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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  June 5, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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richard nixon. this man is up to his eyebrows in this thing. if we don't come forward and end this, a lot of people are going to go to jail. this thing has got to end. and i'm going to be the one that has to blow this all up. ♪ hello and welcome to our viewers joining us from all around the world. you're watching cnn newsroom. well, just ahead, after weeks of calm in kyiv, russia hits ukraine's capitol with missiles as vladimir putin issues a new threat. missileal launches off the korean peninsula. eight of them. this time by the u.s. and south korean forces. a direct response to tests from the north. why the tit for tat and broughter implications in the
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region. plus, another violent and deadly weekend in america. at least nine mass shootings. one veteran lawmaker says he's more confident than ever that bipartisan gun reform is coming. ♪ >> well, you crane says russian forces are renewing their offense offensebiveb as the battle for the done bask goes on. they suffered amidst a push towards the key city. in the neighboring luhansk region, they expect to redouble their efforts to take the city. fighting has raged for weeks but ukrainian forces say they've started taking background and now control about half of the
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city. on sunday, ukraine says president zelenskyy travelled to war-torn areas in the east, met with displaced residents from mariupol, which fell under russian control last month. and reportedly visited frontline troops in the dawn bask region. >> i'm proud of everyone i met, communicated with and supported. something was brought for the military but i will not detail it and i brought something from them to you. it is is important. we brought confidence and strength. >> zelenskyy's visit as the russian counterpart was issuing more threats. vladimir putin responded to reports the u.s. and allies plan to supply ukraine with long-range missiles. >> translator: in general, all
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this fuss about additional weapons deliveries is to draw this out longer than possible. we will use our own weapons, of which we have enough, to it strike at those facilities we are not targeting yet. >> that warning as russian missiles shattered the sense of calm in the capitol. they say russia fired five cruise missiles on sunday. moscow claims they were targeting soviet-designed tanks. this as the nuclear power station operator says a russian missileal flew dangerously low in the south and accused russia of threatening the world with a new nuclear catastrophe. for more, let's bring in claire sebastian joining us from london. let's begin with the strike ises in kyiv. the capitol in more than a month shattering that sense of relative safety that perhaps
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residents had been feeling. >> and i think there's two key things to read into the missileal strikes. one is that while clearly the donbas region, no city can be considered safe. this city had been reopening for the residents and foreign embassies reopening in the city and now, of course, there's black plumes of smoke rising over the city. clearly a sense of tromprau the residents there. clearly, as we heard from president putin's comments, russia is very rattled by the constant resupply of weapons to ukrainian forces and in particular, the latest promise by the united states to it provide longer range missiles, longer range artillery. this is something president putin has warned against russia, saying those strikes in kyiv hit a facility that was storing tanks and other armored vehicles
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provided by eastern european countries. that's refuted by ukraine. they said it hit a facility that was a railway repair facility. that's been backed by a british military assessment. these were air strikes by russia fired from the caspaean sea. clearly a way to demonstrate the range of their own weapons as they see this promise from the united states to supply longer range weapons to ukraine. >> it's a reminder that moscow can lash out at will on most of ukraine. putin has issued that warning to the west, saying that they will hit targets and that we haven't hit before, if ukraine is provide would the longer range missiles. what sort of targets -- do you believe he's a referring to? >> i think that's really an open question. i think it if you look at what's happening right now, it seems there's an effort to try to hit
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the resupply by western forces, western countries weapons into ukraine. you saw that with what they claimed they hit in kyiv. we see the near constant shelling and air strikes on grain facilities. food cries that president putin blames on the with west and the west of course blames on russia. the black sea ports are still not open. the block aitd still continues. we saa strike just over the weekend in the south of ukraine in a grain silo. this is a critical issue. civilian areas continue to be shelled. it's near total. so, there's sort of a wide range of targets that they continue to hit. i think it's actually quite hard to know what they would do next, given the range they're already hitting. >> claire, in recent weeks, the fight, with as we know, has been centered in the east. how are both sides fairing in
