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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  June 8, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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asking questions about the fbi's actions all around january 6th. the run-up to january 6th is a broad group of republicans who have aligned themselves with donald trump's claims that the election is stolen and ricked somehow without any evidence to get that coveted trump endorsement. >> great reporting. anika cabrera picks up our coverage right now. ♪ . >> hello, thank you so much for being with us. i'm ana cabrera in new york. testimony from victims of the nation's mass shooting. also those testifying before lawmakers, people whose lives have been changed forever at a school massacre in uvalde, texas. >> i will never forget what i saw that day. what i did find was something no prayer would ever relieve.
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two children whose bodies had been pulverized by bullets fired at them, decapitated, whose flesh had been ripped apart. the only clue of their i decent is cartoons clinging to them and finding none. >> i thought he would come back to the room, so i put blood on me and -- >> what did you do when you put the blood on yourself? >> to stay quiet. >> what did you tell 911? >> i told them we needed help. >> because i could have lost my baby girl. she's not the same little girl i used to play with, hang around with and do everything. because she was daddy's little
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girl. >> some part of me must have realized she was gone. amidst the chaos i had the urge to return to robb. we had our car at this point and traffic was everywhere. so i then ran barefoot with my flimsy sandals in my hand. i ran a mile to the school, my husband with me. we sat outside for a while before it became clear we wouldn't receive an answer from law enforcement on scene. a san antonio fire fighter eventually gave us a ride back to the civic center, where the district was asking all families who had not been reunited with their children to gather. soon after we received the news that our daughter was among the 19 students and two teachers that died as a result of gun violence. >> in a unified voice, strangled with grief and anger, they are demanding gun reforms.
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>> do you feel safe at school? >> we were not only attacked. >> do you think this will happen again? >> in this case, you are the doctors. and our country is the patients. we are lying on the operating table, riddled with bullets like the children of robb elementary and so many other schools. we are bleeding out and are you not there. >> so today we stand for lexi and as her voice, we demand action. we seek a ban on assault rifles and high capacity magazines. we understand that for some reason for some people to people with money to people who fund political campaigns, that guns are more important than children. so at this moment, we ask for progress. we seek to raise the age to purchase these weapons from 18 to 21 years of age. we seek red flag laws, stronger background checks, somewhere out
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there, there is a mom listening to our testimony and be like i can't even imagine their pain, not knowing that our reality will one day be hers, unless we act now. >> our lauren fox is on capitol hill for us. lauren, that testimony was devastating. any chance that will make the difference, that it will push a divided congress closer to gun reforms? >> reporter: well, that is the hope of democrats who have been pushing for some of the reforms that you heard there from kimberly rubio. her really pleading with members to open their eyes to what happened to there family and really with a warning of what could happen to other families. the chair woman of the oversight committee started the hearing by asking her republican colleagues to open their hearts to what could come next on capitol hill. but as you know, we have been
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covering these senate negotiations and they are looking at a much smaller package of changes. because they have to have ten republican votes to pass anything in the u.s. senate and right now, what is on the table is much more limited than banning assault rifles or even raising the age that you could buy a weapon, like an ar-15 from 18 to 21. looking at what are on the table are packages like incenttivizing states to pass red flag laws to raise a question and a judge can take away an individual's guns. there is a negotiation about putting juvenile records in background checks for people between the ages of 18 and 21 if they buy a firearm, as well as school safety measures and about $7 billion for mental healthcare. off the table expanding yu
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universal background checks and also banning assault weapons. we are looking at a group of lawmakers, bipartisan lawmakers meeting right now as we speak in the basement of the capitol trying to see if they can agree on the contours of that senate deal. but as we speak right now, there is no final language. there is no final agreement. they are working towards some solution on it. but it will fall far short from where those families were pleading with members of congress to pass a couple hours ago. >> lauren fox, we know you have your ear to the ground in case there is any change. we will come back to you if something is newsworthy in this hour. just minutes ago, the justice department announced the team that will review the police response to the uvalde school massacre. even top law enforcement officials say critical mistakes were made and crucial time was lost before the killer was taken
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down. omar why jimenez, we are learning the mayor requested this for you. >> reporter: that's right, the mayor requested this review to work at the investigation into what happened at robb element air school. we heard from the attorney general merrick garland not too long ago as we mentioned, he stressed this was not a criminal investigation. this was an after action critical review requested by the mayor here and as far as garland said, every level of law enforcement has been cooperating w. i want you to take a listen to some of what this review will do and what it can't do. >> there is nothing that we can do that can undo the pain for families of the victims and the community and the country, but the independence and transparency and expertise of the justice department can go a
