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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  June 5, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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welcome to all of you watching us here in the united states, canada and all around the world. i'm kim brunhuber ahead here on "cnn newsroom." former judge is dead in what's being called a targeted attack against a government official. we'll have more on the gunman, his motives and who else was on his apparent hit list. a barrage of explosions reported in kyiv as russian forces continue to storm. a look at the fight being taking place across ukraine. plus, we're hours away from the final celebrations for the
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queen's platinum jubilee. we're live from buckingham palace on all pageantry for today. >> announcer: live from cnn center, this is "cnn newsroom" with kim brunhuber. and we begin with america's gun violence epidemic only growing worse. in the last few hours we learned at least three people were killed and 11 more wounded in a mass shooting in philadelphia. police tell cnn wpvi, they believe there were multiple shooters firing into a crowd. two guns were recovered at the scene. a philadelphia police officer was within about 10 to 15 yards of one of the shooters at the time. the officer opened fire. it is not clear if the suspect was hit. the district where this happened has a number of popular bars and restaurants which draw large weekend crowds. police said there have been no
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arrests. in wisconsin an investigation is underway after a former judge was shot and killed inside his own home in what officials are calling a targeted attack. and now we are learning that the suspected gunman may have been planning other attacks on several high-profile targets including two governors and a u.s. senator. cnn's whitney wild reports. >> reporter: cnn looked through court records which show the suspect in this case, douglas k. yude has a criminal history which includes a 2002 conviction for several charges including firearms charges. part of those proceedings went in front of judge john p. roamer, the man police say yude killed. sources tell cnn the suspect had a list of targets including governor gretchen whitmer and mitch mcconnell. police say this all began 6:30 friday morning when someone ran out of the judge's home and called 911 reporting there was someone armed, reporting someone
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was firing a weapon. throughout the morning police tried to negotiate with the suspect inside douglas yude, but those negotiations broke down. at around 10:15, tactical teams were finally able to get inside that home where they found 6-year-old roamer dead. they also found yude, a 56-year-old, inside that home with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. officials had been sounding the alarm for months that there is this real potential that anti-government sentiment could fuel violence in this overall height inned threat landscape. this case is the example of very crimes officials have been so worried about and now the big fear is that this case could result in copy cat attacks. certainly one that law enforcement across the country is watching closely. whitney wild, cnn, washington. a texas state lawmaker says lack of clarity about the uvalde police response to the mass shooting there could hinder efforts to prevent such mass kerrs from happening again.
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funerals were held this weekend for two of the young victims. one survivor is now out of the hospital. nick valencia has that and the haunting question tormenting families in uvalde. >> reporter: the release of the 9-year-old girl from university hospital in san antonio is a bright spot here in uvalde amidst the tragedy. but at least two victims of last week's massacre are still in the hospital including the 66-year-old grandmother of the shooter who he shot in the face before the attack. tragedy here is still front and center as two more of those fourth graders from robb elementary were laid to rest on friday including mckenna ellerod who i spoke to who said they were too broken up to speak on camera. but highlighted she loved to play softball and do gymnastics. and there are still so many unanswered questions here, and not really any clear notion about what happens next at robb elementary school. the school board held a meeting
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for the first time since the shooting during which the superintendent reiterated that the students will not return to robb elementary. but perhaps what is most striking is what was not mentioned. there was no mention about the future of chief of the school district here, chief of police pete arredondo. there was something that some parents in attendance found disgusting. >> i have a fourth grader that was in the room next door that's terrified. my niece died. i have a 6-year-old that just told me, i don't want to go to school to be shot. i have one going into junior high. i have a third grader. we want answers to where the security is going to take place. this was all a joke. >> reporter: parents here want answers. and as we approach nearly two weeks since the school shooting, police have yet to offer a full explanation for their inaction that day. nick valencia, cnn, uvalde, texas. the girl scouts have awarded their highest honor to one of the uvalde school shooting victims.
