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tv   New Day Weekend With Christi Paul and Boris Sanchez  CNN  June 4, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning, and welcome to your "new day." i'm boris sanchez. >> good morning, boris, i'm chris ta paul. this morning, two former trump officials will not face charges for stone walling the january 6th committee. the reaction from committee members and why the doj declined charges just days before some high profile hearings are set to begin. plus, new details on the deadly mass shooting in uvalde, texas, that left 19 children dead. also, we're watching a
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tropical storm system closing in on florida. it's bringing heavy rain. there's already some flooding, as you can see, from these pictures we're getting in. there are 10 million people under tropical storm warnings right now. the timing and potential impact coming up. plus the show goes on despite the queen's absence. the platinum jubilee celebrations that are under way today. ♪ we are so grateful you're starting your weekend with us. it's saturday, january 4th. good morning, christi. >> good morning, boris. let's talk about the two former trump administration officials. they will not face charges for contempt of congress in the january 6th investigation. now the department of justice says it won't indictment former white house chief of staff mark meadows and former jeopardy chief of staff dan scavino.
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it could hinder the committee's efforts to enforce subpoenas. another trump ally is facing charges. a grand jury indictmenting former adviser peter navarro for contempt of congress over his effort to stone wall the january 6th investigation. the select committee begins its first public hearings this thursday. the panel expected to reveal evidence and witness testimony that we have not yet seen or heard before. for more on the january 6th investigation, let's bring in cnn national security reporter, zach cohen. zach, fill us in on the justice department, their decision to indictment navarro, as opposed to mark meadows or dan scavino. >> yeah, good morning, boris and christi. the january 6th committee making clear it flat out disagrees with the justice department's decision not to pursue criminal charges against scavino and meadows. two people they cast as key witnesses in their investigation
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so far and they believe they should have to comply with a congressional subpoena even though their former senior white house officials and do enjoy some protections given their status of their former jobs. now, again the committee was reiterating this last night in a statement where it said, quote, as a select committee has argued in district court, mark meadow's claim he's entitled to absolute immunity is not justified or correct based on the department of justice office of legal council of memoranda. and it concludes, no one is above the law. now, these two cases scavino and meadows are complicated than some of the other criminal referrals we have seen the committee send to doj for witnesses that have resisted complying with their subpoenas and that's because both meadows and scavino did cooperate to some extent or at least engage in negotiations about cooperating, which really makes their case a little bit different in addition to their status as former white house
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officials. now, it remains to be seen what exactly the impact of this is on the committee investigation, as you said. we're really approaching the public hearing phase of the committee investigation and it's hard to see if this will have a tangible impact. >> so i want to ask about what is upcoming this week, the committee holding its first public hearing. we do know, as boris had mentioned, that there are some revelations that could be coming in the form of documents and witness testimony. what do we know to expect here? >> well, frankly not a whole lot. the committee has been keeping really close hold on details about the upcoming hearings and really just announced formally the first hearing that's going to take place in primetime this coming thursday. now, what we do know and as you mentioned the committee promised to reveal new material that hasn't been seen before. it's going to feature witness testimony. and it's going to really -- the first hearing will be about laying out a path forward and summarizing what the next hearings we'll see. we'll see what details come out
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closer to the hearing but little is known. >> zach cohen, we appreciate the update. thank you. let's speak with a legal expert now, defense attorney and former federal prosecutor wu is here with us this morning. always great to have you. appreciate you sharing part of your weekend with us. i want to ask you about peter navarro's claims that his arrest was unconstitutional. he said he wasn't allowed to make a call from jail, his attorneys weren't contacted. was there any detail in his arrest that would lead you to believe that something improper took place? >> no, absolutely not. i thought he was saying he was defending himself. so i'm not sure who they would have contacted in terms of his attorneys. it's a little unusual that white collar case they wouldn't have allowed him to self surrender. that could indicate, it was hard to reach him and he might flee, given he was representing himself. and two, may have been trying to send a message. i don't think it's a coincidence of the timing that they
