impact election results in democratic precincts in michigan starting this summer. recordings and training materials obtained by "politico"
3:32 am
reportedly show michigan republicans including officials in the state party at meetings to train recruits as regular poll workers, not partisan poll watchers, poll workers, and put them in direct contact with party attorneys. the plan to make sure they have more influence in some democratic-led districts both for midterms and for the 2024 election. here is one clip "politico" obtained from a meeting in october 2021 where rnc michigan director pushes baseless claims about election fraud to promote some of these efforts. >> that is what we are here tonight for is to show the program that we are creating to create that safety net on the polls before election day, after election day to make sure that fraud does not happen again. i understand that we are upset with the 2020 results, but we cannot just look at the 2020 results or else the exact same thing will happen in 2022. we need volunteers on the ground on election day ahead of
3:33 am
election day working so that that fraud does not happen again. if we only look at 2020, it just will happen again. >> a republican-led senate committee in michigan investigated the 2020 election there, remember, and found no proof of wide-spread election fraud. joining me now is journalist heidiieidi przybyla. we've heard about steve bannon promoting the precinct strategy, you are showing us what it would look like with new recordings you obtained in michigan. can you take us through what it would look like on election day in, say, detroit with poll workers challenging votes to legal challenges. >> first of all, it's important to say that election legal experts i talked to say that this this is unprecedented that a political party would be putting together this type of a network where they're recruiting folks, many who are election deniers to get into the architecture of the election system, equipping them with
3:34 am
training as well as new tools including, for instance, a hotline so that they are in constant contact with roving party attorneys. secondly, equipping them with a website that's being developed by a company called zen desk and you may or may not be familiar with it if you have ever had, for instance, a fashion emergency, you are on the website, can't wait to talk to the person on the 1-800 number, you can do a live chat. they will have a live chat option while they are in the halls to be able to talk to party attorneys. so the election law experts who i talked to say that the concern to get to the answer to your question is that on election day they could really kick up a haze of legal uncertainty in these primarily democratic districts. now, the concern there is that if there are these legal questions in these primarily democratically districts if they create this type of chaos that you raise questions about being able to certify. now, why is this important? because just last week we saw from "the new york times" president trump talking about
3:35 am
how he wants members of the state legislature to be more actively involved in elections. so if you kick up this legal dust at the grassroots level in dem precincts and you have a massive failure to certify what does that do? that potentially kicks it to the board of canvassers, potentially to the state legislature. we're seeing this, they have these programs in 16 different states. we also know, bri, that they are working with a group which rudy giuliani referred to in the 2020 election as a partner in prying to overturn the 2020 election. >> so explain why this is unprecedented because, you know, the democrats, for instance, the dnc did recruit poll workers in 2020, so why is this different from what was done there? >> that was a one-time thing to help fill these spots during a pandemic when you had older workers who just didn't want to work, the dnc says they do not do that and they certainly never
3:36 am
train poll workers, train them, first of all, let alone train them to contest votes. now, it's important also to say here that the processes that are laid out here for contesting a vote -- >> and let's pull that up because we have a full screen of a graphic that they were using in the training of how to contest a vote. tell us about this. >> okay. so the -- i think this is the other -- there you go. so these are not abnormal. as a matter of fact, they're completely legal. the thing that's different is if you look at the bottom there, call the hotline. it is very unusual, i was told by the director of election administration in michigan for 30 years, chris thomas, to have an actual inspector, a poll worker who is working at the polls challenging an individual voter based on their ability to vote. that that would be very unusual. he told me many of these people may be very disappointed when they show up and they don't see
3:37 am
the fraud because they are all being told and ginned up in his words to expect to see fraud. if you listen to these recordings as i listened to hours of them these people really believe -- that was the thing that struck me -- they really believe that there was fraud and they're going to come in and root this out. they're going to come in and pilot these election clerks, particularly in cities like detroit who they just don't trust. >> we should be clear, a lot of this, and as you pointed out in that graphic is legal, challenging the voter. >> it is completely legal. >> what is the effect of it and where does it cross the line? >> that's the question, where does that cross the line between legitimate poll watching and challenging and actually harassing voters and creating chaos in these precincts. if the election clerks feel they crossed that line they can get tossed out. that created so many problems in detroit where you had poll
3:38 am
challengers alleging falsely that they were seeing fraud when, in fact, they were seeing camera equipment outside the absentee voting center. >> heidi, we may see this in practice as soon as august in michigan. thank you for sharing your reporting with us. actor moses ingram revealing a slue of racist messages after her debut on the tv series obi-wan kenobi. as we wait for the decision in the depp/heard trial monica lewinsky says the nation is guilty of courtroom porn. herschel walker has a bone to pick with the man who endorsed him. >> president trump never asked me -- never asked but he's taken credit that he asked. ech from fidelity. [ cellphone vibrates ] you'll get proactive alerts for market events before they happen...
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kenobi" premiered on disney plus moses ingram revealed she's received hundreds of racist messages on social media and one example she shared one wrote, quote, you suck, loser, you are a diversity hire and you won't be loved or remembered for this acting role. other messages included the "n" word. the "star wars" franchise defended ingram. ewan mcgregor released this message. >> i heard some of them this morning and it just broke my heart. moses is a brilliant actor, she is a brilliant woman and she's absolutely amazing in this series. we stand with moses. we love moses and if you're sending her bullying messages you are no "star wars" fan in my mind. there is no place for racism in this world. >> with us now tv critic eric degans.