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long way towards assessing what happened in uvalde with respect to law enforcement response and to getting guidance for the future. >> reporter: and attorney general garland when asked when that team will gen its work, he says that work has already begun and his members of the department of justice would be on the ground as necessary. et all comes, of course, as many in this community are searching in anyway that they can for answers to what happened and now more than two weeks ago, uvalde county district attorney here said it will take a while, to use her words, before we get any sort of substantive report from the fbi or texas department of public safety. so again, these people here trying to fill that gap in anyway they can, waiting while they continue to bury their loved once. ana. >> the need for answers. the need for action. let's continue our conversation. joining us is a democratic
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congressman on the house oversight reform committee where that hearing took place, a congressman, someone in that room for today's tearful and gut-wrenching testimony. i just wonder, was there a moment that you sensed a break through of any sort in those who have been fighting against changes to gun laws? >> possibly. i think that when the parents of lexi rubio spoke, it was about as emotional a moment as you are ever going to find on capitol hill and you could just hear a pin drop at that moment and i think that they did open up some hearts at that time to considering you know what happens when we let guns kind of run amuck in america and cause the devastating violence that it has caused so far. >> our lauren fox takes us through a lot of what is on the table in these negotiations
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currently. but off the table at this point as we understand it is even waiving the age to purchase ar-15 assault-style rifles. as you know, two of the most recent mass shootings, including the one at robb elementary, were carried out by 18-year-olds with these kind of weapons. we just heard from that pediatrician describe the carnage caused by these weapons, including two kids decapitated. what do you say to the republican who's have argue assault-style rifles are needed for shooting on wanton critters in rural communities? >> i think that's an absurd argument. these ar-15 weapons are weapons of war, ana. they are not meant for hunting and really what they end up doing is they enable these shooters such as the one in uvalde or the one in buffalo to kill many, many people very quickly before they are stopped
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by law enforcement or others. so the question becomes, do we really want to have these ar-15 weapons, which by the way are being marketed actively to children and teenagers as i pointed out in my own testimony to continue to flourish? because when they flourish, people don't flourish, they die. >> now, some republicans against raising the age, they point to the recent ruling by the ninth circuit court of appeals, which was just last month, ruling that california's ban on the seam of semi automatic weapons to adults under 21 is unconstitutional. i know have you your law degree. how do you work around that? >> well, i think there are different states that are pursuing different types of switches. we'll see how those do in the courts. but i think at the end of the day, these semi automatic weapons in my humble opinion are constitutionally a subject of
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regulation and they should not be in the hands of young people such as the one in uvalde, who viewed it almost asen extension of a video game. remember these weapons are actively marketed as part of video games and calm of duty and so forth. when these teen agers and others, 18 to 21, take these weapons there, they are almost opting out their fantasy they would otherwise play on a video game and in real life. it has consequence as we saw tragically in uvalde as well as buffalo. >> we've heard some optimism from some of those involving the negotiations in the senate that maybe there will be a deal this time around, the republican senator, in fact, from wyoming, says that she is surprised, herself, by the calls that she is getting from voters in her state who do want change and now she said she is at least opened to considering some of the thanks have been floated as a part of this compromised deal that is forming. at the end of the day, though, i
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just want to understand, what is the biggest hurdle in getting gun reform passed? is it a scandal nra? is it the gun lobby? is it just a strong belief in the second amendment? what's your sense? >> i think it's more of the former two. the nra, gun lobby. they are powerful forces in the halls of congress, which is where i am standing right now. really the question is this for my fellow colleagues on the other side, which despite the fact that your constituents want gun reform measures, common sense gun control, are you going to go against their will? because that is really what's at stake. are you going to vote against the best interest of your constituents? i was at some parades this weekend, including one from a republican strong hold in my own district. i can't tell you how many came up to me and basically said, hey, please do something about gun violence, on gun control.
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i didn't hear that in my prior five-plus years in office and so i think there is a moment here that wefr h have to seize and d something right now. >> thank you so much for offering your thoughts today. one day before the high-stakes hearing on the insurrection is the january 6th committee about to give key evidence? a federal judge is giving this panel e-mails from a trump attorney who worked to overturn the election. big snubs be every the big summit. president biden is on his way to meet leaders in the western hems 74, how does he rock a bumping start. plus covid just got another boost. we'll explain. ononly from gold bond. champion your skskin.