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announced a declamation of scavino and meadow's cases and also sending a hard message of arresting navarro. may have been to make that point they're not fooling around. when they indictment, they're going to treat people quite seriously. >> navarro says he can't cooperate with the probe because the former president exerted executive privilege. the committee points out he already wrote about a lot of the topics they want to ask him about in a book that was recently published. give us your assessment of the strength of his privilege claim here. >> i think he has a no-privilege claim whatsoever. one, he's written the book. and two, he's taking this hard line position that that privilege is still trump's to assert at this point. and it's really not. it's a privilege that attaches not to a person but to the office. so, i think on the legal analysis side of that, he really -- it's a slam dunk against him. >> and how about the department
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of justice telling the january 6th committee last night that it would not indictment mark meadows or dan scavino after congress referred them for contempt charges. what do you make of that announcement? >> yeah. that's an interesting announcement. it certainly shows a.g. garland and the department's very cautious approach towards these kinds of charges. and that can be a good or bad thing. there are distinctions, as zach was reporting, meadows and scavino were higher up. they have cooperated at least in part, meadows turned over documents. it's clear reading the tea leaves that that's what doj is parsing very carefully versus someone who blatantly defying the subpoena the way navarro did. but, overall, i think the committee has a very strong point that you need to either make everyone obey the law and comply or not. i will say to me it does not bode well that the department is
5:08 am
parsing it this finely, even at the very low-level charge of these misdemeanor contempts if they're going to look for these sorts of distinctions and be concerned about them, i think they would find it a very hard decision to make to actually charge higher up members of trump's inner circle. >> important indicator there. now, speaking specifically of meadows, cnn published a trove of text messages that the former chief of staff exchanged with fellow republicans during the insurrection. they were urging him to get president trump, the former president, to stop the violence at the capitol. they believed he had the power, the agency, to stop it. how do you think these messages might factor in to their hearings and to their inquiry? >> well, i think those will be very powerful pieces of evidence for the inquiry. i think it's a great challenge for the committee how and such compressed amount of time do they present the story to the american public. i think they'll have to make
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some choices. how much do they focus on visuals, the actual violence and how much can they come across as to the intent and thinking of these inner circle people with trump and text messages like that will shed a lot of light on that thinking. >> we know the committee is still reaching out to witnesses, including at least two people directly tied to the former vice president, mike pence. what does that tell you about what the committee is trying to present through witness testimony? >> well, i think unlike a trial, we have to remember this is a hearing, not a trial, they need to really lay out a presentation of the evidence. like a trial, it still has to be really compelling. they have an enormous amount of evidence to figure out how to marsha that. we understand they will use live witnesses which is very important thing to do. what you don't want to have happen is have this mountain of
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paper evidence turn the presentation into a bunch of power point pictures and doumts. it has to be told from a human standpoint. the people perhaps who witnessed the violence, victims of it, the officers and the people who actually were in touch with trump's inner circle and were privy to the president's thoughts that were underlying his actions that day. >> yeah. making it as compelling as possible for as larged ean audience biggest challenge. shan wu, appreciate the free legal advice. >> good to see you, boris. >> that is true, isn't it. we appreciate that from shan. listen, still to come this morning, no clear steps forward in the wake of the massacre in uvalde. parents in the community still don't have answers on the mistakes made during the response to robb elementary school. but a texas state lawmaker pushing for accountability now is with us next. you'll hear from him. also, take a look at what's happening in florida this morning. cars are flooded in the streets.
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there is growing frustration this morning among parents and families in uvalde, texas, after that shooting at robb elementary school. a meeting of the uvalde school board ended last night with no clear answers on next steps for the school. the superintendent, though, did announce that students would not be returning to that campus. but parents in the room were still left with a lot of unanswered questions. >> i have a fourth grader that was in the room next door that's terrified. my niece died. i have a 6-year-old that just told me i don't want to go to school. why? to be shot. i have one going into junior high. i have a third grader. we want answers to where the security is going to take place. this was all a joke.
5:17 am
>> we're now also hearing more chilling details about failures among police on that terrible day. cnn's omar jimenez has more. >> reporter: it was supposed to be an end of the year class party before it became a night mare. >> she saw everything from the time he recked to the time she was taken out of there. >> reporter: special education aide imelia was meeting a coworker with food for the party chen she saw a car crash. so her lawyer said she propped the door open, went back inside to get her phone and called 911. but to report the accident. then, she returned to the door. >> and she looks and sees him. and he has a weapon that she can't identify but a big weapon slung over him. he hops over the fence and starts running towards her. >> reporter: so she kicks the door shut. >> she expect it to lock? >> absolutely she thought it was going to be locked. >> she scrambled into a nearby classroom as she begins to hear gunshots. >> he's inside now.
