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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  June 2, 2022 2:59am-4:00am PDT

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players draping themselves in their flag as they took the pitch for their world cup qualifying playoff game in scotland, the entire crowd singing along as their national anthem was played. they put on a show, brilliant goal gave them an early lead. and then they got a header in the second half that turned out to be the winning goal. ukraine ends up winning 3-1. and they will make the world cup if they can beat wales on sunday. guys, if they do that, they will end up being team usa's first opponents inn the world cup in november. >> russia wasn't allowed to play, right? >> that is correct. >> thanks, andy. nice to see you. thanks for joining us this thursday morning. i'm christine romans. i'm laura jarrett. "new day" starts right now.
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good morning to viewers here in the united states and all around the world, it is thursday, june 2nd. i'm john berman with brianna keilar. and we do begin with the deadliest mass shooting in america since last week. four people killed in tulsa, oklahoma, this time at a hospital complex which, of course, follows mass shootings at an elementary school, a grocery store and a church. this is what we know, tulsa police say the gunman opened fire with a handgun and a rifle before dying of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. fewer than ten people are wounded, none at this point we are told with life-threatening injuries. >> this is now the 20th mass shooting in america since uvalde just nine days ago according to the gun violence archive. this comes as we learn dramatic new details about the police response at robb elementary school during the standoff there. we will have more on that in a moment. let's begin, though, in tulsa with the latest developments there. lucy kafanov is on the ground.
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tell us what you're learning. >> reporter: dispatchers received a call about an active shooter at a physician's office here at the st. francis hospital campus shortly after 4:50 p.m. local time yesterday. the call was that someone was at the facility with a rifle, at an orthopedic center. officers said they responded quickly, this he heard gunshots, that's what directed them to the second floor where the shooter was. sergeant richard muilenburg telling cnn when officers ran up the stairs the shooting suddenly stopped. when they got into the area they found the first victim, the next victim and then they found the shooter who had shot himself according to officers with a pistol. one person was shot here at the facility transported out and died outside of the facility, so a total of five dead including the gunman. the sulgs spect was found, as you point out, with two firearms described by muilenburg as a semi-automatic rifle and a semi-automatic pistol.
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police say both weapons appeared to have been fired at some point during this incident. police also telling cnn multiple people were wounded, fewer than ten, no one had wounds considered to be life-threatening as of this hour. take a listen to what the police sergeant said, he said this was not a random attack, the shooter knew exactly where he was going and exactly who he was targeting. take a listen. >> this is not a random event. it's not as if he went to a hospital and was indiscriminately shooting at people. he very purposefully went to this location, went to a very specific floor and shot with very specific purpose. >> reporter: and this is a multistory facility, hundreds of rooms, hundreds of people inside, witnesses and police describing madness and chaos as authorities searched the facility room by room, finding
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people hiding there. take a listen to the fear and the chaos described by two witnesses. take a listen. >> it's sad. it's so sad. i was coming to the doctor and i got my grandkids with me and this terrible scene. it's awful. it's sad. my daughter-in-law is from buffalo, so now it's so close to home. it's not even safe if you come outside anymore, you know. >> like this really does happen. when you see it on tv, but you don't think it's going to happen right in front of your eyes. >> exactly. >> now this is a wake-up call for my kids. this can really happen anywhere and it's very scary. you can't even go to a store, you can't even go to school, now you can't even go to the doctor. >> reporter: you heard the eyewitnesses there, you see it on tv, my team and i literally came here from uvalde, texas, where we covered the other mass shooting, 19 little children shot there including their -- in addition to their two teachers. now here in tulsa, oklahoma,
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oklahoma's second largest city. we know that the white house has been briefed on the situation, they're actively monitoring it. republican governor kevin stitt tweeting his thoughts and prayers for the dead. we are expecting another update from the police at around 10:00 a.m. local time. we will be bringing you all the details then. >> more information coming on this. we know you will be there. lucy kafanov, thank you so much. we do have some new details this morning about the initial response to the uvalde school massacre. uvalde's mayor says a would be negotiator frantically tried to get the gunman inside the robb elementary school on the phone but he didn't answer. cnn's nick valencia is live for us there in uvalde with the latest on this. nick, what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning, brianna. the mayor of uvalde sitting down for his first on-camera interview more than a week since the shooting, helping fill in some of those details of the horrific day last week, but for those of us waiting for more