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10-year-old amerie joe ga garza a proud scout. she completed her bridging ceremony. they posthumously honor her with the award for those who save or attempt to save another life. her father said she was trying to dial 911. she was laid to rest on tuesday. the epidemic of gun violence and incessant mass shootings leave americans without any time to grieve before the next inches dent claims more lives. the gun violence archive which tracks shootings said 18,500 americans have been killed by gunfire this year. this week president biden renewed his calls for gun reform including expanding background checks, red flag laws and raising the minimum age to buy an assault-style weapon. but the group every town for gun
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safety said these types of assault-style weapons account for just 16% of mass shootings aggies of 2021. it listen to what president biden said earlier this week. >> look, i know folks say 18-year-olds can serve in the military and fire those weapons. but that's with training and supervision by the best trained experts in the world. don't tell me raising the age won't make a difference. >> health care professionals were among those adding their voices to the debate over gun reform. earlier i spoke with dr. andrey campbell. he is a professor at the university of california san francisco school of medicine and an icu and critical care physician who treats gunshot victims. we talked about the dangers of gun violence in the u.s. and how the deaths have been rising year after year, and yet people are still shocked that gun violence is now the number one killer of children. here he is. >> it is important for people to know this information, pay
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attention to it, and for us to really start thinking about how we can say that the lives of our kids really matter. and we need to think about this as a public health emergency. this is a public health crisis. the gun violence in the united states, and it's affecting our children profoundly. so we need to be thinking about that as we go about addressing this issue as a public health crisis. >> so you're also a trauma surgeon. you've spent a lot of time in the i.c.u. unfortunately dealing with the injuries from gunshot wounds. and you know more than anyone about the effects of this violence, and particularly how damaging those assault-style weapons are, and how much worse the injuries are from the rounds used in those ar-15 style guns. >> first of all, the bullets are bigger. they travel faster. they travel over 3,000 feet per second, and when they travel through tissues, they create cavities or explosive areas
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within tissue. so bones, tissue, blood vessels are all, nerves are destroyed when these, these missiles or these bullets go through people's bodies. i've seen it over the last two decades i've been taking care of trauma patients here in san francisco. when i was in new york, i saw the same thing. higher velocity, more destruction, and less chance that we have to save the patient's life when we're dealing with smaller bullets, we may get a chance, and we've gotten pretty good at saving lives. but when people are shot by these really weapons of war on the streets of the united states, they create devastating injuries and it's like a bomb going off in someone's body. and if it's a kid, it's a bigger bomb. it still is the same thing. it is a weapon of mass destruction in terms of using these ar-15 assault size weapons. >> that was dr. andre campbell there speaking with me earlier.
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the violence shows no signs of slowing down. in kentucky we now learned one person was skilled at a shooting after a funeral. a gunman opened fire in le lexington. a woman was shot. she is expected to survive. in arizona one person is dead and eight others wound wounded at a strip mall in downtown phoenix. at least two victims are in life-threatening condition. dozens gathered when a fight broke out and eventually someone opened fire. and at least three people were shot outside a night club in houston, texas, saturday. one victim is in critical condition. according to police, the shooter allegedly opened fire from a u-haul truck. the vehicle hasn't been found. authorities say the motivation behind the attack is still unclear. now, if you'd like to provide financial support maybe or blood donations to victims in communities of mass shooting, including the texas school shooting, please go to
2:11 am, and you can find several ways you can help there. ♪ pe ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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the ukrainian capital was rocked earlier today by several large explosions. now, this video comes out of kyiv today. the mayor says at least one person was hospitalized after missile strikes. military officials say ukrainian forces were able to shoot down a russian missile south of the capital, and ukraine's state-run nuclear power operator is accusing russia of nuclear terrorism after a russian cruise missile reportedly flew critically low over a plant in the south. weeks of nonstop russian shelling and air-strikes of eastern ukraine haven't led to any major changes on the battle field. britain's defense ministry said ukrainian counter attacks are likely blunting it in the donbas. they have taken half of