5:18 am
she hides. the 911 call drops. they don't call her back. she doesn't attempt to call back because she doesn't want to make any noise. there's some sort of counter she gets under, but it's exposed. she said that she thought that at that point she was going to die and she made her peace with that. >> reporter: so, she hears every single gunshot. >> every single gunshot. >> reporter: but she was one of the lucky ones who survived. days later, though, she hears law enforcement say she had left the door the shooter used open. and she's second guessing herself? >> right. even made her second guess her own memories. and she had already spoken to the fbi and the rangers and told them what happened. >> reporter: the rangers eventually publicly corrected the record. ♪ as the community grieves, a flurry of unanswered questions linger, including more about texas school's police chief pete arradondo, acting as incident commander during the shooting. >> i have been told this person
5:19 am
did not have -- this person being the incident commander did not have radio communication. and i don't know as to why. >> reporter: a question if the 911 calls were properly relaid to first responders on the scene. one of those 911 calls came from a 10-year-old student who was inside the classroom and according to transcripts reviewed by "the new york times" the student said, there's a lot of bodies. and i don't want to die. my teacher is dead. my teacher is dead. please send help. send help for my teacher. she is shot but still alive. the call lasted about 17 minutes. gunfire was heard in the background at times. and the call was made more than 30 minutes after the shooting began. the times reports. teaching aide has now filed legal documents to get a deposition from daniel defense the manufacturer of the gun used in the shooting. with her attorneys saying because the shooter got the weapons on his 18th birthday, he
5:20 am
was likely planning the purchases beforehand. >> so his motivations to get that gun was when he was a minor. are there, you know, gun companies that are marketing to minors? is that what they're doing? how many mass shootings do we have to have by 18-year-old men? it's cookie cutter. so what are they doing to change? >> thanks to omar jimenez for that report. let's bring in roland gutierrez. appreciate you joining us. great to be with you. first i wanted to ask how you're feeling and what you've heard from the families that were impacted by this about how they're holding up. >> well, boris, i went to another funeral yesterday, another viewing, and saw another little fourth grader in a coffin, a little angel. and it's just not normal. it's not normal for any of us to see it. it's not normal for those poor,
5:21 am
grieving parents. it's been tremendously hard and their suffering is a million times more profound. >> sir, you told me last week when we spoke that you were assured you would have a detailed report on what happened as far as the police response by now. apparently the district attorney intervened and you didn't get that report. do you have any further clarity on why? >> well, boris, i'm told there might be some presentation to a grand jury, that that's normal protocol when there's officer-involved shootings. at the end of the day, i'm asking for logistical positioning of the officers that are account to believe the state legislature. that's the state troopers. quite frankly i should get to know where all of those officers were situated. i was told at any point in time there were between two troopers and as many of 13 of the 19 officers in that hallway. a lot of finger pointing in this
5:22 am
whole situation. and i think that everybody ered. all of those law enforcement officers ered in their judgment n their ability to follow protocols. i want to know that the ones that work for the state of texas, i want to know which one of them were in that building. >> senator, do you know what is being presented to a grand jury? is that the standard operating procedure? >> well, i mean, it's -- you know, the guy is dead. who are we going to indictment? are we going to indictment a bunch of cops who made mistakes? i doubt that's going to happen. and so, what are we doing here other than just this continued attempt at a cofferup. i don't know if that's what it is. it seems kind of extreme to say that, but it's a point -- at one point or another you have to pull the band aid off of this. the state spent $4 billion over the last year increasing border security, all of these officers are in the area. and yet when it came down to
5:23 am
doing functionality of their work, they didn't follow protocols. the other guys didn't follow protocols. the other law enforcement units didn't follow protocols. it wasn't until the federal government guys said the hell with this, we're going in. >> it sounds like -- >> complete breakdown. >> and it sounds like you are hesitant to call this a coverup, but i'm wondering why it is that you think the school district police chief hasn't come forward and cleared the record and explained these are why these decisions were made in light of so much scrutiny and in light of so much pain. >> i think they all need to. i think that we've heard from dps several different stories. a lot of finger pointing, some clarity at times. but they all need to come to a committee, not a special committee to talk about how many doors or yesterday i found