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answers from police, we will have to wait. texas department of public safety announcing they are no longer answering questions about the incident, referring all questions to the local district attorney. >> our hearts are broken. our hearts are broken for 21 family members. >> reporter: uvalde mayor don mclaughlin speaking out in an interview saying he rushed to robb elementary school once he heard of the shooting but heard no 911 calls from students or shots fired. >> look, when the call came out that there was a shooter at that school i left and i went to that scene within 15 minutes and while i was there, you know, i did not hear the 911 calls. i can assure you had we been aware of it or i would have been aware of it i would have been screaming. did i not hear them. that doesn't mean they weren't blaring on every radio there. >> reporter: he says he was at the nearby hillcrest funeral home with a negotiator who was trying to get the gunman on the phone. >> the moment they went in that classroom they started calling. i wasn't there at the initial but at the moment he went in
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that classroom they were trying to get numbers and call? er mclaughlin maintains trust in the law enforcement investigation despite his frustrations with the changing narrative. >> they have had three press conferences and at all three press conferences something has changed. i'm not part of the investigation, but, i mean, what i am part of i think the truth will come out and if we made mistakes, we will own those mistakes. >> reporter: the texas department of public safety says they are no longer answering questions on the matter, all questions and inquiries from now on will be filed ds by the district attorney's office. the uvalde da christina busby says once the investigation is complete she will, quote, review it and see if there are any criminal charges that need to be brought. this as there is mounting criticism directed at uvalde school police chief pete arredondo. arredondo spoke to cnn earlier wednesday and says he is cooperating with the investigation, despite previous reports saying otherwise. he refused to give any substantive response to why he decided not to apprehend the
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gunman sooner. >> you had an opportunity to explain yourself to the parents. >> just so you know we're going to do that eventually. >> when? >> whenever this is done, when the if a m lease quit grieving then we will do that obviously. >> reporter: mayor mclaughlin says he has not spoken with arredondo since the shooting but confirmed he is cooperating with dps. >> mr. arredondo is not a uvalde police officer, he works for the uvalde consolidated independent school district. i have no jurisdiction or -- over him whatsoever. i've reached out, but, like i said, i haven't -- i haven't -- i haven't talked to pete. >> reporter: this as the community continues grieving and burying the 21 victims. on wednesday the funeral for irma garcia and her husband took place. she shielded her fourth grade students from the bullets. her husband joe died just two days after the shooting after a medical emergency. this picture shows mourners around the pair's caskets.
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dps trooper juan maldonado honored his friend teacher eva mireles and says he was with her the moment she died at robb elementary school. >> it was an honor to spend the last moment withe ith eva. she is a fighter and she did everything she could to protect her babies and that's her students. so we know she did everything she could and she protected them to her last breath. >> reporter: this still broken community trying to make sense of what happened last week. while there are still major questions as to why police waited nearly 80 minutes before breaching two locked classroom doors to kill the gunman. brianna? >> nick valencia live in uvalde, thank you. new this morning the 18-year-old accused of killing ten people in a racist attack in a buffalo supermarket has been indicted by a grand jury on 25
3:09 am
counts. he is scheduled to be arraigned this afternoon. let's bring in cnn's alexandra field. what are we expecting? >> look, this is the second arraignment for the suspected shooter, the 18-year-old was previously in court, entered a plea of not guilty related to the massacre. buffalo grand jury handing down a slue of new charges. he is likely to face ten counts of first degree murder, ten counts of second degree murder as a rate crime along with a weapons charge and a charge of domestic terror. investigators from the local, state, federal level have been working together on this case. they say that this is a shooting that was thoroughly planned based on the suspected shooter's statements and his writings. they say it is very clear that this was an attack that was motivated by hate and by racism. the victims of the attack were 11 black people, two white people, ten of them were killed, three of them were left injured.
