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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  June 6, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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hello, everyone, i'm kate bolduan, here is what we're watching at this hour. a bloody weekend in america, at least ten shootings leave 15 people dead adding to the pressure on senators to agree to do something, anything, to help prevent gun violence. vote of no confidence, britain's prime minister could find himself out of a job tonight as he faces a revolt in his own party. and no end to rising prices. the cost of gas keeps going up. a member of president biden's own party says that he needs to do more to fight inflation. that member of congress is our guest. and thank you for being here, let's start with another
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deadly weekend in america. since friday there have been ten mass shootings across the country, no area immune from the violence of course. the shootings happened at high school graduation parties in south carolina and texas, at a funeral outside a church in kentucky, multiple shooters then firing into a crowd on a busy street in philadelphia killing three people. and in tennessee shots rang out at a nightclub, all told 15 people were killed, dozens more hurt in these mass shootings. the gun violence archive now says there had been 246 mass shootings in the united states this year. the math not fully calculating the pain. 33 of those that we are talking about here just since the uvalde school massacre nearly two weeks ago. cnn's polo sandoval is live in philadelphia starting us off at this hour. another city in pain, another investigation into deadly gun violence now under way. polo, what are you learning? >> kate, unlike those calculated
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and planned massacres we have seen recently in buffalo and texas and oklahoma this one that took place at a very popular entertainment district in philadelphia just started as a street scuffle but it very quickly escalated and shots were fired sending hundreds of revelers here on the street running for safety when everything was said and done there were three people confirmed dead, 11 injured. the police commissioner saying though they believe that one of the three dead was apparently involved in that initial scuffle there are still many innocent matters, many innocent bystanders who were either injured or killed and that leaving a lasting effect on their families and also on the injured here. what we know about the investigation is that there were philadelphia police officers nearby that had been watching for the potential for something like this to happen. in fact, they even opened fire and they believe that they wounded one of the individuals that was involved in that shooting. they are currently trying to track them down and they believe that there are still more suspects involved. so far they've been able to recover two of the five weapons
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that they believe were used here as they continue to try to just deal with this level of violence that we've seen not just here in philadelphia but throughout much of the country. in fact, chattanooga, tennessee, a similar scene but this one inside of a nightclub that led three dead and 14 injured. the mayor tim kelly has had to speak not only about this mass shooting but another one that happened last week. the mayor growing increase lengthily frustrated, in fact, joined a group of mayors that are calling for gun legislation but also mayor kelly also continues to be a supporter of legal gun ownership. take a listen. >> over the last ten days we have had, you know, three killed here and something like 23 injured, so it's a terrible situation, but we hope to have some suspects in custody soon. i'm a gun owner, i've been haunter since i was a child. this is not -- this is not something that, you know, i'm not trying to take away anybody's second amendment rights but i think we can agree that there are common sense
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approaches here. >> reporter: the remarks from mayor kelly very similar to what we've heard in philadelphia amid the steep increase in dpf. when you have well over 250 mass shootings just this year, that is more than there have been calendar days. as you can imagine that call for meaningful gun reform headed to washington is something we're seeing on the ground here and throughout much of the country. >> thank you very much. let's go to texas to focus there. a top prosecutor in uvalde, texas, is still not answering questions. not providing any new information publicly into what happened in the police response to the mass murder at robb elementary school nearly two weeks ago as we mentioned. the families of the 19 students and two teachers killed do deserve answers as they continue their focus continues to be now burying their children and loved ones. cnn's rosa flores is live in uvalde at this hour. what are you hearing there
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today? >> reporter: you know, kate, the problem here is that we have not received an update from the lead investigating agency in days. that's the texas department of public safety. i reached out again to them today and i asked specifically not just overall, but about texas state troopers, what time did texas state troopers arrive? were texas state troopers outside in the hall when children were calling asking for help, asking for the police to bust in and stop this threat? they did not answer our questions yet again. they actually referred us to the uvalde district attorney's office, i checked in with the district attorney's office, they are not answering questions. they haven't answered questions in days. but here is the bottom line, 21 people are dead including 19 children. the shooter in this case was inside the school for more than an hour and it took a federal law enforcement -- a federal law enforcement officer to go into the school and stop this threat.