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. welcome back. the january 6th select committee will receive 159 additional e-mails today from right wing trump attorney john eastman one day before its findings go public in prime time. a federal judge decided one e-mail could provide evidence of a cream related to eastman's efforts to overturn the 2020 election on trump's path. cnn's ryan noble joins us and jennifer rogers. first the reporting here. ryan, the timing can't be ignored. what more are you learning about these e-mails? >> reporter: there is no doubt about that. the fact that this committee has the material in their possession ahead of what will be a month-long series of hearings of what they've uncovered raises the possibility we could learn more about the interactions john eastman had with the former president, himself, with members of the trump campaign team and what they were up to in their efforts to undermine and stand
10:20 am
in the way of the certification of the election results and what the judge said in his ruling last night is of particular interest. because case he made is that the reason these e-mails need to be released. at least one in particular shows eastman was plotting a plan to circumvent the courts. it wasn't about putting up a legal argument to allow judges to decide yay or nay. he wanted it interpret as a criminal problem. that's one of the reasons the committee deserved to have access to these e-mails. we don't know how, if at all, they will be using them. it seems it will be a part of tomorrow night's hearings. they may not get it until 5:00 tonight. but the as real possibility we'll see it as part of their work in the weeks ahead. >> jennifer to you and the significance of this ruling and what kind of information would have to be in these e-mails to prove cr intent? >> when, so for example, if they
10:21 am
were talking about you know going to court to sort out the fraudulent state. so they said, oh, we will ignore the real electors, the biden electors or instead create these fake trump electors, have them sent in. that's a crime to make these false statements.hey were sayin plan to facilitate this crime. that would be an example where criminal liable is created and that would not allow those to be withheld because of attorney general slient privilege. >> there is now information we might learn at the prime time hearing, republicans have plans to try to discredit the findings and protect trump. what more are you learning about that? >> reporter: yeah, we know that republicans have already come up with a number of different ways to try and counteract what will be presented in this hearing on thursday night. of course, the big problem republicans have is they didn't
10:22 am
want to participate in these investigations. they turned down the opportunity for a bipartisan independent commission that was going to be outside of the congress to investigate this when there were negotiation around putting republicans on the committee. they put up people that they, themselves, could have been a part of the investigation and were turned back. so as a result, they have to make these counterarguments outside of the framework of the hearing, itself. we are told they are talking about putting a war room together where they can respond to some of the claims in real time. they have a press conference planned with some of the leaders of the republican party on the house side tomorrow prior to the hearing, itself. and then, of course, there is the role of the former president, himself. he doesn't have a direct social media channel that reaches millions of people he once had. he still has a way to get his message out and do so in a way directly aimed at his supporters. it's expected it will be difficult for the former president to remain quiet while he sees accusations about his
10:23 am
conduct at that period of time especially brought up in a massive prime time audience. >> he has his social media platform. he's got his conservative media outlets that seem to say what he wants them to say, deliver his message. jennifer, as you watch these hearings, what are the top three things you think this committee needs to accomplish and layout? in these hearings? >> so the committee promised breaking news, things we haven't seen before. i think they need to bring that. i think they will be able to to, east eastman e-mails in and of itself trumps minute-to-minute. we need to hear that information. second i think they need to parce it out, spate it out. if they give it all tomorrow night. they need to tease it and keep people interested by saying, don't forget to tune in when we talk about this particular information. number three, i think they need to do a really good job of giving a clear and concise capsule of what this plot was.
10:24 am
all of the different pieces of it. name it. call it the trump cubes call it something and say exactly what it was. not just january 6th. the misinformation campaign. the fake electors scheme. the pressure on mike pence. the pressure on state legislators and state election officials. the planning of the january 6th rally, the involvement of congressional members, the republican congressional members, all leading to the insurrection. so i think they need to be repeat, repeat. repeat. this was the trump coup. boom, boom, boom, boom. get it into people's heads, it was may more than january 6th. >> thank you for your thoughts. your expertise. thank you for your reporting. now, the longer it takes for attorney general merrick garland to decide whether to bring charges against officials. dozens of top democrats says
10:25 am
that is a worry of theirs. isaac, tell us what you are hearing. >> reporter: there is a deep existential panic among democrats that time is running out for merrick gar to make prosecutions related to january 6th and other things about the former president and his orbit. if he doesn't move quickly, all of it will get sucked into the feeling it's a political vendetta coming out of joe biden, himself or merrick garland as biden's attorney general. the justice department is pushing back on any urgency thinking in political terms saying that they are focused on the facts. that's what merrick garland keeps saying. they will go and proceed not based on the political calendar but a legal calendar to do a thorough investigation. >> thank you so much. be sure to tune into cnn 7:00 p.m. eastern, for what happened inside the white house on january 6th.
