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tv   CNN Newsroom With Alisyn Camerota and Victor Blackwell  CNN  June 3, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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hello, everyone. i'm allison camerota. welcome to cnn newsroom. >> i'm victor blackwell. good to be with you. another adviser in donald trump's white house was just indicted by a federal grand jury. peter navarro was arrested today and is in custody. navarro faces two counts of criminal contempt of congress for refusing to comply with the january 6th investigation. one count is for failing to produce documents, the other is for defying a subpoena for testimony. >> this indictment comes just ahead of the committee's first public prime time hearings next thursday. lawmakers say they will reveal unseen material and this will be the first time the american public will know what this
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investigation has found so far. cnn's senior justice correspondent, evan perez, is live from outside the district court. cnn congressional correspondent ryan nobles is on capitol hill. and cnn legal analyst elliot williams is also with us. evan, explain the indictment and what happens next for navarro. >> reporter: well, alison, we're expecting that peter navarro is going to appear before a judge in the coming minutes here at the courthouse in d.c. behind me. he's facing two counts. one for failing to turn over documents to the january 6th committee. and a second count for failing to appear before a deposition. now, navarro was referred by the committee, by congress for prosecution just a couple months ago, along with dan scavino, another trump adviser. this indictment is only against peter navarro because the justice department has been looking at this, and in the case of navarro they decided he
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simply has less protections for his status as an adviser to the former president. as you noted, he was arrested early today by the fbi. under normal circumstances these types of cases, the fbi allows you to show up and turn yourself in. that's not how this went down today. he was arrested by the fbi and he's now in custody here at the courthouse behind me. another anything that's interesting about this is that navarro saw this coming. you could tell in the last few days he decided to show up in court here and filed a lawsuit representing himself. he was saying that he was essentially being unjustly prosecuted by the justice department, called the committee a kangaroo court, and so he was trying to file a lawsuit to try to prevent what happened today from happening. one of the things he was complaining about was the fact the fbi knocked on his door early in the morning to serve
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the subpoena. i'm sure the way things went down today for peter navarro is not exactly how he wanted it to go down. >> evan perez, battling the screeching siren there for the reporting. ryan, let's go to you now on capitol hill. a little quieter there. so this is happening just days before we're expecting these prime time hearings from the january 6th committee revealing what they have learned in their investigation. but remind us what the committee wants to learn from navarro. >> well, the big thing about peter navarro was he was one of the principal architects of this attempt to subvert the will of the voters and prevent the certification of the election results and he was pretty bold in his declarations. in fact, he wrote a book about it and he had hatched this plan called the green bay sweep which involved standing in the way of the certification of the results at the state legislative level and a number of midwest states that were key to joe biden's
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victory. and the committee wanted to ask him about that. they wanted to ask specifically what role the former president played in encouraging this, the role that he played in terms of his position as a taxpayer funded member of the trump administration, and what interactions he had with the trump campaign and the other ancillary republican groups that were supporting this effort to undermine the election results, including the group that was kind of headlined by the former mayor of new york city, rudy giuliani. but it's important to point out the fact that we've gotten to this stage makes it very unlikely that the committee will ever get any of the information specifically from navarro that they're looking for. he was so defiant in his unwillingness to cooperate with their subpoena right from the very beginning and it seems pretty clear that the committee wants to use him as an example here, that their subpoenas carry a great deal of weight. and if you defy those subpoenas, there will be consequences, including consequences that could end you up in jail, which
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is a distinct possibility if the justice department is successful in prosecuting navarro. the problem for the committee, though, is that this is going to take time. steve bannon hasn't even been in a courtroom yet to hear his case. so it will be sometime before this gets a court hearing. likely it may not happen until after the committee wraps up their investigation. so they pretty much have settled on the idea they're not going to get the information from navarro. what we could learn when these hearings start next week is how they've gotten that information from other sources because they've cast a wide net as part of this investigation. >> elliot, tell us how significant this is and will navarro end up in jail? >> it's hard to tell. look, it's very significant because consider that all of the opportunities a witness has to come in and comply and testify. and they lay this out in the indictment. number one, the committee sent a letter to navarro asking for documents and testimony. number two, he didn't supply the documents and they reached out to him again. number three, there were emails
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from the committee to him, there were letters and so on. if you reach this point it is profoundly significant because most witnesses at some point either negotiate the terms of an appearance or they actually end up coming in. when someone thumbs their nose at the authority of congress and congress' ability to issue subpoenas, it can come with very serious consequences. the evidence is pretty clear on this and it's important, as evan noted at the beginning, dan scavino, deputy white house chief of staff is in a different position having at least attempted to comply with the committee and a different relationship with the white house. the evidence here for peter navarro is explicit. he chose not to come in and wrote a book about his misdeeds, so it's hard to see how he has much of a defense here. it's going to take some time. but whether he pleased or is brought to trial, this is far stronger than some of the other -- as a case, a contempt case, than some of the other folks in this orbit. >> ryan, let me come back to