3:44 am
how surprised were you to see these messages? >> unfortunately not very surprised. as you guys noted in your own reporting, other actors of color who have joined the "star wars" franchise have also face this had kind of racism, including kelly marie tran. there is an element of the fan dom that objects to attempts to diversify the characters in the franchise and they always seem to react when an actor of color is given a prominent role. it's harassing to the point where i believe kelly marie tran said she quit social media because she had a hard time dealing with all of the abuse she was getting from racist fans. i think it's time for disney and for lucas film the companies behind "star wars" to be more aggressive about handling racist fans and supporting actors of color when they join the franchise in prominent roles. >> she talks about how it
3:45 am
affected her mental health, eric. she ended up in therapy because of it. kelly marie tran, john, grade performances and here they are taking this incoming. i wonder if you think the "star wars" franchise has any blame in this. >> well, i do think that the franchise when it originally started was very white-centered, it didn't have many characters of color, and so i do think that these racist fans are reacting to attempts to move the needle on diversity and they are rejecting it. if there's any blame beyond the original films not portraying enough diversity in its casting, disney and lucas mill film i don't think have been aggressive enough in pushing back against fans and trying to figure out ways to make it easier for actors of color when they join the franchise. moses ingram said in an interview that lucas film warned
3:46 am
her that racist fans would come after her, but they didn't make that public, they didn't talk about it before it happened and it was left to the actor to decide to make this public and to have to deal with all of the publicity surrounding it, almost by herself, before fans to disagreed with this and wanted to support her and loved her performance could react. and before, you know, of course, her co-stars and colleagues could react. i think it's time to be a little more proactive about these issues and it's certainly time for lucas film and the "star wars" franchise to be more aggressive about pushing back against racist fans and support the actors of color who take on these roles. they already have the pressure of joining a tremendous franchise. all the pressures that all the other actors have but this addition to that they have to deal with racist fans and have to wonder if any of those fans will do more than just send
3:47 am
messages on social media. >> by coming forward she really did shine a light on it. it is a choice with consequences that may have an affect going forward. thanks so much for being with us this morning. >> thank you for having me. a major blow to the case brought by a trump era prosecutor who has spent years trying to prove wrongdoing in the trump investigation. plus panicked parents still are not finding baby formula on store shelves. why the white house has few answers ahead.
3:48 am
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trump russia investigation, a hillary clinton campaign lawyer michael suss man has been acquitted of lying to the fbi during a 2016 meeting in which he pass add tip to the fbi about donald trump and russia. this is a major defeat for
3:52 am
special counsel john durham and his justice department prosecutors since the team has spent three years looking for wrongdoing in the trump russia probe. joining us is evan perez who has spent days and days on this i should say. this is a reminder of the investigation. so tell us about this. >> right. it doesn't bode well for john durham. again, he spent 11 days on this, this is a false statements charge and he relied on witnesses who had very crappy memories, frankly, of what happened back in 2016 during this meeting and thereafter. in some cases some of these witnesses only landed on the prosecutor's theory, endorsed that theory after essentially being threatened with prosecution themselves. that's where we got -- and the jury decided very quickly after about six and a half hours of deliberations that this was not a case that they could -- that they could convict on.
3:53 am
listen to sussman after the trial. >> i told the truth to the fbi and the jury clearly recognized that with their unanimous verdict today. i'm grateful to the members of the jury for their careful and thoughtful service, despite being falsely accused, i'm relieved that justice ultimately prevailed in my case. >> brianna, this has been going on for three years. the important questions are for merrick garland and lisa monaco, the leadership of the justice department how much longer do they let durham continue this investigation. >> the durham probe is this investigation of the mueller investigation. >> durham has lasted over three years already, mueller was under two years, a year and two months. mueller cost about $32 million but the durham investigation is about 3.8. here is the deal, we've had three cases so far, one is a guilty plea, this one was
3:54 am
acquitted and he has one more trial in october of, you know, a russian researcher who helped do some of the research behind the steel steele dossier. we will paul manafort, rick gates, a number of high profile successful cases on the part of the prosecution so that's the comparison we're facing here. >> evan perez, thank you so much for your days of work on this. we appreciate it. the nfl's top quarterbacks moving from the gridiron to the green, testing their golf skills and their ability to talk trash. we're going to preview the match next. plus the former treasury secretary larry summers who warned the white house early on about inflation will join us live to respond to one of his successors admitting she made a mistake. we've been customers for years. (dad brown) we got iphone 13s, too. switched two minutes ago, literally right before this. (vo) iphone 13 3 on us. on anyny unlimited plan. for every customer. with plans starting at just $35. all on the network more people rely on.
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from the gridiron to the green, some of the best quarterbacks in the nfl set to compete tonight in the latest version of the match, our andy scholes in las vegas with a preview. >> reporter: john, the sixth edition of the match from here in las vegas is all about the quarterbacks, you have the grizzly veterans tom brady and aaron rodgers taking on patrick mahomes and josh allen. for the irs time ever in the match no pro golfers are involved. these guys aren't going to have caddies out here, they will have all on their own which should make it a lot of fun. >> i said are there caddies out there? is there anyone that can help us? he was like, no, you guys are totally on your own. we will be reading each other's putts, i don't know if that's a good thing. >> i'm not carrying us, we have to hold this thing together, man. this is going to be interesting for sure. >> making it even more interesting is going to be all the trash talk you hear between
4:00 am
these guys on the course. for the first time ever fans will be in attendance adding even more pressure. brady told me he's going to be the most nervous on that first tee. if he can get through that without hitting anyone he will be good to go. be sure to tune in early. the match gets started 6:30 eastern on tnt. welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world, it is wednesday, june 1st, i'm john berman with brianna keilar. the investigation into the school shooting in uvalde, texas, is taking new turns this morning. police say a teacher there did close a propped open door shortly before a gunman used it to get inside, but it did not lock. now investigators are trying to determine why. this is yet anhe


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