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tv   CNN Newsroom With Jim Acosta  CNN  June 5, 2022 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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you're live in the "cnn newsroom." i'm jim acosta in washington. days away from new witnesses, new documents. nothing any of us have seen before connected to the deadly attack on the u.s. capitol on january 6th, 2021. it cass donald trump's desperate push to stay in power after losing his re-election campaign. this coming thursday house committee members searching for answers take their investigation to the public in primetime. cnn learned trump expects his acolytes to wholeheartedly defend him as they often do and basically counterprogram the hearings declaring them a partisan witch-hunt. mccarthy picked up trump's endorsement as one of five subpoenaed by the house committee. so far zero cooperation. straight oust trump defender
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playbook. go to cnn zachary cohen. who is helping provide this cover for the former president during these hearings? i suppose it tells you everything you need to know about trump's hold on this party right now? >> reporter: really does, jim. you mentioned, kevin mccarthy secured trump's endorsement but not secured it for house speaker yet if republicans retake the house. maybe still a chip on the table and encouraging mccarthy there. in addition to mccarthy, we expect at least stefanik to be a key player. she oversees messaging for the gop conference and one of the loudest in the impeachment proceedings and expected to be intimately involved how to push back in realtime. what trump wants. daehlie counterprogramming in realtime. the other is, expected to be involved, jim banks, jim jordan. both supposed to be on the
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january 6th committee before kevin mccarthy decided he wouldn't let anybody from his party be on the panel. now we're here. all waiting to see what this push looks like. trump actually supposed to meet with some of these folks next week and we may know more after that. clear the counterprogram aimed audience of one. that's donald trump. >> right. not only coming from lawmakers but conservative media also. see that as well. these hearings could feature, likely to feature, witnesses with close ties to former vice president mike pence. that obviously could shed a lot of light. starting to hear some of these stories coming out that the secret service was told that pence could be in danger, because of what trump was up to on january 6th, and so on. this also, i suppose, could cause some more tension between the trump and pence camps. >> absolutely. since january 6th we've seen a sort of simmering animosity between the folks kind of in pence's camp and ones that are still loyal to the former president.
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now we know pence's former chief of staff, marc short, we know from maggie haberman's great reporting told the committee -- told the secret service about a concern he had. interesting to see what impact that kind of testimony has in terms of does trump lash out at pence directly? lash out at some of the people in his, in pence's world defending him or attacking the former president? really also remains to be seen how the committee features testimony from people like short. we know, again, they've asked him to come in and serve as a witness during these public hearings but don't know how it will look. >> seen high-profile members of the former administration refusing to cooperate, but there may be aides who worked for some of those high-profile former members who might be participating in these hearings and is something to watch. zachary cohen. thank you. joining me, one of the officers who defended the capitol january 6th against the mob that would go on to drag, beat and tase him. former d.c. metropolitan police
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department officer and cnn law enforcement analyst michael fanone. you're still dealing with trauma from that day. are you going to watch these hearings? do you think they're going to make much of a difference? your thoughts heading into this phase of the investigation. >> i'll be there. i was promised a front-row seat. i plan on watching as many of the hearings as i can. >> you'll be in the room? >> yes. in the room. that's my expectation, at least. as far as, like, my expectations for the hearings? i mean, i was there. i lived that experience. so i'm acutely aware of what took place that day. i'm interested to see what they've come up with as far as the days and weeks leading up to january 6th as well as the aftermath, but unfortunately, i don't believe it's going to move the needle. i think most of the people in this country are indifferent towards what happened on january
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6th, and everyone else is pretty well encamped in, you know, their side of the political aisle. >> yeah. we just heard from zach a few moments ago saying the trump team will try to wocounterprogr people, distract from what's coming out of the hearings. watching the video and you're familiar with, this is what happened to you that day. why do you think the public is indifferent and there are people out there who just want to move on, turn their eyes away from all of this? >> because of where it happened. the fact it involved a political rally. i think people are tired of politics in washington, d.c. i mean, for me it's deeply personal. i was there. i expensed it. almost lost my life, but for most americans, i mean, they're worried about, you know, raising their families. making a living. sending their kids to school. things like that. >> hmm. one of the things we learned late last week is that the