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you. and they are looking for this wealth of information from peter navarro, but he's been on television, on podcasts, on radio shows. i want to play what he said, this was january 5th of this year, one day shy of the insurrection one-year marker. >> the plan was simply this. we had over 100 congressmen and senators on capitol hill ready to implement the sweep. we were going to challenge the results of the election in the six battleground states. these are the places we believe if the votes were sent back to those battleground states and looked at again, that there would be enough concern amongst the legislators that most or all of those states would decertify the election. >> he's been telling his story. how much do they really even need from him if he's spreading it out like this? >> well, i think what's
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important, victor, is the difference between navarro as an agent in all of this and whether or not he had compliance from some of the most important people in the white house, including the former president himself. donald trump has shown over the course of his career, his business career and political career, to find that layer of separation between those committing the crimes and he, himself, even if he may benefit from those crimes. in a situation like this one of the things that you see the committee attempting to try to find a link to is a specific connection between the people that were trying to undermine the election results and trump himself. of course, trump was saying publicly that he believed there was fraud, it needed to be investigation, et cetera, but what the committee wants to demonstrate is there was something a lot more nefarious. perhaps, a, they knew that their claims of fraud were not based in any kind of fact and they continued down this path anyway, or that, b, they were doing everything they could to
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undermine this process for the express purpose of causing chaos, and that ultimately is what led to january 6th. so navarro is a player that was involved in both the administration itself, had a close relationship, a close personal relationship with donald trump himself. so when he spouts off publicly about all the things that he was talking about, the question is, how much did trump and his closest associates know about these plans and how involved were they? >> listen, peter navarro is due in court to just a few minutes. we, of course, will watch that and bring you up to date on what happens there. but for now, wethanking you all. meanwhile, president biden said today he is being constantly briefed on congressional negotiations to pass gun reform and he will do what he can to bring about, quote, real progress. he gave a prime time address to put pressure on republicans to, quote, do something about the gun violence epidemic in
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america. >> the president proposed a ban on assault weapons or raising the age to buy one to 21. his frustration was on display as talks, again, appear to be on a road to nowhere. >> my god, the fact that the majority of the senate republicans don't want any of these proposals even to be debated or come up for a vote, i find unconscionable. we can't fail the american people again. >> unsurprisingly, republicans are pushing back. >> what's wrong with raising the age for semiautomatic weapons? >> it's uncon sstitutional. >> we have guests to talk about this issue, the former member of the texas house of
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representatives, which has written an op-ed in which he accuses republicans of being feckless. let's start there. why the cowardess in texas to do anything? >> it's difficult as an elected official to defy the nra and the party when it comes to these kinds of initiatives. as a member of the texas legislature, i've tried on a number of occasions to introduce and support common sense gun reform, things like what the president talked about last night. raise the age to 21, provide background checks, even licensing. in texas, during the time that i was there, without any restrictions whatsoever, people could access high powered weaponry. when i defied that, went against that, the effect was immediate, not only from my own party, but from the nra and from various gun lobbyists. so immediately i'm attacked, immediately money flows into the
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coffers of people that would oppose me in a primary and i was drummed out of the party for this kind of transgression. so while i recognize that these kinds of initiatives make sense to most people who are watching today, if you're an elected official in a red state and you defy the nra or your local association, it will be very difficult in an election cycle for you. >> reyna, considering what jason said and wrote as context, what do you make of this request, not an order from governor abbott, but this request from the legislation for a special session to meet on school safety, mental health, social media, police training and firearms safety? do you think that's just for show? >> well, this is an extraordinary moment and i've worked in government and politics for nearly two decades. but before all of that i'm an american mom and i can say this, that just like what happens in state legislators, there has been good news in places like
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florida. our federal lawmakers refuse to act and take on certain reforms that don't in fringe on personal liberties in a way in which right wing media is making it out to seem. there is no large conspiracy for democrats to take away your stuff. we need to push back on that rhetoric. there are reasonable republicans like me across the country, coast to coast, who have felt how horrific this gun violence has permeated our daily lives and we no longer will stay silent. we know there's some action that our federal lawmakers can take, but it's time for them to stand up for reasonable, practical reforms that so many republicans around the country support. >> jason, it's really interesting to hear your experience of being in the texas state legislature and then being drummed out, as you say, of the republican party and being deprived money and that full-court press against you for trying to proposal common sense. why are republicans so afraid or