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the war of atrition? >> this is a slow climbing. we see that as russia appears to be unable to hold on to the gain it's taken in the city. and we see the constant artillery barrage from the russian side with a wide range of artillery weapons. that's why ukraine keeps calling for more artillery. and the continuation of air strikes. at least eight were killed over the weekend. that is partly from this constant shelling we see from the russian side. both sides incur canning heavy losses. we know he said last week they're losing sk60 to 100 soldiers in the east every day. russia taking heavy losses. they don't talk much openly about that themselves. this is a very slow, painful,
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grueling conflict we see on the ground in eastern ukraine. >> sebastian, we appreciate the context. many thanks. south korea and the u.s. is sending a strong message to pyongyang about its recent missile launches by setting up their very own. the south korea issen joint chiefs of staff say missiles were launched early monday morning. a response to the launch of short ballistic missileals on sunday. south korea fired missiles after joe biden agreed to new measures to deter pyongyang. ivan watson joins us for more on the issue. they've fired more tests this year than 2020 and 2021 combined. what can we read into this? >> this is a form of communication coming from north korea to its rivals. and it's a way that it can test
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and practice with its missile technology, all of which is supposed to be banned by united nations security council resolutions. we're seeing a pattern evolve on the part of south korea and the u.s. to say you're going to fire missiles? we are too. the salvo that came before dawn this morning was les than 24 hours after north korea's missileal launch. and both these allied militaries saying it's a sign that they can respond quickly. and it's mot the only military response. you also had the u.s. and japan conduct what they describe as a bilateral ballistic missile defense exercise on sunday which the japanese say reaffirmed their readiness to address the ballistic missileal threat. you have a new elected government in south korea. a conservative politician.
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yoon, who has made clear his government will respond firmly and sternly to any provocations from north korea. if you look at the pattern of launches from north korea over the last year, at least 17 -- that's more than 2020 and 2021 combined. but look longer term and you'll see that there have been other previous years where north korea fired many more missileals. there were years like 2019. i think we have another graphic we can show you, when the u.s., then president donald trump, was meeting face to face with the north korean leader kim jong-un and yet you had more missileals fired that year than so far this year. it is disturbing we're seeing the tit for tat missileal launches and that does not bode
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well around the tense korean peninses lu. >> and south korea's new president has promised to strekten military cooperation with the president of the united states. i think we can assure a flurry of activity from north korea. well, shocked communities around the u.s. are in mourning after a weekend that saw nearly ten more mass shootings. the stark details on america's escalate aing gun violence epidemic. that's ahead. under budget t too! and i get seven days to love it or my money back... i love it! i thought online meaeant no one to help me, but susan from carvana had all the answers. she didn't try to upsell me.e. not once, because they're not salespeople! what are you...? guess who just checked in on me? mom... susan from carvana! [laughs] we'll drive you happy at carvana.
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welcome back. returning to our top story. ukraine says russian forces are regaining their offensebive. they suffered losses in the donbas region to the east. that comes anid key city e. there's a fight on the city of southern donbas. and a former special operations commander with the marine raider regiment. he set up in ukraine.
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what do you make of vladimir putin's threat to the west, saying if they provide with long-range targets, moscow will hit targets we haven't hit before. he's not bluffing. >> good afternoon or evening, whatever time it is for you and your listeners. it's morning in kyiv. there's two points about this. putin is -- and over the last to whatever he says and one has to ask himself and not for a moment am i diminishing the threat. it's not as though putin has held back from anything short of nuclear or chemical weapons to this point. and he's only held back for fear of retaliation for going full throttle to either eventuality. it would be a mistake to constantly back pedal for fear of him escalating.
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i would argue the russian federation is gaining confidence right now. that would have been the time he resorted to hitting targets he had not hit before. all of that having been said the ukrainians themselves are always concerned about another attack on kyiv. and there are indications that is not off the table. you'v you've seen the russians slowly gaining ground in the east. and ukrainians feel, with some justification, that would be the-time putin would go go for the high threshold.