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so the number of questions about this investigation keeps growing. the memorial that you see behind me also keeps growing. i talked to a few people from town today and i can tell you that there is just so much grief and so much pain still in this community. people that i talked to as soon as i started talking to them their eyes swelled with tears. today more visitations, more funerals. there's weeks of this. today the visitation for 10-year-old javier lopez, his mother described him as being funny and having a great smile. there's the left side the funerals scheduled for nine-year-old eliahna garcia. she loved the movie "encanto," she wanted to be a cheerleader and loved basketball and wanted to be a teacher when she grew up. we've learned that there are four people still in the hospital that's nearly two weeks, four people are still in the hospital, three adults and
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one 10-year-old girl who is in serious condition. kate? >> rosa, thank you for that update. let's go to wisconsin where a retired judge was murdered in his home in what police are now calling a targeted attack. officials say that the suspect had a hit list of prominent politicians including senate minority leader mitch mcconnell as well as two governors. cnn's nadia romero is live in wisconsin with this. nadia, what more are you learning about this man? >> reporter: well, kate, we know that the suspect, 56-year-old douglas uhde had a criminal history in wisconsin dating back to at least 2002 when convicted of armed burglary and firearm charges and he would have crossed paths with former judge roemer back in 2005. there is still a police car and barricades on the road, you go down that road and you will go right to the house of the roemer family when this incident took place friday morning. but it's not just john roemer who was a target on this hit
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list, authorities tell us that also was senate minority leader mitch mcconnell, michigan governor gretchen whitmer and the governor of this state of wisconsin tony evers. we heard from tony evers saying he was saddened to hear about this small town journal who had dedicated his life serving his community being killed. this has been an issue not just recently but for quite a while now from judges saying that they want more protection, that they feel unsafe and it was back in 2020 when a u.s. district judge esther salas was tartsed herself. her son was murdered, her husband injured. listen to her talk about what needs to be done. >> if you would have asked me before july 19, 2020 when my son was murdered in our foyer, it was always something that was in the back of my mind. now i dare say it's something that's forefront for all judges.
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we want to do our jobs, we want to make the tough calls. we shouldn't have to give -- you know, do our jobs and give up our lives or the lives of our family members. >> reporter: so judge salas is pushing for legislation that would make the addresses of judges not available to the public to help with privacy there. kate, this is an ongoing issue for judges all across the country, but this investigation continues. kate? >> sure does. thank you very much for that. so with all of this that we are talking about this morning there is cautious hope in washington. senators on both sides of the aisle expressing some optimism that a deal on gun safety measures could be within reach but the reforms being discussed do fall short of what president biden called for in his prime time address last week. cnn's lauren fox is tracking this for us on the hill. lauren, what are you hearing from lawmakers now? >> reporter: lawmakers returning to washington today after a week-long recess, kate, and this is the true test, will they come up with compromised language in
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the senate, that small bipartisan group that has been working throughout the last ten days or so to find a middle ground on guns. like you said, this is not going to be the sweeping package that the president laid out, it's not even going to be the sweeping package that house democrats are working toward in their own chamber. instead this is much narrower, but chris murphy the top democrat who is negotiating that package said yesterday he was more confident than ever they would get a deal. the true test coming today when republicans return whether they can get those ten republican votes. now, there's also a question in the house of representatives what they are going to be able to do. there is an effort to try to bring to the floor an assault weapons ban, i'm told by sources that they are still trying to get the votes on the democratic side for that. again, that piece of legislation is not going to pass the senate, but a big week in the house, there's also going to be testimony on wednesday in the house oversight committee from victims of gun violence. democrats hoping to change the
