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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  June 6, 2022 2:59am-4:00am PDT

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proud. the other side is pure joy for wales who reached their first world cup in 64 years. finally to paris where the king of play reigns supreme. all rafa nadal all the time. turning 36 last week, he breezes past norway in straight sets winning the last 11 games to close out the match. it's his 14th french open title and record, extending 22nd grand slam. emotion all over his face at the end. incredible stuff for nadal. he was getting injections in his foot all week long just to be able to be out there. >> all right, coy, nice to see you. happy monday. >> thanks, coy. one more to go this week. >> who is counting? >> i'm christine romans. >> i'm laura jarrett. "new day" starts right now. with john berman on this "new day." uk prime minister boris johnson could be out of a job by tonight, we are live at 10 downing street. it was a deadly weekend in america from graduation parties to bars, mass shootings across
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the country leaving several killed and dozens more wound. what is congress prepared to do when they return this week? a former judge in wisconsin gunned down by a man with a hit list. the two high-profile politicians he targeted next. and the u.s. and south korea responding to eight missile tests by north korea with eight missile tests that have i remember own. what will kim jong-un do now ? good morning to our viewers here in the united states and all around the world, it is monday, june 6th. major political news out of the united kingdom, in just the last couple of hours it is in within the realm of possibility that the leader of america's closest ally may be out of a job by tonight. it was just announced that later today british prime minister boris johnson will face a no
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confidence vote within his own party. this comes after months of johnson being dogged by the so-called party-gate scandal accused of flouting covid restrictions. he was just booed in public during the queen's platinum jubilee celebrations. let's go to nada bashir at 10 downing street in london. this day of extreme jeopardy for boris johnson. >> reporter: boris johnson has been facing mounting pressure over the last few weeks because these are the words no prime minister, certainly not boris johnson, wants to hear, a vote of confidence has officially been triggered. that means at least 54 letters from conservative lawmakers calling for a vote of confidence has now been reached. that key threshold there. the prime minister will need to retain at least more than 50% of that support, 180 conservative members of parliament, if he is to survive this vote of confidence. now, as you mentioned, that vote will take place this evening and
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we expect the votes to be counted immediately after mps cast their votes, however, the details around when and how we might hear the announcement as to the results, that is still to be confirmed. but as you mentioned, this comes at the heels of a significant scandal, the party-gate scandal, the prime minister picture taking part in social gatherings and parties at downing street and at other government buildings during a time when the country was either under lockdown or facing strict covid-19 regulations. not only the prime minister but also other ministers. he's faced a metropolitan police inquiry, faced the cabinet office inquiry, that report came out a little over a week ago and really gave a damning account of the extent of the parties and social gatherings in store. he has taken a hit within his own conservative party but also in terms of public opinion. as you saw there, the prime minister was booed as he made his way into st. paul's cathedral over the weekend for a church service to mark the
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queen's platinum jubilee. he has faced this increasing pressure. we have had a statement from downing street, they've said the prime minister welcomes the opportunity to really make his case to members of parliament, a chance to end months of speculation, to draw a line under the scandal. that is certainly what the prime minister hopes to do. if he does succeed in surviving this vote of confidence. typically he would have a sort of 12-month grace period where this sort of challenge couldn't be laid against him again, but we heard from the chair of the 1922 committee, he suggested that those rules could be changed, but still potential further challenges for the prime minister to come. john? >> even when prime ministers have survived from these votes of no confidence they have come out somewhat weakened in the past. nada bashir, thank you for being there for us. no state, no city, no street corner seems to be safe from the scourge of gun violence shaking the nation. there were at least ten mass
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shootings in america over the weekend, ten on busy south street in philadelphia fult i'm gunmen opened fire into a crowd killing three and wounding 11, police searching for the shooters. a shooting at a graduation party in south carolina killed one person and wounded seven others. in chattanooga, tennessee, two people killed, at least 14 injured at a shooting at a nightclub. a third person was hit by a fleeing car and that person died. then in texas five teenagers were shot at a graduation party, two in critical condition this morning. so many mass shootings. gun are at the forefront of a national debate about how to stop the carnage. congress expected to take up gun control this week and senators on both sides of the aisle are expressing some cautious optimism about getting a bipartisan deal done there. polo sandoval beginning our coverage in philadelphia where shopping on south street turned deadly over this weekend.