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whether they could take kyiv is another matter. ne nevertheless, you would make things uncomfortable for the city. there are indications he's thinking about troops amassing close to the russian border of belarus. recognizance troops have been seen on this side of the border. a strike at kyiv would certainly be something that putin has on the table and that is what ukrain ukrainians are most concerned about. >> we spoke last hour with the ukrainian member of parliament. and repeated a call we've heard from many lawmakers. here's what she had to say. let's take a listen. >> i want to see the no-fly zone. whatever you call it. you see right now with the recent attacks on ckyiv that we need protexts prom the air,
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otherwise putin is on the east and south. and we cannot allow that. so, we need more assistance in protecting our peaceful is cities. we need more weapons. >> colonel, should a no-fly zone be off the tablt entirely or is it time to reconsider? >> i think it's time to reconsider. again, you've heard my comments about escalation. you can't be concerned about putin escalating. it's very unlikely that -- you know, he's very fond of pounding his chest, but in the end, he's a rational actor in the sense he wants to hold on to power and knowing when the russian federation wants to come face to face with the united states. a no-fly zone would certainly be a good move by nato the united states. and you could confine to the areas of ukraine held by the russians.
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no doubt in my mind they could do that without risk of escalation. i would say it's off the table. i would say unlikely. and to the -- what we just heard. it's not a question of more weapons. it's weapons that give ukrainians an edge. the mlrs would certainly be a val valuable contrabougz. but there's lag time. weeks if not months off training in germany. and when used, it's going to be centralized control. i would argue long-range strike drones, recognizance drones, long-range logistics zones. something like the mq 1 or 9. would be a game changer here. and that is what ukrainians need most.
11:21 pm
and they are very adept at using drones. they need very little training. and if they're off the table, other nations include turkey e, which has proved to be a game changer here. it's not more weapons. a lot of the weapons systems that have been supplied to date are simply obsolete in modern warfare. where russians can land around within four minutes detecting incoming rounds themselves. just a piece of modern war demands that long-range precision strike. the side that holds capability that has stand off against the other side, has the edge and that is what long-range firms right mow will give ukrainians. in summary, i don't think a no-fly zone is on the table. i could be the table and argue for it.
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i think grirltsz pragmatic and ethical reasons to do that. nevertheless, i don't think it's fwo eing to happen. they should consider long-range strike and is recognizance drones. >> we're the united states and west are willing to give it to them is another conversation. colonel joining us from kyiv, we appreciate your time. thank you so much. at least 28 people were killed after gunman stormed the catholic church and opened fire in nigeria. we must warn you the following video of the attack is graphic. authorities told cnn they have yet to identify the total number of casualties. the pope has been informed of the shooting and is praying for the victims and the country. we'll have is a live report next hour. >> well, america's epidemic of
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gun violence worsened over the weekend. cnn has confirmed since friday at least nine mass shootings in the u.s. have killed 12 people and wounded 59 others. that includes a shooting in chattanooga, tennessee overnight where two were killed and 14 others wounded. police say gunfire erupted at a night club. a bar shooting left two dead, two others injured. also in arizona, one killed, ano another eight wounded outside a strip mall. eight others wounded at a graduation party. and in philadelphia, police say three are dead, 11 others wounded after a shooting in a popular bar and restaurant district. well, parts of philadelphia are under curfew in the wake of the mass shooting. the city's mayor says he's calling for tougher gun laws. peter sandoval has the latest.