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in the aftermath of the shooting the justice department said that they, too, would investigate this as a hate crime and as a case of racially motivated violent extremism. those injured, those killed ranged in age from 20 to 86 years old, all of them beloved members this have buffalo community which will clearly be carefully watching the court proceedings at 2:00 today. >> still dealing with the aftermath in buffalo even as the investigation continues in texas and this morning we're learning more from tulsa. thank you for being with us this morning. brace yourself, that warning from the head of jpmorgan jamie diamond, why he's worried an economic hurricane is on the horizon. plus a big legal victory for johnny depp in his defamation case against amber heard. and the queen goes platinum, this huge celebration under way in britain at this moment marking the queen's 70 years on the throne. we have special live coverage ahead. (mom allen) verizon just gave us all a brand new iphone 13.
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a hurricane warning for your money. here is jpmorgan chase ceo jamie diamond. >> right now it's kind of sunny, things are doing fine, you know, everyone thinks the fed can handle this. that hurricane is right out there down the road coming our way. we just don't know if it's a minor one or superstorm sandy -- yeah, sandy or andrew or something like that, and you better brace yourself. >> here now cnn chief business correspondent christine romans. category what hurricane? >> jamie dimon as meteorologist but a meteorologist for your money. let's unpack his metaphor. first he said that things right now are sunny and fine. i mean, he is right on that, american workers are in a i
3:16 am
don't think position, the jobless rate a 50-year low, 3.6%. there are 11.4 million open jobs in the country, also near a record, and despite higher prices consumers are still spending like crazy. they are in a better position than after the financial crisis of '08 and '09, but dimon says that the economy is distorted by inflation. inflation is running hot, the fastest price increases in 40 years. airfares, by the way, up 33% when you look year over year. inflation of course is the result of a whole bunch of stuff, the economy roaring back after the covid crash, supply lines tangled, energy prices surging. putin's invasion of ukraine one of the factors dimon is so, so concerned about. in fact, gas prices are up a buck 18 since the war began and overnight they reached another record high $4.72 a gallon. dimon warned that wars go bad, wars go south and he predicted oil prices could go as high as $150 to $175 a barrel, that
3:17 am
would mean much higher gas prices. also brace yourself for disruptions in the grain and wheat markets, too. that means higher prices, shortages and suffering. and then there's the federal reserve, right? already raising interest rates to try to cool inflation, john. dimon is worried about the fed starting to unwind its bond portfolio here, too. during the covid crisis the fed bought up securities to cushion the financial system, something called quantity fate testify easy, qe in wall street speak. now it's tightening, qt, something we have never seen before. dimon said people will be writing about this in the history books for 50 years. in may he warned about big storm clouds now he is warning about a hurricane. we don't know exactly the path or the size, john. >> right now he's mostly focused on fed actions, right? the fed is the agency that deals mostly with inflation but then there is the question about what the president and white house can do and a pretty stark admission from president biden yesterday that he can't do much when it comes to gas prices and
3:18 am
food prices. >> he doesn't have a magic wand to lower grocery store prices or to lower prices at the pump. in fact, we live in a country where we don't have a government setting prices. that happens in venezuela, that happens in other -- it doesn't happen in the united states. the president wants to focus on lowering the prices where he can, like child care and drug costs and that's what i think we will be hearing more from him about today. he's being very frank with the american public, i feel your pain, inflation is issue number one, but his hands are tied in certain cases here. when i talk to economists and experts they say the russian invasion is this new uncertainty, this new problem that will keep food and energy prices elevated for some time until we see what the way out is there. >> pandemic, war, a whole lot of uncertainty. christine romans, thank you so much. >> you're welcome. so a jury sides with johnny depp over amber heard in the defamation trial. we have a breakdown of the verdict and how it could affect both stars going forward. and we're live from
3:19 am
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this morning a big legal victory for johnny depp in his weeks' long defamation trial against his ex-wife amber heard and she will have to pay him millions of dollars. jurors sided with depp after he sued heard over a 2018 op-ed in the "washington post" where she claimed that she was the victim of domestic abuse. heard countersued over statements that depp's attorney made about her abuse claims. the jury awarded depp $15 million in compensatory and punitive damages, $15 million in pens tore damages, 10 in
3:24 am
compensatory and 10 in punitive which will be capped at a lower rate in virginia. the jury found that depp by statements defamed heard and the jury awarded her $2 million in compensatory damages nothing in punitive damages. following the verdict both stars released statements. heard said she was, quote, heartbroken, she said i'm even more disappointed with what this verdict means for other women. it is a setback. it sets back the clock to a time when a woman who spoke up and spoke out could be publicly shamed and humiliated. it sets back the idea that violence against women is to be taken seriously. depp released his own statement and said the jury gave me my life back, speaking the truth was something that i owed to my children and to all those who have remained steadfast in their support of me. joining me now is judge glenda hatchet, the founder of the hatchet firm and the host of "the verdict." judge, put this verdict into context for us. obviously a win for johnny depp,
3:25 am
but amber heard did receive damages here. >> right. yes, brianna. first of all, i want to make it clear to all of us that this was not a case concerning abuse, and i think that that's been a lot of what has caused such polarization about this case and the verdict in this case. it was a case of defamation and what the jury had to find in terms of the depp claim is that there was defamatory -- inflammatory intent, number one, but very importantly the second part of that, brianna, is that under the law because of his public status the jury had to then conclude that it was done with malice intent. and that's a very important distinction from a case with ordinary citizens. so that's a high bar. and the court did find on all three of those matters that that was what happened.