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tone and tenor of this debater bringing back to focus the people and lives that are at stake. >> lauren, thank you very much. joining me now for more on all this is cnn law enforcement analyst anthony barksdale, a former acting police commissioner for the city of baltimore and chief legal analyst jeffrey toobin. jeffrey, let me start with you and play a little bit of what the philadelphia police commissioner said after the deadly weekend there. >> it's unacceptable, it's beyond unacceptable, and we're still using every resource available to get to the bottom of what occurred not just out there last night, but behind this gun violence in this city, period. >> and she can be speaking for police commissioners really across the country at this point. there is no one answer and no one opinion on this very clearly among law enforcement, but what do you think or would you suggest would help law enforcement on the local level better protect their communities
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facing this violence? >> well, law enforcement right now has to take a look at exactly what they're doing to reduce violence, but there's a key partnership in many of these cities that is broken and that's the relationship, the partnership, between police departments and their prosecutors. we have to give prosecutors and law enforcement on the same page. they are a team, they are absolutely necessary to violence reduction. and this doesn't -- it's not only including the state level, the local levels, but the federal levels. check those partnerships. are the police bringing quality cases in for prosecution? are the prosecutors prosecuting the cases and getting the best penalties that they can for those found guilty? so they have to look in the mirror, they have to, and say are we doing the very best. >> when you talk about federal
8:13 am
partnerships i do want to play a little bit more of what the mayor of chattanooga essentially is saying what you're talking b he's saying he's doing everything he can, he needs federal help. let me play this. >> law enforcement, again, is pretty unified in their approach to finding common sense ways to keep guns out of the hands of violent criminals and the mentally ill. i think everybody agrees on that. the question is how. >> and one of those things that people, if you will, do agree on are red flag laws. how well do they work, anthony? >> red flag laws can be extremely effective. look, life -- things change in life, so someone purchases a weapon, a gun, maybe healthy, mentally healthy at first and then life happens and if things happen then that person may not -- may become a danger if
8:14 am
they hold on to a weapon. you are talking possible suicide, suicide by cop, shooting at innocent people. so red flag laws when properly implemented, when followed up, are helpful to reducing violence. >> jeffrey, in looking at uvalde one thing in terms of -- it's not necessarily a solution, right, but it is an action that we're seeing, they're heading towards the first steps towards a possible lawsuit in really two instances against the manufacturer of the gun that was used in that mass murder. you have the parents of one of the children who was killed as well as a teacher at the school taking kind of separate actions against daniel defense is the name of the company. looking into their marketing practices is how they describe it. if this is heading towards that, what does it look like? what does this road look like? >> very difficult for the possible plaintiffs because the
8:15 am
gun lobby has mobilized for years to make these lawsuits virtually impossible under federal law, under many state laws. there are laws on the books that say you can't sue gun manufacturers for crimes committed with guns. the one time that there was a major settlement was after sandy hook the remington company paid $73 million to the families of those kids who were killed, but that was under connecticut law and connecticut is not a gun state and there were laws that the families could use to force a settlement. texas, very pro-gun state, that lawsuit if it happens is going to be a very uphill proposition. >> even in connecticut that was a long road before they reached that settlement. >> very difficult. >> we are also waiting for a supreme court decision on a major second amendment case, it's a dispute in new york's strict requirements and process to be able to carry a concealed weapon outside of the home.