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a beautiful weekend, polo. i can't even imagine how many people there were in the area. >> reporter: brianna, we now know a little bit more about the shooting that happened on this very street. it was packed with hundreds of people. police say it was basically a street brawl that violently and quickly turned into a shootout that left over a dozen people injured, three fatally. the police commissioner saying that many affected were simply innocent bystanders. when we heard from the police commissioner yesterday there was certainly a high level of frustration and heart break in her voice as her city continues to struggle with increasing gun violence and she knows her city is not alone. this is the scene following another mass shooting in the united states, this time in philadelphia. police said several active shooters fired into a crowd on saturday night killing at least three people and injured 11 others. >> we're absolutely devastated. devastated by this incident.
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and we mourn the lives lost and the dozens and dozens of lives affected by this tragedy. >> reporter: philadelphia police said a physical altercation led to the shooting. they said one gunman was likely shot and wounded but escaped police and another suspected gunman likely among the three people killed. in all, police said at least five guns were likely used by multiple shooters. >> it's unacceptable, it's beyond unacceptable. >> reporter: there's been at least nine mass shootings since friday leaving at least 12 people dead and dozens more injured. >> i'm tired of standing in front of you talking about guns and bodies. >> reporter: sunday morning in tennessee three people were killed and at least 14 others injured near a downtown nightclub. police said some of the victims were hit by bullets, others fleeing cars. >> families have been shattered forever because people decided to resolve their issues with firearms. >> reporter: a shooting at a bar
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in arizona, two people killed, two others injured, also in arizona a strip mall shooting in phoenix, one person killed, eight others hurt. >> i heard over 100 gunshots going off. >> a group of people that just started running like every different direction. >> reporter: phoenix police said the person killed is a 14-year-old girl. more children hurt in time in summerton, south carolina, police said a drive-by shooting at a graduation party left one woman dead and seven others injured including five minors ages 12 to 17 years old. and the mas shootings didn't stop there. another five hurt in is a cuero, texas, one killed, three hurt in omaha, nebraska and one person killed and five hurt in chesterfield, virginia. >> i heard numerous gunshots, 20 to 40, woke me up instantly. my fiancée run down the steps, yelling, get up, get up, gunshots, gunshots. >> reporter: and the number of reported shootings continues to increase, in fact, just getting word now of one that happened
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earlier this weekend in saginaw michigan that left three people dead. a heartbreaking start, brianna and john, we're told that a pregnant woman was shot and killed, doctors were able to save her baby. back to you. >> amazing. polo, thank you so much for that report. all of this happening since the mass shooting in uvalde, texas, and this morning we are told that many uvalde police officers and dispatchers are taking time off to rest, that's according to the city, after the trauma of the last few weeks. nick valencia is live in uvalde this morning. what's the latest from the ground? >> reporter: good morning, john. state and local officials haven't just stopped answering our questions, they are avoiding them all together. earlier when i reached her by phone the local district attorney here christina bus by hung up on me saying she wouldn't be commenting on the case. when our crew caught up with her last week she ran away from us.
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she's not talking to us. i spoke to a former city council mab in uvalde who says that he believes state officials have thrown the local police here under the bus, including the school district police chief pete arredondo. this is part of what munoz had to say to me in my conversation. ask yourself dps responded fairly quickly, too. don't you think there is a hierarchy of command that happens when more experienced police showed up. arredondo made mistakes but he is not the only one. we're hearing from the city that local police officers are getting a much needed break, they're bringing in reinforcements from outside agencies. later today uvalde will receive another visitor, dhs secretary mayorkas will visit the city nearly two weeks since that massacre took place at the elementary school. >> keep pressing for us. thank you so much for being there. ahead, the attorney for the uvalde teacher wrongfully blamed for propping the door open that
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the gunman went through, that lawyer will come join us on "new day." in wisconsin police say the man suspected of killing a retired judge at his home on friday had a hit list that included several other high-profile political targets. cnn's nadia romero is live in june joe county, wisconsin. what can you tell us? what have you learned this morning? >> well, good morning, brianna. it is another day with having a police officer there blocking off the street that leads to the home of former judge john romer. and we are learning more about the 56-year-old suspect from court documents. it shows that his criminal history in the state of wisconsin dates back to 2002 with convictions or armed burglary and firearm charges. it would have been in 2005 that he would have crossed paths with judge john roamer in his courtroom for the firearm related charges. we are waiting to get more details about his row testify and why there were so many other people on his hit list not just
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the former judge but also senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, michigan governor gretchen whitmer and wisconsin governor tony evers. here is the governor of wisconsin talking about the death of former judge john roamer. >> i know a former judge was killed, that in itself is -- it makes me feel ill that somebody that devoted his life or a good share of his life being a jurist in a state in rural wisconsin and that's hard work to be -- to be targeted like that, it makes me frankly sick to my stomach. >> reporter: really difficult for everyone involved here. this is a statement from the wisconsin supreme court chief justice saying judge roamer dedicated much of his career to public service and the law. he was known by colleagues for his sharp legal mind and his willingness to share his time and knowledge with others.