3:26 am
so with johnny depp there was a verdict of $10 million in compensatory damages as you have said, another 5 for punitive damages and punitive damages are designed to punish. i will make this really brief, but under virginia statute the judge has to cap that at $350,000. conversely, on the other side, people are saying, well, it's a split decision, a split verdict. yes, there was a verdict for both sides, but it was not as we think of in half. she got $2 million as you said, but not punitive damages. what she had to be able to establish and the jury had to conclude that the attorney was acting as depp's agent at the time he made the statements that they concluded were defamatory and that they were done with knowledge that they were incorrect in that situation. and so it's interesting that the jury did not award her any
3:27 am
punitive damages in this case, but only compensatory. so you do the math, gets down to he's going to get $8.35 million. >> it's a lot of money. so it is a defamation case, but at the heart of this case as we watched it was who was abused. >> right. >> who was the abuser. >> right. >> did they both abuse each other, right? >> right. >> and i do wonder how do you square what the jury here found with what a british court found which was that johnny depp was a domestic abuser and that amber heard was a victim? because that was the thing that she pointed to and her camp pointed to over and over again to defend her. >> right. and we also have to understand that there are very different court systems and i don't know that we will ever be able to completely square the two. you're right, in that case the case was brought in london, in britain in that situation, and
3:28 am
then you have a jury trial here. there's been a lot of talk, brianna, about whether the jury was influenced because of his status, because he's well-known, and, you know that is correct debate will go on for a very, very long time, but the underlying piece of this, if we look back and we peel back the layers, is that this has been a difficult relationship. i mean, they got married in 2015, she then went to get a restraining order against him in 2016. and then they both later put out a statement, she withdrew it and if we had time i would read it to you but in essence it said we've had some difficult times but there was no intent of both -- neither physical or emotional harm in this case. and so i think the fact that he has not been criminally charged or found guilty on this may have played a big factor in this, but i do not think at the end of the
3:29 am
day that this is a major blow against women. i don't. i think this is one case, i don't think that this says summarily that women are going to be at a disadvantage in bringing these kind of cases against men who are famous and or powerful. >> that is the overarching question i think that lingers from this so i'm glad you addressed this. judge, it is always wonderful to get your perspective. thank you so much. >> thank you. absolutely. good to see you. >> great to see you as well. so we're hearing for the first time from a key adviser to the january 6th committee about how big their findings might be and he tells cnn exclusively that what he saw scared him. happening now, both pomp and circumstance at extraordinary levels. the uk kicking off four days of festivities celebrating queen elizabeth's 70 years on the throne. we have special live coverage of the platinum jubilee next.