8:16 am
depending on the decision that comes from the justices, what are the ripple effects that this decision could have, kind of on this whole broader discussion that we are talking about in terms of gun safety? >> it could be enormous. the second amendment absolutists are very much in charge in parts of the federal judiciary. i mean, in california there was a 9th circuit court of appeals, two donald trump judges, donald trump-appointed judges said that california law that said 18 year olds couldn't buy assault weapons, that violated the second amendment. buffalo and texas both were 18 year olds who bought assault weapons and, you know, that -- so even that law was declared unconstitutional. so if the supreme court, as many people expect, expands the definition of the second amendment in terms of how much it prohibits gun control it may render moot and impossible a lot of the efforts that states and
8:17 am
even perhaps the federal government are talking about to try to limit gf. >> that's really interesting. thank you. anthony, thank you as well. i appreciate it. coming up for us, british prime minister boris johnson facing likely the biggest vote of his political life. a no confidence vote that could oust him from power. that's next. next time, go to america's best - where two pairs and a free exam start at just $ $79.95. can't beat that. can't bebeat this, either. book an exam today at ♪ age before beauty? why not both? visibly diminish wrinkleskin in just two days. new crepe corrector lotion only from gold bd. champion your skin. since i left for college,
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♪i've traveled every road in this here land!♪ ♪i've been everywhere, man.♪ ♪i've been everywhere, man.♪ ♪of travel i've had my share, man.♪ ♪i've been everywhere.♪ ♪ britain's prime minister boris johnson is facing a no confidence vote this afternoon that could mean the end of his time in office. lawmakers in parliament will soon decide whether johnson should keep his job or lose it. largely over what's become known as the party-gate scandals. cnn's bianca nobilo is live in
8:22 am
london with more on this. quite a moment this is turning out to be. >> reporter: certainly, it's a moment of acute political danger for the prime minister, kate. in fact, the hardest moment he has ever faced as prime minister and he's had many scandals, more than i can found right here. that's because tonight the mps of his own party will get the chance to vote whether or not to keep him or oust him. he needs 180 of his 360 mps to vote for him to stay. it's likely he will win that, that's because about 170 of those lawmakers are on the government payroll in some capacity. even if he wins, if it's not decisive, he is going to be wounded as prime minister with a lot less authority and power to command the role. most prime ministers aren't able to hang on very long after they win a confident vote. but for his part the government has said tonight is a chance to end months of speculation and allow the government to draw a line and move on, delivering on people's priorities. the prime minister welcomes the opportunity to make his case to mps. as you mentioned, a lot of this is following the party-gate
8:23 am
scandal during the pandemic where the prime minister was sued to be hypocritical and deeply hurtful to those who made sacrifices weren't with their loved ones while in the hospital while those in the buildings behind me were partying and breaking rules. we will see if he can stagger on after this vote today but it is a prime minister much damaged and probably not able to carry on long term. >> good to see you, bianca. thank you very much. also developing this morning, mexico's president just announced that he will be skipping president biden's summit of the america has this week because several other countries from the region did not get invites, jeremy diamond is live at the white house with this one for us. what's going on here? >> reporter: this is a significant diplomatic snub from the mexican president to the president of the united states and it's one that the u.s. has spent weeks trying to avoid and that now risks undermining or at least drawing attention away from the stated policy goals of
8:24 am
the summit, issues from migration to trade, economic security and climate change. the mexican president announcing he won't attend because of the exclusion of several other countries. the u.s. officially will not be inviting cuba, venezuela and nicaragua saying in a statement the u.s. continues to maintain reservations regarding the lack of democratic space and the human rights situations in cuba, nicaragua and venezuela, as a result they say those countries will not be invited to participate. as i said, u.s. officials have spent weeks trying to find some agreement with mexico and several other countries threatening a boycott here. last week a national security council official said on the record that president biden very personally wanted the mexican president to attend the summit in person, instead mexico will be sending its foreign minister and the u.s. and mexico have agreed to put on the books a visit by the mexican president to the white house next month. but, again, a significant
8:25 am
diplomatic snub and one that could draw attention away from these important goals that the white house is trying to achieve at a moment then trying to reassert u.s. leadership in this region right now. >> thank you, jeremy. coming up for us, president biden says there is a limit to what he can do to lower the price of did gas and food but a member of his own party says that the president can do more. congressman ro khanna joins us next. that disagreement ends right now. lactaid d ice cream is the creamy, real ice cream you love that will never mess withth your stomach. lactaid ice cream. think he's posting about all that ancient roman coinage? no, he's seizing the moment with merrill. moving his money into hiinvestment account in real time and that's... how you collect coins. your money never stops working for you witherrill, a bank of america mpany. lemo. lemons, lemons, lemons. look how nice they are. the moment you become an expedia member, you can instantly start saving on your travels.