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as president biden heads to los angeles to open the summit of the americas, we are learning more of what he is planning to say on day one. the leaders of mexico, guatemala, honduras and el selvador. with that as the backdrop, all that drama, what is the plan for today? >>. >> reporter: well, president biden will arrive here to host the ninth summit of america and try to reassert leadership and today he will deliver rocks. he is expected to outline a few
10:32 am
framework known as america's partnership and that will bolster the economy and facilitate sustainable trade. this comes short of a trade agreement as some countries are seeking and it comes as you mention the shifting dynamic of the western hemisphere. we have seen that play out with the absence of the mexican leader as well as the leaders of honduras, el selvador and guatemala. the delegations are attending. they are saying despite the leaders not being here, they intend to be involved in all the administration is making here at the summit. but their absence on it is notable as president biden arrives and tries to pave a way forward for the western hemisphere. >> what are officials telling you about this apparent caravan
10:33 am
making its way to the u.s. border? will that impact the summit? >>. >> reporter: well, just over 2,000 migrants left mexico earlier this week we should note they have become in a way a form of protest for immigration policies. this is a car van moving north to the u.s. border. it is unclear how many will arrive at the u.s. border. there is no denying part of this summit is to talk about migration in the western hemisphere. in this case, in this caravan, there are many venezuelans. that is something we have seen over the course of the month. but there has been a lot of venezuelans on the move and making their way to the u.s.-membu.s. mexico border. they are in conversations about this particular caravan. >> we appreciate your reporting there, giving us a preview of the summit of americas. we see that empty room behind
10:34 am
there. all those seats will be filled. we will continue our reporting that is announced at the summit and other major news made. an armed man was arrested near supreme court cavanaugh's home. he threatened the judge and homeland authorities are warning major upticks on social media against the justices and the justices, themselves. we also have an update on the search for a texas woman suspected of killing an elite official in texas. they now know caitlin armstrong this woman was dropped off at newark liberty international airport may 18th. just one day after a warrant was issued for her arrest. but after that, the trail goes cold. investigators say there is no record of her leaving on an outbound flight.
10:35 am
armstrong is accused of killing 25-year-old an ma wilson. there is a $5,000 reward for information leading to her arrest. on the front lines, in the trenches, ukrainian forces refusing to give up the east. cnn was there to see it. >> they're going to fire on russian forces a short distance away. it's a secret location. we can only stay one run, we are told, after that there will be return fire. we will get out of here. this is what we have been brought to see. goodness me. lemons.
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here's the big global food crisis mounting. they left without a resolution afternoon official claims 600 people are held in torture chambers. cnn has not been able to verify those cases. they are severely pulling back in donetsk. they will not give up and in the south ukraine is doing its best to reclaim the territory.
10:41 am
>> reporter: this is where the ukrainian military tells us they're seizing back their lands but on the battered southern front with russia, the stalemate of trench warfare seems to be setting in. commanders privately eadmit by either side they are small. >> the russians seem to be running out of ammunition. they're not as strong as they were this commander told me. we need more weapons too, he adds. if we are to push ahead. >> let's speak to anton here. he is saying it is pushing, it is very loud at night so in the morning he is saying it's not so noisy, it's a bit quieter. it's interesting, because this
10:42 am
is the place where the ukrainian govern governmency that there is a counteroffensive. we haven't seen evidence on the ground. it seems beef side not themselves to a standstill. neither side strong enough to win this war and not weak enough to lose it, either. how is that going? are you sure? they have been here. artillery shells screaming. >> reporter: ukrainian es sports take us to what they said is a liberated zone. at least 30 russianshold up inside this consistenter garden is skilled. they focus on donbas in the east
10:43 am
they say conquered areas in the south like this are being left exposed. all right. you can hear there is still artillery exchanges taking place. this is remnants from a battle weeks ago, where they say this russian position was taken by ukrainian forces at great cost. both to the ukrainians, obviously, to the russians as well. you'll of this debris on the ground we are told russian equipment and the remnants of a russian armored vehicle of some kind totally destroyed in this better conflict the russians thought they were going to win easily but that's not what's
10:44 am
happening. >> we can hear it still going on there you can hear. >> months later. russian government have a victory in a few days. >> a long artillery war with heavy weapons like this battle tank positioned in tree lines. these fires places quickly become vulnerable. the trips here need to be mobile. >> we have brought this front line position where they will fire on russian forces a short distance away. it's a secret location. we can only stay for one round, we are told, after that, it will be return fire. we got to get out of here. this is what we have been brought to see guys what now?