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justice department is not going to prosecute mark meadows and dan scavino. two of the very top aides to the former president who were very close to him on january 6th, very familiar what was going on and the leadup to january 6th. are the worried about the message sent by the federal government, by the just it department if they're not going to force these two officials to comply? these two former officials to comply and testify? >> yeah. that's something that's way above my pay grade. i just don't understand. the world i come from, comply with the subpoena or don't comply with the subpoena. there's no middle ground. and if you're not compliant, you get arrested. i mean, that's just the way that it works. so it doesn't bode for my confidence in whether or not the justice department would prosecute someone either from the trump administration or one of his sycophants if there was a crime discovered as part of this
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investigation. i think they've made up their mind, and i think that what we're seeing is that if you're part of a political administration, an elected official, there are some crimes you'll be able to get away with. >> and let's play what former congressman denver riggleman said on state of the union with my colleague jake topper. asked any smoking gun moments we should look for in the hearings. let's watch. >> i think when you look at totality of the evidence and some are my personal opinions. totality of the evidence it's pretty apparent at some point president trump knew what was going on. obviously. right? having meetings within the white house, having individuals that you're paying out there doing lawsuits, 64, 65 lawsuits, pushing this libel on social media, look what's happening and
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the message pushed by president trump himself on social media and other individuals you see a pipeline of information very damaging and pushing things like "stop the steal." >> we should note, riggleman, technical adviser, was, to the january 6th committee, and part of what he had to do, going through all the texts, all the social media content. all the data that paints part of the picture what happened on january 6th. michael, are you worried? denver was talking about a little bit there, you know, as to what is going to happen to trump and all of this. are you worried trump will be let off the hook? going to get off scot-free in all this? >> i believe he's going to get off the hook. i believe that he's going to -- you know get out of this unscathed, and i think there's a significant possibility that he becomes president again in 2024. >> why? why do you think that? >> just because the amount of
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support that still exists out in, you know, the u.s. for donald trump. i mean, you go outside of, you know, the beltway and a lot of the, you know, urban areas in the country and there's still a, you know, very significant part of the population that supports donald trump. even after january 6th. to them january 6th was a 1776-esque event. something that, you know, participants are proud of, and that, you know, there are parts of this country that celebrate that. >> liz cheney was asked in an interview on cbs whether or not a portion of the republican party is essentially a cult. do you think it's because of some of this cult-like behavior among trump supporters he will get off scot-free? your thinking?
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become president again, because there's a cult of personality around him jr. >> i think that that's part of it. ult ultimately, what's the saying? evil exists when good men do nothing. i think that's -- you know, it's people's indifference and it's -- those who have the ability to stop this. their unwillingness to stand up for what's right. that's what's gotten us into this mess. >> i know you're pessimistic about this, and we've talked about this, but there are good people who are trying to do the right thing and you're one of them. and as hokey as that sounds, we appreciate it. thank you very much for coming on. please, come back again and good luck these week at the hearings. >> appreciate it, thanks. now to the nation's out of control gun violence. since friday at least eight mass shootings in the united states bringing the total of mass shootings since start of this
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year to 243. a mind-boggling figure including a shooting in chat tug georgia, tennessee, overnight, three killed at least 17 others injured. police say gunfire erupted as a nightclub in mesa, arizona. a bar shooting left two dead, two injured. in arizona, one killed, 8 injured outside a strip mall and south carolina eight people shot at a grazways party. not all. in south flid police say three are dead. 11 others are injured after shooting in a popular bar and restaurant district. cnn's polo sandoval joins me. hard to keep track of it. so many mass shootings over the weekend. in terms of the one you're coving, what are you learning about thpartat particular shoot? >> reporter: jim, consider philadelphia alone. last night three shootings reported. two fatal, then the third one, you mentioned, left three people dead, and the investigators say about 11 people.