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beholden, let me say, of the nra? >> the nra has a great sway over not only elected officials, but the people that vote in republican party primaries. remember in a state like texas, owning a gun, a rifle or a handgun, is part of our history. it's in our dna. we're very independent people. and make no mistake, i'm a strong supporter of the second amendment. it's the common sense reforms that we hear about from the president last night and from others that always vexed me. i was con founded why we couldn't have simple protective measures. for example, over the age of 21. if you look at what happened across the country nin the last decade, particularly in texas, the people perpetrating these crimes were 18, 19, and having access to weapons. so why not raise the age to 21? there's no restriction against that. what happens is if you support
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that, immediately your characterized as someone who is against the second amendment at all. you hear the rhetoric like he's trying to take away our guns or he's going to limit our ability to access guns. and that's of course not true. but that's the rhetoric that's used and it works, and republican party primary politics, particularly in red states like texas. >> reyna, you brought up the example of florida. after parkland, the republican governor and legislature made progress on gun reform. is this a moment where that is not even possible in oklahoma where we saw the tulsa shooting, of course in texas? >> anything is possible right now because, again, practical folks across the country understand that we can no longer sit by and reflect on how these things are happening. we have the data to show us why these things are happening. how people are getting same-day access to weapons that belong in the hands of military instead of civilians. i get it, conservatives across
11:16 am
the country don't want bans, but they can understand there are things we can do to keep these things out of the hands of people, such as the nra put it, with dangerous behavioral issues. let's get down to the common denominator. they're all able to access weapons of war. we've got to put a stop to that. that's where republicans ought to put in and don't send form letter republicans, don't send those to your federal lawmakers. share with them personal stories, like i have when my daughter was going to kindergarten. i feared because i had heard after sandy hill that children were being denied them by their parents because they were afraid of being spotted during an attack. as a mom my heart hurts for all these cities but i realize that it's no longer time to sit by and hope that lawmakers can do the right thing. we need to put the pressure on them and the good news is slowly but surely, the nra and gop are
11:17 am
no longer have a chokehold on one another, and that's happening in real time. so we need to encourage that to continue. >> we'll see if these talks at the federal and state level, if they go anywhere. thank you. well, today's jobs report surprised some economists, but is it enough to tamp down fears of a recession? >> elon musk is the latest business owner to warn us of trouble ahead for the economy. how the president is responding to his warning next. black wall street. it was a s sight to be seen. until one e day, it was all burned to the ground. but fire is no match for the fire within black dreamers everywhere. and so, new black wall streets rise. ♪ ♪ citi is committed to helping build black businesses through banking. the ergo smart base from tempur-pedic®
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jobs in may, down from april but higher than expected and the unemployment rate held steady at 3.6%. many economists consider that to be full employment, but recession red flags are still flying. >> the federal reserve is in the process of raising interest rates to try to tame inflation and this morning president biden argued the labor market will have a positive impact on inflation. >> there's no denying that high prices, particularly around gasoline and food, are a real problem for people. but there's every reason for the american people to feel confident that we'll meet these challenges. because of the enormous progress we made on the economy, the americans can tackle inflation from a position of strength. >> cnn business correspondent rahel solomon joins us. what stood out to you? >> i think the report has been described as a goldilocks report, not too hot, not too
11:23 am
cold, right in the middle. the 390,000 at the top line number is the lowest we've seen in 12 months. it's a sign of some easing, some cooling in the economy. i think when you look under the hood at some of the details about where we're seeing jobs, it was about 70% of industries told the labor department that they were hiring. you look at industries like leisure and hospitality adding about 84,000 to the economy. professional and job services adding about 75,000 jobs. and transportation 47,000. those are the truckers. we've been dealing with a trucker shortage so to see 47,000 jobs being added is a good sign. when i spoke to the chief economist this morning she said this report should be a good sign. the federal reserve and president biden should be pleased with this. of course we have since heard from president biden and it seemed like he was pleased. >> the lowest monthly job number gain in a year, but in the context of inflation, that might
11:24 am
be some good news. >> so we have a chart that might help explain it. >> i love a chart. >> all right, so the issue right now is that the job market is so hot. there are about two open jobs for every one person looking for a job. so about two to one. when you have that sort of imbalance, workers can demand higher pay, which is not necessarily a bad thing. the issue, however, is that it's not keeping up with inflation. one of the tools the fed has to lower inflation is raising interest rates, which, of course, makes everything more expensive. so that is the intersection between the labor department and inflation. >> right now we're seeing wages, actually real wages not keep up with inflation. so what we really want is not wages to moderate. we want inflation to moderate so that the growth we're seeing actually helps people.