10:45 am
another one? i thought we had to go after one, one more again? >> reporter: seconds later, another bone-shaking round hurdles before russian positions. >> okay. we will go now. we quickly leave ukraine's grinding front lines. mathew chance, cnn, in southern ukraine. >> thanks to him for that eye opening report. back here at home, are we in for a summer surge of covid infections? new research is offering that. moderna a is offering some in ts fight. stay with us. is the guy reading this. subway keeps refreshing and refreshing and refreshing and re-e-
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brace yourself for another surge of covid infections. new research suggests omicron sub variants will be to blame. the good news, moderna says new trial data shows its updated booster shot is more effective against omicron. i want to bring in cnn's elizabeth cohen. what else do we know about this new booster and when will it be available to americans? >> this is potentially quite exciting. we're basically working off the same vaccines that were invented in 2020 when we had a completely different variant. so let's talk about moderna's booster. it's bivalent meaning it has the original as well as this new omicron centered booster. it generated stronger antibody response than just the original booster without that omicron,
10:51 am
you know, subvariant put in there, and it could be available by late summer. now, a couple of things to remember about omicron and these new variants. well, they're out there and they're growing very quickly, they seem to be giving the same kind of mild or relatively mild illness that the original omicron did, so that's definitely good news, and i know some people -- this is what i thought when i heard this -- i thought, great, so they came up with an omicron booster, by the time it comes out in late summer, omicron's a thing of the past and we've got a whole new greek letter to contend with. still, what's important to say is that any kind of covid booster is better than nothing. people who have the original vaccine are still way better protected against omicron than they are compared to people who got no vaccine at all. so any vaccination is a good thing. hopefully omicron will stick around and this booster will be effective against it. >> we're also learning that the fda could actually authorize a fourth covid-19 vaccine option
10:52 am
that's based on different technology. what can you tell us about this? >> it's called novavax. as you said, completely different technology than moderna or pfizer. those are mrna vaccines. that's exciting. it's good to have as many different tools in the tool shed as you can possibly have. there were some side effects, but they were mild to moderate, and they passed within a few days. there was a committee of fda advisers that gave it the thumbs up. this group can be pretty contentious with one another at some pitimes. that wasn't the case. it could mean it could be fully authorized sometime very, very soon. novavax is already authorized in the uk and also in europe and canada, so this is a vaccine that's been out there for some time. >> okay. keep us posted, elizabeth cohen, thank you. and just in to cnn, covid testing requirements for international travelers will
10:53 am
soon be re-evaluated. this is according to the white house covid response coordinator dr. asheesh ja, but he stresses this decision really ultimately lies with the cdc if they are going to make changes. but it comes as cnn learns that 42 mayors have now sent a series of letters to the white house urging the administration to drop testing requirements for those vaccinated international travelers. one letter says the testing rule, quote, makes little sense considering that nearly all other sectors of the u.s. economy are operating without a testing requirement. major u.s. airlines have also called for the requirement to be dropped. and now to an update on a story cnn's been following out of germany. a teacher was killed and now we know at least 14 school children were injured, some of them seriously after a driver plowed into a crowd in berlin. we are told bystanders detained the driver after he crashed into a store window after plowing through that crowd. he's also in the hospital. police identified him as a
10:54 am
29-year-old german armenian. authorities are still trying to determine if he had a medical emergency of some sort or if he deliberately drove into that crowd. that does it for us today. thank you so much for being here with us. appreciate you spending part of your afternoon, and we're going to stay on top of all those developing stories. you can always find me on twitter @ana cabrera. the news continues right after a quick break with alisyn and victor. mission control, we are go for launch. um, she's eating the rocket. ♪
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hello, i'm victor blackwell, welcome to "cnn newsroom". >> and i'm alisyn camerota. >> an 11-year-old survivor of the uvalde massacre testified today on capitol hill about the living hell that she endured for 77 minutes in her classroom. miah described what happened when a gunman murdered 19 of her classmates and two teachers while she was just feet away. she gave new details about how she survived after seeing the killer shoot her teacher in the head. >> he shot my friend that was next to me, and i thought he was going to come back to the room, so i grabbed the blood and i put it all over me. >> do you feel safe at school? why not? because i don't want it to


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