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ages ranging from 17 to 69 injured. their health right now, their condition, ranges from critical to stable as well. investigators sharing more what they believe went down in this extremely popular entertainment district, which a bit of normalcy returned on this sunday afternoon, but still concern what went down. police say it started as an argument. before you know it, shots rang out. patrol officers were nearby managing to engage one of the gunman and believe they wounded him causing him to drop his firearm and flee. why investigators are trying to track down at least that gunman. they believe they injured him returning fire and do have some weapons recovered. we know three dead. two men and a woman. those 11 injured, and investigators saying many of the victims were simply innocent people caught in the cross fire. in the last hour or so we heard
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from the head of the police here, commissioner danielle and fears level of violence seen in her city, not just in recent weeks but in the last year or so is just unacceptable. >> these incidents have an exponential affect on our community and not only impacts the individual that's been directly victimized but victimized their loved ones families, neighborhoods all over the world. it's unacceptable. beyond unacceptable, and we're still using every resource available to get to the bottom of what occurred. not just out there last night but behind this gun violence in this city, period. >> reporter: there is growing concern among law enforcement the rate of shootings in the city that could either match or exceed the record number we saw in the city last year, jim. in terms what they're doing. out in the community. they say they're doing as much
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as they can whiith resources bu they need more. jim? >> no question about it. polo sand voval. and a year ago sentenced to prison. what the other famous names were on his alleged hit list. stay with us.
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and our son just started working. oh! do you offer a complimentary retirement plan for him? as in free? just like schwab. schwab! look forward to planning with schwab. suspected gunman police say shot and kill add former judge in wisconsin. we've learned the suspect has an extensive history dating bab two decades with a hit list of targets including senator minority leader mitch mcconnell and governor whitmer and others. what more do we know about the criminal suspect in this case? what his criminal history was? >> reporter: jim, dates back to at least 2002 here in the state of wisconsin for convictions from burglary and firearm
1:20 pm
charges. and he would have been inside the courtroom with former judge john roemer in 2005. to be clear the suspect is not charged in the death of roemer or the most recent incident nap is part of the many unanswered questions we have regarding the suspect, his potential motive and connection to roemer and the other high-profile names you just mentioned. >> this incident appears to be a targeted act. >> reporter: some political leaders across the country, targets on a hit list and a former wisconsin county circuit court judge dead. wisconsin governor tony evers reacting to the death of john roemer. >> somebody that devoted his life being a jurist in the state in rural wisconsin and that's hard work. to be targeted like that. it makes me, frankly, sick to my stomach. >> reporter: authorities say called to roemer's home early friday morning. >> the county sheriff office received a call notifying an
1:21 pm
armed person and two shots fired in a township of new lisbon. >> reporter: after failed negotiations with the suspect in this house about 80 miles northwest of madison the juneau special tactics and response team entered home to find former judge roemer dead. >> i would say before the sheriff county office and state control 30 officers were out there. >> reporter: the suspect, 56-year-old douglas uda in critical condition after self-inflicted wound in the basement. according to authorities, judge roemer wasn't the suspect's only target, the individual is a suspect, appears to have other targets as well. appears to be related to the judicial system. >> reporter: wisconsin governor tony evers, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and michigan governor gretchen whitmer among those targeted sources tell cnn. >> we've been in contact with the individuals who were dpinted as potentially being targets. >> reporter: governor whitmer's office releasing this statement
1:22 pm
governor whitmer is tough and will not be bullied or intimidated from doing her job. the targeting based on court cases but law enforcement remained tight-lipped on many details regarding the suspect the motive and possible connection to the judge and others targeted. >> this is an ongoing investigation so we can't go into any further at this point. >> reporter: the investigation is ongoing but no threat to the general public. that doesn't mean people here aren't rattled. every time i speak to someone it's the same pattern. don't want to go on camera, share their name. they are concerned, because thm most lived here their entire lives, news family. well like and respected in community. now terned, because something like this has never happened before. jim? >> must be very unsettling for that community. no question. nadia romero, thank you. coming up, queen elizabeth
1:23 pm
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it was a finale fit for a queen. the final day of queen elizabeth's platinum jubilee marked by street parties a parade and a surprise appearance by the monarch herself on the balcony of buckingham palace. live from london, max, quite a moment. >> reporter: really was, and you can probably tell that the heavens have opened.