11:25 am
right now that wage growth has been overcome by inflation. >> guys, just to sort of drive that point home even further, wage growth, according to this jobs report was about 5.2% yearly, which you think is a good thing. when you compare that to inflation, which last reading was 8.1%, pretty much anything people are seeing additionally is being eaten by inflation. that's why the fed is saying more than anything, fighting inflation is their top priority. >> rahel solomon, thank you. chief economist of moody's analytics, mark zandi is with us. your headline from today's jobs report? >> it was good. the job market is strong, a lot of jobs are being created. but job growth is moderating and i think the previous conversation held that's a good thing because we need the company, the job creation to slow to stabilize unemployment, to ensure that inflation does not become a bigger problem. so i thought it was a good
11:26 am
report all around. >> why aren't wages keeping up with inflation if it's such a hot market for employees right now? >> well, i think the surge in inflation is due to a number of shocks to the economy. so the pandemic and the effect on global supply chains, you can see that in vehicle prices and lots of other products, and the russian invasion of ukraine, which has caused oil prices to go skyward. we're paying record prices at the gasoline pump. diesel prices are up and that's driving up food costs. you see a surge in inflation due to the shocks in the economy. workers are getting some compensation for that, but not all of it. the thinking is, and i think it's right, as these shocks abate, as the pandemic winds down, as the worst of the fallout from the russian invasion fades behind us, the inflation numbers will fall below the rate of wage growth. so we were talking about real wage growth, the difference between actual wages and inflation, that's neg.
11:27 am
that should turn positive as we move to this time next year. >> mark, you can't really identify a trend out of one report, but are there any indications here that there is maybe some sustainable economic cooling that the administration and economists are looking for in this report? >> if you look at job growth over the past several months, it's averaging about 400,000, which is really strong, really good. that's down from the average monthly job growth in the preceding year, which is about 550,000 a month, so that is a definitive slowing in job growth. and there's other signs. just listening to ceos and other business people, they're starting to think, hey, we need to pull back here a little bit and not hire quite as aggressively. so you get the sense that we are going to see a somewhat slower job creation going forward. and, again, that's what we need, because if we continue to create jobs at this pace, unemployment
11:28 am
will continue and we'll go past unemployment and we'll overheat. inflationary problems will become more of a problem. so we do need to see job growth slow and there are signs of that starting to happen. >> mark zandi, thank you. >> thank you. to ukraine, it's been 100 days of death and destruction there, as ukrainians desperately try to hold onto their country. ahead, where the fighting stands today and what lies ahead.
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today marks 100 days since russia began its war in ukraine. president zelenskyy told lawmakers that 20% of ukrainian territory is under russian control right now and he says the donbas region is almost entirely destroyed. >> cnn's senior international correspondent ben wedeman is live in kyiv. this new intel assessment warns that russia is likely to control all of the luhansk region in two weeks. are ukrainian forces making advancements other places? >> reporter: yes, if you see around the area of kharkiv they have been able to push russian forces back, and also in kherson in the southern part of the country they have made advances
11:34 am
as well. what we're seeing the clearly the russians have prioritized the donbas region, and are using their advantage in terms of numerical advantage with artillery to really pound those areas to smithereens. i was in that area back in april, and back then they were pounding that city. and it's just intensified since then. however, this british intelligence assessment -- let's keep in mind that western intelligence agencies were wrong when it came to their assessment of ukraine's ability to fight the russians. they expected that the russians might take this city, kyiv, which is nice and peaceful at the moment, within days, and the entire country within weeks. but what we've seen is that the ukrainian forces have been able to inflict severe damage on
11:35 am
russian forces and it would be premature to predict that they could use luhansk area as british intelligence is saying. >> thank you very much. it does look peaceful there, which of course is misleading. gas prices are soaring across the country, with one part of the country seeing prices above $8 a gallon. we'll ask an expert if it's bound to get worse.. his investment accccountiso in real time and that's... how you collect coins. your money never stops working for yoyou with merrill, a bank of america company.
