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tv   CNN Newsroom With Pamela Brown  CNN  June 5, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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. i'm pamela brown in washington. the soft stories for you on this sunday. another violent and deadly weekend in america. at least eight mass shootings friday night from small towns to big cities. plus the investigation goes prime time's the january 6th elect committee prepares to make its case to the american people. jerry nadler is joining me coming up on the show. and vladimir putin with a few warning out for the united states.
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if it gives ukraine long range missiles, you are in the "cnn newsroom." well, as the u.s. grapples with big issues that affect earn, gas prices, the economy and the pandemic, gun violence continues unabated. it is a problem that is uniquely american. as one community buries 19 children after the hor risk massacre in uvalde, texas, in the last few hours and days, more killings. the numbers are staggering. at least eight mass shootings since friday and according to gun violence archive, more than 240 mass shootings this year. sunday morning in chattanooga, tennessee. >> i'm tired standing in front of you talking about guns and violence. >> reporter: 17 others injured near a downtown nightclub. police say some victims hit by bullets, others by fleeing cars.
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>> there are families lives shattered forever, because people are dealing with violence. >> reporter: an overnight shooting at a bar. out west. two people dead and two more injured in mesa, arizona. saturday night at least three people were killed and 11 others injured after a shooting in philadelphia. police say several active shooters fired into a crowd. >> we're absolutely devastated. devastated by this incident. and we mourn the lives lost and the dozens and dozens of lives affected by this tragedy. >> reporter: a drive-by shooting at a graduation party in south carolina left one woman dead and seven people injured, including a child. police said they recovered roughly 60 shell casings from the scene so far. there's more a. strip mall shooting left one victim dead, the a 14-year-old girl. >> a group of people started running like every different
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direction and i, myself, was like hiding behind cars because the shots kept getting closer and closer. >> reporter: and in small town, wisconsin, a former judge targeted at his home and fatally shot. he had a hit list of high government officials. all of this as the nation waits for washington to do something about this uniquely american epidemic. >> for god's sake, how much more carnage are we willing to accept? how many more innocent american lives must be taken before we say enough? enough! >> reporter: cnn has resources across the globe. but these mass shootings are coming so frequently, it's hard to cover all of them. something congressman ted deutch notices. >> can we take a step back for a second and acknowledge that there limteralry are not enough
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cnn reporters and production crews to go to every place in america that had a shooting over the weekend. >> they keep on coming. >> that's a fact. our reporters are spread out nationwide. paolo sandeval starts us off in philadelphia. look, a big shooting there, philadelphia, city officials had strong reaction. what did they say? >> reporter: there reallppened shoot outbrokeout. we heard from police basically what led up to the shootout. they claim the lives of three people that left 11 wounded. we understand this was an altercation. those shots rang out. philadelphia pd at least two uniformed officers were on patrol here last night. were able respond to care for
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the wounded but also engaged that actual suspect. that caused him to drop that pistol. he fled, so investigators are still trying to track him down. they've already recovered two what they believe were five firearms used in that shooting. now three people are dead. two men, one woman and 11 people wounded. their ages ranging from 17 to 69. the police commission saying many were innocent bystand essers in all this. what i heard when the police commissioner was speaking was certainly a lot of frustration as he fears that the rates of these kind of shootings is expected to match the record the city saw last year or exceeded it. that is something that the top cop in the city zriex as unacceptable. -- describes as unexacceptable. >> these communities have an x
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effect on the community. not only the direct individual victimized. it victimized the loved ones and neighborhoods around the world. it's unacceptable to be beyond unacceptable. we're still use every resource available to get to the bottom of what occurred, not just last night but behind the gun violence in this city period. >> reporter: in terms of the short term, the commissioner saying she deploy the resources out in the city, expect this will be a busy summer. ultimately, she can do so much. she, too, like so many leaders in the city of philadelphia are hoping there will be a legislative solution to the crisis that been experienced here and across much of the country. >> yeah. it's just so sad. they did a piece on how frequent shootings are. i said we couldn't keep up with the script because shooting after shooting kept happening.