3:30 am
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♪ today marks the beginning of a four-day celebration in honor of queen elizabeth's platinum jubilee. 70 years on the throne. at this minute we're seeing of starting of something called the trooping the colour ceremony. buckingham palace is pulling out all the stops for this so let's go live to buckingham palace. max foster leading our coverage there. max? >> reporter: john, the atmosphere is ringing out, we have hundreds of military band members playing out, horses in the background, there is a huge amount of atmosphere here as we kick off four days of events to mark the queen's 70 years on the throne. at this point it's all about the
3:35 am
crowds and anna stewart is amongst them. >> reporter: hey, max. yes, we have had a lot of excitement here already as the royal procession went past, huge cheers from the crowds, particular the carriage that had the duchess of cornwall, the duchess of cambridge and princess charlotte, prince louis. thousands of people, plenty of people camped overnight despite pretty chilly temperatures to get the best spot to see that. it's quieting down a little bit while you can see the hear moan going on. as the procession moves back for that key moment when her majesty will take the salute from the balcony and be joined by working members of the royal family and flight past is when we will see the greatest cheers and the crowds will push up to buckingham palace right where you are. the excitement on the ground has been electric, infectious, really everyone so joyful, i think, to celebrate the queen and what's so interesting, max,
3:36 am
it's not just royal fans n a way the queen transcends royal interest. there is so much love and respect for someone who has been on the throne and done public service now for 70 years. a fantastic crowd here today and plenty of parties to come today and for four days. we should really pace ourselves, shouldn't we? >> it's great news for a change. even if you are not a monarchist lots of people in the uk are ral league around this as a national moment. with me a booeng king abdullah and hillary nash. i want to cut emily straight to you. i looked over my shoulder as david was speaking and the queen is due to give a salute to the military effectively from buckingham palace balcony. if we zoom into the flag it is not the royal standard which signifies where the queen is in residence it's actually the union flag.
3:37 am
so there's some concern. >> from you. >> i'm starting a rumor, but she is not a residence but she's not clearly. does that mean she's not going to be here for the salute. >> we're anticipating her being on the balcony not once but twice to come out and take the salute herself and return with members of the family, but she hasn't been in residence in the palace for quite some time now for the past five years it's been undergoing significant resurfacing work and since the pandemic she's been based at windsor castle which is a fitting situation for her. this remains monarchy hq, though. >> she's due in the next hour to appear on the balcony. let's talk about trooping the colour. officially recognizing the queen's official birthday but also steeped in military history because irish guards had the honor parading their flag in front of the queen. what does this mean? >> it's been going on since the 17th century if not before in other permutations. it's very significant to queen
3:38 am
herself because she is head of the armed forces as well as being head of state and also military runs deep in her veins and in her family. her father was a military man in the navy, so was her beloved prince philip, he served in the navy as well. this is one of the most important ceremonial duties of the monarch. you swear an allegiance when you join the armed forces in the united kingdom to the queen. she is at the head of that pyramid. so it's a very -- it's a poignant and significant moment for her personally and also for anybody involved in the armed forces and we know that there are plenty of people from around the commonwealth as far as new zealand who are involved today in the fly past and some of the military events. >> head of the mill tar, head of the judiciary, head of so many core elements of british culture, head of the church, it's amazing how she's integrated in every part of our life. let's show the pictures of how all this have kicked off. the first carriage came out, who was in it? none other than the duchess of
3:39 am
cornwall who will be the next queen consort and her successor the duchess of cambridge but also the three cambridge children. so huge moment for them and for george in particular, he will be king one day. >> i think we could hear the screaming from the crowds at this end of the mall, couldn't we? people are absolutely delighted to see the children as always. >> even louis. >> little louis wearing a sailor's outfit. this is the next generation, this is very much about putting them front and center and showing there's a future here and, you know, you are in safe hands. this is going to continue. >> you mentioned parliament recently. prince charles stepped in to open parliament which he has never done before. he's also going to be up at horse guards instead of the queen. this is all part of the long term transition, she is optics, this huge pr event frankly is about getting us ready for the next monday arcy. as tasteless as that feels that's one of the crucial roles of monarchy to continue. >> it is and it's somewhat
3:40 am