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well, gas prices continue to soar across the country. several states are seeing averages higher than $5 a gallon. >> according to aaa, the national average is $4.76. that's up more than 50 cents in one month. joining us is the head of petroleum analysis at gas buddy. patrick, welcome back. we need a buddy, with gas as high as it is now. what is the projection? i saw you tweeting about how soon it could reach $5 a gallon. >> yeah, that's right, victor. i think it's just a couple of weeks away at this point. we had a little bit of calm before the storm the week ahead of memorial day, things slowed down greatly. but they have gotten right back to it. prices have accelerated this
11:40 am
week. average gas prices across the country up 18 cents a gallon from last week alone, so we're back to fast and furious. the average nationally, $4.79 a gallon so only 21 cents from the $5 mark. >> given these prices, would you have expected to see drivers change their behavior and scale back on driving, or is that unrealistic? >> well, alison, i think we're in a very charged environment right now with the economy. the jobs market is very hot, we've got another great reading on that. unemployment numbers are improving, wages are up. we're at a point where americans don't really have to worry about losing a job. and if they do, they can go out and get another one tomorrow. so where that comes into play with gas prices is it gives incredible confidence to motorists to hit the road, that they can be able to weather the high prices. not only that, but of course last summer and the summer of 2020 we were affected by covid with a lot of shutdowns. this summer many things,
11:41 am
basically everything has reopened so americans don't want to lose time again this summer and gas prices are not entering too much into the equation. americans are going to go. >> i think most people understand why the gas prices fluctuate from state to state, but within a city you'll see a disparity of prices. why is that? at some stations you'll see around $8 and $7 at another. >> there can be a lot of reasons. when it comes to high prices, sometimes i think the high prices are just for pr. some station owners have said, hey, we're in a rural area and we have a captive audience, we're going to just charge more. some say it's hard to do business. but a lot of that, too, could be the volatility in the price of fuel. yesterday the wholesale price went up another 15 cents a gallon. stations on average buy their fuel every two to four days. so that can create an incredible difference between the stations
11:42 am
and what stations are paying themselves and that can be reflected at the pump as well. >> patrick, in the past we've talked about some things that drivers could do to save money. i know you've suggested they could slow down. if drivers started going at 55 instead of 65, how much would they save? >> alison, it depends on the vehicle, make and model, but there's a lot to be said. it's really hard to do. i tried to do it myself, especially when everyone is zooming by you on their way to the lake for the weekend. but it can save you 20%, maybe more than that depending on your vehicle. i tried to do it myself, like i said, it's not easy to do. but my fuel efficiency went from 27 to 37 miles a gallon. that's the effective savings of 70 cents a gallon with gas prices being so high. >> that's really interesting. >> i was just about to tease you, but i guess it makes sense. >> it can really add up. >> it does feel like you're crawling, though, on the
11:43 am
highway. >> last one, patrick. we've had robert roush, former labor secretary, and members of congress say that some of the gas price surging is actually oil company gouging. fact check that for us. >> well, it's like the housing market. your home that you've owned for years is suddenly worth 35%, 50% more than a year ago. nothing is different. it's all about the market conditions. are you a gouger if you're selling your house at the market price? you're just doing what it is. we live in a capitalist society. oil companies are profiting, absolutely. but they don't get to set the price. a lot of that is determined by supply and demand and americans are still filling up at high prices, so i wouldn't say it's gouging, but oil companies do better when prices are higher. that will incentivize an additional amount of production in the months ahead. >> always good to have you, sir,
11:44 am
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now, new evidence and a prime suspect has emerged. >> cnn's randi kaye has followed this case for years, and she's traveled to germany to speak to the prosecutor who made the break in the case. what makes you so certain that madeline mccann is dead? >> we have no forensic evidence but we have other evidence, but i'm not to speak of this in detail at the moment. >> you wouldn't come out and said she was dead if you thought there was a chance she wasn't, correct? >> yes. >> so to be clear, the formal suspect in madeline mccann's case is a convicted rapist and a known pedophile. >> yes. >> shockingly authorities received their first tip on brockner back in 2013, but as a witness in the mccann case, not a suspect. he allegedly lied and told authorities he wasn't in portugal at the time of the disappearance. >> this may have been the biggest mistake in this case.