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then after that, this shooting happened. elsewhere in the country, it's constant. paolo sandeval, thank you very much. the hit list and a shooting death of a former judge in lisbon, wisconsin about 80 miles north of madison. nadia, is there a connection between the judge and the suspect? >> reporter: yeah, pamela. if you look at court documents, you can see the suspect, 56-year-old douglas uda was in the same courtroom as former judge john roman back in 2005 because of charges. he was convicted of armed burglary and firearm charges. we know their paths crossed each other. it included senate minority leader mitch mcconnell, governor gretchen whitmer of michigan and tony evers, the governor of wisconsin, listen to him talking
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about this long-time judge being killed. >> i know him, the remember followinger judge was killed, that in itself is it makes me feel ill that somebody that took his life since they you know in rural wisconsin, that's hard to be targeted like that. it makes me, frankly, sick to my stomach. >> reporter: and it almost feels like a broken record wanehen wey this now. we are seeing shootings happen in such unexpected places. you have to drive more than two miles over to get to the grocery storech everyone here seems to know each other. everyone i spoke to says they know the family. they are in shock this happened. the suspect is not facing charges. the law enforcement says the public isn't in danger. that doesn't mean people here are rattled.
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>> it seems no matter where you are, my hometown yesterday in lexington, a shooting outside a funeral. wisconsin rattled by this latest shooting there, nadia ramirez, thank you so much. the survivors from uvalde and the parents of a child killed in the massacre will be on capitol hill this week. they will appear at house meeting on gun violence. as they prepare to tell their tragic stories, officials in uvalde are still avoiding questions. nick valencia joins me. now, two weeks later, there are still so many questions. >> you know, it's like you said, pam larks not only not answering questions, they're just avoiding them altogether. the texas department of public safety, they stopped answering questions earlier this week. they put it in the hand of the district attorney here. when i reached her by phone, she hung up on me and said i'm not commenting. so this point it seems we're not getting answers any time soon.
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it's frustrating for community members that are left fractioned. i spoke to a city councilman that held the position by the disgraced school district police chief here. he says, yes, there were so many mistakes, human error and thinks local police are being thrown under the bus by the texas department of public safety. this is what he said to my by phone. ask yourself, dps responded fairly quickly, too. you have a local police force with four or five people. don't you think there is a hierarchy of command that happens when more experienced people show up. he made mistakes that day. he's not the only one. here we are, police have yet to offer a full explanation about their inaction that day. tomorrow secretary of state mayorkas is expected to visit uvalde. it's on wednesday we will hear from you vault victims massacre and what happened in buffalo.
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the effort will be to highlight the human cost here of the gun violence epidemic in this country. >> thank you, nick. just because we're not going to stay on this story until the very end until we get those answers. nick, i know you will stay on top of it. thank you so much. up next on this sunday night, prime time politics. the committee investigating the insurrection sets out to showcase new evidence from the january 6th riot and to ask why donald trump didn't try to stop it. house judiciary chairman jerry had inler is up live next. also tonight, vladimir putin warned russia will strike new targets if you crane is given long range missiles. a cruise missile might have flown pretty low over a nuclear power plant. are you in the "cnn newsroom."