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sievierodonetsk. they are off throwing the re serves into battle. moments ago came this update. the ukrainian staff of the armed forces said russian troops are advancing in several areas north in eastern ukraine after regrouping. also in the line of russian fire, revered church went up in flames. the all saints church which had recently been renovated was deliberately targeted by russian forces. the main battle appears to be for control of sievierodonetsk in the heart of don at. cnn's michael holmes has the latest. >> reporter: for weeks the eye of sievierodonetsk has been in the eye of the storm pounded by missiles. these are the members of the
2:19 am
international brigade heading into sievierodonetsk. and on saturday the ukrainians claimed to be getting the upper hand in fighting that's literally street by street, saying the russian army is throwing its reserves into the fight. more ukrainian infantry seen on the outskirts of the city saturday as the regional military command predicted the city would not fall. further west, ukrainian officials say the country's religious heritage was a victim of russian shelling as an assault towards the city gathers pace. this famous wooden church part of which was recently rebuilt engulfed in flames. >> translator: during the full-scale war with russia, 113 churches were damaged by the russian shelling. among those there are ancient ones, so ancient they survived the second world war, but haven't with stood the russian occupation. the terrible consequences of this war can be stopped at any
2:20 am
moment. the russian army can stop burning down churches. the russian army can stop destroying cities. the russian army can stop killing children. if one person in moscow simply gives such an order. and the fact that there is no such order is obviously a humiliation for the whole world. now people are getting out of a major russian target before the shelling intensifies as moscow's forces edge closer. a barrage of russian air-strikes has left the city without electricity or water. the city's military administration says of the pre-war population of more than 100,000, an estimated 20,000 or more still remain. >> translator: if they gave me weapons, i would fight. i want to protect my city so that everything stays the way it was. >> reporter: but it's not only
2:21 am
ukrainian-held areas getting shelled. on saturday evening the city of donetsk, which is controlled by pro-russian separatists, was hit by a series of explosions. local authorities said five people were killed and accused ukraine of using multiple rocket systems against residential areas. ukrainian officials have not commented. while eastern ukraine is now the epicenter of the conflict, the new u.s. ambassador in kyiv was touring the destruction done by russian forces around the capital in march and april. >> i think it's really important to bear witness to these horrible atrocities. and being here today has only strengthened my resolve to ensure justice and accountability. >> reporter: it seems more than likely the fighting raging in the donbas will bring with it further grim discoveries. michael holmes, cnn. the un is among groups warning russia's war on ukraine
2:22 am
could trigger a global food crisis. ukraine and the u.s. say a russian naval blockade is preventing grain exports from ukrainian ports. to get an idea of what that means, have a look at this map here. it shows how many countries depend on russian and ukrainian grain which is sitting unused. in 2020 russia was the world's top wheat exporter. ukraine was number 5. it accounted for 30% of the world's wheat sales. russia is also accused of stealing grain. satellite images show ships filled with grain pillaged from ukraine docking in crimea and syria. earlier cnn spoke with the crisis coordinator for ukraine and he stressed the need to lift the blockade and let commercial ships pass through. here he is. >> export the food from ukraine is very important. going by land through neighboring countries, through trains and transports, road transport, that is not going to be the answer because the quantities are so huge, about
2:23 am
20, 25 million tons, that need to be exported. and ukraine was exporting wheat and other grains via sea and this needs about 100 ships a month basically. it's a huge operation. it takes 12 months of the year to really keep feeding the world. so there is a need to lift the blockade on ukrainian ports. there is a need to also demine or establish corridors where the commercial ships can go and sail away from the black sea safely. and there ought to be also an order on the black sea as far as military operations. >> that was amin awad, crisis coordinator for ukraine. they are reporting an air-strike where ground fighting has been ongoing. the city isn't far from russian-held territory in the south and has been a safe haven for many ukrainians fleeing the
2:24 am
russians. but many who made the dangerous journey to relative safely are now living in their cars and have nowhere to go. cnn's melissa bell has our report. >> reporter: alive and safe, but stuck. some of the families that fled the bombing in southern ukraine. others found themselves on the wrong side of the line that has hardened. some of these families now living in their cars have been here for weeks. elena came from the black sea town to buy medicine for her elderly parents. she is now living with others in the open air. look, she says. he's just had surgery. my husband is without a leg. this grandmother is recovering from a stroke. i can hardly sit, she says. my legs are swollen.