5:24 am
another state legislature on the other side of the aisle talk about shields that every cop should have a shield in texas. there was enough shields in that room to breach that room. enough shields in the hallway to go breach that room. they should have done their jobs. everybody has to account for this. one little girl died with a single bullet wound through her kidney. she might have lived. everybody has to account for this. you and i didn't sign up to be police officers. that's what we -- we didn't grow up and say i want to be a cop. the guys that grew up and said i want to be a cop, took an oath to do all the things they're supposed to do including this. and didn't happen. >> senator, you say you've been told that a uvalde police officer was receiving 9 11 dispatch calls but the school district police chief, the incident commander didn't have a radio on him. do you know in the communications that other officers were getting were being
5:25 am
shared with the rest of law enforcement agencies that were there on the scene? >> so boris, it's sad that i have to go play private investigator to get answers, right? >> yeah. >> i spoke to the commission on state emergency communications and the protocol in this community for this incident what i was told was to the extent they know is that upd gets the dispatch calls. that's the only person. the 911 calls come into upd and they can dispatch up to 17 first responders, including on the list are isd, sheriff, police, dps, cbp, a myriad of folks. who they dispatched to, we don't know. i understand that they dispatched to some folks on pd. i don't know who. and they couldn't have dispatched to arradondo because he didn't have comps. as to why he didn't have comms, i don't know either. he didn't have his radio, obviously why he didn't have
5:26 am
comms. so here we are in this space looking for answers. i keep trying to find answers anywhere i can. just more questions get a rise out of this whole thing. >> it does say something that you've been the most forthcoming official to give us these answers about law enforcement's conduct when they could very easily just come forward and explain their decision making. before we go, i did want to ask you one more question about what comes next because when we spoke, you mentioned that there were some republicans who were open to considering at the state level some change to gun safety legislation, perhaps raising the age to buy an ar-15-style weapon. have you heard any more from your colleagues at the state capitol? >> no, unfortunately not, boris. but let's be clear, this is an absence of leadership from the very top. the governor should demand a
5:27 am
full accounting, a full accounting to this body. especially when he calls these nonsensical special committee meetings. we have been there done that with this governor after every massacre, round tables, you know, groups with recommendations and nothing is followed. special committee is meaningless unless we have what is called a special session where we can ask questions and take action. in other words, create laws. his inability to be able to ask for an accountability from his own officers, from the police task force that he put down and stands by and spent $4 billion in one year on is pathetic. it's ineffective leadership. and it's an absence of leadership. greg abbott likes to talk about the evil among us. the only evil here is when you have a glaring problem staring you right in the face and you do absolutely nothing to fix it and
5:28 am
you call a special committee and it's just a snow job to the voters and the people of texas. >> notably if you'll recall the governor said he was livid that someone misled him about what happened in uvalde. but as of yet we have not heard that anyone was fired or held accountable for apparently misleading the governor. state senator roland gutierrez, we have to leave the conversation there. we hope you'll come back in the future and continue this conversation. >> thank you, boris. thank you for your reporting. >> of course. stay with cnn. "new day" continues after a quick break. neututrogena® beach defense® the suncare brand used most by dermatologists and their families, neutrogena® for r people with skin. dad, when is the future? um, oh wow. um, the future is, uh, what's ahead of us. i don't get it. yeah. maybe this will help.
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♪ so good to have you with us here. boy, there are 10 million people under this tropical storm warning in the southern half of florida, in cuba, and the bahamas. and we have been listening to the experts who say this is what you can expect, strong winds, heavy rain, flooding. this could become the first named storm of this year's atlantic hurricane season. >> here is a live look at miami, skyline, where the national weather service says more than 6 inches of rain have already fallen. you see it's choppy out there, very gray. you can hardly make out the skyline in the distance. you can see the result, heavy rain inundated streets causing cars to stall out.