11:24 pm
>> there was a sense of normalcy restored in the south street neighborhood. but over the weekend, a series of non-related shootings. and investigators say it all started on saturday night. and a scuffle that turned into a shootout. philadelphia police say they managed to engage one of the suspects. causing him to drop his his fire arm there are ages ranging from 17 to 69. the broader age of gun violence, she's mentioned theb number of shootings, not just here but in the country. >> these incidents have an exponential effect on our
11:25 pm
community. and it not only impacts the individual that's been directly victimized but it victimizes their loved ones, their families and the neighbors. neighborhoods all over the world. it's unacceptbalable. beyond unacceptableable. we're using every resource to get to the bottom of what occurred, not just last night but behind the gun violence in the city, period. >> police commissioner saying they will certainly continue to maintain a police presence throughout the community. but they're calling on more resources to help them, expecting the increase is likely to continue. they're expecting a legislative response. >> there have been 246 mass shootings so far this year. >> the the u.s. is averaging
11:26 pm
more than one mass shooting per day. not just shootings but mass shootings. incidents where at least four people have been shot, mot including the shooter. lawmakers are expressing optimism about finding common ground on gun reform. >> i think republicans realize how scared parents and kids are across this count rae. i think they realize this cannot be nothing. that it's frankly a test of democracy. for it's a test of the federal government as to whether we can deliver at a moment of just fierce anxiety among the american public. wore closer than ever before. let's see if we land it. >> something in the space of expanding background checks is certainly on the table and i hope part of a final package. >> the u.s. house of repr representatives will hold a hearing including survivors and
11:27 pm
family members of victims of recent mass shootings. some republicans remain opposed to new measures. a group of self identified conservatives, expressing support for republican cornyn of texas and for new gun safety measures. people signed in the home news part sunday, dallas morning news. sti stillal to come on cnn, covid cases are trending down. “shoot it?” suggests the scienentists. so they shoot t it. hmm... back to the miro board. dave sayays “feed it?” and dave feeds it. just then our hero has a breakthrough. "shoot it, camera, shoot a movie!" and so our humble team saves the day by working together. on miro.
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beijing is easing covid measures. they can return to dining services, except in some areas. and starting june 13th, schools will start back to in-person learning. going to public places will need to show a negative pcr test taken within 72 hours. let's bring in live in hong kong. with infections falling and chinesing restrictions in beijing and shanghai, is norpal life as we know it being restored >> more like as normal as possible life. starting today we know office workers will be able to return to the office. dining in services will resume with exceptions. public transportation is operating for normal.
11:32 pm
residents in beijing have to provide proof of a negative pc russian test within a previous 72 hours before they're allowed to gain access to public venues, offices and other public buildings. we're monitoring the situation in shanghai. they emerged from a punishing and parlizing lockdown. resitants have been able to move out and about. today we know that older high school students in shanghai are resuming in-person classes but hundreds of thousands of residents are still being subjected to the mandatory covid tests. as authorities try to hunt down every case of the virus. friday, three cases of covid-19 detected in shanghai. that led to three separate residential neighborhoods to be sealed off. >> that must be excruciating for
11:33 pm
people living in these areas. great to see you. thank you so much. still to come on cnn, queen elizabeth's surprise appearance caps off days of celebrations.
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thousands hit the streets for a pageant marking the finale of queen elizabeth's platinum jubilee. but perhaps the surprise appearance at buckingham palace marking her historic 70-year reign came to it an end. >> the priceless gold state
11:37 pm
coach travels down the mal, kicking off the final day of the queen's jubilee celebrations. then on to buckingham palace. just as it did 70 years ago, carrying a young, recently proclaimed queen elizabeth. now, the 96-year-old monarch appears represented by a hologram, a sign of the times but also of the queen's frailty after she missed all but one of the jubilee events due to her discomfort. prince charles again taking on the queen's responsibilities, saluting the parade as it passed. people watched, including the prime minister, boris johnson and other members of the royal family in the audience, but not harry and megan. the event aimed to tell the story of the queen through a parade marking the most iconic fads over the past 70 years.
11:38 pm
from the '50s, to the knotting hill carnival and punk culture. with a special appearance of uk celebrities, national treasures and more. to the great delight of the queen's great grandchildren. even the iconic double decker bus got a make over for the occasion. a celebration of the last 70 years of british culture and the testimony to the incredible length of the queen's reign. her world wide responsibilities as leader of the cheommonwealth and her personal interests. and get a rare glimpse of the more informal part of the family dynamic. >> i feel like this is the people's pageant. a chance to say thank you to her majesty. 70 years of service. generally much more happy towards her and talk more about her because of her age.