1:28 pm
rain is pouring down. but throughout the weekend, throughout these celebrations, it was good weather, good spirits. everyone was really onboard and the queen i think was pretty pleased by the end of it, because it couldn't have gone better for her and amazing suddenly it would have been unmanageable. up to now, amazing. the priceless god states coach travels down the mile kicking off the final day of the queen's jubilee celebrations. then on to buckingham palace. just as it did 70 years ago, carrying a young recently proclaimed queen elizabeth. now the 96-year-old monarch appears represented by a hologram a sign of the times. also of the queen the frailty after she miss all but one of the events due to discomfort. prince charles once again taking on the responsibilities. saluting the parade as it passed
1:29 pm
an an estimated 1 billion people watched the parade including the prime minister boris johnson and other members of the royal family in the audience, but not harry and meghan. the event aimed to tell the story of the queen through a parade marking iconic past 70 years. from the '50s, lambert walk, to the nottinghill carnival and even punk culture. with a special appearance of some uk celebrities. national treasures, and many more. to the great delight of the queen's great-grandchildren. even the iconic double-decker bus, a special makeover for the occasion. a celebration of the last 70 years of british culture and testimony to the incredible length of the queen's reign. her many challenges. her worldwide responsibilities as leader of the commonwealth and even her personal interests. it was also an opportunity to get a rare glimpse of the more
1:30 pm
informal part of the royal family dynamic. >> i feel like it's been momentous. i file this is the people's pageant. i want to say thank you to her majesty the 70 years of service. yeah. much more happy towards her, and talk more about her. >> because of her age and how long. >> most people are just proud of her. we really proud. >> we are. >> been crying all afternoon. >> even taking tissues. >> reporter: in a statement the queen said she was humbled and touched by the support. he said "while i may not have attended every event in-person, my heart has been with you all." british singer ed sheeran closed the festivities with a tribute to queen elizabeth before the surprise highlight of the day. [ cheers and applause ] it was the book ending to this four-day jubilee celebration of
1:31 pm
that so many hoped for. one last glimpse of their aging queen up there on the buckingham palace balcony, and for the queen in the twilight of her reign, reassurance she's loved more than ever. max foster, cnn, buckingham palace, london. >> great stuff. thank you very much, max foster. joining me, robert lacy, a royal family biographer and historical consultant for the show "the crown" and author of "majesty: elizabeth ii and house of windsor." robert thank you so much for being with us. a tremendous weekend for the queen and for i guess all of patriot brits. tell me, the queen continues to inspire and fascinate. what's it been like to watch the jubilee celebrations this weekend and get that glimpse of her on the palace balcony knowing she is 96 years old and yet felt so important to participate in what is truly a
1:32 pm
remarkable thing. never going to see this again in our life times. >> jim, rur unite. what you're talking about is given a poignancy to these celebrations, and a depth, i think, an emotional depth. the contributors there, through max's report. i think they really do reflect opinion right across the country. obviously, in britain there is a very strong, and proud, republic tradition bisy which emean republican with a small r, and we must never forget in britain we were a republic 11 years. one of the first countries in the world to cut off the head of our monarch, in 1649, and after 11 years of living without a monarch, we decided to restore the monarchy. and because ever since then, although people say that, and
1:33 pm
they're entitled to say, that the monarchy isn't an ak kcrow nifk acronistc, one could be say the new races, new immigrant communities that make britain such a diverse country these days were in the forefront of the celebrations, and felt that it was all part of the society in which they've come to live and of which they are now part. >> and everyone is also talking about this moment with the queen and paddington bear. let's have a little fun and play that moment. >> perhaps you would like a marmalade sandwich? i always keep one for emergencies. >> so do i. i keep mine in here.