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another inflation warning coming today, this time from one of wall street's top ceos. black rock's larry fink telling bloomberg news he expects price toss stay high for years. >> now there's greater recognition that inflation is not transitory, it is probably with us for a number of years and it's the type of inflation that i don't believe the federal reserve as the policy or the tools to do much with it right now and i'm personally not blaming the federal reserve for where we are right now, but i believe most of the problems we're living with today are more policy generated and supply
8:31 am
generated. >> add to that a democratic member of congress is speaking up about the damage inflation is causing to many american families arguing in a "new york times" op-ed there is way more that biden can do to lower prices. joining me right now is the author of that op-ed democratic congressman ro khanna. thank you for coming in. you say that you support the ideas that president biden is putting out there and pushing to try to help lower costs in people's lives, but you also think there's way more he can do. like what? >> kate, we need an all out mobilization to lower price. every day should be that we're running through a brick wall. here is what he could do, he could appoint an emergency task force directing department of energy and the department of agriculture to buy and sell essential products in food and gas to stabilize prices. julian salah czar who writes for cnn endorsed the idea and said
8:32 am
it's one of the biggest things that the president could do to have a successful first term. >> biden and his team they've struggled with this, what can you do and what's out of your hands issue in general with inflation, saying on one hand -- we've heard them say they have ideas on how to help but on the other hand also saying pretty clearly that there is not much that they can do. just two examples, let me play secretary buttigieg as well as the president himself. >> the price of gasoline is not set by a dial in the oval office and when an oil company is deciding hour by hour how much to charge you for a gallon of gas they are not calling the administration to ask what they should do, they're doing it faced on their goal of maximizing their profits. >> there is a lot going on right now, but the idea we're going to be able to, you know, click a switch, bring down the cost of gasoline, is not likely in the near term, nor is it with regard to food. >> so a lot of people think that they are stating the obvious here, that a lot of this is out
8:33 am
of their hands but do you think that they are wrong? >> i don't think it's fully in their hands but i think we have to try more unconventional approaches. fdr could have just said this is out of my hands but he said, no, i'm going to try things anhelp people in a time of economic recovery during the great depression. during inflation there are things we can do, there are things we've done in the past, the most obvious is that the government can buy critical supplies of gas and food and resell it to the american public without a profit so when the price spikes we have that product to be able to sell more cheaply. that's the idea behind the strategic petroleum reserve, that's the idea behind a lot of the department of agriculture's policies to have price stability for critical food like wheat, like eggs. we can do this and we should be doing it. and the only other thing i would say is that we have to be
8:34 am
willing to try things that may not be conventional in order to achieve the goal. >> can you talked to the white house about this? >> i have. i've had good conversations with them. you know, they say, well, how do we know it will work? of course there is no 100% guarantee that a policy would work, but if it's not working then try something else. the other thing is, look, the big oil companies have made record profits. sheldon white house and i have a bill saying tax those profits to give people a rebate to that they have some relief at the pump. my point is i support everything the president is doing, but i don't think it's enough. my constituents don't think it's enough. we need to every day be saying here are the two, three things we're doing to lower price and i don't have this view that just let the markets decide and if inflation is there and gas goes to 6 bucks there's nothing we can do. i strongly disagree with that. i think there are roles that the government can play in intervention in an emergency to
8:35 am
bring price stability. >> really quickly before i let you go a big focus on the hill this week is going to be the public hearings that will be getting started for the committee investigating january 6th. we have heard a lot -- we have heard some reporting of how that investigation has been going now for weeks and months, but really the public display that is going to be put forth is a major moment for this committee. just your take on what you think they can accomplish with these public hearings. do you see this as the last best chance to show people or convince people how close the country came to the brink? >> kate, i do think these are going to be powerful hearings. so far what we've seen is the prosecution and accountability of a lot of folks who came on january 6, stormed the capitol, got caught up in a mob and were engaged in the insurrection. what i don't think the american people understand fully is how high up this went, how orchestrated the effort was at the white house to literally overturn the election results,
8:36 am
to invalidate state results. i think what the hearing will show is that this was done at a very high level at the white house by a lot of people who really wanted to subvert american democracy. that narrative is going to come out. >> congressman, thank you for coming in. >> thank you, kate. coming up still for us, russian missiles, they strike kyiv as vladimir putin is issuing a new threat if the u.s. sends ukraine long-range missiles. we're live in the war zone next. but your stomach doesn't. that disagreement ends right now. lactaid ice crcream is the creamy, real ice cream you love that will never mess with your r stomach. lactaiaid ice cream. ♪ ♪ aleve x. its revolutionary rollerball design deliverfast, powerful, long-lasting pain relief. aleve it, and see what's possible.