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. >> the congressional
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investigation into the new attack. they plan to televise the hearing in prime time. the seven democrats and two republicans are expected to unveil new evidence and witness testimony about the deadly insurrection and what led up to it. joining me now democratic congressman jerry nadler of new york. he's chairman of the judiciary committee. thank you for coming on. so we have a lot to talk about tonight. we're going to talk about guns in just a moment. first i want to look ahead to the january 6th committee. democrats are saying the committee has damming evidence this time around. but that obviously carries the risk of over selling and under delivery. what are you expecting? >> well, i'm expecting the january 6th committee, which has overwhelming evidence to start showing the evidence to the american people in prime time thursday night. the evidence of a criminal
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conspiracy, seditious criminal conspiracy. we have right when media, fox and newsmax has been telling false stories. but the evidence is overwhelming. i expect the commission to show that evidence. it won't be done in one day, because they interviewed about 800 witnesses i think. a lot of that will come out in public. >> yeah. so last night i spoke with a fellow member, congressman davis cicilline. he says the significance of these hearings and the revelations extend beyond our borders. here's what he's told me. >> once the insurrection began and the violence began, there were ongoing efforts to persuade the former president to stop the violence and call on folks to go home. he refused to do it. so i think this will be a very important presentation. this was our democracy. this was the greatest assault on american democracy in my
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lifetime. the world is watching to see how we respond to this. >> do you agree the world is watching? >> oh, i think the world is watching. i think the world is watching. because the world saw the attack on the capitol on january 6th. they saw the mob screaming, hang mike pence. they saw the gallows outside the come, the mob storm the capitol. they saw capitol police injured. i think the world is very interested in what's happening to american democracy. >> well, this morning on cnn, we heard from former republican congressman rick himman who worked as a technical adviser for the january 6th committee. he did not expect a smoking gun but expects them to present damaging evidence against donald trump and his any ablers. >> i think when you look at the totality of the evidence, some
3:19 pm
is my personal opinions. it's apparent that president trump knew something was going on. obviously. in you are having meetings within the white house, if you are having individuals you are may paying out there to do lawsuits, if you are pushing this on twitter and social media, which is very important, which the committee will concentrating on. if you look at the message pushed by president trump, himself, on social media and other individuals, you start to see this pipeline of information that's pushing things like stop the steal. >> do you know anything of thursday's hearing or the ample other hearings expected this month will actually change minds? we should note you are one of the architects, obviously, of the two impeachment proceedings against trump. you know first hand what it looks like to layout evidence but also to lay it out in a way that could grab the public's attention to put it altogether? >> well, i think that -- i don't know when you said it wasn't a
3:20 pm
slam dunk. they seem to me. >> he said there is no smoking gun evidence in terms of some shiny piece of evidence to put the clear link with donald trump. >> i said it's not one piece of evidence. it's the totality of the evidence, which is very damaging. the totality that even that's publicly known at this point. never mind the evidence the commission hasn't publicized yet. it's a very convincing case the president of the united states conspired against american democracy, conspired to steal an election. conspired to prevent the peaceful transfer of power after he lost that election. i can think of nothing more damaging to american democracy. it even is worse than watergate. >> will anything change, though, in this challenge to him? or is this gentleman to be political theater? how do you think the public is going to respond to what is laid out in these hearings?
3:21 pm
>> well, nothing is unanimous in the public, obviously. a lot of people will have their eyes opened. a large number of people will watch the hearings and they'll see the evidence and see how conventioning it is. i think it will. i don't know if it will change minds, but make up a lot of minds. i think people are absolutely convinced that donald trump's garden can do no wrong. they probably won't listen to the hearings. but anyone who listens with a halfway opened mind will be very convinced of the threat to american democracy represented by the former president. >> as you know, the republican leadership has been opposed to this committee since the very beginning. liz cheney, adam kinzinger, two republicans on this committee. looking ahead to thursday, do you think the committee will be more focused on legalities or possible referral -- >> i'm sorry, what? >> do you think the committee will be more focused on the
3:22 pm
legalities for possibly criminal referral to the justice department or the political aspects here because, of course, trump -- yeah. >> well, i think -- the committee is an agency of congress. they recommended, um, contempt proceedings and congress voted, contempt proceedings or that house i should say voted contempt proceedings against four people. the justice department announcing a criminal indictment and punitive io. >> what's that for? >> it has not announced criminal indictments of mark meadows and one other person and it may be because they are cooperating. we don't know why they didn't -- they didn't recommend that. but i presume it's because they are cooperating in some ways that the justice departments feels is sufficient. >> it was dan ska i have no and mark meadows.