1:34 pm
>> oh. >> for later. >> great stuff. very british. >> that, of course, echoes the way in which her majesty celebrated her last jubilee, which happened to coincide with opening of the olympics, when she -- she greeted james bond to the palace in the form of that break. >> right. >> and she then, a stunt double, then went off with james bond and jumped out of a helicopter. it's -- it's an example of the great skill with which the queen -- one must also say the mind of buckingham palace, seeking to bridge the culture gap. i mean, one of the odd things about our second elizabeth in th age that we're celebrating much of the character, as displayed in that pageant today, from the
1:35 pm
beatles to punk rock, to satire and monty python, not reflective of the character of our queen. talking about an adventurous outgoing woman and that was the character of the age, when we came across the atlantic for the first time. and when we talk about the victorian age we talk about prim and proper and rather hypocritical. that was tcharacter of the quee and the age. one of the interesting things about this jubilee it's brought a rather shy retiring character into the bosom of the nation and a culture, which as i say, isn't really in her nature. >> well, and speaking of that, prince charles gave a moving tribute to his mother during last night's party at the palace. let's take a listen to that. >> your majesty, mummy -- [ cheers ]
1:36 pm
-- the scale of this evening's celebration and the outpouring of warmth and affection over his whole jubilee weekend is our way of saying "thank you." >> speaking of the future of the monarchy, how does the country feel about prince charles as the next king and camilla as the next queen? >> well, again, it's very interesting how this -- this jubilee, which commemorates the queen's 70th year of accession, which the actual date was back if february, and then the queen gave the first of her jubilee statements in which we expected her to dwell in the past, sadness and death of her father george vi she had to inherit from. interesting, she seemed to
1:37 pm
acknowledge her mortality and made an explicit statement she hoped britons would welcome charles' partner and wife camilla agency queen. until this year it wasn't certain that when charles, if and when charles becomes king that camilla would actually be called queen. it was always taught because of the scandal surrounding the end of charles' marriage with diana, camilla won't become a full queen consort. a pragmatic queen looking towards the future and helping prepare the ground for charles. >> right. that way you're not in this position where that's having to be explained every time, queen camilla comes on television or whatever. i want to end on somebody i think, if you'll forgive me for saying, stole the show, during the jubilee. the precocious 4-year-old prince louis.
1:38 pm
a classic toddler throughout all of this. completely unpredictable, also totally adorable the entire time. your thoughts on that? did louis steal the show? >> yes, he did. i mean -- actually -- my wife and i went to the party last night and there was an element of, you couldn't help echoing what prince louis felt. you felt he couldn't wait to get out his ipad and watch something more enjoyable. of course, he is prince harry of the future. the future king's younger brother. we'll see if history is going to repeat itself. who knows. >> and he seems to be a favorite of the queen's, if i'm allowed to say that. she seemed to have a good time with him the other day. robert lacy, thank you so much for spending time with us. we appreciate it. >> thank you, jim. we love the fact that you americans still remain interested in our ancient rituals, and that they have some meaning for you. >> well, it didn't end in the
1:39 pm
best way, but some traditions have to carry on. including our special relationship. thank you so much. we appreciate it. coming up, powerful explosions rock ukraine's capital as new video shows how dangerously close a russian cruise missile got to a nuclear power plant. migraine attacks? you can't always avoid triggers like stress. qulipta™ can help prevent migraine attacks you can't prevent what's going ooutside that's why qipta™ helps what's going on inside. qulipta™ is a pill. ge right to work to prevent migraine attacks and keeps them away over time. qulipta™ blocks cgrp, a protein believed to be a cause of migraine attacks. qulipta™ is a preventive treatment for episodic migraine. most common side effects are nausea, constipation, and tiredness. learn how abbvie can help you save on qulipta™. [sfx: fighter jet flying]
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now to the war in ukraine and a frightening close call involving a russian cruise missile that flew dangerously close to a nuclear power plant
1:44 pm
today. you see it there. plant's operator calling it an act of nuclear tear original and cnn's matthew chance has the latest on russia's invasion. >> reporter: the fighting in ukraine continues to be ferocious in the east of the country where russian troops have been pounding ukrainian positions in several locations pushing to gain full control of the donbas region, of course, moscow says is its military order. this city according to ukrainian officials is under renewed russian attack. moscow is pushing hard for military gains, but donbas, remember, is not the only focus of russian strikes. in the past day an upswing in violence elsewhere in the country with russian missile attacks, for instance, on the
1:45 pm
southern port stcity of mykolai. of course, kyiv, the capital, again under sustained attack with five russian cruise missiles slamming into the city. one military target, according to ukrainian officials, also destroys a train repair factory. meanwhile, the russian president vladimir putin criticized the united states for agreeing to supply ukraine with long-range artillery saying that move was intended to prolong the armed conflict and that russia would respond by striking unspecified facilities that he said had not been targeted before. back to you, jim. >> matthew chance, thank you very much. coming up, a historymaking astronaut and her mission to promote gender equality in space.