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britain is now joining the u.s. in sending ukraine more advanced rocket systems now. this announcement comes as russia launches its first strikes in weeks on kyiv and as vladimir putin has also issued a new threat to the west that he will attack new targets if the u.s. supplies ukraine with longer range rockets. cnn's ben wedeman standing by, live in kramatorsk ukraine. what does this new threat from putin mean? >> reporter: what's interesting is you quoted him as saying if the united states and uk supply ukraine with these long-range systems, they will expand their sort of range of targets here in ukraine. the problem is it's not if.
8:42 am
we heard last week that the united states is going to do it and this morning we heard from the british defense ministry that they are going to supply similar weapon systems as well. now, in the past president putin has made similar threats over western aid, arms assistance to ukraine and the consequences weren't as grave as were expected. but over the weekend on sunday morning kyiv saw its first air strike or rather missile strikes in weeks and that was on a railway facility just outside the capital and british intelligence is interpreting that attack as perhaps an attempt by the russians already to try to stop the delivery of western arms to the ukraine. these arms are desperately needed in this part of the country, particularly about an hour and a half's drive from here to the east in the city of
8:43 am
severodonetsk which has been a battle zone for weeks and weeks, but the fighting there has intensified. last week ukrainian officials were conceding that russians had been able to take over 80% of the city, over the weekend the ukrainians launched a counteroffensive saying that they had taken back 50%, but as of this morning they say the russians are back on the offensive, taking more ground. so really it is street to street fighting. the problem is that there may be as many as 15,000 civilians caught in the middle. kate? >> wow. good to see you, ben. thank you very much. joining me now for for on what ben is reporting former u.s. ambassador for ukraine john herbst also retired brigadier general -- what do you think of this latest threat from putin. he's threatening a wider bombing campaign if longer range missiles head to ukraine, but seem to go dismiss the latest
8:44 am
weapons as, on, nothing new coming from the u.s. >> well, thank you, kate. we definitely need to consider it seriously, but we should not allow ourselves to be bullied. i mean, he's been doing this and he will continue to do this, but he knows that he's got to win the information war that he's losing and i think most of this bluster is mostly to the people in russia. we need to keep our attention and our eye on the ball here, the attention span of the american public is somewhat waned, actually rather significantly. nothing is more important than this conflict right now in the world right now. i mean, i getter it on mass shootings and gas prices and inflation and the like, but this represents an existential threat to our nation. we need to continue to hold the line and support ukraine with everything we possibly can to include continued arms shipments and remind americans that we are spending $300 million a day 15 years ago in iraq.