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and that's really what you're hearing from people all throughout this town. i mean, this town is so small you would have to drive about two hours or more to get to the next town over to go to the closest grocery store to get your every day staples. this is a very small rural town, everyone really does know everyone. i spoke with the guy who lives next door, he says he's lived in this town for most of his life and knew the judge well and he is so fearful because something like this just doesn't happen here. >> it's so alarming and it speaks to these security vulnerabilities of those judges. nadia, thank you so much for the report. new this morning, the national average for gas getting ever so close to $5 a gallon, jumping 25 cents in the last week alone. cnn's matt egan at a gas station here in manhattan. matt, what are you seeing there? >> reporter: well, john, millions of americans are waking up this morning and they're being greeted by the highest price of gasoline that they have
3:13 am
ever witnessed. the national average jumping again to a fresh record of $4.87 a gallon. up 25 cents in the past week. 59 cents in the past month. and there are now ten states averaging $5 a gallon or more with the latest being indiana and michigan. new jersey, pennsylvania, massachusetts, they are all just pennies away from the $5 level and all of that looks cheap compared to the gas station where we're standing at in west side of manhattan where a gallon is fetching just under $6. unfortunately this gas price spike might actually get worse before it gets better. a veteran oil analyst was telling me that the national average is like lie to go to $5.05 a gallon in the next ten days. we know that people are very frustrated right now, prices are going up on just about everything from food to cars and that is very concerning to
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people. i think that there's a lot of factors behind this. one, demand is very strong for energy, people are driving more, flying more. supply is not. the u.s. is producing less oil than it did just before covid, also opec is not producing as much, the u.s. refineries are not able to meet demand and then we have the war in ukraine which has set off all of these different shock waves. the price of gasoline is now 38% higher than it was the day before russia invaded ukraine. >> that's a big increase, matt. thank you so much for being there. and that's not all when it comes to inflation, a new warning coming from wall street, the ceo of black rock expects inflation to remain high for several years. cnn chief business correspondent christine romans here now with that. years, romance? >> and matt said shock waves and i think that's exactly the right framing here. look, inflation is not going to go away, that's the big warning
3:15 am
from another big wall street name larry fink telling bloomberg he thinks inflation already the hottest in 40 years isn't coming down soon. the supply chain is just too messed up. >> now there's greater recognition that inflation is -- is not transitory, it is probably with us for a number of years and it's the type of inflation that i don't believe the federal reserve as the policy or tools to do much with it right now and i'm personally not blaming the federal reserve for where we are right now, but i believe most of the problems we're living with today are more policy-generated and supply generated. >> again, shock waves. fink said demand has surged back to where it was before the pandemic that has created shocks to the supply chain, supply of goods can't meet demand from consumers. millions of consumers who are hungry to get back to normal it's e con 101, prices rise. you heard him say that the fed
3:16 am
the inflation fighter doesn't have the tools on its own to fix supply problems that will mean volatility and uncertainty as we work through all of this in the months and years ahead. we heard jamie dimon last week warn investors to prepare for an economic hurricane. dimon said we're living through a new chapter in business history. the fed is raising interest rates trying to cool inflation and at the same time unwinding an enormous bond portfolio. the fed selling up all these securities it bought touring the covid crisis to cushion the financial system. the market is not prepared he said. you can see that in the stock market. stocks have had a really rough 2022, down double digits from their record highs. anybody with a retirement fund, a portfolio, knows this is happening, you've seen it, right? you the broad s&p 500 down nearly 14% so far this year. john, another ceo the bank of america ceo, said consumers are still doing very well despite this inflation. jamie dimon said they've got six to nine months of spending money
3:17 am
still in their pocket. so the consumer the backbone of the american economy still very strong here. important to note. >> hold on, it could be a wild ride. >> right. >> christine romans, thank you very much. vladimir putin threatened to hit new targets if the u.s. supplies ukraine with longer range missiles. plus donald trump's latest high profile endorsement is kevin mccarthy who was heard on tapes criticizing the former president. and is democratic senator candidate being transparent about his health. that's why we build technhnoloy that helps everyonee come to the table anand do more incredible thing. ♪ ♪ you love rich, delicious ice cream. but your stomach doesn't. that disagreement ends right now. lactaid ice cream is the creamy, real ice cream you lov that will never mess wi your stomach.