3:23 pm
you are the chairman, we heard earlier adam schiff said he thought it was puzzling they didn't indict those other two. do you think that was the right decision? >> well, i don't know it was the right decision. because i don't know all the evidence. >> based on what you know, adam said it's puzzling, what do you think? >> it's puzzling only in the sense if you don't know the reason. to me it's not puzzling in the sense of the justice department should have done it. they should have, they didn't. i assume they had good reason not to. it may be -- remember that ska i have no scavino and meadows are cooperating. maybe the justice department doesn't feel it has sufficient evidence to convict a jury down to reasonable doubt that they're willfully withholding evidence. it's got to be will, remember. >> let me ask you, because
3:24 pm
again, you were the architect of one of the architects i should say of the two impeachment proceedings against donald trump. in neither case was he convicted in the senate. you were on the forefront of the russia probe on capitol hill. you know, going back to public perception, there were a lot of americans frankly just skeptical after all of that. and what do you say to those americans who are, frankly, after seeing the democrats time and time again, in their view, go after donald trump, what do you say to them? >> well, i think that, you know, on the second impeachment of trump, the first time in american history that members, senators in the president's own party voted to convict him. in no prior impeachment whether president clinton or johnson back in the 19th century did a
3:25 pm
member of his own party vote to convict him. here, there were such votes. that is very interesting and very damming. it shows the pressures of party loyalty to a president are incredible in the fact that you got some votes from the president's own party in the senate is very damming. >> right. and i see your point on that, members of the president os own party doing that. but taken as a whom, as you well know, there are a lot of american who's see democrats' efforts as just once again trying to take down donald trump. how do you convince them that, no, that is not what we are trying to do here. this is really about democracy? there is a bigger purpose here? how do you convince those skeptical americans? >> well, some people aren't going to be convinced. they aren't convincible. others, that's one of the purposes of the committee of the january 6th committee hearings, to reveal the evidence in a
3:26 pm
systematic way. if people's minds that are at all opened will be convinced. because evidence as i said are very damming. there are others that will never be convinced because they worship donald trump and they probably won't even listen to the hearing. >> all right. congressman, please stay with us. we will talk about what congress is doing to address the gun violence epidemic when we come back. we're in the "cnn newsroom." our. and vanguard r retirement tools and advice can help you get there. that's the value of ownership.
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attorney's office to pursue justice for everyone. but like so many of my colleagues, i resigned in protest because chesa boudin interfered in every single case and failed to do his job. the office is absolutely in disarray right now. chesa dissolved my unit prosecuting car break-ins. now criminals flock
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to san francisco because there are no consequences. we can't wait. recall chesa boudin now. . welcome back. 6:30 p.m. eastern time here in washington, taking a live look at capitol hill. 77 degrees outside, not too bad. well, as you all know, if you have been watching the news at all or if you live in the nation's cities, the gun violence has ratcheted up this weekend. there have been at least nine
3:31 pm
mass shootings across the country and 230 mass shootings so far this year, despite the shameful level of death and carnage, it stalled on capitol hill. i want to bring in jerry nadler, new york democrat. congressman, on your thursday, your committee approved a wide ranging package of gun reform legislation called protecting our kids act. it would raise the age to purchase a semi automatic rifle and large magazines, incentivize armed storage, regulate how guns are stored and regulate bump stocks. it's expected to pass the house and die in the senate. so what was accomplished? >> we passed this legislation. it will pass the house on wednesday. i can't speak for the senate. let me say, by the way, these, this legislation passed the committee 25-to-19.