2:25 am
can i just get back to her son or is this some kind of cruel joke? please, just let me die in kherson at home. some of the families bringing their anger to the regional administrative building. >> what's the problem, why? >> reporter: like alexi who fled mariupol with his wife but has had no contact with the rest of his family for three months. >> they still stay in mariupol. during three months hasn't any contact. my sister, i come back and help. i like bring them to ukrainian. >> reporter: marina who is in charge of social services for the greater region says humanitarian aid has been hard to bring because her teams to the south of the city are now without communications. she tells us that it will also be necessary to tell those
2:26 am
trying to return of the dangers they face. it's very dangerous there, she says. so this will be discussed with them at this new filtration camp to find out why they want to go, and whether they understand the risks. she says that beyond the water already being provided here, there will soon be a medical center, showers and a room for mothers and children. for now these families wait, just hungry to get home. melissa bell, cnn. >> if you would like to safely and securely help people in ukraine who may need shelter, food and water, please go to you can find several ways there to help. north korea's back to back missile activity is kicking into an even higher gear. several hours ago the communist nation test fired its missiles for the 17th time this year. that's not only more than last
2:27 am
year or the year before, but south korea joined -- south korea's joint chiefs of staff says the move involved a barrage of eight short-range ballistic missiles, all fired in a span of less than 40 minutes. japan calls that unprecedented and a first for north korea. paula hancocks is keeping an eye on these developments from seoul and she joins us live. paula, what more are we learning about the missiles? >> reporter: well, kim, it is unusual to have such a flurry of missiles in one go. as you say, there were eight short range ballistic missiles in just 40 minutes. the south korean joint chiefs of staff say that they were fired from four different locations, so certainly when we're hearing from the japan's defense minister, he's saying this is unprecedented, that they don't usually see this number, this large number of missiles being fired in such a short space of time from so many different locations. now, we know at this point that japan's prime minister has
2:28 am
condemned what he says is a violation of united nations security council resolutions using this ballistic technology is banned for north korea. let's listen to the prime minister. >> translator: north korea has repeatedly launched ballistic missiles since the beginning of this year, including a new inter-continental ballistic missile. those actions threaten the peace and stability of the region and the international community and cannot be tolerated. this missile launch is also a violation of international law and we strongly condemn it. >> reporter: there was a national security council meeting here in seoul. the president was briefed. it was pointed out this was the third missile launch that north korea has carried out since that president has taken power. he only came to power just a month ago. south korea saying north korea's launches are a challenge to the security posture of this new
2:29 am
government. so clearly there are concerns at just how intense this testing regime seems at this point from north korea. now, the last time that they launched something was on may 25th, and that was just hours after the u.s. president joe biden had left the region. he was here at the end of last month in seoul and also in tokyo for a number of different meetings and summits. and it was just after that that pyongyang decided to carry out a number of missile launches. within that, there were three of them. there was believed or presumed to have been an icbn as well, an inter-continental ballistic missile. what everyone is waiting for is a potential 7th underground nuclear test. the south korean military here says they believe north korea has completed their preparation for this test. they believe they are ready at any time. so it appears we're just waiting for maybe a political decision from kim jong-un, the leader him several, as to when he decides this is necessary. now, if, of course, that does
2:30 am