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(mom allen) verizon just gave us all a brand new iphone 13. (dad allen) we've been customers for years. (dad brown) we got iphone 13s, too. switched two minutes ago, literally right before this. (vo) iphone 13 on us. on any unlimited plan. for every customer. with plans starting at just $35. all on the network more people rely on. for the first time in weeks russia launched air strikes on the ukrainian capital of kyiv. this comes as vladimir putin has warned the west against delivering longer range missiles to ukraine. let's go to the eastern part of
3:22 am
the country. cnn's ben wedeman is live in cr >> reporter: that strike in kyiv yesterday on a railway workshop was it's believed part of this threat being made by vladimir putin that he will try to disrupt the supply of western weapons to ukraine. that's what british intelligence says was perhaps the strike on kyiv. the fighting in severodonetsk about an hour's drive from here does appear to be intensifying. at the end of last week ukrainian officials were reporting that 80% of the city was occupied by russian forces then they said the ukrainians were able to regain some territory. the latest we're hearing is
3:23 am
there is intensely fierce fighting there, officials are describing the russians as using scorched earth tactics there and so the ukrainians seem to be losing ground again in severodonetsk. the problem is there are around 15,000 civilians still stuck in that city that has been under artillery bombardment by the russians for weeks. as we were coming to kramatorsk this morning at many of the check points we saw long lines of cars of civilians trying to leave this area. in fact, the air raid siren is on again and we've been hearing some thuds in the distance from here, john. >> people trying to get out of a very dangerous area. ben wedeman, please stay safe. thanks so much for being with us. georgia republicans and allies of the georgia governor kemp are trying to keep donald trump from interfering in their races. and why is the justice
3:24 am
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we have new cnn reporting to bring you. georgia governor brian kemp's allies and top republicans in the state have recently approached advisers to former president trump asking if trump can go easy on the incumbent gop governor as he fights for reelection. cnn's gabby ore joining us to share her reporting. tell us who is doing the asking and what the ask is. >> allies of brian kemp are aware of how tricky things can become if donald trump keeps attacking him while he's fighting for reelection. there has been some back channeling over the last week
3:29 am
since the primary between kemp allies who have reached out to trump advisers trying to determine if there is a world in which he could go easy on brian kemp. two things have become clear out of those conversations, number one, donald trump is still very annoyed with brian kemp and there is virtually no world in which he endorses the incumbent republican between now and november. but number two, they do think that he can be receptive to some arguments in terms of taking it easy on kemp. one thing that was interesting is what his virginia -- donald trump's virginia campaign chairman told me about this race. he said, look, we worked hard, we lost, the voters spoke and now there is no looking back. kemp won and we've got to look forward. over time president trump is going to evaluate the options in georgia and look at the picture long term and make the right decision for georgia and the nation. brianna, look, you might be thinking surely this is a pipe dream, donald trump has been attacking brian kemp for the past year and a half, why would he stop now? i think the biggest answer so
3:30 am
that is 2024. donald trump is looking at running again for president, georgia is a state that he lost in 2020 and he does not want to have enemies in that state if he does decide to run and a sure fire way to develop enemies in georgia is to run against the incumbent republican fighting for reelection. >> do you want to get republicans in the state used to not getting to the polls also, right? just continually depressing the vote there. i wonder that as well. this is pretty fascinating separately because kevin mccarthy his allegiance to his criticism has the recently rewarded. >> it has, donald trump endorsed him over the weekend which came as a big surprise. matt gaetz wrote that jim jordan is more of a fighter than kevin mccarthy and there should be a leadership takeover in the house. this is something that has upset quite a few of trump's biggest
3:31 am
maga defenders inside the house of representatives and i think the reason that the former president did this and sort of the reason behind all of his calculated moves with mccarthy is to keep him close and keep dangling his power over mccarthy because he knows that there is a good chance republicans take back the house this fall and he can then utilize all of that capital that he has built up to control mccarthy and the things that he does if he becomes speaker >> control mccarthy. those are the keywords, i think, that you said there. he clearly thinks that he can. gabby, great reporting. thanks for sharing it with us. a federal grand jury has indicted former trump white house adviser peter navarro for contempt of congress after he refused to cooperate with the house select committee on january 6 but here is the question, why him? why is the doj charging him and not others? joining us now former federal prosecutor and cnn senior legal analyst ellie honig. bannon, navarro charged, scavino, meadows not. >> yeah, john.