3:32 pm
after a party line vote. the republicans were saying, i assume they'll stay in the senate na this violates second amendment rights. the rooits right to have firearms. no right is absolute. justice scalia wrote the supreme court on the second amendment said no rights are sluchlt we have the rights to free speech. but it doesn't mean you can falsely yell "fire" in a crowded theater. it doesn't mean you can falsely report a crime to the police. by the same token, second amendment rights are not absolute either. we have to protect the public safety. only in the united states do have you these mass shootings in any great number? >> right. >> now, the republicans say, well, it's a question of members, they don't borrow money nor mental health. that's a slander on the american people. the american people aren't 400%
3:33 pm
more mentally ill than people in other countries. the difference is the power of the nra and the republican party. now what the senate will do? i hope they will begin to reform and at least pass some of this. if they pass some of it, we'll take what they do and we'll pass it in their form remember but i hope for the sake of the american people, they pass at least something. >> what realistically do you think can pass? why push bills if they're not going to pass the senate? i know your point is they could take some of it. what do you think they'll actually take? because this is a crisis in america. there is a gun violence epidemic. it is just this past weekend, it is so in your face what a beg problem this is. both sides are approaching this with different solutions. what could actually pass in the senate that the house is working on? >> i'm not sure what could pass in the senate. but some things it seems very mild to me at least that maybe
3:34 pm
the senate will pass are raising the age of being able to buy semi all weapon from 18 to 21. why? because the statistics show that a very large attraction of crimes committed with semi automatic weapons are done with 18 to 20-year-olds. the red flag law, common sense legislation that says if someone knows and someone who he knows, someone in his family, a friend, is acting irrationally, seems to be mentally im. he can report that to a judge. a judge on a temporary basis can prevent that person from having semi automatic weapons with a hearing, whether the person can get those rights back shortly. those things would go a long way and i would hope that the senate would recognize that they don't violate anybody's rights whatsoever. >> we saw just how contentious
3:35 pm
this issue is and partisan at the house hearing on thursday after representative cicilline. it got very emotional at times. i am just wondering, again, ultimately you have to get republicans on board for this to pass or anything to pass congress on gun reform or prevent future mass shootings, whether it's a wholistic approach and mental health and so forth. have you talked to republicans? have you got an sense of what can be compromised on? you know it seems like. >> go ahead. >> i talk to republicans in our committee and they're not prepared to compromise anything. not even the most simple things. ultimately, this is a democracy. >> so what are you going to do with that, if are you not going to compromise on anything? >> ultimately this is a democracy. if the republicans block common sense gun legislation, the american people know that we have all these mass shootings because of this, then we have an election coming up and if the
3:36 pm
democrats retain control of the house, we get two more democratic senators, key can get rid of the filibuster and pass the intelligent gun legislation and a lot of other things. >> say again. >> do you actually think the democrats will retain control that tof the majority in the mid-terms in. >> i think that the political situation changed drastically. number one is the gun issue. this is an issue that's felt very deeply now. number two, assuming the supreme court does what the leaked opinion by justice scalia says it will do. we'll know that by the end of this month. the supreme court announces a decision in june. if it does that, then you have the american people, there will be a tremendous ae action especially by women against the loss of rights they've had for centuries, which is say the right to an abortion. i think between those two
3:37 pm
things, the gun violence the republicans refuse to do anything about and the abortion, i think you can very well see a very good democratic vote in november. >> and also there are other issues that matter to voters, inflation, the state of the economy and so forth as we know president biden -- focused on it. >> i think all issues add up. i think these are the two game changers. people have been saying for quite a while what the president's popularity is down, 42%. whatever it is, therefore, the president's party normally loses seats in the first mid-terms and so forth. and that's true. niece are two fthese are twgame changers. >> you said republicans aren't
3:38 pm
doing anything, pat toomey said there appears to be an openness to do something. the bottom line is we see shootings going on and finger pointings happen. states that have more success as you well know, tightening gun laws. last week, lawmakers passed reforms, including raising the age to buy a semi automatic rifle to 21. if congress can't pass reforms, do you think these changes need to happen on the state level? is that where you see it will happen? >> some will happen on the state level. they won't be terribly -- yes, new york, for example, has had very strong gun laws, now has even i assume the government will sign it, but most of the guns used in mayhem in new york come from other places. they're sold legally somewhere else. they come up the i-95 corridor to new york. same thing is true with the guns