11:39 pm
>> most people are proud of her. >> we cried all afternoon. >> in a statement the queen said she was humbled and touched by the support and said, quote, while i may not have attended every event in person, my heart has been with you all. british singer ed sheeran closed sunday's festivities with a tribute the queen elizabeth,b before the surprise highlight of the day. it was the book-ending to this four-day jubilee celebration that so many people had been hoping for. one last glimpse of their aging queen up there on the buckingham palaceal balcony. and for the queen, in the twilight of her reign, reassurance that she's loved more than ever. max foster, cnn, buckingham palace, london. >> well, the queen was being
11:40 pm
h honored at the platinum jubilee. the 4-year-old got aminto it wi his the duchess of cambridge. he shook his hand at her and made faces on live tv. parents around the world can probably sympathize with the justice. after after he covered his ears during an air force fly over. i'm glad it's not just my boys that misbehaven. top gun maverick is still flying high. the blockbuster made an estimated $86 million over the past weekend. that's a drop of 32% from the record-setting open. the sequel has earned nearly $550 million so far around the world. well, for our international viewers, "world sport" is up next. for everyone in the u.s. andnd
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the investigation into the january 26th riot is set to enter a new phase. starting thursday, they hope to
11:45 pm
grab the public's attention by televising hearings in prime time. they're expectinged to unveilal new evidence about the insurrection and what led up to it. here's more from washington. >> january 6th is gearing up for the first of several high stakes public hearings and the first is slated to happen this week. the committee has conducted over 1,000 interviews but almost all of their work has happened behind closed doors. that means this is the first time the panel has a chance to present its case directly to the american people. the committee is promising to put on a compelling show that features a summary of its findings they say points to a coordinated effort to prevent the transfer of power. former president donald trump's role will be a common thread throughout all the hearings, including a focus on what he was doing and not doing on january
11:46 pm
6th, as the violence was unfolding. at the same time they're saying trump has already communicated that he expects them to defend him while the hearings are playing out. trump's insistence has already mobilized fwrks op loyalists. the plans are being developed to push back on the committee. and instead continue to beat the drum of present day economic cultural issues that resonated with their voters. whileal it appears to be taking shape, it's dleer will be tailored to an audience of one and that's to it donald trump. cnn, washington. >> well, joining me now from los angeles is a political analyst and president of the global policy institute at loyola marymount, university. he's also the author of several books, including the modern presidency, six debates that
11:47 pm
define the institution. this is being billed at compulsory viewing. will it grab the eye balls they so desperately need to bring it back into the public's consciousness? >> i think this is why the watergate analogy is really apt. john dean set the stage for everything. what we need is a john dean moment. someone or something that will clarify for the american public what this is about, why it's important and what it means to them. because you've got a largely distractive audience. people concerned with every day issues like inflation, the price of gas, guns in their schools. they need a compelling, powepowerful reason to turn their attention to this. the congress and committee has a tremendously important job to do. but will the american public be
11:48 pm
tuned in? the first will draw them in or turn them off. >> the house committee plans to unveil evidence of what it has described as, quote, a criminal conspiracy to defraud the united states. are they over selling it or do you believe that they have the proof? >> well, they're not over selling it because the story. and they're going to have to tell a story so people conect to the story hoar. it's a a story of the undermining of democracy, the attempt to overturn a democratic election. the story a of a violent insurrection against federal government. you've got a compelling, powerful story. they need to make it relevant. they need to show people this is important to their lives. the salacious side of the story and that will make great tv. you've got to personalize it for the american viewer, who needs to think about why this matters to them.