8:45 am
so the $40 billion that we spent thus far in ukraine is really only four months of the war in iraq and, again, this is a much more important and existential threat to our nation. >> and, ambassador, i mean, there is -- i guess we can call it a pattern of putin threatening bigger, bolder, more deadly action when it comes to moves by the west. at the same time as we've seen throughout this war putin has ordered most of the deadly action without warning and often lying about it all along the way. what should the biden administration do with these threats? >> kate, you are absolutely right. the biden administration obviously needs to look carefully at what putin says, but, in fact, the general is right that we have to stop putin in ukraine, we can do that without one american life being at risk by sending the weapon systems that will, in fact, lead to a defeat of putin's current
8:46 am
defensive in donbas. putin is bluffing, making these threats because he knows if we send more sophisticated weapons and the right quantities the ukrainian forces will blunt this latest kremlin offensive. so largely by bluff he is trying to stop us. but your point is a good one that he has escalated this conflict substantially without us doing anything. >> yeah. general, maybe this has something to do with what we're talking about but we have continued heavy fighting in eastern ukraine but also these first russian strikes in kyiv in weeks, mostly hitting what ukraine has described as infrastructure facilities. what is russia doing with this? >> kate, we are in the middle of a war of attrition and you will see lots of ebb and flow. many analysts such as myself have been predicting this more months. once the blitzkrieg that turned into a sitzkrieg was blunted and once the battle of kyiv the
8:47 am
russians were severely defeated turning to this slogging long war where neither side can gain the advantage. the russian have shown themselves militarily incapable of conducting offensives, yet the ukrainians are badly outnumbered, they don't have the artillery that's why we need to continue to support them. that's why the lines have been drawn we are in a middle of a war of attrition, it will be a lot of back and forth. we need to continue to support the ukrainians. we're probably in the middle of a new cold war, that means months, perhaps years and so we now commit ourselves as a nation to keeping our alliance strong with nato and continue to support the forces of ukraine to the maximum extent possible. they are fighting a courageous fight for the freedom of the entire world and we -- they deserve and should get our support. >> and speaking of nato, ambassador, i mean, nato just began naval exercises in the baltic sea on sunday with finland and sweden involved. there's more than 7,000
8:48 am
personnel, 45 ships, 16 countries all involved. i mean, the official word is these exercises are not being held in response to any specific threat, of course, but they seem to -- these exercises seem to look differently now. how important do you think this is in the grand scheme of things? >> the exercise in the baltic sea are a very good idea. nato is dem stating its support for finland and sweden now that they've said they want to join the alliance and now that putin has threatened them for their interest in joining the alliance. these are long neutral countries, decades and decades long neutral countries. they want to join nato because they realize that putin's policy is very aggressive and dangerous to them and that's why we go back to what the general said, we have a vital interest in helping ukraine defeat putin because if putin loses in ukraine his plans to go after the baltic states our nato allies can go nowhere. >> good to see you both. thank you for your time. coming up for us, the u.s.
8:49 am
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a team of reps who can anticipate the next step genesys technology is changing the way customer service teams anticipate what customers need. because happy customers are music to our ears. genesys, we're behind every customer smile. the u.s. and south korea launched 8 missiles in a unified show of force against north korea's latest missile test. cnn's paula hancock is live in seoul, south korea with more on this. what more are you learning? >> reporter: this was a tit for tat. we saw north korea firing eight short-range ballistic missiles into the waters of the east
8:54 am
coast and then in response, the u.s. and south korea did something very similar in the early hours of monday morning, local time. we heard from the south korean side, the joint chiefs of staff saying that even if north korea is able to fire these missiles from different locations, they said we have the ability and readiness to immediately strike with precision. so this is really a message to north korea from washington and seoul to show that they would be able to strike those areas where the missiles came from if they wanted to. now, what was unusual about north korea over the weekend is the fact that there were eight missiles. that they were from four separate locations, and they all came within about 14 minutes of each other, the firing. japan's defense minister said that was unprecedented. so clearly the u.s. and south korea feeling they had to have some kind of strong response to what they said, of course, we don't know whether this would make any difference to kim jong-un and his calculus.
8:55 am
the international atomic energy agency says they believe one of the entrances to the underground tunnel where nuclear tests are being carried out in the past by north korea has been reopened potentially to prepare for a 7th underground nuclear test. they said if it happens, it would be a cause for serious concern. >> yeah. just a really good reminder right there of while the world's attention has moved to another part -- another region largely cannot forget to focus on what's going on with north korea at any time. it's good to see you. thank you very much for that update. thank you all for being with us. "inside politics" with john king starts after the break. meet three moms who each like to bank their own way. luckily they've all got chase. smart bankers. convenient tools. one bank with the power of both. chase. make more of what's yoururs. ♪ my name is austin james. as a musician living with diabetes, .
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