inadvertent when we're celebrating the 70th anniversary of queen elizabeth ii's reign but that is what we're seeing. her taking steps back from public duty, trips abroad to commonwealth countries, opening of parliament, i think she has only missed three times in her reign or events like we see today and stepping forward is king charles. that's why it's an interesting moment, potentially a high water mark for support for the monarchy in britain in modern times because queen elizabeth ii is so much more popular than who is to succeed had err. that raises questions about where the country and populous will be. times have changed. the country doesn't really sit well the idea -- >> less deferential. >> they don't like the idea of inherited privilege and that is what this family exempliexempli >> john, in the next couple hours we will see a key moment which is the family coming out on the balcony and they come
3:41 am
every ten years for a jubilee, in 2002 we had the full extended family in 2012 to reflect austerity it's stripped down to the core members, this year it will be working royals only which is the queen's modern interpretation of what the monarchy is. it means that the sussexes aren't there, prince andrew is not there. we will see the sussexes up at horse guards but we are not going to see prince andrew at all. she's making a distinction there as well. >> so interesting who we are seeing, what we are seeing and not seeing. a lot of pageantry and more to some. max, bianca, emily, anna, thank you all very much. next, we are hearing for the first time from a key january 6th player on how big the findings might actually be. the horror he says he uncovered. plus georgia's secretary of state set to testify before a grand jury investigating former president trump's efforts to overturn the state's election results. we have a live report next. ♪ (drum roll) ♪
3:42 am
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one week from today the january 6th committee holds the first of eight public hearings on the capitol insurrection. former trump chief of staff mark meadows has been a key source of information for the committee providing thousands of text messages. now in a cnn exclusive we're hearing for the first time from a key player in the investigation. former republican congressman denver riggleman worked with the committee as a senior technical adviser. he says the evidence gathered from the text messages is massive and absolutely damning. >> it's almost a roadmap to what happened and a lot of the texts haven't come out thankfully, i think the committee will do a great job of linking text messages to interviews and data
3:47 am
that they have but i think what people will understand what the meadows text messages is how horrible they were. when i first saw them my bemusement turned into horror quickly when i saw some of the language used there. i had to get away from the computer as i was looking at these techs messages. starting november 3rd, november 4th in the meadows text messages to the end it is a roadmap and i would have to say at this point i think mark meadows is the mvp for the committee. i think they should pay him. >> ahead you will hear more from riggleman and we will speak with maggie haberman about the new revelations and what this means for the january 6th probe. georgia's secretary of state brad raffensperger is set to appear before a grand jury today to give testimony on whether former president donald trump and his allies committed crimes in their efforts to overturn the 2020 election in that state. in early january of last year then president trump was caught on tape asking raffensperger to find enough votes for him to win the state of georgia.
3:48 am
>> all i want to do is this, i just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have, because we won the state. >> let's go down to the fulton county courthouse in atlanta, cnn political correspondent sara murray is there. that reporting at the center of all of this. >> reporter: it is and, you know, brad raffensperger is scheduled to testify today before the grand jury, he is a central witness in fulton county district attorney fannie willis' investigation. let's listen more to that infamous call that set this whole thing off. >> the people of georgia are angry. the people of the country are angry. and there's nothing wrong with saying that, you know -- that you've recalculated. >> mr. president, the challenge that you have is the data you have is wrong. >> reporter: now, one of the
3:49 am
potential crimes investigators are looking at is solicitation of election fraud. so of course the grand jury is going to be interested in these efforts from donald trump to get brad raffensperger to recalculate. then another point in that call trump tells raffensperger what he's saying about the election is dangerous. later in a book he wrote i felt then and still believe today that this was a threat. this is going to be another point that's of interest to the grand jury. another potential crime that they are looking at are threats related to election administration. so we expect that brad raffensperger is going to have a lot to share with this grand jury today. and, remember, their work is just getting started. he is one of the first if not the first witness that they are going to be hearing from. we expect they are going to hear from a number of other officials from the secretary of state's office as well as the state's attorney general. john? >> sara murray, you are there for us. let us know what you hear. thank you so very much. ukraine declaring victory on the football field, a victory that brings them one step closer
3:50 am
to the world cup. this was just incredible the emotional game for that team and that country. plus just days after multiple mass shootings a gunman kills four people at a hospital complex. we have more on the news out of tulsa, oklahoma, next. and queen elizabeth celebrating 70 years on the throne. more than any other british monarch. now her platinum jup lee celebration is under way. we are live at buckingham palace ahead.