happen, that will have a greater reaction globally from seoul, from tokyo and from washington. they certainly have reacted very strongly in the past. kim? >> all right, thanks so much. paula hancocks for us. former trump adviser is indicted by the justice department just as public hearings are set to start in the january 6 congressional investigation. that's ahead. plus, a weather system brings heavy rain and flooding to parts of florida and cuba. after the break we'll go to the cnn weather center for the latest on this tropical storm. stay with us. u down and in the dark. but what if you could begin to see the signs of hope all around youou? what if you could let in the lytyte? discover caplyta. caplyta is a once-daily pill, proven to deliver significant relief from bipolar depression. unlike some medicines that only treat bipolar i, caplyta treats both bipolar i and bipolar ii depression. and, in clinical trials, feelings of inner restlessness
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welcome back to all of you
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watching here in the united states, canada and around the world. i'm kim brunhuber. this is "cnn newsroom." former trump white house adviser peter navarro says he wants to represent himself after a federal grand jury indicted him for contempt of congress as part of the investigation into the january 6 attack on the capitol. navarro railed in court against what he called the hardball tactics following his arrest on friday in the airport. it comes just ahead of public hearings by the committee investigating the attack. cnn crime and justice reporter kai kaitlan polansk has details. >> reporter: the committee is already saying it is going to be presenting material that's never been seen before about january 6. the committee has done hundreds of interviews with witnesses to prepare for this, and collecteds white house documents, phone records, text messages including one of the closest advisers to president trump, mark meadows, chief of staff.
2:35 am
even with this extensive investigation, the house won't be getting testimony from everyone they wanted. the house voted to hold four witnesses who didn't comply with their investigation subpoenas in contempt. that's meadows, deputy dan scavino, peter na vara toe and steve bannon. and in the end the house gets a mixed result. the justice department told the house last week it would not be prosecuting trump's close white house advisers meadows and scavino as a way to enforce their congressional subpoenas. but a grand jury did indict navarro for his refusal to turnover documents and his failure to testify. while he wasn't talking to the committee, navarro had written a book that described the trump world reaction to the election and even spoke about a plan called the green bay sweep. the committee said he ultimately didn't even engage with them so now he's in court just like another trump confidant, steve bannon, facing contempt charges. kaitlan polance, cnn, washington. fuel prices keep getting worse for u.s. drivers, but one gas station in northern california is taking it to the
2:36 am
extreme. have a look at this. according to cnn affiliate kgo, this auto repair shop was selling gas for $9.60 and for supreme they paid 1.99 per gallon. aaa says the u.s. national average is $4.84 for a gallon of regular. the gas station said their prices are so high because they don't sell food or drinks to help cover the costs. the u.s. has pushed back a meeting between president joe biden and saudi arabia's de facto ruler following public scrutiny. a u.s. official said a meeting with crown prince muhammad bin salamon will happen next month. it would be a remarkable turn around for biden who called the kingdom a pariah for its human rights record. the u.s. president has been highly critical of the saudi's war in yemen and their role in the murder of jamal khashoggi, the late journalist fiancee
2:37 am
said, biden will have lost his moral compass if he goes through with the meeting. the group representing the families of victims of the terror attacks say they want to raise the role of the attacks if they meet with any saudi officials. finally, there is relief in sight foreu.s. families impacted by the shortage of baby formula. abbott nutrition restarted production at its sturgis, michigan, plant months after it was shuttered when deadly -- was found at the center of a nationwide shortage. it left people scrambling to ask how they could feed their babies and president biden imported formula from abroad. abbott's specialty formula should be on store shelves in two weeks, about june 20. well, just named tropical storm alex is now moving into the atlantic after inundating both sides of the florida
2:38 am