3:32 am
>> how do you explain that. >> >> good question. four people, all received subpoenas from the january 6 committee, all four of them defied those subpoenas, all four were held in contempt by the committee and referred over to doj and now doj has drawn a line right there, they've indicted ban.just friday indicted navarro but announced we will not be indicting dan scavino and mark meadows. how could they have drawn that line? i see two possible ways as a former prosecutor, one could be executive privilege, the defense any of these guys will use or would have used is we can't comply because this would violate commute testify privilege. mark meadows as former chief of staff would have the best executive privilege claim. i don't think it's a winner but the best of the four. steve bannon would have had the worst. it's hard to separate these two on executive privilege. also the fact that meadow partially complied, he turned over a couple thousand texts until he stopped. dan scavino at least negotiated with the committee before he defied them. these two outright defied the committee. i think that's a shaky basis for
3:33 am
doj to reward people for partial cooperation but if you have to try to understand why doj drew the line where it did, i think that's what they were looking at. >> there is this notion floating out in the ether that maybe scavino and meadows are cooperating with the department of justice. how likely is that? >> i don't see that at all. i worked at doj, worked with dozens of cooperators, rule number one if you are cooperating with doj you have to admit what you did and plead guilty to whatever your crimes were. doj announced the opposite on friday, they said we will not be charging dan scavino and mark meadows. i do not think that is likely. >> peter navarro, how about the case progress? >> he is charged with two counts of contempt of congress, one for failing to testify, the other failing to turn over documents. this is a misdemeanor which means less serious than a felony, maximum of one year of jail for each count but this is important and unusual, there is a minimum of one month in prison if he gets convicted no matter what. also important, john, this does not force peter navarro to
3:34 am
testify even if he is convicted it's about punishment not forcing compliance. now, the judge here is judge mehta put on the bench by barack obama in 2014. he has a civil lawsuit against eric swalwell against donald trump. he refused to throw that out. he said january 6, 2021 was supposed to mark the peaceful transition of power, violence and disruption happened in other countries but not here. this is the united states of america it could never happen to our democracy but it did that very afternoon. now, what's going to come next? peter navarro was arraigned on friday, he is representing himself, god bless him, he has that right, not sure i would advise it. he will bring motions, ask the journal to throw the days out, say i'm being targeted, the committee is illegitimate. he has the right to plead guilty, peter navarro doesn't seem like that type to me. if he does not he will go to trial. remember if he's convicted he will then go to sentencing, has
3:35 am
to be at least one month in prison, theres no probation here and then he has the right to appeal. >> again, as you noted before, none of this, though, leads to him testifying if he doesn't want torques only being penalized perhaps if he does not. all right. if you are the january 6th committee right now at this point, how does this all affect you, particularly the part about meadows and scavino receiving no sanction for refusing to cooperate with them? >> i think i would be frustrated. the january 6 committee is frustrated they issued a negative statement about doj saying you need to explain yourselves here. it's a mixed message at best. some people who defy the subpoenas may be indicted but others, powerful people, won't. so the committee will have to do the best they can at the hearings without mark meadows, without dan scavino and probably without all the other people who have put up resistance. let's keep in mind they still have the texts, those texts will speak powerfully from mark meadows. he already turned them over. cat is out of the bag, committee has them, they are fair game, they are very damning. i think we will hear from other
3:36 am
witnesses who have shown they're willing to testify and not defy the subpoenas, cassidy hutchinson, mark shore key adviser to mike pence and jeffrey rosen from doj. this happens sometimes in trials, in hearings, you don't get all the witnesses you like. doj has undermined the committee's ability to do that here but they will have to make the best they can with the witnesses they have. >> we will see how they do it starting thursday night. don't have to wait much longer. thank you very much. pennsylvania senate candidate john fetterman's heart condition is more serious than he originally led on. michael smerconish joins us ahead. and a gas give away by a pro herschel walker group fueling anger among democrats in georgia. only at vanguard you're more than just an investor you're an owner. that means that your priorities are ours too. our interactive tools and advice can help you build a future fofor the ones you love. that's the valalue of ownership.