11:49 pm
>> you mentioned that salacious side and no doubt that will involve video recordings and inert views with trump's daughter, ivanka and jared kushner. who will be the big names? as we know esome senior republicans have refused to cooperate. >> yes, and we still don't know who they're going to call. that's part of the mystery. maybe that's intentional but the committee is still trying to get exactly what all the eyes dotted. they're not quite sure exactly how they're going to proveed. there's a bit of mystery to that and that makes it more compelling. we're going to wonder who is going to show up. will it be someone who has a blockbuster story to tell or someone who stone walls? there's a natural drama to the whole set of hearings. but again, congress has to make the case that it's compelling
11:50 pm
and relevant. >> you mentioned that the first hearing is the most important. there will be six, i believe, in total. and what will be the end result some and legally, i guess, what are the consequences of this? >> well, congress does investigations and oversight so that they can pass legislation to improve things. so, you will see efforts to pass or introduce legislation to deal, especially electoral reform. i think beyond that, the big take away from this may well be that donald trump in american politics is at stake and in play. donald trump has a lot to lose. and he has something to gain. if he can keep the american public distracted and he's very good at that, then he will have served a major purpose for his future. but if the democrats and two republicans on the committee can
11:51 pm
press the case that donald trump is the one responsible, then donald trump is put in a very precarious position. his name is either mud or gold after this. >> i wanted to ask you how will this effect the midterms and donald trump's hold on the republican party? what's your prediction? >> there's no question that the democrats would like this to have a major impact and hurt the republicans. that's why, as your story said earlier, there are a lot of republicans that say let's put in the rearview mirror. they're not going to be ableal to. the answer to your question depends on just how viewership is for the hearings. 23 republicans are going to be turned off. democrats turned on. there are still a few people who could be swayed. and those are the people who will make or break the parties
11:52 pm
in the midterm elections. and those the people both sides are going after. >> let's siee if it will make gripping tv as it's been billed. thank you for your insight. the nba finals are now even a game a piece. thanks to a dominant performance by the golden state warriors in game two, led by superstar steph curry's 29 points, the warriors defeated the celtics 118-88. out scoring boston 35-14. the best of seven series heads to boston for game three on wednesday. in tennis, another win for rafael nadal. the 36-year-old spaniard easily won in straight sets for his 14th french open title. nadal has extended his own record, winning 22 grand slams. cnn's christina macfarlane has
11:53 pm
more from paris. >> reporter: it's the most familiar scene in sports, rafael madal lifting the trophy. extending his record, cementing his legacy as the undisputed king of clay. >> next to me again means everything. so, yeah. been emotional. victories without a doubt. unexpected in some way. yeah. very happy. >> but this was his most hard fought, unlikely victory. he's had to contend with many victories. but the past year has been particularly grueling. after withdrawing from tennis for six months due to an ongoing foot injury, it's taken grit and belief to force his way back to the equation, even after this unexpected feet of brilliance, he's not done yet. >> i'm going to be in wimbledon
11:54 pm
if my body is ready. wimbledon is not a tournament i want to miss. i think nobody want to miss wimbledon. i have amazing tlm. full respect to the tournament. a player like me, i am always ready to play wimbledon. >> he leads his greatest rivals by two grand slams and has the potential for a first ever calendar grand slam. >> it hasn't been done in men -- >> he hasn't won at wimbledon since 2010. and not easy for him. but we'll see what kind of further treatments he's able to do to anesticize it on the grab. and he's won the u.s. open four times in the previous decade.
11:55 pm
i would say it's definitely less likely a than not he does it. and showing time and time again you can't fully count him out. >> there's no doubt the 22-time grand slam champion is edging closer to the twilight portion of his career. they'll continue to chase history. cnn, paris. >> nadal joins monday to talk about his record-extending french open win. 1:00b p.m. new york time, 7:00 p.m. in paris only on cnn. well, ukraine's national football team fell short in its bid to qualify for this year's world cup. the men's team lost on sunday thanks to a free kick by global superstar. it bounced off a ukrainian defender for a goal. here's what fans for ukraine and wales were saying after the match.
11:56 pm
>> good for the victory of our country isn't at -- our forces will win for the army and it's the most important for us. >> disappointed but we lost today. we played well and probably deserved to play in the world cup but i wish best to wales now. >> we're very proud of them. they've done very well. you know, everything that's happened at the moment, ukraine touches our heart. >> it shows it's not just about football. it's about what is going on in the world as well. there's only one win. clapping ukraine fans. >> this will be wales' first trip 32 world cup since 1958. they will face the u.s. in their
11:57 pm
first game in qatar which kicks off in november. back with more news in a moment.
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12:00 am
hello and welcome to our viewers joining us from the united states and around the world. just ahead, russian president vladimir putin issues a new threat as ukraine's president delivers his own message from the front lines. flus u.s. and south korea match north korea missile in the latest display of tensions on that peninsula. and yet another dark weekend i


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