1:46 pm
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1:51 pm
earth, history is being made. jessica watkins is the first black woman to do a long duration mission onboard the international space station. >> certainly i would like to spend as much time in space as i can. >> reporter: despite her his history-making mission, diversity in space is a problem. according to nasa 622 people have been to space yet only 75 have been women. that's just 12%. speaking to cnn while orbiting in microgravity, watkins is doing all she can to pipeline young talent for diverse. >> investing in school programs and education. >> does the space industry have a gender inequality problem? >> absolutely the entire aerospace industry has a gender inequality issue. >> reporter: nasa deputy
1:52 pm
administrator is taking action from the ground pap former astronaut, made three trips to space and one of only two to command a space shuttle knows it's tough to sochl. >> ignoring untapped potential. we have to make that number more similar to what the average population is. >> liftoff of sds-7 and america's first woman astronaut. >> reporter: sally ride the first to open doors for women like mel roy. that opened floodgates for a series of first. first female commander of the international command station, first black woman in, first all-female space walk. >> a lot of people told me women couldn't be pilots, couldn't be astronauts. it's very tough when you are the first or the only, but i had a reason to keep going. >> reporter: still, nearly four decades after the first flight, women make up just 36% of nasa's active astronaut class.
1:53 pm
>> we really have to go deeper in the academic channel. >> reporter: bridget chapman is an executive who also chairs women in aerospace and says key is, start young. >> middle schoolers. the little girls excited ak science and math before someone whispers in their ear to look at a different profession. >> reporter: nasa has more plans for watkins. selected to be a part of the class for artemis. sending the first womd and first person of color to the moon but hasn't been chosen to make the journey yet. no mat here is selected, melroy is convinced the impacts of sending a woman to the moon is astro astronomical. >> if you see it you can believe it. this is going to be astronomical. >> reporter: reporting for cnn, new york. >> the record continues for rafael nadal. the spanish tennis star won in straight sets today to capture
1:54 pm
his 14th men's french open title. he now extends the record for the most majors in men's tennis with 22. he's at 36 years old doing this. nadal became oldest men's single the champion in french open history. the king of clay won his first title 17 years ago. throughout the nation, formula shortage, breast milk banks a life saver for parents and this week cnn heroes salutes a breastfeeding mom donating her breast milk sharing with her online audience. >> my son is now 12 weeks old and he eats four time as day. it was actually my tiktok and instagram followers that alerted me that i had such a drastic oversupply of braefteast milk. pumping was a mystery for me and it is for a lot of other moms as well. ever since having milo i've
1:55 pm
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you're live in the "cnn newsroom." i'm jim acosta in washington. the january 6th committee day it's away from bringing what it's found to you, me and the american public and teasing a whoa bunch of new stuff. witnesses, documents. nothing any of us have seen before connected to the deadly insurrection at the u.s. capitol. the public prime time hearing is set for thursday. committee members plan to show how it all leads back to donald trump and his desperate push to stay in power after losing re-election, but will there be a smoking gun? this morning a former senior adviser to the committee gave a preview of what we can expect. >> i think when you look at the totality of the evidence, some my pennell


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