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3:41 am
is more serious than first revealed. details released from his cardiologist and a statement from fetterman says he almost died after ignoring his heart condition. the revelations now raising concerns among democrats and questions about why he wasn't fully transparent from the beginning. joining us now is cnn political commentator michael smerconish, the host of condition's " "smerconish." hoping you can help us realize how vulnerable fetterman may or may not be here, he is like the no bs candidate and turns out he kind of bs'd us. >> i think we won't know until we see him on the campaign trail. he hasn't been seen in public since the election, since this diag diagnosis. if in the end he looks vibrant and looks healthy i think that this will all be forgotten. we have the most exciting senate race in the country playing itself out in pennsylvania right
3:42 am
now, neither of these two, dr. oz or fetterman, i think, have distinguished themselves on a substantive or issues basis, instead it's kind of a battle of the brands. on one hand you have the democratic every man in fetterman, you have the tv star in oz. now a different way that you could categorize it, you have the heart patient in fetterman against the heart surgeon in dr. oz. and the issue that you're making reference to is the fact that fetterman and his campaign for 17 days did not explain his need for a defibrillator, they minimized it, and that is, as you say, at odds with his, you know, no bs straight talking persona. >> he's trying to make himself just sort of like a normal guy, right, berman with his statement. >> fetterman said, like so many others and so many men in particular, i avoided going to the doctor even though i knew i didn't feel well. as a result i almost died. i want to encourage others to
3:43 am
not make the same mistake. so he's trying to make it about all of us, michael. >> don't we all know that guy? >> we all do know that guy. i mean, look, fetterman is a guy who when the president came to western pennsylvania to look at an infrastructure issue greeted him in cargo shorts. i mean, that is the way in which he runs. he's the guy that you want to have a beer with, but you don't want to have a beer with a guy who bsss you. i'm sure that oz in the fall is going to spin this if at all as a manner of candor. you can't trust fetterman because he wasn't completely forthcoming about his health. but i go back to where i began which is when he gets out on the campaign trail if he looks vibrant, he is a big dude, he's 6'8" and he's imposing, the kind of guy who takes up the oxygen in the room. ifest that the way he still comes across i think this will
3:44 am
large be forgotten. >> elect ago senator is not like a president, the health doesn't usually play into things. there are people who get elected senators into their 90s so it's not necessarily something in and of itself that's a campaign issue, michael. >> hey, john, i will go you one better. bernie had a heart attack a lot older than john fetterman in the last presidential cycle and it really didn't impede him, you know, in the end he was still bern yeerks he was out there and it didn't cost him at all. i think if he had not been active, vibrant, looking healthy after the heart attack it would have been a different story and the same rule applies here. >> would this be a much bigger problem for him if he wasn't facing off against mehmet oz? i mean, for instance, you said, yes, he is a cardiac surgeon, but oz also has his own problems, right? he got hammered by congress for hawking diet products, whereas fetterman is a guy who actually
3:45 am
like -- he lost weight, 148 pounds, you say he is a big guy, he was a much bigger guy before. he talked about that being embarrassing. i mean, he loses the weight and the other guy is the one who is hawking the diet products. >> hey, none of this is -- i mean, fetterman is the guy who is the subject of today's focus but none of this is to excuse the negatives that oz brings to the table. brianna, remember, at primary time in the last surveys oz was viewed unfavorably by half the republicans. now, he went on to win, but he went on to win because he had the support of donald trump and i think that provided him just enough to get past both two other candidates who were in that race, but neither of them had such deep support with the party stalwstalwarts. fetterman didn't have a single democratic state senator support him in the primary, oz had poor standing among republicans and was able to just squeak past
3:46 am
kathy barnette and dave mccormick. >> it is tough. it is tough over and over for politicians to be forthcoming about their health but sometimes these things -- look, they get out there, you see it and we will see it when he is on the debate stage. michael smerconish, thank you so much. so the baby formula shortage has led some mothers who actually had quit breast-feeding to go back and give it a second chance and they are not happy about it. and rafael nadal has no match at the french open. he just won his 14th title at roland-garros, his 22nd grand slam overall and cnn just sat down with him. that's ahead. ♪ ♪ we believe there's an innovator in all of us. that's why we build technology that helps everyone come to the table and do morore incredible thing. ♪ ♪ (mom allen) verizon just gave us all a brand new iphone 13. (dad allen) we've been customers for years.