3:39 pm
in chicago. these guns are bought illegally, some in the united states, brought into new york or chicago or whatever and state laws a not much utility. pus they can't operate in another state. >> i think it was something like 60% of the crimes gun violence in chicago came from out of state, the guns came from out of state, bought legally and brought there. so that certainly is another issue with all of this. congressman jerry nadler, i appreciate you coming on, sharing your thoughts. >> thank you. around still ahead in the "cnn newsroom", russia strikes military targets in kiev. vladimir putin warns more to come if you crane gets long-range missiles. what do we know about this missile flying dangerously close to a nuclear plant? enty of magic in all that chaos. ♪ so differerent and so new ♪
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3:45 pm
positions, pushing to gain full control of the donbas region, moscow says is its priority. cities in donetsk are changing hands. we have conflicting reports of ukrainian and russian forces gaining the upper hand, kiev, the capital has come under attack, five cruise missiles slamming into the city. hilting one military target, according to ukrainian officials also destroying a train repair workshop. the russian president, meanwhile, has criticized the united states for agreeing to supply ukraine with long range artillery, telling kremlin-controlled media that that move was intended to prolong the armed conflict also vowing that russia will respond by striking unspecified facilities that he said have not been targeted yet. pam, back to you. >> thank you so much, mathew
3:46 pm
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it is summer vacation time. for many americans that means a family road trip. even with record inflation and gas prices tens of millions of americans traveled last weekend for memorial day. in the northeast visitors head to rural pennsylvania. but can't escape the rising cost of doing business. we have more. >> we got a steam powered carousel and a food stand and a couple games of chance and little by little we are now 60 rides. >> reporter: since 1926, knoebe l's is a summer tourist destination. >> i see the train slowing down so there should be some squirrels over here. >> little chipmunks. the park is free to enter and rides like the pioneer train are pay as you go but prices at this
3:52 pm
family run park surrounded by farm land aren't exempt from the rise of inflation. >> chicken to rolls, electricity, we had to increase our prices. >> reporter: inflation is gripping the nation's pocketbook with prices at a four-decade high. a pain point for president biden as most americans are sour on the economy. still an estimatedtravel memori. most by car. up from last year. >> when i hear inflation that's where we're going to spend the ad dollars locally and focusing on the backyard tourist. the locals and reach people in a two to three-hour range. >> reporter: like rebecca that makes a day trip from fl phil saying gas prices won't cut the summer plans but be scaled back.
3:53 pm
>> one year coming up think came up 26 times in the summer. >> do you think you'll dial it back a little bit? >> not 26 but close to a dozen or more. >> reporter: valerie bloom said she is mindful of higher prices elsewhere to give the kids a great summer. >> what will you do? you got to live and have fun. >> reporter: most customers means the need for more workers. labor shortages persist with a near record 11.4 million open jobs in the u.s. inflation is hitting employees too so there's a shuttle to save gas money and ensure the park is staffed. >> more money in the employees' pocket. >> reporter: places like this are economic drivers, supporting
3:54 pm
other businesses in town. >> for the success in town is critical. all the sales go up once they start. >> reporter: despite also having to raise prices in store kimberly cooper said the crowds are coming and buying. >> doesn't seem to have made a difference here this year. >> reporter: cnn, pennsylvania. just in to cnn the u.s. and south korea have launched eight surface to surface missiles in a response to north korea's launch saturday. we'll have much more next hour with a live report from seoul. queen elizabeth said there's no guide book to follow to mark 70 years. how the uk marked the final day of her platinum jubilee. t-mobile has more 5g bars in more places than ananyone.
3:55 pm
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i'm pamela brown in washington. prime time investigation. the house select committee on the january 6 attack gets set to lay it out to the american public. so what should we expect? plus, chaos in philadelphia. police say multiple shooters opened fire in a crowded area. it is a surprise appearance by queen elizabeth at the end of the platinum jubilee.
4:00 pm
you're in the "cnn newsroom." just in to cnn, south korean and u.s. forces launched eight surface to surface missiles a short time in response to the missiles that north korea launched. the third since south korean president yoon came into office. let's get manier from barbara starr. what is the significance? >> reporter: the u.s. and south korea pursuing the policies of a public response to north korea's continuing missile launches. the north koreans on a fast pace all of this year. now with eight short range ballistic missiles fired on saturday by north korea the u.s. and south korea jointly responded. it's monda


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