straits. heavy rainfall turned some streets into small rivers in parts of south florida. some areas saw up to 11 inches of rain. in miami officials are now warning that waste water may be overflowing into the ocean and the miami-dade county mayor said this is just the beginning. >> let's just all please play it safe. fortunately we averted the worst of this storm, but it's an early warning system for us for a busy hurricane season. >> all right. still ahead, celebrating 70 years on the throne, we're live from london as the final day of queen elizabeth's platinum jubilee gets underway. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ voltaren. ththe joy of movement. ♪ since i left for college,
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uk is set to kickoff a final day of celebrations honoring queen elizabeth's historic 70 year reign. the 96-year-old monarch has been largely absent for much of her platinum jubilee, but she did manage to steal the show on saturday with a surprise video appearance along with another famous face. have a look at this. >> you would like a marmalade sandwich? i always keep one for emergencies. >> so do i. i keep mine in here. >> oh. >> there you go, her majesty sharing a snack with paddington bear, a video that helped kickoff an all-star concert at buckingham palace. the show included performances from the rock band queen, of course, as well as pop super stars like elton john, rod stewart, diana ross. there are still plenty of festivities on the schedule for today. prince charles and his wife
2:43 am
camilla are expected to attend a big jubilee lunch in london. prince edward and his wife sophie will attend a similar event in windsor. later today it is time for the platinum jubilee pageant celebrating the queen's life, decades on the throne. let's bring in cnn's anna stewart live in london. no matter how many times i see the queen with paddington bear, it always brings a smile to my face there. >> reporter: absolutely love it. we've always wondered what she keeps in her handbag, what she always has with her. now we all know. you may hear the party appears to be on here at the buckingham palace. these are the rehearsals underway for the people's pageant which will be taking place later today. that concert was absolutely spectacular. from the musical performances to the drone displays shaping a corgie and a cup of tee. prince charles had a moment with
2:44 am
a head of state, a sentiment shared by so many people who attended the last few nights. take a listen. >> i could imagine the beautiful queen just like with the corgis, and a cup of tea watching everyone, enjoying the festivities and hoping she shed a tear. i hope she understands how much we love her. >> it's been emotional. it's the longest serving monarch on the throne and we don't know how long it's going to last. i absolutely love her. it was an opportunity to get together with friends and celebrate this magnificent once in a lifetime occasion. >> reporter: and these celebrations are not over as you can clearly hear here. we are gaming up for the next part of the last day of the jubilee celebrations. the music is ending just in time, kim. >> right on que. you mentioned the people's pageant taking place today.
2:45 am
take us through what it actually means and what else is happening. >> reporter: so the people's pageant is going to involve performers, sports stars, parading through london. they'll follow the procession route taken for the queen's coronation several years ago. it will be led by the gold stage coach used for the coronation. her majesty is the only person allowed to be in it. we're not expecting her to be in it. there will be lcd screens. it will look like she's in there. we're not sure whether the queen will make an appearance today. we've not been told by the palace she isn't, so there is some hope she might have an appearance on the buckingham palace balcony. also today, kim, lots and lots of street parties up and down the country despite the miserable inclement weather. that is british. i don't think it will dampen spirits. i have baked plenty of meringues, cucumber sandwiches. i will be heading to a tea party of my own.
2:46 am
i'll leave it to cnn's max foster. >> you're a better person than i have. that would have been gone a long time ago. thank you so much, appreciate it. coming up, ukraine's soccer team hopes to shine brightly for a nation ravaged by war. we'll have a preview of the world cup qualifying match next. stay with us. ihoppy hour starting at $6 a at 3pm only from ihopop. download the a app and join the rewards program today.