3:51 am
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3:55 am
golden state warriors are back, this will be their sixth finals appearance in the past eight years and steph curry and the team love playing here at the chase center they are a perfect 9-0 in the playoffs at home. the celtics are back in the finals for the first time since 2010. this team was an 11th place in the east back in january but they've been the best team in the nba since. game one tonight at 9:00 eastern and, john, a win in this series would be an 18th nba championship for the boston celtics. breaking the tie with the lakers for the most all time. >> oh, i am well aware of that and go celtics. other sports news, what a moment, ukraine's men's national soccer team now one match away from qualifying for the world cup in november. ukraine beat scotland 3-1 in their first game since russia's invasion of ukraine. president zelenskyy congratulated the team saying, quote, two hours of happiness that we've grown unaccustomed to. what a joy for our military, to
3:56 am
for our whole country. joining me "new york times" best selling author grant wall. it's a cliché to say something is more than a game but this felt like more than a game, especially for the ukrainian team. >> yeah, most definitely did. just a tremendous performance on the field and these games are supposed to take place in march, they had to be delayed because of the russian invasion of ukraine and a lot of these ukrainian players played domestically and haven't been playing over the last few months. they were joined by some of their european counterparts, but the players for ukraine have told the media that they've been getting letters all along from military members, from ordinary ukrainians about how important it is for this team to try and win and get to the world cup and bring some happiness to their country. >> for these players this is not something that's happening in
3:57 am
another place, i mean, they have been living this for months. >> a lot of these ukraine players have been displaced with their families from their homes in ukraine. they've been going through many of the stresses that their fellow ukrainians have been going through and so for quite a bit of the last few months soccer has been very far from their minds and it's frankly incredible just so see the soccer performance that these guys were ready to play yesterday in a hostile environment away at scotland and eliminate scotland from the world cup. ukraine deserved a win, they played a great game, scored some very good goals and now they're just one step away from making the world cup and becoming probably everyone's second favorite team around the world at the world cup if they make it. >> they play, they have to win one more game to get to the world cup. against wales in wales. are they favored in that game?
3:58 am
>> yeah, i don't know if ukraine is going to be favored, it's an away game for them, you know, wales hasn't been to a world cup since 1958, they are excited about their opportunity, too, and they have some very good players like bale the real madrid star. i think coming into these two games i did not think it was a situation where ukraine was favored to win them in away settings both times, but the way they played yesterday was so good that now i'm starting to think they've got a real chance against wales and it would just be one of the best stories we've seen in the soccer world for a very long time. >> they are playing inspired. just to be clear if they do get past wales their first world cup game will be against the united states, puts u.s. fans in a bit of a bind there. you don't want to root against ukraine. >> totally. that would be the first day of the world cup, the night game, the u.s. has been waiting to find out who their opponent is going to be and if it ends up being ukraine that becomes a story line that would draw
3:59 am
attention even more than a typical world cup game would, even with people who might not necessarily be sports or soccer fans. so i think a lot of people are rooting for ukraine to make this world cup and we will see if they can pull it off. >> a team playing for a whole lot more than just a win. grant wahl, thank you so much. >> thanks. "new day" continues right now. ♪ welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world, it is thursday, june 2nd, i'm brianna keilar with john berman. we begin this morning with america's worsening crisis. after recent mass shootings at an elementary school, grocery store and a church, now four people have been killed in a shooting at a hospital building in tulsa, oklahoma. police say the gunman opened
4:00 am
fire with a handgun and a rifle before dying of his self-inflicted gunshot wound. fewer than ten people are wounded, none with life-threatening injuries. the community is in a state of shock now questioning if anyplace is safe anymore. >> it's so sad. i was coming to the doctor and i got my grandkids with me and this terrible scene. it's awful. it's sad. >> it's very scary. you can't even go to a store. you can't even go to school. >> no. >> now you can't even go to the doctor. also on the very same day a young man was shot and injured in front of a los angeles high school. police say they believe the incident is gang related. a woman was injured in pennsylvania after a gunman fired several shots outside a walmart. the shooter is still at large. and a 16-year-old in california was arrested for allegedly recruiting students to carry out a mass shooting and bombing at berkeley high school. police say, quote, when the patrol officers searched the teen's res


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