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3:51 am
shipped from overseas to curb the shortage in the u.s. and parents struggle to find product on shelves some mothers have opted to give breast-feeding a second chance. so let's bring in cnn medical correspondent elizabeth cohen. i imagine this looks sort of, you know, it takes many different shapes here, whether it's people trying to reestablish their supply or they're trying to continue as they go back to work when maybe they weren't going to, elizabeth. what are you finding? >> that's right, brianna. so every woman's story is different, but what we're finding is that this infant formula shortage is having ripple effects, changing people's lives in ways that you might not really have thought of. so let's take a listen, take a look at two moms who we met in the jackson, mississippi, area. so amy gauff she has a daughter eva and she went back to work and switched to formula, then she couldn't find the formula that her daughter liked, she tried others, nothing went down well for her daughter, she is now after six months of not
3:52 am
nursing trying to relactate and give it a second try. now, i want to be clear, she loved nursing her daughter but had gone back to work and there's something bittersweet about this for her. also similar for statin brown, she was planning on weaning her baby zoe but realized she couldn't because of the infant formula shortage, she couldn't find the formula that she needed. she's going to continue breast-feeding and pumping. again, it's not that she doesn't want to do this it's just that it can be really difficult. let's take a listen. >> i have no complaints about nursing, it's the -- it's the extra on top of it, it's the pumping, it's the schedule, it's vigorous, it's not getting the sleep through the night. it's kind of frustrating in that sense to not have control over like what i'm doing with my life at this point, surrounding feeding her. >> so, brianna, no question the
3:53 am
moms we talk to they are not complaining but they're saying this is a struggle. they were planning on weaning, stopping breast-feeding and they say now they can't. and this is going to go on for some time. over the weekend the abbott plant in michigan did reopen, that was the one that was closed for months, but it's going to be weeks before they can make product and get it out on to supermarket shelves. brianna? >> it's about the time. it's about fitting it in between meetings or on your breaks from whatever your job s you know, it's tough. it's impossible for some people and we really have to note that. elizabeth, thank you so much for -- >> it really is. >> yeah, thank you so much for focusing on this sorry. the golden state warriors bouncing back to even their series with the celtics at one game apiece. hooray. "bleacher report" next. >> boo. >> whoplus, as the senate retur today a big revelation to cnn about what's not included in the bipartisan gun reform talks. lemons, lemons, lemons. the world is so full of lemons. when you bececome an expedia member,
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3:58 am
a setback in the nba finals, but one we can all hope the celtics will overcome. coy wire has this morning's "bleacher report." good morning, coy. >> good morning, john. shaping up to be an awesome finals. the warriors defensive star draymond green said they needed an attitude adjustment after losing game one against the celtics. series headed to boston on wednesday. they were provoking and annoying the celtics all night including john berman. they were pestering them on defense, warriors had 15 steals in the game, three of boston's starters had just two points. offensively steph curry shining bright hitting one of his five three-pointers from near the bench. game high 29 from them. his play elevated jordan poole, helping the warriors go on a run in the third, half-court at the buzzer it's money for poole. plus 21 the warriors best point differential in any quarter of any finals they have ever played in 107-88 blow out win for the warriors. series tied at one apiece.
3:59 am
let's go to paris where the king of clay reigned supreme, a master class by rafael nadal, blasting past in straight sets. celebrating his 36th birthday on friday and yesterday he claimed his 14th french open title and record extending 22nd grand slam. >> i mean, there we have it, the great trophy. 14 times, 22 grand slams, a whole load of other, you know, u.s. open, australian open, two olympic gold medals. are you ready to declare or at least have people say that you are now the greatest of all time? you wouldn't agree when i asked you last time. >> i honestly don't think much about that and from the bottom of my heart i really don't care that much, you know? i mean, i -- i think we achieved
4:00 am
our dreams, i achieved my dream and i enjoy what i am doing. yeah, i understand the question and i know the praise and people are always carrying about this stuff but in some way i know that i am an important part of the history of the sport and that makes me feel proud, happy, and at the end doesn't matter much. >> persevering pain and injury chris everett called this nadal's most meaningful grand slam title yet. >> the psych up music he listens to before matches, phantom of the opera, andrew lloyd weber, true story. thank you very much. "new day" continues right now. ♪


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