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early on sunday, china sent three astronauts into space to continue construction on the tiangong space station. have a look. [ speaking foreign language ] the spacecraft blasted off from the country's space launch center in the gobi desert. the crew will spend six months aboard the core module as the space station. at the end of their mission, three morass toro e astronauts expected to join them. they will bring the number to a record number of six. and game two of the nba finals tips off sunday night in the boston celtics are showing
2:51 am
some solidarity from brittney greiner now being held in russia. the team wore shirts with we are b.g. written across them at saturday's practice. they wanted to show togetherness and love from the nba to the wnba while shining a light on efforts to bring her home. superstar jaylen brown said the team may do similar things during the finals. here he is. >> as a collective, we wanted to come out and show our support for brittney greiner. she's been over there for an extended amount of time, and we feel like enough is enough. i'm not sure if we'll wear it for the rest of the time, but today was a good day to bring attention to a topic that was necessary. >> the wnba star has been detained in russia for more than 100 days, which the u.s. government has called unlawful. the seven-time all-star was in russia before the war and
2:52 am
participating in a league before traveling home. the soccer team is hoping to qualify for the world cup in qatar. after beating scotland 3-1, it has boosted the morale of the war-torn nation. cnn's patrick snell has more. >> reporter: we are edging ever closer now to the world clean-up playoff. it is about so much more than football. on sunday ukraine's national team facing wales in cardiff to determine who will compete in the gulf state come november. amid the devastating situation earlier, they haven't played a competitive game since november of last year, but have been determined to give those fighting back home something to cheer about. ukraine's president thanking the national team for what he called two hours of happiness after they produced a superb performance to beat scotland 3-1 in the playoff semi final in glass gou.
2:53 am
>> translator: we play for them. we play for those who fight in trenches who fight with their last drop of blood. we also played for ukrainians, for people back at home who suffer every day. yes, we did a baby step towards our team. we have a wales game in front of us. we will do everything in wales that people expect us to do, and we will be making ukrainians proud to be ukrainians. very much like my team and myself, we are extremely proud ukrainians. >> reporter: football fans enjoy games and at watch parties. life is different in ukraine these days. this was a scene in kharkiv, fighting in northeastern ukraine. they were filming soldiers watching the game on a tiny phone screen. their excitement and their joy very plain to see. [ speaking foreign language ]
2:54 am
>> reporter: in recent times the war has ended a particularly brutal phase. this week president zelenskyy saying that ukraine is losing between 60 to 100 soldiers every day. for these men the future is uncertain. a football game that most people would take for granted, now meaning so much more. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: the big match itself taking place in cardiff. kickoff 5:00 p.m. in kyiv, 12:00 p.m. eastern here in the united states. and the cnn world sport team on the ground and the welsh capital covering all the action for us
2:55 am
ahead of what is sure to be a truly emotional weekend. as i send it right back to you. capturing the french open title, continuing her dominance of women's tennis. she defeated american player coco gauff in straight sets on saturday. she has now matched venus williams' record with 35 consecutive matches won. this is the 21-year-old pole's second french open title. in a few hours, spanish superstar rafael nadal hopes to win his 14th french open title. he will take on casper in the men's final. and the next tennis major wimbledon could be without big sn names. serene a and venus aren't on the entry list. the sisters can still play but they would have to go through a wild card invitation. it's been a while since either of them has taken to the court. serena hasn't played since
2:56 am
wimbledon last year and venus last august. finally some major league baseball players could take some pointers from this little leaguer. have a look at this. this is 3-year-old jasper myers. he's going to roll into home plate in an intense t-ball game. this video went viral. you can hear jasper's mother yelling for him to run. he has his own strategy. after a few summer salt, jasper goes to home plate. they finished second. i for one hope that, you know, gets taken up by all levels at baseball. lovely to see. that wraps this hour of "cnn newsroom." i'm kim brunhuber in north america. "new day" is next for the rest of the world it's connecting africa.
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sunday morning comes early, doesn't it, boris? good morning to all of you. glad to have you with us. i'm christi paul. >> good morning. i'm boris sanchez. breaking overnight, another shooting. three people killed, nearly a dozen injured when multiple shooters fire into a crowd. the very latest from a violent night in philadelphia straight ahead. and we do have new details for you in the case of a former judge who was found murdered in his home. what police are saying about the motive and other high profile targets that were on the killer's


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