5:34 am
drivers forced to crawl out of their vehicles. and try to lug them down the street. let's take you live to that area and cnn's carlos suarez also standing by in ft. lauderdale and tyler malden at the weather center. carlos, we want to start with you. familiar flood warnings have already been issued for parts of florida. you are just north of the video we showed in miami, but it still looks like flooding there. what are you seeing? >> reporter: yeah. it is a mess out here on ft. lauderdale beach. parts of south florida have seen over 8 inches of rain in the past 24 hours. and that has led to some serious flooding. we're on a portion of a-1a where all of this water is just having a difficult time getting out and as a result drivers, well, they're doing the one thing law enforcement does not want them to do, to go through these streets because of all the flooding. the situation is whole a lot worse down in miami where the city's three water pumps have
5:35 am
been going for the better part of a day now. they are having a difficult time keeping up with all of that water. you can see some of the flooding that has led to a number of cars being stalled in downtown miami as well as the brickle financial district. we're told that the city of miami fire rescue has a number of firefighters and at least six trucks going around town, trying to get anyone who might be stranded in their cars, trying to get them out safely. authorities spent the better part of the week warning folks this was really going to be a rain event. and that story has held all across the southern part of florida over in ft. myself and naples. folks there have been seeing rain anywhere between 5 to 7 inches. the good news going into the latter part of the day is we are expecting that most of this bad weather will make its way off the coast of florida come mid afternoon. however, the rain totals, they're expected to go up. right now again, we are seeing
5:36 am
some places across south florida reporting more than 9 inches of rain. guys? >> a rough way to end the night for the folks in that video you were just sharing with us. carlos, we hope you and the crew stay safe out there. tyler malden, to you in the weather center. where is the storm mheaded righ now? >> the 8:00 a.m. advisory is in. update number one, to answer your question, boris, it's sitting 15 miles offshore ft. myers and moving to the northeast. it's now moving at 18 miles per hour. and then the third update here is that areas north of bonita beach are no longer in the tropical storm warning. that may be hard to see right here. but if you live north of bonita beach, you're now out of the tropical storm warning. it's a ragged mess on satellite imagery and ragged tropical system, a discombobulated tropical system spells a lot of
5:37 am
rainfall and a lot of flooding typically. that's what we have been seeing. so these squall lines have been pushing through giving us tropical downpours that led to the ponding on the roadways across portions of south florida. we have the rain continuing to stream up from south to north across the keys, across the southern tip of the peninsula. the trooi-county area seeing really heavy rainfall. southwest florida continues to see really heavy rainfall. these areas have been seeing rainfall since yesterday. for that reason, we have seen in areas such as miami more than 6 inches of rain, but in other areas, we have seen as high as about 10 inches. the rain is not just going to end in the next couple of hours. it's going to take several hours for the rain to finally taper off once that system has the state of florida in its rear-view mirror. for that reason, the southern half of the peninsula will continue to be in a flood watch. the area in red here, broward county and also northern miami dade county, you're under a flash flood warning because we do expect more in the way of
5:38 am
rainfall. as you can see, about 5 inches in some areas of additional rainfall. and in addition to the flooding, guys, we also have to watch out for the possibility of isolated tornados from the treasure coast all the way down to the monroe county. >> the first of what could be an active atlantic hurricane season. thank you both so much. still ahead, the queen's platinum jubilee celebration continues across the united kingdom, but notably missing from the royal party of the year, the queen herself. a look at what's still on the schedule today for the rest of the royal family. just a few minutes away. no hidg under your pillow. or optpting for the couch. your best sleep. all night. every night. for a limited time, save up to $500 on select tempur-pedic® adjustable mattress s sets. we got the house! you did! pods handles the drivingng. pack at your pace. store your things until you're ready.
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well, today marks day three of a four-day celebration in honor of queen elizabeth's platinum jubilee, celebrating her 70 years on the throne. little bit later today the derby and the platinum party at the palace. buckingham palace says the queen experienced some discomfort during thursday's trooping the color parade, so she is sitting some of these events out, but the show must go on, as you know. yesterday the royal family attended a service of thanksgiving at st. paul's cathedral, which did include prince harry and his wife meghan the duchess of sussex. emily nash with us now. emily, talk to us -- first of all, i want to get back to the queen because this is all about
5:44 am
her, of course. i wonder what the feeling was when she first walked out on the balcony without prince philip, for i think some of us that was a little jolting. >> well, good morning, christi. you're absolutely right. it is a very strange sight to see her at such a major occasion without the duke by her side, but it was really interesting that she asked her cousin the duke of kent to stand in. this is someone who has been part of her life, 86 years. they have a huge shared history together. and so it will have brought her a great deal of comfort to have him alongside her. >> i know tonight is this tribute that there are so many stars that are going to be there. be interesting to see what prince charles and prince william have to say about the queen that may be one of the more poignant moments tonight, yes? >> i'm anticipating this to be a really moving moment. we know prince charles has previously referred to the queen on stage at an event for her
5:45 am
diamond jubilee as mummee. people love to see that more personal side of their relationship. and you know, we have to remember that not only is she head of state and the most famous woman in the world, but she is a mother and a grandmother and someone who has a very warm and loving relationship with her family. i think that there may be a few tears later on. >> did we see that loving relationship with harry and meghan when they came back? >> well, we have not seen the queen interacting with harry and meghan at all in public. in fact, their appearance yesterday at the thanksgiving service was somewhat metered. they have been keeping a very low profile. they appeared alongside of the members of the royal family for the first time since march, 2020, in public. but they weren't there in the front row with the other senior working members of the family. this really marks out their new position as members of the family, as the palace
5:46 am
continually tells us. they remain much loved members of the family but not there in an official capacity. i think that is absolutely right for this occasion. they're not sort of dominating the headlines, although there's a huge amount of interest in them over here, that this is very much focus on the queen and their presence here is for her. i'm sure making her very happy. >> a lot of people are wondering if she has met lilibet yet, their daughter. and if so, are we going to see pictures of that moment? >> this is the big question. it's obviously lilibet's first birthday today. i can't imagine any great grandmother not wanting to see their great granddaughter on such a special occasion, coinciding with her platinum jubilee celebrations makes it extra special. we know that they're at the cottage just a few moments down the road from windsor castle. no one confirmed absolutely yet that this meeting has taken place, but i'm sure we would all
5:47 am
love to see the photographic evidence. >> yeah, no doubt about it. emily nash, thank you for the update. we appreciate it so much. >> pleasure. >> of course. we'll be right back. ♪ from prom dresses to workouts and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but evenf your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missinvaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need
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are you a christian author with a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! ♪ the republican nominee in the race of pennsylvania, oz after david mccormick conceded last night. he is now set to face john fetterman recovering from a stroke last month. >> both of them looking to take over for retiring republican senator pat toomey.