11:50 am
inviting him for this kind of interview, they explained to him that this was about the maddy mccann case and if he's guilty, this gave him all the time in the world to destroy evidence. >> when you have this man who was living about a mile away from the ocean club, he has a clear criminal record, why did it take so long? >> well, that's one of the big questions in this case. christian b. was hiding in plain sight. he lived next to the place and he was a known child molester, it should have been possible to identify him earlier. >> two years after german authorities went public, obs -- he still has not been formally charged and he denies any involvement in the mccann case. and randi kaye joins us now. explain this, so if investigators had him as a suspect, why hasn't he been charged yet? what are they waiting for? >> they are still waiting, alisyn, for this very key piece
11:51 am
of evidence. what they can tell me now, we went to germany, we spoke with the prosecutor. he told me they have evidence, cell phone evidence that puts christian bruckner's cell phone in the area of the ocean club the night madeline mccann disappeared. in that area. now they want to know if christian bruckner was there with his cell phone. of course it would make sense he was the one in possession of the cell phone. they need to talk to the person who called that cell phone. they are looking for that key witness at that time, and that person would be the only one who could say i called christian bruckner's cell phone, he's the one who answered it and place him in the area. they have not found that witness yet. that witness has not come forward yet, and that is what they need to make this charge. in germany, there's no statute of limitations for a homicide, they have a lot of time, all the time in the world to charge christian bruckner but of course they want to get this done as quickly as they can. >> 15 years later, how are her
11:52 am
parents doing? >> well, victor, we actually went to the mccann's hometown in lester shire in the united kingdom, and they had held a vigil in the village square on the 15th anniversary. you may recall, they were suspects originally. they were cleared in 2008, but they have really gone silent over the years. they direct people to the f and they still hope that people will come forward. they haven't given up hope that madeline may still be found, despite what the prosecutor is saying about her being dead. >> god, it's just so devastating and the lack of knowing what happened. randi kaye, thank you very much for that reporting. and everybody should tune in. tonight, missing, madeline mccann, airs tonight, 10:00 p.m.
11:53 am
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elizabeth's platinum jubilee continue today. the queen herself did not attend the service after experiencing discomfort at yesterday's events. prince harry and meghan, the duchess of sussex did, and their attendance was met with mixed reactions. hard to really know what that din is, but it sounded like there was cheering and some boos. it was their first public appearance in the country in more than two years. >> cnn anchor and royal correspondent max foster is in london. max, we've just learned that the queen will not attend an event tomorrow. what do you know about that? >> not seeing her at all tomorrow. she was due to go to the races up at epson, she's an avid race goer, and this was really something that she desperately wanted to do.
11:59 am
i know that from people i have spoken to in direct contact in the racing world. she's not going to go to that. she's going to watch that on tv instead, and i think she's going to come to the concert here at buckingham palace either because she has to get back up to london f from windsor, and sit through the concert. she's got to be realistic about what she can achieve. i don't think there are huge concerns about her state of health. i think they're being careful about a 96-year-old who probably over exerted herself on the first day of the jubilee celebrations yesterday. i also know that she's watching tv from windsor for the service today. it was thanksgiving service to her, and it was a tribute, really, to her public service. lots of public servants there at the service, but also key roles as well. the head of that was obviously the arrival of the duke and duchess of sussex. we haven't seen them together since they resigned their royal roles. we saw them walking down the long aisle to their seats.
12:00 pm
we didn't see them in charge with any senior royals, but it was interesting to see them back in the royal fold. they do respect the queen. they wanted to be there for her. wait to see whether or not they have managed to heal the brits with prince william, and prince charles, which is where the tension is. also interesting to see boris johnson arriving. lots of boos, a few cheers as he arrived. i think that speaks to what is unique about the queen, she's not a divisive figure. and that's something different than the politicians who do divide opinion, and i think that speaks to the current environment, lots of divisiveness in society, and why there's interest in the queen who isn't a divisive figure. whether or not you're into royalty, i think she'll be pretty pleased with the way the first two days have unfolded even though she can't be there personally. >> hopefully she's resting comfortably. max foster for us in


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