5:52 am
this, of course, is going to be one of the most significant midterm races that could decide the balance of the senate, whether democrats stay in control or whether republicans take over. she is on a historic mission aboard the international space mission. jessica watkins has more up her sleeve, nasa astronaut. >> she and other women at nasa are on a mission to bring more women into the aerospace industry. cnn rachel crane has that story. >> reporter: 250 miles above the earth, history is being made. jessica watkins is the first black woman to do a long duration mission on board the international space station. >> i certainly would like to spend as much time in space as i can. >> reporter: despite her history making mission, watkins and nasa know diversity in space continues to be a problem. according to nasa's 622 people have been to space. yet only 75 of them have been women. that's just 12%. speaking to cnn while orbiting
5:53 am
in micro gravity, watkins says she's doing all she can to work toward a pipeline of young talent that is more diverse. >> investing in school programs and education. >> reporter: does the space industry have a gender inequality problem? >> i think absolutely the entire aerospace industry, i'll add, has a gender inequality issue. >> reporter: nasa deputy administrate pam is taking action from the ground. as a former astronaut who made three trips to space and one of only two women to command a space shuttle, she knows it's a tough problem to solve. >> we're just ignoring untapped potential. we have to take the proactive steps to make that number more similar to what the average population is. >> liftoff of sts 7 and america's first woman astronaut. >> reporter: sally ride was the first american to open the doors for women like melroy with her historic mission to space in
5:54 am
1983. that opened a flood gate for a series of first. first black woman in space, first all-female space walk. >> there were a lot of people who told me that women couldn't be pilots, couldn't be astronauts. but it is very tough when you are the first or the only. but i had a reason to keep going. >> reporter: still, nearly four decades after rides' first flight, women make up just above 36% of nasa's active astronaut class. >> we really have to go deeper in the academic challenge. >> reporter: bridget chapman is an executive who also chairs women in aerospace and she says the key is to start young. >> middle schoolers, those little girls who are excited about science and math before someone whispers in their ear that they should look at a different profession. >> hey, everybody. >> reporter: nasa has more plans for watkins. she has been selected by the agency to be a part of her astronaut class for artmus, planning to send the first woman
5:55 am
and first person of color to the moon, but she hasn't been chose on the make the journey yet. no matter who is selected, melroy is convinced the impacts of a sending a woman to the moon will be ast nom mall. >> you can believe it if you see it. this will have impact far beyond the lucky individual i'm jealous of. >> thanks, rachel, for filing that report. and thank you so much for joining us this morning. don't go anywhere, we're back in just about an hour. >> weconish is up with you next. we'll see you at 10:00 a.m. eastern for "news room." we hope you make good memories today. ♪ it takes a vilillage to support society and businesses have a responsibility to support that village. ♪ ♪ i am peter akwaboah,
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we're behind every customer smile. war of attrition? i'm michael smerconish in philadelphia. is vladimir putin correct to believe the west will lose its resolve with regard to the war in ukraine? this week "the washington post" reported that a well-connected russian billionaire said putin didn't expect the west's strong unified response to the conflict, but now he's tried to reshape the situation and he believes that in the longer term he will win. adding that putin is a very patient guy. he can afford to wait 6 to 9 months. he controls russian society much more tightly than the west can control its society. ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy has estimated that he needs 7 billion in aid a


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